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Re: ruby standard library contribution?
255825 [james.britt@] No Trac, but patches may be submitted to the ruby-core list.
256129 [james.britt@] All patches to code/comments that is part of the standard distro.

255835 [hal9000@hy e] I've just started learning Ferret today... it looks
255844 [jeremy@hi eg] There's a really great Ferret short cut from O'Reilly, that has an

Grade my test?
255842 [ja_bowen@ya ] I have directory of data files along with a few other types of files.  The
+ 255857 [caduceass@gm] data_files = Dir.entries.select { |file| (1...4000).include? file.to_i }
+ 255859 [robert.dober] Does it really work? What about file "0000' ?

Solaris door Ruby bindings
255846 [noemail@ya o] I'm writing a ruby extension in C to the Solaris door library.  The
255849 [erwin.abbott] From my experience the most Ruby-like way of doing this would be
255951 [noemail@ya o] Thank you for your input, Erwin.

could anybody help me on this? (require 'libglade2')
255850 [jim.zhang.ch] ...

replacing OpenSSL
255854 [fxn@ha hr f.] I would like to change OpenSSL for a given 1.8.4 running on a Windows

including range error
255856 [josselin@wa ] myRanges = [(0...2), (2...5), (5...10), (10...15), (15...25)]
255858 [stefano.croc] each_pair is not a method of Array. If you need both the index and the element

REXML, XPath  and Namespace
255860 [h.gildhoff@w] I want to parse an xml file using REXML::XPath. I can easily navigate
256421 [keith@au io ] require 'rexml/document'

instead of re.sub
255862 [cihan253@gm ] command.
255863 [stefano.croc] Use gsub instead of sub.

Adding new value (in array) to existing key in a hash
255864 [gilbertlsk@g] Am new to programming am learning to use ruby to code a program. How do
255866 [list.push@gm] If I understood you correctly,
255873 [gilbertlsk@g] Thanks a lot. Didn't know it can be so easy.
255909 [list.push@gm] Yes, it sets up the value as an array and pushes arrays into that array.
255993 [gilbertlsk@g] Thanks a lot. Sorry, got another question
255996 [list.push@gm] Well, I think this will work.
256022 [dblack@wo bl] arr.sort.map {|c| myhash.keys.find {|k| myhash[k].include?(c) } }
256030 [gilbertlsk@g] Thanks a million. But still I have another problem. Figure that I can
256088 [caduceass@gm] Do you mean that [7,6] is not included becuase there is no [6,5] or
+ 256093 [caduceass@gm] ^^^ delete the accidental "end" here
+ 256103 [gilbertlsk@g] Yes. I am only interested in coordinates that fit the pattern of [i, j],

Error in ancestor?
255871 [robert.dober] I just observed this (and it cost me quite some effort to debug my code :( )
+ 255872 [dangerwillro] What error?
| 255881 [robert.dober] This error
| 255896 [dangerwillro] If you're expecting it to return true, it can't. Everything in the
| 255901 [robert.dober] Getting bitten by my didactic skills ;)
+ 255890 [m_goldberg@a] It cost me some effort to figure out what the question really
| 255897 [robert.dober] I know in ruby I would say
| 255904 [m_goldberg@a] But isn't 'p <expression>' shorthand for 'puts
| 255905 [robert.dober] Ah you said p, not puts, that's quite clever...
| 255907 [dangerwillro] Actually p is more like a short form for
| 255913 [m_goldberg@a] I admit that's more strictly accurate, but I find it very close to a
+ 256036 [sylvain.joye] I launched a discussion about this on Ruby-core. I think there were no
  256193 [robert.dober] Merci Sylvain
  256204 [rick.denatal] As far as I can tell, singleton classes aren't mentioned in the doc.
  + 256220 [robert.dober] I'd surely love to read this but I constantly get a timeout at this link :(
  | 256222 [robert.dober] Cheers
  | 256295 [rick.denatal] Au contraire mon frere.   Le d?faut ?tait le mien
  + 256236 [dblack@wo bl] Does that mean that no one who's ever used Smalltalk can ever think
    256486 [rick.denatal] Well David,
    256492 [dblack@wo bl] Cool -- I'm glad.  (BTW there's an unclosed emphasis tag or something,
    256594 [rick.denatal] To me it feels like I'm hiding out in the High School boy's room with
    + 256595 [dblack@wo bl] It's interesting, though, that Matz's reason for not adding K#s_c is,
    | 256598 [gregory.t.br] Well at this point is anyone still vehemently opposed to singleton_class ?
    | 256700 [rick.denatal] The problem with metaclass is that it's just one of the two(?) uses of
    | 256706 [dblack@wo bl] The goal of #singleton_class, though, would be to un-hide the
    | + 256709 [gregory.t.br] +1, I think having #singleton_class removes any ambiguity of what #class is.
    | | 256711 [robert.dober] Kernel#singleton_class really looks fine to me, once we have this, we
    | + 256968 [rick.denatal] I think that the differences between singleton classes of classes and
    |   256971 [dblack@wo bl] c = Class.new
    |   257027 [robert.dober] Forgive my ignorance, but are they not the same already?
    |   257029 [dblack@wo bl] The thing is, there's one big difference that's not just a matter of
    |   + 257061 [robert.dober] I am definitely lost here, what do you mean by "can be called", their
    |   | 257115 [dblack@wo bl] class C
    |   | 257274 [robert.dober] I know David, I know, boy I was really expressing myself badly, or
    |   + 257081 [rick.denatal] And from my viewpoint, that last sentence doesn't seem right, true as
    |     + 257083 [robert.dober] That's what I think too, but there was no feedback whatsoever to my
    |     + 257113 [dblack@wo bl] It still feels to me like this is forking too soon in the road, or
    + 256616 [vjoel@pa h. ] Now I know how to pronounce <<: it is the "cigarette" operator!
      256664 [robert.dober] Oh no, cannot use it anymore at work, forbidden by law ;)

