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^ Error installing gem
256660 [cypher.dp gm] I just tried to install the "neuro"-gem. But the install process fails
256668 [AEtzold gmx.] the error you get is due to the fact that the
256808 [cypher.dp gm] Thanks for the answer.

^ Error using Tk
256663 [cypher.dp gm] When I try to use the Tk extension I get an error that the "tk84.dll"
256666 [akbarhome gm] Install tk first.
256671 [cypher.dp gm] Thanks a lot !
262570 [joviyach gma] I am having similar problems with Ruby and Tk, I installed Tcl (which
262622 [joviyach gma] This is now working.

^ Regexp to split name?
256675 [maccman gmai] Does anyone have an example of splitting a name into first and last
256676 [bulliver bad] I'd say a regexp is overkill here.
+ 256678 [dblack wobbl] And also last names with spaces in them (von Trapp, Vaughn Williams,
| 256879 [alex blackke] And titles with spaces in them (The Honourable, His Excellency, etc...).
| 256884 [m.fellinger ] And international names (though the US seems to have a broad
| 256885 [alex blackke] Can open.  Worms everywhere.  :-)
+ 256899 [dan.stevens.] name = "Mr John Joe Peter Smith"
  256903 [dblack wobbl] Have mercy on us Yanks and allow for a period :-)
  256906 [alex blackke] name = "The Honourable Lord Andrew, the Baron Lloyd-Webber of
  256927 [dan.stevens.] Agreed. My example makes very simple assumptions that I'd imagine
  256940 [aledonne.lis] I worked at an institution that was forced to rewrite a bunch of
  + 256962 [vjoel path.b] Not to mention the assumption that each name consists of symbols that
  + 257200 [rick.denatal] Reminds me of an old SF story "The Man Whose Name Wouldn't Fit."  IIRC
    + 257204 [dblack wobbl] I sometimes wonder whether the DECtapes in my attic would still be
    + 257206 [_mwryder wor] I assume you meant that his name was one character too long, not that

^ Beginner's question on methods
256680 [bostonantifa] I'm new to Ruby, having worked with Perl the past couple of years.  I'm
256681 [TimHunter nc] You never initialize the 'counter' variable so it's default value is
256697 [bostonantifa] Tim,

^ Viewing some links!
256683 [feduz81 hotm] ididnt know which is the right place to do so the other post is on RoR
256684 [feduz81 hotm] I just tried it with a simple if else statment inside the view and it

^ IRC Transcripts in Instiki and Markdown
256685 [levander404 ] I haven't found a way to easily markup IRC transcripts in Markdown on
256696 [rking panopt] You definitely need to escape them one way or another.
256728 [levander404 ] Thanks rking.  Indenting every line 4 space in the IRC transcript did
256737 [rking panopt] Not to plug my own war3z, but it was exactly things like that that

^ eruby and mod_ruby
256687 [maildelivery] Can someone explain to me what the (performance) difference between
256864 [maildelivery] Anyone? :(

^ Can't include a module in Enumerable?
256690 [transfire gm] irb(main):002:1> module Z
+ 256707 [rick.denatal] It's not the instance, it's the class Array, and that existed (and
+ 256708 [gregory.t.br] ?>   def each
+ 256762 [pit.capitain] class Module
| 256771 [transfire gm] Pit Smack Down! You go and solve the Double Inclusion Problem just
| 256777 [pit.capitain] Tom, thanks for the kind words, but it's really not so hard to find
| 256791 [transfire gm] Okay, I'm being a bit hyperbolic. But you deserve it anyway. I was
+ 256769 [robert.dober] Just reinclude Enumerable, well that seems to be the simplest way to

^ Land use
256693 [caduceass gm] Okay, I was going to make the subject "Trepidus use of Ruby, again"

^ Trouble with scrolling on a TK frame
256698 [the_supernov] a few days in this group.
256739 [m_goldberg a] Perhaps this example will help. It's pretty rough, but I think it
256779 [the_supernov] Thanks a lot!
256784 [m_goldberg a] I suggest you also change

^ html -> redcloth
256710 [mike.cahill ] charset="iso-8859-1"
256712 [gregory.t.br] I think that it's still under development, but you might try ClothRed

