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^ Blocking UDP recv() interaction with select()
267273 [zvilius eart] I want to use Ruby for a UDP server application under Windows XP. I
267349 [garbagecat10] Look at Ruby/EventMachine, which can solve your problem without threads.

^ assigning to hash keys when there is a default value?
267282 [dolgun excit] Can someone explain why there is a difference in the second line of
267283 [dblack wobbl] x ||= y is, I think, always supposed to be exactly equivalent to
+ 267286 [dolgun excit] I don't think it's a bug; the two examples are set forth on p. 276 of
| + 267310 [botp delmont] # I don't think it's a bug;
| | + 267328 [dolgun excit] Yes.  That is what I am complaining about too!  Your are right: the
| | | 267334 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | | + 267336 [dolgun excit] I also considered that possibility.  Does the trace output support that?
| | | + 267339 [m_goldberg a] I don't want to believe that because it raises the question of why
| | |   267340 [dblack wobbl] I agree -- it definitely wouldn't. It was a kind of reductio ad
| | + 267330 [dolgun excit] I also have "Programming Ruby (2nd ed)", and I read the documentation
| |   267335 [rsl swimcomm] I don't think this is a bug, kittens. since h[2] returns a value [eventhough it's not set], it causes h[2] to evaluate so the assignmentnever happens. x ||= y just means give me x or set x to y if there'sno value for x. h[2] _does_ have a value if only a default one.
| |   + 267337 [sepp2k googl] Maybe it does, but if we follow the logic that x op= y is a shortcut for
| |   + 267338 [dblack wobbl] x ||= y
| |     267344 [rsl swimcomm] I learned that x ||= y means set x to y unless x, so I don't see the
| |     + 267345 [dblack wobbl] I guess one can just accomodate oneself to whatever happens, in which
| |     | 267347 [shortcutter ] Will be interesting to hear what they say.
| |     + 267431 [botp delmont] # I learned that x ||= y means set x to y unless x, so I don't see the
| |       + 267509 [rsl swimcomm] Ahhh now I see what you kittens are seeing. I _still_ don't think it'sa bug though. <op>|| might be a no-brainer but ||= isn't completelyanalogous to methods like +=  since || itself isn't a method though itis an operator. || always returns either/or. And in this case, Ireally think the operator is doing the expected behavior even if the<op>= might be a misleading analogy.
| |       + 267511 [shortcutter ] No, "x+=1" will always be "x=x+1".
| |         267519 [ymendel pobo] If '"x+=1" will always be "x=x+1"', what's the problem in having x ||=
| |         + 267522 [rsl swimcomm] The problem with that is that || doesn't work that way, imo.
| |         | 267559 [shortcutter ] I wonder why nobody commented on my attempt to point at the practical
| |         + 267523 [shortcutter ] That an assignment of x=x is useless (basically a nop in the standard
| |           267688 [botp delmont] # > If '"x+=1" will always be "x=x+1"', what's the problem in
| |           + 267710 [shortcutter ] I said "noop in the standard case of a variable".  We can certainly
| |           | 267717 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| |           + 267718 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| |             267831 [botp delmont] arggh, yes.
| + 267321 [dblack wobbl] It seems very bug-like to me. I don't know what Hal's take on it is.
+ 267325 [shortcutter ] I can't point my finger on it but I believe x||=y is equivalent to
  + 267332 [dblack wobbl] I still don't like it. I'm not sure about that "unless" thing.... I
  | 267418 [eric.promisl] I always wondered why JavaScript is missing the '||='
  + 267555 [rick.denatal] Robert,
    267572 [dblack wobbl] class C
    267577 [rick.denatal] No, in the case you posited, the assignment happened and C#x= got
    + 267589 [dolgun excit] Apparently, ||=   is sugar free.
    + 267622 [dblack wobbl] Right; I got that wrong.
      267968 [shortcutter ] I believe it's not the only case.  Although x= and []= are different, it
      268095 [dblack wobbl] True, but by "only *such* case" I meant: only case where evaluating
      268102 [shortcutter ] Ah, ok.  Should've read more carefully.  I am sorry.
      268104 [dblack wobbl] That may be right. I guess I'm focusing on the visible behavior, and

