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^ nubie question
262406 [pat.mac5453 ] I am trying to learn Ruby and I have read the picax book at least twice and
+ 262412 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
+ 262414 [lists bertra] I think smarter would be one of

^ Re: [Extremely OT] Australia or Canada, which one is the best country for a geek?!?
262411 [phillipsds y] Anti-terrorism package to arrive in post this week http://
+ 262418 [znmeb cesmai] Ah ... OK ... I was hoping for pictures of the fridge magnets. I don't
| 262419 [phillipsds y] Some Ying
| 262420 [mark.gallop ] Hahaha, I love that.
| 262422 [vjoel path.b] After reading these links, I think it's a very good idea to "look out
+ 262424 [pbooth nocoi] Australia has poisonous sharks, poisonous spiders, poisonous fish,

^ monitoring clipboard data in Windows
262413 [chris.worral] I'm looking for a way to monitor the windows clipboard data for

^ Append (<<) to Array attributes of DRb objects?
262415 [jay mcgavren] When working locally with an object whose attribute is meant to store
+ 262416 [vjoel path.b] The #items method returns an Array. That Array is not DRbUndumped (i.e.,
+ 262417 [phlip2005 gm] The BackgrounDRb mailing list will give you better odds of a good answer.
  262488 [cdcarter gma] Note that he is not using BackgroundDRb, but DRb itself, so I believe
  262522 [jay mcgavren] Thusly, yes?
  262561 [drbrain segm] Get rid of UndumpedArray.

^ libpurple (pidgin, formerly gaim) bindings?
262421 [ruby anthrop] I'm interested in doing some AIM stuff with Ruby, and libpurple looks like
262429 [mark.gallop ] How about this - http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruburple/ ?
262479 [ruby anthrop] Just what I was looking for, thanks!

^ Terminal Session Raw Mode
262426 [ari aribrown] Hey all
277069 [dave.skidmor] Ari,

^ RubyConf talk proposals and DNS woes
262428 [dblack rubyp] Please be patient if you're trying to submit a proposal for a RubyConf

^ [Very OT] Australia or Canada, which one is the best country for a geek?!?
262441 [significants] cascadia, clearly!
262442 [robby.lists ] Agreed! Viva la Cascadia!
262443 [significants] the key is establishing international relations, first with

^ Gnome::CanvasItem.affine_absolute
262446 [FireAphis gm] I'm trying to assign an affine transformation to CanvasItem in my Ruby/
262478 [FireAphis gm] As I suspected it was totally my mistake. I tried to see the method in

^ Installing json-1.1.1 gem on windows xp
262447 [tosumanthkri] I was trying to install the json extension gem... but says 'Error
+ 262457 [flori nixe.p] This sounds as if you try to compile the gem on your Windows box. This is a PITA
| 262618 [luc honk-hon] Maybe not. I had the exact same problem a while back when trying to
| 262775 [tosumanthkri] Well thanks for your suggestions guys.
| 262832 [tosumanthkri] I just saw that the JSON comes as the module with ruby...
+ 263919 [mehedi4055 y] I am very new developer in ruby on rails... I faced the same prob..

^ Text parser (text into sentences) that works with UTF-8 and multiple languages?
262452 [michael.w.be] I have to parse about 2000 files that are written in multiple
+ 262456 [shortcutter ] I would consider doing this in Java, as Java's regular expressions
| 262458 [giuseppe.bil] On Jul 30, 11:26 am, "Robert Klemme" <shortcut...@googlemail.com>
+ 262472 [james graypr] As has been stated, Ruby's regular expression engine has a Unicode

^ notice window
262460 [mihai.bulhac] i'm using watir and i want to display a window with OK button and a

^ Is it a bug of URI lib?
262462 [rubymail gma] I use the URI.merge method, and I met something incorrect. It is a bug of
262463 [alex blackke] It's legal under RFC 3986, but not under RFC 2396, as far as I know.
262464 [rubymail gma] Maybe I should report it to the Akira Yamada the original author of URI lib.

^ Connection String to MS SQL Server 2005
262466 [vani.v.kulka] I have been to trying to connect to SQL Server 2005 from ruby code.
262468 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
262469 [vani.v.kulka] I need to establish a connection to SQL Server 2005 on Windows.
262474 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
263219 [p.tozer mwam] Not sure whether this is acceptable for posting , but there is a site I

^ Optimizing large-scale Markov chain handler
262467 [giuseppe.bil] I'm building a Markov chain handler with a couple of twists over the
+ 262477 [znmeb cesmai] Well, I'm not an expert on natural language processing by any stretch of
+ 262492 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Giuseppe,
  262610 [giuseppe.bil] D'oh I was afraid of that :P
  262797 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Giuseppe,
  262828 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... OK ... but ...
  262921 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ed,

^ EMACS with ruby-mode
262475 [felix.klee i] I'm using EMACS' ruby-mode, and with the following code, "x += 3" gets
+ 262480 [grzm seespot] I've found there are a number of syntax highlighting quirks with Ruby
+ 262483 [felix.klee i] a = "'"
+ 262485 [lionel-subsc] puts %{it's annoying} #' yes it is
+ 262666 [ryand-ruby z] puts %{it\'s annoying}
  262691 [felix.klee i] I like that - thanks for the suggestion!

