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^ save points with mysql driver
276193 [junkone1 gma] how can i do save points using mysql drvers. the code seems to

^ Truth value evaluating of an object
276200 [byron321 gma] I know ruby treat an object as false whenever it is nil or false.

^ SWIG / Ruby GC issues
276212 [redroofgreen] I have this really nasty SWIG/ruby GC issue. (Namely objects are being
+ 276215 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I guess I would start off by saying, "gdb is your friend". :)
| 276278 [alex deletem] SWIG does help with memory management,; there's an unusually helpful
+ 276464 [pbrannan atd] Valgrind often helps in tracking down these sorts of issues.  You'll

^ Talking more about JRuby
276228 [charles.nutt] For the most part, we've been pretty good about keeping JRuby
+ 276233 [znmeb cesmai] 1. When do you figure the "release" of 1.1 will be?
| 276238 [charles.nutt] We're targeting Decemberish, probably around JavaPolis (EU java
+ 276283 [ari aribrown] I'd just like to say, thank you so much for JRuby. I haven't had a
| 276294 [charles.nutt] Yes, you can precompile .rb files and use them as standalone files.
+ 276289 [mguterl gmai] I have had a hard time keeping track of the different deployment options for
| 276300 [charles.nutt] To be honest, I'm as confused as you are. There's a massive
| + 276326 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | 276332 [charles.nutt] JRuby 1.0 supports 1.4+, and the JRuby 1.1 codebase required 1.5+, but
| + 276442 [nicksieger g] I agree that the options here are confusing and not well documented.
+ 276304 [james.britt ] I's like to know more about non-Rails Ruby Web apps that use JRuby.
| 276310 [charles.nutt] I can talk about one option that *should* be in 1.1: Ruvlets.
| + 276333 [james.britt ] That looks pretty much like Rack.
| | 276407 [charles.nutt] That's an excellent idea. I'll make sure Tom knows about it.
| + 276343 [ezmobius gma] We just did some work this week so that all of Merb's specs pass on
|   276406 [charles.nutt] Very nice....we've had a number of people interested in running Merb in
+ 276402 [shortcutter ] Oliver, first of all thank you for the hard work! I hope I get to use
| 276410 [charles.nutt] Well that's a good question. I think we'd always expected that 1.1 was
+ 276436 [ara.t.howard] thing which impressed me most at your excellent mtn. west rubyconf
| + 276448 [james.britt ] Ara, if you're at RubyConf this weekend, ask me about Monkeybars.
| | + 276465 [charles.nutt] I'd like to hear more about it too :) Maybe you could talk a bit about
| | | + 276477 [james.britt ] I'll pester my fellow Risers to pipe up.  :)
| | | | 276613 [simojenki gm] I've been writing some jruby rspec acceptance/functional tests around an
| | | | 276646 [dchelimsky g] I would LOVE to see this. Please, please do.
| | | + 276913 [charles.nutt] I'm trending away from submitting application-related proposals myself.
| | + 276472 [ara.t.howard] i hope to be - family life may intercede though...  i'll know today/
| + 276466 [charles.nutt] Yeah, that's probably worth another thread. Ruby+Swing seems to be one
+ 276919 [lojicdotcom ] On Oct 28, 2:45 am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
  276922 [charles.nutt] Only a small portion of Mongrel is written in C; those bits have been
  277002 [Joerg.Mittag] To be more precise: the Mongrel HTTP parser is actually written in

^ JRuby disabling ObjectSpace: what implications?
276231 [charles.nutt] As some of you may have heard, we're considering disabling
+ 276235 [charles.nutt] Continuing this discussion here...
| 276262 [shortcutter ] IMHO ObjectSpace should not be implemented in Java land.  Why?  The JVM
| 276288 [charles.nutt] You just hit on exactly why we don't use JVMTI for ObjectSpace. It would
| + 276303 [shortcutter ] Why is that?  I mean, you could selectively decide which instances to track.
| | 276308 [charles.nutt] Actually, we do that a bit already. For example, we do not track arrays
| | + 276356 [mortee.lists] Sorry for the extremely uninitiated and naive question - but when you're
| | | 276411 [charles.nutt] As far as I know there's no way to have JVMTI enumerate only objects
| | | 276416 [shortcutter ] Hm, if you host different applications in the same JVM you probably
| | | 277574 [charles.nutt] It's certainly possible to do this, but it would probably need to create
| | + 276401 [shortcutter ] Well, it depends on the overhead and on the invocation model.  I
| | + 276423 [helder gmail] On Oct 28, 3:39 pm, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
| + 276374 [evanwebb gma] On Oct 28, 9:19 am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
|   276412 [charles.nutt] That's actually a really good point. each_object is more a feature of an
+ 276236 [charles.nutt] Not directly. _id2ref is handled in a similar way, but we have an event
| + 276256 [nobu ruby-la] drb.
| + 276275 [ara.t.howard] i use it quite often as a way to have meta-programming 'storage'
| + 276286 [charles.nutt] Yeah, sounds like that's mostly a "poor man's remote hash". I'd expect
+ 276265 [djberg96 gma] On Oct 28, 12:53 am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
| + 276292 [charles.nutt] Of these, only the following would be affected, since only each_object
| | 276361 [mortee.lists] Speaking of multiple cases of possible class-specific instance
| | 277576 [charles.nutt] Yes, that is possible...but it solves only part of the problem. Just
| + 276297 [kbloom gmail] I don't think they're making ObjectSpace go away. Just
| | 276301 [charles.nutt] Correct.
| + 276325 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 277571 [charles.nutt] I brought this up at RubyConf, and got about 50% of people saying "I

