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^ rdebug / emacs / gud
272211 [jim weirichh] I'm trying to run rdebug from within emacs using gud (Grand Unified
272264 [alex.shulgin] Debian/lenny (testing)
272304 [jim weirichh] Thanks.  Just to be clear, "no problem" means that you *are* getting the
272344 [alex.shulgin] Right. :-)

^ A question about threads.
272223 [navouri gmai] charset="iso-8859-1"
272283 [ben tanjero.] You could keep a hash of connected clients (managed with

^ Re: a work day becomes a fun day
272240 [rogerpack200] It does make programming fun, at least for me :)

^ syncing gems between computers
272255 [ecbearden gm] Before I write my own capistrano task I was wondering how others sync
272260 [han.holl gma] I run

^ Hashes
272262 [jarvo88 gmai] I want to create a large hash kind of information field.. basically i
272266 [sepp2k googl] Room=Struct.new(:topic,:nicks,:id)
272270 [jarvo88 gmai] Thanks a lot, that was perfect :)
272272 [sepp2k googl] => Room
272275 [jarvo88 gmai] Ahh yeah, i was being silly and working with 2 files, and running the

^ [ANN] RVideo - Ruby video transcoding library
272281 [jon slantwis] RVideo has just been released as a gem!

^ hook, or override const_set, and const_get
272290 [jpywtora cal] I have seen some examples of hooking into const_missing; Howerver, I
272292 [drbrain segm] a) Edit variable.c
272302 [jpywtora cal] Thanks Eric.  Option a makes me think I am taking the wrong approach.
272333 [drbrain segm] Both options are pure evil and guaranteed to cause you pain.

^ Using the PowerLoom reasoning system with JRuby
272295 [mark.watson ] JRuby continues to please me: fantastic to be able to switch from C-

^ Count of http requests
272296 [jeff.fry gma] Using the YSlow Firebug extension http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ ,

^ [ANN] Boto - RESTful Ruby Content Server
272298 [anthonyeden ] I've open sourced one of my recent projects that I've been playing

^ problem with ruby installation
272305 [seancolquhou] balking whenever I try to install something using gem install (Mac OS X
272310 [ari aribrown] Can't answer your first question but....
272312 [seancolquhou] Thanks! That did the trick. But what's the difference between usr/lib
+ 272323 [dangerwillro] It's like scope.
+ 272370 [rick.denatal] Brief answer
  272408 [dangerwillro] Rick, opt is the MacPorts ( formerly DarwinPorts ) directory.

^ Problem with Gem
272311 [lwatcdr gmai] I am trying to install support for SQLite using Gem but I get this error
272395 [drbrain segm] ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts File.join(Config::CONFIG["rubylibdir"],
273775 [degreane gma] it says /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-linux/ruby.h
+ 273817 [drbrain segm] Do you have that file?
+ 273829 [drbrain segm] If you have something constructive to contribute, please do so.

^ curses
272313 [shawn_200606] I am an elementary user of ruby,i meet a problem about ruby curses.
+ 272320 [dolgun excit] It sounds like curses doesn't support unicode  I looked around a little
| + 272324 [dangerwillro] You might want to check out the recent Ncurses book from Dan Gookin.
| + 272518 [shawn_200606] thank you very much!
| + 272519 [shawn_200606] i am sorry about that i cann't access the url above!
+ 272701 [shawn_200606] thank you all very much!

^ File scope variable
272315 [chabotm yaho] I tried to find a way to have a variable that has a file scope. A
272316 [dolgun excit] Yes.  Don't do it.  That's a horrible idea.  If a method in your class
272319 [chabotm yaho] I agree with you on this point, but in some circumstance it would be
+ 272367 [rick.denatal] Well, it's not that __FILE__ has a file scope, it's that it is a
+ 272576 [shortcutter ] What is wrong with this solution?  my_path *is* visible in the current
  272578 [mchabotsol h] In fact, it only visible in the current file but it's not visible in the
  272579 [shortcutter ] Right you are.  I overlooked that one.  You could work around that

^ [ANN] Sitepoint Rails Book Free
272321 [dangerwillro] Sitepoint is offering its Rails book as a free pdf download now.
272326 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
272404 [dangerwillro] You mean caffiene
272430 [perrin apoth] Actually, probably caffeine.

