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^ Re: logo
276846 [lojicdotcom ] I cdr done that.

^ Find out the mac address
276871 [mcse palstek] How can I find out the mac address from the default gateway with a ruby
+ 276875 [jimmykane gm] I don't know if any methods, exist, but you could hack it up if you
| + 276876 [jimmykane gm] Of course I meant if 'ip route show' doesn't say the command wasn't found.
| + 276936 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 276905 [ara.t.howard] gem install macaddr
| 276915 [mcse palstek] thanks for the reply, but I search a solution to find out the mac
+ 276916 [rogerpack200] parse the output from tracert or traceroute??
+ 276920 [synfinatic g] If you know the IP address of the gateway, then parse the output of

^ Can we define data types explicitly?
276889 [shuaib.zahda] I am working on application that emphasizes on the data types of the
+ 276891 [cliveharber ] You can use is_a? or there is kind_of? and instance_of? methods
+ 276892 [shortcutter ] -e:1:in `Integer': invalid value for Integer: "rubbish" (ArgumentError)
+ 276896 [sepp2k googl] There is no conversion going on there. gets returns a string and that string
  277001 [shuaib.zahda] Thanks guys for the replies. I believe Integer and Float way will work
  277044 [shuaib.zahda] Just to share with you guys.
  277112 [sepp2k googl] User input will always be a string until you convert it.
  277117 [dangerwillro] Oh really?! Perhaps if it comes from a keyboard and stdin, yes.
  277124 [phrogz mac.c] Of course. Obviously (?) Ruby can communicate with the outside world

^ Create a method with name, containing illegal characters
276894 [Kirill.Ishan] I need to create a method with name, that contains '-' character. Is
+ 276897 [dblack rubyp] irb(main):002:0> class C
| 276908 [transfire gm] Reminds we, I've thought this notation might be interesting in place
| 277172 [ara.t.howard] js does that.  i don't think it's worth it though when you can just do
| 277207 [vjoel path.b] OTOH, foo."a-b" is conservative...
+ 276898 [phrogz mac.c] lim2:~ phrogz$ irb
+ 276904 [lojicdotcom ] 1) yes
  277050 [celtic sairy] Why?

^ Extending ActiveRecord for csv export... a better way?
276899 [briefcase.sp] I accidentally posted this to the RoR forum; my apologies to anyone who
+ 277004 [yermej gmail] If you're always doing (essentially) "select *", won't Ruby's dbi
| 277007 [briefcase.sp] Hmm... unfortunately I'm using JRuby and ActiveRecord-JDBC because my
+ 277009 [daniels pron] require 'fastercsv'
  277066 [briefcase.sp] Daniel, thank you for your reply and effort.  I tried this function out

^ FileUtils.ln_s in Vista
276910 [fernando.cac] I just found out that Windows Vista supports symbolic links. In fact, it has
+ 276964 [GGarramuno a] Contrary to Microsoft propaganda that says this feature was modeled
| + 276975 [laurent.sans] This is not going to work as expected on Mac OS X environments (which
| | 277564 [fernando.cac] OK
| + 277565 [fernando.cac] Grrrrr, how useless.
| | 277578 [mortee.lists] It was just pointed out that
| + 277688 [nobu ruby-la] Is this true?  I tried it and successed creating 70 symlinks
+ 277358 [XX.XmcX XX.X] Junction points (for files) & hardlinks (for dir) exists on Vista, on
  277566 [fernando.cac] It's Junction for directories and hardlinks for files (the opposite).

^ Dinner / drink recommendations for Charlotte?
276918 [francisphwan] With RubyConf 2007 almost upon us, do any Charlotte natives care to
+ 276921 [dblack rubyp] It looks like we're in restaurant alley.
| 276934 [james.britt ] (Quick snark: charcoal gray text on a black background? Poor design.)
| 277141 [olsonas gmai] I can attest that Ri-Ra's is a great time if you're into the Irish pub
| 277222 [dblack rubyp] Actually I didn't write any of the above. Or is it just ">>>" that's
| 277225 [rick.denatal] I'd say only the \n after it and any whitespace in-between. <G>
+ 276925 [s.d comcast.] The following suggestions come from
+ 276943 [matt technor] You expect to get out of the hotel?  Wow.  I'm expecting a few days of
| + 276952 [wilsonb gmai] The most brilliant people you have ever met also need to eat, and so
| + 276999 [bbxx789_05ss] Would you consider hawking "Learning Python" books to the uninitiated?
| + 277190 [pergesu gmai] I see a bunch of dudes in the hotel bar right now...I'm going to head
+ 276968 [shfriedrich ] My Charlotte sources tell me that Fried Pickles at the The Penguin

