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ruby curses problem
271202 [shawn_200606] require "curses"

Configuring Ruby On rails on Windows XP
271211 [rubygujarat@] I am using Komodo 4.2 as an IDE for working with Ruby. I have already
+ 271223 [mo_mail@on h] Can you explain what you have done and what problems you are having.
| 271280 [znmeb@ce ma ] Can't help you there.
+ 271242 [drbrain@se m] You want the rails mailing list then.  rubyonrails-talk@googlegroups.com

[OT] Confession: I never did ASM
271212 [listbox@ju i] I would love to join the recently started confession fest.
+ 271220 [znmeb@ce ma ] And no, I never met Von Neumann but I *did* write software for an
| 271279 [dangerwillro] WOW, that's some classically fluffed up academic writing...
| 271393 [znmeb@ce ma ] You *did* see the date, right? Von Neumann died in 1957. That paper, as
| 271403 [dangerwillro] Sorry Ed, think we crossed wires. I was talking about the Priess
| 271412 [znmeb@ce ma ] Ah ... yes ... the Priess book is junk, even the clean and "published"
| 271537 [michael.bevi] ...
| + 271886 [perrin@ap th] By "the O'Reilly Practical C book" -- do you mean "Practical C
| | 271905 [dangerwillro] there are unfortunately far too many of those "K&R is all you need"
| + 272130 [mo_mail@on h] IMHO, the Waite Group's "New C Primer Plus" does quite an excellent job
|   272194 [dangerwillro] C all-in-one for dummies is the most gentle intro, and is fairly up
|   272203 [znmeb@ce ma ] Actually, the best C book is probably "Head First Java".
|   + 272267 [dangerwillro] Agreed on the taking for granted. Apparently there just isn't enough
|   + 272268 [perrin@ap th] I haven't really found the "Head First" books all that effective.  My
|     272289 [dangerwillro] I haven't personally found the Head First books to be good for me,
|     272306 [znmeb@ce ma ] Yeah ... I read reference books for relaxation so I'm not fond of the
+ 271320 [ news@ja .f ] Wow, that's a tough one today.  When I did assembler (or machine language,
| 271388 [znmeb@ce ma ] Dandamudi
+ 271322 [ruby@an hr p] There are two aspects to ASM. One is how to write efficient ASM code, which

Browser's Local Timezone
271217 [neha.chopra@] Is there a way to get the browser's local timezone from the request
271241 [drbrain@se m] No.  You probably want an HTTP (or maybe the rails) mailing list.

PDF::Writer and simpletable height
271229 [pege83@gm il] I was wondering if there's any way to track the height of a simpletable?
271310 [halostatue@g] There's no need to do that, but there's also no way to force a table

Re: Anyone interested In IronRuby
271234 [alex@bl ck e] I've been meaning to dig into it for a little while now, but haven't had
271345 [williams.jay] I am a little curious about Iron Ruby. I did some work with C#.net but
+ 271364 [phrogz@ma .c] I'm currently involved in the design of a large C# application
| 271385 [rlindby@gm i] Is IronRuby just like Ruby except you get the .Net platform?
| + 271387 [phrogz@ma .c] ...
| + 271444 [victor.reyes] ...
| | 271452 [diego.suarga] ...
| + 271450 [alex@bl ck e] As I understand it, that's pretty much the intention, at least on a
|   + 271455 [lloyd@2l ve ] I agree with Rikard in that MS has a bad track record.  Still I would
|   | + 271460 [snail@ob me ] Linklater <lloyd@2live4.com> writes
|   | + 271469 [znmeb@ce ma ] It's not necessarily a matter of "willing to work and play well with the
|   |   + 271515 [ara.t.howard] and msys is still there...
|   |   | 271550 [jeremywoerti] I tried to install IronRuby twice yesterday, and failed both times. The
|   |   | 271559 [huw@da kn on] It can be done (I've done it). However, bear in mind that IronRuby is
|   |   + 271608 [jflam@mi ro ] I originally brokered the meeting between Austin and the C++ folks. Since I joined the company I've had no communication at all with those guys. Personally, I'm amazed that folks believe that MSFT is actually organized enough to concoct conspiracies like this :)
|   + 271612 [jflam@mi ro ] MSFT did work quite a lot with me (aka the community) when I built the RubyCLR bridge (which, BTW is still out there and a viable alternative if folks want to use MRI and not IronRuby).
+ 271477 [bplummer@za ] Interesting subject...  I've been a .Net developer since the beta days
  271504 [dangerwillro] But many of us are curious about developments at MS. We all know how

Deadlock falsely detected when using condition variables
271235 [no@sp m. le ] I have a fragment of multi-threaded code using Ruby's Mutex and
271238 [sylvain.joye] What patchlevel of 1.8.6 are you using ? 1.8.6-p0 is completely broken
271243 [no@sp m. le ] Craaap! It's patch -p0! How can such a fundamental thing be so catastrophically broken?
271366 [no@sp m. le ] My ruby -v said p0, but the install actually came from the latest one-click

problems with multiple reads in rinda
271249 [kiaroskuro@g] ...

