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^ Problem with Iconv
270759 [phpcode gmai] I have a weird problem with Iconv... I'm trying to use it to generate a
270775 [lparravi gma] Is this error happening with the same strings used as arguments?.
270797 [phpcode gmai] Yes, it is the exact same string I'm using as argument!
270864 [phpcode gmai] One "small" update...

^ Precedence of **
270768 [vikkous gmai] I recently discovered that the precedence of ** seems to be at

^ Re: [ANN] Metadata 1.1
270773 [ilmari.heikk] It's working, but it's not on rubyforge. And I'm sort of queasy on

^ More information on REXML/XPath
270776 [pbailey bna.] I'm trying to convert xml files to SGML. The publishing system at our
270785 [pbailey bna.] Never mind. I think I got it. I'm obviously new to XML, so, I was
271193 [keith audiob] HTH,

^ create a class in a class with eval
270777 [gaspard teti] class Test
270783 [dblack rubyp] Module.module_eval "class A; end"
270798 [gaspard teti] Thanks for the answer. Works great.

^ Re: Erubis 2.4.1 released - a fast and extensible eRuby implementation
270781 [thomas.mackl] Great news!  I have been able to get my apps running with erubis if

^ I love Ruby but what is the deal with... this !
270788 [rubymaniac g] I love Ruby but what is the deal with the lack of a VM ?
+ 270791 [ruby anthrop] Ruby is a language written to scratch someone's (Matz) itch. It happens to
| + 270794 [rubymaniac g] On Sep 25, 6:52 am, Gregory Seidman <gsslist+r...@anthropohedron.net>
| | + 270815 [wpmailinglis] Troll.
| | | 270867 [rubymaniac g] Do you classify all those who have an opposing viewpoint as being a
| | | 270872 [phlip2005 gm] Classify someone who writes posts only to stir up trouble as a troll.
| | | 270890 [rubymaniac g] Well pardon me for causing "trouble" simply by talking about the
| | | + 270892 [phlip2005 gm] (Another trolloid technique is frequently returning to appeasement and
| | | | + 270900 [dangerwillro] We know how slow it is and whether or not it is important.
| | | | | 270942 [rubymaniac g] On Sep 25, 2:40 pm, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
| | | | | 271047 [ruby anthrop] Okay, here's where I'm ready to call troll. Compare and contrast the
| | | | | 271169 [bigboss64 ip] Ruby Manic, it seems every where I look for you I seem to see tendencies for
| | | | + 270938 [rubymaniac g] So who specifically would my remarks be offending, assuming I was
| | | + 270919 [znmeb cesmai] First of all, nobody is punishing anyone as far as I can tell. I see
| | + 270922 [cjs cynic.ne] Well, that's debatable. It all depends on where you set your bar;
| |   270944 [znmeb cesmai] Once upon a time, there were *two* -- or was it three? -- Lisp machines.
| |   + 270952 [shevegen lin] Ruby Maniac, please stop the ruby-is-slow crusade for a little while.
| |   | 270960 [grzm seespot] Marc (and others),
| |   + 274034 [cjs cynic.ne] This sounds like an opinion held firmly enough that it's unswayable, but
| |     274045 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... that I think depends on the task to be accomplished. But in
| |     274095 [perrin apoth] I tend to agree that it's better to reuse than to recreate.  Beyond that,
| + 270929 [znmeb cesmai] Most of the warts *I've* seen on Ruby are things it "inherited" from
|   270943 [rubymaniac g] On Sep 25, 5:34 pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@cesmail.net>
+ 270839 [rsanheim gma] Please don't feed the trolls.  Move along...nothing to see here.
+ 270941 [listbox juli] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Ruby Scales just fine !
270792 [rubymaniac g] Just buy a bunch of Quad Core Opterons and get over it !
270800 [znmeb cesmai] If Twitter is a for-profit venture, I'd be very surprised if usable
+ 270802 [james graypr] That slideshow claims they use 8 Sun X4100s.
| 270809 [znmeb cesmai] Cute ... but they *did* use the E-word! And no family jewels.
+ 270842 [drbrain segm] These things are less secret than you think.  Twitter's solutions to
  + 270865 [rubymaniac g] and
  | 270886 [rimantas gma] That may be true when the  language speed is the limiting factor.
  | 270887 [rubymaniac g] Are you trying to say a slow inefficient language such as RoR should
  | 270896 [rimantas gma] Faster what? Language? Or DB? Or network?
  | 270937 [rubymaniac g] I know what you point is but the issues dealing with scalability
  | 270969 [mick hollins] Why does it have no merit? If I am writing an app that needs to write to
  + 270884 [spamtrap cle] The Twitter folks have been very forthcoming about the trials and
  + 270925 [ari aribrown] Soo........ Ruby DOES use multiple cores? I read somewhere that it
    + 270930 [matz ruby-la] Single Ruby process does not.  But we can use as much cores we have by
    | + 270939 [rubymaniac g] Ruby would have to use real OS threads to take advantage of how
    | + 270947 [ari aribrown] So fork() moves to a new processor if there is one, else a new thread?
    |   + 270950 [shevegen lin] Ruby Maniac, you seem to like this recurrent topic, but why not give it
    |   + 270964 [james graypr] fork() creates another process which your schedular is free to handle
    |     271018 [alex blackke] OT, but is there a combination of libraries/OS/network-level
    |     + 271066 [znmeb cesmai] If you mean the "native" scheduler that's built in to the OS, you or
    |     | 271114 [rick.denatal] Here's a recent presentation from RailsConf Europe (actually Jason has
    |     | 271313 [ news jay.fm] That is a truly great presentation.
    |     + 271346 [brabuhr gmai] "The latest version of MOSIX, called MOSIX2, is compatible
    + 270936 [znmeb cesmai] Well, if you have two Ruby *processes* on your dual-core box, all of the

