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^ Time Test::Unit Question
257901 [frioux gmail] I am trying to do a Test that has to do with the date of something
257927 [dzwell gmail] I would use a set of predefined "random" dates for tests. The reasoning
258013 [frioux gmail] Well the problem is that they will all fail eventually.  This is the
258252 [drbrain segm] You should test just the SQL statement, not its results.  Let
258277 [jamesmead44 ] You could try using Mocha (http://mocha.rubyforge.org)...
258289 [frioux gmail] I dig that idea, but I get the current time in the actual DB code.  I am
+ 258291 [jamesmead44 ] Do you need to get the current time in SQL? Can you not move the logic
+ 258292 [aurelianocal] Why don't you calculate the dates in the tests using Time.now as a

^ RubyOSA for QuickTime
257905 [rubyforum we] How do I access the properties of a QuickTime movie? I'm trying RubyOSA,
257908 [laurent.sans] Why not trying to access the QTKit framework from Ruby via RubyCocoa?
257919 [rubyforum we] Didn't know I could, and even if I had I didn't know what do to with it.
257941 [laurent.sans] Yes, it's a real bridge between the Objective-C and the Ruby runtimes.
+ 257977 [dangerwillro] There is also an AppleScript gem.
+ 257994 [rubyforum we] I'll be back later.
  258115 [rubyforum we] Still have problem with RubyOSA

^ Using a block to surround a string?
257911 [afraid spam.] I'm trying something very simple, like passing a method a string, and
+ 257912 [sonoflilit g] Read in the pickaxe about passing a hash of parameters to a method
+ 257913 [gregory.t.br] SonOfLilit makes the best suggestion, you can just use a hash as your
| 257915 [matt.e.greer] Is the &block parameter necessary? When is it necessary?
| + 257917 [dblack wobbl] Only if you need to capture the block in an object.
| + 257918 [gregory.t.br] You should not use &block and yield together.  Use one or the other.
| | 257920 [gregory.t.br] small correction...
| + 257922 [seebs seebs.] Right.
|   257983 [m-ruby-forum] I've learned plenty from all your responses, and based on your input I'm
+ 257914 [dblack wobbl] The way a code block works, basically, is that it hangs off the right
+ 257916 [pete notahat] around_string('mystring') { ['before', 'after'] }
  257921 [list.rb gmai] def around_string(string)

^ Marshalling a Time loses zone info
257925 [bsimmers cmu] I was dealing with a weird problem today that I eventually traced back

^ block params scoping  (was ruby-talk 257917: RE: Using a block to surround a string?)
257928 [botp delmont] # Method definitions always have their own local scope, so a, b, and
257959 [gregory.t.br] a = 1
257962 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 257966 [gregory.t.br] I'm in favor of the new behaviour, but am not sure about the warning.
| 257968 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 257971 [gregory.t.br] Well by saying that (and I think you're right), aren't you arguing in
| 257976 [dblack wobbl] My preference would be for it to stay as it now is (assignment
| 257978 [gregory.t.br] Can you show an example of where it might be useful?  I was under the
| 257981 [dblack wobbl] I thought you might ask that :-)  I can't think of anything brilliant
+ 257980 [robert.dober] No three, I guess I have very, very timidely said so, one day, I

^ Port ruby to z/OS UNIX
257929 [hellorubyrai] I am trying to port ruby to z/OS UNIX. I resolved obvious EBCDIC to
+ 257996 [znmeb cesmai] What is "z/OS UNIX"? Is it like Linux? Is it like AIX? My recollection
| 258206 [onebitcipher] z/OS is a 64-bit OS that runs on IBM mainframes.  z/OS "UNIX" runs on top of
| 258214 [znmeb cesmai] It's been many decades since I had anything to do with IBM mainframes.
+ 269124 [keefe mac.co] Greetings,

^ Isn't hash default value behavior just a little bizarre???
257930 [ff onebeat.c] => {}
+ 257931 [botp delmont] # Hash's default value object, not a copy of it.  So if you modify that,
+ 258027 [logancapaldo] Copying is an interesting thing. For many objects there is a sane, obvious

^ mouse block and key pressed simulation?
257932 [mihai.bulhac] How can i block and release the mouse and keyboard and how can a
+ 257970 [dangerwillro] Depends ..
| 258039 [mihai.bulhac] depends of what?
| + 258045 [alex blackke] Ok, so now we know it's not a web app.  Which platform are you
| + 258055 [dan.stevens.] This to me sounds like you're trying to achieve keyboard and mouse
|   258070 [dangerwillro] That's what I mean by depends... it depends greatly on the
+ 258046 [alin.popa gm] This may be a GUI toolkit specific issue.

^ Re: Isn't hash default value behavior just a little bizarre?
257933 [ff onebeat.c] You're right.  Somehow I missed that in the documentation.... did RTFM,
+ 257935 [botp delmont] # Still, I do find it pretty surprising.  I got stung when I
+ 257937 [alex blackke] Apologies if you've already come across this, but I think the correct
| 257939 [ff onebeat.c] Sweet.  Now that looks very Ruby'ish!  Thanks.
+ 257948 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  257992 [ff onebeat.c] I was thinking of it as initialization of the value of the item
  258069 [ff onebeat.c] Current behavior does (of course) make sense, and my confusion was due

^ WIN32OLE_EVENT causes cpu running 100%
257934 [mdi meta-1.c] I have some code do catch some events from MS Outlook.

^ Is thread dead?
257936 [m.tyman inte] def executeAgent()

^ Ruby case statement
257940 [tobyclemson ] I've read through some of the other case statement posts but can't
+ 257942 [shortcutter ] Why don't you just try it out?
| 257946 [tobyclemson ] Sorry type was misleading - the variable could be anything, I'm not
| 258136 [rubylearner ] when 1:   puts "1"
| 258164 [list.rb gmai] I agree. --Not so sure a case statement makes sense here. Tell us what you
| 258179 [tobyclemson ] Basically I had a situation where dependent on the formatting of a
| 258181 [shortcutter ] I do not know how complex your operations are. From what you write I
| 258259 [dangerwillro] you mean you want it to fall through like in C?
| 258403 [shortcutter ] Apparently my newsgroup reply has not made it to the mailing list
| 258799 [tobyclemson ] Well it was actually quite a small one off script but it led me to
| 258852 [dangerwillro] Nope. That's why I asked.
+ 257943 [phillipsds y] i=1
  257947 [tobyclemson ] Thanks, that's neater than the ways of doing it that I have found

^ lo_export problem
257944 [andreacamp h] i'm trying to store a picture from the DB to the filesystem.
257972 [dangerwillro] Check out the IO and File libraries.

^ CGI with DBI error - cant use both at the same time
257945 [galecho gmai] I'm using Ruby's CGI to handle some forms, and the form input is to be
+ 258117 [galecho gmai] Any idea how to fix this, folks ?
+ 258154 [dangerwillro] move the cgi out statement below the require cgi statement

^ [ANN] http-access/2.0.9
257950 [nakahiro sar] http-access/2.0.9 is out.  It's purely a bugfix version that fixes 1

^ Verify if a class exists
257951 [burnt99 hotm] is there a way to check, if a class exists? I create classes dynamically
257952 [toalett gmai] def class_exists?(name)
257954 [djbearhand g] first of all, thanks for your help, Simen. I think, I even found a
257957 [toalett gmai] There is a const_defined? method? Ah, I see it's been some time since

^ Choice of the word "inject" vs what the method actually does (method naming)
257953 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 257958 [matz ruby-la] It a method name used in Smalltalk.  Probably the primary intention
| 258116 [WayneESeguin] Thank you very much! You did answer my question of where it comes
+ 257960 [toalett gmai] You've already been given an answer as to why it's named as it is, but
+ 258749 [erlercw gmai] The general idea is that you have an unfinished result.  You inject
  258985 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;

^ simple question on rbgsl vectors
257955 [ba208 exeter] I'm trying to do a simple thing : access elements of a vector
257961 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Baptiste,
258249 [ba208 exeter] charset=ISO-8859-1;
258254 [gavin.kistne] I've never used GSL, but it looks like it relies on NArray.
+ 258258 [ba208 exeter] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 258280 [ba208 exeter] charset=ISO-8859-1;

^ Re: Choice of the word
257964 [gareth.adams] The best I could ever come up with is that the function is `injected` between
258470 [gwtmp01 mac.] Yes.  For me, this rationale becomes clear when you see that
258471 [wayneeseguin] charset=US-ASCII;

^ eclipse & subversion
257967 [david vizion] I  am using eclipse as an IDE and am setting up a subversion server.
+ 257982 [mirouhh goog] just one question: could you make a detailed selection of what should
+ 257984 [gregory.t.br] to use [OT] in your subject to indicate the thread is not about ruby.
  258047 [david vizion] This is not OT!!
  + 258058 [gregory.t.br] Okay, then where is the Ruby?
  + 258066 [logancapaldo] It is in my opinion off topic. Ruby is only very tangentially related to
    258078 [robert.dober] I strongly disagree with Gregory's and Logan's POV.
    258079 [gregory.t.br] Actually, I have no issue at all with David.  I thought that my
    + 258082 [robert.dober] Good point, but was not clear at all to me.
    + 258087 [david vizion] I agree
      258088 [gregory.t.br] Yeah, you're right.  I really wasn't trying to be inflammatory, and

