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^ Re: Which messages objects shall respond to? (was: syntactic
260491 [apeiros gmx.] I'd like Nil only to respond to the same methods as Object does.

^ Requiring Files while working Remotely
260499 [ghotrapa yah] I'm trying to execute a script on my local machine which requires a file
+ 260530 [ghotrapa yah] Anybody?
+ 260542 [fxn hashref.] El Jul 18, 2007, a las 4:51 PM, Parv G. escribióº
| + 260543 [alex.doan wa] If the remote file is requiring other files in the same directory,
| + 260550 [ghotrapa yah] And it (ruby library loading mechanism) works as designed.  What i did
+ 260552 [kbloom gmail] You're trying to load from "\\3833-9-CCC-w520\AutoLib\TestBed.rb"? Try

^ html 2 pdf
260503 [david vizion] IIs there a gem for converting html to pdf?
+ 260511 [znmeb cesmai] If not, you could probably just shell out to the open source htmldoc
| + 260532 [gregory.t.br] This would probably work pretty good. I've done it before.  A ruby
| + 260984 [dangerwillro] No Good.
|   260990 [tanner.burso] Sure, but nothing I'm aware of that doesn't require a full browser renderer
+ 261044 [ryand-ruby z] I have one that only works on OSX, but it works well. Lemme know if
  261046 [Tiffany.Sonn] I want it:)

^ How to use conditionals with expect.rb?
260510 [rubyoncrack ] This is a shot in the dark since it appears nobody uses expect.rb.
+ 260549 [rubyoncrack ] Well, at least RExpect has the ability to timeout when an unexpected
+ 260551 [martindemell] Can you post your script? I believe the point of expect is to just
  260981 [rubyoncrack ] There's no way to enter the correct Expect string since it hangs.  Also,

^ Listing all IP addresses on an multihomed system
260514 [djberg96 gma] I'm wondering if there's a way to list all IP addresses on a
+ 260516 [garbagecat10] Since you're obviously using Linux, how about just parsing the output of
| 260536 [djberg96 gma] Eh? No, the C code above works just fine on Solaris (with -lsocket and
| 260576 [garbagecat10] Sorry, it's the "eth0" and "eth1" that made me think you were doing this for
+ 260569 [see signatur] As your user has reported, your C-based program does not do what
  260601 [djberg96 gma] Indeed, there's an example in Stevens' "Unix Network Programming, Vol.
  260623 [see signatur] Please let us know if you do.  I managed to find time to take a
  260640 [djberg96 gma] It also appears that you can use sysctl() + NET_RT_IFLIST. It's easier,

^ [ANN] Nebular Gauntlet v0.5
260515 [steviedizzle] So it has been almost 6 months since the last release of Nebular

^ Logging Rake shell command output
260517 [brenton.lean] Has anyone else had the desire to log verbose shell command output

^ Mortran/Martians/Elisp / Proc Objects Re: Taking the bull by its  horns[was background]
260602 [john.carter ] Basically a fat macro preprocessor in front of ordinary Fortran.

^ overriding nil?, curiosity
260603 [matt.e.greer] Maybe this is a dumb question, but I'm gonna give it a shot.
260618 [apeiros gmx.] Nope, not ruby. IRB. Because IRB is written in ruby.
260999 [rick.denatal] Back in 1983, the first widely avaiable official documentation on

^ [ANN] Sup 0.1 released
260604 [wmorgan-ruby] Sup version 0.1 has been released!

