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Which Hash methods are thread safe?
259397 [mkasick-rt@c] When I've written multithreaded code in Ruby in the past I've been quite
259422 [mental@ry ia] Have you measured to see whether this is actually the case?
259435 [mkasick-rt@c] Not yet.  Chances are that synchronization won't actually have a runtime
+ 259440 [lionel-subsc] Seems you are implementing an MoM (Message oriented Middleware) on your own.
| 259553 [mkasick-rt@c] It's creeping into that territory, yes.
+ 259444 [mental@ry ia] Resist those feelings until they're backed up with real measurements;
  + 259446 [mental@ry ia] message delivery with synchronized approaches which do not.  The example
  + 259447 [mental@ry ia] Also, note that this allows the delivery of several messages from
  + 259554 [mkasick-rt@c] That's a great idea.

Base 26
259417 [blowmage@gm ] ...
+ 259419 [apeiros@gm .] You're looking too far away.
| + 259420 [apeiros@gm .] OK, I should read before answering :)
| | + 259424 [phrogz@ma .c] How about (i+10).to_s(36)
| | | + 259426 [peter@pe er ] ...
| | | | 259431 [blowmage@gm ] ...
| | | | 259432 [peter@pe er ] ...
| | | + 259427 [warrenb@aq i] irb(main):001:0> i = 42
| | | + 259429 [blowmage@gm ] ...
| | | + 259528 [robert.dober] What is this thread, first Stefan now you?
| | + 259425 [blowmage@gm ] ...
| | + 259527 [robert.dober] Honestly no, it was quite funny :)
| + 259532 [shortcutter@] I think your solution is pretty concise already.  You could however do
+ 259536 [lists@be tr ] Isn't that concise enough? It's one line, it's

Nuby: using net/http*s* from behind a proxy server
259418 [rpardee@gm i] Hey All,
412690 [lists@ru y- ] could you solve this problem?

Web Databases and Objects
259463 [cjsiam@ms .c] ...
259474 [dangerwillro] Rails is BIG. Take it slowly. I'm still struggling with it too.
259485 [cjsiam@ms .c] John, appreciate your shot at it...
+ 259490 [caduceass@gm] Do you have a relational model already designed?
+ 259531 [dangerwillro] After creating your database schema, usually using script/generate
  259548 [cjsiam@ms .c] Thanks.

weirdness with ruby unit testing on mac
259505 [carlton@ba t] I have a ruby project that I've written in a Linux environment.  (Ruby
+ 259544 [cdcarter@gm ] ruby dbcdb/test/all.rb
| 259668 [carlton@ba t] It does fix it, thanks!  I'm trying to remember why I started doing
| 259670 [gregory.t.br] ruby -I dbcdb dbcdb/test/all.rb if you must work outside the dir.
| 259787 [carlton@ba t] I guess I'm curious why using require is good in ruby files but bad
| 259830 [gregory.t.br] Oh, it's not really bad in either.  The issue is you're not trying to
| 259838 [carlton@ba t] Yeah, that's a good point - makes a lot of sense when you put it it
| 259845 [gregory.t.br] Aha.  That makes sense.  Test::Unit uses a special collector to do
+ 259552 [rubyforum@we] I have no idea if this would help, but standard recommendation is to go
| 259669 [carlton@ba t] Thanks for the suggestion and link.  I've gotten lazy about compiling
+ 259565 [ryand-ruby@z] 1) GENERALLY: work from the project directory and refer to everything
  259666 [carlton@ba t] Hmm, interesting.  Wouldn't that make my code dependent on the

[OT] tail-recursion
259515 [m_goldberg@a] For what it's worth: the function definition is "tail-recursive" and
259542 [logancapaldo] ...
259569 [trevor@pr to] Hey Logan and Morton,

[ANN] PDX.rb presents FOSCON III: Really Radical Ruby
259521 [tlockney@gm ] Once again the Portland Ruby Brigade will be hosting an evening of

[ANN] httpclient/2.1.0
259522 [nakahiro@sa ] httpclient/2.1.0 is out.  The program/project renamed from

[ANN] call for presenters @ FOSCON III
259523 [tlockney@gm ] As my recent post announced, PDX.rb will be putting on another FOSCON
260571 [tlockney@gm ] If you're going to be at OSCON or are going to make a special trip to

[ANN] Addendum: PDX.rb presents FOSCON III: Really Radical Ruby
259524 [tlockney@gm ] As I waited until the end of a very long day to post this

attr_writer and hash
259535 [aidy.rutter@] class Test
+ 259537 [caduceass@gm] class Test
+ 259538 [phillipsds@y] It looks like you're mixing two different ways of getting at username

259545 [scottjourand] ...