ANN: RuPy 2008 Python & Ruby Conference
271252 [jakub.piotr.] RuPy 2008

271259 [suja@qb rs .] I want to integrate my application with facebook.

[SUMMARY] Shirt Reader (#140)
271260 [james@gr yp ] This quiz is surprisingly challenging.  Our brain is capable of making some
271276 [robert.dober] Nice 1

RFacebook Issue
271261 [suja@qb rs .] I want to integrate my application with facebook.

Ruby's a = b vs PHP5's $obj1 =& $obj2
271269 [summercoolne] Just want to confirm Ruby's
+ 271271 [jameskilton@] ...
+ 271272 [jan.svitok@g] a = Hash.new # a is a reference to Hash object #1
+ 271277 [jonas@on a. ] In PHP, $obj1 =3D & $obj2 means that both $obj1 and $obj2 points to the=20
| + 271332 [gwtmp01@ma .] On Sep 27, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Jonas Roberto de Goes Filho (sysdebug)
| + 271335 [iw1junk@co c] The first pargraph may or may not be correct.  I do not know, since I
| + 271338 [dolgun@ex it] That is from C++.  Those are "reference" semantics.  It causes two names
+ 271324 [konrad@ty er] charset="utf-8"

Compile 1.8.6-p110 under MinGW - test-all problems
271285 [luislavena@g] I'm trying to bring up to date the build of Ruby for MinGW. Part of
+ 271410 [nobu@ru y- a] It's valid only on Japanese version system.
| 271411 [luislavena@g] So I must ignore these failures and take p110 with 0 failures?.
| 271419 [nobu@ru y- a] It's OK.
+ 274772 [rogerpack200] Detailed descriptions on how it ended up working would be nice (how to
  274792 [rogerpack200] My question is with minGW compilation--how do you create the zlib .so
  274881 [luislavena@g] Only installed the C compiler (do not install make since will clash and

Seek repositories in RubyGems
271286 [killavus@gm ] That's possible? As an example I'll present the APT (Debian Package System)...
+ 271295 [drbrain@se m] gem search.
+ 271296 [fxrubyguy@gm] gem search foo

Break apart a string by kind of characters
271289 [rabbitblue@g] 'a1000aa'
+ 271300 [rabbitblue@g] I figured out one possible solution. Granted, it's not as elegant as a
+ 271314 [phrogz@ma .c] irb(main):001:0> s = 'a1000aa'
  + 271321 [phrogz@ma .c] irb(main):001:0> s = 'hello world, you crazy world!'
  + 271369 [rabbitblue@g] WOW! Freakin' awesome!
  | 271371 [james@gr yp ] => ["11", "aa", "1000", "aaa"]
  | 271409 [rabbitblue@g] I LOVE it! I gotta brush up on my regex skills. Wait, I need to get some
  + 271445 [lloyd@2l ve ] Gavin, how in the WORLD does this bit of black magic work and how did
    271459 [james@gr yp ] I'm not Gavin, but...
    271464 [ymendel@po o] On Sep 28, 7:23 am, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>

Open-URI and percent sign in url
271290 [lrlebron@gm ] I am trying to use open-uri to open the following url
271297 [drbrain@se m] %_t is not a valid % escape sequence.  You probably want ...#%25_toc...
271299 [lrlebron@gm ] Thanks. That worked!

gsub-ing each character
271316 [globyy3000@h] I want to convert certain letters to numbers on a gets.chomp..
271328 [yermej@gm il] Normally, you'd use String#tr for something like this, but since you
271329 [yermej@gm il] words = gets.chomp
271330 [yermej@gm il] Sorry, more mistakes. I'm giving up after this.
271336 [globyy3000@h] Haha no worries, thanks a ton -- didnt know you could chain gsubs but

