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^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
269542 [james graypr] ...

^ jruby pre-beginner's question (or should I use C)
269553 [progcat comc] My understanding is that Jruby is slower than regular ruby.   I take
269598 [rick.denatal] So as I understand it your problem is IO bound.

^ Thread deadlock
269558 [castillo.bry] I wanted to create a thread pool.  I know I could have used a
269644 [castillo.bry] I've tried using some different version of ruby to see if the code
269655 [mental rydia] 1.8.6-p0 is broken, but it is not the most recent stable release.
+ 269663 [castillo.bry] I received the error with the stable recommended version from
| 269673 [mental rydia] Try the -p36 tarball and see if it makes a difference (it should, based
| 269703 [castillo.bry] Yes, p36 works fine. I should have done a search for deadlocks on this
| 269741 [castillo.bry] I sent an email to the webmaster at www.ruby-lang.org about having p0
+ 269745 [castillo.bry] Even though 1.8.6-p0 was not working with Mutex/ConditionVariable, I
  270157 [mental rydia] I'd strongly recommend against using Monitor -- it is slow and has some

^ The meaning of  a = b  in object oriented languages
269562 [Summercoolne] The meaning of  a = b  in object oriented languages.
+ 269563 [russell.no.s] Yes, your understanding is exactly correct; C++ will assign by value
| + 269672 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't think you can generalize assignment semantics.  You have
| | 269742 [rick.denatal] True. In the case of immediate value objects (i.e. fixnums,
| | 269922 [gwtmp01 mac.] Perhaps 'special' was not the right term.  I didn't mean to
| + 270141 [jwkenne attg] Ada also assigns by value absent explicit use of access variables
+ 269564 [hates-spam b] Whether the language is OO or not has no bearing on this question. The
| 269811 [gonesail gma] true enough.  the copy mechanism of a language that uses garbage
| 269831 [ttmrichter g] Not all garbage collectors are copying collectors.  Mark/sweep is the
| 269851 [rick.denatal] I'd claim that the presence of and particular implementation of a GC is
+ 269565 [lloyd 2live4] That and it adds a counter.
| + 269571 [Summercoolne] i think the line
| | + 269607 [rick.denatal] Yes!
| | | 270142 [caduceass gm] +1
| | | 270144 [caduceass gm] I feel I should add, also, that another big stumbling block for people
| | + 269709 [lew lwsc.eho] You can't do both in Java.  Is a an array or a String?  If a is a String and b
| |   269856 [kbloom gmail] In this Java example, a and b are statically typed to be of type Object.
| |   269929 [lew lwsc.eho] That doesn't make Strings and arrays assignment compatible, and besides, it
| + 269574 [phil.meier g] I do not see the evidence of a counter.
+ 269577 [laurent.poin] <zip>
| 269579 [rschroev_nos] me too ...
| 269710 [lew lwsc.eho] Nah, this dude's all right, so far.  As if my opinion mattered.
| 269756 [rschroev_nos] I fully agree and I didn't in any way mean to compare Summercool to Xah
| 269912 [dolgun excit] Since Summercoool is most likely Xah Lee, the comparison is fair.  The
+ 269743 [fakeaddress ] There's the "self-assignment" bug. See the popular C++ FAQ.

^ file encryption/decryption needed
269567 [bagam_venkat] Yesterday, in my ruby application, I was needed to
+ 269594 [m_goldberg a] I think puts is adding a "\n" at the end of the file you write out as
+ 269624 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Venkat,
  269754 [bagam_venkat] Dear Axel,

^ jEdit can run code like TextMate does?
269576 [summercoolne] I am using jEdit on windows for Ruby, and it seems to lack a function to
+ 269883 [rf.oodanaw s] Sure you can, You need to configure the Console plugin to dislay the
| + 270011 [Summercoolne] that's weird... do I just go to jEdit -> Plugins -> Plugin Manager ->
| | 270012 [ronald.fisch] Hmmmm.... For me (jEdit 4.3pre9), the plugin manager *does* list the
| + 270175 [summercoolne] finally it installed after getting the "errorlist" plug-in...
|   + 270197 [a99.googlegr] helps.
|   + 270318 [a99.googlegr] My previous post seems to be lost :(.
+ 270344 [phrogz mac.c] On Sep 18, 1:51 am, SpringFlowers AutumnMoon
  270351 [summercoolne] wow, it really is good.

