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^ chi-square table
257671 [chen_li3 yah] I need to build a chi-square table with 100 degree of freedom at
257674 [gdprasad gma] Prasad
257678 [xcampanoli g] The only sustainable organizing methods focus not on scale,
257685 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Li,
257691 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much for the link. Currently I am more interested in
257713 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Li,

^ [ANN] MasterView 0.3.3 Rails-optimized (x)html template engine
257700 [jeff.barczew] = MasterView - Rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine

^ Variable argument number and behaviour [Newbie]
257718 [rrallan gmai] I'm trying to make a function take arguments in a particular way.
257719 [stefano.croc] I can't think of any other way to make a method take any number of arguments,

^ Re: Variable argument number and behaviour
257720 [rrallan gmai] Thank you Stefano.
257721 [dblack wobbl] Yes, because nil is an object.
257722 [rrallan gmai] Thank you David. That makes much more sense now.

^ DBF question
257728 [coolwong85 y] I wan to built the DBF file format. How can i start to do???
257738 [d_rems yahoo] by

^ Nested Mixin Problem(?)
257729 [vascoas gmai] could someone check and comment if this is something that i don't
+ 257743 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Vasco,
| 257774 [vascoas gmai] No. I wanted to use mixins for more than 'one level', as Alex Gutteridge
+ 257745 [alexg kuicr.] I think you've found an interesting edge case for modules and mixins.
  257747 [robert.dober] That is definitely not me, but there was a very interesting thread by

^ How to import text file and split it up by lines
257730 [desertfox ho] Im attempting to analyze a text file, but having trouble splitting it up
257731 [vascoas gmai] you forgot to 'read' file.
+ 257739 [robert.dober] There is a convenient shortcut
+ 257742 [desertfox ho] Thanks man!

^ Console Application Keyboard event catch
257734 [marble.zhong] charset="us-ascii"
257798 [jan.svitok g] 1. TAB is character #9, Ctrl+A is (IIRC) 0, Ctrl+B 1, etc. If you want
257821 [marble.zhong] Thanks Jano,
257909 [jan.svitok g] require 'Win32API'

^ Problems With DirectSound & DL
257735 [likelink jet] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

^ support for ruby 1.9
257736 [dan-ml dan42] Is there some kind of package out there that would allow me to develop
257737 [gregory.t.br] Austin Ziegler and I were talking a while ago about how it'd be cool
257779 [sonoflilit g] 1.9 doesn't sound API-stable enough to start thinking about it yet, IMHO.
257782 [gregory.t.br] It is scheduled to be released in December.  It will need to slow down

^ Testing for warnings
257741 [alexg kuicr.] Is there a way of asserting that a warning is raised in a unit test?
257797 [jan.svitok g] You may try to write that yourself by replacing Kernel#warn, though
257810 [alexg kuicr.] I specifically need to check for warnings from C code so replacing
257811 [gregory.t.br] Possibly make use of Mocha or another mocking framework?

^ soap4r problem
257744 [swistak mail] I generated 3 files from wsdl using ruby4r now when i try to run it, i get

^ Invoke remote Application
257751 [dgirdhar arc] If I have access to any other machine then can I invoke any other Ruby

^ I've um... broken Ruby
257752 [phillipsds y] I've run amuck Sunday afternoon trying to install fxRuby and fox
257778 [dangerwillro] Uh, yeah, 1st of all... don't use more than one package manager on a
257801 [phillipsds y] Thanks John,
+ 257802 [TimHunter nc] Finder won't show you these directories, afaik. Start Terminal.app and
| 257803 [raasdnil gma] On the topic of Finder, you can get to any directory you want by
| 257807 [TimHunter nc] Interesting. Thanks. I guess I'm just a command-line kinda guy, though.
| 257809 [raasdnil gma] Oh, so true... but the GUI is really handy when you want to just
| + 257812 [TimHunter nc] Agreed. I think what we're both saying is that the more tools you have
| + 257813 [gregory.t.br] When you respond without quoting context and top post, it makes it
+ 257804 [dangerwillro] Oh yeah, you've got a lot to get up to speed on. Buy the tiger book,
  257829 [phillipsds y] I've found the Tiger book in the local technical bookshop (insert
  257842 [dangerwillro] No worries, it probably won't be long before you're answering my

^ Application like Windows Services
257753 [dgirdhar arc] I want to make a application which works like Windows Services.
+ 257756 [jan.svitok g] have a look at mongrel_service.
+ 257903 [phurley gmai] gem install win32-service

^ Curious termination on connecting via SSL
257755 [joe 27stars.] Firstly, just wanted to say the documentation on here is great, its

^ why 1.hour doesn't work?
257757 [summercoolne] so if it is in Ruby on Rails, then 1.hour   and  1.hour.from_now  both
+ 257758 [dblack wobbl] Because they're defined in a Rails library, not in the Ruby language.
+ 257759 [pcdavid gmai] They're not part of the core language or even the standard library,
  257799 [kenneth.kin.] both are needed huh?  is there a way just to include one module?  (such
  257800 [TimHunter nc] Typically you do something external to Ruby to ensure that rubygems is
  257839 [jameskilton ] This is why I always stress that people should learn Ruby first before

^ How to timeout a system call
257760 [jordi_planes] I would like to stop a system call after a timeout, but doing so with
257836 [jordi_planes] I finally come up with my own timeout, using Process instead of Thread.
259345 [jordi_planes] Good job Jonathan!

^ Re: Plug-in org.rubypeople.rdt.debug.ui was unable to load c
257763 [stephen.ande] I'm getting the same error.  Does anyone here know how to resolve this?

^ ruby odbc
257764 [uwe kubosch.] I am trying to use ActiveRecord migrations from Linux on an MS SQL
257949 [galecho gmai] Did you install Ruby ODBC and Ruby DBI ODBC driver after testing on tsql
257985 [uwe kubosch.] Thank you for answering.

^ Check ARGV for option (what parser to use?)
257766 [boris.callen] Dear mailinglist,
257771 [ari aribrown] I user CommandLine::OptionParser (gem), but there is also optparse.

^ ruby odbc
257767 [uwe kubosch.] I am trying to use ActiveRecord migrations from Linux on an MS SQL

^ getting rid of $0
257784 [michel demaz] The common idiom
+ 257785 [tim.pease gm] require 'English'
| 257786 [alex blackke] Does that solve the problem?  Isn't that vulnerable to the same issues
| + 257787 [tim.pease gm] You're correct! That does not solve the problem. :/
| + 257794 [ryand-ruby z] Solve what problem? The code is doing what you asked it to do, that
+ 257796 [jan.svitok g] rcov provides for this case a special switch --replace-progname that
  257824 [ara.t.howard] $0 = 'foobar'

^ [suggestion] before_call, after_call, assert, ... why not ?
257789 [dohzya gmail] I will try to explain myself by an example.

^ Rake::Filelist  and symbolic links
257790 [d-mcclean ti] I am using the Rake::FileList class as part of a DSL to allow users to

^ associating an array to multiple text fields in a form
257791 [robertlaferl] I have a model that has the following classes: ShoppingList, Item and Product.
257926 [robertlaferl] I meant to post this to the Rails mailing list not this one.  Sorry.

^ String usage
257792 [maung atc-on] I have a question about string usage. I assign @test_string class
257793 [maung atc-on] never mind, I figured that out because I was using it as class variable

^ How to check for where a text file begins?
257805 [desertfox ho] Im working with some imported text files and I need check where the
+ 257808 [raasdnil gma] def find_first_two_lines(text)
+ 257850 [shortcutter ] What exactly do you want to do with them?  If you have your file

^ Absolutely lost with URI/Net/HTTP
257814 [Guest bugmen] is it possible to download a file with a PHP hidden URL?
257815 [gregory.t.br] require "open-uri"
257816 [gregory.t.br] whoops, that should be open("http://...").read

^ (none)
257817 [ara.t.howard] NAME

^ [ANN] flatulent-0.0.1 ascii captcha for the masses
257818 [ara.t.howard] NAME
257822 [sonoflilit g] There's no use in the "noise" unless it's made of the same ascii
257823 [ara.t.howard] the new version uses that and blowfish encoded key
+ 257843 [dangerwillro] Beautiful! another way to do human validation on user entries online!!!
| 257854 [B.Candler po] Hmm, maybe I'm missing the point, but aren't these really easy for bots to
| + 257866 [ara.t.howard] that noise was just an example - the built-in noise is now based on
| | + 257868 [perrin apoth] Is that supposed to be readable?
| | | 257869 [ara.t.howard] charset=US-ASCII;
| | + 257872 [james graypr] We will be nice and not ask how you came by this statistic, Ara.  ;)
| |   257876 [ara.t.howard] lol!
| + 257997 [B.Candler po] It looks pretty easy to me. You'll conveniently put all the noise characters
|   258006 [ara.t.howard] the latest version addresses all these issues and more.  check out
|   + 258012 [sam powersou] From when does it start counting?  If I've read a blog post and then
|   | + 258014 [dangerwillro] you should do like blogger (blogspot) and others, allow writing and
|   | | + 258022 [ara.t.howard] all good ideas - for now i'm just trying to get something working.
|   | | + 258042 [perrin apoth] Avoid reliance on cookies.  For one thing, cookies can be forged.  For
|   | + 258021 [ara.t.howard] from when the response it served.  a timebomb is encoded in the form
|   + 258041 [perrin apoth] I'd be worried about the JavaScript and CSS requirements.  In fact, I
|   | 258063 [znmeb cesmai] I was once a proud member of the "This Web Site Best Viewed With Lynx"
|   | 258096 [perrin apoth] I don't think any website I've put together in the last six or seven
|   + 258044 [alex blackke] Only naive ones...  The brute force attack that still works is a
|     258071 [ara.t.howard] yes.  although flatulent does works without sessions, it's about
+ 257855 [sonoflilit g] With so little grid cells and so little possible  transformations,
  257867 [ara.t.howard] exactly which 'grid' are you referring to?  there is no grid and
  257873 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ "rubyscript2exe", cannot put picture in the project???
257820 [coolwong85 y] when i create a .exe file from ruby, the "rubyscript2exe" will occur
279613 [l3litzer hot] I have the same problem somebody know how to add picture please :(
279615 [janek php4yo] what's the problem? Do you make your script directory to an executable
279688 [l3litzer hot] I can't do it, I use
+ 279698 [jari.william] Why do you use $ in front of a local variable? AFAIK, that's reserved
| + 279717 [l3litzer hot] I still struggle with it :'(
| + 279808 [devi.webmast] On Nov 19, 2007 3:36 AM, Jari Williamsson
+ 279733 [erikveen gma] Which command do you use to "compile" the application?
  279757 [l3litzer hot] I install rubyscript2exe.gem
  + 279758 [janek php4yo] Try to use "rubyscript2exe directorywithcalculator.rb/" instead.
  + 279760 [erikveen gma] Compiling a script, just, uh, compiles your script. It doesn't
    279767 [l3litzer hot] finally I can make .exe with picture!

^ LSRC Name Picker
257825 [ari aribrown] Hey all.
+ 257826 [alexg kuicr.] snip
+ 257838 [james graypr] It's Ruby's way of telling you that your code doesn't make sense.
  257840 [ari aribrown] @names = open('.names.txt', 'w+')
  257841 [james graypr] This is fine and in that case you don't need the block at all.  You

^ running a huge site
257830 [maildelivery] We are running apache with eruby to server .rhtml files. Every apache
+ 257831 [jan.svitok g] - FGCI will help you with the overhead of starting interpreter each
| 257832 [florian.assm] I'm using a mongrel_cluster behind an apache load balancer which works
+ 257995 [craigbeck lu] From what I've seen concerning performance issues, Apache proxying
| 258000 [rwoliver2 gm] Apache / Mongrel (or Pound / Mongrel) work much better than Lighttpd /
+ 258001 [garbagecat10] You don't say anything about the style of your application itself. Is it the
  258016 [maildelivery] started using ruby in 2000 when rails was not an option. Since then a
  258018 [dangerwillro] Hey Zoltan, don't worry much longer,
  259274 [maildelivery] My view is that what is happening here is exactly the opposite. Unicode
  260871 [l.g.chin gma] If you're going to develop mobile applications for the Japanese market
  261638 [maildelivery] Thank you! This is really great.
  261773 [khaines enig] Of course, it depends on the hardware, too, but here's some additional

^ Thread
257833 [m.tyman inte] def someFunction()
+ 257834 [railsgeek gm] It should be that the someFunction its waiting for I/O... take a look at
+ 257835 [shortcutter ] It probably just means that the thread is waiting for IO from the

^ Absolutely lost with URI/Net/HTTP (part II)
257837 [Guest bugmen] and I can't seem to register... so I'm in quite a predicament (if
257863 [aaron tender] Can't you subscribe to the mailing list?

