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^ IO.write problem on "raw" Windows
257300 [freeunli yah] prg = "c:\\path\\to\\some\\program" # for cmd
257304 [B.Candler po] I expect the _other_ program is blocking, because you're not reading its

^ Processing rc  file - critical comment asked
257305 [ronald.fisch] I have already a solution for my problem, but I would be glad if some

^ need help posting a base64-encoded binary via xml-rpc
257313 [phildog.thom] xml-rpc. But it isn't working. Everything seems to work but the
257317 [phildog.thom] ...

^ Bad file descriptor error using Net::HTTP
257316 [brian.wil.gr] I am trying to access a .net page via my ruby app and pass it a couple
257318 [djberg96 gma] s = timeout(@open_timeout) { TCPSocket.open(conn_address(),
257321 [brian.wil.gr] Dan,
257324 [djberg96 gma] That's peculiar. Firewall or proxy issue perhaps? Maybe you need

^ HELP.. wanna learn ruby
257323 [thilankaster] I am a second year degree student studying for on information systems
257378 [crblanco gma] have you tried doing projects from books -- a nice book to get into ruby and
257455 [thilankaster] well  got the Apress.Beginning.Ruby.From.Novice.to.Professional book and

^ Gems not working
257327 [vpredoehl ph] I do not have rails, but I like to use Ruby Gems. I installed gem
+ 257333 [alex blackke] Alex
| 257335 [vpredoehl ph] I saw the typo and fixed it.  I regret the typo because it only added to
| 257336 [alex blackke] What platform is this on?  What's the exact error?
+ 257337 [ryand-ruby z] name the script different from the thing you are requiring... 'test-
+ 257339 [alex.doan wa] It's b/c you call your file 'hpricot.rb', rename the file to something
  257344 [vpredoehl ph] The platform is MacOS X Tiger.  I installed hpricot using balloons from

^ Good Ruby Rails Web Forum?
257328 [   me me.com] I am starting with Ruby Rails, and I need to ask a feq questions.  Which
+ 257330 [jameskilton ] Ruby on Rails mailing list.
+ 257345 [roseanne jav] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  257376 [gregory.t.br] That's the same exact forum, but you're looking at it through a third

^ undefined method(s) in a gcalapi class
257332 [kevinhlee98 ] called the add action.  It generated "NoMethodError in

^ escaping/stripping all user HTML input
257334 [luis.chato g] I am writing an application where I know that I do not need to allow
257347 [luis.chato g] Oh woops, my mistake! Meant to send this to the Rails list.

^ Getting fixtures to work without Rails
257338 [damphyr free] Yes, this is ActiveRecord without Rails again.
257348 [gregory.t.br] This doesn't answer your question, but unless you've already created a
257350 [damphyr free] OK, let us discuss this, cause I am at the point where I need data in
257361 [gregory.t.br] Giles mentioned mocking which is certainly fine.
257364 [damphyr free] I agree that many tests do not need data in the database. But let me

^ Array.join for nested arrays
257340 [freeunli yah] Doing

^ Array.join for nested arrays
257341 [freeunli yah] Doing
257349 [martindemell] arr = [1, [2, [3, 4], 5], 6]
257354 [freeunli yah] Martin, thanks! Should the behavior of "join" be like this or the docs
257363 [robert.dober] Very surprised about this behavior, IMHO it is wrong, at least it is
+ 257381 [Rob AgileCon] Have you look at how Array#to_s is described as returning Array#join
+ 257515 [robert.dober] I hereby declare myself an Agghead!!!!

^ Help with regular expression
257342 [toulax gmail] How can I make a regular expression that will match everything, unless
+ 257343 [ruby philip.] some_string !~ /bar/
| 257346 [toulax gmail] Yeah, that's the easy way, is it possible to do that with the regular
| 257353 [AEtzold gmx.] I think what you want is what's called negative lookahead.
| + 257372 [hakuch gmail] Am I missing something here? Why not just test for equality?
| | 257373 [dblack wobbl] That doesn't cover the case where the string includes the substring
| | 257408 [sdball gmail] irb(main):001:0> "foo" == "foo"
| | + 257411 [list.rb gmai] some_string unless some_string.match("bar")
| | + 257414 [toulax gmail] Like I said it has to be a regular expression, nothing else, any
| | | + 257416 [yermej gmail] As Axel said, you need to use a regex with negative lookahead. This
| | | | + 257418 [toulax gmail] Thanks Jeremy, as you said this doesn't seem to work, but thanks for
| | | | | 257484 [AEtzold gmx.] One additional source for Regexp in general and in depth is the book by Jeffrey Friedl,"Mastering Regular Expressions", published at O'Reilly.
| | | | + 257419 [yermej gmail] Sorry, but I was wrong. I /b(?!ar)/ isn't right because it would only
| | | + 257452 [shortcutter ] Please disclose more detail on the environment you are using and what
| | + 257459 [dblack wobbl] True; I got it backwards.  What it really doesn't cover is the case of
| + 257375 [yermej gmail] Positive and negative lookahead work in Ruby Regexp. I guess that
+ 257594 [verno mailin] How about a negative look-ahead like the one used here