^ Introspection on aliased methods?
262487 [ff onebeat.c] Is there a way to determine what equivalent methods are, that is, what
262489 [robert.dober] Hmm I do not know how to identify which name was used originally and
262502 [ff onebeat.c] Thanks - that's quite helpful.

^ Problems installing Ruby on AIX 4.3.3
262490 [kjetilho kak] I'm trying to install Ruby 1.8.6 on AIX 4.3.3 using the IBM's xlc
264339 [china thewri] While we do have the comma problem (node.h, parse.y,

^ BUG(?): 1.8.6-p36 broke compiling C++ extensions
262491 [onepoint sta] Upgrading 1.8.6 to 1.8.6-p36 has stopped C++ extensions from
+ 262499 [onepoint sta] OK, the problem is that g++ requires you to declare enum's before
| 262501 [mental rydia] Would forward-declaring the enum before including either header work?
| 262563 [onepoint sta] I thought of that but I couldn't get it to work.  I tried adding "enum
+ 262510 [nobu ruby-la] First, 1.8 doesn't support C++ officially yet.
  262593 [onepoint sta] Gosh!  That's a surprise - this is the first time there have been
  262669 [nobu ruby-la] Perhaps, SWIG does it.  CXX, CXXFLAGS are not in rbconfig.rb.
  262682 [onepoint sta] Ah, I didn't think of that.  Ruby/FLTK doesn't use SWIG.
  262693 [nobu ruby-la] I don't mean extension libraries written in C++ can never work
  262802 [onepoint sta] Is there any reason not to guarantee it?  The problem with 1.8.6-p36
  262825 [nobu ruby-la] No and no reason to guarantee.

^ array.include?
262493 [ja_bowen yah] if @status_array.include? @status_number
+ 262495 [dan.stevens.] @status_array << @status_number unless @status_array.include? @status_number
+ 262497 [bsimmers cmu] Do you need the order of the items to be preserved?  If not, you should
| 262532 [shortcutter ] I'd also say that a Set seems most appropriate here (a Hash might as
+ 262498 [wieczo.yo go] if not @status_array.include? @status_number
+ 262548 [gthiesfeld g] How about not checking at all?  Just put them all in there and then
| 262552 [TimHunter nc] If it was me, I'd just use a hash instead of an array, with
| 262554 [lists bertra] Probably it is useful to count them.
+ 262558 [mick hollins] if !@status_array.include? @status_number
  262567 [mick hollins] Apologies for duplicating other replies. For some reason I didn't notice them before sending my reply.

^ [ANN] wxruby2 beta 1.9.0
262494 [alex deletem] I'm pleased to announce the release of wxruby2 1.9.0, the cross-platform
262727 [wn9r-amn asa] I using ruby on Power PC Mac.
+ 262756 [dangerwillro] The wxRuby wiki page says the gem is for intel and ppc macs. So it is
+ 262783 [alex deletem] The Mac PPC gem has just been uploaded today. Please try again.
  262812 [wn9r-amn asa] I tried again.

^ size change after file writing
262503 [chen_li3 yah] I write a small script to read old files and write to new files. Either
262511 [nobu ruby-la] Use "rb" and "wb" mode for binary files, or better, use FileUtils.cp.
262514 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much and they work well.

^ [ANN] shell-style history for irb... now fixed!
262504 [ben bleythin] Hey all,

^ Case sensitivity in glob revisited
262505 [transfire gm] Dir.glob( pattern, [flags] ) => array
+ 262507 [robert.dober] touch SomeThingStupid
| 262517 [transfire gm] Oh, I just meant for Dir#glob. Where the docs said "(so
| 262545 [robert.dober] so you would just get three entries with the same name, right?
+ 262509 [nobu ruby-la] Dir.glob("somehingstupid", File::FNM_CASEFOLD)
  262515 [transfire gm] Yea it works now! |-)  So the docs just need to catch up to reality.

