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^ pulling a file with today's date
274291 [pbailey bna.] Can someone please help me to parse a file by its date so that, when I
+ 274297 [phrogz mac.c] I believe this will depend on the FTP server running on the host,
+ 274320 [bg-rubytalk ] date,

^ Eclipse and ruby-debug
274292 [wemagor2 gma] I'm using the RDT plugin for Ruby development in Eclipse on Windows.  It
274316 [ news jay.fm] Which RDT?  I *think* the latest (which is now a part of Aptana RadRails)
274333 [wemagor2 gma] Interesting.  Well, I have these installed in my Eclipse and I've
274337 [ news jay.fm] Yep.  Earlier this year, the RadRails developers got full-time jobs and
274341 [wemagor2 gma] OK, now we're getting somewhere...  Did the uninstall/reinstall
278282 [adrie donker] An internal error occurred during: "Debug Source Lookup".

^ New Rails plugin 'Liftoff' is available.
274300 [nbitspoken c] Summary

^ Does Image URL exist?
274315 [nonstickglue] an  image URL that I enter exists, but am having trouble.
274329 [bg-rubytalk ] if
274330 [nonstickglue] Worked, like a charm. :D Thank you very much.

^ Re: [QUIZ] Reverse the Polarity (#143)
274323 [jamesbkoppel] I made a small mistake in my solution. It will not work on regexes such as =

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
274326 [james graypr] ...

^ Override methods from a module
274331 [olsonas gmai] All -
274334 [phrogz mac.c] I've never done this before, but here's a hack that sort of does what
274335 [phrogz mac.c] Here's a slightly cleaner version, showing that you can fully wrap the
274336 [olsonas gmai] Gavin -
274339 [olsonas gmai] Sorry about the previous response. Apparently lack of sleep results in

^ Re: Reverse the Polarity (#143)
274332 [phrogz mac.c] I've had no time to implement the actual quiz. (The quiz is very

^ A Ruby/Rails bibliography
274338 [jeremymcanal] Howdy all,
+ 274429 [james.britt ] I was given a pre-release version of Ruby By Example, and found that it
| 274432 [dangerwillro] It is like casting.
| 275664 [dblack rubyp] are CGI books, though I can only spot "CGI" in two of the titles.
+ 274433 [alex blackke] Minutiae, surely?  :D
| 274482 [cdcarter gma] I'm thinking minutias here.  Accusative plural.  But it's been a while
| 274533 [rick.denatal] In Boston, with it's plentitude of colleges and universities, it's not
+ 275633 [mjdominus gm] It really isn't very much like a Perl translation of SICP.
  + 275636 [james.britt ] I've not read HOP, but I've read SICP, and I'd wager there are few other
  | 275752 [znmeb cesmai] The problem with starting with SICP (or "The Little Schemer", or any
  + 275864 [mjdominus gm] I will assume that you did not intend to accuse me of plagiarism, and
  | 276693 [mjd seas.upe] Oh, in that case I'll take it as you meant it.  It is a great honor for
  + 275867 [mjd seas.upe] I will assume that you did not intend to accuse me of plagiarism, and

^ Newbie question - how to get current directory into a variab
274340 [bostonantifa] I'm running Ruby on Ubuntu Linux, and I need to be able to get the
274345 [TimHunter nc] Check out the Dir class, particularly Dir.pwd and Dir.chdir,

^ Re: Newbie question - how to get current directory into a va
274347 [bostonantifa] Thanks Tim.  the Dir.pwd is exactly what I need.  I haven't figured out
274355 [bbxx789_05ss] p Dir.entries(".")   #array containing files in current directory

^ Comparison question
274348 [bostonantifa] I'm looking at the Comparable module in a book, and I can't figure out
274371 [shortcutter ] robert

^ Never Mind!
274351 [bostonantifa] Never mind, I figured it out, sorry!
274356 [bbxx789_05ss] a)

^ Process.detach - not detaching child?
274352 [goodieBoy gm] I've got a script that was working great on OS X and now not working
274408 [goodieBoy gm] OK,

^ what is mean by scope in ruby?
274357 [hariharan.sp] Hai friends,
274358 [bbxx789_05ss] A scope is the portion of your code in which a variable can be given a
274363 [dangerwillro] scope is a common idea in programming languages.

^ Change mouse pointer
274364 [pjcarvalho g] I made my first ruby/ROR web site. Now, I would like to improve it.

