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^ [ANN] mms2r 1.1.4 Released
263621 [mikemondrago] mms2r version 1.1.4 has been released!

^ [ANN] MMS samples needed
263622 [mikemondrago] The MMS2R Gem (http://mms2r.rubyforge.org/) is in need of additional

^ Feature request (pretty_inspect variant, yielding single quotes instead of double)
263627 [ronald.fisch] require 'pp'
+ 263629 [shortcutter ] You would have to also explain how embedded control characters will be
| 263630 [ronald.fisch] Good point. I overlooked this. But there are easy workarounds. For
| 263634 [shortcutter ] Global variables are generally considered bad OO and you should
| 263635 [ronald.fisch] You got me wrong here: I wanted to say that I don't see how globals
| 263638 [shortcutter ] The global would be the flag which quoting style to use.  Advantage is
| 263641 [ronald.fisch] Ah, I see. No, this would definitely be a terrible hack which we should
+ 263632 [dan.stevens.] class String

^ NetBeans IDE6 M10 and c-ruby
263636 [gyg22 163.co] I have a NetBeans IDE6 M10 with something jruby in it,but what i
263643 [martin.kraus] just point to your C Ruby installation in the Menu -> Tools -> Options
+ 263662 [jamesthepipe] Definitely run the daily builds from
+ 263748 [gyg22 163.co] thank you!I can manage that problem now!I have another question.

^ Is that possible to install Ruby in a CD or USB to be used in Solaris 9?
263637 [enogrob gmai] I am working usually on a WSs with Solaris 9 but which does not have
263660 [ari aribrown] Yes, but only if it's first been compiled by Solaris.

^ [C ext to Ruby] how to scan a RARRAY ???
263648 [yvon.thorava] struct RArray {
263661 [tim.pease gm] VALUE m_set_icon(VALUE self, VALUE src_path, VALUE dst_pathes)

^ Row count of table
263654 [vani.v.kulka] I am stuck up in finding the row count of a table in a HTML page through
263678 [pmr16366 gma] you should post this to the watir group ( http://groups.google.ca/group/watir-general?lnk=srg

^ Re: how to scan a RARRAY ???
263659 [noah.easterl] RArray->ptr is a (VALUE *) pointer to the the first VALUE stored in
263774 [yvon.thorava] OK fine thanks, I've found it myself ;-)

^ FreeRIDE vs Rails
263663 [phlip2005 gm] A perfectly factored program always has methods that are only 2 or 3
+ 263667 [gregory.t.br] Says who?  (especially the 2-3 methods per file thing)
| 263682 [phlip2005 gm] It's a joke!
| 263683 [gregory.t.br] Oh. I guess I missed that :)
| 263712 [dangerwillro] Actually, it only takes the separation as far as you ask it to.
+ 263673 [james.britt ] I'm pretty sure FreeRIDE is open source, so taking a look should be

^ unsubscribe
263665 [cduncan amad] unsubscribe

^ array.each puzzle from new ruby-er
263676 [ganietse gma] lines = file.readlines("\x15")  # don't ask :)
+ 263679 [rpbraswell g] try
| 263681 [rpbraswell g] Oops. That would not be any different because of the ^anchor.
+ 263680 [dzwell gmail] I would think it better to just call y.chomp! here (with no argument).
  263686 [ganietse gma] Sorry, actually doing each_with_index do |y,ind| (etc) and specifically
  + 263691 [noah.easterl] Have you considered switching to map?
  | 263700 [ganietse gma] Oh. I did a subset of the p [:line, line] and it looks like i had some
  | 263718 [dejan.dimic ] Piece of advice - concatenation in Ruby is very fast but you should
  + 263695 [dzwell gmail] Sorry, I thought that would work but didn't test it. "y.lstrip" will do

^ Need Solaris Help
263688 [james graypr] # A Unix savvy method to fetch the console columns, and rows.
+ 263689 [gregory.t.br] Ruport vendors this chunk of code, so sorry for the 'me too', but me too!
| 263692 [rpbraswell g] This is not pretty but it works on my Solaris 10 x64 box.   But you may have
| 263703 [cminear secu] def terminal_size
| 263708 [james graypr] Thanks all.  I appreciate the help.
| 263715 [djberg96 gma] On Aug 7, 1:39 pm, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
| 263716 [james graypr] Can you explain why you feel the above is "better?"
| 263725 [djberg96 gma] On Aug 7, 2:10 pm, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
| + 263730 [james graypr] It's this magic number work that scares me.  In fact, the entire
| | 263733 [djberg96 gma] On Aug 7, 3:55 pm, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
| + 263739 [reid.thompso] Two older versions of Solaris...
+ 263693 [dougal.s gma] -bash-3.00# stty size
| 263696 [alex blackke] [alex@panama ~/noodling/rubinius]$ stty
| + 263698 [tim.pease gm] Leave it to BSD to do everything backwards!  ;-)
| + 263705 [james graypr] I assume the current code (using `stty size`) works on FreeBSD.  Does
|   + 263707 [alex blackke] It does.  I was aiming at something that would work everywhere.
|   | 263711 [james graypr] I think it's fine just to special case Solaris since it's the only
|   + 263800 [fred lacave.] It does.
+ 263697 [tim.pease gm] $ cat t.rb
  263702 [alex blackke] [alex@panama ~/noodling/ruby]$ ruby t.rb