^ WSS4R 0.4
257969 [roland.schmi] just released WSS4R 0.4

^ c14n-r 1.0
257973 [roland.schmi] some days ago c14n-r was released.
257979 [dangerwillro] Please put [ANN] in the subject, it is short for Announcement, and is

^ Best way to start a ruby program.
257975 [rawn027 gmai] I was looking to start developing a ruby program, where would the
+ 257990 [caduceass gm] Depends on your personality, your goals, how best you learn, etc.
+ 258002 [rwoliver2 gm] I think it'd be better to start on the web, if that's the final target of
  258043 [michel.belle] Go on Rails, do it live, straight to the target is the ruby way.

^ Using eval() to create a Regexp object from a string
257986 [m-ruby-forum] def eval_to_regexp(o)
+ 257987 [sepp2k googl] I'm sorry, but why don't you just do regexp=Regexp.new(your_string) ?
| 257989 [m-ruby-forum] Because I didn't thought about that and I'm a complete newb regarding
+ 257988 [dblack wobbl] e = Regexp.new("^#{some_function}")
+ 257993 [james graypr] I see you already have your answer, but another thing you may want to

^ I ask everybody to click it.:::::  THX
257991 [sasa freemai] Helps much with this for me and for the Hungarian society.
258091 [swistak mail] if somoene doesn;t know already it's a stupid online game in which you get

^ Destroy object from memory.. Object.const_destroy?
257998 [beingthexemp] Hey all,
258067 [matz ruby-la] I am not sure what you mean here.  You don't instantiate anything
258068 [beingthexemp] Thanks,
258072 [james graypr] Are you talking about the way Rails reloads classes in development
258074 [beingthexemp] That's another good solution. Thanks.

^ [ANN] rubinius 0.7 (Ruby VM)
257999 [ruby-ml kitt] We are very proud to release rubinius 0.7!

^ [ANN] flatulent-0.0.2 - ajax gets stinky
258003 [ara.t.howard] NAME
+ 258007 [list.rb gmai] very nice! Thanks Ara
| 258009 [ara.t.howard] with brian's help it may be useful yet!
+ 258015 [cdcarter gma] Ara, if you try to answer in caps (as it is presented) it will fail,
  + 258017 [dangerwillro] case sensitive would be sweet!
  | 258024 [ara.t.howard] you think?  better than insensitive?  it's easy to do of course...
  | 258026 [botp delmont] # > case sensitive would be sweet!
  | 258029 [ara.t.howard] done!
  | 258031 [list.rb gmai] There's probably a reason why this isn't used, but, I couldn't help but ask=
  | + 258036 [dangerwillro] these kinds of questions are  a little to simple and logical. It
  | + 258037 [caduceass gm] Okay (says I rubbing hands gleefully :).  I'm nitpicking and with all
  + 258023 [ara.t.howard] a bug!

^ How to find at which line characters appear
258004 [desertfox ho] I have a file that includes a "---------" string at a certain line
+ 258008 [bsimmers cmu] f = File.open('filename')
+ 258010 [apeiros gmx.] 1) as you said, split and find what index in the array contains the line
+ 258011 [apeiros gmx.] Then of course I'd do it just as Brett already said: read until you get
  258025 [desertfox ho] Thanks for guys' advice.  I also came up with another way to get the

^ Re: rescue and continue on next statement ?
258005 [jmrepetti gm] ["telefono","escritorio","sillones","sillas","sillones","cajas","modulares","archivos"].each

^ Gremlins -- Ruby interpreter suggestion
258019 [dangerwillro] I would like to make a suggestion for the Ruby interpreter to not
258020 [matz ruby-la] Can you elaborate?  Preferably with input that cause errors, and with
258034 [dangerwillro] When it occurs again, I will post it. I can't seem to re-create it

^ Bug in CGI::unescapeHTML?
258028 [esad.talks e] I think there's a bug in CGI::unescapeHTML. Or am I doing something wrong?
258090 [matz ruby-la] Not a bug, unfortunately.  Since your client sent a binary sequence
258109 [pbattley gma] If I understand HTML correctly, it is pretty much a bug, although it'sperhaps more of a reflection of Ruby's limited encoding support (whichhas already been well discussed on this list!).
258219 [lionel-subsc] I tend to agree. I just fixed a bug in one of my apps where I blindly

^ bug in CGI::unescapeHTML?
258030 [esad.talks e] I think there's a bug in CGI::unescapeHTML. Or am I doing something wrong?

^ Chat server telnet client problem
258032 [dgirdhar arc] I copied chat server code from one or Ruby site.

^ Dylib or Bundle on OS X?
258033 [shane techie] application. (I know, join the club, right?) My query to (and helpful

^ [ANN] BrainBuster 0.7 released - Logic Captcha for Rails
258035 [rsanheim gma] BrainBuster is a logic captcha plugin for Ruby on Rails.  The 0.7

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 5.1.0
258038 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and

^ [ANN] flatulent-0.0.3
258040 [ara.t.howard] (the demo has been updated too)
258053 [phurley gmai] I can only guess 1 in 5 of the "images" -- that is one way to cut down
+ 258056 [james graypr] Yikes!
+ 258057 [lionel-subsc] I can confirm there are sometimes problems with the output (on Firefox
+ 258075 [ara.t.howard] yeah - it's a redering bug but i can't figure our what causes it -

^ Unable to open Internet Explorer instance
258048 [vani.v.kulka] I am trying to open an instance of Internet Explorer using the following

^ Subprocess or Thread
258049 [mdi meta-1.c] charset="us-ascii"
+ 263938 [ruby-forum m] Perhaps use BackgrounDRb. http://backgroundrb.rubyforge.org/ Note that
+ 263947 [shortcutter ] Can you show some code or give more detailed explanation what "watch

^ AW: Unable to open Internet Explorer instance
258050 [mdi meta-1.c] Ciao ciao

^ [ANN] rutema 0.4 Released
258051 [damphyr free] rutema version 0.4 has been released!

^ [SUMMARY] LSRC Name Picker (#129)
258052 [james graypr] Everyone who had my name in their example prize list deserves extra credit.  I
258064 [damphyr free] Apart from being such a fun solution and being picked by you James I

^ File.unlink(nonwestern_filename) ---> Error on Windows
258054 [johan556 gma] I use Ruby on Windows, and tried to remove all files in a directory
258065 [dangerwillro] First make sure you set the KCODE
258089 [johan556 gma] $ ruby -Ke rm-files.rb
+ 258093 [logancapaldo] to save the day. http://rubyforge.org/projects/win32utils/
+ 258158 [dangerwillro] Translation from utf-16 and utf-8 shouldn't be a problem.
+ 258213 [pbattley gma] I haven't used Windows for a long while, but unless something has

^ unintended consequence: string.sort
258059 [martindemell] irb(main):001:0> "hello world".sort
258060 [dblack wobbl] => ["hello\n", "world"]
+ 258061 [andrea.forli] This may help U?
+ 258062 [logancapaldo] Just to continue, String#to_a  != [string] either.
+ 258073 [martindemell] Huh - I thought I tried that and it didn't work. Would still be nicer

^ Re: eclipse & subversion [SOLVED]
258076 [david vizion] Sorry I do not agree - and I feel you guys are wasting  your own energy in
258077 [gregory.t.br] Or you could also use the very active Aptana forums, where you're most
258085 [david vizion] Thank you -- it is good to see a positive contribution from you
258086 [gregory.t.br] Yeah, I've had a few[0], actually.  Logan[1], too.

^ Eclipse & Ruby & refactoring.
258080 [kyleaschmitt] Nope, not about subversion, so nobody get all upset.
258092 [logancapaldo] Never used it but: http://r2.ifs.hsr.ch/trac

^ Bug in Webrick::CampingHandler (typo in the code)
258081 [damphyr free] OK, I can't seem to get ticket creation priviliges in the Trac for
258083 [gregory.t.br] I can't remember if it takes some time to process, but then you can

^ already initialized constant OPTIONS help please!
258084 [double_helix] => Booting WEBrick...
258095 [logancapaldo] /lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:249:in
258100 [dan.e.morton] I really wish the problem was this easy. I do have that plugin and path
258113 [logancapaldo] I would suggest maybe taking this to the rails list. Looks like it is some
258261 [dangerwillro] Unfortunately, you might want to find a different Rails forum/list

^ CONST initialization...
258097 [theopensourc] How come this works when I access Orders::PAYMENT_TYPES
258103 [Rob AgileCon] I think you've answered your own question, but you might not
258110 [theopensourc] Doh..