^ Ruby on Cell
274365 [mo_mail ongh] For those of us who are straddling the relatively diverse worlds of Ruby

^ Consumin/Access the Web Service
274366 [valippokkan ] I am a newbie .

^ Can I test a single file using rake command
274368 [polawarkiran] All I am new to ROR, I am doing testing of my rails application, I want

^ equal? versus eql? versus == versus === verus <=>
274374 [paul texpert] I recently found myself explaining to a friend how Ruby's various
+ 274379 [jgabrielygal] Thanks for this. I found it great for a quick reference and to explain
| 274393 [paul texpert] Thanks Jesús - glad to know that it was of some use!
+ 274526 [paul texpert] Nobody has (yet) risen to the challenge at the end of my article, so I
  274540 [rick.denatal] irb(main):001:0> h1 = {:a => "1", :b => "2"}
  + 274562 [perrin apoth] foo.eql? still seems a little inconsistent (and surprising) to me.
  | 274613 [rick.denatal] I assume you mean in the execution of an expression like
  | 274626 [perrin apoth] Oops.  I guess I should have thought of that.
  + 274568 [phrogz mac.c] I've wanted it on 3 occasions (that I can remember) now. Here's a
    274607 [rick.denatal] sums[ { g1=>true, g2=>true } ] += num.to_i
    274676 [apeiros gmx.] This requires the hash key and value to implement <=> which will not be
    274722 [rick.denatal] Correct, depending on the individual hash. On the other hand this is

^ how can send  email message using ruby?
274376 [hariharan.sp] Dear friends,
274377 [mo_mail ongh] You will most likely need to use SMTP.  You can have a look at the code
+ 274380 [jgabrielygal] require 'action_mailer'
+ 274389 [hariharan.sp] Hai friend,
  274509 [mo_mail ongh] similar question in a separate thread (relating to POP) and I don't know
  274513 [hariharan.sp] smtp.rb:1:in 'require': no such file to load -- action_mailer
  274517 [mo_mail ongh] OK!  My sample actually doesn't use the action_mailer - it was in the

^ Autocompleter
274382 [patrick scri] i use the Autocompleter in a intranetweb. its fantastic.
274384 [fxn hashref.] Yes, but please repost your question to rubyonrails-talk or
274385 [patrick scri] ok - sorry !

^ Re: Javascript
274383 [shaiguitar g] post on ruby on rails forum (this is the ruby forum).

^ how to connect to Intranet Server through Ruby
274386 [piyush.gajja] I have my application on two different servers

^ Re: Merbivore.com - Mockups
274388 [wayneeseguin] T24gMTAvMTYvMDcsIEx1a2UgU3V0dG9uIDxsdWtlLnN1dHRvbkBnbWFpbC5jb20+IHdyb3RlOgo+

^ How to breakpoint ruby code ?
274392 [user domain.] irb invoqued which would allow me to have full access to the current
+ 274404 [rick.denatal] Rick DeNatale
| + 274453 [user domain.] Seems a good tool but unfortunately didn't worked... The 'debugger'
| | 274455 [user domain.] Here I am, quite lost but successful !
| + 274456 [sodani gmail] What's the difference between rdebug and the debugger that ruby comes
|   + 274549 [user domain.] I don't know, but launching rdebug foo.rb breakpoints on the first line
|   + 274695 [rogerpack200] the rdebug one is faster as it 'plugs itself in' to certain handles
|     274696 [jan.svitok g] I'll guess that they use the same mechanism, set_trace_func. While the
+ 274406 [rmagick gmai] require_gem is obsolete and didn't do what you think it did. It was not
  274452 [user domain.] Thanks, I will stick to "require" definitely ;-)

^ puts vs. write for writing to a file
274396 [rhkramer gma] I've done some googling, some looking in the pickaxe(2) book (using the
274397 [alex blackke] On a File object (actually, they're defined on IO), write just writes
+ 274415 [rhkramer gma] Ahha, thank you very much!
+ 274435 [perrin apoth] I guess the next question, then, is "What's the difference between print

