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^ system() broken in RubyCentral ruby?
27991 [mchahn facel] in win2k.  In an attempt to distribute this app, I installed

^ Module ext not accessable by class function?
27992 [jim freeze.o] Can someone explain why Base.in_C does not see the in_C function.
+ 28013 [decoux moulo] Try this
| 28026 [jim freeze.o] module A
| 28027 [decoux moulo] # add this
+ 28015 [chr_news gmx] You never defined a module method A::B::C.in_C (only an instance method
  28019 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks for pointing that out. If you follow your "constant surprise"

^ [ANN]RDE(IDE for Ruby)
27994 [QZS01353 nif] I released RDE0.9.3.0.
+ 28000 [curt hibbs.c] ment+Environment%29
+ 28001 [mchahn facel] This looks very exciting.  I tried opening it with lah but I'm getting
  + 28002 [curt hibbs.c] I am also getting errors trying to unpack this.
  | + 28003 [anany ece.vi] Is anyone ever going to release an IDE for Ruby for something other than
  | | 28005 [curt hibbs.c] This is one of the reasons I'm going to proceed with my Ruby/Eclipse
  | | 28008 [hal9000 hype] OK, this looks very interesting to me.
  | | 28016 [curt hibbs.c] It sure can. I really like the idea of supporting remote pair programming.
  | + 28006 [gha intrasto] It seems that sakazuki uses the variation of LAH format.
  |   + 28017 [QZS01353 nif] Sorry, I don't know that lzh is not general(In Japan, it's general
  |   + 28658 [ser germane-] Is this like the old LHA format that I first saw on the Amiga?
  + 28038 [guaracybm ig] Works fine for me.

^ Design question: Module or Inheritance
28028 [jim freeze.o] Is there any preference over the two methods
28030 [jason jhorma] "When you include a module, Ruby creates an anonymous proxy class that

^ dictionary.com modified for proxy
28029 [jim freeze.o] Thanks for the dictionary.com script. This is a very

^ How to use POSIX calls in Ruby ?
28031 [jaco teaser.] Is it possible to call POSIX functions from Ruby to mimic, say, the

^ Keystone VB6 - 18 cd's - all levels 1 to 17 for 60$us for the rest on year 2001
28035 [qwwo.zol ovu] Keystone VB6 - 18 cd's - all levels 1 to 17 for 60$us for the rest on year 2001

^ TCPServer
28040 [erne powerna] How does one set up a TCPserver with the SO_KEEPALIVE option?
28042 [anany ece.vi] Use BasicSocket#setsockopt(level, optname, optval).
28044 [harryo zip.c] Just out of interest, can you explain why one would want to set that
+ 28045 [erne powerna] I'm fooling around with tuplespace and drb.  I want to use tuplespace with
| 28053 [john.carter ] A total wild guess here...
+ 28067 [timsuth ihug] The socket FAQ (http://www.ntua.gr/sock-faq/index.html) explains that this

^ tracer.rb question
28043 [yurleik tut.] Is there any documentation for Tracer class

^ Tomcat for Ruby was App server for Ruby?
28050 [rubyhacker n] The discussion on the app server theme has been very enlighting. I would
+ 28051 [shirai p1jp.] Does 'WEBrick' come one you are looking for ?
| 28061 [rich infoeth] This rocks!
| 28075 [nahi keynaut] And here is a SOAPlet you might get interested.
| 28076 [curt hibbs.c] Excellent!
+ 28055 [nconway klam] Do servlets let you do anything that an Apache handler doesn't? If so,
  28124 [toddg linux1] Presumably, the Ruby interpreter would need to be made thread-safe, so a

^ How does puts decide how to print a given object?
28052 [harryo zip.c] I'm writing a short tutorial introduction to Ruby for an upcoming uni
28062 [matz ruby-la] "puts a" does
+ 28065 [harryo zip.c] Ah!  I see.  Since I'm printing an array, it will end up calling to_s on
| 28082 [mengx nielse] (If I understood this thread correctly)
| 28112 [matz ruby-la] Both puts and print convert nil into "nil".  It's special treatment I
+ 28087 [dblack candl] I can understand that for Array... but the thing that I found un-POLS-like
  + 28091 [harryo zip.c] Unless I've misunderstood, I think the issue is that puts isn't a method of Array (nor of Thing).
  | + 28094 [decoux moulo] Apparently you like alias and self :-)
  | | 28100 [harryo zip.c] Not really.  Just don't know any better!
  | | 28103 [decoux moulo] Yes,
  | | + 28142 [harryo zip.c] Very handy to know.  That means I could have used this trick a couple of
  | | | 28146 [vjoel PATH.B] Object.included_modules
  | | | 28148 [harryo zip.c] Thanks for that!  I'll go and look at what methods Kernel provides,
  | | + 28144 [harryo zip.c] By the way, I think I should point out that this isn't actually causing
  | + 28106 [dblack candl] In general (?), though, puts will consult an object's to_s method,
  |   28110 [decoux moulo] puts look
  + 28113 [matz ruby-la] I have experimented about this issue for the last few weeks on the
    28130 [pixel mandra] def puts_powered(*l)
    28167 [matz ruby-la] I like this one.  Even though "to_io" is already taken for conversion