^ Named/positional method args
256713 [bulliver bad] I have a method here that takes two arguments. Both are optional, with
+ 256715 [TimHunter nc] The standard technique for doing this is to use a hash with symbols for
+ 256716 [dblack wobbl] You're performing a local variable assignment.  Try this and you'll
+ 256717 [gregory.t.br] No, that just becomes write_picture(1)
| 256719 [gregory.t.br] { foo : 2, bar : 10 }
| 257084 [rick.denatal] Yep, a little more syntactic sugar, or maybe saccharine, since it
+ 256721 [bulliver bad] Thanks guys!
  256723 [bulliver bad] # Writes embedded images to a file
  256733 [transfire gm] Bingo.
  256735 [gregory.t.br] Yuck.
  257098 [transfire gm] Is the "formalist" in you disturbed by this?
  + 257100 [gregory.t.br] No.  What disturbs me about it is that it doesn't fit well with Ruby
  + 257102 [robert.dober] Not so fast Tom, not my generation, we have come from Assembler or
  + 257112 [dblack wobbl] Nothing that abstract or sweeping is at stake.  (I don't think
    257143 [transfire gm] Is it limiting? Rubyists (myself included) love to wax grand about the
    257150 [robert.dober] I do not know Tom, one application springs into mind, I am generating
    257188 [transfire gm] That's a pretty good example. It's easy to effect because it's based
    257197 [rick.denatal] Note the subtle shift here, the TYPE consists of a set of expected
    257210 [robert.dober] That one hurts all my apologies. c.f. my new signature BLUSH

^ Secondary user groups
256714 [GGarramuno a] require 'etc'
256720 [GGarramuno a] Never mind.  Found how to do it.
256732 [gregory.t.br] Well how did you do it? ;)
256861 [djberg96 gma] groups = []

^ Non-blocking IO & Maxima
256724 [jesse.d.merr] Ok, here's something that seems wierd. While writing some code to call Maxima
256736 [akr fsij.org] I think it is caused by that maxima is slower than ls.
256780 [jesse.d.merr] Ah, thats it, thanks. I wasn't thinking about the delay between typing lines

^ Ruby 1.9 : What is the use for Proc#yield
256725 [gregory.t.br] I'm reading through Mauricio's list of changes[0] to Ruby 1.9 and
+ 256726 [gregory.t.br] whoops, forgot to link.
+ 256786 [matz ruby-la] It's mere alias to call, just to describe the intention to invoke it
  256789 [gregory.t.br] Thanks for clarifying this.

^ regexp questions
256727 [mikejaystein] I'm converting a big Python program to Ruby which uses lots of regexps, and
256765 [dan fluentra] Could you give an example of where it isn't working in the first case?
256797 [wyatt draggo] I like to be very strict with things like quotes (and underscores in this c=
256809 [grzm seespot] From a strictness point of view, what's the difference between /(.+?)
256854 [mikejaystein] Thanks for the ideas about the _italics_!

^ Re: Web Ruby w/o Rails
256729 [mike.cahill ] Emil -  what are you using as a web server?  Platform?  Configured to recognize and run ruby files?  You said you can't get it to work, but what does that mean?  What happens on the browser?  What appears in the logs?
+ 256734 [mark.gallop ] It has instructions for serving your app with lighttpd and apache.
| 256738 [james.britt ] Take a look at Nitro.
+ 256796 [hermann.mart] Add an HTTP background and you will be fine.  :-)
+ 261060 [eleanor game] If you want some examples of how to do this stuff from scratch, my

^ Signal handling problem in ruby
256740 [rubylearner ] I presume I am running into similar problem but this time with ruby
256790 [florian.assm] Make sure you trap the signal in the thread you put your main sleep,

^ Newbie Question Passing variables to methods
256741 [starke1120 h] Im trying to set up a method and pass a varible to it then out put the
+ 256743 [gregory.t.br] #---
+ 256752 [m_goldberg a] A simple approach is to add one line of code at the end of your
+ 256766 [shortcutter ] No.  You pass the value of "var1" in, i.e. the object which "var1"
+ 256800 [hermann.mart] What you want to do is a "call by reference".

