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^ REXML: question on whitespace
27765 [info mjais.d] I have a question on whitespace in documents generated with REXML

^ passing a block from C to Ruby
27774 [vjoel PATH.B] rb_apply(object, ID_of_initialize, args);
+ 27794 [decoux moulo] ...
| 27976 [vjoel PATH.B] Now that I've looked at rb_obj_call_init, it looks possible to adapt it
| 28009 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 27795 [decoux moulo] ...
  27904 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks, that does it nicely.

^ DBI and large result sets
27783 [james jamesb] I'm starting to use Ruby DBI, and I'm wondering about its use when processing
+ 27785 [alan digikat] Well, you could declare a cursor in SQL. I believe its a standard
+ 27805 [neumann s-di] No, it's possible.
| 27829 [james rubyxm] Thanks to those who helped clarify things.
| 27849 [toddg linux1] ...
| 27862 [james rubyxm] What I'm trying write is a Source class for REXML's stream parser.
| + 27883 [toddg linux1] ...
| | 27890 [james rubyxm] I much prefer to let the database do what it's best at. It may not be
| + 27885 [ned bike-nom] You may want to consider the BerkeleyDB (ruby/bdb ?), which gives a high
|   + 27889 [james rubyxm] Thank you for the information. I've only briefly used BerkeleyDB with perl
|   + 27993 [nconway klam] This is OT, but that's quite true. MySQL can create tables using one of
|     27995 [alwagner tca] Why is it suggested that you avoid BerkeleyDB?
|     27998 [nconway klam] IIRC, because you pay a speed, memory and disk space penalty over the
|     + 28004 [anany ece.vi] True, true. MySQL has support for transactions via Berkeley DB (or
|     | + 28010 [decoux moulo] ...
|     | | 28133 [alwagner uar] I used 'marshal' => true as you suggested.  But it doesn't seem
|     | | 28199 [decoux moulo] ...
|     | | 28219 [alwagner uar] Ah, hah.  That's what I'm doing wrong.  The files must be
|     | + 28376 [toddg linux1] ...
|     |   28379 [ned bike-nom] But they also support transactions. If you don't like their 'atomic
|     + 28034 [toddg linux1] ...
|     + 28039 [alwagner tca] Just for the record:  I don't believe a word of this.
+ 27815 [mchahn facel] You need to use an SQL CURSOR to do that.  One could write code to make a
  27817 [dthompson ch] I don't think this is necessarily the case. In practice, most of the
  27831 [alan digikat] The original poster was worried about keeping large result sets in memory.

^ tk -i386-cygwin segmentation fault
27792 [Jean-Francoi] @top = TkToplevel.new

^ RES:  Re: Translating "Programming Ruby"
27801 [argaeus yaho] I could be interested in starting a portuguese translation...
27803 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Hugh

^ pthread trouble with ruby-opengl on FreeBSD (was: Re: [announcement] Ruby 3D Ruby)
27804 [senf kochfee] % ./glruby.rb
27807 [jim freeze.o] I recently had this problem.
+ 27819 [ale crimson.] Jim's instructions may well be the answer to the problem. I experienced
+ 28410 [senf kochfee] XFree86 4. I did set XFREE86_VERSION=4 in /etc/make.conf and

^ servlets and server pages for Ruby???
27808 [mjais web.de] during the last weeks I played a little with Java Server Pages and
+ 27812 [anany ece.vi] There is mod_ruby, which is probably not advanced as the thing you
+ 27825 [james rubyxm] I've been working with servlets & JSP, and they are a pain in the ass.

^ confirmation
27814 [vruz www.dig] confirm 2001022200210517821527915609 Horacio Lopez

