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^ process usage
271367 [ara.t.howard] long ago i recall a library the collected process usage, memory and
271375 [djberg96 gma] gem install sys-proctable
+ 271518 [ara.t.howard] thanks a million dan!
+ 271521 [ara.t.howard] irb(main):005:0> ProcTable.ps(Process.pid)
  271570 [drbrain segm] Yes, they left a bunch of that stuff out, or don't supply it via the
  271586 [ara.t.howard] good to know.  now i'm using this, which uses the same shell over and

^ Method origin?
271373 [lists source] Guys,
+ 271374 [apeiros gmx.] a) Use fri (fast-ri)
| 271378 [phlip2005 gm] b) seems to assume an irb environment that calls .inspect automatically.
+ 271380 [phrogz mac.c] If you'd like something better than this, then vote for the
+ 271482 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):001:0> require 'nodewrap'

^ simple regexp question
271390 [macro.peng g] I have a .txt file which contains one line data as
+ 271396 [cameron.math] I'm sure there's a more elegant solution, but this worked for me
+ 271400 [phasis gmail] Why not use csv module?
| 271404 [macro.peng g] Thanks very much.
+ 271448 [ari aribrown] fastercsv might help. It's great, AND a lot faster for parsing comma

^ RefactorMyCode.com to help you... refactor your code!
271392 [macournoyer ] Hey all,
271481 [perrin apoth] The site takes too long to load, and the browser times out.

^ [ANN] dike-0.0.1 - a memory leak detector
271394 [ara.t.howard] NAME
271522 [vjoel path.b] That looks very useful. I'm not sure "leak" is the term I would use,
271526 [ara.t.howard] agree.  we seem to be the minority though ;-(
+ 271527 [jeremy bitsw] ruby-prof includes a really nice object allocation profiler (with a
| + 271531 [ara.t.howard] thanks!  i've actually used that before and even taught a class that
| + 271534 [ara.t.howard] forgot to mention that i'm seeing a weird potential leak out of cgi/
|   271545 [jeremy bitsw] goes out scope. Perhaps that's what you're seeing?
|   + 271577 [ara.t.howard] yeah that's it.
|   + 271764 [ara.t.howard] this is not what i am seeing.  i'm seeing an *extremely* slow leak -
+ 271528 [vjoel path.b] Does this mean you have to make sure your initialize methods super all
| 271533 [ara.t.howard] class ::Class
+ 272037 [hramrach cen] Are there any unreachable objects in Ruby? They should be collected
  272045 [vjoel path.b] Sure there are. Ruby's GC is conservative. If it sees a number on the
  + 272134 [hramrach cen] So if I understand it correctly when I reach the 1G heap size about
  | 272242 [vjoel path.b] It's not that bad: gc can ignore any pointer that points to a location
  + 272442 [tpo2 sourcep] It occurs to me: how does conservative GC prevent the heap from filling up
    + 272484 [tom infoethe] Perhaps it's doing some sort of heap compaction?  Not sure.
    + 272489 [drbrain segm] You'd have to be very lucky.

^ Plugin Separation/Integration using method_missing
271397 [daaku6-nl ya] I'm trying to implement a framework where I have a concept of 'plugin

^ How to start!!!
271401 [junkplanet g] Dear all,
+ 271406 [mo_mail ongh] 1. the PickAxe book - 1st edition
| 271408 [junkplanet g] Bhai Mohit.. thanks for the information.
+ 271414 [james.britt ] James Britt

^ what is mean by thread scheduler in Ruby?
271405 [hariharan.sp] what is mean by thread scheduler in Ruby?with example?
271413 [dolgun excit] Threads don't execute at the same time despite what the literature might
271442 [charles.nutt] implementation; if there's anything to add to that, please do.

