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^ Quick Guide for Ruby Programming
278373 [waleed.harbi] I am looking for some websites and links to find quick ruby guide, I worked
+ 278377 [michel.boave] ...
| 278567 [fedzor gmail] Don't know if someone's given this link yet, but......
| 278569 [waleed.harbi] Thanks a lot for all.
+ 278389 [james.britt ] www.ruby-doc.org has many such links

^ Is Set#freeze broken?
278381 [vasyl.smirno] irb(main):001:0> require 'set'
278382 [vasyl.smirno] require 'set'

^ REXML::Document parsing
278398 [c_sword hotm] I've attached a file that REXML fails to parse correctly. I can't see
278402 [paradisaeida] Is there an xml .convention. that makes /sep a key to an implied
278414 [c_sword hotm] Mark,

^ Reports in Ruby
278408 [gerardo.sant] I looking for a Ruby library for generating reports that lets me

^ ruby-1.8.6-p111 build on osx 10.5.0 fails; ok on 10.4.10. bug or config?
278413 [rubytalk gma] not sure if this is a bug or a config issue ... since ruby _ships_ on
+ 278416 [ryand-ruby z] svn up
+ 278447 [laurent.sans] On Nov 11, 2007 1:27 AM, snowcrash+rubytalk
  278467 [rubytalk gma] i'd 1st checked the
  + 278472 [dangerwillro] Anyone have a tarball of 111 with the patch?
  | 278477 [laurent.sans] In Leopard, the setcontext/getcontext functions have been modified to
  + 278478 [laurent.sans] On Nov 11, 2007 5:33 PM, snowcrash+rubytalk
    278480 [rubytalk gma] thx for the clarification!

^ Scan for Tokens
278417 [raulparolari] I am looking for the best way to break an input string into individual
278426 [phrogz mac.c] Look at the StringScanner library[1] included with Ruby. It's simple,
278436 [raulparolari] Gavin

^ Date
278419 [nonstickglue] Hopefully you aren't all getting annoyed with my really stupid, yet easy
278420 [piyush.pr gm] require "date"; Date.today.strftime("%Y%m%d")

^ Have you contributed documentation to Ruby's std-lib?
278422 [james.britt ] I'm trying to get the names of people who have been contributing rdoc

^ composition (Dragon "has a" Trait)
278423 [hawat.thufir] I want to put all of the current attr_accessor's
278425 [phrogz mac.c] It seems you think that the initialize of Creature gets called because
278734 [hawat.thufir] Oh, thanks for pointing out how to ensure that the initialize

^ Hi there.. :) please read this topic :)
278431 [kikmaster in] Please visit this web page http://mu.egames.lv/?l=kikmaskjer  i newer in

^ CGI.new Can't Get the value ?
278437 [seekstudio g] i use ruby to write a cgi ..
278534 [kbloom gmail] It can't, because you made a POST query, so it's using the [] operator to

^ bug in nested defs (?)
278438 [gregweeks sh] When the following code is evaluated
+ 278439 [ryand-ruby z] not quite. see "Defining a Method" of the pickaxe ed 2 on page 330.
| + 278441 [gregweeks sh] In my copy, the heading is "Method Definition", and it begins on pg 345.
| + 278444 [gregweeks sh] "A method definition using an unadorned method name within a class
|   278547 [gregweeks sh] After some more thought, the rule that instance methods go into the
|   278573 [gregweeks sh] BTW, as I now understand it, I grabbed the wrong end of the stick when I
+ 278471 [phrogz mac.c] Not a singleton method. It's just a delayed definition of a standard
  278582 [ryand-ruby z] % parse_tree_show -u

^ [ANN] Gosu 0.7.7 (includes Chipmunk & ruby-opengl integration demos)
278448 [julianraschk] the new, Leopard-compatible Gosu 0.7.7 has been available as a ZIP

^ about const_missing
278450 [fxn hashref.] # dependencies.rb ------------------------------------

^ How to write a nice (complex) console app?
278455 [kazaam oleco] With the up and down keys I wanna scroll within the three different areas. And with scroll I really mean scroll,e.g. one entry could have 10 subitems which don't fit all at once in this area so with going up & down this area must be redrawn if neccessary. The actually selected entry should also be highlighted...
278459 [jameskilton ] You want ncurses.
278462 [kazaam oleco] thx I found a ncurses-binding for ruby and will give it a try :)

