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^ IRB Module Documentation
265664 [shane techie] Can anybody point me to some good documentation (either online or
265732 [vjoel path.b] This may not be quite what you're looking for, but whenever I want to

^ [C ext to Ruby] variable args length and rb_class_new_instance
265668 [yvon.thorava] i did a first try calling rb_class_new_instance with variable args
+ 265670 [tim.pease gm] return rb_class_new_instance( 2, args, rb_path2class( "RFile" ) );
+ 265676 [sastph sas.c] "VALUE[2] args;" is not valid C.
  265683 [nobu ruby-la] VALUE (*)[2] which is different from VALUE **.

^ Slow because of AV? (was: Re: Ruby off the Rails)
265678 [shortcutter ] If you can switch off the AV engine and see whether your scripts come up
265679 [mo_mail ongh] Thanks Robert
265689 [kyleaschmitt] My 2 cents.

^ Submit Your Ruby On Rails Scripts
265690 [andrew.sain ] their Ruby On Rails script to our popular software site

^ Need a Ruby helper for finding undefined variables and methods
265693 [CharlesWinst] I'm definitely a newbie. I've tried to read the faq first but the
265705 [jan.svitok g] I used unit tests and rcov for that - write simple tests that run at least

^ Serial port programming
265695 [dan.caughert] Hey all --

^ Re: Is there a thread safe implementation of a priority queu
265696 [lolz.llolz g] I finally had the time to download and try this priority queue, but

^ Failure trying to build Ruby 1.8.6 on HP-UX 11
265698 [djberg96 gma] djberge@td191> uname -a
+ 265699 [mental rydia] If I rememeber correctly from my own attempts to build Ruby on
| 265724 [djberg96 gma] There's definitely something odd going on, but I managed to build and
+ 265700 [djberg96 gma] Ok, the problem went away when I installed gperf. The only other
+ 265702 [thomas.mackl] I am guessing that cc doesn't integrate directoy with yacc/flex/bison/

^ [ANN] XMLable 0.1.1
265710 [funkaster gm] charset=WINDOWS-1252;

^ Writing to Binary Files
265715 [doug.meyer s] I'm having some serious issues writing to a binary file. Can anyone
+ 265716 [alex blackke] Can you show us some code?
| 265718 [kyleaschmitt] Well, try to tell us what you are doing?
+ 265719 [lists bertra] (<http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/122170#544613>).
  + 265722 [ttmrichter g] And this explains the distinction between opening binary vs. opening
  | + 265725 [lists bertra] You're right. I almost forgot that. It's not fair to imply
  | + 266171 [steven lumos] Hmm.  So which Unix system call do you use to open a file in text
  + 265733 [_mwryder wor] So where do files like database or spreadsheet files fit?  They
  + 265752 [shortcutter ] I prefer to just take it as given that different operating systems

^ RE : VimMate 0.6.3
265717 [guillaume.be] As far as I know, VimMate doesn't work under Windows although it might be

^ executing a command from a ruby script
265720 [greg.johnsen] I want to execute a command from a script e.g. var=`ls -l`, however I
265721 [lists bertra] var=`ls -l #{file}`
+ 265723 [greg.johnsen] Works perfectly! You are awesome!
| 265726 [lists bertra] Not me. Ruby is.
+ 265727 [lists bertra] file = "; rm -rf *"

^ Get Date Modified value for a directory (folder)
265729 [hiriumi gmai] I'm trying to find out a way to get "Date Modified" value for a
265734 [nobu ruby-la] File.stat(".").mtime
+ 265743 [nagesh_nyros] whats the dot symobl indicates.
| + 265744 [cmdjackryan ] Please quote if you reply.
| + 265748 [botp delmont] # whats the dot symobl indicates.
+ 265806 [hiriumi gmai] Ara, nihonjin no kata desune. Gokaitou arigatou gozaimashita.
+ 265811 [hiriumi gmai] I was trying to get modified date/time for a remote directory and the
  + 265810 [hiriumi gmai] OOPS, the sample code was wrong. It should be...
  + 265871 [botp delmont] # I was trying to get modified date/time for a remote directory and the
    265964 [hiriumi gmai] After I read your reply, I gave it another try. It's working now! I
    265968 [hiriumi gmai] This is a reply to myself.
    266018 [nobu ruby-la] What are the exact platform, version and patchlevel, which is

^ [ANN] ruby-msg-1.3.1 (outlook msg lib) and ruby-ole-1.2.1
265731 [aquasync gma] The new version of ruby-msg has been released!