^ about assert_difference problem. help!!
267287 [zlai sina.co] class PersonTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
267288 [phlipcpp yah] How is assert_difference expected to inflect "people" into "Person"? Or is
267289 [zlai sina.co] I just want to do unit/test, test to creat person data into the table
267293 [zlai sina.co] def test_should_create_person

^ Hash.new with a block?
267290 [dolgun excit] h = Hash.new {|hash, key| hash[key] = []}
267296 [shortcutter ] $ ruby -e 'h=Hash.new {|h,k| h[k]=[]}; set_trace_func(lambda {|*a| p
267299 [dolgun excit] I don't know what that output means.  I have also looked up Hash.new in
267303 [alexg kuicr.] Each line shows an 'event' occurring in the script. Where event is
267306 [dolgun excit] Thanks for the explanation.  So, is correct to assume that in the source
267309 [alexg kuicr.] Well proc.call(hash,key) really, which is almost (sort of) the same

^ I write Ruby Tk application on Window XP
267301 [girlisland_p] I write Ruby Tk application on Window XP, use ActiveTc18.4.14.0, namely
+ 267366 [bigboss64 ip] I have _no_ experience with TK or Rubyscript2exe what ever it is. But to me it
+ 267369 [ed.odanow wo] Take a look at

^ Please, tell me about packaged Ruby Tk application?
267302 [girlisland_p] Please, tell me about packaged Ruby Tk application to .swf or to .exe .
267372 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Vo Ngan,
267540 [girlisland_p] Do you know packaged Ruby Tk application that can create an SWF file?

^ wsdl2ruby
267308 [m.tyman inte] wsdl2ruby.rb --wsdl
267323 [m.tyman inte] It lies not in \lib\ruby\1.8\wsdl\soap but in bin\ subdirectory of
267456 [bmunat gmail] Hey, just to let you know... when I was searching around trying to

^ Filling individual cells in a grid
267318 [tillaart36 h] can someone please lend me a hand in this. I have a piece of code that
267326 [caduceass gm] With your current code...
267329 [tillaart36 h] Hey,
267341 [tillaart36 h] Is there no one else who can help me out a bit?
+ 267342 [logancapaldo] it's been less than three hours since you posted your original
+ 267343 [logancapaldo] it's been less than three hours since you posted your original
+ 267348 [m_goldberg a] OK, I'll make some suggestions.
  267363 [tillaart36 h] Wow, thanks for your help...
  267868 [tillaart36 h] Hey all you guys...
  267885 [m_goldberg a] Are you asking for a random 40% of the cells to be assigned type 3
  267899 [tillaart36 h] im not sure what you meant with your comments but i will look into
  267964 [m_goldberg a] You're welcome.
  267984 [m_goldberg a] I've thought of a more efficient way.
  268074 [tillaart36 h] Hey man,
  268630 [tillaart36 h] 1 = road
  + 268631 [tillaart36 h] and the word document...
  | 268632 [tillaart36 h] part b
  + 268645 [m_goldberg a] I see one problem with the above code -- it walks the entire
    268647 [tillaart36 h] I noticed that too...it doesnt look to the surrounding cells on a
    268677 [m_goldberg a] <code>
    268695 [m_goldberg a] As is not unusual for me, I've had second thoughts. Here is a better
    268705 [m_goldberg a] Third thoughts. I solved the wrong problem. On further consideration,
    268747 [tillaart36 h] Thanks Morton,
    + 268751 [tillaart36 h] So the code can find al the available cell pairs...that can be useful
    | 268796 [m_goldberg a] I am not sure I understand what you are asking. If you want to look
    | 268870 [tillaart36 h] Well i'll try to explain very very short what i need...
    | 268874 [m_goldberg a] Your reply is really quite concise and very clear. Now I think I
    | + 268878 [m_goldberg a] I realized I was doing something silly in the above code -- I was
    | + 268898 [m_goldberg a] Well, I made some minor changes so I test for convergence, and I
    |   268917 [tillaart36 h] First of all, many thanks for your help to this point...
    |   268924 [m_goldberg a] Once again, you're welcome.
    + 268792 [m_goldberg a] The problem you are trying to code is rather advanced for someone who

^ [ANN] RMagick 1.14.1 win32 gem with fix for RubyGems 0.9.4
267351 [TimHunter nc] I've uploaded a new version of the RMagick 1.14.1 binary gem for Win32.