^ Another question
28054 [harryo zip.c] Does anyone have a good example of when one would want to redefine a
28060 [rich infoeth] OK...here is the (real life) scenario of writing a Jabber client...
28064 [harryo zip.c] Excellent example!  It's probably a bit complex for the level of my

^ rd and rubyStyle.css
28056 [anany ece.vi] I have noticed that some of the documentation on the web for various Ruby
28068 [nobu.nokada ] Do you mean http://www.ruby-lang.org/~nahi/rubyStyle.css?
28079 [anany ece.vi] That's the one! Now, how can I get rd2 to automatically incorporate this
28090 [nobu.nokada ] Run rd2 with option --with-css=rubyStyle.css.  You can also

^ Ruby and GUI toolkits.
28059 [olczyk inter] So what is the status of various toolkits out there?
+ 28063 [nconway klam] GTK+ does _not_ require GIMP.
| 28072 [senf kochfee] Well, a page that has nothing else to say about Qt than license
+ 28093 [ljohnson res] There are a number of GUI options for Ruby listed in the Ruby Application

^ Status of keyword args?
28070 [feldt ce.cha] Since there's a rumour 1.8 is coming up soon I wonder if keyword args will
28102 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately, no.
28105 [cboos bct-te] I guess I missed the thread about keyword arguments...
28120 [curt hibbs.c] I've never used O'Caml, but if it forces you to use only keyword arguments,

^ Again: winXX, ruby and mysql?
28071 [horibo gmx.d] I know, we already had this discussion. So sorry for the noise!
28074 [neumann s-di] Yes, I ;-)
28080 [horibo gmx.d] Really !?  ;-)
28092 [ljohnson res] I haven't even looked at the file in question, but I've had some browsers

^ compiling tcltklib ?
28089 [coquelle eni] In the installing process of ruby 1.6.5,
28279 [schneiker ju] First, the standard meta-comment: While we may be friendly, this isn't the