^ Parsing through XML with REXML/XPath
270803 [pbailey bna.] I need to sort groups of xml data based on the first instances of
270805 [mark ociweb.] charset=US-ASCII;
270818 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Mark. Yes, I'm sorry about the lingo. I'm not that versed in

^ array manipulation
270804 [analogy47 ao] I have a general newbie type question
+ 270811 [summercoolne] you can use array[2][3,2]  = nil to delete the last 2 elements
+ 270812 [robert.dober] 2.times{ array.last.pop }
+ 270814 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 270824 [paul.hendric] this any good?

^ midi scheduler in ruby
270806 [gaspard teti] I am writing ruby wrappers around rtMidi

^ Why dynamic languages for ActiveRecord..?
270813 [ypomonh free] I having problems understanding why people prefer to implement the
+ 270816 [jameskilton ] Y2xhc3MgWW91clRhYmxlIDwgQWN0aXZlUmVjb3JkOjpCYXNlCmVuZAoKaW5zdGFuY2UgPSBZb3Vy
+ 270820 [phlip2005 gm] You are describing a "soft" language, such as Perl, JavaScript, orsome aspects of BASIC. A variable can change its type based on itsenvironment.
  + 270829 [dblack rubyp] I think there's part of a sentence missing there. I wanted to comment
  | 270831 [phlip2005 gm] The inspiration there is Smalltalk, which is similarly strongly typed.
  | + 270833 [dblack rubyp] That's the proximate inspiration, though I always remember Matz
  | + 270836 [robert.dober] I would not agree with this statement. Smalltalk strongly typed???
  |   + 270840 [phlip2005 gm] You are free to argue with him, but I ain't gonna!
  |   + 270845 [jameskilton ] require 'evil'
  |     270848 [JeremyWoerti] haha, nice! Especially the name.
  + 270830 [phlip2005 gm] existing code, including getters and setters that make types appear dynamic.
    271028 [ypomonh free] Ruby seems more well suited (eg. from Java) for implementing the
    271645 [phlip2005 gm] That's consultant speak. We practice not saying "No but". (-;
    271682 [znmeb cesmai] Would that be a "Yes bot"?

^ Spliting input at blank line
270817 [arfon.smith ] I'm trying to read in a file with blocks of text separated by blank
+ 270819 [fxn hashref.] File.foreach(fname, "\n\n") do |block|
| 271041 [arfon.smith ] great, thanks guys!
+ 270821 [phrogz mac.c] my_text.split /\n\n/

^ ANN: Sequel 0.2.1 Released
270822 [ciconia gmai] Sequel version 0.2.1 has just been released. This release includes a

^ ObjectSpace.define_finalizer and memory leaks
270823 [ara.t.howard] class C
+ 270827 [ilmari.heikk] The usual way to do finalizers is
+ 270828 [sylvain.joye] The only way I am aware of is to use methods ...
  + 270834 [ara.t.howard] yeah - trying to prevent the closure... smart.  i'm not having luck
  | 270851 [sylvain.joye] Well, I thought I already tried and that it worked fine... But I think I found
  + 270837 [ara.t.howard] working off of you idea of avoiding any new references whatsoever i

^ web scraping for Cisco products
270826 [chuckdawit g] I'm scraping through about 1000 web pages that I have from a list to see

^ replacing diacritics by simple character
270832 [unbewusst.se] -o-> e)
270841 [fred lacave.] (Hello again... :) )
+ 270859 [hramrach cen] ???
| 270877 [fred lacave.] It's intentional.  Cow orker was probably a typo in the olden times, but
| 270879 [mikeciav gma] How do i get off this mailing list ? THANKS!!!
+ 270870 [unbewusst.se] Fine thanks a lot Fred c't'heure ;-)
+ 270876 [petite.abeil] An alternative approach is something like Sean M. Burke's
+ 270903 [dan-ml dan42] => true
  270909 [unbewusst.se] Are u sure about the encoding of "au" ?
  270913 [dan-ml dan42] yep.
  270940 [unbewusst.se] i'm running Mac OS X 10.4.10...