259546 [scottjourand] ...

259547 [sciguyryan@g] ...

Re: [QUIZ] Maximum Sub-Array (#131)
259549 [selecter@gm ] So, it means I have to dump my written code directly to trash? :(
259551 [selecter@gm ] I don't know if it's OK to ask questions here before the 48 hours
259556 [james@gr yp ] Well, if I understand right, you want a regex to match an array of
259632 [selecter@gm ] Yes, you understood me right. Your example is what I needed. But I
+ 259644 [sonoflilit@g] Just to make sure you know, this isn't required of your solution.
| 259667 [selecter@gm ] Thanks! I know it's not required. But still. I ask a question and
+ 259695 [james@gr yp ] (?: ? ) is the same as ( ? ), save that it doesn't set a capture

Safari front window url - appscript
259555 [rubyforum@we] require 'rubygems'
+ 259564 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby is case sensitive, so is applescript. You probably also want 0,
+ 259568 [m_goldberg@a] The following worked for me.

I don't need serious help!
259557 [sy1234@gm il] I've had a very long absence from Ruby.  As with all of my other skills,

snippets databases
259558 [sy1234@gm il] This is a longish post.. there were bunches of ideas rattling around in
+ 259560 [ml@sy th ti ] Have you considered just setting up a blog (public or private). The
| 259601 [sy1234@gm il] A blog might not be a bad idea.  Right now I've got some notes dumped
+ 259566 [aurelianocal] I think that is a good idea to start doing learning tests
| 259570 [gregory.t.br] I did this while dabbling with Haskell.  Definitely recommendable.
| 259602 [sy1234@gm il] I can't believe I didn't remember this.  I've even had this mentioned
+ 259571 [cdcarter@gm ] I usually pastie it with a =begin/=end block at the top explaining it,
  259603 [sy1234@gm il] I'm leaning towards test cases now.. but adding good headers would

loop unit test cases?
259561 [aidy.rutter@] Is there any way to loop TEST::UNIT test cases to accommodate
259563 [gethemant@gm] Can you explain a bit more?
259572 [aidy.lewis@g] I am still thinking about this, but I hope you get the idea

graphing/charting application
259574 [perrin@ap th] I'm hunting around for a simple application that generates images like
+ 259580 [grzm@se sp t] Have you taken a look at Gruff? I haven't used it myself, but it
| 259685 [perrin@ap th] Is there some kind of rule that states that, when something like RDoc is
| + 259688 [gregory.t.br] I'm sure that Geoffry would appreciate documentation patches.
| | + 259689 [gregory.t.br] s/Geoffry/Geoffrey/
| | + 259690 [perrin@ap th] Sure . . . just as soon as I figure out how to use the library.  With the
| |   259693 [gregory.t.br] This might sound rude, but I don't intend it to be offensive.
| |   259736 [perrin@ap th] This might sound rude, too, and I honestly don't intend it to be
| |   + 259740 [seebs@se bs ] I think many developers underestimate the significance of documentation
| |   | + 259761 [TimHunter@nc] +1. I did my time, too, helping document a C compiler/linker on a system
| |   | + 259763 [perrin@ap th] True.  It's a shame that there isn't better documentation for some
| |   |   + 259771 [seebs@se bs ] Makes sense.
| |   |   + 259809 [list.rb@gm i] This may be OT at this point on the conversation but,  I've used XML/
| |   + 259820 [gregory.t.br] You're right.  What I said came off as harsh and rude, and I apologize
| |     259917 [perrin@ap th] Fair 'nuff.
| |     259980 [gregory.t.br] What I've found in Ruport, which was the definition of poorly
| |     259981 [gregory.t.br] damn that google.  heres a sanely snipped response below.
| + 260111 [ryand-ruby@z] Is there some kind of rule that states that, when something is freely
|   260124 [perrin@ap th] Is there some kind of rule that states that everyone who takes note of
|   260134 [ryand-ruby@z] The above is a direct quote of yours, so I didn't put words in your
|   260170 [perrin@ap th] See above, re: what *you* said about my words -- which, by the way, do
|   260374 [znmeb@ce ma ] There are non-snide divorce lawyers?
+ 259581 [stefan@ma li] gruff has been mentioned already
+ 259620 [h.wickham@gm] You should really try to avoid those faux-3D bars - they make the
  259684 [perrin@ap th] I'd normally agree, but in this case the purpose is to create a

Select last row in Gtk::Treeview?
259575 [rich.midwint] Does anyone know how to select the last row in a Gtk::Treeview? If it
259631 [rich.midwint] Argh, sorry. This wants moving to the Ruby Gnome2 forum I presume.