^ Super return changed in 1.8.6
257845 [han.holl gma] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
257860 [gregory.t.br] It looks like perhaps the date library has changed in 1.8.6
257963 [han.holl gma] Indeed.
257965 [gregory.t.br] That sounds to me like someone used Date.new instead of self.new in

^ How do I add x months to a date
257847 [funkytwig gm] I have a date
+ 257856 [damnbigman g] You can't do it directly, date objects are immutable.
| 257857 [damnbigman g] And when I say string you could do better and use a hash or an array.
| 257859 [funkytwig gm] This all seems like a lot of messing around for what should be a
| 257862 [dan fluentra] Actually, you are totally right. The '>>' operator does what is
| 282516 [coder montx.] I couldn't find any info about this operator >> with dates.
| 282580 [rick.denatal] It's standard Ruby
+ 257858 [dan fluentra] I would do it like this, if I didn't mind loading some helpful
+ 282535 [lloyd 2live4] I have not tried this but I know of something in rails that sounds
  282550 [coder montx.] I wasn't aware of this, thanks !!!

^ mac addr determination
257849 [ara.t.howard] can someone run this on windows and let me know if it works?
+ 257851 [gregory.t.br] Candidates comes back empty. :-/
| 257853 [jan.svitok g] Did you join back the regexp line?
+ 257852 [jan.svitok g] works.
+ 257864 [robert.dober] Nope on Linux
| 257870 [ara.t.howard] huh.  does for me!?
| + 257871 [aledonne.lis] It seems to assume ifconfig is in the $PATH, which on many distros is
| | + 257880 [jeff.barczew] Yes, it is not in my user path for gentoo linux either. It is in my /sbin
| | | 257882 [ara.t.howard] latest version.  can everyone test on various platforms and report
| | | + 257883 [jeff.barczew] On windows I get ifconfig not found exception
| | | | 257888 [ara.t.howard] argh.  cut and paste error - one more time....
| | | + 257884 [aledonne.lis] stdout = IO.popen(cmd){|fd| fd.readlines}
| | | | 257887 [aledonne.lis] -A
| | | | 257890 [jeff.barczew] def mac_address
| | | + 257885 [tim.pease gm] # fix small typo
| | | + 257886 [tim.pease gm] $ ruby --version
| | | | 257891 [ara.t.howard] will this work on windoze?
| | | | + 257892 [jeff.barczew] yes, that's a winner.
| | | | | 257895 [jos catnook.] Fwiw, works on FreeBSD, too.
| | | | + 257893 [caduceass gm] This works fine on unmodified FreeBSD 6.2
| | | | + 257896 [ezmobius gma] This one works for me on OSX, Gentoo and windows.
| | | |   257900 [ara.t.howard] okay, here it is
| | | |   257902 [robert.dober] Hmm it would help to know what this is for, as Rob pointed out
| | | |   257904 [ara.t.howard] the current invocation is ok for my purposes: generating a key for
| | | + 257899 [robert.dober] Do you really want to keep A-Za-z ??? What about a-f.../oi ?
| | + 257889 [robert.dober] You are right  and it might be a point to note for the code in general.
| + 257874 [tim.pease gm] $ ruby --version
|   257879 [ara.t.howard] forgot about that!  check my open4 code to see the work around: an
+ 257865 [jeff.barczew] Works on windows xp!

^ private method clarification, please
257875 [tim.pease gm] Is this behavior expected?
257877 [gregory.t.br] Hmm... I can't decide is it's strange or not.  I always think of using
257878 [tim.pease gm] The only reason it seems strange is that you can use the self
257881 [bsimmers cmu] From what I understand, the difference between private and protected

^ Re: mac addr determination [current winner]
257894 [ara.t.howard] def mac_address
257898 [Rob AgileCon] Well, it works on Mac OS X 10.4.10 except that it tells me the mac of

^ Garbage Collection
257897 [bsimmers cmu] I know that the garbage collector will start when more memory is needed,
+ 257906 [jan.svitok g] interesting reading. Other than that, make sure you don't have left
+ 257907 [TimHunter nc] This article may help.
+ 257910 [vjoel path.b] What ruby version?
  257924 [bsimmers cmu] I think the server it's running on has 1.8.5.  Thanks to everyone for