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How to see Ruby error when called from PHP
271789 [mtlmeijer@gm] I'm not seeing an error message when I call my Ruby script from PHP with

XML in Ruby syntax
271800 [transfire@gm] Recently I saw an announcement for an XML/HTML builder lib that
271802 [jgabrielygal] It was a post/email (I use the mailing list) from Michael Neumann on
271827 [transfire@gm] On Sep 30, 6:38 am, "Jes?s Gabriel y Gal?n" <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>

[SOLUTION][QUIZ] Probable Iterations (#141)
271807 [jesse.d.merr] ...

How can I uninstall Ruby?  Need to reinstall - please help!
271809 [bostonantifa] My Ruby installation doesn't recognize "gets", among other things, so
+ 271832 [bigboss64@ip] You probably fragged the install or got a very bad download of the installer
+ 271936 [d_rems@ya oo] I have used One-Click Ruby Installer and everything is installed in
+ 272285 [stefan@ma li] Any chance that you are using SciTE?

How to use RSS2 parser to parse tags with colon?
271813 [eryan.yu@gm ] I am trying to user the RSS2 parser to parse the weather feed from

[ANN] Ruby on OpenMoko / Neo1973
271830 [kero@ch ll .] FYI,
+ 271895 [konrad@ty er] charset="utf-8"
+ 271898 [jeremy@hi eg] This just made my day.  I've been waiting for the consumer OpenMoko

Regular Expression newbie question about upper & lower case
271847 [bostonantifa] I want to check for both upper & lower case answers when a user keys in
+ 271850 [summercoolne] something like
+ 271852 [sepp2k@go gl] If you only care whether the first character is a y you can just do

Re: A mechanism for specifying static type signatures (NOT STATIC TYPING)
271848 [micathom@gm ] If it provides hints for the compiler to cry on obvious errors, I

Re: Regular Expression newbie question about upper & lower c
271853 [bostonantifa] Thank you much.  Does the i at the end of the expression indicate
+ 271854 [sepp2k@go gl] Yes.
+ 271856 [summercoolne] yes, it is a modifier, and i for case insensitivity and m for multiline

Re: Will 1.8.6 remain compiled with VC6?
271863 [znmeb@ce ma ] Yes, let's take this to Ruby-Talk so we can all participate. Most of the
+ 271899 [luislavena@g] Maybe you're right, cross-posting this could get more answers from
+ 271909 [cfis@sa ag x] Postgresql 8.3 is moving to VC2005.  Python also uses VC++ (2003 IIRC).

canonical Array#append to hang hook
271876 [nicolas.rass] I have a class which inherit from Array. I want to perform some task
+ 271972 [shortcutter@] I'd probably consider not using inheritance but wrapping your Array in
+ 272043 [vjoel@pa h. ] It's not clear to me (though maybe it is clear to you) whether + should
+ 272046 [logancapaldo] class Narray
  272157 [nicolas.rass] Sure I can do this but this way I lose every benefit of inheritance! And
  + 272159 [halostatue@g] No you don't. #method_missing and #respond_to? are your friends. Or
  | 272161 [nicolas.rass] a = NRArray.new
  + 272199 [shortcutter@] Actually the only real difference is object identity IMHO. As has been
  | 272250 [nicolas.rass] Right for me
  + 272206 [logancapaldo] Heh I'm silly. There actually is no Array#append method so that's what

Help with a Windows port of a Ruby extension
271878 [junk@gr ay p] I'm working on a game that's in the early stages, and I want to make
271906 [dangerwillro] Well, if you want Objective-C to be portable, you'll have to build it
271913 [junk@gr ay p] Cocoa might not be portable, but Objective C most certainly is.  I've
271920 [dangerwillro] Well, sorry for the noise then.
272017 [junk@gr ay p] The paths aren't the issue.  Cygwin lets you use *NIX style paths, yes.
272025 [dangerwillro] Well, good luck! That sounds like uncharted waters.

Re: Probable Iterations (#141)
271879 [badcarl@gm i] Carl

got a range from an array, but looking for other ways of doing it
271882 [significants] a is an array. I'm trying to chop the first and last third off. or,
+ 271887 [farrel.lifso] irb(main):002:0> a = Array(1..100)
+ 271888 [list.push@gm] That's a very rough third :)
+ 271896 [summercoolne] a = Array(1..100)
| 271911 [summercoolne] that's strange, if i do
| 272258 [rick.denatal] No it's not  because the leftmost = in the first statement is'nt doing
+ 271965 [shortcutter@] What exactly do you want to do with the slice?