^ Difference between File and FileTest?
278468 [zflyer gmail] I'm new to Ruby.  I started writing some code that uses
278517 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ [Krakow] Ruby meeting 17.11.2007
278474 [mailing.mr g] I took liberty to post this information here, since i found it by

^ (none)
278475 [cjs226 yahoo] unsubscribe

^ Ruby Going Full Throttle On CPU
278476 [jacob.basham] I'm not sure if this is a Mongrel issue, a rails issue or just a ruby

^ Grokking the C code
278483 [stefan.kanev] Last few days I've been spending parts of the evenings digging into
+ 278485 [brad bradedi] Only a few chapters have been translated into English so far, but it
| 278487 [mo_mail ongh] Thanks for the link!! It makes extremely interesting reading :)
+ 278628 [jan.svitok g] ...

^ DBI - error loading driver
278488 [bostonantifa] I installed the DBI package so that I could write Ruby scripts that
278490 [kriswindham ] you need to install the ruby-mysql module
278493 [bostonantifa] Thanks Kristopher....

^ Re: Help needed installing MySQL DBI
278489 [raulparolari] Peter (welcome to Unix, by the way)
278491 [bostonantifa] Raul,
278497 [raulparolari] Peter, just follow the 3 steps I listed, in their order: in particular,
278499 [bostonantifa] Raul,
+ 278501 [raulparolari] Peter,
| 278502 [raulparolari] Peter,
| 278505 [bostonantifa] I tried your latest suggestion, but I get the same error.  I figure that
+ 278504 [kriswindham ] Peter,
  278506 [bostonantifa] Kristopher,
  278508 [kriswindham ] try typing these two commands

^ RubyOnRails - One view, many actions
278498 [infiliset gm] I've got a view named "prompt.rhtml"and a controller named "customer"
278500 [pergesu gmai] render :action => "prompt"
278574 [infiliset gm] if I use
278576 [pergesu gmai] What?  No you don't.  It just runs the getdata action and renders the
278577 [pergesu gmai] Also I just noticed this is on rubytalk...you should direct any Rails

^ Hiding backtrace with "x levels"
278503 [brian.takita] I must say hiding the backtrace with x levels is a major annoyance.
278507 [shortcutter ] Since when is proper error handling "asinine"?
+ 278509 [alex blackke] I obviously can't speak for the OP, but I'd find a command-line option
| 278842 [rogerpack200] Amen.
| 278894 [alexch gmail] At the risk of appearing too doctrinaire, I think a command-line
| 278960 [alex blackke] Ordinarily I'd agree.  However, leaving the default behaviour unchanged
| + 278961 [alex blackke] I've just tested it on 1.9 HEAD, it looks like you get the full stack
| + 282237 [alexch gmail] Yay indeed!
+ 278647 [brian.takita] I think you misunderstood me. To express this misunderstanding, I'll
  278673 [alexch gmail] Brian is right -- the current implementation of backtrace printing is

^ [ANN] [JRuby] Fast Debugger for JRuby
278511 [martin.kraus] we would like to announce the first 'official' public release of the

^ an attr_* in a constructor?
278513 [aidy.rutter ] Can I not use an attr_* in a constructor? I am receiving a
278518 [rick.denatal] The attr_* methods are private instance methods in Module, which means
278585 [aidy.rutter ] Thanks Rick, I am having a little trouble with OO at the moment.

^ Porting Ruby: 1.8 or 1.9?
278522 [ news jay.fm] I've got a consulting gig at the moment, working on Stratus fault-tolerant
+ 278535 [znmeb cesmai] Well, if you've got GCC, either one should be "easily ported". But 1.8
| 278540 [ news jay.fm] Ah, interesting.  Does 1.9 have to have native threads just to run?  Or
+ 278722 [ news jay.fm] Answer my own question and give a tip to Googlers: For the moment, anyway,

^ Re: another Ruby on Rails certificate program
278523 [ryand-ruby z] The end of what? I teach a certificate program for the university of
278529 [znmeb cesmai] The end of life as we know it for the uncertified? :)
278532 [rick.denatal] Hey Ed,
278557 [lloyd 2live4] $2500 for a 7 week course???  Can it really be better than just working
278561 [jeremymcanal] If you just read a book, then you aren't a Certified Ruby and Rails Develop=
278566 [dangerwillro] What if the book comes with a Cert in the back, then when you get to
278605 [ news jay.fm] Kinda like the Monster[.com] at the End of This Book?