Calling a Perl script from Ruby
259576 [rubyforum@we] I'd like to use gpsPhoto.pl in a Ruby script.
+ 259585 [TimHunter@nc] Check out the system() method.
| 259587 [dave@pe ia s] looks like system only returns true or false if the system call executes
| + 259589 [rawn027@gm i] backticks my friend :)
| | 261319 [rubyforum@we] Thanks, backticks are my friend. The time delay in responding was due to
| | + 261395 [rubyforum@we] gpxFiles =  gpxDateFN.join("\" \" ")
| | | 261459 [ snk@gn .o g] class String
| | | 261463 [rubyforum@we] Thank you. Much more Rubyesh.
| | + 261473 [ryand-ruby@z] (no, I don't actually recommend this approach--it is just funny)
| |   261877 [ snk@gn .o g] Wow, is this your Perl handler for RubyInline (which was mentioned by
| |   261881 [znmeb@ce ma ] You can always use RSpec to leverage Ruby into almost any situation. :)
| |   261888 [ snk@gn .o g] RSpec is indeed a tasty treat.  However, change is not driven by
| + 259591 [znmeb@ce ma ] IIRC "system" returns the (implementation-dependent) numerical return
|   259597 [james@gr yp ] system("date")  # => true
|   259598 [ml@sy th ti ] There is also Kernel.`` which will return stdout. If you're looking
|   259611 [rubyforum@we] Original poster here.
+ 259588 [matt@ww .t a] output_string = `perl gpsPhoto.pl [blah, blah, ....]`

Newbie with error
259582 [maggie@mr id] I am running on OSX 10.4. 10

259584 [dvd_km@ya oo] www.OutpatientSurgicare.com/video/

Passing arguments to ruby script
259592 [galecho@gm i] I'm using ajax with ruby for my application, and need to send an
259596 [phlipcpp@ya ] slick interface, so you can spend time on your actual features.
259600 [galecho@gm i] Firstly, I dont want to use Rails because I'm not writing a full fledged
259610 [galecho@gm i] Nevermind I figured it out.

Contents of variable as variable name
259593 [redct@op nf ] I know that sounds a bit crazy, but is there a way to do that?
+ 259594 [gethemant@gm] irb(main):025:0> a = "foo"
+ 259599 [sy1234@gm il] oh oh oh .. I asked this question and did a bit of experimentation a
+ 259649 [ruby@an hr p] Don't do it. If you think you need to, it is indicative of bad design.
  259745 [sy1234@gm il] Thanks for the reading.  This helped me avoid learning a Bad habit.

Double slash in Hpricot...?
259595 [rabbitblue@g] What's the purpose of the double slash in Hpricot?
259609 [phlipcpp@ya ] Google for an XPath tutorial. // is XPathic for the "any descendant" axis.
284640 [jmilarsky@gm] "/" is supposed to be synonymous with Hpricot::Elem#search ... is "//"

259612 [xml_user@we ] That is first time which I into forum
+ 259613 [dan@fl en ra] I'm not sure what you are asking. If you want to know why it is failing,
| 259626 [xml_user@we ] with the double y is specially over indicate permit like the data look
+ 259625 [florian.assm] 1.

