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^ Ruby GC Determinism [Was: KDE or GNOME curiosity question...]
26284 [phlip_cpp ya] I haven't gotten this far in Ruby, but I understand that in Python
+ 26288 [Dave Pragmat] So refactor to decouple it
| 26338 [ser germane-] This is really cool, Dave.  I'm still getting used to blocks, and what you
| 26344 [Dave Pragmat] In a context like this, where you're using blocks to guard resources,
| 26366 [phlip_cpp ya] In the light of exception safety, the above must be said the other way
| + 26378 [billk cts.co] I HaveThisPattern (and the book :) but one thing that nags at me
| + 26476 [nat.pryce b1] 'begin'?
+ 26289 [nat.pryce b1] that
+ 26307 [billk cts.co] Perhaps I'm missing the point, but if the above is an example of
  26341 [phlip_cpp ya] Dave Thomas would appear to agree with me ... (;-) this is better not best.

^ Ruby and Mac OS X: stack level limit?
26291 [ rtan vt.edu] I recently downloaded Ruby fot Mac OS X (following the link from Apple's
+ 26295 [ rtan vt.edu] Hm, after mucking about in the code, I got around the problem by setting
+ 26314 [lucsky mac.c] On my OSX 10.1.1, using ruby 1.7.2 fresh from the CVS repository, I can

^ The results are in...
26293 [Dave pragmat] I left the latest RubyGarden poll running for a while, just to see how
+ 26294 [guaracybm ig] try it
| 26296 [Dave Pragmat] Thanks for the info. It looks like we're going with NSIS from NullSoft
| 26398 [ralph.mason ] One could perhaps argue that we already have a pretty good language to build
| 26413 [Dave Pragmat] Perhaps, and if someone has the time, it might be a worthwhile project
+ 26304 [    s xss.de] How would MSVC-less users compile additional stuff?
| 26311 [nat.pryce b1] MSVC and Mingw are both source and binary compatible. So if Ruby is compiled
+ 26309 [tobiasreif p] Will it still be very simple and easy to install? I see that as a major
| 26319 [Dave Pragmat] Absolutely - that's why we did the initial InstallShield one (neither
+ 26365 [alwagner tca] That's too bad.
| 26377 [feldt ce.cha] Do you really think this will affect what you'll be able to do on
| 26389 [alwagner tca] There is more in the ruby.exe than ruby itself.
| 26391 [feldt ce.cha] Which ruby.exe do you refer to? I'm still not with you...
| 26395 [alwagner tca] specifically, ruby165-0.exe
| 26397 [feldt ce.cha] Ok, we're talking about two different things. I've been talking about
| + 26400 [mchahn facel] I think you accidently answered a question I posted earlier today.  Am I too
| | + 26404 [feldt ce.cha] I'd be amazed if it could!
| | | 26418 [mchahn facel] It's only software.  <grin>
| | + 26412 [Dave Pragmat] It cannot load .dll's directly, although there is a technology that
| | | + 26420 [mchahn facel] If the goal is idiot-proof installation, then I'm not surprised at all.  I
| | | + 26423 [alwagner tca] Were we on the honor system?  Or was it not possible to vote more than once?
| | | + 26519 [bdelmee adva] Sigh...so am I. I may have missed posts, but I don't remember
| | |   26522 [Dave Pragmat] In fairness, people have been having problems (like the connect
| | |   26524 [tobiasreif p] Oh yes :(
| | |   26550 [mikkel.bruun] Like running *nix??? ;-)
| | + 26472 [ralph.mason ] The only difference between a DLL and a SO file is then extension. (Well
| + 26425 [alwagner tca] Those are the after-the-vote options.  The best option for myself is to leave
+ 26416 [mikkelj-anti] I didn't vote, so make that 120/269 :-)

^ libcurses-ruby documentation, is it exist?
26303 [bpdp 3wsi.ne] Is there somebody who can point me to the libcurses-ruby documentation ?
+ 26306 [ttate kt.jai] I think there is no english documentation now.
| 26424 [bpdp 3wsi.ne] Do you know where I can find the list of some renamed functions?
| 26433 [    s xss.de] I don't know about renamed functions, but if you do
+ 26333 [j.travnik sh] Don't forget to look at JTTui also. It have its own curses library.
  26426 [bpdp 3wsi.ne] Thanks.
  26437 [j.travnik sh] Thanks.

