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^ SV:  Database connectivity
26772 [mikkel.bruun] ...

^ BOOK: maybe an interesting one. Update: sample code for ruby available
26780 [mjais web.de] yesterday I posted a messeage about the upcoming
+ 26781 [dblack candl] print result,"\n"
| 26804 [tobiasreif p] not
| + 26808 [Dave Pragmat] or even
| | 26811 [tobiasreif p] duh..sure!
| + 26821 [dblack candl] Evidently not.  Not a puts in sight.  (Don't blame the messenger :-)
|   26832 [tobiasreif p] In xmlpppp/ch21/, there is
+ 26795 [mjais web.de] after I browsed all the code, I decided to cancel the book.

^ Ruby User Groups
26794 [dblack candl] I just want to remind people of the existence of the Ruby User
26806 [kentda stud.] Seeing that there still isn't one for Norway,
26838 [mikkelj-anti] ...

^ SV:  Re: Ruby User Groups
26809 [mikkel.bruun] Or DANES???

^ ANN: Fractal Life Engine 0.2
26813 [phlip_cpp ya] The small changes are Lapidary instead of RubyUnit, more internal

^ RE:  Ref Counting (was KDE or GNOME curiosity question...)
26825 [mchahn facel] My thoughts on ref counting are really academic.  I am not arguing for
26827 [1007407366.0] I'm not sure how optional ref counting can be accomplished without
26828 [pbrannan atd] 1) Reference counting could be explicit (that is, you would have to call
+ 26829 [1007408636.a] I agree that this could certainly be implemented in 100% Ruby today,
| 26830 [pbrannan atd] It's not that Ruby has "no types", but that a reference in Ruby can point
+ 26831 [alan digikat] How about
  26834 [mchahn facel] At this point my ideas are getting really vague, but I'm thinking that you
  + 26837 [pbrannan atd] The problem with scoping is that it doesn't work if you need to share the
  | + 26842 [mchahn facel] I have run into the db problem myself.  I coded java apps using a jdbc
  | + 26844 [mikkelj-anti] ...
  |   26845 [DHable phmin] I wouldn't implement any finalizer like Java. IMO the finalize method is the last (final) method that will be called before the GC reclaims the object. This method should do the minimum to get the object back into a sane state for destruction.
  + 26841 [mikkelj-anti] ...
    26843 [mchahn facel] Thanks, that was very clear.

^ finalizer not getting called
26840 [pbrannan atd] def finalize
26904 [kentda stud.] Would it not be better to throw an exception if the given Proc isn't of

^ Session / CGI suggestion
26848 [patrick-may ] I think I have a nice way of combining the functionality of CGI and

^ Ruby and Tk problems
26855 [icculus gmds] I compiled my ruby interpreter to include the tk and tcltklib extensions,

^ One line body
26859 [alwagner tca] Does anyone know what this reply from:  ruby-talk-admin@ruby-lang.org
26864 [hal9000 hype] Well, it sounds as though it is complaining about
26865 [rich infoeth] Hal...your email had another line with nothing on it.
26868 [hal9000 hype] Heh... not one I typed, I think.

^ Testing
26863 [hal9000 hype] Trying a one-line message.  - Hal

^ One line body (test)
26866 [rich infoeth] testing one line (not two)
26877 [bobgus mcs.c] Maybe it is a test for messages which have no "\n", but "\r" instead?

^ Small RubyUnit extension
26867 [Dave Pragmat] At the back of my mind, I seem to remember someone doing something
+ 26880 [   ml sph.de] Also las ich bei Dave Thomas [mailto:Dave@PragmaticProgrammer.com]
| 26884 [Dave Pragmat] Another good approach, except... When I did the same for RubyUnit, and
| 26889 [   ml sph.de] Also las ich bei Dave Thomas [mailto:Dave@PragmaticProgrammer.com]
+ 26882 [feldt ce.cha] Good that someone tries to get a solution to this into the RubyUnit
| 26920 [Dave Pragmat] Thats a good idea - I'll add it to mine.
| 27041 [max malva.co] ...
| 27042 [feldt ce.cha] We're lazy; can you summarize or give pointer?
| 27048 [max malva.co] ...
| 27058 [feldt ce.cha] Thanks.
+ 27149 [masaki.suket] Does RUNIT::TestCase.all_suite help you?
  27153 [Dave Pragmat] Not really, because it returns all the suites, where I need all the
  27183 [masaki.suket] Sorry, I misunderstanded.
  27195 [Dave Pragmat] How about
  27258 [masaki.suket] It is good. I'd like this than mine.
  28007 [masaki.suket] I decided to add

