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^ Syntaxerror with HERE document
267486 [ronald.fisch] Why does the following statement give syntax error "undefined method
+ 267490 [sepp2k googl] Because that's equivalent to STDOUT "bla", not STDOUT << "bla".
| 267495 [ronald.fisch] Of course, that's it!!! I must have been blind! Thanks a lot.
+ 267493 [KDr2 163.com] tmp_str="line 1\nline 2\n";

^ Resource Acquisition & Cleanup
267487 [larsch belun] I am looking for a style or idiom that I can apply to a resource
+ 267496 [dzwell gmail] How about this? It should catch and print exceptions that happen during
+ 267498 [shortcutter ] def your_method(n)
+ 267517 [pbrannan atd] class Rollback

^ Struct is cleverer than the documentation claims
267494 [paul 82ask.c] The Pickaxe book asserts that it will be possible to pass a block to
+ 267499 [shortcutter ] Well, difference is that you get two classes vs. one class.  I
+ 267508 [james graypr] I too feel the block is better.
+ 267515 [pbrannan atd] Why not reopen the class?
  267524 [shortcutter ] Why should I reopen a class if I can have everything with the block?
  267634 [dan-ml dan42] because, say, you'd want to add a constant to that class
  267639 [logancapaldo] Customer = Struct.new :name, :address do

^ ANN: Sequel 0.2.0 Released
267501 [ciconia gmai] Sequel version 0.2.0 has just been released. This release includes a

^ Feeding a codeblock/function with an array or something similar?
267521 [kazaam oleco] def foobar(command,customerrormessage)
+ 267528 [jgabrielygal] I assume the order in which you execute the commands is important, so
| 267529 [kazaam oleco] would blow the code even more than my momentan solution :)
| 267536 [jgabrielygal] It's easy to read this from a YAML configuration file or from a DB, so
+ 267532 [shortcutter ] ['rm something','Error I could'nt remove something'],
  267537 [kazaam oleco] thank you this works nice :)

^ Refreshing 1.9 build
267535 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Is there a simpler way to refresh my Ruby 1.9 build?
267538 [nobu ruby-la] You can use set -e.
267545 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I'm a bit slow... can you explain further how
267566 [nobu ruby-la] Setting -e option in a shell script causes the shell to exit
267567 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Ah, yes.

^ That I can give game.SWF on web and play online
267542 [girlisland_p] Do you know packaged Ruby Tk application that can create an SWF file?
267543 [alex blackke] I don't believe that what you're looking for is actually possible.  At

^ Why does File.exists? not support regexp? It would be very handfull?
267546 [kazaam oleco] system('rm fglrx*') if File.exists?(/^fglrx.+/)
+ 267548 [djberg96 gma] Dir["fglrx*"].each{ |file| File.delete(file) }
| 267549 [kazaam oleco] that's pretty much the same like: system('rm -f fglrx*') but I'm asking why one doesn't allow regexpr into File.exists?
| + 267552 [djberg96 gma] Probably because most people wouldn't find it intuitive, there's
| + 267608 [gwtmp01 mac.] I would guess it is because file name pattern matching
|   267613 [vjoel path.b] The slocate(1) program does have a -r option for searching file paths
|   267618 [lionel-subsc] slocate uses it's own database, not direct file access. File.exists?
|   267624 [vjoel path.b] Well, there's "find -regex", too, but I agree that regex matching is
+ 267617 [Christopher.] I agree that file matching via regular expressions is very convenient

^ getting tk working on ubuntu
267547 [stewbawka gm] I need some help getting tk working on ubuntu.. I reinstalled ruby
267671 [gmurray clou] You need the packages tcl and tk installed, possibly the -dev packages
267774 [chrisgame ex] tcl18.4-dev

^ Trouble Sending Emails
267550 [whiteqt gmai] One of my scripts that used to send e-mails on successful completion
267551 [damnbigman g] Is your irb session running as the same user the script is being run as?

