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273066 [jwinn@or gi ] I have been using rails for the last 6 months and loving every minute of
+ 273070 [dangerwillro] RubyCocoa is one way, and it's the best way to achieve truly native
| 273102 [bigboss64@ip] The principle of reading a book on using Ruby is to learn ruby. GUI
+ 273071 [phlip2005@gm] Guess what: A GUI platform is a library, not a religion. Ruby is agnostic.
  273082 [phlip2005@gm] GUI library, you'll be ready.

team system ? need some help...
273087 [indiehead@gm] themselves to one team.

[OT]  Translation Service
273109 [james@gr yp ] Sorry for being off topic, but I know so many of you know more
+ 273184 [phelan@tt ec] with translate.google.com
| 273193 [aledonne.lis] T24gMTAvOC8wNywgQnJhZCBQaGVsYW4gPHBoZWxhbkB0dHRlY2gudHR0PiB3cm90ZToKPiBKYW1l
| 273204 [james@gr yp ] Yes, sorry, I'm looking for humans, not machines.
| 273245 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear James,
| 273247 [james@gr yp ] All of this information was extremely valuable.  Thanks so much!
+ 273195 [richard.conr] I am in the market for something similar. My most important concern
| 273235 [dangerwillro] Any reliable automated translation would be the Holy Grail of killer
| + 273240 [richard.conr] You have misread my intent.
| | 273296 [no@sp m. le ] Translation is not required for testing - you can just use lorem ipsum,
| | 273352 [richard.conr] True. I would actually end up doing something like that because it is
| + 273246 [caduceass@gm] Interesting, though.  You can almost understand another language from
| + 273302 [dan-ml@da 42] Machine translation might be closer than we think...
|   273307 [dangerwillro] It might be. there is some very very good software out there for
+ 273264 [martindemell] If there's a largish university nearby, see if the grad student office

LDAP bind error
273126 [bad_good_lio] i am new to ruby .....
273138 [garbagecat10] ...
273144 [bad_good_lio] sorry i did't get you....
273155 [garbagecat10] ...
273161 [bad_good_lio] not fine

list links in a DIV using watir module
273145 [seannakasone] Using the watir module, is there a way to show all the hyperlinks in a
273149 [dolgun@ex it] div_links = ie.div(:id, "some_id").links
300712 [imhooda@ho m] This is really perfect to identify Divs.Works for me..

"gem install ncurses" on Windows
273147 [c45207@zo mt] (This may not be the right place for RubyGem support. If it is not, a
273205 [drbrain@se m] You'll need MSVC6 to link correctly.  Somebody more familiar with the
273224 [djberg96@gm ] My guess would be that he needs to pass a "--with-ncurses-dir=C:/path/

memory leakage
273148 [pragati.agar] Is there a problem of memory leakage in Rails application? How can i
+ 273151 [dolgun@ex it] Yes
+ 273173 [ara.t.howard] a @ http://codeforpeople.com/

Bug: Numeric#divmod calculates wrongly
273152 [dirk.traulse] I submitted the following bug report to
274036 [dirk.traulse] I tested Numeric#divmod on two more systems: SUSE 10.1 and Kubuntu
+ 274038 [konrad@ty er] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 274039 [drbrain@se m] You may want to bring this up on ruby-core (maybe you have?  There
| 274054 [dirk.traulse] I took your advice and send a mail to ruby-core.
+ 274042 [alex.shulgin] Debian lenny (testing)
+ 274048 [znmeb@ce ma ] And on Gentoo Linux with ruby-1.8.6-p110-r1
| 274130 [drbrain@se m] $ gcc -v
| 274134 [znmeb@ce ma ] As an aside, I downloaded "paranoia"
| 274140 [rick.denatal] I don't believe that anyone has brought up the intel Macs as yet, but
| 274222 [AEtzold@gm .] Just for the records: (Suse 10.2 , Ruby compiled with
+ 274104 [carlj@pe k. ] Mine has the same problem running on an Athlon64 running on Debian's
+ 274118 [lojicdotcom@] Ubuntu 7.04

