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264231 [andanb@gm il] I am in desperate need of some documentation on how to use Expect in a

[ANN] launchy 0.1.2 Released
264234 [jeremy@hi eg] launchy version 0.1.2 has been released.
264278 [ara.t.howard] awesome!

[ANN] heel 0.2.0 Released
264236 [jeremy@hi eg] heel version 0.2.0 has been released.

ri problem
264242 [bad_good_lio] in ruby 1.8.4 (2006-04-14) [i386-mswin32]
264300 [dejan.dimic@] It works chez moi

Re: launchy 0.1.2 Released
264243 [transfire@gm] On Aug 11, 11:51 pm, Jeremy Hinegardner <jer...@hinegardner.org>
+ 264244 [sepp2k@go gl] APP_LIST = { :windows => %w[ firefox iexplore ], :darwin => %w[ open ],
| + 264246 [o.renaud@la ] So, it won't work on my computer, since I run linux without firefox installed.
| | + 264247 [detlef.reich] Under GNOME the gconf key /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/command
| | | 264258 [daniel.schie] in a
| | + 264256 [o.renaud@la ] DESKTOP_SESSION doesn't seem to be reliable, since its values are not standard
| | | + 264261 [transfire@gm] Interesting, but xdg-open opens Kate on my system.
| | | + 264297 [jeremy@hi eg] Thanks for the tip, xdg-open looks like a good thing, I'll incorporate
| | + 264274 [Joerg.Mittag] No need.  Windows has had an equivalent to MacOS's 'open' since
| |   264292 [jeremy@hi eg] Thanks for the info, I personally don't have a windows machine to test
| + 264249 [logancapaldo] ...
| + 264281 [ara.t.howard] but no patch?  ;-)
|   264282 [logancapaldo] ...
|   264284 [ara.t.howard] the point of the environment var is for those cases when it cannot be
|   264286 [logancapaldo] ...
|   264294 [jeremy@hi eg] Yes that is my goal, part of this release was to get feedback on other
+ 264299 [jeremy@hi eg] I'm not sure either, I would like to add email programs for sure, other

264248 [shaiguitar@g] may not be directly related to this forum, but all the big shots are
264264 [shaiguitar@g] ** ignore post **

[SOLUTION][QUIZ] Cellular Automata (#134)
264260 [jesse.d.merr] ...
264287 [james@gr yp ] My solution does the required tasks and makes PPM graphics.  Here's

Ubuntu as a Ruby dev environment?
264270 [joviyach@gm ] Developing using things like MySQL, PHP, and Ruby has been an absolute
+ 264271 [alex@bl ck e] Ubuntu's great, as long as you're aware of the gotchas (which pretty
| 264280 [robert.dober] That is because Ubuntu is not made for development platforms, so my
| 264283 [alex@bl ck e] Debian makes the same choice.  Unless that's changed in unstable, of
| + 264290 [robert.dober] Hmm hopefully that is not OT, but if one choses Debian, unstable is a
| | 264291 [alex@bl ck e] Hardly.  I've still got sarge boxes that I'm deploying to, and I'm
| | + 264293 [robert.dober] Good to learn some positive points about it, and I am happy to learn
| | | 264335 [alex@bl ck e] apt-get update, generally...
| | + 264303 [alexey.verkh] Etch has 1.8.5 out of the box nowadays, and running anything with
| |   264334 [alex@bl ck e] So it does.
| + 264318 [phlip2005@gm] So my colleague has super-modern wide-area WiFi (somewhere in Europe), and
|   + 264322 [jan.svitok@g] I suppose it's not less possible with ubuntu that with any other linux
|   + 264326 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
|   + 264343 [mark.gallop@] If the laptop has a wifi card with linux drivers then Ubuntu will
+ 264272 [logancapaldo] ...
+ 264277 [transfire@gm] Get Linux. Use Linux. Push yourself thru the initial learning curve.
| 264301 [alexey.verkh] Unless you start on Gentoo, as someone else suggested. Then in 2 to 4
+ 264285 [james.britt@] Install Ruby from source and skip the debs.  You'll get the most current
+ 264298 [znmeb@ce ma ] 1. Develop with portability in mind. That is, if you are building
| 264302 [dejan.dimic@] On Aug 12, 7:43 pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@cesmail.net>
| + 264304 [alexey.verkh] That is a bold statement, but I disagree.
| + 264419 [mb@th rd av ] I am using Ruby 1.8.4 on both Windows XP and Debian and both works fine.
|   264468 [dejan.dimic@] On Aug 13, 6:07 pm, "Morten Brodersen" <m...@thirdwavegames.com>
+ 264344 ["Ian Stephen] If you are willing to try persevering with Windows one more time before
  + 264346 [znmeb@ce ma ] Instant Rails has Scite bundled, right? I know it's in the One-Click
  + 264486 [joviyach@gm ] On Aug 12, 8:34 pm, "Ian Stephenson" <ian_stephenson@@hotmail.com>
    264506 [phlip2005@gm] I read that backwards, and thought you'd start with "With Linux..."