^ Changing enum_obj
256745 [transfire gm] Anyway to change an Enumerator's enum_obj in place? Enumerator doesn't
256747 [james graypr] Knowing that an object is Enumerable doesn't tell you anything about
256750 [transfire gm] On Jun 24, 12:26 am, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
256774 [transfire gm] Wait. Yes, the #collect! method isn't going to fly, but if I could

^ [QUIZ] LSRC Name Picker (#129)
256748 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 256749 [james graypr] Sorry the quiz was late this week.
| + 256759 [robert.dober] puts "Robert Dober"
| | 256785 [dangerwillro] My suggestion to everyone: the Takahashi Method...
| + 257065 [florian.assm] I refactored my code a little, so the e-mail I sent directly to the ml
+ 256753 [znmeb cesmai] 1. Does it *have* to run on a Macintosh? I don't have one to test on!
| + 256755 [m_goldberg a] I don't see any mention of a Macintosh in the quiz description. What
| | 256757 [znmeb cesmai] What moves me to ask this is that every Ruby conference I've been to so
| | 256788 [caduceass gm] Here's diabolical for you.  Well, maybe not diabolical, but sinister
| | 256802 [caduceass gm] I have to apologize a little bit for saying that.  The post comes
| | 256804 [james graypr] I don't find this one two related to the problem.  Whatever is in the
| + 256792 [james graypr] I would think it's always an advantage to have your program run on as
+ 256787 [dangerwillro] How is the list stored/ input? CSV? Or is it undetermined
| 256793 [james graypr] You can determine a suitable input format.  Just make it easy to
+ 256806 [m_goldberg a] 1. The app has a Pick button and a new winner is selected each time
| + 256828 [james graypr] I meant each time your application is started (#2).  I can see where
| | 256830 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... and typically from the two Ruby conferences I've been to, it
| + 256829 [robert.dober] Honestly I am rude Morton, because I am jealous ;). I have read your
|   256832 [m_goldberg a] I just thought that they might award all the prizes in one session
|   256868 [robert.dober] Psst, already implemented -- well with certain Plugins :)
+ 257036 [showaltb gma] * What can I do in an hour?
+ 257542 [m_goldberg a] I tried to submit my solution but the mailing list rejected it as too
  257551 [james graypr] You may send it to me off-list.  I will host it from the Ruby Quiz site.
  257552 [m_goldberg a] Thanks, James. I'll do that. Do you think it might be a good idea to
  257600 [james graypr] I think just providing a link to get the application is sufficient
  257604 [m_goldberg a] charset=US-ASCII;
  257724 [caifara.subs] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Enumerator for elementwise too? [was: Changing enum_obj]
256754 [transfire gm] Well, I might as well bring up the reason I asked about enum_obj...
256760 [robert.dober] Apart the magic dot notation that is *exactly* what I am doing in Labrador.
256770 [transfire gm] Ah, so you overloaded #map with this functionality. That's similar to
256772 [robert.dober] Facets is great but Labrador is mine, what does that mean: I have the
+ 256773 [transfire gm] I think that's right, * takes precedence. So you're getting the result
| 256781 [robert.dober] Oops , thx Tom.
+ 256778 [transfire gm] Yes, but #each is taken too ;) I though about #each? though.

^ Re: [QUIZ] - Off topic
256756 [phillipsds y] James,
256795 [james graypr] Thanks.  That's very kind of you to say.

^ Parameterizing REXML::XPath expressions
256763 [brianthomson] I'm struggling a bit with what I think should be straightforward.

^ Parameterizing REXML::XPath expressions
256764 [brianthomson] I'm struggling a bit with what I think should be straightforward.

^ [ANN] LRUG Nights - Episode #1 "Pursuit" - Tuesday 26th June
256775 [murray.steel] The London Ruby User Group has started a 2nd monthly meetup called LRUG

^ Ruby Quiz Problems  (was Re: [QUIZ] LSRC Name Picker (#129))
256794 [james graypr] Those of you following along closely have probably noticed that Ruby
+ 256799 [robert.dober] Forgive me to be astonished and overly curios, was there any
| 256803 [james graypr] Well, I upgraded from Ruby 1.8.5 because of a bug I ran into there.
| 256805 [cdcarter gma] Maybe the next RubyQuiz is write the software to run RubyQuiz! :)
+ 256801 [m_goldberg a] It's not an inconvenience. I'm glad. I was going to pass on this one
+ 256849 [ruby anthrop] So, er, when does the spoiler moratorium period end this time? Next Sunday?
  256862 [james graypr] 48 hours from the time on the quiz message, just like always.