^ [OT] Re: A memcached-like server in Ruby - feasible?
276237 [ara.t.howard] couldn't resist...

^ [OT] good RAM, was Re: A memcached-like server in Ruby - feasible?
276241 [    s xss.de] A few weeks ago, I had 2 1GB RAM modules, which were fine with running

^ Duplicate elements in array
276259 [shuaib.zahda] I am trying to output the duplicate elements in an array. I looked into
+ 276263 [sean.ohalpin] array = ["apple", "banana", "apple", "orange"]
| 276267 [mo_mail ongh] I so have to get the hang of inject, flatten and map.
| + 276269 [shortcutter ] irb(main):007:0> array = %w{apple banana apple orange}
| | + 276270 [shuaib.zahda] Thanks a lot guys.
| | + 276272 [sean.ohalpin] Succint ~and~ efficient! Do you have a mail filter checking for any posts
| |   276399 [shortcutter ] Thanks!
| + 276312 [sean.ohalpin] They are definitely worth looking into - inject in particular is a
|   + 276318 [mo_mail ongh] Thanks Sean!  Makes me feel quite nice about it.
|   | 276323 [sean.ohalpin] It depends what you're doing with them and how big they are. But in
|   | + 276335 [koflerjim ma] Cheers,
|   | + 276367 [mo_mail ongh] Thanks for the explanation, Sean.  Actually, I guess it's not clear if
|   + 276369 [botp delmont] # $ ruby bm-duplicates.rb
+ 276266 [mo_mail ongh] I don't know a good way to do it, but one way to get the result would be
+ 276271 [list.push gm] arr,dup = ["apple", "banana", "apple", "orange"],[]

^ how to find what the sql excepion was with mysql
276274 [junkone1 gma] I got an exception
276290 [tom.machinsk] Assuming the exception object is e, you can check out e.
276317 [junkone1 gma] e,da=ADtaArray[5],dataArray[6])

^ Email address for Huihoo site (http://www.huihoo.com/)?
276277 [rhkramer gma] Does anyone have an email address for the Huihoo site (http://www.huihoo.com/)
+ 276280 [nobu ruby-la] In general, webmaster@<domain name> must be.
| 276295 [rhkramer gma] (http://www.huihoo.com/)
+ 276287 [grzm seespot] Judging from the URI and the index of the manual, it's for Ruby 1.4.6
| 276296 [rhkramer gma] Good point, but I'll offer the correction anyway.
+ 276430 [celtic sairy] I searched quite a lot of the site, but they don't mention any contact
  276480 [rhkramer gma] Arlen,
  276865 [bobgus rcn.c] If you have some text and/or a web site in Japanese or Chinese (or many

^ iTerm and Ruby::OSA
276305 [matt.mower g] I wonder if anyone has successfully gotten iTerm to open a new session
276348 [has.temp3 vi] Unlike AppleScript, which is very more forgiving of imperfect
276396 [matt.mower g] Thanks Has -- it does seem like Appscript is the way to go.
276403 [has.temp3 vi] If you've installed from gem, you might want to grab a copy of

^ Re: Looking for comments on a rails patch, lazy association instantiation)
276311 [rick.denatal] Thanks to a great suggestion by Josh Susser.  I've spent the past two

^ Re: GeoIP C lib bindings
276322 [barjunk attg] Clifford,
276384 [no spam.plea] gem install geoip

^ WeakRef implementation for JRuby
276331 [charles.nutt] Since this came up a few times, here's an example of implementing