^ Ruby Forward Slash (/)
257352 [vpredoehl ph] (doc/"#sidebar").remove
+ 257355 [lparravi gma] It's from hpricot
+ 257357 [cdcarter gma] The / is normally the division operator, but like most operators in
+ 257358 [transfire gm] On Jun 28, 3:46 pm, Vincent Predoehl <vpredo...@phoenixwebgroup.com>
+ 257359 [gavin refine] On Jun 28, 1:46 pm, Vincent Predoehl <vpredo...@phoenixwebgroup.com>
+ 257360 [lists bertra] What does
  257362 [vpredoehl ph] ok, it looks like they just overode the operator /.  I thought it was a

^ Possible to get a row count from Faster::CSV w/out parsing?
257366 [weyus att.ne] All,
257369 [james graypr] That's correct.  It's impossible to know a row count without parsing

^ accessing the value chosen in a dropdown menu
257371 [jamaher gmai] I have an array of frame colors called @frame_color and I created a
257379 [showaltb gma] (You should be asking on the Rails list. Rails != Ruby)

^ Zlib::Deflate.deflate problem
257374 [beingthexemp] Hey all,
257377 [beingthexemp] little more info.. I'm using WebRick, LightTPD, and Mongrel..

^ Using resolv.rb
257382 [barjunk attg] Can someone point me to some documentation that shows me with examples
257392 [adam.boz gma] Looks like the source code has some stuff that didn't make it to the
266662 [vinay.beckha] here the nameserver can have any LIVE IP right?? i mean i tried changing

^ newby non/programmer trying to understand classes
257383 [weathercoach] Brief disclaimer.  I'm coming from a bourne shell back ground and
+ 257386 [dkarapetyan ] from the code you have provided you don't really need classes and all the
+ 257389 [Rob AgileCon] So when you're done, you have "==>filename<==" followed
| 257390 [igor.sutton ] Can I assume this is equivalent to perl's autovivification?
| 257393 [Rob AgileCon] names = Hash.new
| 257396 [igor.sutton ] Thanks for your explanation!
+ 257394 [onebitcipher] <rant> I also have many Ruby books and had a similar issue picking up OOP.
+ 257534 [shortcutter ] I believe Chris Pine's "Learning to program" has been suggested as an
  + 257617 [dangerwillro] I have to add to the list, Peter Cooper's book, Beginning Ruby, is a
  + 257641 [thilankaster] I Found this site very helpful when it came to understanding OO concepts for
    257644 [shevegen lin] "I want to improve my skills and try to leverage the language instead of
    + 257697 [dangerwillro] Don't document your code for other people,  do it for yourself!!
    | 257699 [perrin apoth] When you come back to your code later, *you* are a different person.
    | 257740 [dangerwillro] Perhaps. This is a philosophical joke that could run  in circles
    + 257698 [sonoflilit g] It does matter. The ruby standard is 2 spaces.

^ msvcr*.dll
257385 [morrisbroder] i'm trying to build a ruby extension in c on windows, using mingw32's
257446 [morrisbroder] i downloaded the msvcr80.dll somewhere and moved it into c:/windows.
257642 [morrisbroder] could it be that something in ruby.h is calling some function of any
257761 [morrisbroder] well, i kind of fixed that problem... seems like the only thing i had to

^ Current Binding.of_caller
257387 [transfire gm] Is there are current Binding.of_caller?
+ 257400 [ben bleythin] To the best of my knowledge, no.  I've been needing something like that
+ 257477 [rff_rffREMOV] Possibly there is something useful in the ruby-debug gem, even if I think

^ net/smtp TLS auth?
257388 [beingthexemp] i'm trying to do some net/smtp operations and my smtp server requires
+ 257409 [transfire gm] How ironic... to quote Ben, "To the best of my knowledge, no.  I've
| 257410 [beingthexemp] damn
+ 257424 [florian.assm] Uhm, you may be able to connect to a tls auth'd smtp using a tunnel imho.
+ 257448 [jw innerewut] Look at the ar_mailer gem, it includes a patch for net/smtp to to TLS.

