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Looking for Ruby Parser
25268 [jim@fr ez .o] If I remember correctly, it was this list that someone
+ 25271 [feldt@ce ch ] Sounds a bit like rockit, rockit.sf.net?
+ 25308 [phlip_cpp@ya] Click here...

class SharedQueueThread feedback
25270 [chris.morris] Hope this isn't too long a post -- I was wanting some feedback on the
25273 [hgs@dm .a .u] used for communicating between threads.
25278 [chris.morris] Excellent. Didn't know about that. Thanks. There's also SizedQueue in
25283 [Dave@Pr gm t] A 600 page limit :)

GC question
25276 [tony@pe fo c] I'm trying to sort out the garbage collection in a C++ extension, and I keep
25279 [pbrannan@at ] This is a known problem with the 1.6.x series.  It should be fixed in 1.7.
25282 [tony@pe fo c] Thanks Paul!

Documentation strategy - was: Re:  Re: class SharedQueueThread feedback
25285 [hgs@dm .a .u] So what is the strategy for 1.8.x?  Do we queue outside AWL demanding an
+ 25286 [dblack@ca dl] Or maybe they can do what the OED did years ago: a fine print edition sold
+ 25287 [toddg@fo bo ] I was hoping that we would make Ruby 1.8 of such elegance that 600 pages
+ 25290 [Dave@Pr gm t] possibly all the above :)
  25418 [kjana@dm la ] Uh, I would write the manual of ruby-1.6.x were available on

Topic ideas for an upcoming series of articles featuring Ruby?
25295 [colin@co in ] I've been asked to write a short series of articles (3-5ish) featuring
25298 [gnuvince@ya ] Depends who will most likely read these articles I guess.  If system
25299 [curt@hi bs c] That's a good point. Could you tell us who the target audience is going to
25321 [colin@co in ] The audience is a varied group of folks in the IT industry, including
+ 25334 [mikkel.bruun] One thing that still amazes me about ruby is the drb package....
| 25335 [curt@hi bs c] How do you get drb? the entry in RAA says "not available".
| + 25337 [rich@in oe h] -rich
| + 25338 [    s@xs .d ] you might try for druby :-)
+ 25405 [hgs@dm .a .u] On the basis of Ruby making it worth attempting things you wouldn't

ANN: Ruby Fractal Life Engine
25300 [phlip_cpp@ya] Flea is a complete rewrite of the R3 Fractal engine LPARSER (based on the
25744 [phlip_cpp@ya] This is a reply to a private e-mail; the addy bounced, but my reply is

BUG? Solaris select or poll does not recover correctly when signaled
25306 [mulperi@ik .] But I want raise this issue again as I think that this really
25402 [decoux@mo lo] Apparently this is specific to Solaris.
25417 [mulperi@ik .] I did this modification to rb_thread_select and Invalid socket
25543 [matz@ru y- a] I will merge this modification.  Thank you, Guy.
25823 [mulperi@ik .] Unfortunaly this modification does not fix the problem. I should have
+ 25824 [mulperi@ik .] It's me again.
+ 25825 [matz@ru y- a] Hmm, that's too bad.

ruby and XSLT4R and Rexml
25307 [mjais@we .d ] I just download xslt4r-0_0_1
+ 25323 [ser@ge ma e-] No, the xpathtree is a private class that isn't currently distributed with
+ 25357 [neumann@s- i] There is a not yet released library xmlscan which is a XML parser
  25400 [tobiasreif@p] are you planning on making it feature complete?
  25410 [neumann@s- i] 1) there is a standardized parser interface

1.6.5 and eRuby - a problem
25310 [YuriLeikind@] I have a problem with eRuby and I've been
25311 [kentda@st d.] I noticed that you're going from 1.6.4 to 1.6.5. When I installed 1.6.5,
25312 [YuriLeikind@] I don't think so, by default most programs compiled
25314 [kentda@st d.] * repeatedly hits head on wooden surface *

Re: ANN: REXML 1.1a3 (pre-encoded strings)
25326 [rich@in oe h] What about defining a module as a "tag" and then using the obj.extend(module)

