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^ Rake::Application#run question
257474 [andrea.fazzi] Run the Rake application. The run method performs the following three
257538 [jpywtora cal] Here is a great explanation of what you want I think.   If not let us know.
257974 [andrea.fazzi] Thank you! This is exactly what I mean.

^ [ANN] test/spec 0.4, a BDD interface for Test::Unit
257483 [chneukirchen] today I'm releasing test/spec 0.4, a library to do BDD with Test::Unit.
257640 [james.herdma] Thank you very much.  I'm enjoying this : )

^ Hpricot question - how to modify a tag attribute
257490 [ciocan gmail] How can I modify a tag attribute using Hpricot ?
257493 [ruby anthrop] (doc/'img').each { |e| e['src'].sub!('imagexxx.jpg', 'imageyyy.jpg') }

^ Issue related to class initialization and irb
257495 [bulliver bad] My class is a library that allows users to read information/tags etc from Flac
+ 257496 [stefano.croc] => C: x2
+ 257497 [cmshea gmail] What you want to do is redefine the inspect method.
| 257499 [dan.stevens.] Does anyone know why the value returned by Object#object_id is
| + 257500 [bulliver bad] First off, thanks to Stefano, Chris, and Dan. inspect was what I was looking
| | 257502 [cmshea gmail] The hex value is double the object_id.  So in my example, redefining
| | 257533 [bulliver bad] Thanks again Chris.
| + 257501 [gavin refine] On Jun 29, 11:11 am, "Dan Stevens (IAmAI)"
+ 257498 [dan.stevens.] Try defining a method called 'inspect' instead of 'to_s'. I'll assume

^ Installing mySql GEM on Ubuntu?
257506 [   me me.com] I am running Linx Mint, a version of Ubuntu, and I installed Ruby
+ 257610 [jan.svitok g] apt-get install ruby-dev
+ 257634 [rwoliver2 gm] sudo apt-get install libmysql-ruby

^ Re: rocaml: Ruby extensions in Objective Caml
257507 [djberg96 gma] Why go half way? How about a Ruby interpreter implemented in OCaml?
257554 [rubyfan gmai] I've been thinking along similar lines.

^ Threads issue.
257510 [m.tyman inte] def my()
+ 257517 [lionel-subsc] myThread may not have stopped yet here. Strictly speaking, even
| 257521 [m.tyman inte] Lionel,
| 257522 [lionel-subsc] In the primary Thread I suppose?
| 257530 [m.tyman inte] Preaty good experience, isn't it? I know what is going on! :-)
+ 257559 [erikveen gma] Joining a stopped thread causes a deadlock.

^ Newbie: fastcsv:  Read rows, print rows
257511 [drubdrub gma] New to Ruby.  It probably shows.  Trying to accomplish some simple
257514 [james graypr] Welcome to Ruby!
257524 [drubdrub gma] Thanks for such a rapid, patient response!
257777 [stefan mahli] Just be aware about the fact that row is changed after row.each
260113 [drubdrub gma] Thanks for the warning!
260155 [james graypr] The single quote character is not part of the CSV specification, so

^ Ruby vs Java (this,self/main)
257520 [list.rb gmai] First, thank you for any help you can provide.
257606 [charles.nutt] I think the problem here is that the "self" you're passing doesn't
257630 [list.rb gmai] Awesome Charles.
257655 [charles.nutt] If PFSubscriber is an interface, the above syntax doesn't work in 1.0.
+ 257665 [list.rb gmai] java-jruby0.9.8
| 257705 [charles.nutt] Yes, I'd recommend upgrading. You don't want to be building apps on
+ 257666 [list.rb gmai] And yes, it's a public interface  :-)

^ Syntax sugar: method[](...) => method(...)
257523 [erwin.abbott] The [] method is really handy when you have an object that should
+ 257555 [matz ruby-la] It is quite difficult since
| 258474 [gwtmp01 mac.] I've wished for the functionality the OP suggested but I understand that
| 258520 [matz ruby-la] Why we need syntax sugar when we can just call
| + 258525 [nobu ruby-la] I'd tried it once but abandoned.  I don't think it impossible,
| + 258596 [florgro gmai] Or a really old one: http://oldrcrs.rubypal.com/rcr/show/157
| + 258663 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think that there is a significant semantic difference (to the
+ 257560 [transfire gm] def logins
+ 258501 [logancapaldo] class Module
| 258532 [erwin.abbott] Really cool stuff going on there, that was worth a thousand words. I
+ 258819 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> class Foo