^ come on!!~All kinds of brand shoes ,clothes,belt,..bag..
263694 [zhihang108 h] Dear Sir/Madam,

^ Ruby : As Valuable Gemstone in the World
263704 [iceforever.d] Ruby is considered as the valuable gemstone in the world because of

^ Rails session problem
263709 [rpbraswell g] I have two different browser sessions (on two different machines) running

^ MVC for desktop applications
263713 [dangerwillro] Ok, yes I know about Rails, I'm even using that.

^ How to create and use a module?
263724 [Pawe Stawick] I am quite new to ruby and ruby on rails. I am trying to user helper

^ non-constant strings
263728 [kmeaw kmeaw.] to bypass object encapsulation paradigm and break object integrity. Here
+ 263770 [skye.shaw gm] This will result in a no method error, no?
| 263771 [kmeaw kmeaw.] It is just an example, assume that you have some safety-checking code
+ 263775 [drbrain segm] Ruby lets you shoot yourself in the foot.
| 263776 [kmeaw kmeaw.] Thanks. Mailing list discussion has exactly what I was looking for - the
+ 263778 [botp delmont] as a nuby, i can only vouch for the fundamentals. so pardon me if i say something wrong here :)
+ 263782 [dohzya gmail] You want to freeze the object @command, not the class String, don't
| 263783 [kmeaw kmeaw.] It will make impossible changing @command inside instance methods (which
| 263786 [jan.svitok g] Not exactly.
| + 263787 [kmeaw kmeaw.] [cut]
| + 263805 [kaldrenon gm] Shortest, closest thing I can think of for unfreezing an object is to
|   263807 [shortcutter ] Just to make it clear: this is not unfreezing - it will just create a
|   263813 [dohzya gmail] => "test"
|   263916 [shortcutter ] I am not sure what you are trying to insinuate. Your code just
+ 263789 [shortcutter ] # Creates an instance. Guaranties, that a command is safe.

^ Ruby app on a CD
263729 [fugalh ziane] I have a client who wants to make an interactive CD to accompany a book.
+ 263735 [khaines enig] Sure.  This works just fine.
| + 263737 [transfire gm] Did you use rubyscript2exe or did the computer already have the Ruby,
| | 263758 [znmeb cesmai] You mean like a LiveCD? There are lots of "live CD kits" out there to
| + 263907 [fugalh ziane] Have you run into any issues with rails on a cd (which is read-only)?
|   263971 [khaines enig] In my case, I was not using Rails.
|   263973 [gregory.t.br] For me, using camping + sqlite works great. you can get everything to
|   263991 [khaines enig] Yeah.  If I were building something from scratch with the intention of
+ 263759 [znmeb cesmai] Instant Rails??
| 263766 [dtuttle1 gma] I did something similar on osx. I think windows is simpler because all
| 263806 [znmeb cesmai] Mixing read-write and read-only filesystems is quite tricky and requires
+ 264085 [shortcutter ] If you just need hyperlinking and searching, PDF would be sufficient.
  264087 [fred lacave.] Depends on what you mean with searching.

^ Help with OpenSSL RSA
263732 [ruby-forum j] I'm writing a little code to do some RSA stuff and I need to extract the
263738 [aaron tender] How about Base64 ecoding?
263927 [ruby-forum j] I could not get pack to work as you described. My code is below. I have
283357 [shandybleu y] Did this ever get resolved? This is the exact problem that I am trying
283369 [yermej gmail] key = OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.new(1024)
283382 [shandybleu y] This does work thank you. Does anyone know how to get at all the parts
283420 [rick.denatal] I'm pretty sure that you can't extract the inverse from a public key.

^ [ANN] RMagick 2.0.0 beta1
263741 [TimHunter nc] I've just uploaded RMagick 2.0.0 beta1. This beta release includes many,

^ yarv and C
263742 [progcat comc] I have a somewhat large library written in C that I want to be able to
263767 [matz ruby-la] I am not sure what you mean here.  At least you don't have to modify

^ RSRuby?
263745 [fixedincome1] I was hoping someone here can help me with an install of Rsruby.  I
263750 [alexg kuicr.] What did you use to install R? From source or packages?
263756 [fixedincome1] I installed R from source.  You are right on that file.  I ran this
263777 [fixedincome1] Actually, I think there may be an issue with the environment

^ database placement
263749 [gyg22 163.co] I have a question about the placement of database.When i use ruby
263754 [mark.gallop ] How are you creating the database?