^ Perl/Python Module Porting
27824 [jerickson ey] Has there been any thought in the Ruby Community of actively porting
+ 27834 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| 27837 [eric badtux.] Perl/Python Module Porting
| + 27841 [ned bike-nom] True... however, this doesn't have to keep you from doing it in Ruby. After
| | + 27845 [jerickson ey] I just know that I can't use Ruby at work because I can do so much more
| | | + 27853 [feldt ce.cha] I'd say it must be 'as needed' basis unless someone comes up with some
| | | + 27887 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| | |   27888 [harryo zipwo] I think if anyone who has a particular module they think would be useful
| | + 27865 [eric badtux.] I guess I was thinking more along the lines of, "Why re-implement a defective
| + 27851 [    s xss.de] but this could really be fun....
| + 27852 [feldt ce.cha] I very much agree here. I have a minimum of Perl experience but the
| + 27895 [matju sympat] I'd instead say that it's because there are a number of Perl features that
|   27970 [list chromat] Is that the reason why something like this cannot be done?
|   + 28058 [matju sympat] yes. For that reason I'd call Perl/C++ "variable-oriented", and I'd call
|   + 28152 [harryo zip.c] Interesting.  I've never tried to do that.  I guess that's just because
+ 27838 [paul atdesk.] I think porting is generally done on an as-needed basis.  Those perl and
+ 28025 [ikebe edge.c] I entered RAA Ruby HTML/Template.
+ 28048 [bobhicks ade] Maybe there should be a listing someplace of modules (perl and python)

^ Trolling ;)
27830 [ruby jamesbr] Ruby in a Nutshell was announced on use.perl.org.
27857 [phlip_cpp ya] Perl sucks.
+ 27859 [mchahn facel] Oh no.  You forgot the smiley face again.
| 27880 [phlip_cpp ya] H'yeah!
+ 27860 [ralph.mason ] class Vacuum
| + 27869 [rich infoeth] class Vacuum
| | 27870 [Dave Pragmat] But sucking is rarely a class act  :)
| | + 27871 [michael.cook] "I didn't think it was physically possible, but Perl both sucks and
| | + 27872 [rich infoeth] THAT is funny! :)
| |   27877 [rcalco corte] # -----Original Message-----
| |   27881 [ralph.mason ] This doesn't work is it a bug?
| |   27882 [rcalco corte] Well, duh.
| + 27886 [matju sympat] class<<(vacuum=Object.new)
+ 27867 [eric badtux.] Yes, the ability to write spaghetti-structured, unreadable, poorly-designed

^ check
27847 [michelemdl l] Sorry for this message.

^ Method creation question
27855 [hutch xampl.] I'm encountering a bit of difficulty and have managed to confuse myself (yet
27863 [paul atdesk.] class Module
27893 [nobu.nokada ] Really?  Can you define a method body in runtime without

^ DTD Parsers in Ruby?
27858 [ljohnson res] ...
28426 [ser germane-] Lyle,
28431 [dblack candl] I've written about .02% of a DTD parser.  Didn't even want to mention it,
+ 28451 [ser germane-] I really wouldn't have anything to do with DTD if someone else was writing
+ 28473 [oliver faker] Yea, DTDs are cool. I totally agree. Learned my HTML reading DTDs in the
  28481 [ser germane-] A niche feature, eh?  How about attribute value types?  And real XML-based
  28547 [dblack candl] I thought that's what real XML syntax was :-)
  28627 [ser germane-] Ahem, yes, well...
  28629 [dblack candl] I'm not sure how the word "hack" got into the picture here, but
  28633 [ser germane-] Oh, I think because DTD syntax is similar to, but not compatible with,

^ how comes this works?
27861 [henning ikso] how comes this works?
+ 27864 [paul atdesk.] def e(); proc.call "block was given!"; end
+ 27892 [nobu.nokada ] It's a fixed bug.  Check the snapshots or CVS.

^ Ruby Tk question
27868 [mdavis sevai] Does anyone have an example showing how to set up labels or text to appear in italic using Tk?  Any help is greatly appreciated.
27874 [armin approx] try specifying it with font 'italic'

^ IOWA problem
27873 [josb cncdsl.] I have been trying to get IOWA 0.14a to work on FreeBSD -current, but I am not
27878 [josb cncdsl.] % lynx -mime_header http://localhost/iowa
27898 [avi beta4.co] Yup.  mod_iowa is being dumb, as you suspected.  It's expecting urls of the form
27899 [josb cncdsl.] When I do that I see httpd starting to burn CPU, as indicated in the last post
+ 27972 [avi beta4.co] You can look at the iowa.cgi script, which uses the same (dead simple)
+ 27973 [avi beta4.co] Jos Backus <josb@cncdsl.com> writes
  28012 [damon mailan] ...
  28041 [avi beta4.co] nothing else, can

^ tar reader (minimal) is working
27875 [HotFusionMan] In case anyone cares, I finally was able to get a minimal amount of
27876 [ned bike-nom] Good to hear...

