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^ Re: Scraping
279465 [phrogz mac.c] If you don't mean those, what do you mean?
279468 [peter rubyra] Yeah.
279522 [devi.webmast] You might also like scrAPI

^ Readline + completion of "all files in current directory"
279467 [shevegen lin] I am having a hard time understanding readline. If i have a list of
+ 279470 [charles.nutt] This actually already works on JRuby by mistake; something to do with
+ 279536 [ara.t.howard] require 'readline'

^ Hash -> Struct
279476 [transfire gm] Given that a hash is not ordered, is this reliable?
+ 279481 [fxn hashref.] That's guaranteed to work in Perl. Could it be the case that it works
+ 279484 [nobu ruby-la] Hash iterates in the definite order until it's modified, not at
| 279680 [ryand-ruby z] Kinda makes me want a flag or environment variable that WILL iterate
| 279689 [MonkeeSage g] It's "reliable" given the default implementation, but it is not
| 279707 [transfire gm] Not for long though. I'm under the impression that as of 1.9,
| 279878 [MonkeeSage g] Yeah, but that's still just Nobu's implementation. Until we have a
+ 279487 [djberg96 gma] Code Snippet #1 on RubyForge. :)
+ 279504 [halostatue g] It's reliable; it's not thread-safe (making it potentially unreliable).
+ 279506 [ruby anthrop] k,v = h.to_a.transpose
  279636 [transfire gm] Thanks all. Good to understand --notably the thread safety. I'll use

^ problem with input value
279477 [l3litzer hot] I want to know how to get input value in Ruby??

^ convert GMT to EST
279479 [junkone1 gma] I have a datetime data which is in GMT. i want to convert it to EST
279502 [AEtzold gmx.] Maybe this can help:  http://tzinfo.rubyforge.org/

^ Re: Readline + completion of "all files in current directory
279482 [shevegen lin] Hmm but how does it work?
279527 [charles.nutt] Considering that it's a bug...I'm not really sure :)

^ Executing another cmdl-app with ruby and typing in a password?
279483 [kazaam oleco] system("anotherapp --encrypt")
279488 [ara.t.howard] this has nothing to do with ruby per se: the program requires a pty,
279555 [kazaam oleco] require 'pty'
279594 [ara.t.howard] require "yaml"

^ How to avoid Fixnum rounding error
279486 [jari.william] Which is the best approach to avoid division rounding errors when
+ 279489 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 279490 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. Fixnums by
+ 279518 [apeiros gmx.] Since nobody brought it up so far: 5.quo(2) # => 2.5, If you required
  + 279526 [raasdnil gma] If you are talking about money and avoiding rounding errors on dollars
  + 279534 [znmeb cesmai] I don't really like the "Rational(5,2)" notation when "Mathn" will give

^ make a hash object to string object as look like a hash ?
279491 [bad_good_lio] user_name@host:~$irb
+ 279492 [bad_good_lio] sorry my correct code is here
| 279496 [billk cts.co] str = h.inspect
| 279503 [bad_good_lio] wow,thats i want
| 279505 [bad_good_lio] thanks both of you.......
+ 279495 [sepp2k googl] You want Hash#inspect
  279545 [bad_good_lio] now i am facing new problem....
  + 279547 [devi.webmast] result='{'
  + 279550 [phrogz mac.c] irb(main):002:0> require 'bigdecimal'

^ String escape mystery.
279497 [rick.denatal] ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13 patchlevel 0) [i686-darwin8.10.2]
+ 279500 [ed.odanow wo] "\cx" and "\C-c" mean both "Control-c".
| 279501 [ed.odanow wo] Sorry, typo -> "\cc" and "\C-c" mean both "Control-c".
+ 279517 [apeiros gmx.] Hu?
  279519 [rick.denatal] No it was just a brain fart on my part.
  279520 [ed.odanow wo] Please take a look at...

^ Re: Not feeling the flog...
279498 [znmeb cesmai] Ah ... so it's a "complexity profile". Couldn't flog display its report

^ eval, module_eval, define_method, and all that
279507 [greg.weeks a] nested "def"s
279510 [greg.weeks a] def my_attr_reader *names
279634 [greg.weeks a] My interest (obsession?) with methods defining methods partly derives
279640 [greg.weeks a] In this forum, I've mentioned several times that some people don't like

^ prettier documentation
279512 [polypus yaho] how is the documentation for http://rake.rubyforge.org/ and
279714 [chromatophor] i finally found the answer to my question through quasi-random googling.
279735 [transfire gm] I don't undertand why the jamis template isn't included.