^ [C ext to Ruby] returning a pipe ???
267561 [yvon.thorava] i'm writting a RubyCocoa application for synchronizing folders of a

^ [C ext to Ruby] returning a pipe ???
267562 [yvon.thorava] i'm writting a RubyCocoa application for synchronizing folders of a
267615 [pbrannan atd] - Use the macros in rubyio.h to wrap the FILE* that you already have.

^ running ruby
267569 [yahdoco yaho] computer (windows98). I have a ruby icon on my desktop with the name
+ 267570 [lloyd 2live4] What about adding a gets at the end?
| 267585 [yahdoco yaho] #generate some simple output (comment)
+ 267574 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
  267594 [yahdoco yaho] (1)The hello world screen disappears quickly.
  + 267595 [alex blackke] What have you tried?  Can you post some code?
  | 267667 [nobu ruby-la] I guess you can do it by setting the ColorTable## under the
  | 267699 [alex blackke] I was thinking more along the lines of control codes.  You can run
  | 267830 [nobu ruby-la] system("color 70")
  | 267858 [alex blackke] And there's me thinking that wouldn't work because it would execute in a
  | 267860 [nobu ruby-la] I'd tried it on Windows XP Home.  Since a console isn't a
  + 267597 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
  | + 267605 [caduceass gm] Actually, in W98, I believe the command is "command" not "cmd".
  | | 267780 [yahdoco yaho] Enter "command" and click on OK.
  | | 267781 [caduceass gm] The run command is "ruby" :)
  | + 267606 [yahdoco yaho] Cannot find tye file 'cmd' (or one of it's components). Make sure the
  |   + 267625 [jeremywoerti] If your running Windows 98 I think you have to type command.com into the run
  |   + 267629 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
  + 267601 [cmdjackryan ] This is your Command Prompt. You can open it via Run -> "cmd" in the box, or
    267772 [yahdoco yaho] off my computer at the end of the day. After the desktop screen
    267890 [yahdoco yaho] progress. I modified my hello.rb file by adding some ruby code that I
    + 267896 [w_a_x_man ya] Your questions have already been answered.  Your problem
    | 267900 [yahdoco yaho] don't know. Like many scientists, my method of solving problems is to
    | + 267903 [alex blackke] 1)  Add a line saying "gets" to the end of your script.
    | + 267907 [cmdjackryan ] DWARE.html
    + 267901 [cmdjackryan ] Have you actually read the responses to your questions?
      + 267935 [yahdoco yaho] ...
      + 267940 [yahdoco yaho] by saying that I am using Windows98. It may have some limitations you

^ configuration file parser like Config::General for perl
267571 [tammo tammo-] I have the problem, that in a project I am working in the configuration
267576 [transfire gm] I know nothing of the sort. However, if should be pretty easy to use
267592 [tammo tammo-] Thanks for your answer. But I am not sure if that works without workaround.
267715 [transfire gm] If they are only using Xml to do dead simple <x> ... </x> braketing,

^ Embedded vs. Non-embedded Tests
267573 [transfire gm] As far as I know, Facets is the only large project that uses embedded
267579 [rick.denatal] I think that you're swimming against the tide.
+ 267583 [peter peterc] A lot of diagnostics now takes place in modern cars, however. Tire pressure
| + 267598 [rick.denatal] For the most part, that's instrumentation, not testing.
| + 267708 [apeiros gmx.] Take a look at Eiffels Design By Contract. I'm a huge fan of it. Allows
|   + 267709 [alex blackke] $ cat testable.rb
|   | 267712 [apeiros gmx.] No, the whole approach is different. I'd say the movies I linked to can
|   + 267713 [transfire gm] T.
|   + 267716 [micathom gma] There are a few libraries around that try to do this (google for "ruby
|     267719 [apeiros gmx.] I know, but I found none of them convincing enough. Might change with
|     267722 [micathom gma] Me too.
+ 267604 [transfire gm] Interesting analogy. We do put some gages right on the dash. But
  267607 [rick.denatal] Well , it probably seems more obvious to most to put the doc with the
  267631 [bigboss64 ip] One thing I am a fan of is reading over my changes at the end of a session and