^ Questions about clusterer 0.1.9 gem
257525 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,

^ Active Record not found
257527 [gray.bowman ] I'm new to ruby, so I may have this all wrong.  I'm trying to use
+ 257531 [gray.bowman ] `gem_original_require': no such file to load -- activerecord (LoadError)
| 257536 [jpywtora cal] replace activerecord with active_record
+ 257537 [frdrch web.d] activerecord != active_record  ;)
  257539 [gray.bowman ] require 'net/http'
  257543 [mick hollins] Do you happen to have the RUBYOPT environment variable set as follows?

^ Weird deadlock problems with Slave/drb
257535 [boneshaker33] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

^ Square brackets in URI
257541 [ruby lanpart] I was trying to handle some user entered URL/Is and came across the

^ Regular Expression question
257544 [desertfox ho] Im working with regular expressions and I cant quite understand how the
257545 [seebs seebs.] "-N" counts from the end, starting with -1.
+ 257546 [desertfox ho] Thanks.  An the .. in [1..-2] means "keep everything in between" ?
| 257547 [seebs seebs.] Right.
| 257548 [desertfox ho] Thank you very much.
+ 257557 [robert.dober] Maybe it would not hurt to add a little clarification, albeit the fact
  257558 [seebs seebs.] Oops, doh!

^ post_form not posting to full url
257553 [putterson gm] { "form_action" => "pet.do_fight", "mcid" => "9", "level" => "30",
257618 [jan.svitok g] def HTTP.post_form(url, params)

^ storing and manipulating columns of data
257564 [ba208 exeter] Being used to deal with Octave / Matlab, I'm a bit confused by Ruby
+ 257566 [alex blackke] arr = [[0,1],[2,3],[4,5]]
+ 257570 [TimHunter nc] You can use String#split to split each line into an array of 3 numbers.
+ 257571 [m_goldberg a] <code>
  257572 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Baptiste,
  257598 [ba208 exeter] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [ANN] http-access/2.0.8
257565 [nakahiro sar] http-access/2.0.8 is out.

^ is it bug? for
257573 [bkeh12 gmail] [root@home1 ~]# ruby -v
+ 257574 [matz ruby-la] No, it's not a bug.  In 1.9, Strings are no longer Enumerable based on
+ 257575 [mbj seonic.n] Implict to_a in Object is removed in 1.9 !?
+ 257576 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Chung Chung,
  257579 [lists bertra] Rubbish. It's
  + 257581 [AEtzold gmx.] So what's the difference between your output and mine,
  | 257583 [gregory.t.br] => ["a\n", "b\n", "c\n"]
  | 257584 [AEtzold gmx.] Ok, but do you know that that's what the OP wanted ?
  | 257585 [gregory.t.br] I can only assume so seeing as this is the behaviour of String#to_a in
  | 257586 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Gregory,
  | 257588 [gregory.t.br] I wasn't the one who said Rubbish, actually.  That was Bertram.
  | 257589 [AEtzold gmx.] I know and I'm not blaming you, of course ...
  | 257590 [gregory.t.br] I don't really understand what you're upset about then.  You asked if
  | 257593 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Gregory,
  | 257597 [gregory.t.br] It's also about content.   Introducing new behaviour for a removed
  + 257582 [gregory.t.br] alias_method :to_a, :lines

^ Lapack question - difficulties installing Linalg
257580 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
257603 [AEtzold gmx.] Actually, I was trying to get some speedup

^ Tk TopLevel window
257591 [jasonlfunk g] I have been searching for awhile but cannot find the answer to my
257732 [nagai ai.kyu] Please use TkWindow#set_grab/release_grab methods,

^ de-camelcase a filename
257601 [beingthexemp] how can a take a string file name like MyTestCase.rb and change it to
+ 257602 [swaroopch gm] irb(main):013:0> 'MyTestCase'.gsub(/[A-Z]/) {
| + 257605 [bsimmers cmu] camel_cased_word.to_s.gsub(/::/, '/').
| + 257615 [dangerwillro] Just be careful of any code that has dependencies on the camelCaps
| | 257619 [beingthexemp] Thanks everyone!
| + 257768 [ben kudria.n] class String
|   257773 [roseanne jav] "FooBarBaz".split(/(?=[A-Z])/).join('_').downcase
|   257781 [ezmobius gma] class String
|   265808 [djberg96 gma] Both of these solutions have a problem with back to back caps. For
|   + 265824 [robert.dober] I guess there can be no general solution, I would like
|   | 265828 [dblack rubyp] def underscore(camel_cased_word)
|   | 265840 [robert.dober] Sure that is quite clever, but it will e.g. fail on "AMACAddress"
|   + 266494 [overlord gmx] mfg,                   simon .... l
|   + 266511 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
+ 257795 [olsonas gmai] Possibly overkill, but you can use ActiveSupport, it has this

