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How do I create an RBA Ruby Archive File?
269646 [williams.jay] I am using rubyscript2exe to wrap an application. The problem is that
269649 [vjoel@pa h. ] Are you certain that your program, when you run it with rubyscript2exe,
269653 [williams.jay] Actual my problem is a bit more simple. I replaced the default Tk icon
+ 269659 [vjoel@pa h. ] Sorry, I assumed you were talking about .rb files.
+ 269833 [jan.svitok@g] Either use relative paths to your source file (i.e. to __FILE__) or
  269860 [williams.jay] I think I have figured out what the problem has been.
  269949 [david.mullet] set_icon(Icon.new('my_icon.ico'))
  270021 [williams.jay] Thats interesting.  In Tk, I have to tell the main window where the
  270564 [aff28@de et ] 1) Extract the application with 'application.exe --eee-justextract'

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capturing access to array elements
269651 [mortee.lists] my question may sound a bit amateur, but I'm just starting to play
+ 269671 [phrogz@ma .c] Unfortunately, there isn't a single method that accesses the value at
| 269707 [shortcutter@] Having said that it's probably easier to use Delegator to intercept
| 269746 [mortee.lists] Actually it's indifferent if I use Delegator or not. In my scenario, I
| 269748 [shortcutter@] Actually I believe the delegation approach (whether with Delegator or
| 269868 [mortee.lists] You're right in a sense, and not in another. Currently, I use delegation
+ 269717 [no@sp m. le ] My chattr gem does this so it can do type-checking. It's small, install it and have a read.
  269867 [mortee.lists] It looks great, but it doesn't seem to be applicable in my case. I have
  269928 [no@sp m. le ] No, but you can re-open the class that they are of, and apply all
  270234 [mortee.lists] Sounds possible. I'll give it a try, thanks.

check for active web pages with open-uri
269654 [chuckdawit@g] I'm using openuri module to open web pages. If the pages doesn't exist I
269656 [rmagick@gm i] Why not use rescue to catch the SocketError?
269687 [chuckdawit@g] If I use rescue will the script return back to normal flow without
269690 [TimHunter@nc] If that's what you want it to do. The idea is that your rescue block

Blocking/deleteing unsubscribe request
269665 [phrexianreap] Maybe not the ideal place to ask, but does anyone know of a good way to

Cookies and sessions
269666 [jarvo88@gm i] Ok guys, I need to build a script that connects to a websites, grabs and
269678 [mailing.mr@g] use google?
269712 [jarvo88@gm i] Yeah i did use google, not really sure how to use it to be honest, I

[ANN] Webby 0.4.0
269668 [tim.pease@gm] Webby

Helpful advice/refrences/tips for an MPD client in Ruby
269679 [phrexianreap] First off, does anyone know of a pre-existing MPD client written in

removing newline from eachline in file
269681 [chuckdawit@g] I'm reading a file line by line and trying to remove the newline at the
+ 269689 [dolgun@ex it] require "open-uri"
+ 269694 [TimHunter@nc] ri String#chomp
+ 269697 [dolgun@ex it] My isp redirects faulty urls to an error page, so all urls return a web
+ 269699 [dolgun@ex it] If your program is currently crashing on bad urls, you just need to put
+ 269702 [w3gat@nw ag ] file_in = File.new("whatever")
+ 269744 [botp@de mo t] # line = line  =~ /(.*?)\n/

Hi group.
269686 [ ssbm2@o2 pl] yet another newbie... please be patient with me ;)
+ 269693 [TimHunter@nc] Welcome to Ruby!
+ 269696 [mailing.mr@g] oczywicie e bdziemy ;) jeste moe z krakowa albo okolic?
  269704 [ ssbm2@o2 pl] No. I live in Pomerania but I would prefer

[ANN] arrayfields-4.3.0
269691 [ara.t.howard] NAME
269724 [m_goldberg@a] The typo is still there.
269734 [ara.t.howard] thanks morton - 4.5.0 is up on rubyforge, though it'll take a minute