^ Re: Writing to Binary Files [flaming files]
265736 [dangerwillro] Portable? In those days, networking and portability were not real

^ Ruby/Tk and rubyscript2exe problem
265737 [soulish gmai] that I have written using ruby/tk.  It runs completely fine from the
265798 [gk cutcopy.c] Tried this?
265804 [soulish gmai] Yes I have tried using the "rubyscript2exe mycoolprogram.rbw

^ find opened classes
265738 [nraychaudhur] Is there any way I can find all the classes that have been re-opened
+ 265739 [logancapaldo] No fool proof way. Are there particular changes to a class you are
+ 265741 [vjoel path.b] If you don't mind having a trace proc running while you classes are
  265751 [shortcutter ] I thought of something similar but I would just dump out class names

^ ruby-ldap and paged results on windows
265745 [dave davewki] I'm trying to get paged results to work with ruby-ldap against
265746 [garbagecat10] The literal value of the control is "1.2.840.113556.1.4.319"
265801 [dave davewki] Thanks for the tip.  I tried setting the value of the control, then I got
265805 [garbagecat10] I can help you debug this. The only thing I can see offhand that is weird is
266257 [dave davewki] What I really wanted to do was this
266264 [garbagecat10] Actually, you had a syntax error in the first version. The ! operator is

^ MD5 authentication against Active Directory with ruby ldap
265747 [macinux gmai] require 'ldap'
265775 [garbagecat10] This makes sense. LDAP directories store password hashes instead of

^ Is there a real thing that can convert ruby scripts to c codes?
265759 [magicloud.ma] Dear all,
265814 [stefan mahli] I do not know how accurate this is - but maybe this gives you a start.

^ webcamrecorder gui with ruby
265760 [rblists gmai] I had to build a little webcam recorder to let people leave video

^ tail, start reading at EOF
265761 [Gilbert.Rebh] how to alter tail function to start at the end
265763 [lists bertra] file.seek 0, IO::SEEK_END
265764 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
265777 [Rob AgileCon] gem install file-tail

^ Re: variable args length and rb_class_new_instance
265762 [yvon.thorava] ok thanks to all of you, i've found it bu myself

^ how to dump contents of an array as parameters
265766 [akifusenet g] ı am a beginner Rubyist and I have a small problem.
265767 [stefano.croc] Track.new(*[15, 'b'])
265769 [akifusenet g] Thank you Stefano. It worked.
265787 [kaldrenon gm] the * operator, when applied to method arguments, work two ways, if I

^ Pretty Printing
265770 [pversteegen ] # Hi,
+ 265780 [koflerjim ma] How about using "rescue nil" ?
+ 265781 [dougal.s gma] Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick on this, but I get it to
| + 265793 [phlip2005 gm] Here's an idea that's simpler ... if you already have all the tools in place.
| | 265921 [pversteegen ] Philip,
| + 265920 [pversteegen ] Douglas,
+ 265829 [ari aribrown] Ruby Reports. Ruport. Check it out.
  265923 [pversteegen ] Ari,

^ Call an application from Ruby
265771 [gugui_sarubi] I´d like to run 'KCalc' for example
265774 [dan fluentra] You can execute a system command by putting it between `backticks`. On
265791 [byte8bits gm] system('gcalctool')

^ Run ruby application with params
265773 [gugui_sarubi] like
+ 265776 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 265784 [stephane.wir] You can use CmdParse or OptionParser gems
| 265803 [shortcutter ] OptionParser is not a gem AFAIK - it's part of the std lib.
+ 265836 [w_a_x_man ya] On Aug 22, 6:35 am, Luiz Macchi <gugui_sarubi_mac...@yahoo.com.br>

^ Using external text file to do search and replace?
265778 [endege gmail] I recently started to take an interest in Ruby programming and with
+ 265796 [stefano.croc] * path is already a string, so calling to_s on it does nothing.
| 267892 [endege gmail] I tried what you said and it shows it works and I get an Exit code: 0
| 267917 [stefano.croc] The reason your code doesn't work is that the search string is stored in the
| 267983 [endege gmail] Thanks a lot for your help Stefano! It works great!
+ 265839 [w_a_x_man ya] # First line of file is regular expression; second is
  266200 [endege gmail] Thanks everyone for your reply.

^ which smartphone for development?
265779 [greg.hauptma] What mobile platform would be best for a Ruby developer interested in create

^ ANN: Iowa Ruby Brigade
265789 [davidbody bi] Iowa Ruby Brigade

^ Fwd: Solution for RubyQuiz 131
265795 [james graypr] ...