^ Groklaw says "Watch out, Ruby!"
262518 [rmagick gmai] PJ raises a warning cry about IronRuby: "Uh Oh. Another Smooth Move
262520 [lyle.johnson] I'm not sure I understand what this has to do with Ruby. The
+ 262521 [donald.ball ] As a way of getting rails into IIS shops, if nothing else.
| + 262523 [xcampanoli g] You have to understand, the primary objective of all projects at
| + 262573 [znmeb cesmai] I take IronRuby a lot more seriously than I take Groklaw. :)
+ 262526 [alex blackke] Very, but not for the reason you'd think.  If IronRuby pans out, and if
| 262531 [alex blackke] Another question: is there any reason that, say, Rubinius' standard
| 262534 [gregory.t.br] The MRI stdlibs are (mostly) Ruby and should be freely reusable.  I'd
| 262537 [alex blackke] I'm sure you're right, I can't see many technical reasons not to use the
| + 262538 [gregory.t.br] Oh, he can't use the implementations because I think the license is
| | 262539 [alex blackke] That's why I mentioned rubinius - it's BSD-licensed, isn't it?
| | 262549 [gregory.t.br] What I'm saying is that my guess is that Rubinius would use the MRI
| | + 262551 [sonoflilit g] Rubinius are building ruby implementations of the part of the standard
| | + 262553 [alex blackke] Taking another look at the Rubinius project page, it seems that they
| |   262672 [evanwebb gma] 1) Rubinius is BSD licensed.
| |   262695 [gregory.t.br] Whoops, I somehow threw MIT in there in place of BSD, but what I said
| + 262555 [jflam micros] There are quite a few stdlib libraries that are implemented in C - those are the ones that we need help with. We're making good progress on the built-in types (another dev on our team just checked in a nearly complete implementation for Hash yesterday).
|   + 262560 [alex blackke] There's a current discussion on ruby-core about packaging stdlib as gems
|   + 263163 [umageller gm] Actually, there are many differences between the MS-PL
|     + 263169 [dan fluentra] Groklaw is saying that real open source licenses obligate licensees to
|     | + 263170 [dan fluentra] The Apache License 2.0 too. "You may reproduce and distribute copies of
|     | + 263172 [perrin apoth] Argh!  Why people think that forced source distribution is some how "the
|     + 263248 [jflam micros] OSI approves more than just GPL. Unfortunately groklaw believes that open source == GPL which is clearly not the case.
|       263252 [lloyd 2live4] Doesn't your saying that we now need to get lawyers to tell us what we
|       + 263254 [jflam micros] You are certainly free to read the license yourself. It's very short and simple. I just wanted to make it clear that *my* interpretation doesn't matter, and neither does anyone else's if you happen to violate a term of the license based on a misinterpretation on your part. But if you feel comfortable in understanding the terms of your license without consulting your own lawyer then that's a risk that you are certainly welcome to take.
|       | 263309 [steven lumos] I would say that anyone who thinks that severely underestimates the
|       | 263526 [jflam micros] I totally agree with this. However, in the interests of getting folks to actually read the license, I didn't want to mention patents and Microsoft in same sentence :)
|       + 263264 [robert.dober] You are so right, that is why having some framework like OSI approval
|         263270 [shevegen lin] "Consulting a lawyer is something you should do regardless of the
|         263318 [perrin apoth] We've all seen things as crazy as the FSF threatening small Linux
+ 262527 [sonoflilit g] I am.
  262529 [ben bleythin] or is jruby something fundamentally different than IronRuby in your
  + 262541 [sonoflilit g] No, I don't. jruby is an interpreter.
  | 262696 [charles.nutt] JRuby is a mixed-mode interpreter and compiler (to JVM bytecode) similar
  + 262542 [ruby anthrop] The operative word is compiler. JRuby is a ruby runtime/interpreter, but it
    + 262543 [ben bleythin] Ah, that was a misconception on my part.  I thought jruby compiled to
    + 262592 [spiral gmx.c] JRuby have a compiler ;)

^ Passing variables to a required file
262519 [rubyforum we] I want to pass about 10 variables to a "require"d file. My understanding
+ 262528 [alex blackke] Change your code.  It'll be easier to do it now than to unpick
| 262540 [rubyforum we] OK. For now that's the best solution for me, but later I will look at
| 262544 [alex blackke] Well, the class definition can still be in the external file - that's
| 262557 [rubyforum we] Thank you for clarifying this. Since it's a one shot thing I've been
| 262559 [rubyforum we] Sorry, my response above is incorrect.  I made the change from EOS to
+ 262533 [wieczo.yo go] I'd do the same as Alex and put the Config constant in a class(or any
+ 262602 [shortcutter ] I'd suggest to refactor your code so you have multiple classes and can
  262707 [rubyforum we] This is getting over my head, but the code that is a string will be

^ How to update Ruby
262530 [desertfox ho] sudo gem update rails --include-dependencies
262569 [tim.pease gm] Great idea, but alas, no.
262576 [desertfox ho] Thanks.  I installed from source and everything worked out well.