^ Searching through a sorted array
272329 [FireAphis gm] I have a very big array of objects sorted by one of its numeric data
+ 272330 [peter rubyra] Then why not
| + 272334 [FireAphis gm] Sorry if my explanation has been misleading. The array isn't
| | + 272338 [AEtzold gmx.] interesting_array=my_array.delete_if{|entry|  entry>1000 or entry<1}
| | + 272371 [jgabrielygal] class Array
| |   272372 [shuchi_choks] Dear Sir
| + 272337 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear FireAphis,
|   272341 [FireAphis gm] Of course that could be an excellent solution. Do you know if there is
|   + 272345 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear FireAphis,
|   | + 272373 [dolgun excit] a = [2, 4, 6, 8]
|   | + 272378 [dolgun excit] a = [2, 4, 6, 8]
|   + 272368 [james graypr] A recent Ruby Quiz centered around binary search algorithms, so you
|   + 272527 [shortcutter ] Kind regards
+ 272362 [dolgun excit] You can also turn your array into a hash, which will work just as well
  272369 [FireAphis gm] Neat. Not space efficient but undoubtfully more quick. But if the IDs
  272382 [dolgun excit] Yes, you're right. I wouldn't recommend it for really large arrays.  The

^ eruby + lighttpd m÷šlich?
272331 [kazaam oleco] Google didn't gave me any answer to my question. Is it possible to run eruby with lighttp webserver? Has anyone experience with it?
272340 [kazaam oleco] lol thanks, I didn't opened this result because of the japanese signs  in the title..

^ A Must Read!!!
272346 [richard.jame] I have found an excellent resource on Object Oriented Programming.
272363 [lists bertra] An authority on smart software design.
272375 [ttmrichter g] Now, now!  Be nice! :)
272377 [grzm seespot] Huh. I haven't seen many people claiming Roosevelt had much influence
+ 272387 [cmdjackryan ] regarding an object. That is, they demand a completely new, large-scale
+ 272396 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... he did fund the Manhattan Project, after all. Most of the
  272402 [dangerwillro] Slide Rule
  272504 [znmeb cesmai] Uh ... try integrating PDEs with a room full of people running slide
  272509 [dangerwillro] Put a lot of stuff in space though!

^ Hash of arrays - strange behavior.
272351 [adres.w stop] Could somebody explain me the following behavior?
272352 [sepp2k googl] Hash.new(arg) makes arg the default, but it doesn't assign to the hash. You
272354 [adres.w stop] Thank you very much :-).

^ creating a StringIO object
272357 [bagam_venkat] existing string object.
+ 272360 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 272618 [lrlebron gma] You have to require the stringio library

^ Question relations tables
272358 [remco.zwaan ] I have a user-table described as below. That is filled in trough the
+ 272359 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 272361 [fox nscl.msu] Since a user can have several work expeiences and several studies, I'd
  272523 [remco.zwaan ] Ron...i am using mysql as my database. Yesterday i created a new column

^ win32 binary of mod_ruby
272364 [larseidnes g] I've been looking all over for a windows binary of mod_ruby for apache?

^ Re: Probable Iterations (#141)
272374 [ymendel pobo] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

^ Can't get example to work....
272383 [bradaskins g] I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what.  I'm trying to
+ 272385 [jameskilton ] You seem to be missing an "end", but I'll assume that's a copy/paste error.
| 272388 [Sean.LANDSMA] I've=20found=20(with=20most=20of=20the=20win32=20stuff)=20that=20a=20reboo=
+ 272431 [lrlebron gma] I've used the same exact script and it works on my pc.

^ Preview image with Ruby
272389 [luciosan gma] Two years ago, I've projected in PHP a web site for preview and
272399 [dangerwillro] This is probably a Rails question, so it should probably be directed

^ Re: RVideo - Ruby video transcoding library
272390 [jon slantwis] Thanks for the suggestion. I'd like to do something like that at some
+ 272400 [tanner.burso] So why not do both?  Offer support for a few basic commands, resolution,
+ 272401 [dangerwillro] Check VLC (video lan client) it's open source and they use ffmpeg.

^ Question about main
272393 [jgabrielygal] program.rb -d 120 -z 7 /folder1 /folder2 /folder3 ...

^ determining if a process is alive on windows
272397 [ara.t.howard] on *nix i use this
+ 272403 [gthiesfeld g] It works for me on Windows XP, with the Ruby 1.86 OCI.
| 272476 [ara.t.howard] well i'll be!
+ 272421 [adam.shelly ] I get "undefined method `export' for main:Object (NoMethodError)"
  272475 [ara.t.howard] thanks!

^ adding array of numbers
272406 [grnmoonanite] 7                             ==> training Set length
+ 272410 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Chris,
+ 272571 [shortcutter ] I am not sure whether I understood properly which of the vectors you
| 272610 [grnmoonanite] The problem was to make a perceptron learning algorithm. you take the 1
+ 272628 [ara.t.howard] not answering your question, but you *really* want to be using NArray
+ 273865 [grnmoonanite] ok, so I got the thing to work, with just arrays, but now i want to ask

^ want to find a patrner for yourself?
272409 [diprat7 gmai] www.yedil.com connecting hearts together

^ Can someone recommend a Ruby IRC client module?
272413 [kenosis gmai] Looks like there's several options for a Ruby IRC client module/
272437 [jeremymcanal] I couldn't get any of them to work for me, but I've heard good things

^ checkbox instead of dropdown
272416 [remco.zwaan ] I am a RoR newby. The code below shows the categorie names, in a
+ 272434 [dangerwillro] For this kind of question you should really check the Rails list.
+ 272435 [jeremywoerti] Check out the rails doc http://api.rubyonrails.org/

^ Re: [QUIZ] Probable Iterations (#141)
272422 [ursmr gmx.ch] my first contribution... nothing spectacular.