^ Ruby GUI redux
263753 [nowhere nowh] Thanks to all who gave the GUI advice earlier.  I think I will start with
263757 [znmeb cesmai] A lot of them buy the Perl/Tk book and do a mental translation.
263849 [vasudevram g] You could try using some of the Python Tkinter tutorials on the Net

^ capturing stdout during unit tests
263760 [lists humane] I've written a script for use with Nagios (a monitoring tool) that
+ 263761 [pmurray neva] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 263765 [simon tungst] One option is to write your test to execute your script on the command
+ 263768 [skye.shaw gm] What language is this in?
+ 263769 [drbrain segm] require 'test/zentest_assertions'
  263877 [lists humane] Awesome! Thank you. That's exactly the functionality I was looking for.

^ HTML test output?
263763 [lists humane] The other thing I've been looking for is a way to output the Ruby
+ 263850 [vasudevram g] Don't get what you mean by an "XML log file" - and why XML? for
| 263876 [lists humane] Well, with JUnit (and even PHPUnit) an XML log file is produced by
| + 263921 [jan.svitok g] Search the archive for 'test unit xml' and you'll find several solutions.
| | 264001 [lists humane] Well I've been searching, and unfortunately the best solution that
| + 264042 [matt_watir h] I have successfully generated the XML file with ci-reporter.  However, I
|   264418 [matt_watir h] With some googling and tinkering, I figured out how to write a xslt
|   264665 [lists humane] Awesome Matt, thanks! I'll try it out once I get the ci-reporter
+ 264003 [cdcarter gma] Check out the ci-reporter rails plugin and gem.

^ Ruby 3D
263773 [info zufy.ne] i'm looking for a Ruby extension to create/manipulate 3d environment and generate 2d image from it.
+ 263779 [alex blackke] There's a binding to SDL here:  http://www.kmc.gr.jp/~ohai/rubysdl.en.html
| 263780 [sonoflilit g] Installing SDL is bothersome. At least with the one-click installer,
| 263788 [info zufy.ne] I'd like create an Ruby web application like http://city3d.games.zufy.net where i use Image_3D PEAR PHP package
| 263830 [sonoflilit g] You can use both given options then, I think. Certainly SDL.
+ 263834 [charles.nutt] You could certainly use JRuby with the gaggle of 3D/2D libraries and

^ [C ext to Ruby] mixing ObjC and C is possible ???
263790 [yvon.thorava] hey all, i'd like to mixe ObjC and C into a C extension to Ruby.
263792 [brabuhr gmai] "a bridge between the Ruby and the Objective-C languages, allowing you

^ Re: mixing ObjC and C is possible ???
263794 [yvon.thorava] i know RubyCocoa and use it i've even used ObjC in RubyCocoa but here
+ 263826 [tim.pease gm] I think what brabhur was suggesting was to look at the RubyCocoa
| 263842 [spamtrap dot] My solution for calling ObjC from Perl XS extensions was to tell GCC to
| 263861 [yvon.thorava] Thanks for this tip !!!
+ 263835 [brabuhr gmai] What about SWIG?
  263862 [yvon.thorava] ok thanks for swig i'll look at ;-)

^ Iterating list in pairs
263795 [FireAphis gm] I need to iterate through a list and handle two elements on every
+ 263797 [dblack rubyp] [1,2,3,4,5].inject {|a,b| puts "#{a}#{b}"; b }
| + 263802 [alex blackke] Oh, that's neat :-)
| + 263910 [FireAphis gm] Short and elegant!
+ 263798 [alex blackke] irb(main):001:0> a = [1,2,3,4,5]
+ 263799 [jan.svitok g] Enumerable#each_slice(n) {|...| ...}
| + 263803 [jan.svitok g] Sorry Enumerable#each_cons(n) { }
| + 263804 [dblack rubyp] That won't work because it won't double back; you'll get 12, 34, 5
|   263808 [robert.dober] require 'labrador/enum'
|   263812 [dblack rubyp] I can't quite follow how that will get to the result.  Can you walk me
|   263820 [robert.dober] map without a parameter creates a Proxy object that contains the
|   263911 [FireAphis gm] Thanks everybody for help and plethora of solution ideas you've been
+ 263866 [olsonas gmai] Weird, I just blogged about this topic: http://drewolson.wordpress.com/.