^ Re: SVGUIs (was:Re: generating and serving SVG)
26308 [tobiasreif p] do they use SVG?
26324 [neumann s-di] No, I think this would be too slow.
26355 [tobiasreif p] I don't ;)

^ Berkeley DB 1.85 bindings ...
26323 [kentda stud.] I've looked at the 'bdb' package in the RAA
+ 26325 [decoux moulo] Yes, and only tested with Berkeley >= 2.4.14
| 26334 [kentda stud.] If this a relatively simple thing, like changing certain "open" calls,
| 26335 [decoux moulo] No, because db185 has a very poor interface. I think that it's faster to
+ 26461 [decoux moulo] You must have db.1.85 or db.1.86, you can find these files at
  26490 [kentda stud.] Cool! Thanx!

^ dynamically redefining methods
26328 [list chromat] I would like to include logging capabilities to a class by just
+ 26331 [feldt ce.cha] You might want to check out AspectR (in RAA) and Ruby-Trace by Brian
+ 26340 [j.travnik sh] module Loggable
  26447 [list chromat] I wasn't aware of class_eval.  It works perfectly, thanks!

^ BUG in select
26329 [j.travnik sh] I found a bug in ruby select method.
+ 26336 [kentda stud.] Careful now, so you don't make the Pragmatic Programmers heads spin too
| 26343 [Dave Pragmat] It's been a week for that: a couple of days ago Chad found a real
+ 26349 [j.travnik sh] If I change getc.to_s to sysread(1) in posted source, it works ok.

^ Ruby GC Determinism [Was: KDE or GNOME curiosity question...]
26339 [phlip_cpp ya] Just because C++ is the only language deterministic enough to do it...
26454 [matz ruby-la] Yes, at least "open" does.

^ regexp question
26351 [angus quovad] I must parse a simple configuration file, in whose syntax strings are
26354 [decoux moulo] Try
26443 [angus quovad] It worked, thank you!

^ what's the & in parameter listings?
26356 [anany ece.vi] What does the '&' signify in parameter listings? I have seen it in such
+ 26358 [Dave Pragmat] If the method is called with a block, convert that block to a proc
| 26432 [ronjeffries ] Y'know, now that I think of it, that whole & thing is odd. What was
| 26434 [    s xss.de] and while we're at it, use [] to delimit them? ;>
+ 26359 [j.travnik sh] No, it is the way to pass block around.

^ Selector Namespaces: A Standard Feature for Smalltalk?
26362 [david.simmon] Here is an incentive for classic Smalltalk evolution...
26408 [panu fcc.net] Amongst the wealth of information behind the links you gave, it is hard to find
26422 [david.simmon] find
26460 [droleary sub] Actually, they don't.  The real issue in this case is that a
+ 26465 [david.simmon] I think you missed the primary point -- which is solving/addressing the
| 26553 [droleary sub] If the direct problem is with versioning, the solution should deal with
| 26555 [david.simmon] Doc O'Leary,
+ 26477 [david.simmon] [...snip...]
| 26620 [panu fcc.net] We can add or modify a method in an existing class but have the change affect only selected parts of the system - because a given method can have several implementations that co-exist simultaneously and get  used in different parts of the system.  Thus: " '50' asMoney"  could cause the execution of different implementations of #asMoney, depending on where the method call appears.
| + 26631 [david.simmon] affect only selected parts of the
| | 26667 [spair advant] David,
| | 26732 [david.simmon] instances
| + 26660 [jarober mail] No, as with ENVY for VW or StORE for VW, a only one extension of a given
+ 26478 [david.simmon] [...snip...]
| 26560 [droleary sub] This is not the problem, of course; it happens all the time.  And based
| 26574 [jarober mail] Sigh.  Ok.  Here's something that happened in VW back during the 2.5.2
| 26683 [droleary sub] My versioning comments were in a completely different subthread.  Here
+ 26480 [jarober mail] Actually, they do.  Take Smalltalk - I load a component like Distributed
  26561 [droleary sub] I never said namespaces weren't a solution, I just said they were a
  26566 [david.simmon] We are basically disagreeing. Further discussion will just result in
  26686 [droleary sub] Quite the opposite.  It is you who seems fixated on namespaces while I
  26703 [david.simmon] the
  26833 [droleary sub] I figured that, which is why I also figured we weren't really
  26851 [david.simmon] space(s)
  27115 [droleary sub] Actually, once you have proper class aliasing, it doesn't really

^ calling ruby from Window App
26368 [hubert cs.ny] Call me crazy.
26369 [phlip_cpp ya] Okay.

