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^ Adobe SVG Viewer for Linux
27043 [tobiasreif p] I'm pleased to announce that beta releases of Adobe? SVG Viewer 3.0
27053 [armin approx] Wow. Indeed good news.

^ Extension question
27045 [szegedy or.u] I am trying to write a Ruby extension in an very complex
27046 [szegedy or.u] Is there some simple way to remove methods of a class from the
27047 [decoux moulo] ...
27051 [szegedy or.u] Thank you for your fast and informative answer!
27052 [decoux moulo] ...
27072 [nobu.nokada ] And then you must ensure the class is finalized before unload,
27087 [szegedy or.u] Thank you both, for the answers!

^ Using Enumerable
27054 [peter semant] Im trying to write my own each method for a 'sort of' range class that
+ 27055 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 27056 [feldt ce.cha] "Blocks and Iterators" a bit down on the page
+ 27057 [dblack candl] Your each method has to yield values as it iterates.
  27060 [peter semant] Thanks to all who replied, like all ruby it was alot simpler than I
  + 27064 [dblack candl] And if you want to be even more concise while still (in my opinion :-)
  | 27065 [dblack candl] def each
  | + 27067 [feldt ce.cha] Better watch that black hole down in the low, right corner... :-)
  | + 27073 [cboos bct-te] I experienced the same weird behavior. What editor are you using? :)
  | + 27091 [1007572597.6] What is going on with this code?  I can't figure it out.
  | | + 27094 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | + 27095 [dblack candl] Whoops, I guess I crossed the line :-)
  | |   + 27096 [decoux moulo] ...
  | |   + 27097 [dblack candl] Never mind.  Ignore.  Wrong.
  | + 27100 [1007575275.8] irb(main):001:0> def each()
  |   27101 [decoux moulo] ...
  |   27102 [1007576454.0] Yes, thanks.  As David said, "puts" is a bad way to print out test
  + 27068 [mike stok.co] Be careful that the use of an instance variable means that you may be
    27071 [peter semant] Fortunately for this class I have a very specific use in mind and I can

^ design pattern
27061 [ohgr81 earth] Design Pattern CD

^ Musing
27066 [Dave Pragmat] came with Ruby, but not just as a standalone application.
+ 27069 [STUCKNER MUL] The only barrier to doing this is the will to do it. I for one am all for it
| + 27075 [ jimm io.com] I recently busted my second Pilot, and am back with my Newton.
| + 27076 [erik bagfors] X actually runs very good on a device like this.  No need for
|   27077 [jim freeze.o] Has anyone checked netbsd as a potential OS?
|   27098 [erik bagfors] On http://www.handhelds.org/email_lists.html there is a list for netbsd
+ 27079 [rich infoeth] Do it Dude!
| + 27084 [hal9000 hype] I'm with Dave, Rich, Steve, et al.
| | + 27085 [Dave Pragmat] I really wasn't envisaging writing all this from scratch. Can we work
| | + 27086 [jim freeze.o] I'm in.
| | + 27090 [tobiasreif p] Count me in on the latter; (the former still could cause problems ;) )
| |   + 27132 [kentda stud.] .... which is what I want to do in my modified FLTK Editor done in Ruby
| |   + 27164 [    s xss.de] suppose your code is in the middle of the file.
| |     27186 [tobiasreif p] ermm... that could be settable in preferences, along with other
| |     + 27212 [    s xss.de] which makes it hard to use.
| |     | + 27213 [mchahn facel] Doesn't a binding contain all the context you need to execute a code
| |     | | 27214 [    s xss.de] "all the context" is very stretchy. does a binding contain exactly the
| |     | + 27263 [vjoel PATH.B] That would be harder in Ruby than in Forth. Definitions in Forth are
| |     + 27264 [vjoel PATH.B] Nedit does, at least on unix/linux. I haven't used the Windows version,
| + 27088 [james rubyxm] The key may be ease of installation and transparency for the average user.
|   27092 [Dave Pragmat] Folks - I'm talking about approaching Sharp, or Trolltech, or someone
|   + 27099 [erik bagfors] Make sure you talk to the handhelds.org-people also.  The familiar
|   + 27106 [james rubyxm] One approach is to show Sharp, et al, a mock-up or emulator that behaves as if Ruby were the de facto scripting language.
|   | 27108 [armin approx] I don't think this is easy & they could be afraid that competitors start using
|   + 27113 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   | + 27147 [matz ruby-la] Even though Sharp is a Japanese company, Linux based PDA is released
|   | + 27160 [jason haslup] Thought I'd jump in here real quick... I have a developer version of
|   |   27189 [tobiasreif p] IMHO, a site which sells various PDAs (cheap to neat, Linux(to
|   + 27125 [hal9000 hype] OK, that's still something I'd theoretically support.
+ 27121 [ralph.mason ] Why just stop at scripting, a whole Ruby OS is what we really need.  That
+ 27148 [matz ruby-la] The "MorphyONE" open hardware project, which target is HP 200LX type