Regexp help
269698 [jeremywoerti] K, so I suck at regular expressions. I just don't seem to understand
+ 269701 [dan@fl en ra] => true
| 269708 [jeremywoerti] Thanks for the help. I would like to use a regexp becuase I think it
| + 269713 [phrogz@ma .c] It means that it found the first match starting at index 0 in the
| | 269714 [jeremywoerti] ok, that makes sense. I did check out the docs on
| | 269715 [jeremywoerti] haha, ok you can disregard that, I looked under string and seen what you
| + 269798 [ari@ar br wn] If it's going to be going heavy on the regexp...... (I have no shame)
+ 269740 [botp@de mo t] # What I want to do is determine if a string includes 2 special

How to change my TCP/IP settings using Ruby
269723 [enogrob@gm i] Is there a way to change my TCP/IP settings using Ruby scripts. For
269725 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"

How to print FULL stacktrace of exception w/ line #?
269732 [meihome@gm i] The ruby interpreter prints out a full trace of the exception.
+ 269736 [konrad@ty er] charset="utf-8"
| + 269737 [meihome@gm i] In the situation, I want to rescue, and run some other logic, since I
| + 269800 [sylvain.joye] ... or not
|   + 270869 [alex@st ck r] I miss Java.
|   + 271014 [alex@bl ck e] You can get that information when you rescue the exception -
|   | 271019 [sylvain.joye] Yes, so I had to rescue all exceptions in all threads I spawn to have a
|   | 271086 [rogerpack200] You might be able to rewrite the Thread.new method and have it catch and
|   + 271087 [meihome@gm i] e.backtrace works fine for me.  In my case, I don't need traces in the
+ 269739 [m.fellinger@] begin
| 371816 [krukid@gm il] hahah :) nice one
+ 269799 [sylvain.joye] You can check utilrb's #full_message at
+ 412619 [lists@ru y- ] Friends i want to write backtreace inside teardown method but i am
  412621 [justincollin] puts caller
  412622 [lists@ru y- ] justin
  412623 [justincollin] Please check your code or post your exact code and error message.
  412625 [lists@ru y- ] Justin,
  412626 [justincollin] You left out the important part, which is how you are adding rescue and
  412627 [lists@ru y- ] Loaded suite search__exportEH
  412628 [justincollin] 1. You asked how to get a stack trace
  412629 [lists@ru y- ] require "rubygems"

Is Block passed to 'times' efficient over for loop
269750 [yeshvanthni@] To Understand a concept you dont need great problems to solve it cud be
269808 [jan.svitok@g] Find out yourself: write both versions and compare them using
269821 [mailing.mr@g] recursive algorithm uses much more operations - every number have to run

Rake TestTask running its block anytime rake is invoked
269751 [adamanderson] require 'rake/testtask'
269758 [adamanderson] require 'rake/testtask'

Re: Racial  Comments in the Following Post
269755 [dolgun@ex it] I read the whole thread, and I didn't see a racial comment in there.
269761 [ttmrichter@g] Making accusations of "racism" as the catch-all evil act is so 1990s.
269893 [dolgun@ex it] lol.
269940 [jeremywoerti] I didn't see any racial comments either, but when I seen "Funkonacci" I
269966 [sepp2k@go gl] I think he's talking about "or mayby peaople in US are just that stupid",
270108 [dangerwillro] I'm from there. It's true.
270112 [perrin@ap th] Me too.  I've also been to a number of other countries, including living
270128 [james.britt@] Thread like these must make the Ruby community really proud.
270137 [perrin@ap th] Did you get the impression any of this was meant seriously?  It all

convert the given number to add.
269759 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
270185 [hariharan.sp] I have findout the answer for this question.

Sort the input roman letters.
269760 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
269769 [lists@be tr ] <http://www.google.de/search?q=ruby+roman+numerals>
269772 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,

"ri intern" not working?
269763 [summercoolne] strange that ri intern is not giving the String#intern
269764 [summercoolne] oh it is actually showing... at the right hand side of a line...
+ 269765 [botp@de mo t] On Behalf Of SpringFlowers AutumnMoon
+ 269876 [matt@ti bi s] gem install fastri

convert a line with whitespaces into a string containing lin
269766 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
269767 [fxn@ha hr f.] str = "\n\n"

Re: convert a line with whitespaces into a string containing
269768 [hariharan.sp] very very Thank you.
269774 [fxn@ha hr f.] Hmmmm... just in case, that was kind of a joke about the strict

Read and workout the program after you have to post.
269771 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,