^ [ANN] csspool 0.1.1 Released
279533 [aaron tender] csspool version 0.1.1 has been released!

^ Build failure trying to use rb_define_alias on rb_mKernel
279538 [djberg96 gma] rb_define_method(rb_mKernel, "is_a?", rb_obj_is_kind_of, 1);

^ Five Top programming Languages
279539 [bicomplex gm] Five Top programming Languages
+ 279540 [znmeb cesmai] What is CHZZ??
| + 279541 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | + 279543 [lloyd 2live4] IT seems we have yet another poster just trying to get a rise out of us.
| | + 279544 [ara.t.howard] touche!
| | + 279546 [devi.webmast] You've probably seen XML, or at least another SGML-subset like HTML
| |   + 279548 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
| |   | 279549 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... speaking of sarcasm, I kind of like the statement that
| |   + 279559 [perrin apoth] Can I quote you (out of context) on that?
| |   | + 279562 [znmeb cesmai] I beat you to it. :)
| |   | + 279632 [devi.webmast] Quote away.
| |   + 279566 [ news jay.fm] Uh, nope.  I think I'd remember if I saw something like that.  Please don't
| |     279604 [ben bleythin] Okay, this is getting out of hand.  Are you being sarcastic?  It's hard
| + 279676 [mymondex goo] Well CHZZ is a complete interface environment mostly for prolog, but
+ 279551 [ttmrichter g] *Emphasis* mine.

^ Which script shall I choose for web automation?
279553 [huwenyan gma] I'm trying to write an application which uses script to control web
279554 [phlip2005 gm] Do you need all the features of a browser? Such as visual images,
+ 279556 [mguterl gmai] Ruby has mechanize too. http://mechanize.rubyforge.org
| 279560 [huwenyan gma] Cool. It seems making a choice is really hard.
| 279563 [huwenyan gma] Find an article that really makes sense.
+ 279557 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 279558 [huwenyan gma] I need visualization of the browser, emulation of human's activities.

^ buy runescape money
279561 [srtpog2u1r2r] do you want to buy cheap runescape money,runescape accounts?

^ GUI and ruby
279564 [ulazar XXXti] I would like to create an interface GUI with ruby. What I have to use? I
+ 279565 [mo_mail ongh] If you want to design it yourself, I think you can use Ruby/Tk, FoxGUI,
+ 279567 [FireAphis gm] I had a similar question regarding which library to use. After talking
| + 279568 [ruby-lang da] Glade. Ruby + Gtk2 + glade make UIs a breeze.
| | 279569 [thomas.adam2] I don't mind Tk -- that has the advantage of being in the core, too.
| | 279570 [FireAphis gm] Yeah. Actually that is its biggest advantage. You have to download a
| | 279571 [ruby-lang da] apt-get ruby-gnome (ubuntu et al)
| | 279574 [jari.william] ...which is already dated. Some GUI toolkits have evolved alot during
| + 279586 [bigboss64 ip] If I am to lazy to write it myself (particually a problem with C++... hehe) I
|   279664 [piyush.pr gm] Shoes although quiet new, looks like a really fun GUI toolkit to use.
|   279712 [fedzor gmail] Does it have good support for Mac OS X PPC? I know that it works on
|   279741 [hramrach cen] There are PPC/universal builds. But unless you test it yourself you
|   279768 [kyleaschmitt] I've used shoes and straight GTK2 for for ruby.  Both are great
|   279776 [janek php4yo] yes you can, the Glade Interface Designer creates standard
|   279919 [kyleaschmitt] Very nice.  I'll have to try that for my next project!
+ 279572 [alec arlross] <ulazar@XXXtin.it> writes
+ 279577 [wdahn netfro] I had good success with qtruby. I had been using qt 3.5.x and kdevelop.

^ Save The Date: Gotham Ruby Conference 2008
279575 [beholdthepan] The 2008 Gotham Ruby Conference will be held Saturday, April 26th 2008
279619 [james.britt ] Pave?
279626 [beholdthepan] Zing!

^ question about GUI toolkit
279576 [l3litzer hot] I want suggest about gui tool kit for ruby
+ 279582 [wdahn netfro] Sawat Dee Krap, Khun Pat
+ 279584 [janek php4yo] I really like that toolkit - it have a very nice and comfortable GUI
+ 279612 [l3litzer hot] thx you I'm use wxRuby now!!

^ Count substrings from a string
279578 [z4n9ief gmai] puts "match"
279579 [ed.odanow wo] irb(main):001:0> "one word is one word, never be three
279581 [ed.odanow wo] It has the possibility :-)
279601 [ed.odanow wo] irb(main):001:0> "abcdef".match(/./,3)
+ 279603 [z4n9ief gmai] Thanks a lot.
+ 279627 [shortcutter ] for an offset.

^ Bug in IRb?
279590 [james graypr] I'm trying to track down a long standing issue with my IRb setup that
+ 279596 [janek php4yo] I can't confirm this behavior here on my Ubuntu 7.10 machine. But I had
+ 279597 [yermej gmail] On Nov 18, 10:54 am, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
+ 279598 [jeremy hineg] I do not see your behavoir.  I tried both with commenting out the
+ 279605 [ben bleythin] It's probably something to do with the way your terminal is set up and
| 279606 [james graypr] Thanks for all the tips.  It seems to be something specific with my
+ 279608 [ news jay.fm] Nope!  Doesn't happen for me, either on Cygwin 1.5.24 with Ruby 1.8.6
  279609 [james graypr] Mac OS X (Tiger)
  279617 [ news jay.fm] OK, my MacBook's got an uncharged battery at the moment, but I can try
  279622 [james graypr] Yes, I am typing the quotes.

^ Fwd: [QUIZ] #147 Goedelize message
279623 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Interesting ruby bootstrap experience on Windows
279641 [ news jay.fm] I figured I'd try running the tests that Ron Jeffries is running, to see
279645 [luislavena g] Yes, the one-point of code download is problematic. you can also
280917 [ news jay.fm] I saw that, but I think I was fooled by the 1.8.6-26 moniker, which (of

^ Open-ended ranges?
279642 [no spam.plea] Folk,
+ 279644 [fxn hashref.] Note that #succ is expected to return an instance of End. In
+ 279646 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 279648 [caduceass gm] a = []; a[42]
| 279659 [no spam.plea] Firstly Todd, thanks for quoting Konrad, as his messages aren't getting to the newsgroup.
| + 279677 [Paul.McArdle] irb(main):010:0* 1..(1/0.0)
| + 279694 [shortcutter ] If you are willing to sacrifice the two or three dots then there is
|   280027 [no spam.plea] Yes, nice, but it's a it more complicated when you have a range with
+ 279652 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| + 279654 [caduceass gm] Right,
| | + 279655 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | | 279657 [caduceass gm] Yes, this is something people should understand.  Also, having Range
| | | 279658 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | + 279704 [alex blackke] I can't help but think of lazily evaluated lists here, mainly because
| + 279691 [fxn hashref.] That may work in practice. That is, if that's enough for the purposes
+ 279715 [al_batuul ya] Dear Clifford,
  279716 [caduceass gm] Yes, would it help you really?
  279751 [ymendel pobo] This subject has come up more than once. I've worked on it myself, and
  + 279831 [al_batuul ya] One step is needed before the data can define itself is to design a class for training data, to learn about all different data types. Then it is possible for the class to discover and classify its own type by itself.
  + 280081 [caduceass gm] Well, I suppose for me it is sort of a weird use of the word Range.
    280089 [caduceass gm] OK, this last bit sounds a little harsh because I didn't clarify that

^ Re: Goedel (#147)
279647 [rubytraining] I wanted to make an effort at runtime efficiency.  This is
+ 279650 [rubytraining] One other efficiency I played with was in getting the prime values.
+ 279660 [james graypr] Clever stuff.  Did you benchmark this against any other approaches?
  279673 [rubytraining] On Nov 18, 10:26 pm, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
  + 279724 [james graypr] Great analysis.  Thanks!
  + 279729 [lavigne.eric] It makes a lot of sense to optimize for speed here because decryption
    + 279730 [james graypr] Well, in my opinion, you're latest entry is quite nice.
    + 279746 [rubytraining] Well there's no official definition of Rubyesque.  But using monkey

^ Regexp for parsing?
279649 [Wayne.Magor ] re = %r/((?<pg>\((?:\\[()]|[^()]|\g<pg>)*\)))/
+ 279723 [noah.easterl] %r/ ... /
| + 280019 [wemagor hotm] Thanks, I understand nearly everything now.  It really shows the power
| | 280038 [drbrain segm] Poor workers blame their tools. Good workers build better tools. The
| + 280126 [wemagor hotm] snip
|   281875 [noah.easterl] correction.  As Eric said above, an escaped (read, with leading
+ 280037 [drbrain segm] %r/((\((?:\\[()]|[^()]|\2)*\)))/

^ Checking for uniqueness
279653 [jwinn origin] I am using FeedTools to parse an rss feed and store it in my Meetings
279661 [pergesu gmai] You can enforce it in the model with
279663 [jwinn origin] Thanks Pat! I can't believe I didnt bother just to validate it.

^ False positives in editing data
279670 [RichardDummy] Below is a 33-line program that analyzes a set of names.
+ 279678 [RichardDummy] On Nov 19, 12:39 am, RichardOnRails
| + 279685 [ryand-ruby z] I realize you solved your problem, but there is a much more insidious
| | 280047 [RichardDummy] Thanks for taking the trouble to critique my code.  Since you were
| | + 280154 [no spam.plea] Yes. Adamantly, and definitely yes.
| | | + 280163 [alex blackke] Interesting article on why (and where it comes from, and why it might
| | | + 280207 [RichardDummy] I don't know anything about Microsoft's choice of compilers.  But I
| | |   280210 [alex blackke] It depends on the type of Hungarian that you're using, and it's not
| | |   280856 [RichardDummy] I like that.
| | |   + 280876 [alex blackke] You'll tend to find that types are much less relevant in Ruby than in C.
| | |   + 280880 [raulparolari] Richard,
| | + 280165 [alex blackke] I don't think anyone has replied to this, so...
| | | 280206 [RichardDummy] Thanks.
| | + 280211 [rick.denatal] On Nov 20, 2007 9:35 PM, RichardOnRails
| |   280861 [RichardDummy] I loved your blog.  Thanks for posting it and informing me about it.
| + 279687 [list.push gm] If you solved your problem then you won't need this.
|   279829 [RichardDummy] I AM interested,  and it's a great idea.  Real Ruby rather than my C-
|   279916 [list.push gm] Yeah, you need to modify the regular expressions and whatever to fit
|   + 280040 [RichardDummy] ...
|   + 280041 [RichardDummy] I apologize for the "Ryan" thing.  Ryan was the first response on this
|     280219 [caduceass gm] On Nov 20, 2007 7:24 PM, RichardOnRails
|     280866 [RichardDummy] Thanks, Todd.  That was over my head.  "Airplane" was not a movie I'd
+ 279699 [raulparolari] Richard,
  280044 [RichardDummy] Thanks for your response.
  + 280221 [yermej gmail] On Nov 20, 8:00 pm, RichardOnRails
  | 280449 [RichardDummy] Thanks for that detailed explanation.  I tried Googling for "(.*?)
  | 280920 [MonkeeSage g] Regards,
  | 280927 [RichardDummy] Thanks.  I'm running ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32].  How can
  | 280931 [MonkeeSage g] On Nov 26, 9:13 pm, RichardOnRails
  | 281102 [RichardDummy] Great!  Thank you very much for the Cheat Sheet.
  + 280248 [raulparolari] Richard
    + 280581 [RichardDummy] Thank you very much for your expanded analysis.
    + 280887 [RichardDummy] I certainly agree with regard to REs.  And I've got "Mastering Regular
    + 280893 [RichardDummy] I forgot to tell you that I finally understand your second example.
      280914 [raulparolari] Very good, Richard!
      281104 [RichardDummy] Thank you for your further  support of my obstinacy =83=BA Your help has
      281139 [raulparolari] you mention your 'obstinacy'... and indeed, you have found a way to
      281142 [raulparolari] re_prefix = %r/\G (\d+) [.]?  /x
      281294 [RichardDummy] I have learned something: I saw immediately that the mistyped version