^ adding extra option to date_select
269583 [daniel.van.d] I am trying to add an extra option to a date_select.

^ Faster Alternatives for Recursion in Ruby -Assignment
269586 [yeshvanthni.] I have the following assignment to be done.I have written the recursive
+ 269590 [peter semant] Whats a "recursive API"? You are talking nonsense here. All you have
| 269749 [yeshvanthni ] First of all its not function its a method in ruby terms. If you care
| + 269791 [victor.reyes] Calling someone questions/stmts "nonsense" is one easy reason to intimidate
| + 269795 [peter semant] Well at least you know that much, that does not however excuse the
+ 269614 [mailing.mr g] I think there was nice acronym for "do your homework yourself" or
  269619 [mailing.mr g] hmm i mistook Funkonacci with Fibonacci numbers and i guess you study on

^ [ANN] Tagxplode 0.1
269591 [ilmari.heikk] Description-----------

^ finding string matches, in order, in a file
269596 [pbailey bna.] I've got files I want to parse. I'm using a string scan routine that
269601 [w_a_x_man ya] The file may have multiple copies of some entries, and
269605 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, William. I tried your regex, but, I'm still getting the first
+ 269608 [shortcutter ] Still William's regexp is significantly better than the original one.
| 269612 [pbailey bna.] Same old output. I'll look into REXML. I downloaded it. But, it's enough
| 269629 [shortcutter ] It's part of the standard distribution.
+ 269627 [w_a_x_man ya] Don't give up yet.  A regular expression is a very concentrated
  269631 [pbailey bna.] Believe me, I haven't given up. I need this to work! I really appreciate
  269637 [w_a_x_man ya] During the posting process, your regexp was broken into
  269664 [pbailey bna.] Still no go, William. I tried your last phrase there, too.
  269718 [w_a_x_man ya] You've got to track down what's going on.
  269806 [pbailey bna.] I'm getting exactly what you predict. And, . . ., perhaps I haven't made
  269841 [w_a_x_man ya] Very odd.  "scan" will return the strings in the order that
  269863 [pbailey bna.] Yes, as I said yesterday, the word "Immigration" is on line 300+, and,
  269880 [w_a_x_man ya] "Health Issues" appears twice in your output.  Returning to my
  269885 [w_a_x_man ya] A way to see if the reg.ex. is matching all entries.
  269915 [pbailey bna.] Yes, when I grep my original xml file, I see 229 entries. But, with my
  270014 [pbailey bna.] William,
  270045 [w_a_x_man ya] Good to hear.  I hate to see bugs like this unsquashed.

^ scope questions
269611 [pigdog gmail] is a way to get some of the behavior that I am
+ 269618 [pbrannan atd] If the variables really are different, then use a different variable
+ 269636 [botpena gmai] is def method good enough for you?
  270033 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):020:0> $VERBOSE = true
  270158 [botp delmont] # > irb(main):008:0> def m2

^ RMagick - very, very strange
269613 [ news jay.fm] I installed ImageMagick and RMagick on several platforms, including cygwin.
269626 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Jay,
+ 269670 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 269692 [TimHunter nc] Speaking for RMagick, you're welcome! Best regards to you, too.

^ CPU Usage not near 100% when running code
269616 [summercoolne] I tested some computation intensive Ruby code.  When running, the CPU
+ 269620 [mailing.mr g] becouse ruby VM uses only one processor - always
+ 269622 [dangerwillro] your cpu is smarter than you.
| 269641 [cmdjackryan ] Close. It's the OS that usually handles thread scheduling, and it reserves
+ 269628 [shortcutter ] Maybe your process is IO bound - probably without you being aware of
  269635 [summercoolne] require 'benchmark'
  269638 [shortcutter ] Probably because the OS moves the process between cores.  See whether
  + 269643 [phrexianreap] Might be a stupid question, but could it be that there is a latency
  + 269652 [peter peterc] For anyone who wants to give it a try, you can set core / CPU affinity on
  + 269688 [jan.svitok g] Exactly. I have used Process Explorer for setting affinity, but now
    269722 [summercoolne] the increase from both cores... such as from 20% to 70% in both cores,