^ case statement
263796 [shaiguitar g] case [1,2,3,4]
+ 263801 [alex blackke] Does the Array#include? method do what you need?  Perhaps a more
| 263809 [shaiguitar g] Array#include is EXACTLY what i need, but syntaxtetically (if u get the
| + 263810 [kaldrenon gm] include? takes an argument x, and is called on a collection n, so that
| | 263816 [shaiguitar g] please read the post before posting yourself.
| + 263814 [jan.svitok g] class Object
| | 263822 [dblack rubyp] Let's go back to the "pretty dangerous" thing :-)  I think this is
| | 263836 [phelan tttec] You don't need to do the 'dangerous' thing to create the same effect.
| + 263815 [alex blackke] [3, 45, 6, 'abc'].include?(var) ? "good" : "no good"
| | + 263818 [dblack rubyp] I think the problem is that if it includes both 1 and 3, it's no good.
| | + 263827 [shaiguitar g] ...went for this in the end. i suppose the case statement w/ array
| |   + 263831 [sepp2k googl] It's Enumerable#all?. It returns true if the block evaluates to true for all
| |   + 263833 [dblack rubyp] It's a method of Enumerable.
| |     263925 [shaiguitar g] neat method (all? | any?) ; wasn't aware it existed
| + 263817 [phelan tttec] Here's is a little trick that works
|   263819 [phelan tttec] The problem with the above is that I don't think it does what you want.
+ 263823 [rimantas gma] Strange problem you have here... What if array includes all: 1,11,15?
+ 263928 [shortcutter ] a = [1,2,3,4]
  + 263936 [alex blackke] a = [1,2,3,4]
  | 263941 [dblack rubyp] I had the impression that Shai wanted to check both for the inclusion
  + 263942 [shaiguitar g] ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    263943 [dblack rubyp] I'm curious about the fall-through case.  If the array does not

^ update to Rails session problem
263811 [rpbraswell g] Rails 1.2.3
263847 [jan.svitok g] It seems nobody answered. You might have better luck at rails forum,

^ [ANN] RubyURL 2.0 launched!
263824 [robby.lists ] Hey everyone!

^ rubygems.org down?
263843 [mark ociweb.] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 263897 [rogerpack200] can still go to http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubygems/ maybe the code
+ 263977 [tim.pease gm] The DNS server for rubygems.org is set to ns1.chadfowler.com, and that
  263992 [dblack rubyp] I think it's all on the way back up -- try again in a little while.

^ Revised RCR Process (was Re: #send in 1.9)
263846 [james graypr] I agree that the new system hasn't won me over yet and I think you do
263852 [transfire gm] On Aug 8, 9:11 am, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
263854 [robert.dober] I guess UR right a Wiki would just do great :)
263855 [phrogz mac.c] Interesting - I disagree. I very much like the idea of a single
+ 263858 [transfire gm] Oh, I agree with you. There would have to still "owners" of an RCR. If
+ 263864 [gregory.t.br] +1, right on.
| 263871 [robert.dober] funny you say that, because you really seemed to be annoyed with this
+ 263870 [robert.dober] Sure but it depends on the community, if we have the same community

^ [ANN] HeyWatch library released - Video encoding web service
263851 [bruno.celest] I just released a library for the Hey!Watch web service. http://heywatch.com

^ deadlock in ThreadPool using backtick
263853 [justinjohnso] I'm using the ThreadPool class as defined in the Ruby Cookbook, recipe
+ 263896 [rogerpack200] Hmm.  I'm not a thread pro, but I'll give it a shot.
| 263956 [justinjohnso] I tried your suggestion but still get the error, and only when using
| + 263966 [justinjohnso] I should also point out that the exact same script never fails on UNIX.
| | 263978 [alexd nomine] my
| | 263985 [ssmoot gmail] Ditto. AFAIK all external IO is blocking in Ruby on Windows. Which is
| + 263993 [rogerpack200] Because you're removing (and only once, and from a hash), I believe it's
|   272010 [rogerpack200] Attempting it with the latest patch level of ruby might help.
|   272117 [no spam.plea] I had the same problem, posted here last Friday, and sure enough,
|   + 272119 [no spam.plea] Oh, whoops, you need zlib as well for gems to work.
|   + 272407 [rogerpack200] Maybe once you get a working copy you can zip it up and put it online
|     273067 [no spam.plea] I don't think it's worth it. You only have to add rubygems and 3 DLLs d/l'd
+ 285455 [rogerpack200] Turns out that using backticks with OS X can cause threads to lock up,
+ 285467 [ara.t.howard] my mind is much too feeble to write robust threaded code that's safe
  285473 [charles.nutt] Isn't this largely just working around a lack of concurrency in Ruby's
  285477 [ara.t.howard] in general you may be correct - but i think the OP's code has a race
  + 285478 [rogerpack200] Turns out that the largest problem with the OP was that they were using
  + 285479 [charles.nutt] Yes, what you pointed out is completely busted. I hadn't seen that code.
    285573 [ara.t.howard] you could just fix shutdown to be sure.  but the way i think is that