Making 'new' private in a C extension.
271323 [alterego@sd ] I'm writing a C extension, one of the classes I define can only be
+ 271415 [stefano.croc] I think you need to use the C function rb_mod_private_method, defined in
+ 271458 [celtic@sa ry] If it helps, you'd just do a "private :new" in the class -- see the
+ 271468 [pbrannan@at ] In Ruby, such a method is generally named 'instance' rather than
  271542 [nobu@ru y- a] It makes impossible to create any instances at all.
  272749 [pbrannan@at ] Instances can still be created with Data_Wrap_Struct.  But maybe that's

Help with error when executing a remote command via ssh
271326 [victor.reyes] ...
271327 [jan.svitok@g] Jano
271334 [victor.reyes] ...

need a simplified understanding of Rubinius
271333 [bitdoger2@ya] ...just curious...how does Rubinius 'boot' itself up and how does
271494 [wilsonb@gm i] Basically what you do is you write a first implementation using
+ 271496 [james@gr yp ] Isn't there a Scheme book with a Scheme implementation written in
| + 271501 [wilsonb@gm i] That is true, yeah. However, our more direct inspiration is the
| | 272248 [rick.denatal] Although that was done for pedagogical purposes, AFAIK, the
| + 271618 [znmeb@ce ma ] 1. Few entry-level books on Lisp or Scheme *don't* contain an evaluator
+ 271656 [rff_rffREMOV] also PyPy, many Schemes and Squeak come to mind. I believe a better
  271753 [wilsonb@gm i] I was thinking of all of those. Five or so out of all of the language

271337 [mail41t-now@] I am new to Ruby and come form C language.
+ 271340 [lionel-subsc] fname=get.chomp
| 271341 [mail41t-now@] Yes!
+ 271379 [m_goldberg@a] <code>
  271565 [mail41t-now@] Morton thank you for the advice.
  271569 [jameskilton@] ...
  + 271576 [mail41t-now@] Thanks Jason.
  | 271578 [jameskilton@] ...
  | 271595 [mail41t-now@] I am trying to port a parser from c to Ruby. It is a very rudimentary
  + 271596 [el.croata@gm] Regards,

I need some help building ruby 1.8.6 with mingw
271339 [ochronus@gm ] I'm building the most recent ruby 1.8.6 stable snapshot (build level
271433 [ochronus@gm ] Solved :)

[ANN] scRUBYt! 0.3.4
271348 [peter@ru yr ] Hey all,

is there to invoke 'previous' in Find? (or refresh the current path?)
271356 [dtown22@gm i] I am writing a small script which recursively goes down a dir
+ 271509 [dtown22@gm i] *bump*
| 271514 [logancapaldo] This is unacceptable. One does not "bump" a mailing list, especially
| 271529 [dtown22@gm i] sorry for that...generally i post on forums, and i have never felt
+ 271554 [djberg96@gm ] I don't think so. You'll probably have to use Dir.glob, keep a
| 271589 [djberg96@gm ] Ok, here's what I came up with. First, I added a Rule#previous method,
| 271590 [dtown22@gm i] I'm guessing 'file/find' is a gem of yours? I wasnt able to find it
+ 271591 [ara.t.howard] this makes no sense at all - you *know* that the file is created -
  271594 [dtown22@gm i] I don't necessarily know that the file is created, since I provide the
  271597 [ara.t.howard] sure but if

mac - hpricot problems
271360 [sergio@vi la] i am trying to get hpricot running (so i can run mechanize) and am
271368 [rabbitblue@g] I'm going from memory, but I believe you have to require rubygems first.
271370 [sergio@vi la] i forgot to mention that at first.. yes..
271376 [ryand-ruby@z] % find `gem env gemdir`/gems/hpricot-* -name \*.bundle -ls
+ 271382 [mortee.lists] I just ran into the same trouble with Hpricot on OS X too. I can install
| + 271399 [phrogz@ma .c] FWIW, no trouble here. Hand-compiled ruby 1.8.6, using rubygems 0.9.4.
| | 271420 [mortee.lists] Yes, but as gem's output shows, you have an Intel-based Mac. The one I
| + 271735 [mortee.lists] After a lot of experimentation, I concluded that my problems are caused
| | 271842 [listbox@ju i] That's a good one of theirs indeed.
| + 271767 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby -rubygems -e 'require "hpricot"'
+ 271383 [dangerwillro] Try
+ 271475 [sergio@vi la] hmmm..
  271489 [why@ru y- an] Say, would you mind sending me your mkmf.log from that first directory,
  + 271548 [sergio@vi la] have_library: checking for main() in -lc... -------------------- yes
  + 271558 [sergio@vi la] trying this, too..
    271571 [dangerwillro] could be  a PATH issue.
    271575 [sergio@vi la] hmm...
    271593 [dangerwillro] Well, I posted on my own blog a few weeks ago, some software likes to
    271957 [sergio@vi la] okay, i think i fixed this..
    271966 [ news@ja .f ] Oh no!  Let me guess... you were running /usr/bin/ruby instead of
    + 271967 [sergio@vi la] it looks like i was running the correct ruby.. i think the paths were
    | 271971 [dangerwillro] Ah, permissions.
    | 271978 [sergio@vi la] yeah!
    + 271995 [mortee.lists] mortee