^ Enhancing the Gateway (Help Needed)
276334 [james graypr] Here's the short-story on the current situation with our mailing list =20=
+ 276352 [nobu ruby-la] Rather I want it to be done by FML itself on ruyb-lang.org.
| 276357 [james graypr] Excellent.  Are their any plans to make that happen?
| 276371 [nobu ruby-la] I'm asking to eban.
| 276372 [nobu ruby-la] Oops, it was multipart/related, and I removed the paragraph
| 276419 [james graypr] I've been looking into this a little this morning.
| + 276429 [mortee.lists] AFAIK it's mostly used for HTML messages with images embedded in the
| | 276439 [james graypr] Yeah, I think that's what I'm seeing in my analysis of the messages.
| | 276486 [fred lacave.] I'm not sure you have that many HTML only messages.  For my mailbox, I
| | 276504 [james graypr] Fred, you always show up when I need you.  That's why you're still my =20=
| + 276438 [caduceass gm] I haven't built enough clout in this group for my opinion to matter,
|   + 276443 [mortee.lists] Aside from any language bias: the language of this list/group is
|   + 276453 [james graypr] I'm in over my head with all this email stuff and need all the help I
+ 276360 [james graypr] I know I have seen it at least once in the past.  I suspect it's =20
| 276408 [james graypr] charset=WINDOWS-1252;
+ 276488 [fred lacave.] Well, usually, you don't have more than one charset in a message ; you
| 276505 [james graypr] Good plan.  ;)
+ 276509 [james graypr] * The gateway will only alter messages with a top-level content-type
  276512 [james graypr] I forgot one detail=85
  276517 [mortee.lists] Do you think *anyone* would ever attempt to read a post which would show
  276520 [james graypr] You make a good point.  I was hoping the formatting would be minimal,
  + 276527 [thomas.adam2] Ewww, no.  This is ugly at best.
  + 276534 [james graypr] Right.

^ How do I define a dynamic Matrix or ....
276336 [victor.reyes] On my quest to learn Ruby, I implemented a known algorithm to solve an odd
+ 276337 [thomas.adam2] mm = []
+ 276339 [bbxx789_05ss] print 'rows: '
| 276340 [victor.reyes] Many thanks to Thomas and 7stud!
+ 276341 [caduceass gm] Array.new(odd_matrix_number) {0} }
  276342 [caduceass gm] That is supposed to be...
  276344 [victor.reyes] Thank you gents, for your suggestions and help.

^ puts gets
276351 [lloyd 2live4] puts "foo"
+ 276354 [alexg kuicr.] $stdout.sync = true
+ 276397 [goal1860 hot] puts "foo"

^ autoload ain't down with the program
276362 [transfire gm] I run into a bit of a snag. I've augmented the #require and #load
+ 276445 [ara.t.howard] Dike
| 276467 [transfire gm] Isolation from? Where do you have dike.rb installed? Is it a gem?
+ 276457 [ara.t.howard] Dike

^ Kill an IO.popen'ed program?
276378 [ruby gmail.c] I'm looking for a way to forcibly terminate a process started with a
+ 276382 [nobu ruby-la] Process.kill("TERM", file.pid)
+ 276383 [bbxx789_05ss] p = IO.popen("sleep 10", "r+")

^ Re: Beginner needs help w/ tk in Mac OSX
276380 [bbxx789_05ss] Since finding what you need to install is not easy, here are some

^ mysql-ruby returns wrong record count
276385 [lists gregwi] select distinct rcrdNo from someTable
276386 [lists gregwi] Duh, all I had to do was output the results of each row, and indeed, the
276387 [lists gregwi] Egads, nevermind. Something funky going on w/data xfr into the test db

^ Ruby and irb
276388 [pjcarvalho g] I have a problem with irb console.
276390 [botp delmont] T24gQmVoYWxmIE9mIFBhdWxvIENhcnZhbGhvOg0KIyBJIGhhdmUgYSBwcm9ibGVtIHdpdGggaXJi
276392 [pjcarvalho g] Yes you are right. Thank you.
+ 276393 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUGF1bG8gQ2FydmFsaG8gW21haWx0bzpwamNhcnZhbGhvQGdtYWlsLmNvbV0gDQojIE5v
| 276398 [pjcarvalho g] Thanks
| 276405 [pjcarvalho g] I found the problem.
+ 276395 [l.g.chin gma] Try putting the following option in your .irbrc file

