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^ Threads and daemons
268718 [cdalten gmai] The getty is a daeamon
268722 [mental rydia] It sounds like in the latter case, most of the threads aren't living
268723 [cdalten gmai] Okay, bear with this. When I copied the program, I forgot part of it -(
268729 [bob proulx.c] I think your "party" process is exiting very quickly.  I think there
268731 [cdalten gmai] I see
+ 268732 [cdalten gmai] And on an interesting side note, the status of the program is sleeping
| 268734 [cdalten gmai] There are two errors that I haven't before.
+ 268736 [bob proulx.c] You said it was a daemon?  But the above looks like an interactive

^ Garbage Collection segfault and debug interpreter
268727 [shane techie] I've got a C++ application that initializes a Ruby interpreter and opens
+ 268733 [nobu ruby-la] configure --cflags='debug options'
+ 268982 [thomas.mackl] perhaps if you gave us some more information about what you are doing,

^ Re: need scsh in a wikip article
268728 [xah xahlee.o] i was browsinghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_computer_shells
+ 268737 [dangerwillro] Kind of rude?
| 268775 [cmdjackryan ] To quote from the article: "I as a troll is rather special because i tend to
+ 268752 [cmr.Pent gma] Why can't YOU add scsh or I am missing something??
  268755 [grue mail.ru] Maybe he is banned?
  268906 [cmr.Pent gma] Huh, that sounds reasonable.

^ [ANN] Vlad the Deployer 1.1.0 Released
268748 [ryand-ruby z] Vlad version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ RubyForge down
268760 [tom infoethe] RubyForge is currently offline; I'm investigating the problem and will
268770 [tom infoethe] It's back online; thanks for your patience.

^ what is this syntax: \001\002 ?
268761 [dolgun excit] On p. 131-132 in "Programming Ruby 2d.", it talks about writing binary
+ 268764 [dan fluentra] This is an octal escape sequence. Use it to insert an arbitrary byte
| + 268768 [dan fluentra] No it very much isn't. 377 is what I was going for there. Thank you for
| | 268773 [dolgun excit] Try again.
| + 268772 [dolgun excit] 777 is 255 ?
|   268774 [gaspard teti] A byte is coded on 8 bits, so the maximum is 255 hence the strange
|   268777 [jonas onda.c] How I represent a number eight?
|   268783 [alex blackke] 8 doesn't exist in octal, so it interprets the 8 as a separate character.
+ 268765 [fred lacave.] You should look in the 3rd part, chapter 22, under "The Basic Types".
| + 268769 [dolgun excit] Ah.  I didn't realize there was a second column on the right.
| + 268778 [matthias wae] Does anyone know a good reason for outputting 8 bit byte characters
|   268804 [Rob AgileCon] This is pure history.  The use of octal notation predates hex by a
|   268813 [matthias wae] Well, I understand that in history it was a popular format for
+ 268766 [lparravi gma] That's the way of expressing octal numbers.
+ 268885 [steven lumos] % cheat string

^ How to prevent child process from receiving INT signal?
268771 [gluedtomysea] I'm a bit new to Ruby, and I'm trying to set up a tomcat control script.
268782 [collin.vandy] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
268776 [james graypr] ...

^ Proxying junebug through Apache
268779 [nick glassho] I'm trying to configure Junebug to be served through Apache following
+ 268780 [cmdjackryan ] Is apache listening on :8000, too? There should be a file in the apache.conf file similar to "Listening". If you add :8000 there, you might be successful.
| 268784 [nick codevad] Thanks. That moved me forward a bit.
| + 268789 [cmdjackryan ] mod_proxy's documentation, probably.
| + 268791 [showaltb gma] LoadModule proxy_module libexec/apache22/mod_proxy.so
|   268831 [nick codevad] I'm going in circles here...
|   268834 [showaltb gma] The permissions don't have anything to do with the proxy setup. Try it
|   268843 [nick codevad] Bob, I LOVE YOU!!
+ 268790 [showaltb gma] <VirtualHost *:80>