^ Re: A challenge to proponents of Unit Testing.
27891 [johnroth ame] ...
27910 [rmoldskr onl] ...
+ 27911 [    s xss.de] well, not even Marvin's brain the size of a planet won't be able
+ 27937 [johnroth ame] ...
  + 27938 [johnroth ame] ...
  | 27950 [    s xss.de] Does it? This implementation, like the Ruby one I posted, moves
  + 27941 [david.lights] ...

^ Building XMLParser with MS VC++
27896 [rich infoeth] The extconf.rb included with XMLParser seems very linux oriented.  Has anyone built this under Win32 with MSVC (v6)?
27900 [nobu.nokada ] Do you mean setting -L option to $LDFLAGS directly?
27909 [rich infoeth] Thank you very much.
27914 [nobu.nokada ] perl is used only when running extconf.rb --with-perl-enc-map.

^ Dictionary.com speeder upper
27897 [ralph.mason ] ...
+ 27901 [phlip_cpp ya] My goodness. If only more coders would indulge in sick and twisted
| 27905 [harryo zipwo] Any chance you could re-post the code without all the HTML around it?
| 27906 [ralph.mason ] Sure, Sorry I didn't even know I was posting in HTML.
| + 27913 [harryo zipwo] Thanks!
| | 27952 [huber alum.w] Well, his original posting had both html and text, and with my
| + 28571 [eirikm linpr] This would be even more elegant using scan instead of =~, $' and $`
+ 27902 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks, it is useful.
+ 27908 [mikkel incre] ...

^ Ruby IDE?? What about using Eclipse??
27915 [rshaw1961 ya] ...
27916 [feldt ce.cha] Probably, its been mentioned 3-4 time on the list the last month. I
+ 27920 [curt hibbs.c] I am going to do this.
| 27921 [feldt ce.cha] Sounds great. Open-source or commercial?
| 27922 [curt hibbs.c] Open source.
| 27923 [mikkel incre] What the status of your development?? need any testers yet ;-)
| 27925 [curt hibbs.c] The key phrase was "I am going to do this...". At this point its a only a
| + 27927 [feldt ce.cha] Could someone who've tried Eclipse describe these more advanced
| | 28014 [curt hibbs.c] A good software development tool should not get in the way. It should
| + 27931 [mikkelj-anti] ...
| + 27946 [boognish23 y] The eclipse architecture seems to be designed really
|   + 27955 [rich infoeth] I think the file approach would be best.  Robert Feldt is going to be releasing the Rulator (RubyInRuby) lexer/parser (based on Rockit) we can use it to build Abstract Syntax Trees from source files for doing exactly this.  Also, he is adding the ability to hold the comments contained within the source in the AST as well (instead of throwing them out).  So we can use the comments in the class browser :)
|   | 27997 [gha intrasto] I use Ruby Class Browser, which is written by
|   | 27999 [curt hibbs.c] Thanks for pointing me to this.
|   + 27990 [curt hibbs.c] I also was a diehard VAJ user (that's VisualAge for Java) because of its
+ 27924 [rshaw1961 ya] ...

^ Amazon recommendations -- ya gotta love it
27917 [dblack candl] Well, I found that in my personalized list of recommended recordings

^ "load" without looking in $LOAD_PATH ?
27918 [holmberg iar] I have an application written in Ruby that needs to read one or
+ 27919 [dblack candl] $LOAD_PATH.unshift(".")
| 27928 [holmberg iar] - if the local file was missing, I could still "accidentally"
| 27929 [feldt ce.cha] $ ri Kernel::load
+ 28032 [nobu.nokada ] load "./foo.rb"
| 28097 [paul atdesk.] This will work, provided the current directory has not been changed
| 28109 [nobu.nokada ] It's possible of course, and may be useful for libraries,
+ 28095 [paul atdesk.] I don't think that there is a "right" way.  See [ruby-talk:21406] and

^ [meta-topic] format of responses
27926 [dblack candl] Please do not respond to this message.  I am not trying to gather

^ Does net/http lib work with https?
27930 [jim freeze.o] I recently used the net/http class to pull data down
+ 27939 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 27969 [nigelb enesb] Good luck ... The https is easily solved with OpenSSL. On the other hand my

^ Replacing single backslashes by a pair
27933 [harryo zip.c] I'm trying to write some code to convert Ruby source into LaTeX for an
27934 [decoux moulo] ...
27940 [harryo zip.c] Whoops!  I obviously need to have a good read of the FAQ again.  Thanks.

