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^ DAH, using the 'id' property on an object. Get around ruby
268421 [beingthexemp] DAH, I keep running into issues with using the ID property on an object.
+ 268422 [transfire gm] obj.object_id
| 268599 [dan-ml dan42] obj.__id__
+ 268612 [m.fellinger ] class Object

^ [ANN] keybox 1.2.0 Released
268423 [jeremy hineg] keybox version 1.2.0 has been released.

^ Possible Zlib Bug
268428 [jed.hurt gma] I originally posted this message to core as I assumed that it would be
268438 [yermej gmail] I don't know much about zlib, but I did notice one thing in your
268442 [jed.hurt gma] Well, I'm thoroughly embarrassed. Maybe that's why no one would take

^ Re: Count and Say (#138)
268431 [phrogz mac.c] # Solution to Ruby Quiz #138 by Gavin Kistner
268434 [phrogz mac.c] For fun, I thought I'd see what it looked like to implement the
+ 268435 [phrogz mac.c] Hey, thanks for providing this! I was wondering about that best case,
| 268483 [dontfall gma] # Krishna Dole's solution to Ruby Quiz 138.
+ 268484 [SimonKroeger] Another monkeypatchingversion (i like reopening classes,
  + 268492 [phrogz mac.c] On Sep 10, 7:07 am, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
  + 268504 [phrogz mac.c] Dude, that's elegant. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like keeping
    268523 [CHubas7 gmai] Here is my solution. Pretty simple.

^ ++ Help
268449 [mail41t-now ] I am learning Ruby.
268450 [wilsonb gmai] Ruby does not have pre or post-increment/decrement operators.
268470 [lists bertra] Do yourself a favour and indent your code.
268572 [jeremywoerti] Interesting, I didn't know ruby had a "then" keyword. I've only seen it
+ 268573 [chris.worral] I mostly only use "then" when it's a one liner, and in that case, you
+ 268574 [michael.bevi] ...

^ Exception Handling
268458 [advait.bellu] I have a basic idea of what an exception is but I am not able to
+ 268464 [shortcutter ] Basically an exception signals a situation that cannot be dealt with
+ 268465 [FireAphis gm] Enjoy :)
  268466 [come.news fr] ...

^ [ANN] rabal 0.2.0 Released
268459 [jeremy hineg] rabal version 0.2.0 has been released.

^ ruby interface to IEEE Std 1003.1
268473 [amaurya bric] Is there any ruby module that can act as  ruby interface to IEEE Std
268482 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
268533 [dangerwillro] backticks
268535 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"

^ Splat for Hashes   -- was: Named argument passing, and method_args extension
268475 [sven715rt su] Wow, I really like this idea a lot.

^ gsub! and quoting question
268480 [ronald.fisch] I thought this would be a trivial task, but it seems to be more
268486 [shortcutter ] This comes up frequently.  You need to be aware that there are several
+ 268491 [ronald.fisch] I'm sorry if I posted a question which has been answered already :-(
| 268494 [shortcutter ] No.  You want the backslash to be interpreted literally by the regexp
| 268496 [ronald.fisch] OK
+ 268519 [w_a_x_man ya] On Sep 10, 7:55 am, "Robert Klemme" <shortcut...@googlemail.com>

^ Re: rabal 0.2.0 Released
268488 [flazzarino g] rabal --use-all --core-author="Ruby Programmer" --core-
+ 268499 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 268502 [jeremy hineg] Yes, rabal is there to bootstrap a basic ruby project.  By default it

^ code.google release automation
268490 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Is there an equivalent to the rubyforge release automation package,
268812 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I tried the Python script,

^ [ANN] South East Michigan Ruby Brigade Meeting - Today!
268497 [winstont umi] (if you are not familiar with campus don't be intimidated, ask on the

^ Time question
268507 [jplantz gmai] I am writing a small piece that will include a date that needs to be
+ 268509 [phlip2005 gm] Rails's ActiveSupport package lets you say some_date + 72.months. It's that
| + 268511 [jplantz gmai] Only problem is I'm not using rails. Just straight ruby as a cgi.
| | + 268516 [damnbigman g] You don't have to be using rails you just need the active_support gem
| | + 268586 [mick hollins] gem install activesupport
| + 268524 [jeremy hineg] Depending on how accurate you actually want, active_support's 72.months
+ 268512 [nakohl gmail] How 'bout DateTime?
+ 268518 [Rob AgileCon] b = db_cert_date >> 72
| 268527 [jplantz gmai] On Sep 10, 12:59 pm, Rob Biedenharn <R...@AgileConsultingLLC.com>
+ 268609 [tjacobs-sndr] if DateTime.now < (Date.parse(some_date_string.to_s) >> 72 )