^ Thread book!!
271407 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
271416 [dolgun excit] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
271417 [dolgun excit] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ rubyscript2exe > Invalid char `\220' in expression (RC=256) ?
271418 [Gilbert.Rebh] i want to create an executable of the following
271425 [d_rems yahoo] I haven't work with with ruby2script (yet), but it looks like you have
271427 [Gilbert.Rebh] Of Damjan Rems

^ how to do "do" blocks
271421 [danieltalsky] collection_of_objects = []
+ 271422 [jgabrielygal] The reason is that "do" starts a block, and then inside the block the
| 271426 [danieltalsky] Well thanks fellas... that makes good sense.
| + 271429 [jgabrielygal] I'm fairly new to Ruby, and still trying to accomodate my style
| + 271507 [dangerwillro] All Ruby blocks (and methods) return a value. They return the value
| + 272214 [rick.denatal] Rick DeNatale
+ 271423 [tom accident] collection_of_objects = []
  271432 [lists bertra] Yet another opportunity to mention that {} has higer
  272365 [dblack rubyp] irb(main):001:0> a = [1,2,3,4]

^ Load/compile rb with JRuby [RE: Seeing the source]
271431 [Gilbert.Rebh] Behalf Of Charles Oliver Nutter

^ Can we use ruby for web application development???
271435 [junkplanet g] Dear all,
+ 271451 [peter rubyra] Definitely! The most widespread framework is Ruby on Rails, but there
+ 271453 [peter rubyra] Hey,

^ A cautionary tale...
271437 [simon mullis] I've been on this list since 2005 and have always wondered why none of
271446 [benjohn fysh] pong.
271536 [dan fluentra] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
271539 [Reid.Thompso] ...

^ repost: minitar - how to extract only one file from a tar archive as an object
271438 [simon mullis] trying again....
271456 [rrafje gmail] Use entry.read instead of inp.extract_entry; this will not extract the file
271462 [simon mullis] Great! This is exactly what I was looking for!
271479 [simon mullis] Anyone have any examples of using rubyzip with a stringio object of a

^ regex: capture groups and term binding
271439 [simon mullis] Let's get down to it...
271447 [peter rubyra] Hey Simon,
271454 [simon mullis] This is a good idea... I wasn't clear in my original post but the
+ 271457 [peter rubyra] Could you please give an example of how the expected result looks like
| 271463 [simon mullis] Sorry if I'm not being clear - this is more a regex question than a ruby one.
+ 271609 [ari aribrown] This is also exactly (mostly) what is implemented the the aw3s0m3

^ Fwd: how to do "do" blocks
271441 [simon mullis] I posted this earlier, but it didn't get through... (see my other post

^ How to use getname() ?
271461 [kazaam oleco] hostname = getname(IP)
271492 [wblock wonki] Looking at resolv.rb will show you an example.  I don't know why that's
271505 [kazaam oleco] thx :)

^ [ANN] Webistrano 1.1
271466 [jw innerewut] Webistrano is a Web UI for managing Capistrano deployments. It lets you

^ [QUIZ] Probable Iterations (#141)
271467 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 271801 [jgabrielygal] I wanted to look a little into parsing command line options and
| + 271828 [m_goldberg a] I suggest making it a constant.
| | 271860 [jgabrielygal] Thanks for the tip. Didn't realize the scope of constants :-)
| + 271846 [rubify softo] My solution. No match counting, + handles 'ruby dice.rb 1000 1'
|   272495 [rubify softo] I'd better use google instead of worn memory - though I've managed to do a
+ 271815 [rrafje gmail] My solution can be found at http://pastie.caboo.se/102192
+ 271844 [jimmykane gm] I just have a function, nextLogicalRoll, which returns the next
+ 271940 [heiszmann gm] I'm a newbie, this is my first ruby program.
+ 271953 [come.news fr] [QUIZ] Probable Iterations (#141)
| 272127 [eric.duminil] my solution came a bit too late and had nothing to offer in comparison
+ 272238 [aledonne.lis] Just for fun, I implemented two solutions: one actually does and

