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^ Re: [OT] Religion (was: god 0.1.0 released)
259192 [al_batuul ya] y list two of them at this stage related to complete autonomous agent:=0A1-=

^ ERb with nested loops-- NG!
259197 [dangerwillro] How do you do nested loops in ERb?
259271 [jan.svitok g] I see no problem there. Could you post your attempt to see what's wrong?
259354 [dangerwillro] Actually could anyone post some examples of ERb for web pages, but

^ gets
259219 [ja_bowen yah] Of course the code below will not work because gets is
+ 259223 [cdcarter gma] test1 = gets.chomp
+ 259250 [shortcutter ] Use chomp!
| 259254 [perrin apoth] That was the first thing that occurred to me, too, but I think that Chris
| 259258 [shortcutter ] You're over cautious here. Your concerns do not apply because test1 is
| + 259263 [dangerwillro] this is definitely a case where the usual action people take is
| + 259533 [robert.dober] Robert I am a big fan of in place modification and you have already
|   259573 [perrin apoth] Thanks.
|   + 259578 [robert.dober] My bad, I thought it was
|   | 259583 [shortcutter ] Actually you can have
|   | 259607 [perrin apoth] My personal guideline is basically to avoid in-place modification unless
|   | 259623 [robert.dober] Yeah Robert, that was my feeling and that's what I really wanted to
|   + 259629 [sonoflilit g] foo = gets.chomp! # eat the cake and leave it whole
|     + 259635 [robert.dober] Hmm it should not, but I am quite sure it is right now, maybe a
|     + 259636 [dblack wobbl] $ echo -n "abc" | ruby -e 'puts gets.chomp!'
|       259641 [robert.dober] Oh noooo
|       259662 [dblack wobbl] I specifically wanted to provide a gets-based example, but it's
+ 259312 [ja_bowen yah] Thanks
  259357 [dangerwillro] test.chomp = gets
  259439 [logancapaldo] You can't do this. (At least not using that syntax). Furthermore it would
  259475 [dangerwillro] You're right I got ahead of myself while typing!

^ Want to convert html table to image file, how?
259244 [glenn anztec] This is my first time on this list so I hope I'm not breaking any
259314 [AEtzold gmx.] welcome to the list!

^ Ruby.NET moves to full open source community model
259251 [w.kelly qut.] The Gardens Point Ruby.NET project (http://www.plas.fit.qut.edu.au/Ruby.NET) would like to announce that we are moving to a new open source community model.
+ 259308 [horacio.lope] Kudos for the initiative !
+ 260581 [hal9000 hype] I think this is the best news I've heard in a month.

^ Building ruby with bcc32
259253 [ycelik oytek] I am looking for someone who built ruby using Borland c.
+ 259256 [perrin apoth] Actually, I think gcc is probably a more common C compiler than Borland
| 259260 [ycelik oytek] Thanks Chad,
| 259518 [perrin apoth] You're quite welcome.
| 259520 [znmeb cesmai] On most "non-Gnu" systems, the native compiler (MS on Windows, Sun's
| 259951 [ycelik oytek] Thanks all,
| 260445 [ycelik oytek] At least you can lead me to an internet page.
| 260448 [shortcutter ] Adding to the mix of information: if you use cygwin anyway you can as
| 260462 [ycelik oytek] Thanks Robert,
| 260566 [perrin apoth] just searching for "cygwin" gave me the main Cygwin website as the first
| 260678 [ycelik oytek] Thanks Chad for the response,
| 260687 [nobu ruby-la] autoconf && ./configure CC='gcc -mno-cygwin' && make &&
| 260690 [ycelik oytek] Thanks Nobuyoshi,
| 260693 [nobu ruby-la] Steps for mingw compiling on cygwin.
| 260700 [ycelik oytek] I've mingw and cygwin installed on my computer.
| + 260723 [nobu ruby-la] You need to install autoconf package too, of Devel category in
| | 260752 [ycelik oytek] Thank you thank you and thank you Nobuyoshi,
| | 260877 [botp delmont] # And typed the command as you said (I don't even know what all in the
| | 260913 [ycelik oytek] Thank you Pe├▒a,
| + 260724 [logancapaldo] Do you really want to build ruby from source on windows, or do you just want
|   260729 [ycelik oytek] I want to build ruby from source on windows WITHOUT using ms compiler.
+ 259261 [nobu ruby-la] bcc32 support will be obsolete.
  259266 [ycelik oytek] Thanks for the reply.
  259294 [ycelik oytek] So no reason, ok, fair enough.
  + 259296 [ari aribrown] www.ubuntu.org
  | 259298 [robert.dober] Hmm Mingw should be enough[ still cygwin is a good thing to have IMHO]
  | 259317 [ycelik oytek] Thanks all,
  + 259433 [nobu ruby-la] * it doesn't support C89 standard (can't initialize aggregate
  + 259517 [perrin apoth] You probably just needed to wait a little bit for the answer to come