^ The benefits of dynamic typing?
28096 [ rtan vt.edu] I have just recently read an old paper by Wirth "On the Design of
+ 28104 [boognish23 y] Spending most of my development time in Java, and
| + 28116 [michael.cook] this is a failing of java, not of static type checking in general.
| + 28127 [ rik kde.org] This is a drawback of the lack of templates in Java, not
|   28135 [neumann s-di] Well, this problem can be fixed by using the Pizza Compiler or
|   28138 [chr_news gmx] The url is
+ 28108 [feldt ce.cha] This is a bit long...
| 28134 [ptkwt shell1] Robert
| 28195 [feldt ce.cha] Ok, check out
| 28224 [michael.cook] it doesn't seem unreasonable that a language should support both
| + 28227 [feldt ce.cha] This is how Dylan does it. In RubyVM I've been thinking of allowing such
| | 28287 [harryo zip.c] <Pine.GSO.4.21.0112111556050.2917-100000@godzilla.ce.chalmers.se>, "Robert
| | 28292 [feldt ce.cha] No, actually I had something else in mind but you can easily add the
| | 28300 [harryo zip.c] <Pine.GSO.4.21.0112120104110.3246-100000@godzilla.ce.chalmers.se>, "Robert
| | 29228 [mrp cre.cano] [slightly tangential follow-up]
| + 28264 [pixel mandra] (1) slower (runtime)
| + 28273 [Gareth.McCau] Take a look at Common Lisp, or Dylan. They have exactly
|   28275 [pixel mandra] any links showing what is achieved in those languages? (for the checking, not
|   28377 [Gareth.McCau] [someone else:]
+ 28114 [szegedy or.u] Genericness -> better reusability of code.
+ 28131 [ptkwt shell1] Sure, Wirth is a great language designer, but this is his opinion.
| + 28141 [ rtan vt.edu] This is somehow disturbing to me. "Run" is kind of ambiguous, and might
| | + 28145 [ptkwt shell1] But if the caller object "expects 'run' to behave in a certain way"
| | | 28149 [ rtan vt.edu] in most cases, the caller does need to know the behavior of the method
| | | 28192 [kentda stud.] Which means that all such small details must be thought of beforehand,
| | + 28147 [harryo zip.c] I was sold on strict typing for a very long time, because I believed it
| |   28150 [mchahn facel] I think that most in the Ruby community have the same feelings towards
| |   + 28155 [harryo zip.c] You can make this work the way you want (although, you'd have to stick
| |   | + 28156 [harryo zip.c] Actually, this makes me wonder ... is there a method somewhere that lets
| |   | | + 28162 [list chromat] Perhaps I am missing something, but doesn't the following do just
| |   | | + 28181 [pcs3 njit.ed] Do you mean Object#kind_of?
| |   | |   28186 [    s xss.de] and you can try ancestors ... which is nice
| |   | |   28200 [harryo zip.c] As usual, I've written something that already existed!  Oh well, I guess
| |   | |   28203 [    s xss.de] I highly recommend studying the introspective methods of ruby.
| |   | + 28157 [mchahn facel] That looks correct.  If String::to_s is fast (it should be since there is
| |   | | + 28158 [curt hibbs.c] In general I'm not real big on protecting programmers from themselves. When
| |   | | + 28159 [dblack candl] Some of the arguments fell into or near that category, but only some.
| |   | + 28166 [matz ruby-la] class String
| |   |   28169 [harryo zip.c] There generally is when I write a piece of code :-).
| |   |   28171 [matz ruby-la] Currently hack like this alter global status.  Selector namespace
| |   + 28165 [matz ruby-la] The point is static typing.  In Java, you can tell the behavior of
| |   + 28208 [neumann s-di] "1#{ 1 }" ???
| |   | 28255 [vjoel PATH.B] ["1", 1].to_s
| |   + 28209 [decoux moulo] Well, if you *REALLY* *REALLY* use it constantly then you can write
| |     28212 [mchahn facel] I'm not familiar with to_str.  I'll check it out.  I would expect "1" + [2]
| |     28215 [decoux moulo] Look at [ruby-talk:28091] if you want to modify Array#to_s
| + 28153 [ rik kde.org] I think the main problem with static typing is that it's so hard to enforce
+ 28137 [john.carter ] You must also remember where Wirth was coming from. Come gather round
| + 28139 [pixel mandra] "enforce the convention that functions of the form xxx? are predicates and
| + 28140 [    s xss.de] Thanks for this one, John.
| + 28154 [ rik kde.org] Bad analogy. Instead think of static typing requiring that you state that
| + 28270 [patrick-may ] I like to say "To use a strongly typed language you must be a strong typist"
+ 28143 [kyle kylecor] typing.

^ Ensuring a specific type
28099 [senf kochfee] Is there any way I can make sure that an expression (a block) is of a
+ 28101 [paul atdesk.] This is not correct.  You should not initialize instance variables here.
| 28189 [senf kochfee] Well, that makes my point (or question) even stronger. How do I ensure
| 28206 [decoux moulo] Check it, in #initialize for example
| 28211 [senf kochfee] Thanks, kind_of now rules my world. :)
| 28213 [decoux moulo] Well, I've a problem with this. For me this is a comment not a block :-)
| 32674 [harryo zip.c] I think what he meant was (@start + @duration).  Ie, he wants the sum
+ 32718 [ronjeffries ] SInce all the code belongs to you, you need to ensure that the result of
  32719 [tobiasreif p] what about stuff like

^ Ruby for Mac OS X
28115 [DHable phmin] Does anyone know about an OS X port of Ruby? I would be interested in working on such a project, but this would be the first time I've developed applications for the Mac. All of my programming to date has been HPUX or Solaris. Does anyone think there would be an interest in something like this?
+ 28118 [monnier inf.] Begining in Ruby on both titanium OSX and Solaris, I would be pleased to
+ 28119 [lucsky mac.c] Ruby 1.6.5 compiles fine with minor tweakings to the makefile.
  + 28249 [johannh ucli] I also have a basic pre-compiled Ruby for OS X package at
  + 28885 [beppu ax9.or] [  date  ] 2001/12/11 | Tuesday | 03:23 AM
    + 28886 [gehlker fast] For what it's worth, I compiled the current stable snapshot with *no* tweaks
    + 28887 [lucsky mac.c] Hmmm, I think you are right. I remember having manually noodled with
      + 28982 [beppu ax9.or] [  date  ] 2001/12/19 | Wednesday | 07:02 AM
      | 28984 [lucsky mac.c] So it is working now ? Cool! Happy hacking... :-)
      + 29484 [hutch xampl.] I have no problem except with the "#include <dlfcn.h>" in dln.c on or about
        + 29486 [gehlker fast] Hmm? I didn't even have to do that. I wonder what the difference is.
        + 29640 [j3f pobox.co] I've had the same two make problems as some of the other posters here.
          29688 [gehlker fast] Are you really running Jaguar? I'm running 10.1.2 and not seeing either
          29692 [jeff newworl] No, that was a mis-type; I'm running 10.1.2 also.
          29703 [hisa imasy.o] <http://www.imasy.or.jp/~hisa/mac/rubycocoa/FAQ.en.html#label:8>
          + 29706 [hisa imasy.o] I forgot to write another solution method. You can specify "-ldl"
          | 29710 [jeff newworl] Actually,
          + 29708 [jeff newworl] I just now found the "add -ldl to linker options" in PB project