^ [PATCH] Re: BUG in select
26370 [j.travnik sh] Problem occur when you are waiting for two or more
26458 [matz ruby-la] I understand the problem.  But I'd rather modify rb_thread_select()
26464 [j.travnik sh] I wanted a simple patch. I have done it.

^ Converting ~fred to home directory path
26380 [harryo zipwo] Does ruby provide a way to convert things like ~fred into the appropriate
26384 [elanthis awe] No no.  ~,^  Read the $HOME environment variable.  /etc/passwd might not
26392 [harryo zipwo] That will work for just "~", but won't work for "~fred" when I'm logged
+ 26410 [kjana dm4lab] File.expand_path should do such expansion.  Does it work?
| 26415 [harryo zipwo] Excellent!  I thought it was something that would already have been
+ 26417 [elanthis awe] Ah, then you'd have to have a library that tied into the system libs (at

^ can I use a dll in cygwin ruby?
26381 [mchahn facel] I compiled ruby-fltk in microsoft visual C++ 5.0 and installed the resulting

^ mjabbur again
26394 [feldt ce.cha] Is there anyway we can stop the messages bouncing on his mailbox? I find
26486 [mikkel.bruun] hehehe

^ DRb and failing test, please give some insight...
26414 [list chromat] I am familiarizing with DRb.  I managed to put to work a tiny c/s
26468 [list chromat] Apparently I didn't strip all I could strip from the previous example.
26470 [m_seki mva.b] It's a equivarent problem. Please, try the 'drb/eq' module.
26575 [list chromat] Thanks a lot, that did the trick.  I was off by a mile and never would
26734 [m_seki mva.b] * http://www.ascii.co.jp/books/detail/4-7561/4-7561-3961-2.html

^ New member, project(s) and questions
26421 [Alexis.Lee u] An announcement and a couple of questions.

^ [ANN] NQXML v1.1.3; Maki number up to 90.9% conformity
26427 [ jimm io.com] NQXML version 1.1.3 has increased its conformity from 87.7% to 90.9% by
26482 [maki inac.co] UENO-san also fixed XMLScan's bugs in XML declaration and so on
+ 26487 [bobgus mcs.c] It would be difficult to assign a (maki) number to the Negative Test
+ 26515 [ jimm io.com] Thank you. I plan to start attacking the negative tests eventually.

^ A great new search engine  5242
26429 [jmoore essup] I have come across a fantastic search engine, that donates 70 percent of its profits to charity. It is currently working with 2 major cancer research units, and a charity that provides services to premature babies. Instead of using yahoo, or altavista, use http://www.theworldconnect.net. Every time you search from this site, you are indirectly raising money for charity. The search engine is free to use. I must stress that I am not in affiliation with the site, I just want everyone to know about it. Tell all your friends and help make a difference.
26430 [bpdp 3wsi.ne] Really fantastic, try to search "ruby" and guess what you'll find. The result

^ sample MSVC dll project for ruby?
26431 [mchahn facel] I'm using ruby-1.6.5-i586-mswin32 and I'm having a rough time getting my
26449 [martin optus] I've had some success using VC to compile modulues for Ruby. I'm using

^ [ANN] JTTui 0.10.1 - textmode user interface
26438 [j.travnik sh] new version of JTTui has been released.

^ ++operator and sorted hashes
26444 [grandor gmx.] I'm new to ruby ( using 1.6.5 ) and comming from c++. The language is really great
26450 [j.travnik sh] In Ruby everthing is object,
+ 26452 [gotoken notw] I'd like to add another explanation.
+ 26462 [mchahn facel] I have noticed before that Ruby is lacking a sorted map and a sorted set.  I
  26466 [grandor gmx.] thank you erveryboy for your answers!
  26467 [mchahn facel] Ok, you talked me into it.  I need a break from the exasperating MSVC stuff
  26483 [tromp cwi.nl] And how does your algorithm differ from red-black trees?
  26540 [mchahn facel] It uses counts instead of red/black bits.  It counts read accesses on each

26471 [michelemdl l] confirm 2001112606451519683622418301 Michele DeLorenzi

^ DRbUndumped question
26474 [ptkwt shell1] I'm using dRuby and I have a Client object which runs on a remote machine
26569 [m_seki mva.b] Yes, DRbUndumped is mix-in class for passed by reference.