^ Regexp Question - Merb::Router
259262 [has.sox gmai] I'm looking through the Merb::Routing code and I've found a regexp that I
259265 [shortcutter ] It's actually *two* parts: (?:) is a non capturing regexp group.  The
259269 [has.sox gmai] I've not heard of that before.  Makes searching on google much easier :)
+ 259270 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> "/products/:model/:id".scan %r{/:([^/]+)}
| 259272 [has.sox gmai] I'm just trying to understand that regexp's place in the Merb routing code
+ 259322 [james graypr] Yes.  The part without the colon is capture, because of the normal
  259329 [shortcutter ] irb(main):002:0> /foo/.to_s

^ How to colorize text in windows console?
259267 [m.tyman inte] Is any way to highlight text in windows cmd? I have a script which
259268 [shortcutter ] There might even be a gem or a project in the http://raa.ruby-lang.org/
+ 259288 [phurley gmai] or
+ 259324 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ Unit testing exception types and messages
259273 [dave.baldwin] Testing that an exception of the given type is raised is easy with
259277 [rff_rffREMOV] I do not think that there is a builtin assertion for exception
259297 [jameskilton ] e = assert_raise(RuntimeError) { my_code_that_raises }

^ Help with passing a callback method
259275 [mickelax yah] I am trying to do the following. I can't get it to work, don't know if
+ 259278 [shortcutter ] I'd rather here where you want to put the callback and what it is
| 259280 [gethemant gm] Damn you Robert. :)
+ 259279 [gethemant gm] Hey Mike,
  259287 [mickelax yah] Thanks for the quick replies guys!

^ [ANN] xml-map
259281 [swistak mail] Thanks to my bas from softwarelab.eu (little advert)
+ 259283 [swistak mail] - this module was tested on nearly 20mb XML file and worked fine, it made
| 259285 [mark.gallop ] I am looking forward to this. I had just been looking at doing a project
+ 264441 [gregory.t.br] You quoted it in your reply.

^ Undocumented argument on Object#methods
259282 [apeiros gmx.] Due to a discussion in irc.freenode.org#ruby I stumbled over an
259284 [jan.svitok g] Can you please create a patch according to
259327 [james.britt ] See also the documentation guidelines at
259340 [apeiros gmx.] Thanks to both of you. Any way to work around the read-onlyness (I use
259341 [florgro gmai] You can use http://groups.google.com/group/ruby-core-google/ for

^ Loop over an array that changes the elements
259289 [djbearhand g] I have a rather simple question. I have an array and want to change the
+ 259292 [robert.dober] numbers.map!{ |x| x*2 }
+ 259299 [benjohn fysh] numbers = numbers.map {|number| numer * 2}
| + 259301 [fxn hashref.] El Jul 13, 2007, a las 2:53 PM, benjohn@fysh.org escribiˇ║
| + 259302 [robert.dober] Hmm what about the GC?
+ 259300 [benjohn fysh] You're right.
  259305 [martin snowp] Actually, as I think someone already posted, map! is probably the most
  259311 [robert.dober] Daniel this is great I am *not* in your killfile :)

^ convert ASCII to byte an vice versa
259303 [chen_li3 yah] I have a small script as follows. I wonder how I can
+ 259304 [matt.e.greer] int.chr => string
+ 259309 [martin snowp] In addition to manually using Integer.chr, you may find Array.pack
+ 259310 [doodpants ma] irb(main):003:0> str.each_byte{|b|puts b.chr}

