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^ another (simple!) eval question!
275317 [kmouse gmail] greetings Rubyists,
275344 [shortcutter ] I have no idea why you think there should be an eval in there.

^ pop/push, shift/unshift
275324 [significants] the inconsistency in naming bothers me. :P I would imagine that it
+ 275334 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
| 275367 [rhkramer gma] buffet.
| 275368 [shortcutter ] I'm not sure what exactly you mean.  #push and #pop just work as one
| + 275373 [rhkramer gma] want
| | 275375 [dblack rubyp] Have a look at #shift and #unshift.
| | 275437 [rhkramer gma] Thanks!  (I did notice those later.)
| + 275569 [hawat.thufir] Perhaps he means to work with a FIFO?
|   275847 [rick.denatal] Or, in a similar vein perhaps Disney.
+ 275337 [hawat.thufir] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_%28data_structure%29#Operations>
+ 275338 [shortcutter ] I think you just should get used to the terminology.  Whatever naming is
| 275354 [significants] *yawn* oh, what? people have been using these terms for a long time?
| 275360 [richard.j.da] One of the strengths of Ruby is that it borrows good things from
| 275396 [jgabrielygal] class Array
| + 275400 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | + 275408 [jgabrielygal] Fair enough, although the idea was to use such an object using just
| | | 275411 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | | 275416 [hutch recurs] This is potentially a troublesome implementation. I believe that the =20
| | | 275421 [jgabrielygal] T24gMTAvMjMvMDcsIEJvYiBIdXRjaGlzb24gPGh1dGNoQHJlY3Vyc2l2ZS5jYT4gd3JvdGU6Cj4g
| | + 275579 [caduceass gm] Not only that, but enqueue and dequeue return different objects.
| |   275582 [caduceass gm] Hmm.  I guess shift/unshift are like that too.  Sorry for the noise.
| |   + 275594 [jgabrielygal] Well, I answered to this thread not because I had any problem with the
| |   | 275600 [caduceass gm] You want to -- as mentioned elsewhere in this thread -- push it in the
| |   | + 275602 [hutch recurs] def dequeue
| |   | | 275605 [caduceass gm] Bob, I can only guess that the grief you are talking about has
| |   | | + 275621 [caduceass gm] Okay, I guess I can answer my own question.  Binding is resolved when
| |   | | | 275687 [dblack rubyp] irb(main):014:0> a = 1,2,3
| |   | | | 275701 [caduceass gm] You're right David.  That was supposed to be b = a[0] and _not_ b = a.
| |   | | + 275630 [hutch recurs] It has to do with an optimisation in the implementation of shift
| |   | |   275685 [robert.dober] Sorry for replying to my own post, can somebody confirm please that
| |   | |   275704 [hutch recurs] class Thing
| |   | |   275709 [robert.dober] Amazing Bob,
| |   | |   275730 [hutch recurs] The code in Ruby that deals with the stuff before the start of the
| |   | |   275795 [hutch recurs] How else would you describe the 10k Things left in memory after the
| |   | |   275837 [eric.mahurin] The problem is that Ruby's COW (copy-on-write) scheme is messed up for
| |   | |   275880 [hutch recurs] Eric, thanks for the information.
| |   | |   275892 [eric.mahurin] I believe matz tried incorporating it about a year ago, but there were
| |   | + 275628 [jgabrielygal] The truth is that I don't mind  in which direction to go, because I
| |   + 275596 [hutch recurs] I agree with you. I don't have any problem with the terminology, and
| + 275409 [hutch recurs] You have to be really careful here. Push/pop and shift/unshift are =20
|   + 275413 [hutch recurs] Of course I forgot to mention the specific problem for your scheme. =20
|   | 275418 [jgabrielygal] I understand your explanation, but this sounds like a bug to me. I
|   | + 275423 [hutch recurs] unshift/pop seems to me to be a possibility. I think it'll have to be =20=
|   | + 275426 [hutch recurs] I just did a quick test. It looks as though Ruby is now handling both =20=
|   |   275430 [hutch recurs] cleanup the empty space left by shift. So your queue should be okay =20
|   |   275431 [jgabrielygal] Thanks, it's good to know.
|   + 275448 [renard nc.rr] It was my understanding that unshift was the leaky method. There was a
|   + 275570 [hawat.thufir] Could this lead to a security problem down the road?
|     275597 [hutch recurs] I don't think so in the cases I mentioned. The objects in front of
+ 275379 [transfire gm] Some things you just have to get used to. And some things are worth
  275389 [shortcutter ] If you do bourne shell programming then "shift" will be familiar.