^ How to remove "~" in those files
274400 [vidhu1232001] How to remove at end of the record "~", i am trying this, but i
+ 274402 [shaiguitar g] use gsub ( http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/String.html#M000832 )
+ 274413 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 274477 [bg-rubytalk ] Do you want to remove all the tilde (~) characters, or just the last
  274483 [dangerwillro] chop could be useful here.
  274485 [bg-rubytalk ] You don't want to use chop! unless you're trying to modify line.  If
  274491 [dangerwillro] Uh, yeah, that's why you should test it.
  274493 [vidhu1232001] thanks for reply, actually i want to remove only end of the last record
  274500 [bbxx789_05ss] The last line removes all "~" from the data, so there isn't a '~ ' on
  + 274503 [vidhu1232001] sorry, i couldn't understood, what you are telling, could you pleas can
  + 274506 [bbxx789_05ss] removes all '~' characters from @read_file.  So, when you ask how to
    274511 [vidhu1232001] However, i should remove the "~" at the end of the records, otherwise
    274515 [bbxx789_05ss] str = "AAA~\nBBB~\nCCC~\nprocees"
    274519 [vidhu1232001] "~", it worked, really i am wondering how it worked, but i got the

^ CSV question
274409 [shaiguitar g] CSV (more specifically FasterCSV) reads the file i provided row by row
+ 274411 [shaiguitar g] sorry, ignore this post
+ 274412 [jgabrielygal] a = FasterCSV.parse(File.read("catalogue.csv"))

^ Ruby for arranging fencing competitions
274410 [knirirr gmai] Sport fencing competitions are organised in pools, where every fencer
+ 274414 [jgabrielygal] Food for RubyQuiz?
| 274416 [knirirr gmai] Thanks - I'll take a look.
+ 274438 [rick.denatal] class RoundRobinPairsGenerator
  + 274442 [knirirr gmai] That is very interesting - I would never have thought of it.
  + 274454 [ymendel pobo] Nice.

^ How distinguish between a file and a directory?
274417 [hs dbginc.co] A newbie question. The code
+ 274418 [farrel.lifso] will return true of name is a directory, false if it is a file
| 274420 [ariddle sunb] There are class side methods called "file?" and "directory?" on the File
+ 274431 [m.fellinger ] Dir['*'].each do |f|

^ Prevent attributes vs local variable conflict in activerecord models
274423 [weppos gmail] Consider the following piece of code
274437 [mortee.lists] AFAIK, you can't assign to attributes without self at all, right because

^ Struct is slow
274426 [wemagor2 gma] I have a script in which I was using a 2-element array where a struct
274430 [aff28 delete] This doesn't sound likely, even if your script did nothing else but use
+ 274441 [wemagor2 gma] I understand your skepticism, it seems impossible, and I totally agree
| 274444 [mental rydia] If type_arr[j] is a struct, then try type_arr[j].typedef_type
| 274448 [wemagor2 gma] Well, I tried it and, as expected, the syntax change made no difference.
| 274459 [shortcutter ] Did you actually also use the same block call semantics?
| 274753 [wemagor2 gma] Yes, that's exactly what I did, which was no different.  You wouldn't
+ 274502 [shortcutter ] I'm not sure whether you are familiar with Benchmark#bmbm which does a
  274508 [sylvain.joye] Sure. GC does belong to the mix. Now, if GC is enabled you are not able to
  274510 [vjoel path.b] Benchmark.bmbm 15 do |x|
  274530 [shortcutter ] But you have a *lot* invocations and it's highly unlikely that GC runs
  274541 [rick.denatal] Spot on, IMHO
  275637 [wemagor2 gma] Just wanted to follow-up so people don't think there might be problems
  275662 [rick.denatal] What would have made a bigger difference would be to develop that code
  + 275688 [rick.denatal] Paraphrasing, you should test before you optimize, and use tdd/bdd.
  | 275731 [ news jay.fm] Ah!  You're talking about stories (integration tests in TDD), which specify
  + 275708 [shortcutter ] Well, if it takes ages until you find out because you have to wait for
    275713 [tapajos impr] Why I cancel my subscription?

^ Watir: How could i click this radio button?
274436 [maung atc-on] I have tried several different ways, but didn't succeed. I have a radio
274439 [jeremywoerti] Well, this belongs with the rails questions than a ruby one, but i'll