^ Filling cells in grid by type
265802 [tillaart36 h] I have a question i wanted to ask. I have a ruby file which represents a
+ 265809 [benjohn fysh] When I've done things like this in the past, I've found it's easier to
+ 265827 [tillaart36 h] Please can no one help me?

^ wxruby and rubygems seems not to work?
265807 [kazaam oleco] sudo gem install wxruby2-preview
+ 265818 [stefan mahli] require "wx" # wxruby2
+ 265819 [drbrain segm] gem doesn't require any files, you need to call require for that.
+ 265853 [alex deletem] the error is here.
| 265838 [kazaam oleco] require 'rubygems'
+ 265854 [kazaam oleco] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
  265859 [stefan mahli] Can you show the error message? If it is "permission denied" you'd have

^ shoes?
265822 [kyleaschmitt] Has anyone come across a decent set of docs, or even class/method list
265832 [hhausman gma] As it stands for the moment, you've pretty much got to tie your own
265844 [kyleaschmitt] I've already read through all the examples, played with them etc, and
265848 [phlip2005 gm] Just a guess - learn Cairo and Pango.

^ Re: Is there a real thing that can convert ruby scripts to c
265823 [lloyd 2live4] I think that this would be an immense and thankless task.  If you were
265833 [kyleaschmitt] Isn't there ruby2c by zenspider?
265872 [magicloud.ma] Yes, that is almost what I wanted, but RubyToC is not complete now, many things that does not support....

^ Re: how to be cool with map
265825 [dblack rubyp] Do you mean for there to be an .each in there?
265841 [erikveen gma] Faster, because it breaks the loop as soon as possible, and
265849 [stefano.croc] This is shorter, and breaks as soon as a non-existing file is found
265855 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
265860 [stefano.croc] You're right. Somehow, I thought that all? needed to iterate over all the
265974 [ara.t.howard] this sends alarm bells ringing to me.  i would expect, from that

^ Rope Data Structures
265826 [jfmiller28 y] Greetings All,
+ 265831 [james graypr] We used Ruby and didn't switch, but the code was slow.
| 265882 [jfmiller28 y] It took about a week of causal programming to get a String version
| + 265895 [benjohn fysh] Just a musing on this, but if we want a fast and scalable rope structure
| + 265919 [james graypr] Thanks for all of the information.
+ 265896 [botp delmont] # I tried writing a rope library in ruby and got an order of magnitude
| + 265898 [koflerjim ma] Mauricio Fernandez, the author of rocaml, is working on a ropes
| + 265988 [jfmiller28 y] I agree that for something like this a binary distribution is best, but
+ 274970 [djberg96 gma] Did you ever publish this?

^ Can the self object be changed inside a Proc?
265830 [oga_emmanuel] the_proc= lambda { @variable }
265837 [pit.capitain] Emmanuel, just change

^ Ruby & Word 2007 help
265842 [inge ttimed.] charset="US-ASCII"
+ 265850 [cdemyanovich] I'm not sure I can help, but I'm interested in what you're doing. However,
| 265863 [inge ttimed.] Craig,
| 265865 [cdemyanovich] I don't have Word 2007 here, so I can't duplicate your environment. However,
+ 265965 [kyleaschmitt] Just a quick hint, since it's saved me a few times when the MSDN site
  265981 [cdemyanovich] This problem has captured my attention. I downloaded and installed a trial
  266010 [masaki.suket] How about GetAbsolutePathName of Scripting.FileSystemObject?

^ time class changed in ruby-1.8.6?
265843 [donald.ball ] and noticed that the Time class seems to have changed. It used to have a
+ 265845 [james graypr] I don't ever remember such a method in Ruby.  Rails adds a to_date()
| 265846 [donald.ball ] It could very well be, my apologies, I'll poke through the rails
+ 265861 [flori nixe.p] I think the whole date implemetation was substituted by a new
| 265862 [dan-ml dan42] You're probably using rails. Ruby used to *not* have a Time#to_date
| 265867 [flori nixe.p] No, I am not. Maybe Mr. Ball did. I didn't remember, if there already
| 265869 [dan-ml dan42] Of course, I meant the OP
+ 267200 [matthewrudyj] I think I've found another change.
  267237 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
  267239 [matthewrudyj] That's annoying.
  267241 [killavus gma] I suggest to use "ri" and check out comments - maybe you'll find something

^ Re: MD5 authentication against Active Directory with ruby ld
265858 [macinux gmai] Thanks Francis, but I am still confused. what you mean we have to use
265874 [garbagecat10] If you saved a password-hash in a configuration file, and it were possible
265883 [macinux gmai] It is still confusing to me.  I wonder if it is true that a plaintext
265915 [garbagecat10] Yes, the plaintext psw is transferred over the network, whether the
265938 [macinux gmai] Thanks. next question is how to encrypt the network connection with  AD
265940 [garbagecat10] Ask your A/D admin what encryption options are available on that A/D.