^ [OT] Re: Religion (was: god 0.1.0 released)
260619 [hal9000 hype] Certainly correct. But it's a question of meaning and usage.
+ 260621 [hal9000 hype] [OT] Re: Religion (was: god 0.1.0 released)
| 260631 [jwkenne attg] I don't know that that's actually true of the Latin word "Lucifer". Some
+ 260639 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... since you brought it up ... 'genius' comes from 'djinn', an
| + 260659 [jmettraux op] 'Genius' seems to come from Latin, whereas 'Genie' comes from Arabic
| | 260674 [mental rydia] It's sort of in-between.  French 'genie' did come from the Latin
| + 260672 [mental rydia] While there are cultural stories about djinn being trapped and enslaved
+ 260647 [perrin apoth] No, not really.  "Daemon" is particular to the Greek meaning, as it
| + 260655 [perrin apoth] My original attempt at this email was better written, but I lost my SSH
| | + 260673 [perrin apoth] Yeah . . . immediately after the connection dropped, I thought "Damn!  I
| | + 260765 [robert.dober] Excellent advice, it was given to me very recently and I said, no my
| | | 260767 [lionel-subsc] Ctrl-a Esc, then PageUp/PageDown/Up/Down ?
| | | 260770 [robert.dober] Hypercool, merci!!
| | + 260819 [steven lumos] Since I'm replying to the below anyway, I'll mention that the OED
| |   260837 [perrin apoth] That sounds like agreement to me.
| + 260670 [mental rydia] +1
| | 260675 [perrin apoth] I think I've about broken even, with the minus one for that bizarre lapse
| | 260775 [znmeb cesmai] John W. Russell: "People point. Sometimes that's just easier. They also
| + 260764 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;
|   + 260783 [perrin apoth] Thank you!  I do try.
|   + 260850 [hal9000 hype] I don't disagree 100%, and I suppose you know more about linguistics
|     260860 [perrin apoth] Etymology basically *is* an aggregate of habit, accident, and arbitrary
|     260875 [hal9000 hype] I don't think the period was brief; I think it was quite long.
|     + 260882 [dangerwillro] The spelling variant is the most plausible. English historically was
|     + 260893 [caduceass gm] Well, if you subscribe to the meme concept, I would posit that
|     | 261042 [perrin apoth] I'm particularly annoyed by "irregardless" because anyone that pays
|     | + 261063 [sy1234 gmail] Yep, irregardless is a redonculous word.
|     | + 261066 [caduceass gm] I agree.  I don't envision us seeing formal use of that word during
|     + 260906 [mental rydia] Interestingly, the spelling of "Maxwell's Demon" may be evidence for
|     + 261041 [perrin apoth] That depends on your comparison.  If you're comparing it to the period of
+ 260801 [ari aribrown] Actually, From what I know.....
  260817 [mental rydia] imagine a container of gas separated into two compartments, with a small
  + 260824 [ari aribrown] If it's been on Wikipedia for more than a month, it MUST be true. Bad
  | 260838 [mental rydia] Huh, okay.  While I'd dispute that that is always the case, in this
  + 261089 [znmeb cesmai] The equivalent of Unix "daemons" were called "Ghost jobs" in Xerox CP-5,
    261138 [sy1234 gmail] Hmm..

^ Re: Maximum Sub-Array (#131)
260622 [ymendel pobo] Oh, these quizzes.  I need to either find more time to play with them

^ while gsub!
260625 [ryemcdonald ] Is there a *better* way to perform multiple substitutions to a string
260626 [marcel verni] irb(main):001:>> string = '/../../....//........////../../etc/passwd'
260802 [ryemcdonald ] that's great! thank you

^ Substring Diffing Ruby Challenge
260629 [srobertjames] first = 'Joe went to the store and bought 2 loaves of bread'
260709 [aff28 delete] I extended Austin Ziegler's LCS/Diff library to do just this for my project

^ pp to a string, not stdout
260637 [rubyforum kl] pp foo # pretty prints foo to stdout
260645 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):009:0> [1,2,3].pretty_print_inspect
260649 [marcel verni] irb(main):003:0> PP.pp((1..30).to_a, s = '')
260654 [rubyforum kl] Dear Joel and Marcel,

^ rexml/document
260646 [coolwong85 y] Now i using rexml/document to retrieve the xml file data. But i don know

^ hpricot question
260677 [ivorpaul gma] I'm a total hpricot newbie, so this is only out of curiousity...
+ 260740 [dangerwillro] Hmm... if you want modern markup, it is correct.
+ 260760 [peter peterc] h = Hpricot('<a/><b>c</b>', :xml => true)
  260812 [ivorpaul gma] Thanks peter - that is what I wanted to hear! I knew there was some reason

^ [ANN] POG -- Password Operations Gem initial release
260679 [warlickt ope] POG -- Password Operations Gem version 0.2 (Public beta) is now released

^ Array : each_with_index
260681 [vineetraja g] I have following lines
+ 260683 [shortcutter ] It is. But #each_with_index *returns* the Enumerable.  You need to put
+ 260684 [marcel verni] irb(main):003:0> m.each_with_index{|v,i| i}
| 261013 [rick.denatal] Actually Enumerable#each_with_index appears to return  the receiver
+ 260685 [stefano.croc] You're telling ruby to print the return value of each with index, which,
  260688 [vineetraja g] Thanks All,
  + 260697 [shortcutter ] You are confusing string evaluation with output.  You need to remove
  + 260703 [botp delmont] # >ruby try.rb
  | + 260710 [botp delmont] #... puts "(#{i+1})  #{v}\n" }
  | | 260726 [shortcutter ] It doesn't hurt though - output is the same.
  | | 260885 [botp delmont] # > #... puts "(#{i+1})  #{v}\n" }
  | | 260904 [vineetraja g] Thanks All
  | + 261028 [phrogz mac.c] module Enumerable
  |   261045 [iw1junk comc] While I have found the thread fascinating, it appears to me
  + 260968 [lojicdotcom ] It looks like others have already clarified things for you. This is a