Ruby arithmetic question.
255874 [sayakyi@gm i] ...
+ 255876 [bulliver@ba ] Because '**' is the exponentiation operator.
+ 255877 [AEtzold@gm .] Salai,

Negative lookahead in Regexp question
255878 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear all,
255886 [byronsalty@g] Can you provide a few examples of what you're looking for? I'm not
255898 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Byron,
+ 255899 [aurelianocal] Wouldn't it be better to just use a xml parser?
| 255900 [AEtzold@gm .] Aureliano,
+ 255902 [byronsalty@g] /<\w+>(.*?)<\/\w+>/
  255903 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Byron,

Process id
255885 [tettamaa@lu ] I need some hint about to catch a id of a certain process
+ 255891 [byronsalty@g] print "#{Process.pid}\n"
| 255967 [tettamaa@lu ] Thanks a lot for the help to use some unix command like ps.
+ 255894 [james.d.mast] A quick look at Kernel#` in the Ruby documentation (http://www.ruby-

Chris Pine Program Challenges
255911 [danielj@sl e] puts 'Type in as many words as you want'
+ 255914 [yermej@gm il] [snip code]
| 255917 [danielj@sl e] Mmmm... I'm not quite following? Wouldn't I have to use the "sort"
| 255922 [yermej@gm il] Don't think about processing the array once you have all the inputs.
+ 255916 [list.push@gm] I haven't read that tutorial so I don't know what he is expecting you to try.
| 255918 [danielj@sl e] Thanks for the hint!
| 255923 [list.push@gm] OK, you could select a value from your array.
| 255924 [danielj@sl e] Ok guys, I'm pretty savvy and I think I have more than enough to go on
| 255932 [znmeb@ce ma ] IIRC Colinux is some gizmo that lets you run Linux on a Windows
| 255979 [alex@bl ck e] Seconded...  I've never had as clean an experience with Colinux (however
+ 255945 [matt@fa e. o] I'm also working through this book and having a lot of fun with it.
+ 371445 [sunjay.pande] Just starting myself and enjoying the book (though I'm about to pull my
  371464 [josh.cheek@g] If it helps, I made some videos showing what sorts "look like" (some

redefining word boundaries?
255920 [jon.budardan] Is it possible to redefine (temporarily) the meaning of \b in RegExp
+ 255929 [list.push@gm] Does this give you the proper format?
| 256035 [jon.budardan] Harry --
+ 255931 [byronsalty@g] I think the only way to do this would be to redefine all the