^ Installing under HP-UX
259306 [ralph.grothe] I am new to Ruby, and already struggle with the installation
259438 [nobu ruby-la] I've thought that it is a part of C89, isn't it?
259895 [ralph.grothe] yes, the HP ansic is C89, but the expression it couldn't deal with,
259935 [nobu ruby-la] Do you mean Compound Literal by the latter?  Yes, it's C99, and
259944 [ralph.grothe] But I did.
260145 [nobu ruby-la] I thought if you found another way.
260415 [ralph.grothe] many thanks for your helpful hints.
+ 260420 [ralph.grothe] I've just discovered the gem_server binary
| 260430 [ralph.grothe] Ugh, this doesn't work right away
+ 260519 [nobu ruby-la] Because configure doesn't take care of such unknown flags, but
  260773 [ralph.grothe] Ok, I don't bother about configure oddities anymore

^ Why no perl style 'use strict' in ruby.
259315 [funkytwig gm] First let me say I much prefer developing in ruby that perl.  Ive been
+ 259316 [seebs seebs.] Ruby's defaults are in some cases closer to "use strict" than perl's; for
| 259318 [brabuhr gmai] ...
+ 259321 [james graypr] The strict pragma does three things in Perl.  Two of the items are to

^ Real project -- general application structure
259319 [rjasinski gm] I'm supposed to build a test application where a PC would communicate
+ 259402 [vjoel path.b] Do you know about RRDTool? There are ruby bindings for it, too.
+ 259406 [chris.hulan ] So the data collection app stores it in the DB, and the web page just
| 259445 [rjasinski gm] thanks for your input! Yes, it is really almost a piece of cake,
| + 259509 [snacktime gm] Have a status table that gets updated whenever an update comes in, and
| | 259550 [rjasinski gm] so there's no other way of making the two applications talk to each
| | 259559 [florian.assm] I haven't done anything with EventMachine for the time being but this
| | 259590 [rjasinski gm] thanks a lot for pointing me out the existence of Eventmachine; I had
| | + 259616 [snacktime gm] You might take a look at using mongrel (with the swiftiply patch to
| | + 259619 [florian.assm] I wouldn't either do polling nor use ajax because this method requires
| |   259646 [rjasinski gm] this is starting to look good. I'd better ellaborate on the
| |   259683 [florian.assm] I'm not very in ASCII...
| + 259618 [has.sox gmai] Richardo
|   259863 [has.sox gmai] In addition to the comet plugin there is also juggernaut
|   259890 [florian.assm] Something like this I had in mind when I said Flash but it uses - aehrm
|   260142 [rjasinski gm] Daniel,
+ 259659 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;
| 259686 [florian.assm] Ok, don't think this would take more than 2 days and you have a proper
+ 260252 [coldredlemur] I have a javascript class, Ajax.Pull, which, I believe, does exactly

^ Class methods and modules
259320 [cardosojp ne] I wan't to design a Module that defines some methods that I wan't as
259328 [tim.pease gm] module MyModule
259336 [cardosojp ne] I found another way.
259338 [apeiros gmx.] Extend includes the methods in the singleton class. E.g.