Chinese display
264288 [gyg22@16 .c ] I have built a project with Instant Rails.Now only a database and a
264289 [logancapaldo] ...
264369 [dangerwillro] For language display, encoding is the first obvious part, but the

Can .rhtml files include text from .txt or .html file?
264305 [daniel@se io] I have a header.html file that contains <h1>client name</h1>.
+ 264307 [dkarapetyan@] ...
+ 264308 [jan.svitok@g] I'm not too much at home with rails, but try
+ 264310 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
  264311 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
  264324 [daniel@se io] I'm actually not using Rails myself. Just using eruby interpreter on
  264327 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
  264331 [daniel@se io] Thanks! I got this to work
  + 264345 [gregory.t.br] You can also do
  | 264371 [dangerwillro] One tip though, you don't have to use rhtml as the file extension to
  + 264490 [apeiros@gm .] That print is most likely introducing buggy behaviour into your thingy.

24 seconds for FASTCGI process to startup??? Is this normal???
264312 [greg.hauptma] ...
264368 [dangerwillro] Uh, yeah, often that can happen. It's shared hosting.

stdin stdout -ing my program
264313 [globyy3000@h] i need to be able to run my program fully from the command line, instead
264317 [jeremy@hi eg] I'm not quite sure if I know what your question is.  What do you want to
264452 [globyy3000@h] #!/usr/bin/ruby
264457 [jeremy@hi eg] My mistake, file_path contains the "\n"
264497 [globyy3000@h] Worked like a charm, but i have yet one more question for you :)
264501 [alexg@ku cr ] [alexg@powerbook]/Users/alexg(7): cat hi.rb

Non Existent Method Dir.empty? Description via "ri"
264314 [ed.odanow@wo] Moin, moin!
+ 264316 [TimHunter@nc] Interesting. This is from Ruby 1.8.6 on OS X. I've got a pretty vanilla
+ 264560 [dangerwillro] I've got Ruby 1.8.4 on OSX with many gems installed.
| 264562 [lists@be tr ] What's this?
| + 264564 [chris.hulan@] snip
| + 264565 [dblack@ru yp] def dir_empty?(path_to_dir)
|   264567 [lists@be tr ] I didn't mean it as harmful as it obviously sounds. Sorry,
|   264581 [dangerwillro] Then take your own advice about thinking first and then writing, friend.
|   264588 [lists@be tr ] I was really hurt by your code.
|   264591 [dangerwillro] Sorry Bertram!! I didn't mean to hurt you!
|   264796 [lists@be tr ] In the last days I had removed a bunch of memory leaks and
+ 264586 [djberg96@gm ] On Aug 12, 3:01 pm, "Wolfgang N?dasi-donner" <ed.oda...@wonado.de>
  + 264590 [dangerwillro] So it kind of exists?
  | 264603 [djberg96@gm ] On Aug 14, 10:35 am, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
  + 264598 [ed.odanow@wo] Booofff... - thank you for this information!
    264617 [renard@nc rr] On Aug 14, 1:33 pm, "Wolfgang N?dasi-donner" <ed.oda...@wonado.de>
    264623 [djberg96@gm ] irb(main):001:0> require 'win32/dir'
    264635 [renard@nc rr] I am using version 0.3.2

[ANN] launchy 0.2.0 Released
264320 [jeremy@hi eg] As promised, here's a new release of launchy.  For those of you who said
264704 [o.renaud@la ] Ok, works here with KDE on Linux : it opens a new tab in konqueror
264738 [jeremy@hi eg] Perfect. Glad that it works for you.