^ array sort_by with nil elements
260686 [josselin wan] I am using the sort_by command
+ 260698 [shortcutter ] Add a rescue modifier.
+ 260719 [apeiros gmx.] Simply add a default value (best one that gets sorted in the beginning
  260742 [shortcutter ] This does not work.
  + 260749 [fred lacave.] => [nil, "a", "aaa", "aaaaaaa"]
  + 260750 [apeiros gmx.] According to him, his problem is not the *element* being nil, but the
    + 260754 [shortcutter ] I stand corrected.  Sorry for the noise.
    + 260830 [josselin wan] yes you're right , I did not mention it (even thought...) the element

^ Possible bug in ruby interpreter
260691 [pedro.e.pint] 1*(rand (1) + 1)
260696 [shortcutter ] I'm afraid, the bug is in your keyboard or further up the "invocation"

^ confused, need help with a sorting program
260699 [johny.lam gm] I was doing the recursive sorting program in Chapter 10 of Chris
+ 260704 [sepp2k googl] Ok, let's look at what the above code does: It looks at an item in the array
| 260708 [dan fluentra] Sorry to contradict you Sebastian: the original array isn't sorted, but
| 260712 [sepp2k googl] Yeah, seems I didn't read the code carefully enough. I only focussed on the
| 260714 [dan fluentra] Yep. If it wasn't popped but just took the last element (and kept track
+ 260707 [dan fluentra] Yes, that's true. The problem here is that you are not calling the

^ how to link 2 interface
260701 [coolwong85 y] I using the fox16 to create my GUI. Now i do not know how to link 2
260755 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Cool,
260868 [coolwong85 y] Sorry, i cannot open the web site. Any other web site can intro to me???

^ Overwriting "if"
260706 [matthewrudyj] I want to overwrite if,
+ 260711 [dan fluentra] Be like Smalltalk!
| 260713 [matthewrudyj] that's cool,
| 260716 [dan fluentra] Don't think so: 'if' is a keyword. You'll never get it to look for a
| 260717 [matthewrudyj] just for fun
+ 260715 [ronald.fisch] Of course this is something we really need in Ruby ;-)

^ identify and extract positions from a string - how to?
260720 [marc.hoeppne] I have a long (long long long) string of letters, a genomic sequence
+ 260722 [logancapaldo] string[2340..5436]
+ 260725 [usenet s4r.d] What about
+ 260727 [fred lacave.] => "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
  260730 [marc.hoeppne] Thanks a lot, dont know how I missed that in the string chapter.
  + 260732 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
  + 260734 [usenet s4r.d] Those ..-things are called ranges, which, what wonder, are a class in
  | + 260735 [usenet s4r.d] should be
  | + 260737 [fred lacave.] => 34
  |   260739 [usenet s4r.d] I guess you are right. I misintepreted the documentation, which says in a
  + 260738 [fred lacave.] The others solutions in the thread are the ones to use, but I feel the
    260741 [shortcutter ] file.each do |line|

^ About Ruby Write CGI And RMagick
260736 [seekstudio g] My english is very poor...

^ using "NOT" in File.exists?
260743 [pbailey bna.] I want to create a boolean variable for a "not" statement. When I do a
+ 260744 [alex blackke] pngthere = !File.exists?("L:/png/#{pngdir}/#{pngfile}")
| 260746 [pbailey bna.] Ahhh, simple, of course. You're a prince. Thanks !
+ 260745 [ariekusumaat] Arigatou jyanai! Pizza wa (2) ni-mai, OK!
+ 260891 [ariekusumaat] pngthere = (not File.exist?('pngfile'))

^ [SUMMARY] Maximum Sub-Array (#131)
260747 [james graypr] This is a classic algorithmic challenge and despite its seeming simplicity,

^ What's going on here with gsub?
260756 [pbailey bna.] I'm baffled by this problem. If I define a single file, I can use gsub
260757 [apeiros gmx.] "TIF" and "tif" is not the same. You probably want the //i switch which
260759 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Stefan. You're right. I've been a Windows guy so long that I
260762 [shortcutter ] Some other remarks: in your case sub is sufficient and you should