Optimizing testing
271890 [chabotm@ya o] I have a rake task that lunches all my unit tests. The execution of
+ 271893 [phlipcpp@ya ] rake test TESTOPTS=-n/_long$/
| 271901 [chabotm@ya o] Thank you for your advices, it will be of a great help.
+ 271929 [drbrain@se m] If your tests take twenty minutes, they aren't unit tests.  Unit
  271951 [chabotm@ya o] In fact I use unit testing to test a Ruby wapper over a C++ tool that
  272054 [drbrain@se m] If you only want to test the wrapper you should stub out the C++
  272063 [mchabotsol@h] In fact it is a command line application. I think it is a good idea to

GTK ListBox?
271900 [lcl@ta az d.] Greetings Ruby gurus
271926 [no@sp m. le ] Nearly everything about Gtk is hard - debugging esp - but...
271928 [lcl@ta az d.] Yes, I noted TreeView and ListStore but that seemed too complicated for
272038 [lcl@ta az d.] Apologies for answering my own post.  Had another go with wxWidgets.

[ANN] mms2r 1.1.10 Released
271903 [mikemondrago] mms2r version 1.1.10 has been released!

bindings/wrapper: how to?
271914 [dangerwillro] Any tips or resources for creating a wrapper or bindings in Ruby to
+ 271916 [vjoel@pa h. ] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
+ 271919 [alexg@ku cr ] The pickaxe has an excellent chapter on how to proceed with a simple
+ 271922 [dangerwillro] SWIG may be the way to go.
  271945 [TimHunter@nc] The Pickaxe has an excellent chapter on extending Ruby, or you can read

Gtk not work
271930 [bad_good_lio] my os --> ubuntu 7.04
+ 271931 [bad_good_lio] sorry i did't tell my problem
+ 271932 [stefano.croc] Your code lacks a call to the method which starts the event loop, that is
  271934 [bad_good_lio] yes i got it....

gem_original_require no such file to load
271939 [andrea.masch] ...
+ 271942 [wieczo.yo@go] Yes, I think that the IDEs add your project path to the $LOAD_PATH
| + 271950 [andrea.masch] ...
| + 271963 [mortee.lists] The problem is actually that while you invoke the scripts from their own
|   271997 [andrea.masch] ...
|   315241 [j2malik@ho m] I'm having exactly the same problem but on a Mac.  I've tried the
+ 339475 [himakiran.ma] I am new to Ruby, I am trying my hands with WebMetrics with a simple
| 339477 [ralf.mueller] Welcome to Ruby!
+ 390576 [hoexuma@gm i] This is my problem
  390602 [matma.rex@gm] Do you have the "bundler" gem installed?

URI.join inconsistency
271941 [gareth.adams] irb(main):001:0> URI.join('http://www.example.com/something', 'else').to_s
272052 [drbrain@se m] URIs and paths are not the same, "http://example.com/something" and
272061 [mortee.lists] Then again, /something in the filesystem may just as well be a file,