^ Regular expression help needed
272425 [bostonantifa] I'm trying to write a regular expression for a ruby program.  What it
272429 [sepp2k googl] Works here.
272433 [bostonantifa] Sebastian, right you are!  I must have made a typo. Sorry about that!

^ Non-blocking 'gets' ?
272427 [sgware gmail] around online and in 'Programming Ruby,' and I can't find anything.
+ 272441 [tm_calfeld m] One option is use Kernel.select, or, equivalently, IO.select.
| 272460 [sgware gmail] I tried this, but no luck.  The command works, but it's the same
+ 272446 [dolgun excit] If you don't wait for the user to input something, how can there ever be
| 272461 [sgware gmail] The idea is that while I'm waiting for input from STDIN, the other
+ 272458 [dolgun excit] It doesn't sound like you are writing a multi-threaded application if
| 272463 [sgware gmail] Well... I think my code is written properly.  For simplicity's sake,
| + 272465 [sgware gmail] I'm using a Windows XP 'cmd' shell if that has anything to do with it.
| | 272480 [james graypr] I'm pretty sure you can never put STDIN into a nonblocking mode on
| | 272487 [sgware gmail] Maybe that's the problem :(
| | 272515 [adam.shelly ] If I was programming a Windows console app in C, I would use kbhit()
| | 272574 [sgware gmail] Wow, that is quite complex.  Thank you!
| | 276909 [wurzelciderm] Stephen,
| | 276926 [lloyd 2live4] Why don't you just bind a keypress event?  That would capture any given
| | 276927 [wurzelciderm] Can you provide an example?
| | 276998 [lloyd 2live4] I got the idea from the pickaxe book starting on page 246.
| + 272467 [sgware gmail] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 272462 [dolgun excit] The following is an example that uses one thread to execute some code in
| + 272464 [cilibrar gma] I guess it's because in Unix most text I/O at the text console is
| | 272469 [dolgun excit] print "Enter data: "
| | 272470 [cilibrar gma] I would imagine because it is the interactive terminal (not
| | 272473 [dolgun excit] No, because if you look at the example I posted, the main thread has the
| | 272477 [cilibrar gma] hmm, well the first-thread thing was really a guess.  i don't know
| | 272478 [sgware gmail] Err... does anyone have an answer to my original question?
| + 272471 [overlord gmx] stdout is auto-flushed on newlines. puts includes a newline, print
|   272474 [dolgun excit] print "Enter command: "
+ 272575 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ Castor-like Package for Ruby
272456 [btrichardson] I come from a Java background, where lately I've been using Castor to
272520 [tpo2 sourcep] soap4r has a tool wsdl2ruby that takes a wsdl definition and creates
272611 [btrichardson] Thanks for the response Tom.  I'll take a look at the WSDL stuff.  As a
272654 [nakahiro sar] soap4r-1.5.8 includes xsd2ruby.rb command line script for that purpose.

^ problem with OpenMP in Ruby extension
272457 [cilibrar gma] I am the main developer of CompLearn, an open-source machine learning library
272507 [ara.t.howard] this sounds like it gets the link right (LD_LIBRARY_PATH) but fails
272547 [cilibrar gma] Good to hear from you and I am glad to hear you are still thinking about dynamic
272887 [ara.t.howard] try setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the location of libgimp (directory
272911 [cilibrar gma] Hmm, I tried the LD_LIBRARY_PATH thing and still no luck.  But, gga gave the

^ Rails Developer
272472 [stumptownage] Copious Creative is an award-winning creative agency specializing in
272479 [dangerwillro] You ask for local candidates only, but in your post, you never say
+ 272482 [vjoel path.b] It's Stumptown, next stop on the Rails after Palookaville, South
| 272505 [znmeb cesmai] Stumptown is actually a nickname for Portland, Oregon, USA. Another
+ 272483 [ruby philip.] Their phone number is (503) 255-1822 maybe that will... oh... nevermind.
| 272490 [dangerwillro] Phone numbers are no longer good indicators of geography. (mobile
| 272511 [ben bleythin] Sure, but it's better than nothin'...
+ 272587 [stumptownage] On Oct 3, 4:53 pm, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
  272590 [wayneeseguin] Would it be amusing if EVERYONE on the ruby-talk list applied...?
  272598 [dangerwillro] Would it be amusing if we ACTUALLY WERE the Portland Ruby Group, but
  + 272601 [wayneeseguin] Just a bit :)
  + 272630 [ news jay.fm] What's this half-chewed food doing in my mouth!?  That's disgusting.  Who