^ so surprised syntax error not caught here
270838 [summercoolne] the following syntax error for "elif" is not caught?  (should be elsif)
+ 270843 [vshepelev im] SpringFlowers AutumnMoon
+ 270844 [halostatue g] It's treating "elif" as a (possible) method call that's never reached
| 271161 [bigboss64 ip] My word, you have just given me a reason to stop using returns !!!
+ 270846 [phlip2005 gm] Ruby is interpretive; it does not link all its symbols to real

^ Ruby Beginner - Recommended Books
270847 [amir amir7.c] I'm new to this Ruby thing. Would like to get some books to get up to
+ 270850 [JeremyWoerti] and a personal fav, but not really ruby related
+ 270852 [luis.fernand] Apress. It has been a great tool for me to learn Ruby. I have done C, Pascal
+ 270880 [helios.junio] You learn as you go along trying out many examples in the chapters. At the
+ 270899 [dangerwillro] Peter Cooper's, Begining Ruby, from Apress

^ Best way to create Bignum from C extension
270853 [pubsub rubyi] I've been hand-translating some Ruby code into C for an extension and
+ 271123 [thomas.mackl] dumb question probably, but could you use scientific notation style
| 271124 [pubsub rubyi] No, the reason I need to do this is to read in Erlang's packed data
| 271131 [thomas.mackl] something like breaking up the string into substrings and then calling
+ 271485 [pbrannan atd] Take a look at the rb_big_* functions declared in intern.h.  I think you

^ What is the WxRuby equivalent to Grid in Tk
270854 [williams.jay] What is the equivalent to Grid in Tk, for WxRuby? I see in the
270866 [alex deletem] There is Wx::Grid, which is a fancy spreadsheet-like widget for editing

^ Age to birth year
270855 [eggie5 gmail] Given the string "18" which is the age of a person, how can I get the
270858 [frdrch web.d] Time.now.year - '18'.to_i

^ Ruby Gmail Chat Group
270860 [williams.jay] ...so there I was. Wishing there was some Ruby Guru nearby that could
+ 270862 [mo_mail ongh] I'm not a guru - so it's not my place to say... but since I'm not a
+ 270875 [brabuhr gmai] Something like Lingr or Campfire?
| 270882 [williams.jay] That would be great to
| + 270883 [mikeciav gma] Can someone take me off this list?  Or point me in the direction
| | 271021 [alex blackke] List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org?body=unsubscribe>
| + 271158 [bigboss64 ip] My problem solving phase...
+ 271040 [daniel.schie] GMail, and Google Talk, uses the open Jabber protocol. There are
  271067 [znmeb cesmai] For that matter, most of the open source chat clients can get to IRC
  271110 [williams.jay] In fact, most new things are simply old things in new clothing!.

^ How to use Enumerable
270861 [lukemail kul] Really need a little help understanding how to implement Enumerable -
270874 [m_goldberg a] It looks to me that you are confusing a Class with an array of

^ snippet - svn_grep.rb
270863 [phlip2005 gm] of us getting on in years grep our log for some bygone code.

^ unsubscribe
270871 [berndt.matth] iQIVAwUARvlct8oBxd45zZJZAQKYhQ/9HfMTwxquSUv6J0NMO4jn6VbBGXiVxAAC

^ The guy who wrote RubyScript2Exe needs to seriously reconsider how this little "gem" works...
270888 [rubymaniac g] I have a very simple Ruby script that does nothing more than compute
+ 270891 [jameskilton ] Yes, you are a troll. This does not belong here. It belongs, in a much nicer
+ 270895 [mental rydia] Unfortunately, simply scanning for calls to require is insufficient
| 270931 [rubymaniac g] thing but if the person who is running RubyScript2Exe knows there are
| 270995 [dangerwillro] Well, if you have a better way to do it, or a better way for you,
+ 270904 [Ephaeton gmx] Hey Maniac.
+ 270915 [shawn42 gmai] RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.is_compiling?
+ 270920 [znmeb cesmai] Dhont Repeat Yourself Stones??
| 270928 [tim.pease gm] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMIPS>
| 270935 [znmeb cesmai] Sadly, I'm all too familiar with Dhrystones, Whetstones, Lawrence
+ 270934 [REMOVE-CAPSb] Your posts are intriguing. I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  271094 [celtic sairy] Amen.
  271156 [bigboss64 ip] I think I like this groups sense of humour :-)