^ Wishing for instance_yield or the equivalent
26870 [hal9000 hype] Follow my reasoning here.
26872 [decoux moulo] ...
26873 [hal9000 hype] [snip Guy's proof that I am an idiot]

^ FXGLViewer - rotate a primitive?
26871 [phlip_cpp ya] I finally got back to this effort; here's a recap regarding this example
26908 [phlip_cpp ya] gluCylinder(quad,radius,radius,height,FXGLCYLINDER_SLICES_NUMBER,FXGLCYLIND
26929 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Can this be factored?
26886 [mchahn facel] The two if statements below are identical except the words left and right
+ 26887 [feldt ce.cha] I haven't gone through it all but what about the "pattern"
+ 26948 [ralph.mason ] As already pointed out in earlier an if statement that is almost the same

^ Article on Program design
26890 [henning ikso] Why does  for example Ruby appeal to people in the way it does?
+ 26892 [feldt ce.cha] Interesting.
+ 26968 [mikkelj-anti] ...

^ short article draft for review
26894 [tobiasreif p] here is a draft for a very short article about Ruby. All in all I want
+ 26898 [dblack candl] To me, that doesn't illustrate iterator power very dramatically or
| 26899 [tobiasreif p] David,
| 26902 [dblack candl] I'm just thinking that the "for" loop doesn't show off anything
| 26940 [tobiasreif p] David,
| 26956 [neumann s-di] You could here also use Symbols (:even) instead of Strings.
| 26957 [Dave Pragmat] And perhaps a case statement
| 26960 [tobiasreif p] Thank you both!
| + 26962 [Dave Pragmat] print "
| | 26963 [tobiasreif p] Why? I can't see a disadvantage.
| | 26964 [Dave Pragmat] 1. Move the file between Unix and Windows boxes: what happens to the
| | 26966 [tobiasreif p] That alone suffices :)
| | 26971 [Dave Pragmat] puts        - is 4
| | 26979 [tobiasreif p] Ah sorry; you're right. (I didn't doubt it ;) )
| | 26981 [Dave Pragmat] Ah ha! I hadn't miscounted after all :)
| + 26988 [neumann s-di] Instead of assigning number and step in each when-clause, why not
|   26991 [tobiasreif p] Nice; thanks.
|   27000 [neumann s-di] No, I meant the formatting of *my* example.
+ 26900 [curt hibbs.c] This link just results in a directory display.
| 26901 [tobiasreif p] Thanks!
+ 26925 [neumann s-di] It's a great feature but should be used with caution, because
| 26932 [tobiasreif p] Thank you very much for your feedback!
+ 26967 [j.travnik sh] this code is not good, it is too much boring ;-)
  26970 [tobiasreif p] Thanks a lot for you version! It is better. But the article is sent :(
  26972 [Dave Pragmat] As a matter of interest, where was it sent?
  26978 [tobiasreif p] nothing too big...

^ Re: Article on Program design; dynamism
26895 [henning ikso] Thanks, was just looking for that link!
26896 [feldt ce.cha] Yes and here's some more from the top of the head (and note that I haven't

^ Etc.getpwnam() hanging
26903 [harryo zipwo] I was very pleased to find that the Etc module provided a getpwnam()

^ Fixed ... partly ... maybe a bug?
26909 [harryo zipwo] OK. I discovered that I needed to do a "require 'etc.so'" and then it
26911 [decoux moulo] ...
26916 [harryo zipwo] Yes. I get that error message. Let me try my original code again ...
+ 26919 [decoux moulo] ...
| 26927 [harryo zipwo] The problem with that is that in this case it requires configuring the
| 26935 [decoux moulo] ...
| 26954 [harryo zipwo] Thanks.  I didn't know that existed.  I'll remember to look in RAA next
+ 27134 [kentda stud.] Maybe PAM would be a better bet?