Ruby vs. PHP
271943 [mailing.mr@g] My company is trying to get big contract for creating and maintaining
+ 271946 [waleed.harbi] ...
| 271947 [robert.dober] This has been discussed a lot on this list, and I believe that a
| + 271982 [mailing.mr@g] i found this one, and also it's interprete ruby not YARV or JRbuy
| + 272892 [perrin@ap th] I agree.  The site is useful -- just not in the immediately obvious way.
| | 272903 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well ...
| | 272930 [perrin@ap th] No, I'm not assuming that.  I'm pointing out that objections to using
| | 272940 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well ... OK ... you agree with me that they are useful for core
| | + 272948 [znmeb@ce ma ] ...
| | | + 272962 [perrin@ap th] Nice.  I wasn't expecting anything as effective for a quick, by-the-pants
| | | | 272965 [znmeb@ce ma ] ...
| | | | 272968 [perrin@ap th] Then maybe we can turn a translation of that R code into Ruby into a Ruby
| | | + 272998 [khaines@en g] And THAT is where microbenchmarks can lead one astray.  Compare PHP to
| | |   273033 [igouy2@ya oo] -snip-
| | |   273045 [znmeb@ce ma ] test     iter
| | |   273047 [igouy2@ya oo] The more interesting approach would be how can we fix the other failing
| | |   273050 [znmeb@ce ma ] ...
| | + 272959 [perrin@ap th] I still think you're missing my main point -- which is that, in general,
| |   272960 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well ... I guess I don't think Perl's OOP syntax is all that bad. I can
| |   272963 [perrin@ap th] Perl's is bolted on and fugly.  I usually disagree when people say Perl's
| + 272895 [shevegen@li ] I can hear the ice crunching and breaking under your feet
+ 271948 [richard.conr] Why is this a good idea?
| + 271979 [dangerwillro] I wouldn't sweat it much.
| | 272004 [mailing.mr@g] One of main reasons why my (small and new) company is considered is
| + 272001 [mailing.mr@g] why not?
|   + 272003 [shevegen@li ] Finally a topic I like :)
|   | + 272007 [mailing.mr@g] since i have background in php i can provide investor with code samples,
|   | + 272051 [perrin@ap th] Actually, while PHP is much easier to pick up for web development for the
|   |   + 272056 [grkhetan@gm ] I thought this topic was quite related so posted in this same thread..
|   |   | + 272062 [mailing.mr@g] december
|   |   | + 272064 [lionel-subsc] Ruby speed is irrelevant.
|   |   |   272080 [dangerwillro] If you by "serving videos" you mean streaming videos, you'll want
|   |   + 272060 [dangerwillro] PHP actually is a full-fledged programming language.
|   |     + 272083 [listbox@ju i] The reason it took off is mod_php, and I am kind of dreaming about
|   |     + 272099 [perrin@ap th] Who ever said a templating language couldn't be a "programming language"?
|   |       272104 [dangerwillro] nah most of what I type is only directed at my computer.
|   |       272115 [listbox@ju i] Not exactly. Because PHP is so intimate with spitting text at people,
|   |       + 272197 [dangerwillro] That's fine to use a sigil some opening-closing delimiters with
|   |       + 272277 [perrin@ap th] I'd say that PHP should have taken a hint from environment variables if
|   |         272485 [listbox@ju i] To my understanding, ruby-talk is too noble a place to discuss the
|   |         272486 [greg@cy er u] or the Java clone it's becoming.
|   + 272016 [richard.conr] Well thats a claim you will have to back up. I don't see it as being
|   | 272020 [mailing.mr@g] I heard they are STARTING to use ruby from one of google employes.
|   | + 272032 [dolgun@ex it] I'm sure google will try anything that will give them an advantage, but
|   | + 272033 [wayneeseguin] ...
|   | | 272050 [mailing.mr@g] this thread is geting complicated, i ended up replaying to few people on
|   | + 272166 [richard.conr] Yeah, but slower for which end, the Database or the Rails pizza box?
|   |   272249 [mailing.mr@g] in my expirience when in my test (but based on real case) database  DB
|   + 272126 [perrin@ap th] My first thought was that it's a good idea because PHP is more painful to
|   | 272171 [richard.conr] Read my response again - the high availability of PHP developers suits
|   | + 272201 [znmeb@ce ma ] This thread has gone on so long that I've forgotten the original
|   | | 272229 [richard.conr] Well thats what has shaped my answers. In particular the OP wanted
|   | | + 272252 [mailing.mr@g] Well, yes, it WAS buisenes questions, with spawned, lots of subthreads,
|   | | + 272282 [perrin@ap th] I don't think saying that PHP serves the customer better is such an open
|   | |   272284 [mailing.mr@g] Thank God someone that understands :) that are reasons why i want to use
|   | + 272280 [perrin@ap th] You're talking about which is more socially acceptable to a manager,
|   |   272308 [znmeb@ce ma ] 1. I don't remember how I stumbled across it, but somewhere in the great
|   |   + 272332 [ news@ja .f ] I think that was Steve Yegge's blog post - he used to work for Amazon, now
|   |   + 272424 [perrin@ap th] Missed opportunities . . .
|   |   | 272502 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well ... I must say I enjoyed the Scheme workshop, but, yes, Scheme is
|   |   + 272501 [rubify@so to] Sorry for OT, but I did not start it :). The intervew question for quick
|   + 272278 [rick.denatal] I'm jumping in late here, and I've only skimmed most of the replies,
|     272286 [mailing.mr@g] well, I'm still considering merb, in fact my custom framework borrowed
+ 272012 [wayneeseguin] ...
| 272015 [mailing.mr@g] Thanks i was talking with Ezra Zygmuntowich on irc a while ago, and i
+ 272082 [listbox@ju i] I have an argument, altough a weird one at that. PHP is all about
+ 272101 [lloyd@2l ve ] There is a recent thread that covers speed.  If you take ruby 1.9 and

regexpression: scanning  a special charachters // ?
271949 [kazaam@ol co] result = overlook.scan(/myoverlook://(.+?)\n/m)
+ 271952 [mbj@se ni .n] You escaped the ( to, so that your cloasing ) is unmatched...
+ 271959 [sepp2k@go gl] That would be correct if you hadn't accidentally escaped the (, too.
  + 271961 [shortcutter@] I'd also change the RX to a more appropriate one, e.g. any of these
  + 271962 [kazaam@ol co] thanks for both your answers. I had thought I had to surround a / with two \ to escape it. Now it works :)

connecting to sql server with dbi ?
271955 [wbsurfver@ya] I'm trying to figure out how to connect to sql server (2005 i think)