^ [QUIZ][SOLUTION] LSRC Name Picker (#129)
257391 [darmaniiii y] Here is my solution to this week's Ruby quiz. It is my first program to

^ htree tutorial
257395 [vpredoehl ph] I would like to use HTree for use in mouseHole, but I can't find any

^ DBI, and SQLite Problems
257397 [ari aribrown] Uhoh!
257401 [grzm seespot] How do you have Ruby installed? If you installed Ruby yourself, you
257405 [grzm seespot] So, I think you'd want something along the lines of
257407 [ari aribrown] I did ruby setup.rb config --with=dbd_mysql, as well as with
+ 257488 [grzm seespot] That appears to be the case. The DBD modules often need to link to
+ 257492 [gregory.t.br] You need sqlite as well as the sqlite3-ruby gem

^ Playing with $stdout...
257398 [drew.shapiro] I'm trying to create a library of functions for programs that use a
257404 [bsimmers cmu] The "documentation" for the former is pretty much just a list of

^ Chinese Search Parameters/Unicode Support
257412 [guest bugmen] Okay a preface, I wish to keep this as simple as possible, so I'm trying

^ Double colon in class definition?
257413 [robertlaferl] What does the double colon mean in a class definition.  e.g.
257417 [yermej gmail] On Jun 28, 10:02 pm, Robert La Ferla <robertlafe...@comcast.net>

^ Inline C and Memory
257415 [andrew geni.] So the more objects you store in ruby the longer mark and sweep takes

^ Creating a DSL in ruby
257421 [snacktime gm] I'm getting back to a project I've wanted to do for a while now, which
+ 257433 [adam.boz gma] racc http://i.loveruby.net/en/projects/racc/
+ 257494 [mick hollins] I spent the last day developing a DSL in ruby, so it's fairly fresh in my mind. Off the top of my
+ 257762 [ymendel pobo] If I may, you could look into a fluent interface (http://
  257775 [dchelimsky g] charge 10 dollars on 07/02/2007 then charge 20 dollars every month for
  257788 [ymendel pobo] Tricky.  It's like a super-fluent interface hidden behind a parser.

^ Tricky socks question: changing source IP on Net::HTTP
257422 [epfrederick ] Howdy,
257491 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
257516 [B.Candler po] In principle, you 'bind' the socket to the correct local IP address before

^ RUBY_LIB, RUBY_ARCHLIB unavailable?
257423 [adam.boz gma] Is there a reason why the following constants aren't defined for the ruby
257425 [marcel verni] I don't know if there is a reason but you can look in Config::CONFIG once you
257426 [adam.boz gma] Thanks, just what I was looking for.

^ (none)
257427 [bwillius gmx] unsubscribe

^ Where to start in parsing?
257428 [Hakusa gmail] I haven't programmed in a while, but I want to get back with doing
257429 [marcel verni] It starts with simple examples and goes all the way up to a non trivial language.
257435 [Hakusa gmail] Thank you.
+ 257438 [Hakusa gmail] Err...to clarify, WTF is "sudo gem install dhaka" supposed to mean?
+ 257439 [Hakusa gmail] Err...how exactly do you install a gem?
  + 257519 [B.Candler po] If you are serious about real parsing (e.g. to the point where you can write
  + 257578 [mushfeq.khan] You need to have RubyGems installed. IIRC, the Windows One-click Installer

^ Modules and Class --- what is that ? --
257430 [adwin.wijaya] I am  newb in Ruby world. I am get used with PHP and Java before,
+ 257447 [jan.svitok g] Module is a (partial) equivalent to Java's Interface. It can contain
| 257458 [adwin.wijaya] Thank you Jano,
| 257461 [jan.svitok g] instance methods are methods of the object itself. class methods are
+ 257456 [thilankaster] I am new to Ruby too. propably newer than any one else.. I got a list of

^ Re: Dynamic sort_by criteria, making it DRY... thanks Robert !
257431 [josselin wan] btw , where should I write the 'downcase' method for strings
257444 [shortcutter ] buddies = user_buddies.sort_by {|it| it.send(@criteria).downcase}

^ Calling private method in ruby
257432 [alin.popa gm] I have a little problem regarding private methods in Ruby.
+ 257434 [Hakusa gmail] Maybe the fact that you have to use send will at least make you
+ 257436 [stefano.croc] In general, the idea behind private methods is that they can't be called from
  257441 [alin.popa gm] Thanks Stefano,
  257442 [dan-ml dan42] You can also do obj.instance_eval{ privmethod() }
  257445 [alin.popa gm] Thank you Daniel,

^ Installation query!!
257437 [ujjwalt hexa] charset="us-ascii"
257475 [jan.svitok g] Seems like a problem with ruby gems, though I don't know if a newer
257478 [ujjwalt hexa] I am using the latest one from rubyforge.