^ Re: Ruby is much slower on linux when compiled with --enable
270902 [rogerpack200] Does ruby compile by default with pthreads enabled?
270914 [drbrain segm] No.
271107 [rick.denatal] I seem to recall that one of the library extensions (Tk if I'm not
+ 271195 [znmeb cesmai] If you have Ruby (1.8), Tcl and Tk all together on the same Linux
| 271198 [alexey.verkh] Which is why every precompiled binary package of Ruby that I've seen
| 271284 [rogerpack200] How can one check if theirs is compiled with pthreads or not?
+ 271240 [drbrain segm] Correct.

^ Autocomplete (Code Completion) for Ruby in OS X's Textmate or Other
270905 [phil.devor g] Is there a way to add autocomplete functionality within Textmate for
+ 270912 [dangerwillro] It's in there, but TextMate doesn't have the auto-complete like in MS
+ 284426 [rogerpack200] In TM start the function then hit 'esc'
  284429 [stack.tcpip ] DLTK (Dynamic Languages Toolkit)

^ Setting up TclTkAquaBI and Ruby on OS X
270906 [phil.devor g] to get this to work.  Any help would be very much appreciated.

^ Using a block to configure/initialize a class
270907 [oga_emmanuel] work...
+ 270908 [vshepelev im] Emmanuel Oga
+ 270910 [dblack rubyp] That's just a re-assignment to the variable 'o'. It's not going to
+ 270911 [m_goldberg a] Have you looked at the built-in class Struct? I think it will supply
  270917 [oga_emmanuel] wanted to answer the question of the unnatural api. The reason i wan't
  270918 [vshepelev im] Emmanuel Oga

^ ruby regex on html file
270916 [eggie5 gmail] I'm trying to write a rake task to extract all the script tags out of
+ 270927 [ari aribrown] <sigh>
+ 270948 [unbewusst.se] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
| 270957 [eggie5 gmail] On Sep 25, 6:35 pm, unbewusst.s...@weltanschauung.com.invalid (Une
| 270976 [unbewusst.se] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
+ 270961 [w_a_x_man ya] puts DATA.read.scan( /<script\s+[^>]*src="(.*?)"/m ).flatten
| 270977 [unbewusst.se] i don't understand your "?" here --------------^
| 270982 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 270992 [unbewusst.se] OK, fine, thanks a lot to remaind me...
+ 270984 [daniels pron] require 'hpricot'
  270990 [eggie5 gmail] Ahh, that looks beautiful right there! But will hpricot work on
  270991 [daniels pron] Probably - Hpricot should treat all the rhtml guff as if you're just

^ Ruby | Ruby on Rails | database MS SQL Server 2005
270933 [erstwhileiii] How can I configure Ruby and Ruby on Rails for use with MS SQL Server
270986 [mark.gallop ] I haven't used ADO but have been successfully using ODBC to connect to a
271214 [rubygujarat ] Can you kindly helpo me more on this.
271245 [d_rems yahoo] #  adapter: mssqlclient

^ Running shell scripts
270945 [eggie5 gmail] How can I run this command from my ruby script?
270946 [TimHunter nc] ri Kernel#system
270953 [unbewusst.se] system(cmd [, arg, ...])    => true or false
270954 [unbewusst.se] ri Kernel\#system
+ 270955 [eggie5 gmail] On Sep 25, 6:59 pm, unbewusst.s...@weltanschauung.com.invalid (Une
+ 270965 [james graypr] Welcome to Darwin!
| 270978 [unbewusst.se] ~%> ri Kernel#system
+ 271154 [bigboss64 ip] ri Kernel.system or enclosing the arguments to ri in '' should work on most

^ "Programming Ruby", when to expect P11?
270949 [nanostuff ma] It's been a year since the last printing and I've noticed a lot of
270951 [znmeb cesmai] While we're on the subject, are there books in the works on Ruby 1.9.0?
270959 [nanostuff ma] I doubt anyone would write a book for an intermediate release. They
+ 270975 [dangerwillro] It may be that imminent release of new Ruby and new Rails are both
| 270987 [nanostuff ma] Actually all I was expecting and wanting were updated PDFs :)
| 270996 [dangerwillro] *shivers*?!?!
+ 271102 [ben bleythin] IIRC, 1.9 is not an intermediate release.  For historical reasons I