process usage
271367 [ara.t.howard] long ago i recall a library the collected process usage, memory and
271375 [djberg96@gm ] gem install sys-proctable
+ 271518 [ara.t.howard] thanks a million dan!
+ 271521 [ara.t.howard] irb(main):005:0> ProcTable.ps(Process.pid)
  271570 [drbrain@se m] Yes, they left a bunch of that stuff out, or don't supply it via the
  271586 [ara.t.howard] good to know.  now i'm using this, which uses the same shell over and

Method origin?
271373 [lists@so rc ] Guys,
+ 271374 [apeiros@gm .] a) Use fri (fast-ri)
| 271378 [phlip2005@gm] b) seems to assume an irb environment that calls .inspect automatically.
+ 271380 [phrogz@ma .c] If you'd like something better than this, then vote for the
+ 271482 [pbrannan@at ] irb(main):001:0> require 'nodewrap'

simple regexp question
271390 [macro.peng@g] I have a .txt file which contains one line data as
+ 271396 [cameron.math] I'm sure there's a more elegant solution, but this worked for me
+ 271400 [phasis@gm il] Why not use csv module?
| 271404 [macro.peng@g] Thanks very much.
+ 271448 [ari@ar br wn] fastercsv might help. It's great, AND a lot faster for parsing comma

RefactorMyCode.com to help you... refactor your code!
271392 [macournoyer@] Hey all,
271481 [perrin@ap th] The site takes too long to load, and the browser times out.

[ANN] dike-0.0.1 - a memory leak detector
271394 [ara.t.howard] NAME
271522 [vjoel@pa h. ] That looks very useful. I'm not sure "leak" is the term I would use,
271526 [ara.t.howard] agree.  we seem to be the minority though ;-(
+ 271527 [jeremy@bi sw] ruby-prof includes a really nice object allocation profiler (with a
| + 271531 [ara.t.howard] thanks!  i've actually used that before and even taught a class that
| + 271534 [ara.t.howard] forgot to mention that i'm seeing a weird potential leak out of cgi/
|   271545 [jeremy@bi sw] goes out scope. Perhaps that's what you're seeing?
|   + 271577 [ara.t.howard] yeah that's it.
|   + 271764 [ara.t.howard] this is not what i am seeing.  i'm seeing an *extremely* slow leak -
+ 271528 [vjoel@pa h. ] Does this mean you have to make sure your initialize methods super all
| 271533 [ara.t.howard] class ::Class
+ 272037 [hramrach@ce ] Are there any unreachable objects in Ruby? They should be collected
  272045 [vjoel@pa h. ] Sure there are. Ruby's GC is conservative. If it sees a number on the
  + 272134 [hramrach@ce ] So if I understand it correctly when I reach the 1G heap size about
  | 272242 [vjoel@pa h. ] It's not that bad: gc can ignore any pointer that points to a location
  + 272442 [tpo2@so rc p] It occurs to me: how does conservative GC prevent the heap from filling up
    + 272484 [tom@in oe he] Perhaps it's doing some sort of heap compaction?  Not sure.
    + 272489 [drbrain@se m] You'd have to be very lucky.

Plugin Separation/Integration using method_missing
271397 [daaku6-nl@ya] I'm trying to implement a framework where I have a concept of 'plugin

How to start!!!
271401 [junkplanet@g] Dear all,
+ 271406 [mo_mail@on h] 1. the PickAxe book - 1st edition
| 271408 [junkplanet@g] Bhai Mohit.. thanks for the information.
+ 271414 [james.britt@] James Britt

what is mean by thread scheduler in Ruby?
271405 [hariharan.sp] what is mean by thread scheduler in Ruby?with example?
271413 [dolgun@ex it] Threads don't execute at the same time despite what the literature might
271442 [charles.nutt] implementation; if there's anything to add to that, please do.