^ Garbage collection and symbols
276924 [hflouw gmail] I stumbled accross this link
+ 277013 [phrogz mac.c] Really, that's the only thing you can find on the subject?
| 277040 [bbxx789_05ss] lol
+ 277078 [tim.pease gm] Symbols are never freed during the lifetime of a ruby program. Once

^ [JRuby] Ruby and Swing: Profligacy
276933 [charles.nutt] Profligacy is a JRuby/Swing framework created by Zed Shaw. It takes a

^ why, or when to, use a class method?
276953 [hawat.thufir] Jukeboxes charge money for each song played, not by the minute. That
+ 276957 [dblack rubyp] It declares it to be a class *method*. It may or may not use a class
+ 276970 [bbxx789_05ss] So that you can check whether a Song is too long without having to
  276984 [hawat.thufir] What would be a case where there's a SongList object, though?  Or, if
  + 276992 [bbxx789_05ss] class Song
  + 277012 [phrogz mac.c] class Rectangle

^ Re: JRuby performance questions answered
276959 [pstickne gma] Will JRuby support continuations (via callcc)?
277019 [charles.nutt] Neither JRuby nor XRuby nor IronRuby nor Ruby.NET will support
+ 277029 [znmeb cesmai] 1. How long will it be before Alioth has some *reasonable* numbers for
| 277037 [charles.nutt] The current published Alioth numbers are based on JRuby 1.0(ish), which
| 277194 [znmeb cesmai] I can't help you with that, but if you'll give me the numbers you do =20
+ 277113 [w_a_x_man ya] On Oct 31, 11:24 pm, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
  + 277125 [vjoel path.b] None of snow or rain or heat or gloom of night stays these couriers from
  + 277162 [charles.nutt] Perhaps
    277229 [ mfp acm.org] The original polysyndeton conveyed the intended meaning effectively IMO.
    277291 [vjoel path.b] I agree, and thanks for teaching me a new word.

^ Re: JRuby perf questions answered
276960 [rogerpack200] Startup time and comparison with 1.9? :)
+ 276963 [rogerpack200] Also memory use comparison compared to normal C version.  Does the GC
| 276991 [charles.nutt] In profiling most apps I've tried, even pretty brutal ones generating a
| 276997 [lloyd 2live4] There was a recent thread which asked how fast ruby ran for each user.
| 277018 [charles.nutt] We have been running whatever benchmarks we can, and they're all pretty
| 277027 [kevwil gmail] I look forward to getting my hands on JRuby 1.1 and running some Rails
+ 277015 [charles.nutt] Startup time varies widely between platforms. OS X is probably one of

^ Shoudln't rails be starting on
276961 [laredotornad] I just installed the most recent version of ruby and rails on my
276977 [ben bleythin] Shouldn't matter. means "I'm listening to everything regardless
277060 [Bil.Kleb NAS] See also the footnote on page 34 of Agile Web Development with Rails.

^ DistribuStream
276971 [tony clickca] DistribuStream is an open peer-to-peer communications system which aims to
277000 [vjoel path.b] I'm quite interested in the "ad hoc HTTP caching proxy network" part.
277010 [tony clickca] It doesn't provide a caching HTTP proxy network in the traditional sense.

^ Sorting a string...
276978 [rabbitblue g] I was porting a small Python script over to Ruby and realized Ruby does
+ 276980 [david.mullet] class String
| 276981 [rabbitblue g] Brilliant! Thanks, David. I love this community. :)
+ 276983 [dblack rubyp] I wouldn't overwrite a core method like that; you could end up with
| + 276986 [vjoel path.b] Also, note that String#sort depends on String#to_a being defined, which
| | 276990 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | 277041 [dangerwillro] Presuming an English alphabetic order, perhaps yes.
| + 277011 [lojicdotcom ] # splort for split sort ;)
|   277126 [devi.webmast] The sort! is unnecessary, use sort (no exclamation)
|   + 277129 [lojicdotcom ] Just out of curiosity, what is the reason you prefer sort over sort!
|   + 277130 [phrogz mac.c] Based on what criterion/criteria?
|     277132 [devi.webmast] I suppose I wasn't thinking. For some reason sort would be a cheaper
|     277149 [lojicdotcom ] They're actually not that different in this case. I also thought sort!
+ 276988 [bbxx789_05ss] No.  '+' is used for string concatenation in python just as it is in
+ 277047 [apeiros gmx.] If you just want to sort by byte-value (i.e. disregarding the