^ IronRuby
262546 [ari aribrown] Does any know any good instructions for installing IronRuby on Mac OS X?
+ 262547 [alex blackke] There are only just working instructions for building it on Windows :-)
| 262596 [robert.dober] Good then it should still be possible to stop, now <ducking>
| 262598 [alex blackke] It's only by having ruby-talk on one monitor and Visual Studio on the
| 262649 [znmeb cesmai] Monitors? You work with lizards? How cool is that??
+ 262556 [jflam micros] I'm pretty sure that Seo Sanghyeon has IronRuby building on top of Mono now. He hasn't published instructions yet, but I suspect those will be forthcoming soon.
  + 262579 [gregory.t.br] Sweet! That's great news John.
  + 262594 [alex blackke] Wow.  That's cool.

^ [ANN] Sphincter 1.0.0 Released
262550 [drbrain segm] Sphincter version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] shoes 0.r9 -- an entirely new GUI toolkit
262562 [why ruby-lan] Hey, yeah.  Today marks the first experimental release of Shoes.
+ 262572 [ari aribrown] I suppose I have no choice but to learn it *yay*
+ 262578 [phlip2005 gm] Got developer tests?
+ 262580 [alexg kuicr.] You need to add libgtk2.0-dev to the list of required packages under

^ Confusion with while loop
262564 [_mwryder wor] I am trying to create a method that would allow one to skip x number of
262565 [alex blackke] ns = 2, nc = 2
262566 [_mwryder wor] Or ns =2; nc =2.  I knew it had to be something simple.  Thats the
262600 [shortcutter ] ns, nc = 2, 2
262601 [_mwryder wor] Maybe this is where I got confused.  I remember seeing commas between

^ Hiding user input
262575 [ari aribrown] Before you all read on, there is a restriction...
+ 262577 [dzwell gmail] Ari,
+ 262585 [nobu ruby-la] require 'io/console'
  + 262624 [james graypr] I've not tested it over sockets, but I would like it to work there.
  | 262673 [nobu ruby-la] Does noecho over sockets have any meanings?
  | 262677 [james graypr] Exactly.
  | + 262683 [ari aribrown] Is there a nice easy way to do that in Ruby? Because this seems to be
  | | 262684 [james graypr] A very quick search didn't turn up a library that would handle this
  | + 262692 [nobu ruby-la] In such case, pty would be used in common?  I'm not sure if
  + 262667 [ari aribrown] Will this work over sockets, though? The idea is that I don't have

^ [ANN] memcache-client 1.4.0 Released
262581 [drbrain segm] memcache-client version 1.4.0 has been released!

^ Watir Javascript popup handler: How to handle the popup dialog?
262583 [itisrajesh59] Clarification regarding JSpopup_dialog. Winclicker supports the popup
263551 [shawn42 gmai] Rajesh,

^ Problems w/ dRb on Windows...
262587 [sonny.chee g] Hey Guys,
+ 262589 [drbrain segm] Make sure that your forward and reverse DNS entries match for your
| 262774 [sonny.chee g] ?  So you're saying I need to configure my puter as DNS Server?
| 262867 [drbrain segm] Changing the hosts file should be good enough.  Check to make sure
| 262868 [sonny.chee g] Hey Eric,
| 263074 [drbrain segm] ruby -e 'Thread.start do loop do sleep 1; puts "."; end; end; gets'
+ 262590 [shortcutter ] Might be related to blocking issues in the Windows console.   Not
  262772 [sonny.chee g] Hmmm... I just installed cywin and with no better luck :"(

^ svn, initial import with an old branch
262591 [transfire gm] Hey, if I have a project to import, but I also have an older version
262698 [transfire gm] Guess, I should have put an O.T. on this... anyway...

^ Re: parse xml file, put results in mysql db
262595 [mailboxoders] understant why?
262599 [shortcutter ] You have a scoping problem: you set timeofscan etc. inside the block
262625 [mailboxoders] model = {}
+ 262626 [mailboxoders] But there is one problem: it writes only one row in the database. Can
+ 262644 [shortcutter ] Yes. You did not follow my directions. :-)  Think a moment about the
  262796 [mailboxoders] mobils = REXML::Document.new(f)
  262799 [alexg kuicr.] prepares an SQL statement expecting three values (model
  262801 [mailboxoders] manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right
  262923 [alexg kuicr.] The error message tells you what to do. Check the syntax of your SQL.

^ Ruby test suites?
262603 [alex blackke] Has anyone got an overview of the current status of the various Ruby
+ 262617 [florgro gmai] You need to differentiate between JRuby's own tests and the ones they
+ 262647 [znmeb cesmai] There is a gem, the Big "Formal" Test Suite (bfts) that is supposed to
  + 262658 [alex blackke] Fab.  Thanks, guys.
  + 262659 [alex blackke] Fab.  Thanks, guys.
  + 262660 [alex blackke] Fab.  Thanks, guys.
    262661 [alex blackke] <repeated twice>