Trying to start with Ruby, and Rails, seperately
255925 [user@su er o] I'm looking to start learning Ruby, and Rails, but one at a time.  I am
+ 255926 [user@su er o] I should mention, as well, that I am familiar with C/C++, HTML/CSS,
| + 255927 [danielj@sl e] Then go to the PickAxe (google it and you will find it)
| + 256821 [gregory.t.br] Hal's book is excellent but is not for beginners.  (It says so right
|   256825 [gregory.t.br] I should have read upwards.  I think I saw the first post but not the
+ 256694 [felipe.contr] I think you should start with Ruby. It's very simple, just read the

[ANN] Ramaze Version 0.1.2
255928 [m.fellinger@] This time we are proud to announce Version 0.1.2 of the Ramaze framework, an
255955 [kashia.buch@] way to go!  Greatly appriciated.  The new SourceReload in this

Nervous Nuby Starting Out!
255937 [macrubyist@n] Anybody out there who's patient and willing to give a newby help if
+ 255939 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Macrubyist,
| + 255954 [dangerwillro] Welcome !
| + 255962 [macrubyist@n] [very useful hints and bits snipped, will definitely look at this stuff]
|   + 255963 [sonoflilit@g] Don't install gems.
|   + 255965 [agorilla@gm ] That's pretty much the first thing I did with Ruby, it's fairly
|   + 255972 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear MacRubyist,
+ 255956 [TimHunter@nc] Welcome to Ruby!
+ 255964 [rubygeekgirl] I can tell you that this list is full of patient people.  I have been
+ 256041 [james@gr yp ] Just skip the instructions for the applications you don't need.
  256048 [lloyd@2l ve ] It sounds as if you have many things that you want to do.  That is a
  256051 [james@gr yp ] The Ruby executable is compiled, which is what the original post was

file name and content not corresponding
255938 [bombadil.tom] ...
256019 [jan.svitok@g] +   thread[:bug_id] = id

setuid script - require failing
255941 [GGarramuno@a] ruby 1.8.5 and 1.9

Modifying an Excel file with Ruby
255942 [chris.hulber] I have an Excel XLS file that is full of pre-existing charts, formulas,
+ 255943 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Chris,
| 256268 [chris.hulber] Thanks, but i can't use OLE because this won't be hosted on windows.
| 256319 [chris.hulber] Cheers buddy, I must have switched off the moment i saw 'ole' in the
| 314866 [iit_amityada] I am facing same issue for my application, could you share with us if
| 357976 [metasoarous@] I too am interested in this question. I'll definitely post what I find
| 357980 [chris.hulber] I've tried the .net version of POI, it's great - far better than any
+ 256011 [come.news@fr] I never tried this binding on POI Java library, but it could be useful

Need Help in Aol Login with mechanize
255946 [shuvo.razi@g] I am tring to develop an aotometed login script for http://www.aol.com

Re: mechanize 0.6.6 Released
255947 [shuvo.razi@g] Can you please exaplain me the mechanize's follow redirect

Syntax error with blocks
255950 [oliver.saund] OK guys, wtf am I doing wrong here?
+ 255953 [noemail@ya o] A code block is not a valid statement.  If you want to create a Proc
+ 255974 [rubytraining] The other thing to keep in mind is that blocks are parameters passed
  256015 [oliver.saund] 1.times { puts 'foo' }
  256127 [CHubas7@gm i] If you want a more block like behavior, use begin/end
  256158 [oliver.saund] Ahhh very nice. Thanks

How to generate local API documentation?
255957 [ruby-forum@m] I'm fairly new to Ruby and I'm trying to generate a local copy of the
256016 [ruby-forum@m] Well I've found out why I can't generate core API docs using rdoc -
256017 [jan.svitok@g] Download source package (either one for your distribution or the
256020 [ruby-forum@m] Thank you Jano, that worked a treat!

can not Rake :), please help.
255958 [oguz@ce yi d] #====================================
256081 [leslieviljoe] ...

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] Verbal Arithmetic (#128)
255960 [jesse.d.merr] ...
255961 [jesse.d.merr] [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Verbal Arithmetic (#128)

[ANN] ObjectGraph 0.2.0 Released
255966 [aaron@te de ] ObjectGraph version 0.2.0 has been released!

Re: [SOLUTION] Verbal Arithmetic (#128)
255970 [rubytraining] This program solves addition problems with any number of terms.  It

[QUIZ] Mexican Blanket (#127) Problem
255975 [ari@ar br wn] Hey all,
255987 [list.push@gm] It looks like "25" is a String. You need to change it to an Integer.