^ ANN: REXML 1.1a5
26912 [ser germane-] I've just posted version 1.1a5 to the web.  I may or may not have time to
+ 27003 [tobiasreif p] ... of the awesome kind :)
+ 27013 [james rubyxm] This is very handy when you have code that navigates to various elements, and needs to perform some operation relative to its
  27018 [rich infoeth] Actually the weather here in VA is weird.  Its warm (~70F) and
  27389 [ser germane-] Well, it has been snowing (or snowy) here in Bend, Oregon since the

^ Extensions with C: laziness as virtue :-)
26915 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Given the idea that laziness is supposed to be a virtue in programming :-)
+ 26922 [harryo zipwo] I'm not having a very good success rate with my posts today, but I'll
+ 26924 [Dave Pragmat] Well, there's SWIG. (www.swig.org)
+ 26926 [kentda stud.] Not a piece of Ruby, but seem to recall that SWIG does much of this for
  26936 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thanks Dave and Kent, I'd forgotten about SWIG.

^ Interfacing to a C++ library (was: overload possible?)
26941 [kevinbsmith ] I was surprised at how difficult it was to write a clean
+ 26946 [johann physi] Hm.  I just did this, or think I did.  What was the problem?
+ 26949 [ljohnson res] ...

^ ANNOUNCE: FXRuby-0.99.181
26952 [ljohnson res] ...
27059 [bobh hslda.o] Lyle -
27082 [ljohnson res] ...

^ some more finalizer weirdness
26958 [pbrannan zap] class Foo
+ 26959 [pbrannan zap] This should read "uncomment the line 'puts "foo"'."
+ 28437 [matz ruby-la] The finalizer timing is not deterministic.  They are called sometime
  28445 [paul atdesk.] This sounds reasonable, if perhaps a bit odd, but why would it preserve
  28470 [matz ruby-la] I guess unused C stack reference to the Foo instance is scanned by the

^ How to match '|' but not '\|'
26969 [rshaw1961 ya] ...
+ 26974 [benoit.cerri] ...
+ 26975 [rshaw1961 ya] ...
| 26996 [1007508429.d] Simple, just use a zero-width negative look-behind assertion.  E.g.
| 27039 [rshaw1961 ya] Yes, this is just what I am looking for. Maybe I will try the latest build
+ 26987 [neumann s-di] actual.scan(/((\\.|[^|])+)/).map{|t| t[0]}

^ thoughts on virtual base classes, interfaces
26973 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 26977 [mikkelj-anti] ...
| + 26980 [pbrannan zap] def foo(fun)
| + 26982 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   26990 [mikkelj-anti] ...
+ 27025 [feldt ce.cha] I tend to use an "abstract base class" with raise NotImplementedError to
| 27028 [Dave Pragmat] Would a mixin perhaps be a better flag of this?
| + 27031 [feldt ce.cha] Sometimes yes, but I (1) often find it hard to invent a good name
| | 27063 [pixel mandra] Isn't a mix-in "interface inheritance", aka it should stateless (per object).
| | 27193 [jweirich one] Actually, a mix-in is implementation inheritance.  Ruby doesn't have a
| + 27032 [rich infoeth] something like this...
| + 27038 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   + 27049 [harryo zipwo] Isn't that redundant, though, since it won't throw the exception unless
|   | 27114 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   + 27062 [Dave Pragmat] Part of my thinking is that the Runnable mixin could be totally
+ 27128 [paul atdesk.] You can, of course, use respond_to? to determine if run() is

^ first class functions in Ruby
26976 [mikkelj-anti] ...
+ 26986 [mike stok.co] What about  using a Proc object?
| 26994 [mikkelj-anti] ...
+ 26993 [ralph.mason ] irb(main):010:0> def sq(x)
  + 27009 [mikkelj-anti] ...
  | 27022 [ralph.mason ] Sure it works like that because they belong to the same scope, but you can
  + 27010 [mikkelj-anti] ...
    + 27023 [ralph.mason ] I'm not so sure what you are trying to do here.  It looks like you are
    | 27127 [mikkelj-anti] ...
    | 27157 [pit capitain] Here's one more version of the partial evaluation. It works with
    | 27158 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, this is truer partial eval; mine would be better called "Proc
    + 27024 [feldt ce.cha] class Fun
    | 27123 [mikkelj-anti] ...
    + 27083 [adamspitz bi] could. Never used it much, though. :)
      27122 [mikkelj-anti] ...

^ Ruby job posted in NYC!
26983 [ jimm io.com] I just thought I'd share this with the group: the first job posting I've
27033 [feldt ce.cha] Way cool!
27035 [james rubyxm] Not to spoil the fun, but $40/hour for contract work in NYC doesn't seem like much.
+ 27109 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 27139 [csawtell par] Well if this job could be done using telecommuting - remember NYC is only

^ Can someone explain TupleSpaces?
26984 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 26992 [Dave Pragmat] It's a slightly bad name :)
| + 27001 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| | 27005 [Dave Pragmat] That's about it.
| + 27021 [feldt ce.cha] Actually, this semantics for matching might be used in the overload
| | 27080 [jim freeze.o] This sounds like what I am looking for. I need
| | 27081 [feldt ce.cha] There are some simple examples of using TupleSpaces in the tarball.
| + 27037 [list chromat] Can one do rd in rinda, too?  I have looked into TupleSpaceProxy but
|   27427 [list chromat] Sorry, Silly Question (TM) again.  A glance at tuplespaces.rb shows
+ 26995 [petemcbreen ] ...
+ 26997 [neumann s-di] Tuples come from mathematics. Unlike lists they have a predefined length.
  27002 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  + 27004 [tobiasreif p] which of the upcoming books will cover them?
  + 27015 [curt hibbs.c] Its actually very exciting once you start to get gestalt of it. You can go

^ newbie question
26985 [nerurin hotm] ...
26989 [hal9000 hype] "Popular" is a relative term. It is certainly better known
27012 [matz ruby-la] 15.

^ logging in Ruby
26998 [anany ece.vi] I am writing a logger class for RubiCTM, and I was just wondering if I
+ 27006 [mchahn facel] The caller(0) method will give you the current list of callers.
+ 27014 [phlip_cpp ya] set_trace_func proc { |event, file, line, id, binding, classname|

^ The Wild Goat book is here!
26999 [dblack candl] I am cradling on my knee my very own copy of "Ruby in a Nutshell".

^ Why use symbols (was: Can this be factored?)
27007 [mchahn facel] I've never processed symbols before.  If I have an object and a symbol of an
27008 [1007513886.2] Object#send
+ 27011 [mchahn facel] Thanks.  I knew there had to be some other way to use them than just eval.
+ 27070 [pbrannan zap] obj.method(symbol).call()

^ OSX 10.1.1 <help a newbie please>
27016 [bobh hslda.o] How do I get Ruby 1.6.5 to install from source?
27019 [hisa imasy.o] You need to apply the following patch to ruby-1.6.5 source.

^ How to get IP address of client from server
27017 [harryo zipwo] If I have something like the following ...
+ 27020 [Dave Pragmat] Try #peeraddr
+ 27044 [mike stok.co] Does session.peeraddr do what you want?
  27050 [harryo zipwo] Thanks guys.  No idea how I missed that ... it was the next method in the

^ Help: factored sorting
27026 [W.L.Kleb LaR] I have an array of strings,
+ 27027 [ralph.mason ] It's just a matter of making the all the items count
+ 27029 [Dave Pragmat] a.map { |e|
+ 27030 [raja cs.indi] ...
+ 27034 [raja cs.indi] ...
+ 27036 [raja cs.indi] ...
+ 27103 [tobiasreif p] main_array = ["zed66","alfred39","x1","x3","x2","f5","f2","g7","g9"]
+ 27104 [tobiasreif p] sorry, there was trash included...