^ [QUIZ] Maximum Sub-Array (#131)
259323 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 259331 [matt.e.greer] Just to confirm the problem. Wouldn't the maximum sub array be
| 259332 [matt.e.greer] Duh. Nevermind :) Maximum sub *array*. I get it. Carry on. Don't mind me...
| 259348 [dchelimsky g] [1,2,3,-7,6]
| + 259352 [dchelimsky g] [1,2,3,-6,6]
| | 259355 [kyleaschmitt] Am I missing something, or is this one of the easiest quizzes that's
| | + 259360 [aurelianocal] Well, you're missing the fizzfuzz quiz.
| | | 259367 [kyleaschmitt] Humm.  OK well fizbuzz could be done as a one liner.....
| | | 259374 [showaltb gma] I've golfed mine down to a 108-char method body for an exhaustive search...
| | + 259365 [james graypr] It's a pretty easy problem.  I almost rejected it for that reason.
| | + 259410 [sam powersou] Well, you could put a maximum time complexity constraint on it and the
| |   259415 [robert.dober] Thank you I felt completely stupid in desperately searching for a
| + 259362 [james graypr] I think either selection would be acceptable.  I would probably favor
|   259383 [kazaam oleco] could someone explain this please? I really don't understand this quiz?
|   + 259386 [matt.e.greer] A sub-array is a contiguous list within the overall array.
|   | 259392 [ari aribrown] Being a nub at life, liberty, and ruby, what is the best way to
|   | + 259393 [james graypr] Let's have this discussion after the no-spoiler period, please.
|   | + 259395 [m_goldberg a] An exhaustive search would have execution time on the order of N**2,
|   + 259394 [kbloom gmail] Because the subarrays in the quiz problem must be contiguous.
+ 259660 [list.push gm] # Here is my solution.
+ 259661 [kbloom gmail] =-=-=-=-=
+ 259663 [smurf daimi.] *# The algorithm for max_subarray is a slightly adapted version of
+ 259672 [alexandru gl] Here's my solution. It has no other merits than showing me
+ 259673 [list.push gm] # Here is my matrix solution.
+ 259676 [m_goldberg a] My solution to Quiz 131. It does a straight-forward O(N**2) search. I
| 259697 [sam powersou] Doesn't this basically make it order n cubed?
| 259840 [m_goldberg a] Yes, the inject introduces another factor of N. I missed that.
+ 259679 [caduceass gm] Just like many others, I went for brute force with some readability.
+ 259725 [justin.ethie] No extra credit on this one, but my solution handles a regular list of
+ 259797 [matthew.moss] I see I was not the only one to borrow inspiration from Programming
| 260285 [matthew.moss] Just a note on my "solution" I sent in earlier... Well, it's not
| 260288 [james graypr] Next week's quiz:  debug Matthew's solution.  ;)
| 260486 [matthew.moss] Eh.... I got some better quizzes in mind than debugging my lousy
| 260488 [james graypr] I always enjoy your quizzes Matthew.  Looking forward to it.
+ 259887 [Rob AgileCon] This was a nice diversion on Friday morning at the start of my kids'
+ 260365 [list.push gm] # This is roughly the same matrix solution I posted before.

^ Class variable
259325 [pshussain gm] Hai
259347 [warlickt ope] I don't understand your question -- What do you mean by "Rails view"?
259416 [gethemant gm] Technically nothing prevents you from using a class variable in rails

^ Problem with example from pickax book
259333 [funkytwig gm] Working through the Pickax Ruby programing book and cant get the
+ 259339 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ben,
| 259343 [funkytwig gm] Its actually supposed to be a class method, but ive spotted the error.
+ 259342 [florgro gmai] Songlist needs to be SongList. Or just change it to "self". :)

^ Hello!
259334 [chenhui0594 ] Would you like to buy shoes and t-shirt?we update our website,now click

^ SOAP::RPC::Driver timeout
259335 [dcrissman pe] I want to be able to control the timeout length on the
259487 [nakahiro sar] The 2nd and 3rd options only works when you've installed http-access2.
260052 [dcrissman pe] Is there anyway to set the "receive_timeout" without http-access2
260151 [nakahiro sar] I was wrong.  soap4r + net/http should handle receive_timeout option as
260297 [dcrissman pe] Let me rephrase my question from above, is there anyway to set the

^ More general multidimensional minimization in Rb-GSL ?
259344 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
259498 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not familiar with the minimization algorithms in GSL, but if you

^ Re: Maximum Sub-Array (#131)
259346 [novakps gmai] Nice quiz.  One question.
259361 [james graypr] Let's say we are looking for a non-empty subarray.

^ Couple of questions from a new user.
259350 [funkytwig gm] simple scripting (type of thing you used to do in perl).
259356 [gregory.t.br] Initialize does not override new, it is invoked by new().

^ issue with rake and model names that conflict with FileUtil methods
259358 [jack.dempsey] I don't believe this has been discussed here, and its something I've run
259442 [gethemant gm] This is classic case of open source ball game. Its a clear case of

^ Watir weirdness
259359 [kyleaschmitt] I'm using watir- on windows XP with IE7 for a number of

^ Strange Segfault
259387 [damnbigman g] I have an interesting problem.  I have a script that I wish to use to check
259401 [djberg96 gma] What version of Windows are you on? Is there a backtrace you could
259414 [damnbigman g] "Hey brother christian with your high and mighty errand, Your actions speak
259421 [damnbigman g] Okay for reasons I'm not sure of right now and don't have time to
259430 [djberg96 gma] For some reason my last post never made it...
259434 [damnbigman g] Thanks for the info I wouldn't have caught it otherwise as it actually gives
259989 [damnbigman g] Daniel,
260025 [djberg96 gma] That's because MS insists on moving its documentation every 6 months
260084 [damnbigman g] Thanks Dan,