^ Have you tried RMagick 2.0.0 beta?
267355 [TimHunter nc] The RMagick 2.0.0 beta release has been available for about a month now

^ with
267357 [matthias wae] Sorry folks if this was raised already, but google is not very
+ 267399 [shortcutter ] Somewhere above you completely lost me - it is especially unclear to me
| 267413 [matthias wae] It's the latter.
| + 267423 [w_a_x_man ya] So "with" lets you keep the chain going.
| + 267458 [shortcutter ] Yes, thank you for the explanation!  I know now what you were after.  I
| + 267518 [pbrannan atd] Ruby doesn't try to avoid local variables; this is something you have
|   267533 [matthias wae] Flow is generally from top to bottom (in a file) and from left to
|   267610 [pbrannan atd] I'm not arguing against the utility of "with", but against method
+ 267416 [apeiros gmx.] Sometimes less is more ;-)
+ 267459 [nobu ruby-la] "tap" in 1.9 is same.
  267472 [m.fellinger ] They have different effects, while 'tap' will return self and throwaway results of the block, 'with' returns the result of the block.
  + 267474 [matthias wae] Great to hear that this is really not available yet :) and I'm not
  | 267475 [m.fellinger ] Exactly :)
  + 267479 [nobu ruby-la] Sorry.

^ Need help in parsing REXML::Document
267367 [qpadla gmail] charset="us-ascii"
267384 [phlip2005 gm] [Please post raw text; my newsreader chokes on whatever you posted...]
+ 267560 [qpadla gmail] Thanks Phlip. With your suggestions i have come to some thing like this at
+ 267735 [qpadla gmail] OK. I have come up to the final version that do what i want.

^ wierd floating point output
267370 [matthias wae] Folks,
267371 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
267373 [matthias wae] *Sigh* -- I should proofread everything.
267376 [apeiros gmx.] I disagree. As long as you're calculating, you are working with floats
267415 [matthias wae] Which, as discussed in the 0.06 thread, is hard to accomplish nevertheless. Anyway.
+ 267417 [w_a_x_man ya] Can you give some examples of pairs of floats that are hard
+ 267419 [apeiros gmx.] Is it? That's news to me.
  + 267435 [w_a_x_man ya] class Numeric
  | 267441 [apeiros gmx.] That's why, chose your delta wisely.  It is also why the =~ is only
  | 267444 [w_a_x_man ya] Yes, having manually to choose the delta for each
  | 268757 [michael.ulm ] The condition
  | 268909 [w_a_x_man ya] This works pretty well, but seems to have a problem
  + 267492 [matthias wae] Right, floats are approximations of decimals. But they stand for
    267600 [aledonne.lis] It is not true that "for any other object" a to_s call provides a

^ array of hashes: finding hash with min value for key
267402 [patrick eter] I'm trying to write a proggy to help me figure out how long it will take
+ 267405 [dblack wobbl] lower = sections.find {|s| s[:apr] < section[:apr] }
+ 267407 [apeiros gmx.] ri Enumerable#min

^ hopefully my last range date question
267408 [globyy3000 h] require 'rubygems'

^ Re: ruby-serialport on OS X?
267411 [peter peterc] Don't edit .bundle files. It won't achieve anything and just give you

^ [Ann] G3D
267412 [benjohn fysh] I don't see mention of this in the archives, so I thought I'd post a
267414 [lokean.darke] Hei, that's cooool, thank you very much! :)

^ I don't get how the method is added in this case
267424 [cdalten gmai] I have the following
267426 [alex blackke] They aren't being added to a class so much as called on the result of
267427 [cdalten gmai] But if I go something like
267428 [ben bleythin] b is an object in either case.  When you 'p b', you're printing out the
267429 [cdalten gmai] Yes it does.

^ Rmagick get date picture taken
267432 [jonsdenni gm] I want to make a program to rename pictures based on the date and time
+ 267453 [dido.sevilla] capable of reading this data if it exists.
| 267455 [jonsdenni gm] Yes, the data is there.  I just want to know what method to use to
+ 267503 [TimHunter nc] RMagick OS X Installer [http://rubyforge.org/projects/rmagick/]
  267568 [jonsdenni gm] Thankee, just what I was looking for :D

^ Programming Ruby For Newbies
267433 [jin.the.mine] Howdy there,
+ 267438 [phlipcpp yah] Books are so Last Millenium.
| 267590 [ari aribrown] My only problem with For Dummy books is that they have poor paper
| 267603 [dangerwillro] Like all books, many publishers' quality varies within a series from
+ 267442 [dblack wobbl] You should check out Chris Pine's book "Learn to Program", which is an
| + 267451 [mo_mail ongh] I agree - I strongly recommend this one!
| | 267461 [jonsdenni gm] I second that second!
| | 267751 [Joerg.Mittag] My personal dream book is "Learn to Pragmatically Program Ruby for
| | 267768 [luis.fernand] I am currently reading Peter Cooper's "Beginning Ruby From Novice to
| + 267623 [bigboss64 ip] I agree, it's a very good starting point. Many books teach you about the
|   267720 [ari aribrown] If you don't like reading things online (like me),
|   + 267721 [dblack wobbl] By "Chris Pine's book" I meant... Chris Pine's book :-) There's a link
|   | 268186 [bigboss64 ip] It's good if you can enjoy reading a what you are learning from. You can learn
|   | 268207 [jin.the.mine] Thank you mates.
|   + 267833 [ml-ruby athe] There is a beginner's class going to be held this Saturday, 8
|     268045 [ml-ruby athe] The class is going to be at 1pm PST (GMT-8:00).
+ 267443 [TimHunter nc] Check out Peter Cooper's _Beginning_Ruby_, from Apress.
+ 267462 [wieczo.yo go] I really love why's guide: http://poignantguide.net/ruby/ It woke the
| 267513 [wieczo.yo go] Ah, there's also a book form of why's guide, but I can't find the shop
+ 267504 [dolgun excit] I'm reading it now, and I agree with you--a newcomer to programming has
| 267505 [dangerwillro] The Pickaxe is best as a reference or a starting point for
+ 267539 [rgossen gmai] I am also a Ruby and programming newb, and I have bought countless
+ 267565 [jeremywoerti] "You should check out Chris Pine's book "Learn to Program", which is an
+ 267578 [lloyd 2live4] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 267580 [ayyappank ma] Also check http://www.rubyist.net/~slagell/ruby/examples.html

^ Credit card Calculating
267436 [patrick eter] I posted a question earlier about hashes.

^ ruby FX problem
267440 [coolwong85 y] How can i build scroll bar in my GUI project??? How to use the
267445 [vjoel path.b] examples/mdi.rb.
267448 [coolwong85 y] Ya, i can find the example, thanks for example. But there more
267450 [vjoel path.b] require 'fox16'
267454 [coolwong85 y] Ya. I can run and work ur coding. This more easier for me, hehe... Thank

^ Re: Twisting a Rope (#137)
267446 [badcarl gmai] Eric, thanks for taking the time to run benchmarks for everyone's

^ [solved]array of hashes: finding hash with min value for key
267449 [patrick eter] Thanks, David, but I went with Stephan's example.

^ Ruby is much slower on linux when compiled with --enable-pthread?
267457 [akramer goog] I was seeing significant performance differences between ruby 1.8.4 on
+ 267641 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah -- it's probably not only Linux-specific but also dependent on your
| 267686 [jfs.world gm] any idea how you would do that? Don't see anything in the configure
| 267687 [znmeb cesmai] Before you "configure", type
| 267689 [akramer goog] I tried this earlier today, gprof doesn't seem to be able to trace the
+ 267683 [jfs.world gm] I would be curious about this - are you talking about between ubuntu
  268187 [bigboss64 ip] Don't know if it works on OS X but truss may also be useful.

