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^ Android + JRuby?
277618 [dangerwillro] Hey Mr. Nutter...
+ 277632 [charles.nutt] Unless it has Java support, probably not...though there are medium an
| + 277636 [dangerwillro] From what I could gather, it does have Java support or is at least
| | 277840 [hawat.thufir] On Nov 5, 7:44 pm, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
| + 278672 [demerzel gma] The Android SDK was just announced, and it the application layer is in Java!
|   278712 [dangerwillro] As I suspected, the project actually e-mailed me back about it last
+ 278724 [kero chello.] Bye,
+ 278868 [charles.nutt] From a cursory glance at the SDK, I'd say...yes!
  278893 [brabuhr gmai] [exec] com.google.util.ExceptionWithContext: address not yet known
  + 278895 [brabuhr gmai] And copying the entire JRuby source into the Android project.
  + 278913 [charles.nutt] Looks like a bug in Android SDK. It's deep into Google's code from

^ Line ending problem.
277622 [sea__chan ho] I am writing a ruby script to insert some content into the beginning of
+ 277627 [jeremywoerti] So you want to add stuff to the beginning of a file? Well, as far as I
+ 277628 [fxn hashref.] Not automatically.
  277715 [rick.denatal] I'd suggest that rather than this you use write instead of print or

^ Affecting variables inside a while loop that are initialised outside its scope
277637 [glasyalaboli] How can I do it? Sorry if this is stupid or something but I'm just
+ 277641 [mortee.lists] Victory = 1
+ 277642 [bbxx789_05ss] You have = and == mixed up.  == compares two values.  Also, to add 1 to
+ 277644 [list.push gm] # Not tested but first try these modifications.
+ 277645 [celtic sairy] Firstly, something to become used to is that in Ruby, anything beginning
  277675 [glasyalaboli] Thanks for all the advice! I was kind of writing this as I went

^ retrieving values from combo box
277638 [lonexenophob] <td><p align="right">Jul/10:</td>
+ 277643 [bbxx789_05ss] Write your javascript to respond to the onchange event and then retrieve
+ 277646 [celtic sairy] For your Ruby on Rails-related questions, please check out the

^ ANN: smsc_manager, stomp_message
277650 [scott.sproul] stomp_message which builds upon the stomp client to provide client,

^ [ANN] London Ruby User Group - 12th Novemeber, 2007
277651 [murray.steel] Closest tube: Farringdon

^ why return gives error when used with ? :
277652 [shuaib.zahda] in my program I am using a lot of true false conditions. So, I want to
+ 277653 [shuaib.zahda] Oops I forgot to ask
| + 277722 [moisesmachad] there not really a difference in functionality between the two forms, i
| + 277734 [phrogz mac.c] They're about the same speed. Where you _will_ see a small performance
|   277736 [phrogz mac.c] Others have pointed out that (in this particular example) it's foolish
+ 277654 [mo_mail ongh] That's the format of the ?: operator.
+ 277656 [peter rubyra] The ternary operator ? : evaluates to a value, so it expects values (or
| 277717 [moisesmachad] The ternary expression don't require value/experession but the
+ 277657 [bbxx789_05ss] def f
| 277665 [celtic sairy] return (x == 5)
+ 277662 [jan.svitok g] you may write it as return x == 5 ? true : false

^ Passing all parameters to a method with a unique variable
277658 [mario betwar] $allparameters="dos","ie","4","alone","","8"
+ 277659 [dblack rubyp] myclass.mymethod(*$allparameters)
| 277663 [mario betwar] It works...
+ 277661 [jan.svitok g] - myclass.mymethod($allparameters)
+ 277664 [peter rubyra] $allparameters=["dos","ie","4","alone","","8"]
  277667 [mario betwar] Thanks for your comments.
  277668 [peter rubyra] That's only a bit better :-). The Ruby convention would be to call it
  277669 [mario betwar] I'm using global variables because I have a settings file with all the
  277683 [peter rubyra] As far as I understand the situation (maybe I don't), this has nothing

^ Re: Passing all parameters to a method with a unique variabl
277660 [shuaib.zahda] I believe that in your method definition you have passed 6 parameters

^ sieve.rb sample
277666 [s.korteling ] max = Integer(ARGV.shift || 100)
277732 [george.ogata] Shouldn't be, no.
277738 [victor.reyes] I executed the two versions of the program and you actually can see the

^ named parameters idiom
277670 [fernando.cac] I often see hashes used as a form of named parameters, with some variations.
+ 277692 [dblack rubyp] You pass a hash to the method, using pre-determined keys that serve as
| + 277702 [fernando.cac] OK
| + 277728 [rick.denatal] And (c) it allows for an arbitrary number of truly optional arguments
+ 277739 [ara.t.howard] def another_idiom options = { :can => 'be enumerated here for
  277742 [fernando.cac] Good point

^ GUI Combobox
277671 [receprd gmai] want to use ComboBox but default tk does not contain combobox control.
277677 [fox nscl.msu] Tcl is a scripting language quite a bit different from ruby,
277737 [nagai ai.kyu] Current Ruby/Tk (require 'tkextlib/tile') can support many part of

^ operator |=
277672 [fernando.cac] Did I dream about an opeartor |=?
+ 277676 [pdanese Rib-] You might be thinking about ||=3D
| + 277690 [fernando.cac] Ha, ya, that one... ;)
| + 277721 [rick.denatal] To be precise, it assigns a value to a variable which is either
+ 277679 [eustaquioran] => :bar
| + 277698 [celtic sairy] Please take care not to confuse ||= with |=.
| + 277699 [koflerjim ma] shopping_list = ['peanut butter', 'grape jelly', 'whole wheat bread']
+ 277681 [dangerwillro] It's not exactly an operator itself, it is syntactic sugar.
| 277725 [rick.denatal] Hmmmm, I wonder if David knew that! <G>
+ 277682 [mortee.lists] I can see it in the pickaxe chm, under The Ruby Language => Expressions
+ 277686 [wieczo.yo go] It exists :)

^ Using 'require' with modules in the same folder
277673 [fernando.cac] I've modularized my very first ruby program (a port of a bash script).
+ 277684 [mortee.lists] You can use relative/absolute paths with require. Combined with
+ 277685 [fernando.cac] Never mind... the current folder is included in the search path, I just got
+ 277689 [fxn hashref.] $:.unshift(File.dirname(__FILE__))

^ string to symbol
277674 [fernando.cac] Is there a way to "intern" a string so that it becomes denoted by a symbol?
277687 [mortee.lists] If you use
277696 [fernando.cac] Ha.. I missed that you could prefix a string with ":" like that.
277701 [mortee.lists] If you wish. Note that you can't create constants from within methods.
277703 [fernando.cac] Oh... why is that?
277707 [mortee.lists] I don't know the exact reason. I guess that constants are intended to be
277726 [shevegen lin] I think what you mean is the dynamic constant assignment like so

^ Start of string?
277680 [jari.william] What't the most elegant way to find a substring match at the very start
+ 277691 [dblack rubyp] if a.index("long") == 0
| 277730 [nobu ruby-la] rindex("long", 0) is faster for long but unmatching strings.
+ 277693 [stefano.croc] if a.match /^long/ then
+ 277694 [gbence alger] class String
+ 277695 [peter rubyra] Jari,
+ 277697 [celtic sairy] How about;

^ Re: Windows new user cheat sheet?
277700 [hramrach cen] Nice hack
277705 [richard.conr] Interesting points here. I have to admit that a Ruby & Windows CMD

^ threaded and forked select with timeout is impacted by syste
277706 [rwilliams va] I am using ruby 1.8.6 on Fedora Core 6 and 7
277751 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm not sure why the Ruby version fails and the C version works, but

^ Show info from table wich is joined
277712 [remco.zwaan ] <% @user.email %>
277864 [jacob.basham] Did you setup the AR models?
277927 [remco.zwaan ] My models are..
277928 [caduceass gm] Are you trying to move away from the DB relational model (i.e. you
277939 [remco.zwaan ] I have 3 tables
277975 [caduceass gm] Have you tried specifying the word "through" in your rails models.

^ Read out processor load
277713 [mcse palstek] How can I read out the processor load with a rubyapp?
+ 277735 [globyy3000 h] perhaps?
| 277793 [znmeb cesmai] a = `loadavg`
+ 277820 [pbrannan atd] On Linux you can read load from /proc/loadavg.  See the other replies
+ 277879 [alex blackke] gem install sys-cpu, I think.

^ convert a string into a decimal
277714 [ernst tanaka] I am a new Ruby programmer. I am really amazed with the ease of
+ 277716 [pjcarvalho g] => 100000000.0
| + 277720 [ernst tanaka] Thank you for the quick reaction.
| + 277724 [patrick.geor] irb(main):001:0> a = "100,000,000.00"
|   277729 [aarmbruster ] a.delete(',').to_f
+ 277723 [pgonzalez na] irb(main):005:0> "100,000,000.00".gsub(',','_').to_f
  277727 [ernst tanaka] That did the trick! Thanks

^ RubyConf videos?
277718 [lists source] Guys,
+ 277741 [laurent.sans] Next week they said :-)
+ 277768 [jeremy hineg] Keep a watch on their blog, looks like "... We anticipate having the
  277796 [fedzor gmail] speaking of which, are there RailsConf videos from May? I haven't
  + 280830 [laurent mold] Guys,
  | + 280857 [jari.william] These you're looking for?
  | + 280859 [wpdavenport ] They've had the "...will be up by the end of the week" for a while.  I
  + 280858 [wpdavenport ] - Bill

^ Language Popularity - PHP vs Ruby?
277719 [shevegen lin] I decided to make this _rather_ short, because I think noone wants
+ 277753 [jtprince gma] PHP isn't as consistent or beautiful as ruby, but it hardly matters
| 283946 [ged FaerieMU] Sorry to respond to such an old thread, but I didn't see this
| 283949 [chris postal] To be fair, much as I love Ruby the PHP world does stand head and
| + 283993 [hramrach cen] No, php docs cover like 99.9% of the core functionality + standard
| + 283994 [lloyd 2live4] Why can't we get something added to the core docs where there is a hyper
|   284002 [chromatophor] clunky, though.
+ 277773 [coder68 yaho] mod_rewrite
| 277881 [alex blackke] mv index.php ~/public_html
| + 277883 [vasyl.smirno] Same as mv index.rb ~/public_html
| | + 277884 [dblack rubyp] I'm glad you pointed that out. This thread seems to be slipping into
| | + 277885 [alex blackke] Am I wrong in thinking that mod_ruby runs all scripts in the same
| |   277901 [vasyl.smirno] page-a.rb
| |   277906 [phrogz mac.c] Yes, it would, but that could be because each file runs over the other
| |   277910 [vasyl.smirno] #!/usr/local/bin/eruby
| |   277932 [micathom gma] Repeating this test with a global variable $foo might be more
| |   + 277936 [vasyl.smirno] Yep, you're right...
| |   + 278040 [vasyl.smirno] again, the latter form somehow does work :)
| + 277886 [dangerwillro] If by deployment of php, you mean using php in web development is
|   277970 [hramrach cen] However, PHP is already installed on many web hosting servers, The
+ 278069 [mjijackson g] The Ruby community really needs to calm down about this language
  + 278077 [peter rubyra] Though I am trying to avoid (language) flame wars or anything related to
  | 278081 [james.britt ] This list has a permathread of "python v. ruby", and for the most part
  | 278083 [mjijackson g] You guys are absolutely right. My apologies for grouping everyone on
  + 278109 [micathom gma] Well, one often cited credo around here is that you should learn a new
    278124 [hramrach cen] Heh, but don't start with a natural language. x would be at least in

^ ruby thread newbie problem
277731 [a.l.w.kuijpe] As a ruby newbie, I am trying to have two Threads process the
+ 277743 [vjoel path.b] It just that you haven't given them much work to do, and Ruby's thread
+ 277746 [justincollin] Thread 1 isn't showing up because Thread 0 empties the queue before

^ Beta testers for faster win32 distro wanted
277733 [rogerpack200] After using the latest mingw for windows compilation, it seems
277853 [renard nc.rr] Is it your intent to become a official/unofficial distributor of
277855 [rogerpack200] I plan on continuing to use it for personal use (as long as it's faster,
277868 [ed.odanow wo] I use WinGW/MSYS for compiling the daily snaphots of Ruby 1.9 without

^ The victory is within us
277744 [ntdat wanado] The victory is within us

^ CGI cookie return
277748 [globyy3000 h] I'm working on a program that hops on a site and automates a process for

^ Long running SQL query via ActiveRecord blocking the entire Ruby process?
277754 [estebanjang ] To my surprise, a long running SQL query via ActiveRecord blocks an
+ 277757 [szymon.rozga] It is my understanding that Ruby threads are green threads.
+ 277758 [bjones mccla] As far as I know, things like Mongrel obtain a global lock -> run the
+ 277772 [jeremy bitsw] The postgres and oracle adapters support async queries which won't
| 277786 [ara.t.howard] i'll be releasing a background job manager for rails in a few
+ 277784 [snacktime gm] C extensions that block will block the whole process, as they

^ change ip and mac
277759 [mihai.bulhac] how can i change my ip and mac address?
+ 277775 [coder68 yaho] If you are using dhcp, you can simply move to another country and plug
+ 277777 [cesare.diaz ] =BF=BFfrom source code ruby??  :-|
+ 277781 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
  277854 [mihai.bulhac] no...i don't want to change my card and so on:), i want to change ip and
  277856 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
  277860 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"

^ Can't get mocha to install thru gem
277761 [pood.forums ] I've got an interactive program that I'd like to unit test and I've been
+ 277776 [jameskilton ] Something wrong with your
+ 277976 [jamesmead44 ] You're going to have to give us a few more details. Can you tell us what

^ Jaguar TckTkLib
277766 [NealReid Nag] For reasons beyond the scope of this post, I desire to do some

^ Sort and a multiline block
277771 [nappin713 ya] Using sort with a multiline block doesn't seem to work as expected.
+ 277774 [coder68 yaho] works for me.. perhaps it's something else in your code
+ 277782 [phrogz mac.c] I do not get this result; I get what you expected.
  277790 [nappin713 ya] I'm having the problem using
  277795 [gluedtomysea] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
  277803 [nappin713 ya] Correct
  277832 [caduceass gm] May have something with how the parser sees do/end, (), and {}
  277843 [phrogz mac.c] Exactly.
  + 277873 [botp delmont] # p foo { ... }
  + 277876 [nappin713 ya] Really interesting.  I never realized that do/end had lower precedence

^ Re: JRuby performance questions answered
277785 [igouy2 yahoo] implementation,
277789 [rogerpack200] Wow it would appear that jruby is indeed faster, and indeed uses a lot
+ 277826 [charles.nutt] It's another well-known fact about running on the JVM that we have to
| 277835 [rogerpack200] If you run multiple threads I assume there isn't an extra memory cost
| + 277839 [no spam.plea] Every thread is going to need its own stack, but that'll be small
| | 277861 [charles.nutt] Our threads will be a lot more expensive than Ruby's, but a lot cheaper
| + 277862 [charles.nutt] Yes, generally. They won't be as light as Ruby's green threads, but then
+ 277863 [charles.nutt] I just committed an addition to JRuby that allows you to spin up a
+ 278300 [rogerpack200] I wonder if jruby uses reference counting for its ruby objects (or if it
  278343 [rick.denatal] I very much doubt it.
  278385 [znmeb cesmai] I don't think reference counting is any easier to understand than pure
  278397 [x3qh85202 sn] Those features being "finalizers"?  IMHO its main advantage is being
  278400 [rogerpack200] I agree--it seems that the promptness would allow it to take advantage
  278405 [x3qh85202 sn] I'm not sure on this one.  Given that a compacting collector needs
  278432 [rogerpack200] No joke sometimes I agree and malloc is just 'good enough' :)
  278442 [evanwebb gma] Heap fragmentation is quite a big problem with malloc, you can see
  + 278452 [laurent.sans] On a completely unrelated note, I was wondering... how did you manage
  | 278479 [evanwebb gma] On Nov 11, 6:11 am, Laurent Sansonetti <laurent.sansone...@gmail.com>
  | + 278484 [vjoel path.b] The extension code must also lock the handle and unlock in rb_ensure?
  | + 278486 [charles.nutt] This is also, incidentally, why JRuby doesn't support extensions yet.
  + 278670 [rogerpack200] Just throwing this thought out for public feedback.  I noticed that some