^ copy/paste line numbers with code
268786 [toastkid.wil] I'm writing up my project report and want to include line numbers with
+ 268793 [kgo_yoi hotm] code = File.open("Song.rb")
| 268794 [toastkid.wil] thanks...i thought about doing something like this but it's a last
| 268797 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| 268801 [toastkid.wil] i know :(
| 268811 [dangerwillro] James! He's using Scite, I doubt he has access to TextMate
| 268814 [james graypr] I know.  But when he asked if anyone knew of an editor...  ;)
| 268821 [toastkid.wil] Feels like a sledgehammer to crack a nut to be honest...I tried
+ 268798 [showaltb gma] I don't know SciTE or Eclipse, but with vim it would be trivial to
+ 268920 [ronald.fisch] - jEdit (http://www.jedit.org/) is a programmable editor (programmable
  268923 [toastkid.wil] Thanks Ronald, i'll look at Notepad++.  Currently, i'm doing the
  268927 [ronald.fisch] Good idea. It's really a good editor and it does syntax-colour

^ CVS parsing, counting rows and row items
268787 [thedossone g] I have some CSV data which looks like the following (it is the output
+ 268795 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
| 268799 [james graypr] CSV fields can contain line ending characters which could throw of
| 268807 [thedossone g] def parsecv(filehandle)
+ 268803 [w_a_x_man ya] CSV stands for comma-separated values.  Where are the commas?
+ 268849 [shortcutter ] You have the return statement in the wrong place.  If you just want to

^ lambda arguments in an extension
268788 [pbrannan atd] lambda().call()

^ WATIR - Clicking img
268800 [tracy.pyne s] This is driving me up the wall.
272925 [shawn42 gmai] I'm not sure if this a great way of doing it, but I overrode the link method

^ IronRuby
268802 [lloyd 2live4] I have heard disturbing things about IronRuby.  The short version is
+ 268805 [cmdjackryan ] That link can be found on IronRuby's Rubyforge project page (ironruby.rubyforge.org).
+ 268808 [ruby anthrop] Blah blah blah. If you don't like it, don't use it.
| 268815 [lloyd 2live4] 3. Conditions and Limitations
+ 268809 [dangerwillro] This is also what they did with C++ in the form of Visual C++
+ 268828 [greg cyberfu] M$ simply doesn't understand open source.  They think they can make
| 268833 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
| 268862 [greg cyberfu] Clueless about how to participate in a productive way with open source.
| + 268873 [greg cyberfu] I wouldn't trust a free or open source software license from M$ if it
| + 268911 [charles.nutt] I'd love some clarification on that end of things. The core classes are
|   + 268916 [slavof gmail] John is without doubt best person to answer such questions, I just like to
|   | 268989 [lloyd 2live4] The link given was a dead page for me.  Will the source be fully open
|   | 268990 [jflam micros] Yes - around the time that DLR hits 1.0, which will be sometime next year - likely in the summer.
|   + 268948 [jflam micros] Answering these points since Slavo did a great job at quoting me about the other issue.
|   + 268964 [perrin apoth] I don't know that "progressively more" really fits here -- but the
|     + 268965 [mental rydia] Some people did complain quite a lot, until Java was finally opened[1].
|     + 269005 [znmeb cesmai] Yes, but after years of negotiations with literally hundreds of
|       269006 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
|       269011 [ttmrichter g] osed
|       + 269012 [jflam micros] You mean Mono (or maybe I missed a smiley)? http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page
|       | 269015 [ttmrichter g] how it's standardized
|       + 269070 [perrin apoth] . . . or better yet, an implementation with a better license than the
|       + 271692 [hopefulskept] This is a project to create an open source version and has been around
+ 268850 [jflam micros] Since I'm the guy that runs the IronRuby project at Microsoft. You can direct any and all questions directly to me. Just because it's written on the Internet doesn't mean that it's true :)
| + 268853 [mark ociweb.] charset=US-ASCII;
| | 268856 [jflam micros] 1) and 3) are both being actively developed. There are folks who have commit privileges to 2), but I don't really have cycles now to contribute to 2) and 3) :(
| + 268912 [charles.nutt] You just released the core classes, yes? Or is what's on RubyForge all
+ 268879 [ari aribrown] I may be bashed as a MS hater.... but long live the penguin.
+ 268881 [ttmrichter g] And this is different from the viral portions of the GPL suite how,
| 268891 [cmdjackryan ] Actually, the old BSD license with attribution clause is a closer fit. The MS-PL doesn't require you to publish your code with the same license, as the GPL does.
| 268894 [ttmrichter g] the GPL does.
| 268958 [perrin apoth] Agreed.  I'm all for being incredibly suspicious of anything Microsoft
+ 268895 [evan yelp.co] I can't really speak to the IronRuby situation, but I have been keeping
  + 268902 [jflam micros] The folks who created IronPython are on my team as well. FWIW they were treated with skepticism at start but eventually earned the respect of the community. We're in the same boat - we need to earn your respect by doing the right things as well. And we fully expect the community to call us on our mistakes.
  + 268961 [perrin apoth] I'm sure someone at Microsoft is, or shortly will be, angling for such a
    269494 [lloyd 2live4] Well, if they actually give full open source, then those that always