^ Module and object extend. Can someone please explain
27951 [jim freeze.o] Ok, I thought that I had done this in the past, but
27953 [dblack candl] I don't think #extend will give you access to constants defined
27956 [jim freeze.o] Interesting. It will add the constants and they can
27959 [dblack candl] Isn't it just that method c is defined in a context where C is in
27961 [jim freeze.o] or
27965 [dblack candl] Hmmmm...

^ Need dictionary modifed to work with proxy
27954 [jim freeze.o] Could someone show the how to modify the dictionary
27977 [ralph.mason ] I havent tested this because I don't have a proxy server, but I suspect that

^ Re: Dictionary.com speeder upper -- Win2k problem
27957 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 27960 [ralph.mason ] I note in the code here you have gone to
| 27962 [ralph.mason ] Actually, just looking at this again.  Something strange is going on.
| + 27968 [schneiker ju] ...
| + 27986 [Dave Pragmat] # Take a mail message and post it as a news article
+ 27979 [dsafari xtra] Hmm...shouldn't it actually be www.dictionary.com and not

^ stack overflow (was Ruby IDE?? What about using Eclipse??)
27963 [anany ece.vi] Hearing all about this Eclipse project made me go and pull it down, until
+ 27964 [anany ece.vi] I forgot to mention that this was on i686-linux version of Ruby 1.6.5.
| 27971 [ralph.mason ] While I'm not a Unix bod, what about links? It would seem that a link could
+ 28066 [maksa sezamp] Instead of rolling your own directory traversal you
  28078 [anany ece.vi] Oh, wow, you rock! How did I miss that?? Thanks a lot!!

^ Re: Perl/Python Module Porting (Perl features not found in Ruby)
27978 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Displaying Ruby code in LaTeX
27980 [harryo zip.c] Has anyone written a document in LaTeX that includes examples of Ruby
+ 27981 [armin approx] Really? It shouldn't.
| 27984 [harryo zip.c] It looks like the issue is TAB characters.  I'm working on a small Ruby
+ 27982 [sean chitten] Yup.
  27983 [armin approx] Why don't you use

^ Keystone VB6 - 18 cd's - all levels 1 to 17 for 60$us for the rest on year 2001
27985 [fastconnexio] ...

^ mutex problem
27987 [issac myfirs] As a Ruby newbie, I've been excitedly plowing through the Thomas/Hunt book.
+ 28018 [1858323m001 ] me too :-)
| 28022 [issac myfirs] OK, it works on my Linux box but not my Windows 2000 box.
+ 28020 [1858323m001 ] Is the typo "sychronize" in your code?
  + 28021 [issac myfirs] Good point, but it still hangs on my windows 2000 system.
  + 28073 [harryo zip.c] This is a mistake I've made about five time now ... I'm a slow learner

^ why doesn't zero evaluate to false?
27988 [issac myfirs] Does it cost more to test whether a FixNum is zero than
28011 [ptkwt shell1] ...
28023 [issac myfirs] It'll take some getting used to but I guess I don't rely much on the

^ Boost.Ruby ?
27989 [issac myfirs] Of all the ways to extend Python with C++, my favorite is Boost.Python
+ 27996 [vjoel PATH.B] I have written something almost but not quite entirely unlike it ;). To
| 28024 [issac myfirs] I'm starting to wonder about whether it's a good idea to extend
| + 28033 [bingalls pan] I'd be interested to see how the Boost.Python people pulled this off.
| | + 28036 [phlip_cpp ya] Boost uses a subset of C++ reflection (C++ templates have compile-time
| | + 28037 [issac myfirs] I'm pretty sure Boost.Python supports various compilers, but I'd be surprised
| |   28047 [loriend bigp] You will have a much easier time just making ruby objects in c. The ruby
| + 28098 [paul atdesk.] Be sure to read [ruby-talk:17943] (where Chris Uzdavinis makes some good
+ 28046 [loriend bigp] The problem with boost::python is that it creates VERY bloated extensions.
  28057 [issac myfirs] Sounds like a good idea.  The Ruby C api seems much cleaner