^ Hiding RoR code in commercial application
268534 [rklimski int] Is there any possibility to hide my RoR code in commercial application?
+ 268536 [dante.regis ] Don't know if you can precompile the code, but a small amount of security
+ 268538 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 268542 [rsanheim gma] Mingle does this, now.  The ruby/rails code is encrypted and must get
+ 268544 [JeremyWoerti] You can't compile it, but what a lot of people do is have the program
+ 268559 [mailing.mr g] write proper license, or mayby you are using GPLed libraries in your
  268577 [Kevin.Brown ] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Newbie question: Small blocks
268543 [dante.regis ] sorry for this newbie question, but I saw somewhere that there is a way to
+ 268546 [vjoel path.b] Maybe this?
| 268551 [phlip2005 gm] *args?! Nobody told me you could pass args in too!
+ 268547 [phlip2005 gm] If I guess correctly, ActiveSupport has a cute little tweak that permits
| + 268549 [dante.regis ] that's just what I was looking for. thanks the both of you
| + 268554 [jeremywoerti] I totally forgot about that one. I guess I was thinking just Ruby and
+ 268548 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
| 268553 [dblack wobbl] You don't want the 'do' on the braces version though. (And yes, I've
| 268560 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
+ 268552 [jeremywoerti] You can type any block with the  { } or the do..end way. You don't have

^ Problem with Ruby ODBC in Linux
268556 [sam.s.kong g] I am trying to connect to a SQL Server 7.0 DB from a Linux box using
268558 [sam.s.kong g] I fixed the problem.

^ [OT] Re: What Linux distribution to choose for learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails
268557 [lionel-subsc] Thanks for the answer, that was an interesting reading. I've some
+ 268564 [fred lacave.] (Okay, off topic we go, but I can't help it...)
| + 268566 [perrin apoth] That's what I've used.  I find it easier than to screw with creating my
| + 268575 [lionel-subsc] Exactly the information I needed :-) I looked around, inspecting several
+ 268565 [perrin apoth] To be perfectly fair . . . it has been a little while.
| 268570 [perrin apoth] I just checked.  Compared with Debian's more than 18k packages (not sure
| + 268581 [lionel-subsc] See the note about packages splitted in many subpackages in my reply to
| | 268588 [perrin apoth] In my experience, Debian is much better about making sure things like
| | 268590 [znmeb cesmai] I've always wanted to test a *BSD distro, I just never seem to get
| + 268592 [znmeb cesmai] Gentoo's "unstable" doesn't really exist in the same sense that Debian
|   268607 [perrin apoth] Gentoo "overlays" are a bit like Debian's "Experimental" package
|   268610 [znmeb cesmai] Oh yes ... overlays are definitely not without risk. I only run stuff
|   + 268634 [lionel-subsc] [OT] Re: What Linux distribution to choose for learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails
|   + 268887 [reid.thompso] heh,
|     268888 [reid.thompso] the 'official'?? writeup ( small enough to fit on your desk ;) )
|     268896 [znmeb cesmai] That's only 2.5 times what I have (in 32-bit arithmetic, anyhow, which
+ 268593 [znmeb cesmai] While the integration of gems into Portage is good, it isn't perfect.
  268636 [lionel-subsc] To solve this I've setup an overlay of my own. As I don't want to
  268726 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... I'm lazy. And when I *do* learn how to make ebuilds, it won't

^ [ANN] metadata extractor
268576 [ilmari.heikk] Description
268915 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"

^ is there a one liner to initialize a variable to 1, or increment by 1?
268578 [Summercoolne] as we can use
+ 268580 [ruby philip.] foo = foo.to_i + 1
| 268585 [Summercoolne] I think it was also in Perl that  $foo++ will work if $foo is not
| 268623 [fxn hashref.] It works with strictness on as well. You need to declare the
+ 268583 [phrogz mac.c] Usually I am doing this sort of thing in a Hash or Array, where the

^ [ANN] god 0.4.0 released
268579 [pubsub rubyi] Progress on god is moving along as quick as ever. This release adds a

^ Thread deadlock problem
268598 [wimxa yahoo.] #-------------------------------------------------------------------
+ 268604 [ara.t.howard] it seems like you are making if very hard on yourself.  why not
+ 268619 [sylvain.joye] What version of Ruby are you using ? The thread implementation has been
| 268651 [wimxa yahoo.] @ara
+ 268669 [mental rydia] I think you at least need a newer patchlevel of 1.8.6; IIRC, there are
  268683 [wimxa yahoo.] Thanks, that worked. I just downloaded patch 36 and it worked fine.

^ CartItem count being 0 or 1 all the time
268601 [Summercoolne] This is for people who read or have read the Agile Web Development
268603 [Summercoolne] [the code is messed up by the copy and paste before:]
268626 [eugene.bolsh] The Cart object contains the array of current user's items only.

^ Ruby on Rails session and Data Marshalling
268608 [Summercoolne] It seems that Ruby on Rails session is done by using Data Marshalling
268624 [fxn hashref.] In general it is bad practice to store objects in the session, the

^ Re: DAH, using the 'id' property on an object. Get around ru
268618 [beingthexemp] That should work perfectly. Thanks.

^ Rails attachment_fu db_file upload issue.
268621 [crackcreativ] I've recently added attachment_fu to my applicatons, and it works
268662 [plynchnlm gm] You might want to try posting this on the Rails list.
268686 [crackcreativ] Would that there was a comp.lang.ruby.rails, or any usenet .rails
268688 [grzm seespot] Michael Glaesemann
268693 [crackcreativ] Excellent, thanks.

^ [ANN] wxRuby 1.9.1, wxSugar 0.1.17
268622 [alex deletem] I'm  happy to announce that new versions of wxRuby and wxSugar are now

^ [ANN] rubyk: multimedia scripting through WebDAV
268627 [gaspard teti] What is rubyk ?
268653 [gaspard teti] Here is a screencast showing rubyk at work (sorry for the compression).

^ Substitution with Hash
268641 [jarvo88 gmai] Ok i'll try to explain what i mean as well as i can
268642 [lionel-subsc] yourstring.split(//).map{|c| hash[c] || c}.join
268644 [lionel-subsc] Note that if your hash is only used to convert single characters to
268646 [jarvo88 gmai] Thanks that worked well, And no its not single chars, Which is the only
+ 268652 [shortcutter ] h = {"#126" => "~"}
| 268655 [lionel-subsc] If it's all for html entities yes. I'm not sure of what the actual use
+ 268713 [dan-ml dan42] str.gsub(/&#(\d+);/){ [$1.to_i].pack('U') }

^ [ANN] .NET / Ruby Connector - Free
268643 [huw darkneon] SapphireSteel Software today released the Ruby Connector - a

^ How POST binary using Ruby?
268650 [goodieBoy gm] I've got a script that uses curl, and would like (for educational
268657 [goodieBoy gm] Got it!

^ Re: wxRuby 1.9.1, wxSugar 0.1.17
268656 [eclipse.surv] This is so easy !!

^ undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass (NoMeth
268658 [neoanderson1] Dear All,
+ 268659 [damnbigman g] I don't see $JOB being defined anywhere.
| 268660 [damnbigman g] I would avoid the globals as much as possible.  You also need to rename
| + 268664 [damnbigman g] Sorry my email is acting up.  This should get what you want (I think)
| + 268673 [gaspard teti] Here's a conversion function that does what you want. It was a little
+ 268666 [lists bertra] Array is a constant already defined (== [].class). I wonder
+ 268668 [rpb6 drache.] The succ! operator for String class should do the trick
| 268714 [rpb6 drache.] I have corrected the class code,
| 268738 [m_goldberg a] It seems to me that you are reinventing the wheel -- in this case
| 268742 [gaspard teti] This is fine to get the full list but you cannot get the 1200th item
+ 268822 [gareth.adams] The error you were getting is because $Oldtext3 is not the same as $OldText3
  + 268953 [neoanderson1] Am using this piece of code. very effective. I;ve tweaked it a little.
  + 268954 [neoanderson1] array = []
    268966 [damnbigman g] I'm not sure what would be causing that.  When I run just that code from in

^ IO.popen and ssh
268661 [plynchnlm gm] I've been having some trouble using IO.popen to control an ssh process
+ 268665 [edder tkwspi] Why not use Net::SSH to connect directly from ruby?
| + 268667 [plynchnlm gm] That looks much better-- thanks!
| + 268679 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
|   268680 [tom accident] I've had varied experience, but to answer the original question about
+ 268684 [ara.t.howard] ssh requires a pty to read the password.  note that this is NOT the

