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^ Alternative Ruby grammar
279241 [m.liedl gmx.] I have spent the last months to write an alternative Ruby grammar now
+ 279250 [nobu ruby-la] I don't think it impossible, and I've posted a patch once.
+ 279253 [charles.nutt] I would be interested in hearing more about the translation process, and
| + 279319 [znmeb cesmai] Isn't there also an ANTLR parser? What about Nathan Sobo's "Treetop"?
| | 279338 [ryand-ruby z] there is no complete ruby parser based on antlr yet that I know of.
| | 279340 [nicksieger g] However, the parser actions are heavily intertwined with XRuby
| | 279400 [ryand-ruby z] Maybe they've improved it since last time I looked at it... It
| | 279528 [charles.nutt] As I've heard it they're able to compile the full stdlib, so I presume
| | 279552 [ryand-ruby z] To be fair... flip-flop isn't quit right.
| + 279406 [sean.ohalpin] I'm curious, what do you mean by "mostly correct" in the context of MRI?
| | 279529 [charles.nutt] If MRI is considered the gold standard, then obviously it's 100%
| | + 279532 [znmeb cesmai] Which is why all implementations are "extended subsets" of a
| | + 279611 [sean.ohalpin] Thanks for the clarification. I guess that's the problem with a de
| + 279431 [m.liedl gmx.] On Nov 16, 9:26 am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
|   + 279493 [znmeb cesmai] I thought your name looked familiar -- you were the lead on the
|   | 279573 [m.liedl gmx.] On Nov 17, 9:01 pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@cesmail.net>
|   + 279585 [m.liedl gmx.] I've checked in a file pending-optimizations.txt. I won't work
+ 279259 [ryand-ruby z] Dude... Congratulations! That is damn impressive!
| + 279314 [znmeb cesmai] But we need *two* names, one for the grammar and one for the test suite.
| + 279434 [m.liedl gmx.] thanks.
+ 279323 [eric.mahurin] Great work Mark!
  + 279339 [ryand-ruby z] PEGs take care of that rather efficiently.
  + 279438 [m.liedl gmx.] thanks.

^ Test::Unit::Reporter
279244 [jesper.eskil] What's the status of Test::Unit::Reporter? I'm trying to communicate

^ Can someone show me how to use ARGV with my class?
279245 [pood.forums ] I'm trying to write an command line program.
+ 279251 [botp delmont] T24gQmVoYWxmIE9mIEZlbmcgVGllbg0KIyBpdCdsbCBvdXRwdXQ6DQojIGNvb2xlc3QNCg0KDQp0
+ 279252 [stefano.croc] If you don't need to pass options but only arguments, you don't need=20

^ constant name resolution and module_eval
279257 [fxn hashref.] I'm trying to understand well the rules for constant name resolution.
279278 [fxn hashref.] Good point!

^ meta-class subclass relationships
279263 [greg.weeks a] class <<B ; $Meta_B = self ; end
279266 [greg.weeks a] $Meta_A.superclass == $Meta_B
+ 279287 [dblack rubyp] It will be :-) It worked in 1.8.2, doesn't work in 1.8.6, works again
| 279290 [paolo.nusco.] Paolo Perrotta
| 279325 [rick.denatal] On Nov 16, 2007 7:00 AM, Paolo Nusco Perrotta
+ 279288 [dblack rubyp] It changed between 1.8.2 and 1.8.6 -- see my last response in this
  279346 [greg.weeks a] *Many* thanks for the info.  I was going to swallow the 1.8.6 behavior,
  + 279350 [dblack rubyp] I believe Jim Weirich once said that the only real metaclass in Ruby
  | + 279359 [greg.weeks a] True if "real" means "non-virtual", as it so often does.  But that
  | | 279364 [dblack rubyp] I'm not sure in what sense they're virtual (though I know that
  | | 279372 [greg.weeks a] Right.  But they can't be instantiated, and they are specially handled
  | | 279384 [rick.denatal] Well, actually they each have one instance, which is created at the
  | + 279365 [rick.denatal] In Smalltalk, where this stuff isn't so hidden. a metaclass is a class
  + 279369 [why ruby-lan] Totally, I always think of meta- as meaning "once removed" in a
    279388 [ruby-talk me] Meta is a prefix of Greek origin[1].  The Latin would be ``post'', which
    279394 [rick.denatal] T24gTm92IDE2LCAyMDA3IDY6NDcgUE0sICA8cnVieS10YWxrQG1ldGFjYWxsLm9yZz4gd3JvdGU6

^ Rinda and Tuple Spaces
279268 [mike_houghto] If I have a tuple space set up and running using Rinda does a client of
279411 [drbrain segm] The client must be capable of using DRb.  AFAIK, only ruby
279701 [mike_houghto] I see, thanks.