Convert numbers from one base to another
269773 [hariharan.sp] Hai friends,

Parse XML that isn't well formed
269775 [knirirr@gm i] I have some XML looking like the following, other than being very much
+ 269780 [cliveharber@] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+ 269898 [aledonne.lis] Note that there should be no </xml> - the line at the top is a
  270030 [knirirr@gm i] Good point about the XML. Unfortunately, these are the files I have
  270183 [jan.svitok@g] You should have done two things: 1. add root node <server> (with
  270186 [knirirr@gm i] Great, thanks.

what is the uses of inject()
269776 [hariharan.sp] Can anybody tell me the answer.
+ 269786 [sepp2k@go gl] It allows you to combine the elements of an array using a block (passing the
+ 269788 [anders.u.per] On 19 Sep, 12:06, Vellingiri Arul <hariharan....@rediffmail.com>
| 269792 [hariharan.sp] very very thank you friends.
+ 269790 [shortcutter@] A general hint: search engines can go a long way in helping answering questions.

how can I connect ruby with postgreSQL
269777 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
269964 [d_rems@ya oo] Google for "ruby DBI"
269970 [hariharan.sp] Ok Friends,
269989 [mailing.mr@g] RFTM

replace multiple patterns of a string in single pass
269778 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
269824 [cohen.jeff@g] On Sep 19, 5:13 am, Vellingiri Arul <hariharan....@rediffmail.com>
269848 [daniel.akeru] ...

how can I remove all the comments in my c program.
269779 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
+ 269781 [sepp2k@go gl] The most simple regexen would be %r(//.*$) to match single line comments
| + 269784 [hariharan.sp] Hai,
| + 269809 [dan@fl en ra] It is actually possible to do this reliably using regular expressions,
+ 269793 [     a@b. om] Why would anyone want to remove the comments from a program?
| 269822 [mailing.mr@g] becouse they have to release it as open source becouse of GPL or other
| + 269846 [peter@se an ] Can we have the name of the company / project please. I wish to add it
| + 269886 [konrad@ty er] charset="utf-8"
|   269921 [mailing.mr@g] well, i had "pleasure" of having internship in company which policy was
|   269937 [     a@b. om] snip
|   269939 [cdcarter@gm ] Nowhere did the OP state that this is the reason.  Someone else threw
|   + 269941 [phlip2005@gm] Worshipping comments is an intermediate, not advanced, behavior.
|   | 269987 [mailing.mr@g] well, i guess this flamewar is becouse of me, so... it's of course
|   | + 269996 [peter@se an ] Some programmers seem to think that comments are an excuse for badly
|   | + 270002 [paulymer5ml@] Perhaps the original poster is going to run some custom code metrics
|   |   270003 [hariharan.sp] What do you want?Why are you scolding me like that.
|   |   270007 [paulymer5ml@] We're curious why you want to strip out comments, and whether it may
|   |   + 270009 [cliveharber@] I would say that if you had been open about your reasons for wanting to remove the comments from the C code then you would have got a better reception. You still haven't given a clear and open reason for doing this, instead you are hiding behind the "I'm the wounded party here" clause.
|   |   + 270010 [hariharan.sp] I am also working in software company.
|   |     + 270230 [ara.t.howard] man lint
|   |     + 270231 [ara.t.howard] sorry, i meant
|   + 270211 [     a@b. om] I was referring to the GPL comment dodge.
|     270233 [ara.t.howard] people need to step back and realize that this is a religious issue
|     270309 [     a@b. om] snip
+ 269838 [ara.t.howard] /* comment be gone */
+ 269938 [caduceass@gm] Please try to meet your helpers half way.

Week number
269782 [citrix_linux] I???m newbie on Ruby and I like to know how I can manage to print out the
+ 269785 [hariharan.sp] Dear Ilias,
+ 269794 [lists@be tr ] require "date"
| + 269830 [citrix_linux] Thanks Bertram!
| + 346428 [prateek123@g] How can I calculate the week dates using a week number ?
|   346430 [s.korteling@] Have a look at Date#commercial (
+ 380086 [addis.aden@g] Maybe this is also a goood way :)

iterate over a series of alphabetically increasing strings
269783 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
269787 [shortcutter@] alphabetically_increasing_strings.each {|str| ...}