^ Bike Shed comments
267575 [Bil.Kleb NAS] While listening to show 671, "The Declaration of Independence" of

^ Help installing rails
267586 [josh.hester ] I'm trying to install the rails aspect through gem, but when I run the
267599 [dangerwillro] Need more info about the system you're trying to install on.

^ Reading files in UTF-8
267587 [thomas.lands] I am deseperatly trying to read file encoded in UTF-8, to populate
+ 267593 [alex blackke] require 'iconv' is your friend.
+ 267669 [nobu ruby-la] UTF-8 is ASCII compatible, so if your data don't contain any

^ Fwd: Re: running ruby
267596 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Catching and redirecting STDERR output
267609 [igotimac gma] So ruby has this libxml that writes validation errors directly to standard

^ Thread interruptable too early?
267612 [rogerpack200] Hmm. Question.
267616 [pbrannan atd] t = Thread.new {

^ Re: Ruby is much slower on linux when compiled with --enable
267620 [rogerpack200] Maybe cross post this to ruby core?

^ Socket send functions only allow you to send strings?
267636 [parkingmeter] I am writing a small TimeP (RFC 868) server to sync time with some
+ 267640 [phurley gmai] Try
+ 267643 [vjoel path.b] Strings are just blobs of binary data, when they go through #send. The
+ 267645 [khaines enig] A string is just a sequence of bytes.  It can be anything.
| 267663 [garbagecat10] Actually, to support RFC-868, you have to use the same epoch that NTP uses,
+ 267685 [see signatur] Here, I had this script lying about from one of my earlier experiments

^ where is Enumerable#each_cons()?
267672 [yermej gmail] I can't find Enumerable#each_cons in either version -- always a
267675 [ pm ubit.com] Try requiring enumerator.

^ can't rescue Errno::EBADF
267692 [tiberiu.moto] I can't seem to do a very simple thing: I cannot rescue a Errno::EBADF
267753 [lparravi gma] begin
267813 [tiberiu.moto] Thanks for the reply. I did try the same thing and I noticed it works.
267826 [nobu ruby-la] Does it work with SystemCallError?

^ Folder Sync
267694 [bscott mrnov] How can i go about syncing two different folders on separate windows

^ Re: Twisting a Rope (#137)
267695 [badcarl gmai] Ok, here's my last submission (I hope).  I modified slice to return a
267745 [eric.mahurin] CPU(user+sys,sec)   mem(peak,MB)
267832 [rubify softo] I'm not sure about Gustav's code, but for my one memory in duping option is
267834 [rubify softo] I've modified my code to avoid duping in normalization - at a cost of
268018 [eric.mahurin] r1 = Rope.new("A")
268124 [rubify softo] Good catch, will need to fix it.

^ Learn First?
267696 [bscott mrnov] I'm new to Ruby and I purchased both Agile books for learning Ruby &
+ 267698 [mo_mail ongh] I think you will receive very varied responses to this - some will say
+ 267714 [transfire gm] Maybe do both with David's book, Ruby for Rails.
+ 267752 [ruby anthrop] If you know how to program in at least one other language, learn Ruby
+ 267793 [usenet s4r.d] It depends.

^ Amazon Webservice + soap/wsdlDriver => weird errors
267707 [titoumimi gm] I'm trying to use amazon E-commerce Webservice using soap/wsdlDriver.

^ Multiple Assignments: Newbie question
267723 [zoater gmail] arg1="Ruby", arg2="Rails", arg3="Rails"
+ 267724 [farrel.lifso] Your syntax is incorrect. Either do
| 267727 [zoater gmail] Anthony, Farrel I am aware of what you are saying. I am trying to figure out
| + 267729 [dblack wobbl] It's not incorrect -- Ruby can run it -- it just doesn't do what you
| + 267730 [sepp2k googl] I hope my previous reply answered that question for you.
| | 267733 [zoater gmail] Sebastian and Peter thanks for the clarifications - it's now clear to me.
| + 267731 [anthonyeden ] The code is syntactically correct, as other responses to your original
+ 267725 [anthonyeden ] arg1 = "Ruby","Rails","Rails"
+ 267726 [sepp2k googl] In Ruby x=1,2,3 is the same as x=[1,2,3].
+ 267728 [peter semant] The reason is that assignment returns something. So arg3="Rails"
  267737 [listguy popl] charset=US-ASCII;
  + 267738 [sepp2k googl] Because it's interpreted as  arg1="Ruby", (arg2="Rails"), (arg3="Rails")
  + 267850 [botp delmont] # So why doesn't arg2 read its right-hand side  as an array when arg3 does?
    267906 [rick.denatal] Actually, not really.
    268010 [botp delmont] #   arg1 = ("Ruby",(arg2="Rails"),(arg3="Rails")

^ Gateway Messages (was Re: subject line)
267732 [james graypr] =_Part_6558_27473787.1188773304382"

^ FAQ woes
267734 [ronald.fisch] again

^ [ANN] RubyConf 2007 schedule announced! (Registration soon!)
267749 [dblack rubyp] Registration to follow soon....

^ Software idea
267754 [benjohn fysh] Anyone know of a software package that will (temporarily) turn my
+ 267755 [lloyd 2live4] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 267766 [dangerwillro] You could build it with Gosu or Rubygame.
+ 267838 [reid.thompso] livecds --
  267929 [benjohn fysh] And thanks too to John and Lloyd.
  268229 [alec arlross] Barnes <benjohn@fysh.org> writes

^ test
267758 [gregory.t.br] testing, re-subbed. feel free to ignore
267762 [james graypr] Pong.

^ Trouble Sending Emails
267759 [whitethunder] ssfully completed, but it no longer does. I'm not sure which configurations=
+ 267760 [cmdjackryan ] Have you checked the mail server for the message ID it is supposedly queued
| 267770 [rick.denatal] And it could be running afoul of whatever anti-spam measures might
+ 267845 [botp delmont] # irb(main):003:0>       body = "Subject: Product Import
  267927 [whiteqt gmai] Thanks for the help. I will have the server admin look into it for me.

^ Method switching
267761 [jarvo88 gmai] Ok this probably won't make any send at all, but lets say i have
+ 267764 [damnbigman g] Could you use a hash defined just outside the something methods?
+ 267765 [tom accident] I'm not sure I entirely understand what you are driving at... But if I do,
+ 267767 [shortcutter ] Since you are dispatching based on an instance variable, why don't you
| 267769 [jarvo88 gmai] how so?
| 267779 [shortcutter ] def wrap_send(m)
| 267782 [jarvo88 gmai] Ahh crap i didn't even think of doing that, that's exactly what i have
+ 267775 [killavus gma] Maybe you should do a exception which raises when @color = 1 and catch it
+ 267776 [sepp2k googl] def color_off()
  267777 [sepp2k googl] Or you could, of course, just check some var inside inside of the method, like

^ Error during eval()
267778 [lholtkamp mo] We embedded Ruby 1.3.29 in a Windows XP application, and sometimes we
267799 [jan.svitok g] Can you check line #3702 of your eval'ed script if there's "write" by
267869 [lholtkamp mo] Yes, the 1.3.29 is indeed SWIG, sorry for the confusion
+ 267877 [jan.svitok g] 1. Ruby redefines write/read functions. (#define write(f,x,y)
+ 267997 [nobu ruby-la] Cygwin runtime and msvcrt don't share file descriptors.
  268501 [lholtkamp mo] Ok, I build ruby myself, and I installed the windows version of SWIG.
  268616 [nobu ruby-la] Mingw/VC6 and VC8 are not compatible.  Dont' mix them.
  268635 [jan.svitok g] I guess that's not a problem - SWIG just generates wrapper source
  268767 [lholtkamp mo] We have that now.

^ before, after and around Ruby 1.9
267783 [transfire gm] Any chance Ruby 1.9 will have before, after and around method
267816 [matz ruby-la] No.  Wait for 2.0 for built-in method combination.  The vague plan is
+ 267818 [lionel-subsc] Does it mean that we won't be able to call the ancestor's implementation
| 267819 [matz ruby-la] I am not sure what you mean by monkey-patching.  At least you can call
| 267820 [lionel-subsc] So obvious I didn't saw it :-) Thanks.
+ 267821 [ymendel pobo] Very interesting.  Using 'super' in this way lets you easily have
+ 267825 [vjoel path.b] What if you want to reopen _without_ the "around" semantics? Could we
| + 267828 [matz ruby-la] I thought we need to remove the previous one first.
| | + 267837 [rick.denatal] super for this new usage just doesn't feel right to me.
| | | 267847 [binary42 gma] Kind of ugly. I'll stick with my def thanks. I did like some of the
| | + 267909 [transfire gm] How would you be sure (and why would you want to?) know when a
| |   267938 [robert.dober] Inheritance dependecies, oooouch, danger, hot do not touch!
| |   + 267939 [robert.dober] Ahh the emotion go the better of me ;)
| |   + 267949 [transfire gm] Well, that was kind of my point. As often as this is useful, so is
| |     268057 [robert.dober] Maybe I read you wrong, there should be a way for metaprogrammers to
| |     268086 [transfire gm] Yes, that's a common consideration, but there's a subtle reason why
| |     268217 [robert.dober] Hmm maybe yes, the VM could simply recompile the method, OTOH if Ruby2
| + 267852 [dan-ml dan42] +1
| | 267930 [benjohn fysh] keen on this approach though I find the simplicity alluring.
| | 268003 [rick.denatal] Yes, I totally agree, this is a real problem. I fear that things will
| + 267905 [transfire gm] Almost an anonymous cut.
|   268073 [rff_rffREMOV] shouldn't this work as expected in this case?
+ 267846 [m_goldberg a] Perhaps to avoid overloading 'super', you might use 'previous' or
| 267898 [matz ruby-la] Interesting idea, especially knowing Common Lisp Object System uses
| 268012 [james graypr] I believe Perl 6 takes a similar approach using the `next` keyword/
+ 267902 [transfire gm] After my very own heart! I think that's a great approach. And I will
+ 268099 [binary42 gma] I started implementing a simple emulator for this super behavior. It
| 268184 [rick.denatal] Just to try to crystalize my own thoughts about this in general. I'm
| 268561 [pit.capitain] Rick, I don't see a way to solve this problem. If you add around
| 268594 [rick.denatal] Yes, my concern is that because there's been so much clever use of
| 268617 [pit.capitain] This is a valid concern. Integrating AOP in the language can be seen
| 268724 [rick.denatal] Here's the sequence dependency I'm concerned about.
| + 268730 [dan-ml dan42] Actually it will only produce "And now a word from my superclass!" I
| + 268819 [transfire gm] class B
| + 268835 [binary42 gma] class B
+ 268259 [chneukirchen] BTW, do you know how Simula uses "inner"?
  268264 [logancapaldo] He might, but I don't and couldn't find it by googling, so I'd love
  268268 [rff_rffREMOV] AFAIK "inner" in simula is similar to "inner" in Beta, and is some kind of
  268270 [rff_rffREMOV] C.new
  268272 [logancapaldo] Interesting, but what if C has more than one subclass?