273154 [JNott@dt .i ] ...
+ 273159 [cliveharber@] line.each(',') { |this_record|
+ 273172 [dolgun@ex it] This code
  273175 [dolgun@ex it] Whoops.  That doesn't work because the end of a line is not a comma so
  + 273176 [JNott@dt .i ] This seems to work very well thanks but the results are produced in a long string. Is it possible to create these figures as a matrix? (resembling something like excel)
  | + 273188 [dolgun@ex it] 1) Start off writing a program that works on a small amount of data,
  | | 273197 [JNott@dt .i ] Good Points!!! (hope my explanation makes sense!)
  | | 273210 [dolgun@ex it] No, no, no.  See 1).  Posting an example of the format of your data
  | + 273286 [botp@de mo t] # This seems to work very well thanks but the results are
  |   273337 [JNott@dt .i ] 1,2,3
  |   273342 [dolgun@ex it] What do you think it does?
  |   273347 [JNott@dt .i ] OK fair point!
  |   273350 [dolgun@ex it] Well, then add an end.  :)
  |   273351 [JNott@dt .i ] you're a genius!! and get this - I even figured out another error I had in there - File.each should of course be file.each
  |   273354 [dolgun@ex it] Nice.  Well done.
  + 273177 [dolgun@ex it] You can also use the Standard Library module CSV(or get the gem

regexp question - look for parentheses then remove them
273158 [toastkid.wil] I'm struggling with a regular expression problem, can anyone help?
273160 [jgabrielygal] x = "3 * (1 + 2)".match(/\((.*)\)/)
+ 273163 [toastkid.wil] ah, "captures" - that's the same as MatchData#to_a, right?  Perfect,
| + 273167 [jgabrielygal] Not exactly, because the MatchData#to_a returns as the first position
| + 273323 [micathom@gm ] x = /\((.*)\)/.match("3 * (1 + 2)")
|   273368 [toastkid.wil] Excellent tip, cheers!
+ 273165 [fwmailinglis] charset="iso-8859-1"
  273168 [jgabrielygal] True, what would be the expected result for this?
  273301 [michael.bevi] ...
  273322 [jgabrielygal] I've read that the .NET regex engine has some constructs to recognize
  + 273324 [ed.odanow@wo] module Matchelements
  + 273367 [michael.bevi] ...

subversion and unrecognized URL scheme error....
273162 [dm@tr gg re ] I believe I have installed subversion and all of its dependencies
+ 273164 [jperkins@sn ] What command are you using to access your repo?
| 273166 [dm@tr gg re ] i'm actually trying to install a radiant(cms) extention using the
| 273277 [jperkins@sn ] I'm able to run your svn export command successfully. It sounds like
| 273330 [dm@tr gg re ] thanks everyone...i did rule out all of the other issues, so i know
+ 273170 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"

optparse and required switches
273178 [g00nz@ya oo ] Im lost with optparse.
+ 273181 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
| 273194 [jgabrielygal] For this it might be worth to look into CodeForPeople's main gem (gem
+ 273207 [dolgun@ex it] require 'optparse'
  273208 [g00nz@ya oo ] Thanx a lot people for all the helpful answers. I will check this out
  + 273213 [dolgun@ex it] ARGV.each do |word|
  + 273215 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="us-ascii"
    273343 [g00nz@ya oo ] This is what I came up with for required options. Is this the "ruby way"

java .class to ruby object
273180 [bad_good_lio] how to convert a *.class (java bytecode) to ruby object.....

Compile error after pack('m')
273182 [promos@bu ch] I use array#pack to obfuscate some of my scripts.  This last week, I had

Accessing class variables in method made using define_method
273186 [dave.baldwin] I want to use class variables and have them accessible from class
273189 [ara.t.howard] class A; @@aa = 42;end
+ 273200 [rick.denatal] NOTE @@
| 273327 [dave.baldwin] Yeah, a typo however the problem I want to solve still exists in that
+ 273223 [vjoel@pa h. ] Careful. Putting @@aa at the top level makes it into a kind of global,

Question about Mechanize and Google API
273191 [jgabrielygal] I'm trying to use Mechanize to retrieve spreadsheets from Google Docs
273199 [richard.conr] From my experience Mechanize is a bit low level, especially in this area.
+ 273220 [matiasbrutti] ...
| 273237 [jgabrielygal] case I installed it and checked the spreadsheet class but I just saw a
+ 273271 [mortee.lists] Just for the record, last time I checked, Mechanize *did* use Hpricot to
  273325 [jgabrielygal] Yes, Mechanize parses pages with Hpricot, and also allows you to use

finding expiration dates on ssl certificates
273198 [dusty.doris@] Here is a way to find information about an ssl certificate.  I
273241 [richard.conr] Nice! This is going to come in handy for me soon. Thanks for

Ncurses and Mac OS X
273214 [ari@ar br wn] Hey all
273234 [dangerwillro] Isn't it already installed in OS X?
273236 [ari@ar br wn] Supposedly, but the error still persists. Any hints?