Fwd: Prototype (the real thing from Ara) problem.
264321 [robert.dober] after my primitive research and my *very slow* implementation of

Removing file names with '.' in their names from list?
264328 [daniel@se io] Currently I'm using this code to output a list of files to a .rhtml
+ 264332 [robert.dober] I would suggest
| 264336 [daniel@se io] Beautiful. Thanks!
+ 264341 [kbloom@gm il] Under UNIX, a * never matches a . at the beginning of a filename, and *.*
+ 264348 [nobu@ru y- a] File.fnmatch('*.*', file, File::FNM_DOTMATCH)
+ 264349 [cmshea@gm il] On Aug 12, 4:16 pm, Sfdesigner Sfdesigner

' gem ' is not recongnized....
264340 [schmode93@ya] So, 1st things 1st, i have never tried to install any of these type of
264380 [ronald.fisch] I'm surprised that a gem is offered as "exe". I always first try
264512 [schmode93@ya] I'm sorry for not responding soon enough, i figured it out though.

Ruby debuggers?
264347 [JPxxxxx@ya o] I am far enough into learning Ruby so that I need to track down problems
+ 264352 [wayneeseguin] Command line: http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruby-debug other than
| + 264467 [florgro@gm i] And there's a GTK2 front end for ruby-debug available at
| + 264873 [rocky.bernst] I suppose apropos of nothing in particular I'll mention that the
+ 264370 [Pawel Stawic] I use netbeans for ruby, debugger included.
+ 264538 [martin.kraus] Some of them might be outdated and not maintained anymore (the page
| 264630 [rogerpack200] I think that radrails (eclipse) had plans on integrating ruby-debug, so
| 264678 [martin.kraus] RadRails is based on RDT. And RDT is developed by Chris Williams and
+ 264689 [aidy.lewis@g] Use Netbeans with Ruby support: http://bits.netbeans.org/download/6.0/milestones/latest/
  264730 [jamesthepipe] Yes on NetBeans, but I think you want to get the ruby bits from here

TCPSocket Flushing
264350 [neko18@gm il] I have two programs, a server and a client. I want to send two messages
+ 264382 [shortcutter@] As far as I can see you read the whole stream in one go with
| 264405 [neko18@gm il] It worked perfectly, thank you.
+ 264406 [see@si na ur] If the format of your server "messages" is *always* lines, i.e.,
| 264673 [rogerpack200] Yeah try using socket.recv(1024) or what not.  I don't know what read
| 264674 [neko18@gm il] Ruby seems to be lacking in its documentation of sockets, unless I'm
| + 264677 [rogerpack200] I agree--I wish Ruby had a comprehensive documentation+wiki (or
| | 264760 [shortcutter@] The pickaxe is pretty comprehensive and has good examples IMHO.
| + 265694 [rogerpack200] My question is: what is the 'write' equivalent of 'recv' (i.e. write non
|   265755 [shortcutter@] I believe the pairing is read-write and send-recv.
|   265820 [rogerpack200] Thanks!
+ 264682 [garbagecat10] ...

extract a number from a line of HTML file
264351 [macro.peng@g] I have a line of HTML file like this
264353 [has.sox@gm i] ...
264355 [macro.peng@g] I got this line from the body of NET::HTTP.post_form. I want to extract
264356 [has.sox@gm i] ...
264357 [macro.peng@g] Thanks! Great gem! It's exactly what I want, and so simply!

[ANN] RSpec-1.0.8
264358 [dchelimsky@g] The RSpec Development Team is pleased to announce the release of RSpec-1.0.8.

Getting data from Expect
264360 [greg.johnsen] Can anyone tell me how I can get all the data produced by the command

ANN: Sequel Released
264362 [ciconia@gm i] Sequel version has just been released. This release includes a

to_str behavior
264363 [rubylearner@] ...
+ 264366 [howardrobert] Greetings Nasir,
+ 264381 [robert.dober] not quite always, Nasir.
+ 264383 [dblack@ru yp] You're making a strange assumption, namely that Ruby cares whether or
+ 264488 [apeiros@gm .] class StringLike
  264496 [rubylearner@] ...
  264502 [dblack@ru yp] I'm digging around in the source to figure out the == behavior. Here's
  264644 [steven@lu os] Note the order of arguments.  It means str2#== will be used instead of
  264662 [dblack@ru yp] Interesting. I'm not sure what the point of the to_str test is,