Methods as parameters to methods?
25327 [unet@MO MO r] Would someone please tell me how to make methods that have
25329 [kentda@st d.] You could pass the methods as explicit objects.
26054 [unet@MO MO r] Thanks.  This does, however, require "preprocessing" the methods
26059 [kentda@st d.] Well, AFAIK, this is part of the reason that some articles said that in

win32ole and ms outlook (OLE)
25328 [kkroculick@h] Anyone have any difficulty creating a mail message via win32ole? It
25331 [chris.morris] Can you post the error(s) you're getting?
25754 [benoit.cerri] OK,
25845 [kkroculick@h] Benoit,

Ruby 1.6.5 won't compile... suggestions?
25336 [backlund@ch ] I'm trying to install Ruby 1.6.5 on a box running the Suse Linux
+ 25342 [armin@ap ro ] That is indeed weird;
| 25350 [backlund@ch ] After submitting my question, I thought "what the heck...", and tried it
| 25358 [Dave@Pr gm t] If it were my box, I'd shut it down, wiggle the DIMMS, and run a memory test.
+ 25346 [pbrannan@at ] "Fatal signal 11" is another word for a segfault.  Usually, when this
| 25348 [armin@ap ro ] - try to reinstall gcc via rpm
+ 25363 [ rik@kd .o g] #if Niklas Backlund

CGI beginner's trouble
25343 [backlund@ch ] I'm failing with CGI on such a basic level, it's almost scary! So
+ 25351 [ned@bi e- om] name1=value1
+ 25352 [mike_thomas@] You can test in interactive mode by entering the 'key value pairs' that
+ 25354 [alan@di ik t] what the cgi is asking for is the cgi paramters to send.  You can
+ 25355 [dblack@ca dl] That result shouldn't actually show up, since it's after the closing
+ 25359 [niklas@ka i.] [Niklas Backlund]
  25364 [backlund@ch ] Thanks, that was just the little push I needed to get along in the right

more on [matz:"Human Oriented Programming"?]
25347 [henning@ik o] During RubyConf, matz gave a keynote on "Human oriented Programming".
25390 [matz@ru y- a] Rich Kilmer was taking video of the presentaion.  I'm not sure how
25420 [henning@ik o] Programming"?]"
+ 25682 [mrchameleon@] A liberal translation of Occam's razor may be as follows ...
+ 25925 [matz@ru y- a] In "real world", we always use this principle.  For example, even the

downloading pictures using 'net/http'
25349 [henning@ik o] web-page, and
+ 25356 [niklas@ka i.] [Henning von Rosen]
| 25360 [henning@ik o] do I
+ 25391 [james@ru yx ] If you're doing this on windows you need to specify that you're writing binary.

Photo's from JAOO
25353 [Dave@Pr gm t] The JAOO conference in Denmark put some photos up on their web site.

Bug in String.sub and friends?
25365 [1008460550.5] irb(main):001:0> s = "thestring"
25381 [nobu.nokada@] irb(main):006:0> '\\\1'
25442 [1008517103.2] Thanks.  My confusion was because '\1' == '\\1'.

SAGE/USENIX Book review
25366 [mps@di co sy] All,
25377 [Dave@Pr gm t] Is there an online version?
25382 [mps@di co sy] Not yet, they have up through August 2001 online.  So, it looks like

Arrays, iterators, and map/collect
25383 [hal9000@hy e] This may be two or more questions.
+ 25384 [vjoel@PA H. ] strings.select { |s| s[0]!=?a }.each { |s| s[/^/] = "pre." }
| 25385 [feldt@ce ch ] I haven't followed this thread so may be out of line but there is also
| 25387 [hal9000@hy e] Thanks for comments, both of you...
| 25393 [gotoken@no w] When each member is a kind of container, `replace' works.
| 25397 [hal9000@hy e] Thanks for replying. This is interesting. I will have to
| 25401 [gotoken@no w] A problem may be we know C and "*ptr = x;" looks pretty intuitive,
+ 25403 [feldt@ce ch ] I would do it like this but allow myself to shorten it to
  + 25430 [gotoken@no w] Oh, Yes. It's natural.
  + 25604 [hal9000@hy e] I'm having difficulty expressing myself.
    25686 [dblack@ca dl] strings = %w[ alpha beta gamma ]
    25693 [feldt@ce ch ] There are since this version creates a new Array and