^ recursive array
275326 [significants] 207:0> a = [1,2,3,4]
+ 275327 [significants] also, I'm interested in what is going on "behind the scenes" here. is
| + 275331 [alexg kuicr.] It calls Array#[] 5 times if that's what you mean? But all on the
| + 275332 [dido.sevilla] T24gMTAvMjMvMDcsIFNpbW9uIFNjaHVzdGVyIDxzaWduaWZpY2FudHNAZ21haWwuY29tPiB3cm90
|   + 275336 [vjoel path.b] Just for fun...
|   | + 275353 [significants] so... is this practical because it's fucking awesome? or not practical
|   | + 275518 [eric.promisl] I'm impressed, but the name "FSM" raised my expectations.
|   |   + 275526 [ed.odanow wo] Well, if you use the object_ids, you can construct a graph.
|   |   + 275553 [ed.odanow wo] This can be a very first step into readability...
|   |   + 275661 [vjoel path.b] I'm afraid I have not been touched by the noodly appendage, and I only
|   + 275520 [significants] Y291bGQgeW91IHByb3ZpZGUgc29tZSBjb2RlIHRvIGV4ZW1wbGlmeSB0aGlzPwoKT24gMTAvMjIv
+ 275335 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogU2ltb24gU2NodXN0ZXIgW21haWx0bzpzaWduaWZpY2FudHNAZ21haWwuY29tXSANCiMg

^ regex replace on a file
275343 [eggie5 gmail] I want to do a simple regex replace on a file. I want to replace this
+ 275346 [shortcutter ] Please show us what you have already.
+ 275366 [lists bertra] As far as I see for multilines the -i option doesn't work.

^ how can I print the string in different color?
275347 [hariharan.sp] Hai Friends,
+ 275357 [stephane.wir] gem install colorize
+ 275523 [ari aribrown] Does the word "color" looked very strange to anyone else?

^ How to send a file from the http client to the server?
275348 [abboura84 ya] I've a http server built with ruby based on Mongrel, it must receive a
275356 [abboura84 ya] Thanks for response
275358 [robert.dober] Well actually it is difficult to give the correct response if one does
275376 [abboura84 ya] I created a form wich allows to select a file and send it to the server
275398 [richard.conr] Abir,
275410 [abboura84 ya] I used Ruby (Mongrel) to code the server, and for the client I must use
+ 275417 [robert.dober] strange I'd rather thought that the req object in your upload should
+ 275443 [richard.conr] I feel your pain. I don't know httpclient directly, but net/http is very
+ 275668 [phil.meier g] By googling for "class Net::HTTP::Post multipart" you can find an
  293324 [dan.stevens.] The direct URL for this article is

^ Read mp3 tags
275351 [hoaxuongrong] I'm a newbie for Ruby. I am reading an application to read mp3 tags.

^ Re: ID3 Tags (#136)
275363 [hoaxuongrong] Please tell me how to run it on command line. When I run it, it appears
275384 [james graypr] The file you show is probably part of a Rails project.  For someone

^ passing a variable as a pointer to a windows DLL method
275371 [kungfu.grip ] i'm having a problem with a DLL method call which requires a few

^ to_yaml and international characters
275378 [h3rald gmail] I noticed some weird behavior when converting a string containing
+ 275383 [lparravi gma] \225\227\212 is the same as \x95\x97\x8A, the former in octal, and the
| + 275391 [h3rald gmail] Thanks a lot, this solves part of the mystery!
| + 276545 [jamal funkyd] Sorry but I do not get it. Plus I am not sure it is only related to
|   + 276566 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
|   | 276641 [jamal funkyd] Thanks a lot for your help. I thought I will be going mad with this. I
|   | + 276652 [koflerjim ma] It should be possible to convert CP437 -
|   | | 276678 [jamal funkyd] Thanks, I am going to try with html entities.
|   | + 276677 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
|   |   278758 [jamal funkyd] I am not sure about that, I'll have to check. What I noticed though is
|   + 276569 [mortee.lists] I guess that your understanding is just wrong. I'm not really sure from
|     276639 [jamal funkyd] Probably. I am a beginner in ruby.
|     276766 [mortee.lists] When converting some accented characters to \nnn then it doesn't use any
|     278757 [jamal funkyd] Sorry for the delay,
+ 275392 [richard.conr] IIRC the various YAML implementations in each language can choose

^ Problems with setup.rb and metaconfig
275380 [matt-lists r] I'm doing some fiddling around with a setup.rb package, and wanted to

^ Strange behavior with Sequel + RSS::Parser
275381 [lparravi gma] I'm having a strange behavior when using RSS::Parser after requiring
275403 [ciconia gmai] I've traced this problem down to the ruby2ruby gem, which is used by
275442 [lparravi gma] I've mailed Ryan about it, thanks Sharon!