^ ruby library for monitoring virtual comport ?
267460 [Gilbert.Rebh] a friend of mine reads the status of a virtual comport

^ RMagick: UnableToConcatenateString `
267463 [jonsdenni gm] I have a program to generate my website <a
267502 [TimHunter nc] RMagick OS X Installer [http://rubyforge.org/projects/rmagick/]
267557 [jonsdenni gm] Thanks!  It works perfectly now
267558 [rmagick gmai] Good news!
267563 [vjoel path.b] Seems like ruby could help out libraries like RMagick by exposing an API
267584 [rmagick gmai] This may help in the general case but for RMagick not so much. RMagick

^ script errors
267464 [globyy3000 h] require 'rubygems'
267480 [nobu ruby-la] The paren in this line doesn't seem closed, and you may forget
267482 [globyy3000 h] lol thanks, now however i run upon a second error, line 29
+ 267483 [nobu ruby-la] Maybe, one of them (or both) is nil?
+ 267484 [alexg kuicr.] What options did you call the script with? Whatever, your use of
  267554 [globyy3000 h] well after fixing those few flaws i get a huge nomethoderror from the

^ Best IDE for ruby and rails development
267469 [amaurya bric] Could anyone tell me which is best IDE for ruby and rails development.
+ 267471 [thopre gmail] shell and vi
| 267591 [ari aribrown] Bah! echo and an empty file
| + 267602 [cmdjackryan ] Back in my day, we didn't have echos. And we liked it that way. ;)
| + 267627 [jeremywoerti] If your on a windows or even linux system I might recommend to you Komodo
| + 267642 [perrin apoth] Vim and tcsh, darnit.
| | 267657 [znmeb cesmai] I'll have to admit I'm used to vim, but I've never experienced tcsh. I
| | 267658 [perrin apoth] I do, too, for shell-like stuff (re: Perl and Ruby).  I just use tcsh as
| | 267661 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... as far as I know you're the *first*. :) I happen to work in an
| + 267674 [greg cyberfu] # dd if=/dev/tty of=/dev/hda1
|   + 267684 [bigboss64 ip] Haha !
|   + 267750 [perrin apoth] I think you "win".  I'm still going to use Vim and tcsh, though.
+ 267473 [jkhaledsouei] I just use the e-texteditor
+ 267476 [arthur.murau] Best regards,
| + 267488 [amaurya bric] Best IDE for ruby and rails development
| + 267489 [amaurya bric] Best IDE for ruby and rails development
| | + 267491 [mo_mail ongh] IDEs are personal.  You can use anything that works for you.  I'd
| | + 267497 [cmdjackryan ] Amount of features != quality of IDE.
| | | 267644 [perrin apoth] I mostly only use SciTE when trapped on MS Windows -- which raises the
| | + 267507 [jonas onda.c] Netbeans 6.0 is a better IDE. Have support to Ruby On Rails and Ruby.
| | | 267512 [stephen.odon] On Sep 4, 1:10 pm, "Jonas Roberto de Goes Filho (sysdebug)"
| | | + 267526 [kyleaschmitt] Not to divert the flow of thought at all but...
| | | + 267646 [perrin apoth] My vote still goes to Vim, tcsh, and urxvt.
| | + 267611 [toddj thered] They released a new version of the ruby plugin for intellij today.  It
| | + 267739 [lists source] I've run the whole gamut, from RadRails to vim to emacs to FreeRide to jEdit to textmate to Netbeans....and I can safely say that NetBeans, in terms of an "IDE", wins hands down. It has the best auto-complete features and incredible debugging capabilities built right in. You will not go wrong with NB.
| + 267556 [rick.denatal] Personally I currently use vim with a bunch of plugins.
|   267690 [arthur.murau] Yup, on my machine java needs about 200Mb of memory to feel fine.
|   267697 [znmeb cesmai] After all these years, Java is still a memory hog? Aren't there some
+ 267477 [mo_mail ongh] Increasingly, I'm using NetBeans for Ruby and RoR.  On the other hand,
| 267485 [dejan.dimic ] As said so many times Aptana and eclipse on XP and Linux.
+ 267534 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... everyone has their own favorite, so you'll get lots of answers.
+ 267564 [jeremywoerti] I guess it depends on which OS your using. If your using MacOSX then I
| + 267581 [eric.promisl] I do all my Rails programming in Komodo as well, but I'm also one
| + 267582 [igor.sarzisa] I use always Arachno IDE for ruby and also for rails development. It
|   267648 [perrin apoth] I don't find Vim to be complex to set up at all.  I do something like
+ 267614 [bigboss64 ip] Since you seem to be looking for an IDE to use, I will separate my message