^ converting text
269617 [analogy47 ao] I have a general question, but I can't locate the answer anywhere else;
269621 [dangerwillro] charset=US-ASCII;
269623 [matthewrudyj] I believe String#to_f lops off any trailing characters.
269632 [analogy47 ao] Sorry about that, true they are strings
269633 [sepp2k googl] ["1.80%", "14.50%", "ruby", "3.10%"].map do |string|
269657 [analogy47 ao] I tried cutting and pasting this in SciTE to see if it works...it
269662 [sepp2k googl] => ["1.8%", "14.5%", "ruby", "3.1%"]
+ 269682 [analogy47 ao] My fault, I stand corrected. Thank you sir!
+ 269683 [ ssbm2 o2.pl] Imo it is only moderately close to perfection ;)
  269700 [analogy47 ao] Also, ["391", "2", "0.10%]
  269721 [ ssbm2 o2.pl] test = ["391", "2", "0.10%", "10.001%", "#x80C and #x670"]

^ unsubscribe
269625 [psurch gmail] unsubscribe

^ unsubscribe
269630 [karthik.poth] unsubscribe
269648 [Kevin.Brown ] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ How do I create an RBA Ruby Archive File?
269646 [williams.jay] I am using rubyscript2exe to wrap an application. The problem is that
269649 [vjoel path.b] Are you certain that your program, when you run it with rubyscript2exe,
269653 [williams.jay] Actual my problem is a bit more simple. I replaced the default Tk icon
+ 269659 [vjoel path.b] Sorry, I assumed you were talking about .rb files.
+ 269833 [jan.svitok g] Either use relative paths to your source file (i.e. to __FILE__) or
  269860 [williams.jay] I think I have figured out what the problem has been.
  269949 [david.mullet] set_icon(Icon.new('my_icon.ico'))
  270021 [williams.jay] Thats interesting.  In Tk, I have to tell the main window where the
  270564 [aff28 delete] 1) Extract the application with 'application.exe --eee-justextract'

^ unsubscribe
269650 [chimai gmail] ...

^ capturing access to array elements
269651 [mortee.lists] my question may sound a bit amateur, but I'm just starting to play
+ 269671 [phrogz mac.c] Unfortunately, there isn't a single method that accesses the value at
| 269707 [shortcutter ] Having said that it's probably easier to use Delegator to intercept
| 269746 [mortee.lists] Actually it's indifferent if I use Delegator or not. In my scenario, I
| 269748 [shortcutter ] Actually I believe the delegation approach (whether with Delegator or
| 269868 [mortee.lists] You're right in a sense, and not in another. Currently, I use delegation
+ 269717 [no spam.plea] My chattr gem does this so it can do type-checking. It's small, install it and have a read.
  269867 [mortee.lists] It looks great, but it doesn't seem to be applicable in my case. I have
  269928 [no spam.plea] No, but you can re-open the class that they are of, and apply all
  270234 [mortee.lists] Sounds possible. I'll give it a try, thanks.

^ check for active web pages with open-uri
269654 [chuckdawit g] I'm using openuri module to open web pages. If the pages doesn't exist I
269656 [rmagick gmai] Why not use rescue to catch the SocketError?
269687 [chuckdawit g] If I use rescue will the script return back to normal flow without
269690 [TimHunter nc] If that's what you want it to do. The idea is that your rescue block

^ Blocking/deleteing unsubscribe request
269665 [phrexianreap] Maybe not the ideal place to ask, but does anyone know of a good way to

^ Cookies and sessions
269666 [jarvo88 gmai] Ok guys, I need to build a script that connects to a websites, grabs and
269678 [mailing.mr g] use google?
269712 [jarvo88 gmai] Yeah i did use google, not really sure how to use it to be honest, I

^ [ANN] Webby 0.4.0
269668 [tim.pease gm] Webby

^ Helpful advice/refrences/tips for an MPD client in Ruby
269679 [phrexianreap] First off, does anyone know of a pre-existing MPD client written in

^ removing newline from eachline in file
269681 [chuckdawit g] I'm reading a file line by line and trying to remove the newline at the
+ 269689 [dolgun excit] require "open-uri"
+ 269694 [TimHunter nc] ri String#chomp
+ 269697 [dolgun excit] My isp redirects faulty urls to an error page, so all urls return a web
+ 269699 [dolgun excit] If your program is currently crashing on bad urls, you just need to put
+ 269702 [w3gat nwlaga] file_in = File.new("whatever")
+ 269744 [botp delmont] # line = line  =~ /(.*?)\n/