^ IO.pipe
275382 [pjcarvalho g] I am having a problem with IO.pipe

^ issue in faster_csv
275395 [surjit.meite] I wanted to read a csv file and do some manipulation on it so i tried
275399 [james graypr] require "rubygems"
275401 [surjit.meite] I am a new to Ruby... Does FasterCSV comes by default with Ruby gems
+ 275404 [james graypr] It's not included with RubyGems, no.  But you can use gems to install
| 275406 [surjit.meite] I am working on windows OS can you please gimme the syntax i have to use
| 275407 [surjit.meite] Thanks a lot.... It is working now.. I am a newbie so i will be back
+ 275405 [surjit.meite] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ (none)
275402 [kristoffer.l] unsubscribe

^ Time stamp on jpg
275414 [nicknewton g] I am trying to find the time that a jpg was created. I am using the
275419 [kungfu.grip ] try mtime
+ 275432 [ben bleythin] Depending on where the JPEG came from, you might try extracting the EXIF
+ 275436 [nicknewton g] On Oct 23, 9:54 am, Citizen Snips <kungfu.g...@internode.on.net>

^ How to install gsl in windows OS
275415 [surjit.meite] Help me in installing "gsl" in windows OS
275420 [surjit.meite] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
275425 [surjit.meite] F5
275445 [surjit.meite] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
275447 [mo_mail ongh] That seems to be your 4th message in a relatively short period of time.

^ How to search for ascii char sequence in binary file
275422 [eclubb valco] So I'm trying to convert e.g. 'RIFF' to e.g. '52494646'.  What's the
275428 [gthiesfeld g] Here's a way to do the conversion.  No ideas on the search.

^ Quick sockets question
275434 [vasyl.smirno] I wonder if it is sufficient to use read/write methods on a TCP/
275567 [shortcutter ] Off the top of my head I believe #recvfrom is for UDP while you want

^ Why "Kernel#fork" on windows
275438 [goal1860 hot] Kernel methods are usually able to be called directly, like gets, gsub,
275441 [vasyl.smirno] Windows does not support fork, hence Ruby on Windows does not support
275444 [shortcutter ] ... unless of course you are on cygwin. :-)

^ Scattered I/O (on MS Windows)
275439 [djberg96 gma] Park Heesob and I came up with a custom implementation for
275564 [shortcutter ] Can't test it at the moment.  But I wonder how a scattered read can
275611 [djberg96 gma] On Oct 24, 2:34 am, "Robert Klemme" <shortcut...@googlemail.com>
275617 [shortcutter ] Ah, I see!  So the "scatter" does not refer to the user request but to

^ (none)
275440 [fernando.cac] help

^ bash to ruby
275446 [fernando.cac] I'm not a ruby developer just yet, but I've been reading a couple of
+ 275451 [shortcutter ] I guess this happens rarely if ever - Unix like operating systems
| 275472 [devi.webmast] A while back I considered writing some of the unix commands (and
| + 275473 [thomas.adam2] It's an interesting idea, and one that I would be willing to help
| | 275486 [shevegen lin] Well the basic functionality of mkdir or cd is all there in std ruby.
| | 275495 [fernando.cac] Not yet, because I haven't started :)
| + 275525 [ari aribrown] So rewrite basic commands in Ruby? Sounds good. i'm in :-D
+ 275506 [TimHunter nc] You might find it useful to look at Ruby's un.rb library. It implements
+ 276003 [phrexianreap] Having done this a time or two (with my own scripts, nothing major),
| 276053 [devi.webmast] Well, I went ahead and setup a rubyforge project and mailing list available at
+ 278869 [hawat.thufir] Interesting idea....
  278914 [fedzor gmail] one could extract some more speed out of it with a Ruby to C (ANSI C)
  278955 [ryand-ruby z] it'll never work

^ good language reference under linux
275449 [ivorpaul gma] I recently moved from windows to kubuntu.
+ 275455 [barryahanna ] You can use a chm viewer in Linux; so you can continue to use the pickaxe.
| 275458 [ivorpaul gma] thanks!
| 275474 [peter rubyra] I am using xchm under Kubuntu and it works flawlessly!
| 275488 [shevegen lin] Actually, anyone knows when the newer pickaxe will be released?
| 275508 [TimHunter nc] Only the PragProgs know for sure, but why wait? Serious Rubyists will
| 275961 [ivorpaul gma] thanks for all the suggestions. I installed xchm and it looks really cool.
| 275982 [reid.thompso] try
| 275988 [reid.thompso] sorry,
| 276022 [perrin apoth] Does the rubybook package install a CHM format book?  I thought it just
+ 275469 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"

^ New Free Online Gallery OnRails
275453 [pedrof.costa] Just released a new online gallery, made on rails.