I offer serious help
259621 [sonoflilit@g] I don't have much time now (ditching a physics lecture to write this)
259622 [sonoflilit@g] (to make things clear: this is Re: Need serious help!)
+ 259705 [wiltroutja@a] Tyvm. I will try this imediately. When (If, but most likely I will) make
| + 259738 [perrin@ap th] Nobody told you, in this discussion, to write hello world thousands of
| | 259747 [wiltroutja@a] They told me in other discussions. Many of the multiple Re: I need
| | 259766 [perrin@ap th] If it's not public, don't post it to a public mailing list.  Thank you
| + 259897 [sonoflilit@g] (just because I felt proud of how polite and helpful my message was
|   + 259918 [perrin@ap th] Mine came with a manual -- both in Debian a couple years ago and in
|   + 260105 [wiltroutja@a] Wicked. If you ever get the time, finish that. It sounds like mad fun.
|     260167 [sonoflilit@g] Won't happen in the next nine years (yes, I know what I'll do in the
+ 259706 [wiltroutja@a] Dangit. The download isn't working. For some reason it won't paste into
  + 259710 [sam@po er ou] Joe,
  | + 259713 [wiltroutja@a] ? The download link that SonofLilit put in his very nice and helpful
  | | 259715 [sam@po er ou] Did you look into the Novashell game maker I sent?
  | | 260103 [wiltroutja@a] Looks sorta like FF 1. Anyone know what stuff that was written in? That
  | | 260509 [sam@po er ou] I haven't tried it, but its on my list of things to do.
  | + 259717 [wiltroutja@a] Omg. This turtle thing is fun. I was just messing around, and made the
  |   259718 [wiltroutja@a] Only problem, I don't know some kind of command that erases what I did
  |   259723 [wiltroutja@a] And is there a way to save words you make so that whenever I restart
  |   + 259724 [wiltroutja@a] Pilot Gnome. I was messing around, trying to make the circle command.
  |   | 259726 [wiltroutja@a] Omg again. I wanted to make a cylender type thing, so I made the word
  |   | 259727 [wiltroutja@a] And if you look at it the right way, it looks almost 3-d. With some
  |   | 259739 [perrin@ap th] I like UCBLogo quite a bit.  I like Brian Harvey's textbook series that
  |   | 259746 [wiltroutja@a] Problem is, all the Logo forums I could find were on Yahoo. I tried to
  |   | + 259760 [seebs@se bs ] There's this old joke about someone searching in the street for something,
  |   | | 259777 [wiltroutja@a] I know perfectly well how to get on the Logo forums. Problem is, Yahoo
  |   | | 259782 [ari@ar br wn] <Snip>
  |   | | 259801 [wiltroutja@a] If I were to kill the flaming, you would be dead. Along with a great
  |   | | 259803 [wiltroutja@a] And stop spamming up Aurs helpful thread.
  |   | | 259835 [gregory.t.br] If you direct your mails to sonoflilit at gmail dot com, no one will
  |   | + 259768 [perrin@ap th] No . . . the problem is that you think your problem with Yahoo somehow
  |   + 259732 [seebs@se bs ] Try a Logo newsgroup.  There's ways to do it in Ruby.  I wouldn't dream
  |     259735 [wiltroutja@a] Good idea. Now I'm going solo trying to create fun commands that make
  + 259711 [wiltroutja@a] I found a download. From Brian Harvey's homepage. So Im assuming it

xkcd and ugly code
259624 [phillipsds@y] I read this xkcd strip the other day (http://www.xkcd.com/c287.html)
+ 259627 [dkarapetyan@] ...
+ 259628 [sonoflilit@g] Here's a bit of DRYing up of your code, which isn't a good idea - as
+ 259630 [rff_rffREMOV] not sure about the ruby way, but isn't it a case of the knapsack problem?
+ 259691 [james@gr yp ] Fun problem.  Thanks for sharing.

Help installing fxruby on osx
259637 [phillipsds@y] A few weeks ago I tried to install fxruby, went grey, ended up
259650 [lyle.johnson] Congratulations!
+ 259652 [phillipsds@y] Spot on. I've removed the dir and in the process of trying it again.
+ 295933 [daniel.wilke] I had the same problem with fxscintilla but I solved it by downloading
  + 295964 [alex@de et m] Since you're on OS X and mention needing fxscintilla, you could try
  + 296011 [lyle@ly ej h] OK, just so I understand it, at this point you've built both FOX and
    296019 [daniel.wilke] Why doesn't Apple just make one way to install things?  Their strength
    296042 [lyle@ly ej h] Well, technically, they're only responsible for the Ruby that comes

help ruby noob write a hitEnterToContinue() method
259638 [davidkl@da i] i = 0
259643 [wayneeseguin] ...

help ruby noob write a hitEnterToContinue() method
259639 [davidkl@da i] its like this... where the follow code in my main prints out large text
259647 [davidkl@da i] Oh yeah... and I'm using Hipricot... (if that matters)

faster_csv column type
259640 [hugo.mag@gm ] I'm using faster_csv to import some csv formatted data to a database.
259671 [james@gr yp ] Does this give you any fresh ideas?
261240 [hugo.mag@gm ] Thanks for the answer.
261382 [james@gr yp ] Sure.

259645 [jamison2000e] ...

[QUIZ-Solution] Maximum Sub-Array (#131)
259648 [aurelianocal] Given that the spoiler time is finished (I think) these are my
+ 259651 [rff_rffREMOV] And here is mine, which I think it's the same of your solution #3.
+ 259653 [alexandru@gl] $ ruby sol.rb
| 259655 [aurelianocal] You're right!!!!
| 259658 [aurelianocal] I've forgotten to tell that the corrected solution is at
+ 259698 [james@gr yp ] When I first considered this quiz, I tried to whipped up a quick and
  259701 [eric.mahurin] Here is a O(n) solution.  This simply finds the max accumulation minus
  259839 [jesse.d.merr] irb(main):052:0> arr = [-2,0,0,4,-5,1]
  259861 [eric.mahurin] Thanks for pointing out my mistake.  I didn't handle the case when the