^ uniq on custom objects
276389 [daniel.akeru] I cannot get uniq to work with an array of custom class-objects. It seems
+ 276391 [stefano.croc] r=3D2,
+ 276394 [botp delmont] # a =3D [Obj.new("apa", 1), Obj.new("apa", 2), Obj.new("smisk", 3)]
+ 276432 [shortcutter ] r=3D2,

^ tell whether it is mod_ruby or not
276400 [summercoolne] there usually is mod_perl or mod_php installed with the webservers... i
276417 [vasyl.smirno] On Oct 29, 12:32 pm, SpringFlowers AutumnMoon

^ scissors_papers_stone
276404 [t_chagger ho] making a game for uni in ruby for the first time, called scissors papers
+ 276409 [alex blackke] That depends on the implementation - are you playing against other
+ 276413 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
  276553 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... reminds me of the old Claude Shannon penny matching machine.
  276663 [dangerwillro] Oh but it is so much more than a number game.
  + 276817 [znmeb cesmai] There's a similar Italian game (I've forgotten the name) that involves
  + 277085 [AEtzold gmx.] There is a discussion of this game in the book "The Compleat Strategyst",

^ using backticks ( `cmd`) hang child processes?
276414 [noam_abda ya] puts("in x\n")
+ 276434 [noam_abda ya] any one? something?
+ 276454 [ara.t.howard] it's all over the archives.  probably you are windows and it's a
  276708 [noam_abda ya] i'm using cygwin.

^ win32ole type casting possible?
276415 [daniel.merk.] I have a problem when I try to automate an application using Rubys win32ole
276868 [pit.capitain] Daniel, I don't think you need type casts here. AFAIK you just call

^ parseexcel installation
276418 [analogy47 ao] Can anyone assist me with a simple explanation of installing the
276725 [jtms1200 gma] Seeing as you did not provide more specific information about this

^ HTML parser Hpricot?  and how to get all text
276422 [summercoolne] Would a good HTML parser be Hpricot?  I wonder if anyone knows an easy
+ 276431 [mortee.lists] It definitely is.
+ 276444 [wieczo.yo go] It is a good and fast HTML and XML parser.
+ 276485 [phlip2005 gm] It's extremely good; try it and see!
  276681 [summercoolne] require 'hpricot'
  + 276683 [summercoolne] by the way
  | 276770 [mortee.lists] $ uname -s
  | 276860 [summercoolne] yup, mine is
  | 276914 [mortee.lists] Does something prevent you from upgrading?
  | 277340 [summercoolne] I finally got the time to upgrade to Hpricot 6.0
  | 277343 [summercoolne] require 'open-uri'
  + 276775 [bbxx789_05ss] What do you mean by nested?  I would consider your example as containing
    276862 [summercoolne] i just wonder if there would be any case with...  the style, etc... the

^ Leopard + mysql
276424 [a43131 yahoo] I am trying to connect to a remote mysql server via ruby with require
276458 [mikeisgreat ] did you install the mysql adapter gem?
276483 [a43131 yahoo] gem install mysql
276492 [mikeisgreat ] Did you install MySQL? Binary or Source? Even if you are connecting to
276493 [a43131 yahoo] NO I haven't installed MYSQL ( Binary/libraries/header files). Do you
276514 [laurent.sans] So, you need to install MySQL first. You can grab a binary installer
276532 [a43131 yahoo] This works!!! Thanks Laurent.

^ 7000+ beautiful Russian girls waiting for men
276433 [bartolotta52] 7000+ beautiful Russian girls waiting for men

^ [ANN] Binary Search 0.0.2 released
276435 [lparravi gma] A few weeks after Ruby Quiz 139 I found myself needing again to do a
276441 [mortee.lists] Sorry but I guess the gem's name is somewhat inadequate. This is not a
276468 [lparravi gma] You're right. I never stop for a second thought about the gem's name.
276511 [mortee.lists] I haven't intended to suggest a cryptic name - just something more
276684 [ara.t.howard] a @ http://codeforpeople.com/

^ mkmf problems on Mac OS X Leopard
276440 [win wincent.] have_header('antlr3.h')
+ 276452 [rmagick gmai] Have you looked at mkmf.log?
| 276508 [win wincent.] Bingo! Couldn't see the wood for the trees. That will certainly help
+ 276475 [has.temp3 vi] Apple's or something else?
| 276507 [win wincent.] At the moment, totally stock standard; this is a clean install using
| 276515 [has.temp3 vi] require 'mkmf'
+ 276516 [laurent.sans] Maybe this is because Leopard's Ruby builds its extensions universal
  276559 [win wincent.] On Oct 29, 10:13 pm, "Laurent Sansonetti"