^ Socket timeout
278526 [jarvo88 gmai] I am using a TCPSocket and I want the script to restart if the
+ 278531 [garbagecat10] What do you mean by "the connection times out"? Do you mean that the
| 278538 [jarvo88 gmai] Yes, basically
| 278603 [ysantoso-rub] You can adjust the SO_RCVTIMEO and SO_SNDTIMEO socket options using
+ 278659 [rogerpack200] If you're not worried about scaling then

^ Re: Gosu 0.7.7 (includes Chipmunk & ruby-opengl integration
278533 [rabbitblue g] Sweet!

^ newbie stuck with multiple conditions
278537 [info martinr] I am new to rails and programming.
278546 [jacob.basham] 1. You should be posting to the rails list, not the ruby list.
278558 [info martinr] I have tried what you have suggested
278686 [jacob.basham] Martin,

^ comp.lang.fortran challenge
278539 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Please riff a better Ruby answer...
+ 278541 [Bil.Kleb NAS] My current answer to the challenge...
| 278545 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... it wasn't clear to me than anyone had set what the limits were.
+ 278548 [aaron tender] I'm confused as to why the data needs to be retained in memory.....  But
| + 278549 [aaron tender] Oops.  @time should be nil, but that shouldn't change the output....
| + 278715 [Bil.Kleb NAS] No prize for Phil, he didn't tweak the time output line
+ 278599 [james graypr] That little challenge made me wish for some Ruby 1.9 elements, like
  278602 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Nice; can it handle the
  278604 [james graypr] Sure can.  Try it out.
  278714 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Sure enough.  Why didn't you use a case?  E.g.,
  278716 [james graypr] Well, I don't think it's the same.  Is it?
  278721 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Seems to work at least according to the anti-pattern of
  278723 [james graypr] That's true only if the document contains a blank line after all of
  278788 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Roger.

^ [noob] name of a variable, at runtime
278551 [bladenut gma] This seems harder than the usual thing I've been tripping on (and
278555 [m_goldberg a] Close, yes, but not quite there. Assuming you want to roll your own
278563 [bladenut gma] Well, technically it will be a Rails object, so I don't create it,

^ Re: name of a variable, at runtime
278554 [raulparolari] class Human

^ Controlling attribute setting in a Struct
278556 [rbysamppi gm] I'm using a bunch of Struct classes in a program; they're a perfect
278562 [raulparolari] You just need to redefine the setter attribute; we can automate the
278564 [raulparolari] class MyMaxBoundedStruct < Struct.new(:life, :strength, :charisma,

^ How do you use flexmock or mocha to test user interaction?
278560 [pood.forums ] I can't seem to figure this out

^ Getting methods defined in the top scope
278565 [thilinamb gm] I am trying to get the names of the methods defined by myself in the top
+ 278568 [bbxx789_05ss] def hello
+ 278570 [raulparolari] not_mine   = %w[initialize .. ]
+ 278571 [george.ogata] $ cat toplevel_methods.rb
+ 278572 [thilinamb gm] thanks guys!

^ does Ruby has method properties
278575 [thilinamb gm] In java script it is possible to something like this,
+ 278583 [ryand-ruby z] Confirmed. There is virtually no metadata about a method available to
| 278600 [flo andersgr] Actually, this cannot work in Ruby. In Java, the return type of a
+ 278595 [transfire gm] It is possible in a round about way. In Ruby, methods are not first
| + 278607 [ news jay.fm] Trans, you know I love your work, babe, but you've given a "Microsoft tech
| | + 278615 [fxn hashref.] Hey how's that one :-)
| | | 278623 [peter rubyra] Cheers,
| | | 278912 [flori nixe.p] A manager and an engineer
| | + 278922 [transfire gm] My bad! I didn't realize Thilina was trying to land a helicopter ;) I
| |   278949 [jari.william] IMO, it looks more Ruby to use the built in converter methods, even if
| + 278619 [phrogz mac.c] I used to think and wish for this too, and complain about it often.
| | + 278944 [GGarramuno a] So is this Lua fork available somewhere?
| | + 278970 [transfire gm] You mean to unify UnboundMethod and Method. I suppose UnboundMethod
| + 278906 [dan-ml dan42] Why not? Come on Trans, you can make this work! :-)
+ 278618 [phrogz mac.c] No, you can't *set* the return type of a method, but you can apply
+ 278948 [bbxx789_05ss] Really?  Care to provide an example?