^ Compile error with cygwin on Windows 2000
28117 [mdavis sevai] compiling Win32API

^ Why doesn't Kernel.system throw an exception on error?
28121 [jon gunnip.o] system( aCmd [, args]* ) -> true or false

^ Handling parameters differently?
28125 [MrTJC TimChr] Howdy,
28126 [nobu.nokada ] printf "test 2: %2.2f%%%% End of test 2\n" % [1.4]

^ Webrick error
28160 [mdavis sevai] /home/mdavis/webrick-1.0.0/sample/httpd: ruby httpd.rb
28243 [gotoken notw] Could you report what output by the following?

^ ANNOUNCE: Distributor (a task distribution system)
28161 [ptkwt shell1] I call it the Distributor Library Framework because there are several
28197 [feldt ce.cha] Great news Phil.
28257 [ptkwt shell1] The quick answer to your question is no and yes ;-)

^ Design question: remote UIs and distributed objects
28163 [list chromat] I am toying with the idea of writing a tiny drawing program that acts
+ 28205 [anany ece.vi] This is exactly what TupleSpaces are for. Please check them out.
| 28237 [list chromat] I checked it out a while ago and I like it, but it still depends on
+ 28447 [ caa uvic.ca] I don't have a really good answer to this but I can provide a link.
  28472 [list chromat] Thank you for providing the link, Craig.  I have read the page and it
  28474 [vruz www.dig] In order to minimize network traffic, WAP/WML is compiled
  28519 [list chromat] Yes, that is an approach, although I am more concerned with feedback
  28524 [vruz www.dig] sorry for that, it's a site of a friend of mine.

^ support under solaris
28168 [baasad quali] I would like to install Ruby under SUN's solaris.  Could guys help me
+ 28172 [matz ruby-la] ./configure
| 28204 [j.travnik sh] I have ran ruby with my jttui on
| 28207 [neumann s-di] $ ruby -v
+ 28271 [mike_thomas ] I have Ruby running under Solaris 7 (SS10) and 8 (U1, U10), using Matz'
  28304 [chiashow sin] ...

^ c++2rb
28170 [ITrotts Idol] Here's a little program to partially automate conversion from C++ to Ruby.
28191 [WYS helbling] 2.) sub!(/(\S+)(\s)*}/, '\1\2; end')

^ Ruby Musings
28179 [jkaurin home] None of the following should be taken as a criticism of Ruby or any of
+ 28196 [dblack candl] Don't worry.  I don't think Matz can be accused of precipitously
| + 28250 [johannh ucli] Well, there's some pretty silly stuff in there right now.
| | 28256 [    s xss.de] why, it's handy for creating filenames a la
| + 28263 [vjoel PATH.B] David, you said something like this before, but I'll say it again, to
|   28266 [ptkwt shell1] I think that all code on RAA should be hosted on RAA instead of just
+ 28214 [Dave Pragmat] Watch this space - I'll have something for you within a week or so.
  28234 [jim freeze.o] Very nice Dave. ... however, with netscape
  + 28258 [ptkwt shell1] I tried it on Konqueror and it looks great, but then I also tried it on
  + 28260 [mawatson ago] Looks nice. I think it would be nicer if the table of contents was on
    28259 [olczyk inter] You've probably never used Smalltalk. Dave you better be carefull.
    28277 [avi beta4.co] But if it's going to look like a Smalltalk browser, I want it to act
    + 28289 [csawtell par] I'd wholeheartedly second that.
    + 28296 [Dave Pragmat] If you can fid a way to make it do that without Javascript - please,
      28317 [jim freeze.o] Can it can be done server side, it will just mean the page will
      28318 [Dave Pragmat] Might well be possible. I think I'll try to get the code out first and

^ [ANN] RubyCOM
28201 [ralph.mason ] I have released a first cut of the RubyCOM package.
28302 [mikkelj-anti] This I really an outstanding piece of very cool Ruby hacking. It is not