^ Windows - Get current  logged user
271472 [rodrigo.berm] I need to know how is the user who is currently logged to an specific
271603 [jftucker gma] def get_user; ENV['USERNAME']; end
271715 [rodrigo.berm] The issue here is that it will return the username Im using to log into
275122 [djberg96 gma] require 'windows/system_info'
275295 [RichardDummy] Your suggestion looks neat!  However,  I ran into trouble running it.
+ 275302 [djberg96 gma] Whoops, forgot to mention the gem. You want: gem install windows-pr
+ 275303 [djberg96 gma] require 'sys/admin'
  275318 [RichardDummy] Thanks, Dan.  That's a nice project you composed.  Works great.  Many
  + 275322 [djberg96 gma] I'm actually not that familiar with ri myself. But, you should be able
  | 275330 [RichardDummy] Thanks for your additional reply.  When the gods are against you, you
  | 275339 [hawat.thufir] I, too, would like to know how to get the current user.  For all
  | 275369 [djberg96 gma] require 'sys/admin'
  | 275513 [devi.webmast] On the page
  + 275427 [renard nc.rr] On Oct 22, 10:55 pm, RichardOnRails

^ Advice For Ruby Beginners 1
271483 [vshepelev im] 艦菪薔嵽璆镼峊 用石乩瓜丟仿伉正 乒 丟交汁用-甘交丟民目用 (目石穴亥瓜乒乩仿瓜石石穴瓜 穴乩 "甘交丟交", 民 石瓜 民甲仿民丟用交目石伙目用
271484 [vshepelev im] sorry. wrong mail-list posting address. :(

^ hoping ERb will become the server scripting language
271486 [summercoolne] i am hoping ERb will become the scripting language of choice when it
271488 [perrin apoth] I think you mean Ruby would be the language of choice, using some eRuby
271497 [dangerwillro] Me too.

^ Passing method name to method?
271487 [arfon.smith ] I want to have a generic 'find' method that can check to see if an
+ 271490 [logancapaldo] I *think* what you are trying to do is
| 271493 [arfon.smith ] It works!
+ 271491 [halostatue g] class Object

^ Ruby performance
271498 [vasyl.smirno] I'm new to Ruby, and I've just tried to measure it's performance
+ 271500 [khaines enig] This is because "string" + "otherstring" allocates a new string,
| + 271502 [vasyl.smirno] Indeed, fast as hell!
| | 271706 [ari aribrown] Hey all
| | 271708 [mental rydia] The most general advice is to minimize the number of method calls you
| + 271520 [dangerwillro] That should be on a Ruby Optimization list somewhere!
|   271523 [lerno dragon] Weird. The python version extremely slow compared to Kirk's ruby
|   271535 [flori nixe.p] Yes, for a + b python allocates a new string of length(a) + length(b),
+ 271560 [rubymaniac g] Some things about optimizing Python that doesn't work in Ruby except
  271563 [w_a_x_man ya] Bull.  Psyco isn't even as fast as LuaJIT.

^ a different type of reference   (shocked)
271499 [summercoolne] Before, when I say Ruby's reference to an object
+ 271598 [phlip2005 gm] In Ruby, types that can (generally) fit into 32 bits are "immediate
| + 271606 [phrogz mac.c] But I don't think this should make any bit of difference to anyone.
| + 271624 [dblack rubyp] I'd describe it more as SpringFlowers did: pass by value, where the
|   + 271633 [fxn hashref.] That's the way it is described in Java as well, Java is pass-by-
|   | 271652 [fxn hashref.] In Perl semantics when you write
|   | 271676 [fxn hashref.] Note that's your own interpretation, which does not coincide with the
|   + 271635 [dblack rubyp] s = "string"
|   + 272245 [rick.denatal] pass by value
+ 271607 [dolgun excit] Not so shocking.
  + 271651 [summercoolne] I am starting to see what pointer and reference are and how they relate
  | 271653 [summercoolne] just to clarify that when i write those code above, I am writing it as
  + 271671 [summercoolne] x = "hello"
    271744 [wangqianpku ] On Sep 30, 12:59 am, SpringFlowers AutumnMoon