^ Re: Bookmark or buy these
278578 [markonlinux ] sorry, this wasn't meant for the list.

^ identify open workbook in excel?
278581 [mihai.bulhac] -i have an excel file ex.xls open;

^ how to install ruby in home folder ?.
278586 [bad_good_lio] I don't have root access
+ 278593 [dangerwillro] Yes, there is.
+ 278609 [znmeb cesmai] 1. Download the source tarball and unpack it.
  278633 [bad_good_lio] when i execute  "./configure --prefix=/home/username/ruby"
  278731 [znmeb cesmai] There will be a file named "config.log" in the source directory. It will
  278753 [bad_good_lio] thanks for your reply.
  278791 [znmeb cesmai] You will need to convince your system administrators to help you. See below.
  278849 [bad_good_lio] first of all thanks to you

^ case when when
278587 [shuaib.zahda] I am just wondering how can we make two cases belong to the same bunch
+ 278589 [peter rubyra] case x
| + 278590 [martyn.jago ] Of Shuaib Zahda
| | 278665 [kbloom gmail] No.
| + 278775 [hasan ozgan.] case x
+ 278624 [shortcutter ] case foo

^ Quick Straw Poll: Mailing List Management implemented in Ruby.
278591 [sean smo.uhi] Ruby chaps,

^ Threading from a loop
278594 [siu05njp rdg] My problem is that I want a function to start as a new thread every time
+ 278661 [rogerpack200] Code looks good to me unless its never being called.
+ 278690 [bbxx789_05ss] def greet

^ generate an array of dates
278596 [roma nerto.i] I want to generate an array of dates from date1 to date2
278597 [farrel.lifso] (date1..date2).to_a
278606 [Rob AgileCon] ...

^ class <<Time ?
278598 [gamontbr gma] Im see this example and i didnt understand how it works.
+ 278650 [m_goldberg a] No, this code doesn't change where the 'now' method resides. Time.now
+ 278660 [bbxx789_05ss] class Dog
  278664 [caduceass gm] class C
  278671 [bbxx789_05ss] nil == nil
  278674 [caduceass gm] You're right.  What seemed strange to me is that c.f.object_id and
  278676 [codeblogger ] Yes, it is.
  + 278677 [Rob AgileCon] ...but only as a trivia answer as it relates to the implementation
  + 278719 [caduceass gm] I find it a little bit amusing that 4 is considered unlucky in

^ array select
278601 [roma nerto.i] i have 2 arrays of objects: dates and places
+ 278617 [shortcutter ] Create a Set of place ids and test against that when selecting.
+ 278621 [toastkid.wil] You could use Array#collect, which creates a new array out of another
  278622 [toastkid.wil] Just occurred to me that this is horribly inefficient as you remake the

^ Format string
278608 [jon equipe.n] In other language there is often a function for format a string.
+ 278613 [phrogz mac.c] phrogz$ ri String#%
+ 278648 [jari.william] I'm a bit curious why the #{} wouldn't fit your needs, since you can put
+ 278651 [bbxx789_05ss] What does that mean?

^ MySQL Module - Segmentation Fault - Windows
278610 [venkatesh.ma] I am getting "segmentation fault" when I try to run the following
+ 278634 [luislavena g] Did you run the same MySQL version under Fedora?
| 278635 [venkatesh.ma] No. I don't have the compiler and I can confirm that this is becuase
+ 283860 [daniel.griff] I am having the same issue, although with MySQL version 5.0.45.

^ Re: Segmentation fault with turing gem on 64bit gentoo
278611 [dev quals.or] Was this issue ever resolved? I'm getting the same error 1 year later on
278627 [michael syko] I've had quite a few people ask over the last year(apparently, this gets
278809 [dev quals.or] The patch did the trick! Thanks so much for the quick response.

^ Problem installing ruby in linux virtual machine
278614 [toastkid.wil] I'm running a linux virtual machine on my windows pc, and am trying to
278638 [justincollin] /usr/bin/ruby hello_world.rb
278642 [toastkid.wil] This helped me find the problem, thanks - it was that i'd switched users

^ Export to Excel Spreadsheet
278625 [AMACIEL bb.c] =20 I'm looking for a reporter for Ruby, I need to export some data to a