^ Ruby & MS-SQL7
27078 [armin approx] Does anybody have any experience using Ruby & MS-SQL7.
27137 [neumann s-di] In Ruby/DBI 0.0.4 there was a Sybase (FreeTDS - works with MS-SQL) driver for
27140 [armin approx] I'll try with ODBC. Thanks,
27361 [dthompson ch] Are you connecting from Linux or Windows. I know a reliable way to get
27382 [mchahn facel] I used DBI and ODBC with Ruby to MSSQL7 in a project and it worked just

^ Kernel::system() not working
27089 [rcalco corte] cmd = "C:\\Program Files\\Some Company\\Some Program\\Prog.exe"

^ O'Reilly: An Interview with the Creator of Ruby
27093 [ruby jamesbr] Apologies if this was posted already.

27105 [k.mckinlay b] Oh no, not Yet Another Unit Tester.

^ FW:  Kernel::system() not working
27107 [rcalco corte] Anybody have any idea? This is a showstopper for me, simple as it seems. I
+ 27111 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| 27118 [rcalco corte] cmd "C:\PRogram Files\Some Company\Some Product\Prog.exe"
| + 27120 [usa osb.att.] First of all, calm youself :-)
| | 27126 [rcalco corte] # First of all, calm youself :-)
| + 27145 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 27135 [tobiasreif p] I had some problem with Ruby on Win; reinstalled (and updated) Ruby

^ Hungarian introductionary article to Ruby.
27112 [szegedy or.u] I have seen several reports on this list on appeareances of

^ Looking for x-platform path builder
27116 [jim freeze.o] Is there a standardized way to build file pathnames
27119 [1007582508.5] See the File class, in particular File#join, File#split,
27131 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Ruby & SVG (Curl might be first)
27117 [tobiasreif p] There is discussion going on in the Curlbreaker list regarding SVG

^ Surely someone can help me...
27124 [icculus gmds] I am trying, with no luck, to get the tk library to work.
+ 27155 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 27166 [csawtell par] How did you install tcl/tk and was it complete with the extentions?

^ Executing external programs
27129 [michelemdl l] I need to execute an external program from a ruby script.

^ check
27130 [michelemdl l] check

^ external commands 
27133 [michelemdl l] I need to exec an external programm from a ruby script.
+ 27161 [michelemdl l] If someone had already answered to me, please can you re send you answer
| 27165 [tsyk yk.rim.] I think you should check an environment variable 'COMSPEC'.
+ 27162 [michelemdl l] If someone had already answered to me, please can you re send you answer
  27187 [list chromat] Ciao,
  + 27188 [decoux moulo] ...
  | 27199 [michelemdl l] Thanks to all.
  | 27260 [niko.schwarz] [a message without references]
  + 27217 [list chromat] Sorry guys, this was meant to go offlist.

^ ANN: REXML 1.1a6
27136 [ser germane-] Howdy, howdy, howdy.

^ Trapping signals
27138 [gnuvince yah] how can I trap signals in Ruby like Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Z and do something else
27142 [Dave Pragmat] Would you believe 'trap'?