Gem Developer Guide
271968 [cardosojp@ne] Can someone tell me where is the developer guide to the ruby gems?
+ 271970 [rmagick@gm i] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 272073 [cardosojp@ne] Thnaks,
| 272074 [TimHunter@nc] AFAIK that's as close to a "dev guide" as there is. Perhaps somebody
| 272076 [cardosojp@ne] Well...
| 272079 [dangerwillro] There is info in several books.
+ 272089 [wilsonb@gm i] What kind of information are you looking for?
+ 272105 [wdierkes@5d ] If you are just looking for information on how to create a ruby gem
  + 272135 [cardosojp@ne] Thanks. That is enough I think :)
  | 272263 [drbrain@se m] It handles everything you need for building gems and publishing them,
  + 272173 [chris.lowis@] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
    272279 [frdrch@we .d] Regards

passing dynamic parameter in a bloc
271984 [josselin@wa ] in a RoR plugin, I am passing a string parameter (column name) i.e
272055 [logancapaldo] This is really a rails specific question but here's a guess on how you
272147 [josselin@wa ] thanks a lot for your advice... that's true it's a Rail specific

Accessing  Kernel namespace from within classes...
271985 [gabe@dr gf y] Hoping someone could tell me the answer to the following.
271991 [whiteqt@gm i] Are you using a complete URI or just part of one? For example,
272000 [gabe@dr gf y] Oh thank you so much, you spotted that one a million miles off, I
+ 272008 [whiteqt@gm i] No problem. If you need more help, be sure to give us the code that is
| 272355 [gabe@dr gf y] Thanks, Matt!
+ 272059 [gwtmp01@ma .] You can force constants to be evaluated from the
  272356 [gabe@dr gf y] Thank you, Gary!

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
271986 [james@gr yp ] ...

Connecting to PostgreSQL Database
271989 [whiteqt@gm i] I am trying to move data from one postgres database to another using
+ 271990 [anthonyeden@] Have you tried giving it a nil for the password rather than an empty string?
+ 271993 [caleb@ae -t ] Are you sure that the passwordless connection works okay from the machine you're
  271998 [whiteqt@gm i] I tried using nil and got a 'no password specified error'.
  272036 [whiteqt@gm i] Turns out I *was* lied to. There is a password on there. Sorry to

Reference vs. Reference
271996 [shortcutter@] I feel there is a subtle point that needs clarification.
+ 272069 [shortcutter@] It's a free country... :-)
| + 272273 [eric.mahurin] I agree with Robert Dober.  What ruby does is not call-by-reference.
| + 272274 [rick.denatal] I'm catching up after being away for a few days, and this seems to
|   + 272291 [peter@no no ] In PHP 4 and 5 you have references which work similar like C++
|   | 272314 [rick.denatal] I don't know how it relates to PHP 5, but historically object handles
|   | + 272317 [vjoel@pa h. ] I remember those. You had to lock them while accessing the data, because
|   | + 272336 [fxn@ha hr f.] I think the JVM does (or did) something similar using an intermediate
|   | | 272376 [rick.denatal] Perhaps, but I don't think that its a widely used implementation
|   | | 272391 [rick.denatal] Yep, it looks like Squeak has both ProtoObject#become: which has the
|   | + 272386 [eric.mahurin] I see using a memory address as a particular implementation of a
|   |   272392 [rick.denatal] Call by object reference has been used for many years.
|   + 272521 [shortcutter@] Completely agree.  +1 for "call by object reference". What a wonderful
+ 272607 [pbrannan@at ] A reference to another reference is explicitly disallowed in C++;
  + 272623 [shortcutter@] Not the object is passed but the address / handle or however you want to
  | + 272625 [cilibrar@gm ] After reading this interesting thread, I think we might have a chance
  | | 272627 [rick.denatal] Au contraire, it's very objecty.
  | + 272744 [pbrannan@at ] Sigh.  I wish English had explicitly specified order of evaluation like
  |   272753 [shortcutter@] I'm sorry, but now I'm confused. Either I originally understood what
  |   272783 [pbrannan@at ] not the address of the variable but the object (or a copy of the
  + 272693 [eric.mahurin] The common theme with all of the above links is that the caller gives
    + 272702 [rick.denatal] Not just python guys. The term predates python by quite a bit. I'm
    | + 272713 [shortcutter@] Um, where's the problem?  Java is a great language and it certainly
    | | + 272716 [shortcutter@] Yes, I know I know. But I'm sick of all the Java bashing around and
    | | + 272718 [fxn@ha hr f.] Yep, but that's not relevant to the kind of method call done by Java. =20=
    | + 272748 [eric.mahurin] For the getter you are correct, it is indeed deferred evaluation like
    + 272754 [mental@ry ia] Semantically, nil, false, etc. are simply object references (to