Problems with SOAP: duplicate XML declarations
255976 [ruby@or ng j] I'm trying to implement a SOAP client using the native Ruby SOAP
256038 [nakahiro@sa ] What version of soap4r are you using?  The versions from
256126 [ruby@or ng j] Yay!  I updated all my gems ("gem update") including soap4r, restarted

Help on making a simple program.
255977 [trevorrife@g] I'm learning my way through Ruby-Gnome2 right now and am working on a

Q: TextMate support for JRuby?
255978 [mark.watson@] I have been having fun with JRuby (a few days ago I got a simple Rails
256074 [nicksieger@g] ...
256079 [james@gr yp ] The Advanced section of the Preferences has an interface for setting

Parsing strings
255980 [germans88@ya] Quick question, is there a method for deleting substrings from within a
+ 255981 [daniels@pr n] "monkey pants".gsub(/ey/,'')
| 255983 [germans88@ya] haha, thanks, i'll give that a try
+ 255982 [germans88@ya] ... I know the substring, its location, and length
| 255986 [dblack@wo bl] You can use slice!.
| 255988 [germans88@ya] thanks, that works
| 256005 [shortcutter@] irb(main):001:0> string = "This is a string"
+ 255984 [has.sox@gm i] ...
  255985 [germans88@ya] One problem, the substring contains a ?, and is left in the resultant
  255989 [TimHunter@nc] It would help if you'd show an actual string you have and what you'd
  255998 [germans88@ya] It's actually a youtube url: ex.
  + 256000 [noemail@ya o] gsub(/\?.*$/,'') will delete the first question mark until the end of
  + 256010 [come.news@fr] url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY8AIhbqPHo'
    256014 [germans88@ya] I didn't realize this before but I also need to remove the equal sign
    256032 [Rob@Ag le on] url.sub(/watch\?v=/, 'v/')

how to make .exe file?
255990 [coolwong85@y] I using RUBYSCRIPT2EXE to built an .exe file for my project. After i
256009 [coolwong85@y] i can do it already, thank u so much.

healp reading / writing binary strings.
255991 [beingthexemp] Hey, I'm looking for some help with reading / writing binary string.
+ 256007 [shortcutter@] Um, how can we know what format this is?  I mean, you came up with that
| 256049 [beingthexemp] Thanks that helps.. Couple more questions..
| 256060 [caduceass@gm] It's just the number 9, but yes you can look at it that way.
+ 256008 [dejan.dimic@] The string that you can't understand contains the unprintable

sorting hash keys and values (was RE: Adding new value (in array) to existing key in a hash)
255995 [botp@de mo t] # myhash = {"a" => [[0,0],[3,4]], "b" => [[1,1],[9,8]], "c" => [[7,6]]}

rb2exe info
255999 [mikejaystein] ...
256001 [list.push@gm] Are you talking about Exerb?
256285 [mikejaystein] ...
256289 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Mike,

mock object standard?
256003 [byronsalty@g] I see a lot of discussion from a few years ago about Mock objects but
256006 [ pm@ub t. om] Have you looked at Flex Mock?
256013 [jamesmead44@] ...

[ANN] raop-client 0.1.1 Released
256004 [aaron@te de ] raop-client version 0.1.1 has been released!

Probable bug: net/ftp and mysql thread problem
256018 [ronald.fisch] I found a bug, which seems to appear in Ruby 1.8.5 and 1.8.6

Which comparator to override
256021 [mark.gargan@] Hey folks,
+ 256026 [mark.gargan@] Hey folks,
+ 256027 [shortcutter@] If your map is a Hash then you need to override #eql? and #hash.  So in

Help needed in building xruby (for java newbie)
256023 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear all,
256102 [dougal.s@gm ] Looks like you need to add the directory containing javac to your PATH.
256194 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Douglas,

Ruby Bug Reporting broken?
256028 [ronald.fisch] The release notes for the Windows version of Ruby 1.8.6 say
256033 [jan.svitok@g] I suppose ruby bugs should be reported to tracker[1] at rubyforge.org,

Up and down keys not working in IRB
256031 [vfcforums@gm] The up and down keys need to get the command history is not working in
256054 [caduceass@gm] Replace /usr/local/build/ruby-1.8.6 with your ruby build directory below.

mysql.so: Permission denied (Ruby under Cygwin)
256034 [ronald.fisch] [this message is crossposted to the Cygwin- and RubyTalk mailing lists].
256037 [ronald.fisch] This helped a lot!