^ mathematics and physics
274443 [gibbs xxx.it] I would like to know if there is some project (for ruby) for mathematics
+ 274447 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Gibbs,
+ 274465 [jbornhoft gm] This is a very interesting post for me and I hope that it generates a
  + 274489 [jzakiya mail] Check out the Maya Project -- astrophysics in Ruby
  + 274490 [jzakiya mail] Check out the Maya Project -- astrophysics in Ruby
  + 274492 [vjoel path.b] ...and evolve into a credible replacement for MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow,
  | + 274495 [phlip2005 gm] Well, maw's out there, switchin' in the kitchen,
  | + 274507 [znmeb cesmai] Lots of folks would like to "replace" MATLAB. I don't think Ruby and
  |   274512 [vjoel path.b] Unfortunately, a lot of people are doing (and teaching!) numerical
  + 274494 [cameron.mcbr] RNum tries to do this: http://rnum.rubyforge.org/
  + 274501 [znmeb cesmai] I've been chipping away at the edges of this for a couple of years. From

^ [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer 186-26 Release Candidate 1
274450 [ml.chibbs gm] This updates Ruby to 1.8.6 patch level 111 (lots
+ 274473 [no spam.plea] Great effort Curt, and highly valued!
+ 274481 [gthiesfeld g] Hopefully it's just me, but after installing this, my system path

^ How get filename from FTP::list
274451 [hs dbginc.co] The following code displays the file's date, time size and name. How can
274467 [justincollin] You can use Net:FTP#nlist[1] if you don't need to filter them.

^ Compound conditionals in case when statements?  Syntax?
274460 [rhkramer gma] when ((/^---\+\+ (.*)/) and (new_record == true))
+ 274466 [m.fellinger ] this can't work for the simple reason that the objects given at 'when'
| + 274480 [dangerwillro] Adventerous? That's a strange middle name... ;)
| + 274504 [shortcutter ] See Pena's comment: there is another form of 'case' which can be nicely
+ 274468 [mental rydia] case obj
+ 274476 [botp delmont] # Subject: Compound conditionals in case when statements? Syntax?
| 274505 [shortcutter ] ntalguy),
| 274514 [botp delmont] # case
| 274585 [rhkramer gma] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 274590 [rhkramer gma] charset="iso-8859-6"
| 274797 [rhkramer gma] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
+ 274547 [kim.toms gma] case true

^ recommendations for working with PostgreSQL
274461 [perrin apoth] I have need to work with PostgreSQL via Ruby.  What gems/modules do you
+ 274462 [reid.thompso] og   www.nitroproject.org
| 274464 [reid.thompso] I just updated og...
| 274565 [perrin apoth] Thanks.  I'll look into it.
| 274600 [perrin apoth] I'm having a difficult time finding anything about Og itself.  I find a
| 274629 [perrin apoth] Thanks.  That'll probably help me in my decision about what to use.
+ 274478 [ben bleythin] If you're looking for an ORM, there is of course ActiveRecord, and
| 274563 [perrin apoth] I'm not necessarily looking for ORM, though now that I think about it I
| + 274566 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
| + 274587 [thomas.adam2] But then, just because the language you're using means everything is
|   274591 [perrin apoth] Thus, my "in some manner" qualification.  The comment about all
+ 274488 [ciconia gmai] sudo gem install postgres
  274564 [perrin apoth] Thanks.  I'll look into it.

^ (none)
274463 [shawn.hansen] unsubscribe

^ how to set focus on a popup window?
274469 [einaung yaho] This question is more to do with Watir. How do I switch focus on a popup

^ Mind giving a little help?
274470 [nonstickglue] think this  would be the best place to ask my next question. I'm going
+ 274472 [nonstickglue] I'll add to this a little.
+ 274475 [bg-rubytalk ] If I understand correctly the goal is to maintain a list of URLs that
  274479 [nonstickglue] Thanks Ben!
  + 274486 [alexg kuicr.] Don't take this the wrong way, but you will learn far more
  + 274487 [bg-rubytalk ] require 'uri'
    274625 [nonstickglue] Thanks for adding the comments in there Ben, I just read through them
    + 274633 [bg-rubytalk ] Yes, it's having trouble locating the file.  You need to either move
    + 274637 [martindemell] Post the code in which you tried to use the full path to the file - I
      274639 [nonstickglue] I've actually got it working, I did some moving around of files and such
      274997 [nonstickglue] I've been working on this for a few days now, adding a few of my own
      275016 [nonstickglue] Sorry, it's referring to this  line of code.
      275017 [devi.webmast] Do you have the line

^ what is the use of pop3?
274496 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
274499 [phlip2005 gm] What does El Goog say about POP3, the Post Office Protocol v3?

^ how can i connet the postgersql with ruby
274497 [hariharan.sp] Dear friends,
274524 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
274538 [wayneeseguin] Vellingiri,