^ Hi group.
269686 [ ssbm2 o2.pl] yet another newbie... please be patient with me ;)
+ 269693 [TimHunter nc] Welcome to Ruby!
+ 269696 [mailing.mr g] oczywicie e bdziemy ;) jeste moe z krakowa albo okolic?
  269704 [ ssbm2 o2.pl] No. I live in Pomerania but I would prefer

^ [ANN] arrayfields-4.3.0
269691 [ara.t.howard] NAME
269724 [m_goldberg a] The typo is still there.
269734 [ara.t.howard] thanks morton - 4.5.0 is up on rubyforge, though it'll take a minute

^ Regexp help
269698 [jeremywoerti] K, so I suck at regular expressions. I just don't seem to understand
+ 269701 [dan fluentra] => true
| 269708 [jeremywoerti] Thanks for the help. I would like to use a regexp becuase I think it
| + 269713 [phrogz mac.c] It means that it found the first match starting at index 0 in the
| | 269714 [jeremywoerti] ok, that makes sense. I did check out the docs on
| | 269715 [jeremywoerti] haha, ok you can disregard that, I looked under string and seen what you
| + 269798 [ari aribrown] If it's going to be going heavy on the regexp...... (I have no shame)
+ 269740 [botp delmont] # What I want to do is determine if a string includes 2 special

^ How to change my TCP/IP settings using Ruby
269723 [enogrob gmai] Is there a way to change my TCP/IP settings using Ruby scripts. For
269725 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"

^ How to print FULL stacktrace of exception w/ line #?
269732 [meihome gmai] The ruby interpreter prints out a full trace of the exception.
+ 269736 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
| + 269737 [meihome gmai] In the situation, I want to rescue, and run some other logic, since I
| + 269800 [sylvain.joye] ... or not
|   + 270869 [alex stacktr] I miss Java.
|   + 271014 [alex blackke] You can get that information when you rescue the exception -
|   | 271019 [sylvain.joye] Yes, so I had to rescue all exceptions in all threads I spawn to have a
|   | 271086 [rogerpack200] You might be able to rewrite the Thread.new method and have it catch and
|   + 271087 [meihome gmai] e.backtrace works fine for me.  In my case, I don't need traces in the
+ 269739 [m.fellinger ] begin
+ 269799 [sylvain.joye] You can check utilrb's #full_message at

^ Is Block passed to 'times' efficient over for loop
269750 [yeshvanthni ] To Understand a concept you dont need great problems to solve it cud be
269808 [jan.svitok g] Find out yourself: write both versions and compare them using
269821 [mailing.mr g] recursive algorithm uses much more operations - every number have to run

^ Rake TestTask running its block anytime rake is invoked
269751 [adamanderson] require 'rake/testtask'
269758 [adamanderson] require 'rake/testtask'

^ Re: Racial  Comments in the Following Post
269755 [dolgun excit] I read the whole thread, and I didn't see a racial comment in there.
269761 [ttmrichter g] Making accusations of "racism" as the catch-all evil act is so 1990s.
269893 [dolgun excit] lol.
269940 [jeremywoerti] I didn't see any racial comments either, but when I seen "Funkonacci" I
269966 [sepp2k googl] I think he's talking about "or mayby peaople in US are just that stupid",
270108 [dangerwillro] I'm from there. It's true.
270112 [perrin apoth] Me too.  I've also been to a number of other countries, including living
270128 [james.britt ] Thread like these must make the Ruby community really proud.
270137 [perrin apoth] Did you get the impression any of this was meant seriously?  It all

^ convert the given number to add.
269759 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
270185 [hariharan.sp] I have findout the answer for this question.

^ Sort the input roman letters.
269760 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,
269769 [lists bertra] <http://www.google.de/search?q=ruby+roman+numerals>
269772 [hariharan.sp] Dear Friends,

^ "ri intern" not working?
269763 [summercoolne] strange that ri intern is not giving the String#intern
269764 [summercoolne] oh it is actually showing... at the right hand side of a line...
+ 269765 [botp delmont] On Behalf Of SpringFlowers AutumnMoon
+ 269876 [matt tidbits] gem install fastri