[ANN] god 0.5.0 released
273217 [pubsub@ru yi] This release brings about a tremendous leap in stability and robustness.

Ruby and (digitalmars) D in combination via RubyInline?
273242 [d454d@we .d ] has anybody tried to embed some D [1] code in Ruby via RubyInline [2]?
273244 [kashia.buch@] ...
273272 [ryand-ruby@z] Correct me if I'm wrong, but that looks like a copy/paste of the
273517 [kashia.buch@] yes, essentially it is adapting the Ruby headers for D, making the C

Ruby and RoR book recommendations
273243 [mschidlowsky] What books would you recommend for a course on Ruby and Ruby on Rails?
+ 273283 [dangerwillro] You can't go wrong with Beginning Ruby, and then it leads you to a
| 273289 [gene.tani@gm] On Oct 8, 6:02 pm, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
+ 273447 [znmeb@ce ma ] The only single book I know of that *adequately* covers *both* Ruby and
  273464 [dangerwillro] Ruby for Rails is great, but it is very light on a lot of Rails
  273488 [dblack@ru yp] Not quite a few years old -- it was published in May, 2006 :-)
  273523 [dangerwillro] In computer years, especially Rails years, that's like 35
  273576 [fixxie.wits@] ...

Facebook app give feedback -Send birthday cards to buds  http://apps.facebook.com/groupcards/start
273248 [vaj@te pi bo] Send birthday cards to buds

Which gem to install on win32?
273252 [emarkp@so a.] Occasionally, when installing win32-specific gems, I get choices
273279 [djberg96@gm ] In this particular case you want #1. :)

autoprint of exception backtrace
273255 [mortee.lists] How can I modify how much of the exception backtrace gets printed by
276490 [peter.schram] #define TRACE_MAX (TRACE_HEAD+TRACE_TAIL+5)

Piccolo con problema con il tipo float
273256 [rsynco@gm il] Ho iniziato da poco a programmare in ruby, e stavo facendo un piccolo
+ 273257 [rsynco@gm il] I'm sorry, I've posted in the wrong place, could someone delete this
| 273261 [halostatue@g] Nope. ruby-talk.com is a two-way mirroring solution for a mailing list.
+ 273263 [jan.svitok@g] your problem is that floats are not exact. They have limited

parts of speech in Ruby
273265 [perrin@ap th] I'm curious -- exactly what class of syntactic element is `=` in Ruby,
+ 273267 [dolgun@ex it] class Dog
+ 273276 [jperkins@sn ] Wouldn't it be a linking verb, such as 'is'?
| + 273281 [jperkins@sn ] FWIW, I've read that modules can be considered adjectives, which fits
| + 273294 [znmeb@ce ma ] In Pascal, "a := b" is normally read as "a becomes b". So in Ruby, I
|   273313 [m_goldberg@a] It's more "a becomes a reference to the object b is referencing", or
|   273356 [rhkramer@gm ] (A newbie (or slow learning oldbie) lurker chiming in):  If you're a *nix
+ 273287 [m_goldberg@a] I think it might be consider a copula. See <http://en.wikipedia.org/
  + 273291 [caduceass@gm] I agree with Morton a little here, since "a = b" doesn't necessarily
  | 273338 [shaiguitar@g] chad.convert2lang(code) ? tod=fascinated : tod=right
  | 273364 [caduceass@gm] Ouch.  That hurts the feelings a little bit, but it makes for a good joke :)
  + 273420 [perrin@ap th] Okay . . . so what programming language syntactic element is analogous to
    273430 [m_goldberg@a] I am suggesting, very tentatively, that

Re: Translation Service
273266 [lloyd@2l ve ] what about http://babelfish.altavista.com/

"No address associated with nodename"
273268 [TimHunter@nc] Once again my ignorance of all things networky bite me. Can anybody
273273 [alex@bl ck e] irb(main):004:0> Socket.gethostbyname "www.google.com"
273274 [ryand-ruby@z] Or that DNS was down/hiccuping at the time... happened to me a lot on
273275 [TimHunter@nc] Actually that sounds rather likely. Thanks for the tip!

initializing and destroying(?) instance variables
273288 [tiberiu.moto] I finished writing a fairly large Ruby application and I was careless

finalizing(?) instance variables
273290 [tiberiu.moto] I finished writing a fairly large Ruby application and I was careless
273353 [shortcutter@] ...
273396 [tiberiu.moto] Thanks Robert.