26485 [michelemdl l] guide

^ New Ruby user / HTML Parser / Module repository
26489 [corion infor] I have just joined the list after two days of using Ruby. A bit about my
+ 26514 [YuriLeikind ] Welcome to the Programming-Is-Fun-Again language!
+ 26517 [bdelmee adva] The closest thing is the "Ruby Application Archive", at
  26532 [corion infor] My HTML Parser (plus a small web leecher, work in progress) is now

^ String editing question
26492 [harryo zipwo] I want to do something similar to what I've seen on slashdot, where the
+ 26494 [kentda stud.] Not the "right way", but one that I, as a I find myself using
| 26495 [harryo zipwo] That was the sort of thing I was getting at if I approached it from
| + 26496 [BMahadevan N] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| | 26505 [harryo zipwo] I originally purchased a printed copy of the book, when I found it in a
| + 26501 [kentda stud.] Oh, I read that as "ignore" UNacceptable tags.
|   26506 [harryo zipwo] Ah.  I'd forgotten that you could pass a block, rather than a fixed
+ 26500 [dblack candl] I haven't reexamined it to see whether I'd do it the same way again....
| 26509 [harryo zipwo] That looks very useful.  I'll have a play and see if it does what I need
| 26512 [harryo zipwo] Yes.  That code works brilliantly !!  Thanks again.
+ 26504 [billk cts.co] Here's one approach  . . .
| 26513 [harryo zipwo] That code is very succinct!   It seems to do what I want, too.
+ 26521 [kjana dm4lab] print CGI::unescapeElement(
  26523 [harryo zipwo] This is the best solution so far!  The other guys came up with some nice

26497 [BMahadevan N] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
26499 [bpdp 3wsi.ne] What's the problem?
26502 [BMahadevan N] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
26503 [BMahadevan N] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
26510 [bpdp 3wsi.ne] Maybe you need to install Apache webserver first and then mod_ruby
26584 [bpdp 3wsi.ne] Dear Clayton Wozney,

^ Can somebody delete this guy from mailing list?
26511 [bambang 3wsi] Every time I send something to this mailing list, there will be also a bounce

26520 [michelemdl l] This is a check

^ delegates and weakref
26527 [pbrannan atd] require 'delegate'
26535 [matz ruby-la] It's the limitation.  WeakRef is not a "cooked" class, i.e. it doesn't
26536 [pbrannan atd] I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "cooked."  I am calling
26597 [matz ruby-la] WeakRef class itself does not provide delegating methods.  Its

^ from_to, upto (recurse, yield)
26528 [tobiasreif p] def from_to first,last
26529 [pbrannan atd] You are not passing a block to from_to when you call it recursively.  Try
26530 [tobiasreif p] Thanks!

^ R:
26531 [a.caruso cre] Welcome aboard.