^ String#split and groups in the field separator RE
277022 [mortee.lists] Is this expected behaviour? I haven't seen anything related to this
+ 277028 [bbxx789_05ss] It was unexpected behavior for me when I ran into it using python's
+ 277031 [daniels pron] Yes, any capture groups in the regex will be included in the split
| 277074 [dan-ml dan42] /(?=,)/ is a lookahead match. I'm sure you really meant /(?:,)/
+ 277032 [bbxx789_05ss] I guess I should mention that the rule I jotted down in the margin of my
| 277038 [mortee.lists] Thanks, that clarifies it, and the results make sense based on the rule.
+ 277035 [bbxx789_05ss] $ri String#split

^ Apache mod_rewrite External Rewriting Program
277023 [patrick.t.jo] I needed to do a bit of complicated URL rewriting for a project I'm
277115 [patrick.t.jo] OK, so I'm now actually pretty sure this isn't a problem with my Ruby

^ Install hpricot on Leopard
277024 [bladenut gma] Oh, this was working SO nicely until I upgraded the OS...
277034 [dangerwillro] Make sure you use
277184 [bladenut gma] The first bit of scrape.rb
+ 277187 [rawn027 gmai] Am I the only one that sees that hpricot is installed by default on
+ 277211 [peter rubyra] I am not sure this is leopard-related. I have the same bug submitted to
  279079 [ehudros gmai] Happens for me as well, on ubuntu 6.10, after a clean install of
  279082 [ehudros gmai] ...

^ can anyone tell me ?
277039 [hariharan.sp] Dear friends,
277051 [celtic sairy] Though I don't know much about the internals of #split, may I suggest

^ Menu
277045 [yoshikane_no] 受信確認レポート
277046 [raasdnil gma] 44GZ44GE44G+44Gb44KT44CBCuOBk+OBrkxJU1Tjgo9FTkdMSVNICuOBlOOCgeOCkwoKKHRyYW5z
+ 277052 [celtic sairy] すみません、
+ 277054 [fox nscl.msu] ^^ Did you mean sumimasen?
  277095 [dangerwillro] That's correct for natural lazy speech,

^ Hoe does not like windows?
277048 [damphyr free] rake aborted!
277246 [gthiesfeld g] Hoe will run on windows.  You may just have to tweak things a bit.
277655 [damphyr free] Yep, setting the HOME variable did the trick.

^ problem with Rake task execution on textdrive server.
277049 [piyush.gajja] I have my rails application on textdrive server as production.

^ "syntax" gem definitions for C++
277059 [gaspard teti] Anyone heard of a syntax definition for "C++" to be used with "syntax"
+ 277173 [gaspard teti] So nobody needs to "pretty html" C++ source using ruby ?
+ 277224 [alex.shulgin] Not related to ruby, but have you tried GNU source-highlight?

^ Paper scissors stone
277062 [angelojoseph] I've just started learning ruby at university and we are making a ruby
+ 277063 [phrogz mac.c] See
| 277100 [rodrigo.berm] -r.
+ 277103 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"

^ How to extend class with the particular method
277064 [qpadla gmail] charset="us-ascii"
277101 [qpadla gmail] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ dotted line with pdf writer
277065 [abboura84 ya] who can tell me how can I draw a dotted line with pdf writer?

^ use of case statement doesn't work as I expect :( help appreciated!
277076 [gabe dragffy] I have an object ( a website tester) that can return various values.
+ 277079 [rick.denatal] This form of case
+ 277082 [hungrylist g] I think you problem is in your code the case is testing if

^ YAML on OS X Leopard
277080 [gabe dragffy] I'm using Leopard and it has a decent Ruby installation, so I haven't
+ 277088 [rmagick gmai] Nothing. When require returns "false" it means that yaml was already
+ 277089 [alex blackke] That just means it's already been required, and didn't load again.  You
+ 277092 [mortee.lists] I think it just means that it's already loaded, so there was no need to
+ 277119 [daniel.schoe] It seems to me that yaml is loaded with rubygems, at least on my

^ Number to alpha letter
277081 [ghotrapa yah] Is there an out of box utility to convert a number to an alphabet
+ 277093 [rabbitblue g] 65.chr # 'A'
| 277099 [ghotrapa yah] Thanks Daniel.  I can make this work for me.
| 277164 [renard nc.rr] Are you on Windows? .. it is fairly easy to copy the contents on an
+ 277096 [phrogz mac.c] irb(main):002:1*   1.upto( 30 ) do |col_num|
+ 277097 [Rob AgileCon] This should get you started.  It doesn't exactly work because it goes

^ How to get the variables from a class
277083 [mario betwar] require 'appliances'
+ 277090 [mario betwar] tuest2=::toast.new('black','biggest') # from Appliances
| 277091 [mario betwar] wrong number of arguments
+ 277136 [m_goldberg a] You don't show enough code for me to do more than make a guess, but

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.0.2 Released
277084 [Thomas.Enebo] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.0.2.