^ include_class,how to define it?
257440 [gpygood 126.] Hey,I like ruby's mixin with "include" method,now I want to
257443 [jan.svitok g] That's called subclassing, deriving or inheritance.
257449 [gpygood 126.] If we can define a class method called "source" that can get class's

^ [ANN] webgen 0.4.5
257450 [t_leitner gm] Hey everybody!
+ 257503 [mailforgilbe] that's good news :-)
| 257508 [Rob AgileCon] charset=WINDOWS-1252;
| 257509 [al_batuul ya] I faced the same problem even with different version, see below
| 257532 [al_batuul ya] ectories and sub-directories; thus it is very difficult to decide which one=
+ 257556 [t_leitner gm] I tried it out on Windows XP with the One-Click-Installer, failed for
  257561 [mailforgilbe] ruby -v
  257595 [al_batuul ya] 0.9.2

^ Accessing functions in a module without 'include'
257451 [ronald.fisch] # Defining a module in one file
+ 257466 [transfire gm] On Jun 29, 5:25 am, "Ronald Fischer" <ronald.fisc...@venyon.com>
| 257749 [ronald.fisch] Thank you, this is indeed one solution to my problem (though in the
| 257750 [transfire gm] Don't mention it :)  BTW, Just to make sure you know, you can't use
| 257754 [ronald.fisch] I wasn't aware that the instance functions would then go private,
+ 257476 [mick hollins] module M
  257748 [ronald.fisch] Thank you, this works perfectly well!

^ Installing a gem [was Where to start in parsing?]
257453 [benjohn fysh] on a unix or OS X terminal.
+ 257469 [Hakusa gmail] Well, I do have Windows and I'm kind of trying to figure this all out,
| 257470 [ujjwalt hexa] Installing on Windows
+ 257635 [rwoliver2 gm] gem install whatever

^ Feature Request: Special file '-' denoting stdin/stdout
257454 [ronald.fisch] I would like to propose a feature for Ruby which can be
+ 257457 [lists bertra] Something like
+ 257471 [erikveen gma] It should be mentioned that both File.new and File.open are
  257746 [ronald.fisch] This does not help much, because still I would then need to decide
  + 257780 [sonoflilit g] This creates some awful situations, like having a file called '-' and
  | 257828 [ronald.fisch] I think that's why people try to avoid filenames like "-" at all. You
  | 257844 [shortcutter ] It's not exactly equivalent. The equivalent command would be
  | 257956 [ronald.fisch] Agreed. I think the problem originates from the the Unix/Linux/Solaris
  + 257783 [gregory.t.br] I don't think that just because something is common in other languages
    257827 [ronald.fisch] I agree with the basic idea - just because being in other languages,
    257848 [gregory.t.br] Sure, it"s a good idea to ask questions like these.   I guess I was
    257861 [dangerwillro] You can always write your own module or library for it and make it

^ SQL Parser
257462 [gernot kogle] I'm looking for a SQL parser written in Ruby. The parser should handle
257467 [pedro.fracar] Search for Language Parser Toolkit at Rubyforge.

^ java ByteArrayOutputStream alternative in ruby.
257464 [cooldudevams] I am porting a library from java to ruby.  My problem is simulating
257473 [james graypr] Look-up Array#pack in your favorite documentation source.
257485 [cooldudevams] On Jun 29, 5:55 pm, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
257487 [james graypr] Well, String and Array can both be added too as needed, so I'm not

^ newbie questions on processing numerical data from text files
257465 [ba208 exeter] charset=US-ASCII;
257479 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Baptiste,
+ 257481 [juapdiaz gma] How i create array under ruby?
| 257482 [AEtzold gmx.] a=[]
+ 257504 [ba208 exeter] charset=US-ASCII;
  257512 [AEtzold gmx.] interesting_text.delete_if{|line|  /(r|R)uby/.match(line)==nil}
  257526 [ba208 exeter] awesome, it works! It's all starting to make some sense now.

^ How to set Browser Encoding?
257468 [chirag_patel] i want to set browser encoding through ruby code.
257540 [apeiros gmx.] You can't really set it. You can tell the browser what it is through the

^ RTF to HTML Conversion
257472 [chirag_patel] i having document upload facility on my web page.
257480 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Chirag,
257518 [kyleaschmitt] RTF is a text file, with a bunch of controls encased in the likes of