^ ANN: Sequel 0.1.7 Released
257607 [ciconia gmai] Sequel version 0.1.7 has just been released. This is mainly a bug fix

^ apt-get installs 1.8.5 on ubuntu 7.0.4
257609 [david.krmpot] How can I get 1.8.6 installed easily on ubuntu? apt-get installs 1.8.5
257611 [xcampanoli g] It appears Gutsy has 1.8.6.  It's the "under development" Ubuntu right
257616 [xcampanoli g] I also just added a bug in this regard.  If you are using something
257620 [david.krmpot] Hey.. thank you for responding.. I'm using Feisty on Workstation.. it's
257621 [xcampanoli g] Yes, it depends on how much energy you want to put into it.
+ 257637 [snacktime gm] The simplest long term solution is to not use ubuntu packages for
+ 257638 [david.krmpot] thank you for putting it into the list.. and yes - do let us know
  + 257646 [shevegen lin] "The simplest long term solution is to not use ubuntu packages for
  | 257651 [david.krmpot] great.. so I'll compile Ruby from now on.. thank you very much!
  | 257714 [ezmobius gma] Just wanted to pop in and say that ruby1.8.6 does not have a
  + 257669 [xcampanoli g] Yeah, it's bug #123315 on launchpad.net.  I hope you don't mind but I

^ embedded interpreter within an application exe?
257612 [aidy.lewis g] Is it possible to deploy on Windows exe including Ruby application
+ 257613 [jan.svitok g] try rubyscript2exe - http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/rubyscript2exe/index.html
+ 257614 [dangerwillro] Most definitely YES.

^ New File Icon
257622 [evil_grunger] The default file icon for ruby is a bit ugly. Compare it to Python's
+ 257623 [ben bleythin] Uh.
+ 257633 [rwoliver2 gm] If you're on Windows, I believe the icon comes from the One-Click Ruby
| 257661 [evil_grunger] Oh, I know that but that would only change it for me. I'd like to be
| 257682 [dangerwillro] You can't really. On OS X, for example, the icon reflects the
| 257695 [dangerwillro] If you get in touch with the admins, I'd be happy to design an icon
| 257769 [curt hibbs.c] Sure, I'd love to get some nice new icons! Please contact me off list
+ 257690 [sonoflilit g] Talk to the guy that maintains the One-click Ruby Installer.

^ installing Substruct
257624 [killthetuna2] Dear friends,
257643 [alex blackke] SVN (or, to give it its full name, Subversion) is a version management

^ Newbie Question (gets.chomp)
257626 [Guest bugmen] just hoping someone can shed some light on this.  If i were to prompt
257647 [AEtzold gmx.] this is due to different encodings used in the console and in the text

^ Test equality of each element in an array
257628 [rubyforum we] I want to see if any element of an array is equal to a file extension
+ 257629 [swaroopch gm] Why not use a regex?
+ 257631 [CHubas7 gmai] Surprise.
| 257711 [rubyforum we] Isn't extNot2Move.any? always true? I don't see where the test is made.
+ 257632 [yermej gmail] ext_not_to_move = ['jpg', 'pdf', 'mrw']
  + 257687 [rubyforum we] Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Jeremy's appeals to me because it's
  + 257702 [rubyforum we] As I said, this appealed to me, but it's not working and now that I look
    257707 [caduceass gm] ['.tif''].include? File.extname('/Volumes/2001/Tioga OCSS.x.tif').downcase
    257723 [rubyforum we] Thanks. Yes this works, and it works when I change one of the tif to txt
    257725 [rubyforum we] if extNot2move.include?(File.extname(fn).downcase) # Does not work
    + 257726 [cdcarter gma] From what you have posted, your ext_not_to_move array does not have
    + 257727 [caduceass gm] Hah!  I do this all the time!  I try to avoid negatives in my variable
    + 257733 [botp delmont] # if extNot2move.include?(File.extname(fn).downcase) # Does not work
      257772 [rubyforum we] Thanks for the additional comments. I like adding the dot. Funny though,
      257819 [botp delmont] # Funny though, "unless" is harder for me to grasp;