^ Can we have these two added to ERb?
271503 [summercoolne] I like Ruby tremendously...
+ 271508 [drbrain segm] There is a shortcut for ivars, cvars and globals, but I find it too
| 271525 [summercoolne] hm, that's interesting, the program "erb" can already take
| 271543 [phrogz mac.c] On Sep 28, 11:35 am, SpringFlowers AutumnMoon
+ 271510 [phrogz mac.c] On Sep 28, 10:20 am, SpringFlowers AutumnMoon
| + 271513 [phrogz mac.c] I'm not sure how much (if any) ERb has changed between 1.8.2 and
| | 271512 [phrogz mac.c] Sorry for the extra noise.
| + 271524 [summercoolne] how about the case that in RoR or server side scripting usage, it can be
|   271546 [phrogz mac.c] On Sep 28, 11:29 am, SpringFlowers AutumnMoon
+ 271541 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
  271551 [phrogz mac.c] As does ERB.

^ Ruby "Add-ons" Dictionary and Pronunciation guide please
271506 [promos burch] Rubinius, Watir, RSpec, hpricot, YARV, YAML, rubygems, rake, rinda, erb,
+ 271517 [james.britt ] There are (near) countless libs and tools for Ruby, and the list keeps
+ 271519 [dangerwillro] Wikipedia?
  271538 [sonoflilit g] Oh, you mean RubyGarden? Google for it.
  271574 [dangerwillro] Woefully out of date and not maintained well if at all.
  271585 [james.britt ] I wonder who we can contact to get them to maintain it better and keep

^ Problems- eruby and apache
271511 [wibblecp gma] I am trying to use the useful eruby in my demo project
271516 [wibblecp gma] ok. Now every things is fine

^ Sending an email with a link
271530 [ravinray hot] I am trying to send an e-mail with a link in it.  I can send e-mails
271532 [ravinray hot] I forget to mention I'm using SMTP no sendmail is available
271540 [ravinray hot] Doh sorry forgot one other thing

^ Curious include behavior
271547 [pubsub rubyi] This caused me a small headache the other day. By including a module, an
271553 [dblack rubyp] ruby -e 'include Module.new; p Object.ancestors'
271611 [dolgun excit] Where is the module before it is included?
271623 [dblack rubyp] I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?
271629 [dolgun excit] I would think the name Foo would be visible just like the name of a
271636 [dblack rubyp] class C
271754 [dolgun excit] Is an include always necessary to be able to call a module's instance

^ sleep for lesser of two values
271552 [eclubb valco] I have a loop that runs for a variable amount of time, as defined by
+ 271555 [1337p337 gma] I don't know about elegant, but it's a little more easy to read
+ 271556 [TimHunter nc] sleep([15, end_time -t].min)
+ 271557 [mental rydia] sleep [ 15, end_time - t ].min

^ Running Ruby code from a ZIP file ?
271561 [rubymaniac g] I would like to run Ruby code from a ZIP file directly rather than
+ 271566 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 271568 [jameskilton ] With the name "Ruby Maniac", you'd think there'd be less complaining about
+ 271604 [jftucker gma] Take a look at exerb...

^ [ANN/ADV] Ruby in Practice now in early access (MEAP/beta book/whatever you call it...)
271573 [jeremymcanal] Howdy all,

^ rubygems can't find gems
271579 [mortee.lists] I have a problem with rubygems on a OS X 10.4.10 Tiger PPC. Ruby 1.8.6
271654 [mortee.lists] Replying to myself: it turned out that I was using the wrong way to
271668 [TimHunter nc] Before you can require a gem, you must require RubyGems. This occurs

^ problems with dbi to sql server
271580 [wbsurfver ya] I'm trying to figure out how to connect to sql server (2005 i think)

^ trapping TERM in a daemonized (Daemon gem) script
271582 [deanholdren ] I'm using the Daemon gem, and I'd like to trap the TERM signal so that
271659 [tim.pease gm] You can trap any signal and use that to terminate your script.  Try
271976 [deanholdren ] well I'd want the 'daemonized' script stopped when I issue

^ Copying files to Vista Program Files in ruby script
271587 [smcclain mak] Newbie working on a helper script for app testers (who are using various

^ ObjectSpace reveals order?
271601 [caduceass gm] If I do...
+ 271613 [wilsonb gmai] ObjectSpace has everything. Including the String objects that are
| 271615 [caduceass gm] Thanks for the answer.  I think I understand a tiny bit how the Ruby
+ 271726 [drbrain segm] $ cat test.rb
  271891 [caduceass gm] Ok, logistically this makes sense.  I see.