^ GridFlow/Video4jmax in Ruby
27141 [matju sympat] I've written software called GridFlow (formerly Video4jmax), which is a
27143 [loriend bigp] IMHO Ruby is a far better platform for doing this kind of stuff than JMax. I
+ 27144 [mchahn facel] How do you do this?  I thought the ruby thread with fltk had to be sitting
| 27146 [loriend bigp] allow you to have a block of ruby code executed from within Fltk::run
| 27150 [mchahn facel] By ruby-c I assume you mean an extension of ruby written in C.  So the Ruby
| 27184 [loriend bigp] In a way, but more I've extended ruby to do midi, and have developed
+ 27471 [matju sympat] I think jMax is not developed enough in the direction of large projects.
  27495 [loriend bigp] I agree. I've used Max on the Mac, the IRCAM Signal Processing Workstation
  + 27595 [BMahadevan N] ...
  + 28107 [matju sympat] Well, inheritance is not even on my wishlist yet because templates still

^ Re: REXML 1.1a6
27151 [mikkelj-anti] ...
+ 27190 [tobiasreif p] parser, manipulation API (mainly tree based), writer.
| 27309 [ jimm io.com] Making NQXML 100% comformant is not a burning desire of mine. NQXML started
+ 27313 [james rubyxm] If you go to www.rubyxml.com, the left side of the index page lists the

^ Matz's interview about Ruby ( and its on /. )
27152 [rich infoeth] -Rich

^ ruby -pi expand to
27154 [z4k4ri4 bigf] What ruby -pi expand to?
27179 [decoux moulo] ...
27437 [zak_mail yah] if perl -p -i.orig -e "s/foo/bar/"
27438 [decoux moulo] ...

^ IOWA and Apache-2.0.28?
27156 [josb cncdsl.] Has anybody gotten IOWA 0.14 to work with Apache-2.0.28? Or should I just
27167 [julian beta4] No, we haven't attempted porting mod_iowa to apache2 yet though I
27218 [josb cncdsl.] Thanks for the reply Julian, I have switched back to 1.3.22 for now and the
27224 [julian beta4] I had that problem myself and had it corrected in CVS.  I just put up a
27226 [josb cncdsl.] Great, I'll go play with that. The changes are very minor indeed.
27252 [julian beta4] Unfortunately it's often not in people's paths either... in my case it

^ Bug fix for ruby-mode.el
27159 [1007619975.5] ...
28400 [matz ruby-la] Sorry for being late.
28996 [kamphausen n] I was just working on adding a function (ruby-current-defun) to the
29028 [1009233839.2] That'd be great.  I miss beginning-of-function and end-of-function
29076 [matz ruby-la] I will merge this one.

^ Statically linked extensions and deferred initialization.
27163 [kentda stud.] As I understand extinit.c, all statically linked extensions are
27711 [matz ruby-la] Interesting.
27840 [kentda stud.] That's my cue! *hacks away some more*
27932 [kentda stud.] .... and today it crashes like mad ...
27935 [decoux moulo] ...
27942 [kentda stud.] Thank you! Works better now.
27943 [decoux moulo] ...
27944 [kentda stud.] Well, this might be something I've done wrong on my setup, or perhaps
27945 [decoux moulo] ...
27947 [kentda stud.] Wierd. But this still happens with the unmodified 1.6.5 for me.
27948 [decoux moulo] ...
27949 [kentda stud.] Excuse the brain-fart smell, I'm off to thump my head into my desk a few