^ Newbie Question. eval.rb variable scope issue
257636 [Wes.Rishel g] charset="us-ascii"
+ 257645 [shevegen lin] If you installed cygwin (+bash) just alias irb to the /ruby/irb.bat or
| 257679 [Wes.Rishel g] Thanks, Marc. I will try that.
+ 257649 [robert.dober] Welcome to the jewel.
+ 257676 [Wes.Rishel g] Thanks, Bill. It sounds like irb will fill my needs.
  + 257684 [cdcarter gma] I would like to know which tutorial out there you were following that
  | 257694 [Wes.Rishel g] Thanks Chris, for taking the time to further this discussion. As you
  | 257708 [stefano.croc] I don't know why you're getting this behaviour. On my system (linux, ruby
  | + 257709 [stefano.croc] Now I know. I was using the eval.rb script provided on the tutorial website,
  | + 257710 [Wes.Rishel g] It is reassuring to know that the problem is a local problem. I hope someone will be able to help me understand why it might be happing. Perhaps someone on Windows could try the example and see if it's an issue with the distribution package?
  |   257712 [stefano.croc] It's not a local problem. As I said in my second message, there are two files
  |   257715 [Wes.Rishel g] Stefano, mil grazie!
  + 257701 [robert.dober] Well as I showed above it works if this is unclear from the tutorial
    257704 [Wes.Rishel g] Robert,
    257716 [robert.dober] Please do not top post.

^ Time.to_s
257648 [rails gauffi] I'm overriding Time.to_s to use a custom date format.
+ 257650 [robert.dober] Hmm that is strange, I cannot pass any argument to Time#to_s, can you
+ 257652 [florian.assm] the Object.to_s method should not expect an argument since it is per
  257683 [dangerwillro] Try Time#strftime

^ simple math operations on arrays
257653 [ba208 exeter] charset=US-ASCII;
257654 [robert.dober] Sorry if I have overlooked other issues but
257656 [ba208 exeter] The names may have been confusing without the context. I believe the
257657 [robert.dober] You mean **(-2/3) is what you want????
257658 [ba208 exeter] charset=ISO-8859-1;
+ 257659 [robert.dober] No 0 I am a declared egghead already, but it was the issue nonetheless.
| 257660 [sonoflilit g] Have a look at matrix.rb (require matrix, ri Vector) and at the narray
+ 257765 [aledonne.lis] Instead of (-2/3.to_f) , you could use (-2.0/3). By using a float

^ awk regexp search
257662 [ba208 exeter] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 257663 [ruby anthrop] First off, don't be too quick to abandon awk. I took a dozen lines of Ruby
| 259042 [przemyslaw_d] how about something like this simple implementation
| 259045 [przemyslaw_d] Few mistakes
| 260014 [przemyslaw_d] small update to make it easier
+ 257664 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  257673 [robert.dober] The problem is that we have no idea where "scattering efficency" is
  + 257681 [ba208 exeter] Thanks everybody,
  | 257703 [robert.dober] I am not sure I understand, this command can be put into a bash script
  | 257706 [ba208 exeter] Perfect! exactly what I wanted (with last instead of first). I just
  + 257717 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8 1.0.0-rc3
257667 [kubo jiubao.] ruby-oci8 1.0.0-rc3 is released. This is a Oracle module using OCI8 API.

^ Given a class, what is the 'require' line?
257668 [swaroopch gm] If there's a class StringScanner, I run 'ri StringScanner' and read
+ 257670 [stefano.croc] You can look at the online documentation (http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/) and
| 257675 [swaroopch gm] I now realize that I could have referred my PDF copy of 'Programming
| 257686 [TimHunter nc] Use a book?
| 257688 [sonoflilit g] Build your own version of the rdoc. This is what I did. I also found
+ 257672 [apeiros gmx.] I'd vote for having the require line obligatory for stdlib libraries
  + 257677 [swaroopch gm] +1 to everything you said here :)
  | 257680 [dangerwillro] Interesting, considering the fact that those files are the Ruby
  + 257689 [alex blackke] In general, I agree, and this precise problem has annoyed the hell out
    257692 [apeiros gmx.] I keep everything that modifies core classes under a dir called "ruby",