Re: Itinerary for a Traveling Salesman (#142)
273292 [rubytraining] My solution is split across a few files, so rather than pasting it all

thread problem.....
273298 [bad_good_lio] i want to make a program code ,but it ll take long time to execute
273299 [michael.bevi] ...
+ 273304 [bad_good_lio] green thread means ?...
| 273311 [lists@gr gw ] threads managed by the language you're working in rather than by the
+ 273333 [dolgun@ex it] require 'rtiming'  #a simple program that times methods
| 273365 [michael.bevi] ...
+ 273376 [khaines@en g] It's not that simple.  With Ruby's green threads, it all depends on
  273380 [michael.bevi] ...

The Open-Closed-from-a-certain-angle Principle
273305 [ news@ja .f ] Let me start off by saying that I'm SURE this is either a bad idea,
+ 273309 [vjoel@pa h. ] Maybe selector namespaces? There's been some discussion here and hints
+ 273314 [ara.t.howard] module Namespace
+ 273317 [pergesu@gm i] I don't want to get too caught up in your example, but I think that's
| + 273320 [alexg@ku cr ] [alexg@powerbook]/Users/alexg/Desktop(18): cat temp_extend.rb
| + 273335 [ news@ja .f ] An entire Myspace page!
+ 273321 [drbrain@se m] Just to be clear, RubyGems is about to remove Time::today if you take
| 273336 [ news@ja .f ] Well, I didn't know that, since I don't know what today is anymore... or I,
+ 273326 [no@sp m. le ] I put a lot of thought into this over the last ten years because I spent
| 273363 [deanwampler@] ...
+ 273355 [hutch@re ur ] You might want to check out <http://common-lisp.net/project/closer/
+ 273369 [ruby@an hr p] I know of no language that does anything like it. That said, there are good
+ 273383 [mortee.lists] I've been thinking about some simpler, yet similar problem ever since I
| 273406 [ news@ja .f ] Yeah, that's really the core of it - preventing namespace collisions, so
| 273459 [ mr@ub t. om] I also did some thinking about this matter (though not specifically for
| 273554 [mortee.lists] I think the name collision problem might best be solved on a file-based
+ 273514 [kbloom@gm il] Groovy does something like this with use(Category){ code... }. The only

Thread Summary: The Case for Multiple-Inheritance
273310 [ttmrichter@g] ttmrichter@gmail.com)

273318 [dangerwillro] Check this out. An interesting example of Ruby in use.

Indexers and blocks?
273340 [d454d@we .d ] if I have an array-like class, is it possible to call the index with a
+ 273345 [dblack@ru yp] c.[](:text) { "default" }
| 273358 [d454d@we .d ] ah, thanks, have not thought of that.
+ 273372 [d454d@we .d ] nice! But in my case I will need the block because
  273392 [lojicdotcom@] You're not limited to a simple literal.
  273399 [gwtmp01@ma .] This looks to me like you've just recreated features
  273434 [lojicdotcom@] Presumably the OP had a reason for wanting an "array-like class"
  273504 [d454d@we .d ] right! :) Thanks fpr your example, I decided to chose the variant where
  273772 [pit.capitain] and

warning: peer certificate won't be verified in this SSL sess
273348 [peter@sy te ] Just wondering how to make the above warning message disappear from the
273371 [nakahiro@sa ] Install httpclient/2.1.2 from http://dev.ctor.org/http-access2/wiki#Download

Fwd: Quiz 67 Solution
273357 [james@gr yp ] ...

Using define_method isn't the same as defining a method
273370 [ymendel@po o] I apologize if this has been brought up before. A cursory search
273436 [dan-ml@da 42] This may not be what you're looking for, but if you need define_method

Re: warning: peer certificate won't be verified in this SSL
273373 [mrpete2004@y] Thanks that works great!

Make a class evaluate to false in boolean expressions
273377 [matt@ma tm r] I want to have a class that always evaluates to false in boolean
+ 273378 [logancapaldo] The latter.
| 273379 [matt@ma tm r] I don't want to have to call .false? though.  Ideally what I would like
| 273381 [logancapaldo] Quoting myself. In other words, no you can't do it.
| 273384 [shortcutter@] An alternative approach might be to use 'case' expressions instead of
| 273390 [matt@ma tm r] I can't really get into specifics but basically I am doing something
| 273421 [shortcutter@] This seems a strange way to use assignment since you do not modify the
+ 273388 [dangerwillro] This is your design problem.