Re: Cellular Automata (#134)
264365 [rubyforum.20] I added another command-line switch to specify the output mapping
264390 [olsonas@gm i] Here's my solution. Note: I saw no reason to make the output right
+ 264391 [olsonas@gm i] # file: cell.rb
+ 264393 [james@gr yp ] I don't think the rules should be justified in either direction.  The
  264395 [olsonas@gm i] James -
  264396 [james@gr yp ] The first row isn't padded.  It's that the later rows push it over.
  264398 [olsonas@gm i] Ah yes, that makes perfect sense, thanks for the insight.
  264402 [olsonas@gm i] drew$ ruby cell.rb 110 20 1
  264410 [alpha.chen@g] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
  264474 [SimonKroeger] Sweet indeed, i like especialy the to_i(2), didn't thought about that.
  264478 [james@gr yp ] I believe your code is correct and mine makes the same mistake as
  264483 [alpha.chen@g] On Aug 13, 3:12 pm, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
  264489 [james@gr yp ] For any rules with a 1 in the final bit position, the edges should
  264521 [SimonKroeger] Yep. Ok i borrowed some ideas from Alpha Chen and tried to

ENTER character
264372 [greg.johnsen] How can you encode a ENTER? In case of space: \s, what about ENTER?
+ 264373 [alex@bl ck e] If you mean a newline, it's "\n".
+ 264378 [ronald.fisch] If you mean "carriage return", it is '\r'
+ 264412 [phrogz@ma .c] On MacOS (before version X), pressing the 'return' key inserted a
  + 264414 [headspin@gm ] Actually, depending on what text editor you are using, on Mac OS X,
  | + 264416 [dangerwillro] To make a long story shorter, it depends, and you do need to check
  | + 264420 [fxn@ha hr f.] And no matter what, most editors let the user configure the
  |   264421 [fxn@ha hr f.] Let me add that the :crlf layer is a partial solution for this , it
  + 264443 [ed.odanow@wo] If you are reading from a file in Windows, Ruby will convert the "\r\n"
  + 264480 [logancapaldo] ...

too slow in using Net::HTTP.post_form
264376 [macro.peng@g] I am using Net::HTTP.post_form to post cgi request to a website and get
+ 264487 [macro.peng@g] So bad, no one can give me some hint?
| 264491 [dangerwillro] You might post more of the code.
+ 264544 [lionel-subsc] Maybe the particular server you are testing reacts differently if you
  264668 [macro.peng@g] require 'net/http'
  264669 [cdcarter@gm ] The same code takes less than a second for me.  Perhaps it is your connection?

[Re-ANN] RubyConf 2007: talk proposals being accepted
264387 [dblack@ru yp] We're on a somewhat tight deadline (August 20), but there's definitely
264389 [fugalh@zi ne] What perks if any do presenters get? Free admission? Transportation? etc.
264392 [dblack@ru yp] Free admission (including meals).

First JRuby App on GlassFish Screencast & Blog
264394 [arun.gupta@g] This screencast shows how to develop and deploy your first JRuby app

Timeout::Error - catchable?
264397 [rikkus@gm il] I'm having trouble catching the exception raised by Timeout.timeout
+ 264399 [fred@la av .] Why don't you simply rescue Timeout::Error ?
| + 264401 [rikkus@gm il] I thought 'rescue' was a catch-all. Obviously not. Thanks!
| | 264404 [fred@la av .] Rescue catches everything under StandardError.  If you really want a
| | 264540 [logancapaldo] ...
| + 264609 [drbrain@se m] You really want to subclass Timeout::Error and rescue that.  If other
+ 264400 [yedingding@g] ...

Debian notes for Ruby newbies (like me)
264403 [nogot@no he ] This is probably a known issue by regulars, but I will post it for Ruby
264413 [fugalh@zi ne] This is so that you can run multiple versions. You need the ruby
264422 [nogot@no he ] Yep.  I am putting together a submission to the package folks, but I want

attr_read, attr_writer, etc.
264407 [lolz.llolz@g] are these keywords or are they methods which create get/set methods for
264409 [stefano.croc] class Module
264440 [lolz.llolz@g] Thanks for your explanation, but how would you write a attr_writer
264444 [dblack@ru yp] def my_attr_writer(*names)

Re: 24 seconds for FASTCGI process to startup??? Is this nor
264408 [chris.lowis@] As mentioned, you'll probably get better help on the rails or dreamhost
264680 [greg.hauptma] ...
264748 [chris.lowis@] I'm not sure where I got this tip from, but try adding this to your

Upgrading from 1.8.2 to 1.8.5
264415 [clemrock@gm ] I need to upgrade my local version of ruby from 1.8.2 to 1.8.5.
264417 [jan.svitok@g] It depends partially on your platform. On windows just run the new
264433 [clemrock@gm ] I should have mentioned that I was on Mac Os 10.4
264672 [pete@no ah t] sudo port -v install ruby