^ Re: Process Rings (#135)
265866 [tom accident] Hey guys... here's my attempt.  I'm a bit of n00b, so feedback

^ excel mashup
265868 [d.sailer com] I'm using parseexcel (http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/parseexcel/) to
+ 265870 [promos burch] require 'open-uri' ;
| 265903 [d.sailer com] thanks!
+ 266261 [thopre gmail] you could use the Roo-Gem (http://roo.rubyforge.org/). In the new version

^ Class method access instance variable?
265875 [splitform gm] class IRCBot
+ 265877 [has.sox gmai] Don't access the @conn instance variable directly.
| 265880 [splitform gm] Thanks for the response :)
| + 265884 [has.sox gmai] Can you http://pastie.caboo.se/ your relevant code.  In it's entirety.  I
| | 265935 [splitform gm] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| | 265941 [dblack rubyp] class IRCCallback
| | 265954 [splitform gm] Oh, sorry, that should read 'mybot.conn.send("PRIVMSG testuser :hey",
| | 265956 [dblack rubyp] OK... (well, not OK :-) but I now know what you meant) but I'm now not
| | 265957 [splitform gm] Well the 'input' var isn't serving a purpose now.  I'm just trying to
| + 265982 [overlord gmx] Stop thinking of files, Ruby is about objects, it doesn't in which files
+ 265922 [dblack rubyp] It can't, at least not directly. However, Ruby provides a very easy

^ add outside variable to array elements
265876 [mcpeople hot] I have all of six hours of programming  experience, so I hope that
+ 265878 [alexg kuicr.] This should be incVal = incVal.to_i. String#to_i *returns* the
+ 265881 [botp delmont] # Go nuts with the constructive criticism.
  266145 [mcpeople hot] Thank you, Alex Gutteridge.
  266177 [botp delmont] # whole_file = open('16bytes', 'rb') { |f| f.read}
  266182 [apeiros gmx.] The last one is not equivalent to the other two. It will drop values >=
  266303 [botpena gmai] oops. mea culpa. what was i thinking again :(  yes, pls ignore the
  266368 [mcpeople hot] Thanks, guys.

^ Scripting rubyforge sftp interaction
265886 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Instead of using a static sftp batchfile, I'd like to

^ ruby shell?
265888 [significants] what about a shell based on ruby? would such a thing be
+ 265891 [mr.danielaqu] There is ruby based shells... Look them up and think about it some more...
| 265955 [znmeb cesmai] That was something that really irritated me when I migrated from "ksh"
| 265966 [mr.danielaqu] Yea I don't really use shell's for programming unless its something
| 265972 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 265892 [shortcutter ] The topic comes up frequently here.  You can search the archives for
| 265930 [mr.danielaqu] It would be cool if we could some how write a patch that would alter
| 265932 [shortcutter ] Interestingly enough the cases where I really needed arrays in bash
| 265953 [mr.danielaqu] It's not just arrays... lots of things are a pain..
| 265961 [shortcutter ] Sorry, I find that too unspecific. Bash is great for what it's
| + 265967 [mr.danielaqu] I agree... but the programming side of it could  becoming simpler...
| | 265984 [shortcutter ] If you only would disclose *where* exactly you see issues.  It's easy to
| + 266006 [tpo2 sourcep] * Quoting in shell is hell.
|   + 266009 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
|   | 266038 [botp delmont] # felix@felix-laptop:~$ expr 20 + 5 - 4
|   + 266013 [ml synthetic] I haven't looked at any of the projects already out there, just
|   + 266023 [drbrain segm] Done!
|     266025 [dangerwillro] I think it is an excellent idea to have a Ruby shell!
|     266033 [phlip2005 gm] Best shell I ever saw ran in the old DOS Foxbase. You enter commands in a
|     266034 [significants] "Mogok" sounds pretty cool. "The Mogok Valley in north central Burma
|     266542 [ztz nxvr.org] Its never too late for Web2.0-esque names.
|     266609 [shevegen lin] Aside and above all the niceties of Ruby, its really
|     266615 [bigboss64 ip] Text is a universal format unless you are a computer.
|     266645 [perrin apoth] I wonder why irb isn't good enough.  Why not use that, if you need a Ruby
|     266654 [sepp2k googl] That could be worked around quite easily with method_missing. Then you'd only
+ 266005 [drbrain segm] require 'shell'