^ RCR? Added syntax for chains that possibly return nil
260758 [apeiros gmx.] One type of construct in ruby that somewhat annoys me and IMHO reduces
+ 260800 [minciue gmai] how about this ugly creature?
| + 260804 [apeiros gmx.] Interesting idea :) This one won't work right away I think, but it's a
| + 260806 [apeiros gmx.] class Object
|   260833 [robert.dober] I hate it, this really should be syntax and furthermore it would make
|   260835 [apeiros gmx.] Keyword is "simulate" ;-)
|   260857 [minciue gmai] I've been thinking about this a bit more. Here's another approach you
+ 260805 [robert.dober] Hmm I thought we have had this already, but I do not think somebody
+ 260827 [rff_rffREMOV] Sorry, I may have missed this in the previous thread, but why an inline
| 260829 [apeiros gmx.] about? You'll never know.
+ 260839 [transfire gm] what about
| 260843 [apeiros gmx.] See the answer to gabriele renzi (Simple: what if your exception is not
| 260849 [transfire gm] I think it rescues all StandardErrors.
| 260852 [apeiros gmx.] Um, Yes, that's exactly the problem about it, wasn't that clear? It
| 260861 [transfire gm] So a better RCR maybe it just to qualify the line rescue.
| 260940 [robert.dober] Hmm I like the expressiveness of the original proposal
| 260959 [transfire gm] (bar->baz || default).foo
| + 260963 [robert.dober] But -> does not support default, that is a feature of your solution.
| | 260967 [apeiros gmx.] foo = bar->baz || default # if anywhere in the chain is nil, you get the
| | 260988 [transfire gm] Sure. I realize. I'm only pointing out that this -> operator is
| | + 260992 [apeiros gmx.] So how can I explain to you that it *isn't*?
| | | + 261000 [transfire gm] Just tell me, how isn't it? The end result seems exactly the same me.
| | | | 261015 [transfire gm] I went back and reread the first post. You actually want it to only be
| | | | 261051 [robert.dober] Yes indeed Stefan your idea is interesting Tom took it a step further,
| | | + 261095 [dan-ml dan42] rescue NoMethodError has the same disadvantage as rescue StandardError;
| | |   261108 [robert.dober] This is a little detail I have overseen in the discussion
| | + 261052 [thomas.gantn] I prefer this solution to the otherwise also very elegant variant with '->'.
| + 260964 [apeiros gmx.] Maybe you should reread the initial proposal. There is no default.
+ 260854 [stephen.dunc] Not sure if the existence of features in other languages is generally
| + 260859 [transfire gm] bar.?.boo.?.quuz
| + 260895 [nobu ruby-la] It reminded me of a patch in `[ruby-dev:28217] ANDCALL
|   260938 [apeiros gmx.] Oh, what does it do, or how to use it? I'm sorry, my japanese doesn't go
|   261006 [nobu ruby-la] In short, same as your proposal.
|   261012 [apeiros gmx.] Ah, interesting, so I'm not the first to propose this :)
|   261018 [nobu ruby-la] It wasn't rejected, at least explicitly.  Just no response.
+ 260855 [logancapaldo] More things should yield on success (and not yield on failure) instead of
+ 261002 [ara.t.howard] i feel your pain, however i feel that moves towards calling things

^ problem doing find in ActiveLdap
260761 [claudio.fior] require 'active_ldap'
260847 [kou cozmixng] You need to pass Proc object to :password_block or use :password
260920 [claudio.fior] pwb = Proc.new do |user|

^ Float.to_int not working ??
260766 [alexc42 goog] I must admit that I am new to Ruby, so maybe this is not a real bug?!
+ 260772 [apeiros gmx.] Yes. Learn about floats. Floats are approximations, that has some
| 260778 [kyleaschmitt] Look at the links below for some help understanding it.  It's more or
+ 260782 [lloyd 2live4] What about
  260787 [apeiros gmx.] Round already returns an integer, the .to_i is redundant ;-)
  260820 [dangerwillro] For more accurate math, use really large integers and simply keep
  + 260822 [apeiros gmx.] Or with ruby use BigDecimal or Rational (won't work for applications
  | 260826 [kyleaschmitt] It can increase the accuracy of the estimation.
  | 260828 [apeiros gmx.] Ya, but that's nothing to do with a system being 32 or 64bit, you can
  + 260825 [kyleaschmitt] Just remember, sadly even with C and a 64 bits, all you get is a

^ How do I save a cookie in Ruby?
260769 [enogrob gmai] Please anybody knows how do I save a cookie in Ruby?
+ 260774 [kyleaschmitt] Define cookie, define how you'll be retrieving it, etc.  Otherwise any
+ 260776 [dangerwillro] def save_cookie(cookie)