^ use escape character for rdco
279271 [lcalje gmail] I tried to create ruby documentation for my classes. At some point I

^ License of the ruby standard library
279272 [thilinamb gm] I am not going to ask any technical issue. What is the license that is
279285 [fox nscl.msu] "This program is free software. You can re-distribute and/or modify this
279322 [rick.denatal] That's a sample of 1 from the components of the standard library.

^ ActiveRecord Problem
279276 [christian.ke] Hey!
279282 [caduceass gm] On Nov 16, 2007 4:23 AM, Christian Kerth
279295 [christian.ke] class UserCourse < ActiveRecord::Base

^ xampl project - Is it still alive
279279 [david.zxem g] I trying to use a Ruby XML binding tool. XAMPLE seems the only

^ Questions about TCPSocket
279283 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
279313 [shortcutter ] Posting an exception with stack trace often goes a long way to help
279328 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Robert,
279430 [shortcutter ] Either there is nothing listening on that port or the firewall of your

^ Meeting Michigan/Indiana/Georgia Rubyists?
279284 [cmdjackryan ] (Second try, since it didn't seem to get through on the first try)

^ Re: xampl project - Is it still alive [Yes! It is!]
279292 [hutch recurs] No it isn't, though I can understand how you might get that

^ What is the correct way to check for existence of virtual class?
279303 [artem.vorozt] class Object
279326 [rick.denatal] There's a bit of a Heisenberg problem here, in that the act of
279337 [artem.vorozt] Thanks!
279344 [sean.ohalpin] FWIW, these are my experiments with trying to find a way to detect if

^ railroad problem
279307 [srinivasan.a] charset="us-ascii"
+ 279310 [mo_mail ongh] Do you have an environment called 'development' in database.yml?  It
+ 279311 [steffen_kory] It looks like it is looking for a class called Pd and not PD.

^ able to reproduce segfault, what now?
279312 [aktxyz gmail] /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/ostruct.rb:74: [BUG] Segmentation fault
279413 [drbrain segm] gdb ruby

^ PDF of Flanagan and Matsumoto Ruby book?
279321 [Paul.vanDels] Apologies if this topic has already come up - I searched google groups but didn't find
279335 [deanwampler ] +1.
279376 [lloyd 2live4] I think that there must be.
279386 [rick.denatal] 1. Some O'Reilly titles are available as PDFs others aren't.  Just
279389 [keith audiob] I believe all of the O'Reilly Ruby titles[1] are available as PDFs, so
279399 [rick.denatal] Except for the PragProg ones, at least not from O'Reilly. <G>

^ Ruby+Glade+notebook-widget
279329 [kazaam oleco] I wanted to test ruby-glade. So I created a main window with a notebook and added 3 tabs. Than I converted it with ruby-glade-create-template and started it. But I always see just the last Tab I created. The other two are not shown :( Is there a bug?
279342 [jan.svitok g] If you don't receive answer here, I guess ruby-gnome2 project's site
279343 [kazaam oleco] thx I will try my luck there :)

^ accessing instance variables from an inherited class
279334 [aidy.rutter ] The below code accesses the value of an instance variable
279336 [stefano.croc] class A

^ [QUIZ] Goedel (#147)
279347 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 279349 [james graypr] This quiz will run for two weeks because of the holiday.  The no-=20
+ 279614 [oksteev yaho] class String
| 279621 [lavigne.eric] I learned about the "self" keyword and adding methods to existing
+ 279616 [lavigne.eric] My solution follows. I would have liked the Prime class to have a
| 279620 [oksteev yaho] there's an instance var @primes which has the list of already generated
| 279624 [lavigne.eric] Sounds simple enough, but accessing instance variables seems to be a
| 279625 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 279629 [jamesbkoppel] PRIMES = [2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71,
| 279635 [lavigne.eric] version. Below are two versions: my first working version and the
+ 279656 [justin.ethie] Here is my solution. First, I used a pre-computed array of the first 256

^ cmd line: gem install rails -r -y
279351 [subscriibe g] gem install rails -r -y
279355 [jeremymcanal] That's likely just RDoc (the documentation generator for Ruby)

^ argv defines
279353 [globyy3000 h] if i wanted to ARGV this, how would i do it?
279377 [jan.svitok g] One way is to use eval. Other way is to define special commands
279475 [shortcutter ] ruby -r script -e 'User.join_group("Group_1")'

^ OpenStruct, OpenObject both seg fault, this does not, anything wrong?
279354 [aktxyz gmail] Ok, I am using 1.8.6 p110 with rails 1.2.5 and I use alot of
279361 [transfire gm] They both remove as many Kernel methods as they possibly can in order

^ [ANN] EZ install for RMagick on OS X
279357 [TimHunter nc] With the help of several good folks I've been able to come up a new,
+ 279397 [dangerwillro] Tim, thanks for keeping the non-macPorts version around!
+ 279462 [mguterl gmai] I just installed with this method on my new MacBook with Leopard and
  279463 [TimHunter nc] that's good news!

^ what is wrong with class variables? (newby)
279358 [weathercoach] written a script and have asked people (including this group) about
279363 [marick visib] There are probably profound philosophical reasons that they're wrong,
+ 279380 [weathercoach] Brian.
+ 279383 [raulparolari] The trouble was (is?) that programmers used them to store 'State' that
  279396 [rick.denatal] Great observations!

^ "instance_eval" (eg, sent to a class object)
279360 [greg.weeks a] I've poked around, but I don't get instance_eval at all.
+ 279366 [dblack rubyp] It changes 'self' to the receiver, for the duration of the block.
+ 279368 [rick.denatal] It only affects the execution context by binding self to the instance,
  + 279378 [greg.weeks a] - explicit uses of "self"
  | 279391 [rick.denatal] Consider
  | + 279393 [greg.weeks a] But this is not true (because of top-level magic, about which I just
  | + 279395 [greg.weeks a] Setting aside my confusion about top-level "def"s (which may be
  | + 279427 [raulparolari] Very nice analysis work; with the Figure 24.2 (made famous by Gregg) of
  |   279521 [greg.weeks a] Ah, but I still wonder what the internal variable 'klass' affects.  So
  + 279421 [fxn hashref.] This is related to another thread about constant name resolution
    279437 [greg.weeks a] The more that I think about scoping in the context of

^ Re: Alternative Ruby grammar ( & Treetop)
279371 [rubyfan gmai] I just took a look at treetop as I hadn't heard of it before - I just

^ 4th Annual RejectConf Videos
279373 [cobyr interh] The 4th Annual Reject Conf Videos are now posted at
+ 279379 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 279381 [cobyr interh] Currently there is no torrent.  All of the presentations are released
| 279387 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 279392 [james.britt ] Thank you!
+ 279530 [aaron tender] Thank you, but.... OMG I'm so embarrassed!
  279537 [james graypr] Now we all have to watch that one!  It is great.

^ Problems with finding tk
279374 [slimick came] Ruby still doesn't recognize tk.
279375 [lloyd 2live4] Did you try http://members.chello.nl/k.vangelder/ruby/learntk/ ?

^ let/as with local variable hiding
279382 [ara.t.howard] this was kind of fun

^ Pickaxe: "Top-Level Execution Environment"
279390 [greg.weeks a] I have a bone to pick with the generally-wonderful Pickaxe regarding
279403 [transfire gm] A fair suggestion, but I bet three was a reason. Personally think they

^ Letters with accent marks
279398 [hickmanchris] Any ideas?
+ 279440 [jan.svitok g] I guess Iconv library is able to convert any encoding to plain ascii.
+ 279542 [devi.webmast] If it's an issue with your text editor, you can put the escaped octal

^ an interesting one-liner to ponder
279401 [dangerwillro] Here's an interesting one-liner to ponder.
279474 [shortcutter ] But constant.  I am not sure I understand what this is good for.  Can

^ Re: Goedel (#147)
279402 [rubytraining] If I'm not mistaken, the number given is the encoding for "Ruby\n".
279416 [james graypr] Yeah, I think you are right.  I've updated the quiz page.

^ gem update & $LOAD_PATH
279404 [henders254 g] I am using ruby-gems v0.9.4p0 on OpenBSD 4.2. I am trying to update
279422 [drbrain segm] This is not an error.

^ Composition: Build objects from other objects
279419 [hawat.thufir] <http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-06-2001/jw-0608-java101.html> has
+ 279420 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
+ 279423 [raulparolari] I do not like (at first view) the idea of this design; it leads to, as
  + 279426 [hawat.thufir] Fair enough.  This is pretty much how Java would do it, and, correct me
  | + 279439 [raulparolari] I do not really see this as a contrived example of composition; the only
  | | 279452 [rick.denatal] I think there are two issues here. First ,  how to model the
  | | 279508 [raulparolari] You are right; the word 'behave' vs 'use' is the key. I could not resist
  | | 279638 [hawat.thufir] Well that's very complimentary of you :)
  | | + 279662 [transfire gm] *shakes head*
  | | + 279665 [raulparolari] Just stating a fact in the summary I attempted to do (which does not
  | |   280498 [hawat.thufir] Thank you for the information.
  | |   280504 [raulparolari] I browsed the site, and I understand that it is very useful for
  | |   280519 [hawat.thufir] Thank you for the heads up, definitely something for me to come back to :)
  | |   280533 [shortcutter ] Although I am a bit late into the discussion here are some points
  | + 279453 [ruby-talk me] What are you looking for?  Composition is basically accomplished by
  | | 279494 [hawat.thufir] Hehe, fair enough.  Ok, enough Java, it was just an entry point (although
  | | 279514 [ruby-talk me] It makes use of fowardable[1] from the standard library.
  | | 279639 [hawat.thufir] I really like that interface, thanks Liam.
  | + 279461 [jeremymcanal] Doesn't seeking to mix a method in like that totally break
  + 279509 [pergesu gmai] I think this is a pretty bad approach.  Consider the following example
    + 279515 [raulparolari] In particular, there is this sentence in Rick's letter: "a car 'uses'
    + 279516 [transfire gm] These module examples are flawed. First of all, we need to know what

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Not_feeling_the_flog=85?=
279425 [halostatue g] I don't think that I'm really understanding the value of flog. Heckle, I

^ REXML memory consumption
279428 [ray.c.chen g] My process memory usage has been increasing steadily, and some probing
+ 279449 [shortcutter ] You probably just overlooked that there are two levels of memory
+ 279460 [jan.svitok g] You can get marginally better by replacing
  279499 [shortcutter ] doc = File.open("/tmp/#{i}.xml", 'rb') {|io| REXML::Document.new io}
  279785 [ray.c.chen g] Thanks for the hints about memory management.  I started reading other

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Not_feeling_the_flog=85?=
279429 [drbrain segm] Total complexity of your project is 2264ish.  20% (486/2264) of your
279459 [halostatue g] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Not_feeling_the_flog=85?=

^ void value expression
279432 [bostonantifa] that works, but it is written in a "procedural" way as opposed to OO.
279433 [sepp2k googl] @in_file.each do |record_line|
279435 [bostonantifa] Sebastian,

^ Observe variable set and variable change
279436 [saladin.mund] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 279455 [TimHunter nc] ...
+ 279458 [TimHunter nc] Let's try again...
  279469 [shevegen lin] You can try trace_var (or whatever the name was)
  279471 [saladin.mund] thanks guys. to trace_var
  279480 [ed.odanow wo] I don't think that there exists some method for this purpose. You can
  279736 [saladin.mund] What methods does ruby itself [so, the C-core] uses to initialize a variable

^ Re: EZ install for RMagick on OS X
279441 [julianraschk] On Nov 17, 1:56 am, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>

^ ploblem with SciTE
279442 [l3litzer hot] and now I have problem with ruby in SciTE
+ 279444 [waleed.harbi] I prefer use eclipse IDE with RDT plugin, it is very powerful.
+ 279464 [ed.odanow wo] Use...

^ Problem with String.gsub and \' as a replacement string
279445 [google ridcu] I want to replace all occurences of a certain character in a string
+ 279446 [alex blackke] puts "this is a test".gsub( "a", "\\\\'" )
| 279447 [google ridcu] Thank you, you saved my day!
| 279448 [sepp2k googl] "\\'" translates to a literal backslash followed by '. This is what gsub gets.
+ 279450 [botpena gmai] many ways, eg

^ call with async method
279451 [mcse palstek] I'm developing a tool who sniff the networktraffic on the nic. I would
279456 [alex blackke] Not sure why you want a global for this.  Wouldn't it be better to set
279473 [shortcutter ] Definitively. And also: KR, where do you do the sniffing?  Is it in
279679 [mcse palstek] No, I don't sniff in the constructor. But with xmlrpc4r, I have a big
279692 [shortcutter ] Ugly.  Did you find out where the time is spent?  Is using DRb an option?
279693 [mcse palstek] yeah the problem is in the serve method from xmlrpc4r. It takes 20
279695 [shortcutter ] Sounds as if you either have a networking issue (slow DNS loopups?) or

^ no such file to load -- tk (LoadError)
279454 [l3litzer hot] I just use netbeans instead SciTE because SciTE has some problem with

^ Weird behavior with hpricot and variable assignment
279457 [google ridcu] html = Hpricot( "<div><div></div></div>" )
279472 [yermej gmail] Try your second example in irb and you'll get a warning (or I do,
279513 [google ridcu] You're right, it does work if I add parentheses.