^ Helper to create multi-dimensional arrays
256811 [pi pihost.us] I came up with this method really quick to create x*y arrays in Ruby. It
+ 256814 [gregory.t.br] I'm far too lazy.
| + 256815 [gregory.t.br] Arg. don't do that. it makes the same array for each. :-/
| + 256902 [lloyd 2live4] But that does not quite allow the free use of method calls.  e.g. dice
|   256904 [gregory.t.br] I posted again saying you shouldn't use the approach I mentioned
+ 256839 [dan-ml dan42] What about making it more general than just x*y arrays?
  + 256848 [pi pihost.us] you all
  + 257365 [adi.mahajan ] This is great. Finally a sensible way to create multi-dimensional

^ Re: ri broken? (newbie, hopelessly confused)
256812 [ncfocus2003 ] My ri is broken too, and I *need* it since without it I do not know WTF
257007 [ml.chibbs gm] If you are using Instant Rails you should use fxri which is a

^ html to plain text
256813 [bladenut gma] Okay, I have played with Hpricot and I am a convert. Amazing stuff.
+ 256817 [florian.assm] require 'rubygems'
| 256822 [caduceass gm] This code (above) doesn't work on my system.
| 256823 [caduceass gm] Another "jump too soon moment".
+ 256818 [cmshea gmail] It looks like you're looking for the inner_text method.

^ Ruby Debugger
256816 [   ds iae.nl] Ruby nuby here.
+ 256819 [vinson.lists] What I tend to do is load the debugger, then set a breakpoint at the line in
| 256831 [   ds iae.nl] Thanks Jason, that definitely helps.
| 256840 [bladenut gma] Does anyone know of a gui ruby debugger for OS X?
| + 256846 [znmeb cesmai] Not sure this is strictly a "GUI Debugger" but Komodo does run on OS X
| | 256851 [bladenut gma] Wow. $300. This must be a kickass debugger. I'll take a look, thanks.
| + 256882 [martin.kraus] Don't know how much of them run on OSx. I know that at least NetBeans
| | 256896 [znmeb cesmai] Does NetBeans run with the standard Ruby, or only with jRuby?
| | + 256948 [charles.nutt] It runs with either. JRuby is set up by default, but there's a
| | + 256950 [martin.kraus] Yes. Actually until jruby-debug (Fast Debugger for JRuby) is available
| |   256952 [alexey.verkh] 1. gem install ruby-debug
| + 256889 [david vizion] Have you tried using eclipse and the ruby IDE built on it?
+ 256820 [vinson.lists] Btw, you are most likely seeing this b/c you have "-rubygems" in your

^ New gem for instantiating nested objects
256827 [craig memori] Chris Carter and I threw together a simple gem to help create nested
+ 256869 [twifkak comc] There looks to be overlap with Mocha
+ 256942 [craig memori] Thanks for the tip.

^ variables to call methods in ruby...
256835 [harnishb ama] This is Harnish.  I was just wondering if I could call methods using
+ 256836 [adam.boz gma] testfunc = "func"
+ 256837 [TimHunter nc] var = "func"
  256843 [yermej gmail] var = "func"
  256844 [peter peterc] You can, but in case you're wondering the whys and wherefores of all
  256852 [adam.boz gma] I see your point, it just seems like using __send__ breaks encapsulation.
  256853 [dblack wobbl] It's really more for cases where 'send' is used for something totally
  + 256856 [adam.boz gma] Doh! Good call.  Time to kick my double underscore aversion ;)
  + 256857 [peter peterc] David illustrates it better than I did, but the basic "rule" I tend to

^ Command in backticks hangs? (OS X, 1.8.6-p36)
256841 [TimHunter nc] I'm running ruby 1.8.6 (2007-06-07 patchlevel 36) [powerpc-darwin8.9.0]
+ 257116 [TimHunter nc] Following up to myself: I uninstalled 1.8.6 patchlevel 36 and replaced
| 257165 [james graypr] If anyone has a minimal script that shows this error, please share
| 257217 [TimHunter nc] Oh, great. I re-installed 1.8.6-p36 and the script runs normally now.
| 257219 [james graypr] I'm pretty sure the issue is related to threading.  It would always
| 257231 [james graypr] Yes, both myself and an Apple employee were trying to follow that
+ 257125 [james graypr] That's the second time I have run into the bug too, unfortunately.
  257127 [TimHunter nc] Thanks! I just hope it's not broken in the version that will ship with
  257142 [james graypr] Yeah, I fear that myself.  It would hurt the use of Ruby as a

^ insert marshall'd data into mysql
256845 [beingthexemp] Hey all.. what methods can I use to safely insert Ruby marshall'd data
256847 [peter peterc] Use a BLOB column. MySQL treats BLOB columns as 8 bit binary data.
256850 [beingthexemp] someObj= {:one => 'two', :three => 'four'}
256855 [peter peterc] Use parameter binding. Not sure what library you're using, but with
256858 [beingthexemp] I'm using the mysql library for Ruby. Not sure about the paramter