RE:  tree class library?
25392 [mdavis@se ai] Sorry for the late response.  There is a nary tree or b*tree in ArunaDB at

Ruby API question
25394 [ralph.mason@] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 25395 [aleksei.guze] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 25396 [ralph.mason@] ...
+ 25406 [nobu.nokada@] Yes, it's right. In another way, if you have reference to

[ANN] ripper (was Re: Looking for Ruby Parser)
25404 [aamine@mx ed] Oh Dave, how did you find it?  :-)

[ANN] GraphR 0.1.9
25407 [feldt@ce ch ] Many small updates to GraphR so if you haven't updated in a while it might

Redefining Fixnum.x(val)?
25412 [fujita@un -m] I'm new to Ruby and hav just tried out an example from "Programming Ruby" in
+ 25415 [henning@ik o] in
| 25422 [harryo@zi wo] The problem is that the second time, Fixnum#+() is already your new
+ 25416 [harryo@zi wo] I cut and pasted your code into a file and it works fine with my
+ 25703 [fujita@un -m] Thanx much.

Ruby & SWIG
25428 [martin@op us] I'm attempting to use SWIG to build a ruby module on w2k and VC6.0. After

[ANN] NQXML v1.0.1 (DOCTYPE output fix)
25431 [jimm@er s. o] NQXML v1.0.1 addes a method missing to the Doctype tag that prevented it
25436 [tobiasreif@p] good news!
25443 [tobiasreif@p] How to get the elements' name of the node and its' parent?
25445 [tobiasreif@p] (I'll stop now; sorry)

Why not xmlparser?  (was: Re: XML support in the standard lib;whatexactly?)
25432 [cboos@bc -t ] I may have missed something, but the original question that started the
25678 [james@ru yx ] It does look good.
+ 25679 [julian-ml@be] Except that it doesn't seem to allow multiple parsers to exist at one time... haven't looked into it much yet... it must be using global variables or something.
+ 25722 [ ser@ef .o g] Except that it is based on expat, which we don't control, and which are C
  + 25732 [james@ru yx ] Why is C code more difficult to maintain? Isn't Ruby itself written in C?
  | + 25734 [dblack@ca dl] And, on a less legalistic note, here's some possibly relevant language
  | + 25850 [ ser@ef .o g] You can assume everybody working with Ruby knows Ruby.  You can't assume
  |   + 25853 [dblack@ca dl] Possibly, though Ruby programmers don't have to maintain Expat; it's
  |   | 26330 [ser@ge ma e-] Those other libraries aren't part of the "standard" Ruby distribution.  The
  |   | 26332 [dblack@ca dl] I know, but I'm hoping that the whole notion of a standard distribution
  |   + 25871 [james@ru yx ] Hm. I'd argue that's apples and oranges, but the main idea is that Ruby users would not *have* to know C to use Ruby features that
  |     26345 [ser@ge ma e-] Yeah :-)  Isn't that the test of a "non-trivial" programming language?
  |     + 26352 [benoit.cerri] That will change just as soon as you work on a project where
  |     + 26406 [hutch@xa pl ] Pardon me? I don't agree... at all. I could make a case that DOM is just a
  |       + 26407 [feldt@ce ch ] (Background) Rockit is a parser generator framework in pure-Ruby I'm
  |       | 26409 [hutch@xa pl ] I think DOM is supposed to be a representation of the XML infoset -- that
  |       + 26442 [tobiasreif@p] 1.
  + 25750 [benoit.cerri] You just said it was significantly faster when parsing as a stream. In my

cgi.rb cookie access
25434 [harryo@zi wo] I recently began playing with mod_ruby, eruby and cgi.rb, which are all
+ 16668 [mike@le to .] variable
+ 16670 [harryo@zi wo] Say I have two variables called "name" and "value".  Is the correct way
  16701 [mike@le to .] way

Win32 EventLog
25437 [mark@io .c m] Are there any Ruby applications similar to the Win32 modules in Perl?
+ 16724 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I've set up a project on SourceForge for Win32 modules/extensions for
| 16736 [sol123@ms .c] ...
+ 25453 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I've set up a project on SourceForge for Win32 modules/extensions for

Net::ProtoRetriableError: 302 Found
25439 [atsang@hk li] I try to retrieve some data from an internet site using
+ 16672 [jimm@er s. o] 302 is the HTTP return code that means "Moved Temporarily". The return
+ 16720 [Dave@Pr gm t] This means you're been redirected from the page you tried to access to
| 16734 [hal9000@hy e] This is just the sort of thing that drops out of my head for
+ 25440 [jimm@er s. o] 302 is the HTTP return code that means "Moved Temporarily". The return
  + 25522 [chris.morris] I was just playing with this yesterday. The pickaxe book (p. 491) contains
  + 25555 [niklas@ka i.] [Alan Tsang]

Tiny Test::Unit requirement
25444 [feldt@ce ch ] I know this may go against common practice but I'd like to see a single
25456 [ntalbott@ro ] Based on feedback at the RubyConf, I've done this. You can now do
25458 [feldt@ce ch ] Great! How is the merger coming along?
25529 [ntalbott@ro ] I haven't had a lot of opportunity to work on it over the last week or

Re: embedding C++
25448 [chris@at es ] Others have mentioned swig, and we've been using that successfully
25451 [chris@at es ] In reality, I think that just creating "local" variables on the heap

Re: ruby-mode.el
25449 [adam@co el i] It gets distributed with ruby itself, I think.
17250 [lists.ruby-t] Anybody fiddle with any updates for XEmacs 21.5.1?

File#abspath extension and FindBin module
25450 [adam@co el i] I have to agree with the other delurkers - ruby is a truly beautiful

Re: Fwd: Some quick benchmarks on scripting languages
25461 [matt@se ge n] Note that as usual with benchmarks, you often don't implement things the

Perl modules from ruby?
25462 [ggrothendiec] I am writing small programs to extract certain information from web
16772 [decoux@mo lo] There is a perl module at

accessing instance variables in ruby debugger
25463 [ianm@ac iv s] If I have an instance of small ruby class with 2 instance variables
+ 16803 [matz@ze ab t] It's a bug.
+ 16867 [ianm@ac iv s] thanks very much - thats working fine now.
+ 25471 [ianm@ac iv s] thanks very much - thats working fine now.

Getting a class object from a string containg its name
25464 [larsch@cs au] I need to get a reference to a class object from a string with the name of
+ 16807 [decoux@mo lo] Use #const_get see [ruby-talk:13414]
+ 25523 [feldt@ce ch ] I kind of remember someone posting a good solution to this but I can't
+ 25524 [dblack@ca dl] class String
+ 25547 [niklas@ka i.] [Lars Christensen]
+ 25557 [dblack@ca dl] You can use const_get.  Here's a somewhat overwritten example :-)
+ 25687 [list@ch om t] There was a discussion about this a while ago.

Re: Totally newbie seeks a bit of help
25465 [s_skroeder@h] Thanks Martin....
+ 16835 [dennisdecker] Nice to see you here :-)
+ 25467 [dennisdecker] Nice to see you here :-)
  + 16940 [aryan@gl ba ] I got the book only two days after finding Ruby!
  + 25480 [aryan@gl ba ] I got the book only two days after finding Ruby!

Handling of 'national characters' in strings
25466 [s_skroeder@h] This is something i'm working on....
16840 [Dave@Pr gm t] There does seem to be a RubyWin problem here.