^ Watir and Inheritance
275456 [tcblues gmai] require 'Watir'
+ 275457 [kyleaschmitt] Without looking at this too indepth...
| 275573 [mario betwar] If I write the class without inheriting, how can I get the 'url' outside
+ 275460 [olsonas gmai] You want to call the url method on the @iex object, not the navigator
| 275574 [mario betwar] This is not working.
+ 275575 [jgabrielygal] I think what you are doing wrong is having a Watir::IE object inside
  + 275576 [mario betwar] I'm sorry but it doesn't work because the class doesn't understand the
  | 275580 [mario betwar] `LocationURL' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
  + 275598 [kyleaschmitt] Watir's ie object allows you to get at things like the url using
    275601 [elrubensoncr] I think Jesus' approach is correct. It only missed the initialization of th=
    275614 [mario betwar] Now it works fine.

^ OT: Is C# just Java renamed? WAS: IronRuby...will it be like J++?
275462 [jflam micros] UGhsaXAgW21haWx0bzpwaGxpcDIwMDVAZ21haWwuY29tXToNCg0KPiBDIyBpcyByZWFsbHkgSmF2
275489 [charles.nutt] Both are possible, along with other weird and wild things, through many
275540 [jflam micros] Q2hhcmxlcy5PLk51dHRlckBzdW4uY29tIFttYWlsdG86Q2hhcmxlcy5PLk51dHRlckBzdW4uY29t
275691 [charles.nutt] Nothing so unified; there's a "linq-like" library that either

^ Monitoring Excel varabiles
275471 [nicknewton g] I am trying to monitor a cell in excel, however when the value of this
275481 [nicknewton g] I have found out that it will only crash the program if the cell that

^ type mismatch with ruby-db2 when using set_primary_key
275475 [mhubbard sec] I have successfully installed ruby-db2-0.4.4.

^ ruby-ldap 0.9.7 build failure
275479 [djberg96 gma] Solaris 10

^ [ANN] Ruby-Traits 0.2 released (sorry long)
275480 [robert.dober] after some very interesting input I decided to rewrite Ruby-Traits completely.

^ terminology:  class methods versus kernel methods
275500 [hawat.thufir] "One secret about kernel methods like print: they are
+ 275503 [rick.denatal] No, and I don't understand what why means.
| 275505 [hawat.thufir] Kernel is a class, sub-class, of Object?
| + 275509 [pergesu gmai] No, it's a module, and it's included into Object.
| + 275510 [dblack rubyp] class Object
|   275572 [hawat.thufir] Ok.   Is this composition?  A work around for multiple inheritance?
+ 275504 [hawat.thufir] I've got a lot to learn.

^ Re: [QUIZ] Time Window (#144)
275532 [jamesbkoppel] Here's my solution. It converts a time window into an array of arrays of ra=
+ 275559 [jgabrielygal] Isn't this the same as Enumerable#any?
| + 275561 [gattster gma] That's the same thought that I had.  Assuming that any? didn't exist, =20=
| | + 275563 [jgabrielygal] Well, first of all it depends if you are building a library that
| | + 275593 [james graypr] Like most things, it's just another tool in your belt.  You'll need
| + 275592 [james graypr] It sure is.
+ 275607 [kbloom gmail] I suggest using a constant rather than a global variable for this. You
  275608 [james graypr] This is also just an Array disguised as a Hash.
  275715 [jamesbkoppel] Thanks; I wasn't aware of that method's existence.=0A=0AActually, I wasn't =
  275718 [gattster gma] This raises one of my few frustrations with ruby. I find ruby far =20

^ tracking down an application
275535 [subjerk yaho] Does anyone know what program DHH is using to manage his MySQL tables in
275537 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
275538 [subjerk yaho] Great! Thanks!

^ [ANN] polyglot 0.1.0 Released
275536 [no spam.plea] Polyglot version 0.1.0 has been released!