^ YAML on OS X Leopard
277086 [gabe dragffy] I'm using Leopard and it has a decent Ruby installation, so I haven't
277094 [vjoel path.b] $ irb

^ use of case statement doesn't work as I expected, what am I doing wrong?
277087 [gabe dragffy] I have an object ( a website tester) that can return various values.
+ 277098 [dblack rubyp] I don't know exactly what Net::HTTPOK is, or how it handles ===, but
+ 277102 [gwtmp01 mac.] 1) case uses the === operator and not ==

^ Help with SSL and socket and certificate and idk
277104 [trukin gmail] I've got a little problem I need to solve. I need to write an
277161 [yermej gmail] Ruby has a working openssl library so, while I'm not sure that it's

^ regex question
277109 [rlkeller yah] I have a string = "this is text that    I   want to 9 9.90  89 9 ii8 u"
277118 [jim weirichh] str.gsub(/([^0-9])\b\s\b([^0-9])/) { "#$1-#$2" }
277128 [bbxx789_05ss] new_str = str.gsub(/([a-zA-Z]) ([a-zA-Z])/) {"#$1-#$2"}
+ 277155 [rlkeller yah] Perfect!  Thanks.  I really got to get a better handle or regular expressions
+ 277175 [bbxx789_05ss] You can also write it this way, which I think is even simpler since that

^ I totally messed up rubygems (deleted the sources gem) and now I can't install any gem anymore
277111 [kazaam oleco] sudo apt-get remove --purge rubygems

^ Ahh, Ruby's symbol table (was Re: Garbage collection and symbols)
277114 [rhkramer gma] (Emphasis added.)
277143 [rick.denatal] Not quite.

^ ANN: Sequel 0.3.2 Released
277121 [ciconia gmai] Sequel version 0.3.2 has just been released. This release includes new

^ unsubscribe
277122 [cyrille.prea] unsubscribe

^ Eruby - How to get my grubby mittens on the URL?
277127 [pikselNOSPAM] Suppose I have some ruby code in a .rhtml -file, which is processed by
277135 [justincollin] I think this depends somewhat on your environment (it's different if you
277345 [pikselNOSPAM] Yup. Hehe, kinda simple. Didnt find anything in-depth, but there was
277354 [jan.svitok g] For an Apache example, see any rails application (even an empty one),
277459 [pikselNOSPAM] Afaik rails != eruby, but yeah, .htaccess redirects is how I managed the

^ executing VIM on a remote machine?
277137 [gianmh gmail] Is is possible with ruby  to execute vim on a remote machine to edit a file?
+ 277140 [bbxx789_05ss] Why would you use vim instead of editing the file directly, e.g.
+ 277150 [1337p337 gma] ruby -e 'system "ssh user@machine vim remote_file"'
| + 277153 [bbxx789_05ss] Does that edit the file?
| | 277156 [1337p337 gma] Well, it does start up vim on the remote file, so, provided you change
| | 277226 [gianmh gmail] ...
| + 277227 [gianmh gmail] That worked but now I am getting strange characters when i use the
| + 277228 [gianmh gmail] also
|   277232 [sylvain.joye] You need to use the -t option of ssh to get a pseudo terminal.
+ 277234 [hungrylist g] you should look into 'sed' which is a command line editor and acts in
+ 277259 [boss airblad] I'm not sure I understand your goal, but if you wish to use vim to

^ Rubyconf ride
277138 [helder gmail] I'll be hosted at a friend's house a bit far from uptown, and she said

^ Newbie question
277139 [dalesmithtx ] First thing's first - if there's a newbie forum where a question like
+ 277142 [vjoel path.b] The problem is that `..' has lower precedence than `.'.
+ 277144 [bbxx789_05ss] 13.4
| 277146 [bbxx789_05ss] 10.times do |i|
+ 277145 [TimHunter nc] #each generally applies to collection of things, so you don't use it on
+ 277147 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"

^ seg fault when building ruby 1.8.6-p111 on MacOS X 10.5
277148 [lists humane] I'm getting a segmentation fault when building ruby 1.8.6-p111 (from
277151 [lists humane] Interestingly, I'm getting the same problem when building ruby 1.8.6-
277165 [lists humane] So I was able to get ruby to compile by removing the --enable-pthread
277167 [rawn027 gmai] What type of performance does pthread offer when it is enabled?
277178 [mikeisgreat ] Laurent has already explained why this is and provides patches. Which