^ Update: rdebug / emacs / gud
272488 [jim weirichh] Found the problem:  The regexp used to filter the output of rdebug to
280729 [rocky gnu.or] My apologies for not seeing this sooner. It has come to my attention
280730 [rocky gnu.or] One other thing I forgot to mention. It was not clear to me which rdebug

^ RubyForge offline
272491 [tom infoethe] RubyForge is currently offline.  I've got a ticket in with our colo
272492 [tom infoethe] Back online now,

^ wxRuby: MemoryDC problems...
272494 [jay mcgavren] I'm trying to put together a quick test of buffered animation with

^ opinion on a simple method
272496 [lloyd 2live4] I am trying to find the better way to do things ruby style.  I needed to
+ 272500 [alexg kuicr.] File.foreach('\movies.txt') do |l|
| 272526 [shortcutter ] File.foreach("movies.txt") do |line|
+ 272503 [has.sox gmai] In rails, activesupport there is the titlize method
+ 272536 [dolgun excit] File.open("data.txt") do |file|
| 272539 [dolgun excit] IO.foreach("data.txt") do |line|
| 272546 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> "a  b c".each(" ") {|w| p w}
| + 272559 [lloyd 2live4] What an education!   That is just too cool!  Thanks everyone!
| + 272562 [dolgun excit] Nice catch!  Actually, your solution suffers from the same probem.  :(
|   + 272563 [dolgun excit] the      Bourne    ultimatum
|   + 272564 [shortcutter ] I don't think so.  Please look again!
|     272584 [dolgun excit] because my original solution and your solution result in the same
|     272599 [shortcutter ] I just wanted to point out that there might be some useless
|     272672 [dolgun excit] I'm not sure exactly how the internals of capitalize work, but based on
+ 272594 [w_a_x_man ya] puts IO.read('data').gsub(/\w+/){ $&.capitalize }

^ Ruby 1.8.6-p111 / 1.8.5-p114 released (Security Fix)
272498 [shyouhei rub] A problem on the net/https library was reported. We already fixed that
+ 272573 [nakahiro sar] It's not related to ruby but the report above should have a reference to
+ 278054 [hramrach cen] BTW

^ generate texture
272512 [valde.maximu] I am trying to generate a texture.
272580 [valde.maximu] The issue was that the call to generate a texture must be inside of a

272524 [munyivangea ] I would like to be able to create an alphabetical index that accesses

^ How to list all Child Processes of an Applikation
272525 [jc.thoelken ] In my Ruby Applikation I start a windows-batch-script which then starts
272541 [jc.thoelken ] io = popen(...)

^ cygwin's Ruby (was: Re: Whats going on!?!?)
272529 [shortcutter ] I'm curious: why do you discourage usage of cygwin's ruby?
+ 272552 [ news jay.fm] Good question; I actually rarely use my Win32 Ruby install anymore, finding
| 272581 [droffo gmail] It's good to know that somebody has successfully done this.  I've tried in
| 272589 [znmeb cesmai] Cygwin is a crutch. It's a damn good crutch -- don't get me wrong about
| + 272592 [matthewrudyj] Oh gosh.
| | + 272656 [ml.chibbs gm] Actually, building Ruby itself is pretty easy. The problems are
| | + 272675 [znmeb cesmai] I don't know ... Curt posted his email address here a few days ago along
| |   272689 [ml.chibbs gm] Perhaps you're thinking of Ruby-mswin32. The One-Click Installer is
| + 272600 [shortcutter ] Hm, cygwin is also a convenient crutch: installing and updating is
| | 272674 [znmeb cesmai] The last time I checked, the Cygwin Ruby was slightly faster than the
| | 272706 [shortcutter ] Which still leaves me waiting for more flesh to the "why not use
| | 272738 [znmeb cesmai] Have you attempted to recompile from source, or is this a pre-packaged
| | 272756 [shortcutter ] True, but since it's a production system my permissions are limited
| + 272634 [jflam micros] Well, jRuby is quite a bit ahead of where we are right now; we've got our w=
|   + 272642 [dangerwillro] Does that mean there will be any books / tutorials on using IronRuby
|   | 272665 [jflam micros] While I would love to write a book on IronRuby, I feel that it's a bit prem=
|   | 272694 [dangerwillro] You might consider brief stuff though. There is a growing trend from
|   + 272679 [halostatue g] Interesting, but I have no intention of ever installing Silverlight. I
+ 273040 [phlip2005 gm] There might be real reasons. I just figured a newb would be better off
  273134 [shortcutter ] Ah, ok.  To me it sounded as if you were implying some major technical