^ exception "can't convert URI::HTTPS into String"
271602 [jacob.miles ] postback), and I'm getting this error: "can't convert URI::HTTPS into

^ Re: Confession: I never did ASM
271610 [david cybers] Although my link to the free Priess book didn't seem to go over well,
271646 [listbox juli] Lovely! Just what I needed. Thanks alot.
271672 [lojicdotcom ] What's wrong with this group? No one has mentioned K&R ???
+ 271678 [listbox juli] I don't want to go doing C just yet without having some understanding
| 271684 [znmeb cesmai] I think at some point (probably coincident with the "RISC revolution" in
+ 271680 [znmeb cesmai] Actually someone did. :) I don't think there is any reason to buy
| 272129 [mo_mail ongh] While that is true, I still there are better books for learners starting
+ 271695 [dangerwillro] Somebody did, but the one criticism we can always leverage against
| 272303 [lojicdotcom ] On Sep 29, 3:27 pm, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
| + 272307 [dangerwillro] Trolling for arguments? Most things are just tactful discussions here.
| | 272309 [znmeb cesmai] I'd say K&R is pretty close to a sacred religious text. Certainly K&R is
| | 272322 [dangerwillro] Ah, come on, man, what about Larry Wall's camel?!
| | + 272325 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah, except that Randal Schwartz' Perl book is much more sacred -- is
| | | 272423 [perrin apoth] I tend to just refer to "the camelid trilogy".  The llama, the alpaca,
| | | 272508 [znmeb cesmai] 1. I have never owned a copy of any of the camelid books. Then again, my
| | | + 272510 [shevegen lin] "That paper, as well known as it is, was pretty tough to track down in
| | | | + 272517 [dangerwillro] Like electronic formats are more permanent?
| | | | + 272604 [perrin apoth] We'd be better off with volunteer efforts -- think a "Library of
| | | + 272516 [dangerwillro] Missing out, they're a fun read, even if you don't need to learn
| | | | 272605 [perrin apoth] . . . especially the camel.  The other two are more useful for getting
| | | + 272608 [aledonne.lis] Ed,
| | | | + 272650 [ardaliev gma] "The Definitive Guide to How Computers Do Math : Featuring the
| | | | + 272677 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... not exactly. By the time Apple II came out, I had learned Lisp
| | | |   272682 [rick.denatal] Fortran II
| | | + 272703 [lojicdotcom ] On Oct 4, 12:57 am, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@cesmail.net>
| | |   + 272734 [caduceass gm] I don't have the time to read the entire thread, so I'll try to ask
| | |   | + 272747 [grzm seespot] Yes.
| | |   | + 273285 [caduceass gm] Okay, just making sure that it wasn't simply a coincidence.  I didn't
| | |   + 272745 [znmeb cesmai] The problem with Lisp (in its current form, not the elegant formalisms
| | |     272785 [lojicdotcom ] Those are good observations, but if I had taken that perspective, I'd
| | + 272327 [james.britt ] One of the very few that is funny on purpose.  (Witty, rather than
| + 272366 [alex blackke] I learnt enough C to actually get useful stuff done with the Dummies
|   + 272379 [rick.denatal] Harbison and Steele.
|   | 272415 [lojicdotcom ] Interesting. I'm not familiar with that one, but I have a lot of
|   + 272420 [perrin apoth] I wonder if the fact you had already learned C from another (easier) book
+ 271831 [michael.bevi] Not often that I get to quote myself!
  271833 [bigboss64 ip] What I what I would like to know within 20-30 years....
  271841 [znmeb cesmai] I will have to admit hand-optimizing for a drum machine (IBM 650)