^ Ruby vs. Python: Decisions, Decisions
26537 [rcalco corte] OK, not to instigate Yet Another Which Is Better (YAWIB) session, I'm really
+ 26541 [Dave Pragmat] This is simply an artifact of using the cygwin distribution. If you
| 26548 [rcalco corte] Thanks! Actually, shortly after I sent my email, I figured out why irb
+ 26545 [    s xss.de] I left an irb session running on my Win2k-notebook while I was working
| + 26547 [ralph.mason ] face
| + 26549 [rcalco corte] face
| + 26573 [niklas kagi.] Well, just for the record. My irb sessions often ended prematurely on
+ 26546 [ralph.mason ] extension).
| + 26551 [rcalco corte] as
| + 26590 [mikkelj-anti] create
|   + 26595 [ralph.mason ] com
|   | 26607 [mikkelj-anti] If
|   + 26599 [mikkelj-anti] This came out wrong. I think it is great to wrap Ruby objects in IDispatch.
+ 26552 [phlip_cpp ya] Python sucks.
| + 26557 [wmwilson01 h] Exactly the type of answers that would drive people away from Ruby rather
| | + 26559 [brucedickey ] I took it as a good jest -- I thought it was funny. He praised Python later
| | | 26588 [phlip_cpp ya] Thanks.
| | + 26571 [johann physi] Just wait.  If Ruby becomes popular, the community will go downhill.
| | | + 26589 [phlip_cpp ya] Not the community, the language. Python contains miserable technical
| | | | 26609 [rcalco corte] # >     >> Python sucks.
| | | | 26611 [feldt ce.cha] I think the sad thing with such, IMHO, "language bashing" is that
| | | | + 26614 [rcalco corte] I think it interesting to observe how my simple, semi-technical questions
| | | | | 26629 [ rik kde.org] #if Bob Calco
| | | | | 26644 [baasad quali] Ruby people have great sense of humor as u can see
| | | | + 26615 [james rubyxm] And now, if someone searches Ruby on Google groups for, you know, *those words*,
| | | + 26592 [mikkelj-anti] Then we just create c.l.ruby.meta
| | | + 26596 [matz ruby-la] Philip, it doesn't.  It's mostly matter of taste.
| | |   26601 [phlip_cpp ya] language (assuming you are the one who did).
| | |   + 26603 [anany ece.vi] I just want to clear something up: the Windows method of creating
| | |   | + 26604 [ralph.mason ] Not sure where you got your information from. This is EXACTLY what the
| | |   | + 26612 [mikkelj-anti] I'm not going into details but yes I know that Unix is not brain dead
| | |   + 26617 [matz ruby-la] Yes, I did.  And I was born under the culture that respects ancestors.
| | |     26910 [ser germane-] Does this include cultural ancestors, or just direct ancestors?  Do you
| | |     26917 [matz ruby-la] In Japanese culture, we pay more respect to the direct ancestors, but
| | |     26923 [    s xss.de] and puts and "" % var, too, I guess....
| | |     26934 [matz ruby-la] No for puts (it's from C); yes for String#%.
| | |     26937 [    s xss.de] with integrated newline at the end? in C?
| | |     26938 [decoux moulo] moulon% man puts
| | |     26939 [    s xss.de] after about ten years, I finally regret not reading the second half
| | + 26610 [ rik kde.org] #if Mike Wilson
| + 26591 [mikkelj-anti] Am I the only one who things this is an overly hyped approach?
|   + 26594 [rcalco corte] # news:9tu8vi$job@dispatch.concentric.net...
|   | 26640 [kentda stud.] Oh, boy, could I use some hype to help me on those two :-P
|   + 26598 [phlip_cpp ya] Are you the only one who has not tried it?
|     26605 [mikkelj-anti] I know - it works for me, but I realize that not everyone can work that way.
+ 26567 [ptkwt shell1] "Ruby in a Nutshell" by Matz (published by O'Reilly)
  + 26568 [Dave Pragmat] Regards
  + 26570 [mikkelj-anti] Well in the Ruby way what about "Teach Yourself Ruby in 2.1 Days" :-)'
  | + 26579 [harryo zipwo] .... or, even better(?) "... in 21 hours" !!
  | + 26672 [jim freeze.o] I thought it was "Teach Yourself Ruby in .21 Days".
  |   26674 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby Teaches You in 21 Minutes, then Makes You a Nice Cup of Tea and
  |   26675 [brucedickey ] Hmm, we know where this is going. How about "Grok Ruby In An Instant"?
  |   + 26676 [dblack candl] You Were Born Knowing Ruby, But You Don't Realize It Yet
  |   | 26677 [anany ece.vi] I got my information from MSDN. I should have known it wasn't reliable ;-)
  |   + 26710 [mikkelj-anti] How to instantiate 99 Ruby users
  + 26608 [james rubyxm] Programming Ruby: A Pragmatic Programmer's Guide, by David Thomas, Andrew Hunt
    26693 [hgs dmu.ac.u] The amazon UK site says this isn't available yet.
    + 26697 [ptkwt shell1] amazon US is shipping it as of today...
    + 26724 [james rubyxm] I think those dates are what the publisher decides to tell the vendors, and have only a tenuous relationship to reality.
      26727 [hal9000 hype] and have only a tenuous relationship to reality.
      26743 [BMahadevan N] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand