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^ SVN command not executing correctly through ruby script
256859 [revalia gmai] Im trying to get some code working from the book "Everyday Scripting
+ 256865 [mike.cahill ] I haven't a clue bout any of this stuff.  But your root string looks funky for a url.  Double slash after .org?
+ 256866 [DPhillips cy] According to the svn help output, the flag for revision should either be a short -r or a long --revision
  256871 [desertfox ho] That was it. Thanks you very much!

^ alias and subclasses
256860 [tim bass.net] Is there a Ruby-ian way to get the alias method to propagate through
+ 256863 [djberg96 gma] Alias it again?
+ 256923 [logancapaldo] Of course now you have the problem of if the sublass decides to override
  256928 [gregory.t.br] alias_method :old_something, :something

^ Problem installing fxruby on Linux with gems
256867 [akbarhome gm] require 'fox16'

^ Updating running ruby scripts
256870 [nappin713 ya] I've got a few small ruby scripts that run every 15 minutes or so from
256872 [twifkak comc] AFAIK, the entire Ruby file is parsed into an AST before any of it is

^ how could i have broken uri?
256873 [bladenut gma] My little spider/scraper thing happily iterated through a couple dozen
256874 [bladenut gma] Oops, nevermind, I did a .strip before the call and now it is happy.

^ [ANN] mechanize 0.6.9 Released
256875 [aaron tender] mechanize version 0.6.9 has been released!

^ [ANN] drawr 1.0.1 Released
256876 [aaron tender] drawr version 1.0.1 has been released!
256901 [benjohn fysh] (by doing a search for drawr) - I'm missing something?
256934 [aaron tender] Ya, we haven't posted the rdoc for it yet.  Just download the gem and

^ Newbie needs help! Strange error in code
256878 [daboomonline] operating which told me the time. I tried to extend this by adding in a
256880 [alexg kuicr.] gets(separator=$/)    => string or nil
256887 [daboomonline] Thanks very much! It solved my problem.

^ (none)
256881 [aokehl yahoo] # help

^ Name clash in C extension
256883 [alexg kuicr.] I'm trying to write an extension interfacing with the C iGraph
+ 256890 [garbagecat10] What happens if you define a wrapper for the calls you make to the IGraph
| 256988 [alexg kuicr.] Thanks for the pointer. I'd been trying to shortcut and use SWIG to
+ 257846 [csardi rmki.] Alex, i'm an igraph developer, and there is an easy solution for this i

^ RMagick-Is it possible to read the resolution of the image?
256886 [bvn_ashwin y] Is it possible to read the resolution of the image when the user
256892 [TimHunter nc] RMagick OS X Installer [http://rubyforge.org/projects/rmagick/]

^ SNMP oid error
256891 [jack.ciabatt] I'm using SNMP module into a simple script. I would like retrieve
256900 [hallidave gm] The Ruby SNMP library isn't as smart as Net-SNMP at formating output

^ Ruby Developers in Palestine
256893 [naim.kamel g] Are You a Ruby Developer living in Palestine or outside somewhere in

^ Multiple Instance of rand?
256894 [Proponent gm] Is it possible to have multiple instances Ruby's random-number
256941 [vjoel path.b] Not yet, but it has been proposed for 1.9.
257022 [Proponent gm] Thanks much.  I'm kind of a noob; could you please give me a hint as
+ 257039 [dan.stevens.] ...
+ 257048 [AEtzold gmx.] A PRNG is a pseudo random number generator - "pseudo" here expresses the fact
+ 257052 [khaines enig] There is http://rubyforge.org/projects/crypt-isaac

^ ANN: Remedy IT announces draft Ruby CORBA Language Mapping
256895 [jwillemsen r] Remedy IT is pleased to announce the first draft of the Ruby CORBA Language

^ snmp error
256897 [jack.ciabatt] I'm using the SNMP module to retrieve interfaces mac addresses (oid

^ Re: I don't get rspec
256907 [Chris.Meliki] The idea behind doing small steps is that you know exactly what went wrong
257198 [rick.denatal] Actually I believe that the pure process of
257203 [dchelimsky g] The reason that we want to see the test fail is so that we can
260658 [rick.denatal] Better late than never. Yes
260660 [dchelimsky g] Thanks

^ gems gone missing?
256908 [phillipsds y] I've just spent the evening installing gruff (all the way from step
256909 [jan.svitok g] Check your $RUBYOPT setting, use -rubygems argument to ruby, or add
256914 [phillipsds y] Thanks for the help Jano,
256916 [jan.svitok g] 1. Please bottom-post.
256921 [gregory.t.br] <snip long unrelated text>

^ Syntax error with array interpolation
256910 [ronald.fisch] def headache
256917 [matz ruby-la] 1.8 allows argument splat (*) only at the end of argument list.

^ Recall: Syntax error with array interpolation
256911 [ronald.fisch] charset="us-ascii"

^ Windows binary gems?
256912 [ssmoot gmail] The whole VC6 vs VS8+ issue on Windows confuses me. Does anyone have a

^ Syntax error with array interpolation
256913 [ronald.fisch] def headache
256919 [dan fluentra] You can't use a 'splatted' array anywhere in a method call except at the
256920 [dan fluentra] foo(1, 2, *[3], &block)

^ Q: how to start a module name with a lower case character?
256915 [mark.watson ] I am trying to write Ruby classes to model RDF, RDFS, and Owl, much
+ 256922 [logancapaldo] I can think of two hacks, one to get lowercase module names, and one to get
+ 256939 [shortcutter ] You can't because module names must be constants and constants have to
  + 256944 [gavin refine] FWIW, this is because Ruby interprets that as a method call with a
  + 256945 [gregory.t.br] Incase it wasn't clear what was going on in Logan's post, the reason

^ OS X reads builtin version of ruby
256924 [hfitzy gmail] Ok, so i've tried to install 1.8.6 in a few ways, the first was building
+ 256925 [logancapaldo] You need to update your PATH in ~/.bashrc. profile/bash_profile are run for
| 256926 [hfitzy gmail] version of ruby over the new one. I updated .bashrc like you said. Is
| 256936 [rwl sas.upen] Do you have a non-native Python installed?
| 257137 [anupamsg gma] You should move the contents of '.bash_login' to '.bashrc'
+ 256947 [listguy popl] The overkill way would be something like
+ 256966 [matt tidbits] What are you actually saying in order to invoke ruby, and where are you

^ RoR developer needed urgently
256929 [nina lifeclu] Startup company with limited budget and massive potential looking for
256930 [juapdiaz gma] I am living in colombian, i am developer of software, now i am creating a

^ setting consolefont for text output
256931 [kazaam oleco] I was wondering if there is a way in linux to output text in cp437 with
257025 [hramrach cen] The better approach would be to convert the cp437 text to the encoding

^ addslashes()
256932 [fophillips19] Is there a built-in function in Ruby similar to PHP's addslashes() function?
+ 256955 [martin snowp] Well, this probably indicates that you're doing sql by dynamically
+ 256956 [alex blackke] There should be a #escape_str or #quote method on the connection object

^ dynamically define attr_accessors on objects?
256933 [beingthexemp] How can I dynamically define attr_accessors on an object?
+ 256935 [mental rydia] class << p
+ 256938 [shortcutter ] Use OpenStruct.
+ 256990 [rubyfan gmai] class Person
  257005 [beingthexemp] thanks for the suggestions.. went with the openstruct.

^ using closures as a replacement for "class", @, and @@
256937 [eric.mahurin] Some of you might find it interesting that ruby's closures/blocks can

^ could anyone help me in the question, thanks?
256943 [ys_manman ho] In network application, we need to fill some fields of protocol header
+ 256949 [alex blackke] You only need to worry about the types at the
| 256951 [ys_manman ho] Thanks a lot!
+ 256954 [martin snowp] This is exactly the problem that Array.pack was designed to solve.

^ basic millisecond code profile?
256958 [beingthexemp] if I need to see the amount of milliseconds / seconds a method takes can
256959 [beingthexemp] class Person

^ .include?/.within? and English-thinking brains
256961 [mjudge surve] In English, it's clearer to ask, "Is Maggie one of the guests?" --
256967 [dblack wobbl] Well, you're stacking the deck a bit to make it sound awkward ("Does

^ REXML XPath question
256964 [delfarms hot] Can anyone explain these result to me (see bottom)?
256970 [delfarms hot] OK I just removed xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" from the <html>
256974 [delfarms hot] Wow, 2 replies from myself...

^ [OT] Trac
256965 [agorilla gma] Thanks to the PragProgs, I've been using Subversion[1] for a while
257003 [james.britt ] Have you looked at the JumpBox trac/svn combo VM?
257080 [agorilla gma] Quick update.  I'm going to take James, and a couple others, up on

^ YAML::Syck line numbers?
256969 [dangogh gmai] I've dug through the YAML::Syck library source and the Ruby library,

^ Clearing the RAM
256973 [ari aribrown] Hey,
+ 256979 [lionel-subsc] I guess that would probably be quite difficult because the language
+ 256981 [TimHunter nc] I think the only way you could do that (or at least the only practical
+ 257075 [showaltb gma] The memory is freed for your application's use when all references to
+ 257627 [DPhillips cy] Good way to guarantee 100% is to reboot :)
+ 257693 [sonoflilit g] Do you mean zero it to disallow peeking, or do you mean freeing it?
  257770 [ari aribrown] I mean freeing it.
  257806 [raasdnil gma] Then just fire up the garbage collector explicitly.

^ Bottom posting
256975 [phillipsds y] Is their any particular reason for bottom posting (please excuse my
+ 256976 [gregory.t.br] A. Yes.
| + 256977 [gregory.t.br] I forgot to mention this before.  For long posts, people usually
| + 256989 [grzm seespot] It also makes it easier to catch up on the thread if you haven't been
+ 257013 [nobu ruby-la] In common, you should not cite whole body.  Then, you don't

^ Looking for a match
256978 [ari aribrown] Hey,
+ 256991 [yermej gmail] lines = the_file.readlines
+ 256992 [aaron tender] You should check out Enumerable#any?.  I think that is what you are

^ Stuck While "Bulk updating Gem source index for: http://gems.rubyforge.org"
256980 [tparikka net] I have a small server which I want to get Ruby on Rails working on.
257199 [drbrain segm] If you've got limited memory, you should use capistrano and vendor/
257486 [gdprasad gma] Stuck While "Bulk updating Gem source index for: http://gems.rubyforge.org"

^ alternative to  Array#index?
256982 [beingthexemp] is there an alternative to Array#index? Faster version maybe?
257011 [alex blackke] Change the problem so that you're reading from a hash?  Maintain an

^ Private Method Error
256983 [ari aribrown] Once again, more questions.
256985 [dblack wobbl] Let's say lines has 10 elements.  rand(11) gives you a number between
256987 [ari aribrown] Ahh! Okay! Thanks!

^ A log of talk by Dave Thomas in RubyKaigi2007
256984 [zunda616e ya] This is to announce publication of a reconstruction of the talk
256999 [znmeb cesmai] Thank you!! That's wonderful to read!!
257000 [gregory.t.br] +1, that was a nice log.

^ Some help needed with understanding ruby hashes
256993 [vfcforums gm] If a ruby hash rubyhash has a key such as "hashkey" is there a way of
+ 256996 [list.push gm] This gives you an error?
+ 256997 [james graypr] $ irb
+ 257001 [m_goldberg a] What you say you are doing works for me.
+ 257019 [vfcforums gm] I tracked the error, I was testing the using the concatenating strings
  257024 [m_goldberg a] You could have saved yourself a lot trouble by using
  257032 [vfcforums gm] I am learning Ruby step by step. There appear to be so many different
  257070 [m_goldberg a] The point to note about 'puts "hashkey value is #{rubyhash

^ how to make the .exe file insert to the diskette
256994 [coolwong85 y] I using the "rubyscript2exe" to built my project to .exe format. But the
257042 [erikveen gma] Is the file 3.3 Mb or 6.6 Mb? OS? Ruby version? RubyScript2Exe

^ when i using "rubyscript2exe", occur error
256995 [coolwong85 y] When i using the "rubyscript2exe", there occur error. Because i cannot
+ 257045 [erikveen gma] Aagh!!!! Unless the image happens to be an executable as well...
+ 257046 [erikveen gma] Which error?
  257047 [juapdiaz gma] Do you have windows xp or vista?
  257064 [erikveen gma] Both.

^ [REMINDER] One week left for June Ruby Project Spotlight submissions
256998 [gregory.t.br] I announced a while ago that I'll be running a series on the O'Reilly

^ optimizing Hash deletions
257002 [mikejaystein] I have a recursive file-compare program that I run on 2 directories that
+ 257044 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Mike,
+ 257049 [lloyd 2live4] If the files mostly never change, there may be faster ways.
| 257121 [mikejaystein] The files are changed by other programs, so I can't log those.
+ 257066 [mikejaystein] FilesAreIdentical() either compares the files based on size/date, or on
+ 257119 [mikejaystein] RemoveIdenticalDirs takes about 2-3 times as long to run as

^ Status of getresuid? Dropping privilege temporarily...
257006 [john.carter ] I wanted to reliably temporarily or permanently drop privileges from

^ Vaguely humorous Test::Unit problem (long)
257008 [poopdeville ] I have a problem I can't figure out.  I've created a test class using
257012 [sylvain.joye] You're calling DRb.start_service a lot. In my experience, this can lead to
257094 [poopdeville ] On Jun 26, 12:57 am, Sylvain Joyeux <sylvain.joy...@polytechnique.org>
257096 [poopdeville ] My mistake.  DRb is obviously threaded.  I meant to ask if Test::Unit

^ Re: LSRC Name Picker (#129)
257016 [badcarl gmai] I assume the 48 hour deadline is over.  I made a fun little camping
257040 [james graypr] You may email it to me off-list and I'll host it for you.
257111 [badcarl gmai] This is a simple camping app that uses RMagick to generate an animated

^ Probably an FAQ, but...
257017 [kumoyuki gma] I've been getting into Ruby programming - largely because of Rails -
257023 [m_goldberg a] The pickaxe book.
257104 [kumoyuki gma] I have downloaded the free version. It is quite good, but it lacks a
+ 257110 [TimHunter nc] If this is what you need to use Ruby I'm afraid you're going to remain
+ 257131 [m_goldberg a] The pickaxe book is basically organized into a tutorial front-end and
| + 257132 [seebs seebs.] I don't know about that.  I would consider myself a language lawyer sort
| + 257133 [james.britt ] But, still, incomplete.  You may want to also look at the API docs or ri
|   + 257135 [m_goldberg a] I allowed that one could be both, but not both and a happy Ruby
|   | 257151 [kumoyuki gma] Who said happiness had any part of it? Certainly your footnote did
|   | 257172 [znmeb cesmai] Hooray!! Another person on this list that's been programming a "longish"
|   + 257152 [kumoyuki gma] Thank you very much. After less then 3 minutes looking at it, I have
|     257175 [gavin refine] Though certainly not normative, I offer up this diagram I created to
+ 257146 [botp delmont] # It actually appears to me that the state of Ruby from a technical

^ [ANN] bee 0.4.0 Released
257021 [michel.casab] Bee is a build tool running YAML files. These build files have a clean

^ [QUIZ][SOLUTION] LSRC Name Picker (#129)
257026 [jesse.d.merr] charset="utf-8"
+ 257063 [florian.assm] [QUIZ][SOLUTION] LSRC Name Picker (#129)
| 257069 [florian.assm] I found a flaw in lucky_filter.rb when processing empty values, just
+ 257087 [florian.assm] definitely a very nice idea to doing the r magic stuff :D

^ I need some help clarifying issues with YAML and hashes
257028 [vfcforums gm] The code below, config.yml and testvars.rb are supposed to created some
257037 [showaltb gma] Your YAML is all hashes; there are no arrays.

^ Ruby/Tk - simple task that I'm srtuck
257031 [valenonish g] 1. $lb_1 = TkLabel.new(root){..}       - label
+ 257068 [m_goldberg a] You only see the last color because you don't call update on the
| 257078 [valenonish g] Thanks Morton! You really helped me.
+ 257071 [nagai ai.kyu] You'll be able to see the changes by 'Tk.update_idletasks'.
  257079 [valenonish g] Thanks Hidetoshi! I appreciate your help.

^ how much to charge for a freelance project in ruby in the states
257033 [uriel.katz g] i work in Israel and i wanted to know how much should i charge per
257051 [gregory.t.br] That will entirely depend on your experience level, your reputation,
257054 [leavengood g] That is a good place to start, but take the average hourly wage of a
257056 [gregory.t.br] Yeah, thats definitely good advice, one that I don't always take into
257059 [robert.dober] Would you mind share your findings with us, and yes I am available ;).

^ Building ruby with bcc32.
257034 [ycelik oytek] Has anybody tried to build ruby using bcc32?
257181 [ferdouse pre] Looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer, Salary £30K-£60K, Leicester, City

^ Problem with rubyscript2exe, OCI8, registry
257041 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.6
257205 [djberg96 gma] ENV['NLS_LANG'] = "AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P15"

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission LSRC Name Picker
257050 [james graypr] ...

^ Net::LDAP and telephonenumber attribute
257053 [michael_perl] Using the LDAP service of a Lotus Notes / Domino server, I cannot
+ 257186 [garbagecat10] What happens if you use Net::LDAP::Entry#each to dump out all of the
+ 260286 [michael_perl] which I could not see - neither in the news reader
  + 260289 [garbagecat10] Ok, that's really weird. Did you try setting the attributes parameter to
  + 260883 [barjunk attg] The first thing that jumps to my mind is rights...have you tried this
  + 261010 [tjk annapoli] If you have access to the LDAP server admin, you might want to ask if

^ Following a Javascript Link Using Mechanize
257055 [whiteqt gmai] I am on a page that lists 78 items and can only show 25 per page, so
+ 257108 [leavengood g] This would require Mechanize to have a Javascript interpreter. In
| 257114 [gregory.t.br] Actually, I think Aaron is working on a project RKelly, which converts
+ 257117 [dzwell gmail] As others have said, you would need a javascript interpreter. I think I

^ Watir Read javascript popups contents
257057 [dionsiseire ] am looking to evaluate the contents of a javascript popup using watir,

^ Re: how much to charge for a freelance project in ruby in th
257058 [roseanne jav] here in Israel a freelance charge for hour is about 30$ but i think
257060 [wgrosso wgro] But closer to the Israeli rate. The overhead in managing remote
+ 257067 [juapdiaz gma] I am developer freelance charge for hours is about 25$
+ 257092 [uriel.katz g] i am going to be the only developer,and i have good experience.