^ Camping or Merb
268663 [propolice gm] We will be creating a heavy traffic site that uses Ajax, Flash videoand has heavy persistent database connectivity. Database will be mostprobably PostgreSQL.
+ 268670 [ciconia gmai] Sharon
+ 268671 [mailing.mr g] Camping is very hard to modify, so merb is probably better choice,
| 269096 [rogerpack200] so you prefer nginx over swiftiply? Have you tried your mockup with
| + 269108 [jeff.barczew] If you need SSL, then I believe you will need something like nginx (apache,
| | + 269116 [khaines enig] Swiftiply has SSL on the horizon.  EventMachine will handle SSL
| | + 269117 [khaines enig] Apologies for the back to back posts.  On static file handling, you are
| |   269126 [propolice gm] How do you use Swiftcore IOWA? Is it better than using IOWA with HA
| |   269156 [mailing.mr g] I'll try to reply to few previous post here.
| + 269115 [khaines enig] Me?
|   269448 [rogerpack200] I guess the concern would be that using swiftiply to handle static
|   + 269452 [garbagecat10] EventMachine has that feature now. Kirk and I were discussing maybe to add
|   + 269482 [khaines enig] A little slower than nginx can still be very fast.
|     269486 [rogerpack200] Wow that would be fast: 120MB/s~1Gb/s.
+ 268694 [khaines enig] I'd suggest looking at Merb, or maybe Ramaze, or my framework, IOWA.

^ Graphics... why so shrouded in mystery?
268672 [silvershockw] I've been working with ruby for quite a while now, and I still don't
+ 268674 [alex deletem] Libraries like RMagick are intended for manipulating images in files
+ 268675 [gaspard teti] To display graphics... you first need a window !
| 268735 [mo_mail ongh] Or if you are looking for a drag-and-drop visual environment for GUI
| 268740 [silvershockw] Actually, I want to know how the people who made these graphics
| + 268741 [rlp1938 gmai] Just download the source code and read it. If you can understand it
| + 268749 [alex deletem] In that case you might find shoes [1] a worthwhile study. It uses the
| | 268753 [phlip2005 gm] Another "mystery" here is whether the OP wants GUI graphics (windows,
| | 268762 [TimHunter nc] Or images such as JPEGs and GIFs, especially since OP mentioned RMagick.
| + 268781 [craig-d movi] Also any book by Jim Blinn
| | 268806 [dangerwillro] If you want to draw GUI stuff, and have control over it, you will
| + 268818 [aledonne.lis] If you really want to start with the barest of bare bones, no OS
+ 268719 [phlip2005 gm] Because Ruby is not fronted by a mega-corporation running any checklist of

^ alter_key function for Hash
268676 [qpadla gmail] Of course i am reinventing the wheel, but may be that would be helpful for
268678 [daniel.schie] r=20
268692 [qpadla gmail] Thanks Danial.

^ Thoughts on loops and stacks
268681 [tjacobs-sndr] and one of the major issues is queueing. I'd like to ensure that
+ 268685 [ara.t.howard] require 'thread'
+ 268698 [shortcutter ] There is no such thing as a "FIFO stack".  A stack has LIFO semantics -
  268785 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [ANN] Milwaukee RUG meeting tomorrow 9/12/07 @ 5:30pm
268687 [tdjordan gma] Please join us as Simon Twigger talks to us about

^ Ruby mirror in the Netherlands
268691 [mark streams] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ [QUIZ-Solution] Count and Say (#138)
268696 [izi_ttm yaho] Here is my shot.

^ ruby/tk   How do I keep program running with focus after running external progam
268697 [redman acces] I have written a simple program to run an external system application.
268708 [m_goldberg a] It seems to work if I change the above line to

^ File#file_descriptor
268699 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 268700 [vjoel path.b] static VALUE
| 268720 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 268701 [drbrain segm] $ ri IO#fileno
+ 268702 [TimHunter nc] Check the GetOpenFile macro in rubyio.h.
  268721 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [ANN] Vancouver Ruby/Rails Meetup Today Sep/12 @ 7:00pm
268704 [gbauer e-xac] Please join us at today's Vancouver Ruby/Rails Meetup as Scott

^ I cannot seem to find a simple way to install eruby on a centos devel box
268709 [xcampanoli g] My box has a 2.6.9-55.0.6.EL kernel, but Centos only wants to give me a
268725 [znmeb cesmai] How bad would the impact be if you upgraded to CentOS 5? It has Ruby
268992 [xcampanoli g] I took your suggestion.  CentOS has Ruby 1.8.5, NOT 1.8.6, but that's