^ noob question about CASTING (yes, I know)
268810 [josh.hester ] ok, well i have os_hardware_combos.send("platform_id") which returns 1
268817 [logancapaldo] This is really an activerecord question, but I'll give it a shot. You

^ YAML Library not recognized
268820 [simianstyle ] ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13 patchlevel 0) [i686-linux]
268829 [adres.w stop] irb(main):001:0> {}.to_yaml
268869 [eugene.bolsh] Is there some kind of a config option that will auto require yaml lib?

^ Require Statement Problem
268824 [whiteqt gmai] I am trying some things from irb and having trouble loading the
268825 [rsl swimcomm] require "rubygems"

^ Logging all method calls?
268830 [gustav rails] Hey
+ 268836 [jameskilton ] Check out profile.rb (in the standard lib), it will help you out with this.
+ 268837 [vjoel path.b] There's a heavy speed cost to this, but it's what your asking for...
  268986 [rogerpack200] ruby-prof

^ secure file writing (escaping characters from the file name)
268838 [costi aplusc] I have a cgi script that writes files on the filesystem. The files are
+ 268839 [lparravi gma] Maybe instead of escaping/removing any character in the filename you
+ 268842 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
+ 268867 [angus quovad] [Constantin Gavrilescu <costi@apluscompuservices.com>, 2007-09-12 19.39 CEST]

^ Re: secure file writing (escaping characters from the file n
268840 [costi aplusc] The files are also shared over the network with samba, so they need to
268848 [jonas onda.c] The unique caracter not acceptable for the filename in unix is /. So,
268851 [costi aplusc] That's interesting...
268871 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"

^ How to read a value from a table in tuby
268844 [anu.renga gm] How to read and write a table in ruby
268859 [phrogz mac.c] What sort of table? HTML, Database, CSV, Excel?
268967 [anu.renga gm] Thanks for your answer. I mentioned HTML table.As Iam learning Ruby

^ Re: Ruby Quiz Submission [resent in plain text]
268846 [james graypr] Some thoughts

^ How to read values dynamically
268847 [anu.renga gm] In ruby, is there any way to read the values from a fileI am actually
+ 268899 [phrogz mac.c] Yes, it is possible. You can either read the file into a string and
| + 268910 [tengxianggon] class Test
| | 268946 [barjunk attg] You can use YAML, which folks seem to like for its flexibility.
| + 268969 [anu.renga gm] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 269029 [dolgun excit] f = File.new("aaa.txt", "w")

^ Strange string in XML element
268852 [qpadla gmail] Probably the answer is known, but not for me :)
+ 268854 [mailing.mr g] it's string of html encoded characters -> ֧ӧ֧ߧѧ   > էڧ
+ 268858 [babycode gma] Some kind of description containing HTML entities. I pasted the code
+ 268865 [qpadla gmail] Responding to my own question... The answer was $KCODE = "UTF-8" :)

^ Merge an array of hashes
268855 [cleaner416 g] For some reason I can't get my head wrapped around this trivial
+ 268857 [james graypr] => [{:some_key=>:some_value}, {:another_key=>:another_value}]
| 268863 [cleaner416 g] Thanks!!!!!!!!
+ 268860 [showaltb gma] Hash[*a.collect {|h| h.to_a}.flatten]
| 268905 [CHubas7 gmai] I wouldn't recommend this.
| 268936 [ymendel pobo] 2 is 3, 5 is 6, and 7 is 8?
+ 268861 [lparravi gma] hash = Hash.new
  268864 [vjoel path.b] a = [ { :some_key => :some_value }, { :another_key => :another_value } ]
  268872 [phrogz mac.c] ...which brings us back (almost) to JEGII's original response :)
  268875 [vjoel path.b] Sorry, my bad :/

^ [ANN] LAIKA Open Source Software
268866 [bbleything l] On behalf of the entire LAIKA Information Technology department, it

^ different handling of local variables and instance variables when undefined
268876 [tammo tammo-] I somehow stumbled over a, how I think, strange behavior. When I try to
268900 [phrogz mac.c] Yup, it's what I wanted.
268960 [tammo tammo-] Sorry maybe I misformulated my question. I try it again. So my questions are

^ newbie: ruby and i18n (java-like approach)
268877 [nfs eckenfel] i am very new to ruby and tried to I18Ns my applications (ruby-scripts
+ 268952 [skoot ideico] I don't know much about how Java does this (and the tutorial you
+ 269726 [richard.conr] There's at least 5 other tools that I am aware of.

^ Time#now
268880 [jarvo88 gmai] Hey guys, i have something like this
268882 [lopx gazeta.] t = Time.now
268883 [phlip2005 gm] Google strftime - you'll probably hit PHP's version - then do
+ 268997 [jarvo88 gmai] Perfect, thanks guys
+ 269149 [drbrain segm] Don't google, ri.  It has the full chart.

^ Can't debug with JRuby?!?!?
268884 [kenosis gmai] Greetings,
268886 [rfenney fent] Try NetBeans 6.0 10m
268892 [charles.nutt] Actually, the dailies are far more stable right now...don't use M10.

^ Is it a ruby bug?
268890 [tengxianggon] Nowdays I program ruby from windows to suse-linux 10.1, when I
268893 [cmdjackryan ] ...
268904 [tengxianggon] First , a lot thanks to Phil <cmdjackryan@googlemail.com>
+ 268907 [alexg kuicr.] It couldn't find the readline header files, so you need to make sure
+ 268908 [tengxianggon] It seems I got the key , thanks for all you guys.

^ Re: LAIKA Open Source Software
268897 [barjunk attg] ..snip..
268903 [ben bleythin] That's an interesting question.  At the time we started on Linen, we
+ 268944 [barjunk attg] ..snip..
| 268955 [ben bleythin] OptParse is just a library to parse command line flags.  It's about half
+ 268945 [barjunk attg] Anyone having trouble getting to the above link?
  268951 [ben bleythin] Yup, looks like it might be down at the moment.  Was definitely up last

^ [ANN/ADV] "Intro to Ruby on Rails", New Jersey, October 23-26
268913 [dblack rubyp] I'm pleased to announce that Ruby Power and Light, LLC

^ [ANN/ADV] "Advancing With Rails", November 6-9, New Jersey
268914 [dblack rubyp] I'm delighted to announce the "debut" of a brand-new

^ Debug
268918 [coolgeng410 ] With the Rails, I build a  project connecting the MySQL. But When I change
+ 268921 [phlip2005 gm] mysql -u my_name -pmy_password my_database
+ 268922 [eugene.bolsh] Did you restart the server?
| 268939 [coolgeng410 ] Yeah,I have restart the server. But it can not fix it..
| 268996 [phlip2005 gm] Did you try my checklist?
| 269009 [coolgeng410 ] I can access the database following the "mysql -u root my_database" . But
| 269010 [phlip2005 gm] That will say that for a few more versions of Rails, apparently. It is a
| 269021 [coolgeng410 ] My site does not work. And what is the meaning of unit tests pass?There is
| 269062 [dangerwillro] on your dev machine, point your web browser to
| 269348 [coolgeng410 ] I can see the Welcome to Rails page through "http://localhost:3000/".
+ 269350 [coolgeng410 ] When I redirect to the Welcome to Rails page, I click the "About your
  269352 [coolgeng410 ] I check the development.log, and it says : "Mysql::Error: #42S02Table
  + 269354 [cmdjackryan ] ...
  + 269355 [bpurnomo aka] # Use the database for sessions instead of the file system
    269356 [coolgeng410 ] Thanks a lot. When I disabled this line, the program do work.
    269364 [dangerwillro] From this point on it is HIGHLY recommended to buy a book.
    269369 [rfenney fent] Also look at RailsSpace I have both and RailsSpace does a good job of

^ [SUMMARY] Count and Say (#138)
268926 [james graypr] If you'll permit a brief diversion, this solution to the Look and Say problem

^ Generate Barcode in PDF?
268928 [andrew worki] I am searching for a way to dynamically generate a barcode as part of
268933 [ruby anthrop] There are innumerable free implementations of barcode generation. I don't
299350 [ivmafo gmail] how print barcodes in pdf quickly ????
299351 [raasdnil gma] barby.rubyforge.org ?

^ screen scraping programaticprogrammer.com ?
268929 [dolgun excit] require "net/http"
+ 268930 [ronald.fisch] Wrong URL. How about using www.pragmaticprogrammer.com instead?
| 268931 [dolgun excit] Whoops.  Thanks.
+ 268932 [diego.suarga] I've just checked it, and the code on pragmaticprogrammer.com (you made a
  269066 [dangerwillro] Just remember that with screen scraping, you are anticipating a file