Re: iterate over a series of alphabetically increasing strin
269789 [hariharan.sp] Yes,
269797 [sepp2k@go gl] Then use Enumerable#sort

Indenting strings - elegant alternatives?
269796 [ronald.fisch] Given a string of lines (for example, "abc\nde\nfgh\n") and a number n,
+ 269801 [dan@fl en ra] " "*n + s.gsub("\n", "\n"+" "*n)
| 269807 [ronald.fisch] Indeed! Thank you for pointing this out!
+ 269803 [fxn@ha hr f.] s.gsub(/^/, ' ' * n)
| 269818 [lists@be tr ] Or even
+ 269805 [w_a_x_man@ya] On Sep 19, 6:13 am, "Ronald Fischer" <ronald.fisc...@venyon.com>
+ 269960 [fzagarzazu@g] something like this?
  269984 [lists@be tr ] /\b/ always matches before and after /\w+/.

Is it possible to change TCP/IP settings of your computer using Ruby
269802 [enogrob@gm i] I would like to have easier and fast way to change the TCP/IP settings
269804 [jan.svitok@g] if you're on windows, you can use WMI through Win32OLE, or netsh via

Dynamic detection of bang and question methods
269812 [augustlillea] I got this idea of a sort of neat syntatic sugar of bang (foo!) and
+ 269845 [sepp2k@go gl] You could implement something similar for ?-methods, but I don't see the
+ 269847 [rick.denatal] It doesn't seem to carry it's own weight so as to merit the
  270074 [augustlillea] I would, however, argue that bang_given? would look a lot more clean.
  270076 [sepp2k@go gl] Unless there's something I'm missing, I *did* implement this and actually it

YAML & readlines & modify text files
269813 [endege@gm il] In ruby I'm trying to read all *.txt files in the current folder and
269834 [stefano.croc] I'm not at all sure I understand correctly what you want to do. I think you
269879 [endege@gm il] You are correct, that is what I want!
269888 [stefano.croc] I think it's because of a mistake in my code: the [1] part of line 45
269910 [endege@gm il] Stefano thanks for your replies so far.
269913 [stefano.croc] There's nothing obvious in the problem you're having (at least, not obvious
269925 [endege@gm il] First of all thanks for all your help so far.
269926 [stefano.croc] This changes everything. I assumed (according to the example lines you posted)
269932 [endege@gm il] All I can say is that in each text file there will only be one Name-
269934 [stefano.croc] If each file contains only one Name-line and one instance of the corresponding
269982 [endege@gm il] Thanks for your reply Stefano!
269985 [stefano.croc] Another couple of mistakes on my part, I'm afraid. This should work
270006 [endege@gm il] Thank you Stefano! Works like a charm now :)
+ 270017 [endege@gm il] And I have another question since I couldn't find anything about this
| 270019 [endege@gm il] City": NYC in the YAML file :)
+ 270366 [stefano.croc] I've been using ruby for about two years. And don't worry: you only need a

1.class vs  method1.class
269814 [summercoolne] so 1.class will give Fixnum...
+ 269817 [james@gr yp ] => nil
+ 269819 [mailing.mr@g] becouse foo returns what puts returns and it's nil, and nil have NilClass

How to compute Sunrise / Sunset ?
269816 [joepetrini@g] I need to compute sunrise/set times in ruby for a given long lat.  Does
+ 269820 [mailing.mr@g] sunrise/sunset differ based on location and time, i think there are very
| + 269823 [summercoolne] and it changes during the year too...
| + 269837 [ ssbm2@o2 pl] Moderately complicated, I would say ;)
|   + 269840 [joepetrini@g] I found some python code to do it.  It's pretty complicated and before I
|   | 269844 [mailing.mr@g] well looks like 3/4 of the code is simple unit exchange, anyway if you
|   + 269842 [mailing.mr@g] did you actually read article, to use that "moderately" complicated
+ 269849 [ ssbm2@o2 pl] I found solutions in basic, common lisp and java. No Ruby :(
+ 269854 [ ssbm2@o2 pl] I overlooked straight solution...
+ 269855 [kbloom@gm il] I have previously posted code for this at
| 269861 [joepetrini@g] I just came across that and had a little trouble getting it working but
+ 269906 [ara.t.howard] this is a c extension to nrel's c code: which is about as accurate as