^ which editor is adviceful?
27168 [niko.schwarz] I know this always is the standard question for every language, but for
+ 27170 [info mjais.d] you could use gvim, which is a graphical version of vim
| + 27171 [michelemdl l] I personally use Emacs as an editor for all.
| | 27175 [niko.schwarz] oh, really?
| | + 27176 [michelemdl l] Maybe you did't received my e-mail correctly.
| | | 27177 [niko.schwarz] once i was tought a lil italian, it used to sound better *g*
| | | 27244 [huber alum.w] The problem is his newsreader is configured to base64 encode his
| | | + 27259 [niko.schwarz] I wouldn't want to believe this is the only problem. A part of his headers
| | | | 27353 [huber alum.w] This sounds like a bug in KNode...
| | | + 27261 [niko.schwarz] I wouldn't want to believe this is the only problem. A part of his headers
| | + 27210 [ rik kde.org] #if Niko Schwarz
| |   27222 [schneiker ju] ...
| + 27172 [niko.schwarz] gep, thats what im gonna do..
| + 27174 [niko.schwarz] looks interesting, do you know how to run the ruby from inside gvim?
|   + 27178 [    s xss.de] s.
|   + 27182 [neumann s-di] Do you think of running Ruby source code you edit or how to extend vim
|     27221 [ rik kde.org] #if Michael Neumann
+ 27201 [mips cybersp] for
| 27202 [gnuvince yah] You could always use gvim.  Vim is liked a lot (IMO) because of the two
| 27203 [niko.schwarz] yea, it looks neat =)
| 27206 [gnuvince yah] OK. So, to select code, you can use visual mode (v) or line visual mode
| + 27209 [neumann s-di] I think using = on a block is even better.
| + 29003 [jim freeze.o] How do you control the amount a single indent is?
|   29044 [neumann s-di] set shiftwidth=2
+ 27219 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 27231 [mikkelj-anti] ...
  27236 [baasad quali] I just tried scite, its pretty descent but I miss vim already ;)

^ Multithreading and cgi.rb
27169 [harryo zipwo] I've written a small multi-threaded message board server.
+ 27180 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 27181 [neumann s-di] Do you want multiple connections, i.e. handling multiple requests within
| 27216 [harryo zipwo] As I discovered as soon as I tried to use it :-).
+ 27420 [nobu.nokada ] You can make new CGI subclass and override methods; env_table,

^ external commands
27173 [michelemdl l] Under Linux I do somenthing like that to call an external program from

27191 [mentifex scn] The road to supercomputer AI is paved with good inventions; visit
+ 27192 [phlip_cpp ya] Is flaming your own project supposed to make you not a sock puppet?
| 27200 [tobiasreif p] Where's the flame?
| 27204 [phlip_cpp ya] Mr. Manners reminds the Gentle Phlip not to flame someone for flaming
| + 27205 [tobiasreif p] So you know more about manners better than me.
| | 27247 [phlip_cpp ya] I believe I was admonishing myself as you advised me to.
| + 27254 [alwagner tca] It's a pun.  It's supposed to be funny.
+ 27196 [Dave Pragmat] etc...
  + 27198 [tobiasreif p] I don't get it; what's wrong with the post?
  + 27207 [matju sympat] Dave, it's not ? priori a silly project. I mean, it doesn't look
  | 27208 [tobiasreif p] IMHO, it doesn't @ all qualify as spam. One message, on-topic, nothing
  | + 27211 [mchahn facel] Tho me this falls under the category of a victemless crime (stretching the
  | + 27227 [james rubyxm] I agree. Let's hunt down and belittle all those without humor and respect.
  | + 27229 [mikkelj-anti] ...
  | + 27235 [hal9000 hype] OK, this is just my opinion, and it is based on hearsay.
  | + 27237 [matju sympat] You think I was referring to his mail because I said spam. But I was
  |   27238 [hal9000 hype] <tobiasreif@pinkjuice.com>; MikkelFJ <mikkelj-anti-spam@post1.dknet.dk>
  + 27215 [schneiker ju] ...
  | 27256 [curt hibbs.c] no
  | 27270 [tobiasreif p] No; I just won't have the time for a while. :(
  | 27272 [kentda stud.] I second that.
  | 27273 [feldt ce.cha] Is there a way to remove obsolete projects? If not can someone add it or
  | 27276 [matz ruby-la] It's not automated.  Ask me.
  | + 27285 [james rubyxm] On a related tangent: can RAA entries be listed in more than one section, or
  | + 27286 [schneiker ju] ...
  |   27289 [Dave Pragmat] Seconded.
  + 27230 [mikkelj-anti] ...

^ Ruby on PDAs (was 'Musing')
27194 [tobiasreif p] This looks very interesting :)