Re: curses window + scroll
25468 [maverick@id ] Nevermind, I figured it out. I had to add a scrollok wrapper into

[ANN] NQXML v1.0.2 (bug fix)
25470 [jimm@fn rd i] NQXML version 1.0.2 fixes errors in the DOCTYPE public identifier strings

Writting a profiler / line coverager / debugger for ruby
25472 [llothar@ma l] I just looked in the ruby reference and didn't find something like the
+ 16864 [Dave@Pr gm t] It's called "set_trace_func", in the Kernel module
| 16872 [matz@ze ab t] And it may be useful to check out debug.rb (debugger), profile.rb
+ 25537 [hgs@dm .a .u] This doesn't seem to be in the FAQ.  There is a profiler for Ruby,
| 25603 [mchahn@fa el] There is a trace callback in python.  Cannot look it up at the moment, but
+ 25546 [feldt@ce ch ] $ ri set_trace
+ 25563 [ned@bi e- om] see set_trace_func

Something strange with Ruby's inheritance mechanism
25473 [jaco@te se .] As Ruby beginner, i try some "canonical" OO scripts. Doing so, I've
+ 16873 [aleksei.guze] I'm afraid Eric Jacoboni wishes Ruby intrpreter perform strong type
| 16879 [matju@sy pa ] Have you seen type-inference? Some languages actually analyze your code
| 16880 [aleksei.guze] # -----Original Message-----
| + 16885 [jaco@te se .] That's exactly my problem : A is a subset of B. A subset of objects: a
| + 16890 [Dave@Pr gm t] Are there any studies that actually show that?
| + 16894 [marick@vi ib] Many Lisp and Smalltalk programmers would disagree.
| + 16925 [matju@sy pa ] Those characteristics are those of 386 assembler. 486 and Pentium
| + 17175 [ford_prefect] Consider the weakly type functional programming language Erlang used by
| + 25516 [ford_prefect] Consider the weakly type functional programming language Erlang used by
|   17176 [aleksei.guze] I didn't want ot discuss techonologies at this mailing list.
+ 16876 [patrickdloga] anEmployee is just a variable name that appears to resemble a class name.
+ 25492 [patrickdloga] anEmployee is just a variable name that appears to resemble a class name.

Something strange with Ruby's inheritance mechanism
25474 [jaco@te se .] As Ruby beginner, i try some "canonical" OO scripts. Doing so, I've
+ 16870 [matju@sy pa ] It's a "non-feature". Names are not references, they are keys in a hash of
+ 16871 [alwagner@tc ] Just curious, what did you expect to happen?  What model do you hold in your
+ 16875 [matz@ze ab t] aManager = anEmployee
+ 16886 [jaco@te se .] Educationnal purpose, not efficiency...
+ 25475 [jaco@te se .] That's exactly my problem : A is a subset of B. A subset of objects: a
| + 16901 [patrickdloga] There are two things that make Ruby different from previous languages
| | 16907 [luigi.ballab] class ObjectOne {
| + 17033 [matju@sy pa ] Unlike SmallTalk, Ruby does not have Object#become, or anything. You can't
| | 17060 [jaco@te se .] Yep. It seems it's something like that. As far as i used to consider,
| + 17174 [ford_prefect] In a strongly type language, you very often end up creating a reference to a
| + 25482 [jaco@te se .] Yep. It seems it's something like that. As far as i used to consider,
| + 25519 [ford_prefect] In a strongly type language, you very often end up creating a reference to a
| + 25549 [ned@bi e- om] No. An A object is going to remain an instance of A (or very closely related
| + 25572 [billk@ct .c ] As 'Eliza' might say, "Why do you think that the OOP is ok as long as
+ 25489 [jaco@te se .] Educationnal purpose, not efficiency...
| + 16891 [decoux@mo lo] a = b = "abc"
| + 16895 [hgs@dm .a .u] But you don't assign a class to another class. You assign it to a name.
| + 16899 [luigi.ballab] That's because you're thinking of C++ and its copy semantics (i.e., when
| + 25566 [eric@ba tu .] Uhm, objects cannot be assigned to each other in Ruby. You are confusing the
| + 25688 [list@ch om t] There are no two objects being assigned to each other in your example,
+ 25658 [alwagner@ua ] No, aManager is just assigned to a variable named "anEmployee";