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^ bug in ruby
252510 [sai438 gmail] class Foo
+ 252512 [dblack wobbl] bar = 2
+ 252513 [mike.cahill ] Sorry - where's the bug?  You think the
+ 252514 [peter semant] There is no way that this conditional will be triggered.
+ 252515 [B.Candler po] This is a bug in your understanding of the language, not in the language
| 252517 [shortcutter ] Kind regards
| 252521 [wonado donne] It should be added in the documentation, that such an uninitialized local
+ 252519 [showaltb gma] [ snip ]

^ remove
252516 [sburne_2000 ] ____________________________________________________________________________________Luggage? GPS? Comic books?

^ Gmail atom feed
252530 [fophillips19] I'm trying to use basic auth to retrieve my Gmail atom feed but I keep on
252536 [B.Candler po] This is HTTPS. See /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/https.rb (or the equivalent on your
252540 [fophillips19] ftp.rb  http.rb  imap.rb  pop.rb  protocol.rb  smtp.rb  telnet.rb
252556 [B.Candler po] So, let me guess - you're using Ubuntu or Debian, right? If so you'll need
+ 252559 [fophillips19] Thanks, it's working perfectly now.
+ 252563 [Rob AgileCon] #=======================================================================

^ [ANN] Ruby-MediaWiki (was: Wikipedia Bot)
252537 [stephan spac] We have written what you're looking for, but a year ago and we've not
+ 252539 [stephan spac] Err. Actually only the homepage is german, the RDoc is english.
+ 252552 [rick.denatal] Cool, if I once again need it I'll take a look.
  252554 [benjohn fysh] I get that now and then, but quite often I can't track down where it's
  252661 [dzwell gmail] for a time, I couldn't type "myself" without first typing "mysql". Way

^ Re: Ruby-MediaWiki (was: Wikipedia Bot)
252544 [evil_grunger] Excellent, I'll have a look!

^ Two Installations of Ruby
252555 [highlyjhi gm] I'm running Mac OS 10.4.9 with Ruby 1.8.2 installed by default. I
252562 [fophillips19] export PATH=/Users/jeremy/bin:$PATH
252566 [highlyjhi gm] Great! But when I close Terminal it's back to the default. How do I
252567 [fophillips19] PATH=PATH=/Users/jeremy/bin:$PATH
252572 [sepp2k googl] Two things: a) It'd have to be export PATH=/Users/jeremy/bin:$PATH
252574 [gregory.t.br] Um... Maybe in 10.1 or 10.2, but it's been default 10.3 on up, IIRC
252580 [sepp2k googl] Oh, my knowledge must be out of date then. Sorry for spreading misinformation.
252606 [highlyjhi gm] Is it possible to install the new version of Ruby over the old on OS X?
+ 252610 [fophillips19] If you compile from source, you may have to use
+ 252612 [TimHunter nc] Yes, but you probably don't want to.

^ Excessive Memory Usage with libxml
252557 [has.sox gmai] I hope this is the right place for this.
252560 [has.sox gmai] I've managed to reproduce the error by changing to Benchmark.bmbm.  It is

^ Re: Magic Squares (#124)
252561 [CHubas7 gmai] A little late, but did it.

^ IRC bot test
252568 [kristnjov no] Hey!
+ 252582 [fophillips19] If it's of any interest, I already have an IRC bot written in Ruby at
+ 252603 [apeiros gmx.] That's indeed the problem IMHO which is why I suggest you solve that

^ general question about function parameters and spaces
252570 [mikejaystein] Why does Ruby frown upon putting spaces between a function name and the left
252575 [sepp2k googl] Because parentheses are optional around function parameters and can also be

^ [ANN] RubyCocoa 0.11.0
252571 [laurent.sans] I am honored to announce the immediate release of RubyCocoa 0.11.0.
+ 252622 [fophillips19] Only today I was thinking of porting my latest piece of Ruby software to OS
+ 252670 [erwin.abbott] I see on your GettingStarted page this requires OS X 10.4.8, but I'm
  252692 [laurent.sans] In fact you may be able to build the source release on Panther, though

^ Small Ruby IDE (Debugging)
252573 [jbucaran gma] As a project of mine I want to build a very simple and small IDE for
252578 [jbucaran gma] I will check that out, but still, how do I debug in Ruby? How does it
252741 [martin.kraus] It is incomplete and also little obsolete (e.g. Florian's rudebug is

^ string -> symbol
252583 [mike.cahill ] ok - i'm officially an idiot.
+ 252585 [jeremy hineg] "a_string".to_sym # => :a_string
+ 252586 [vshepelev im] Is String#to_sym (or String#intern) what you looking for?
| 252608 [donald.ball ] Which one is in fact preferred?
| 252617 [rick.denatal] Either one, they are synonymous.
+ 252590 [flori nixe.p] # => "#<A:0xb7cfcf08>"
+ 252615 [sepp2k googl] String#to_sym

^ behavior of -rsomegem differs from require 'somegem'
252584 [jeremy hineg] I just encountered something today and I'm not sure if this should be
252731 [logancapaldo] loading rubygems alters the Kernel#require method. -r doesn't actually
252734 [jeremy hineg] Thanks!

^ Uniform Random Number Generator
252589 [roland.mai g] I need a random number generator that generates random numbers with a
+ 252592 [rick.denatal] According to the source code for random.c, Ruby's implementation of
+ 252593 [dzwell gmail] Well, I would think that by definition it has a uniform distribution.
| + 252607 [alex blackke] An RNG defined such that its output is the average of the outputs of N
| + 252614 [TimHunter nc] The stat software I use has RNGs for the Bernoulli, beta, binomial,
| | 252657 [dzwell gmail] I guess that was a pretty dumb question. But I'm glad I asked it, as I
| | 252704 [rick.denatal] Most of these are based on a uniform RNG. They either apply a function
| + 252619 [hhausman gma] Just Kidding.
|   252623 [AEtzold gmx.] You can use uniform random numbers generated from the GNU Scientific
|   252629 [roland.mai g] You guys are great. Thanks a lot.
+ 252595 [vjoel path.b] Yes, rand() is uniform in the interval 0 <= x < 1. It's based on MT19937.

^ Analysing ruby code
252591 [cypher.dp gm] Somebody knows the best way or even a tool to split ruby code into its
252598 [rick.denatal] This looks like you are just splitting it into lines.  If so then if
252601 [cypher.dp gm] No, it's a little bit more than just splitting it into lines.
+ 252602 [apeiros gmx.] You can use the irb tokenizer to do that. I used it to create colored
+ 252605 [lparravi gma] Maybe ParseTree [1] is what you are looking for. Look at the example

^ Substituting variables in a method
252625 [_mwryder wor] I am trying to figure out how to pass variables for the parameters to a
252627 [list.push gm] I'm not sure if this is what you want, but..
+ 252631 [_mwryder wor] That's what I was looking for.  I would never have thought of enclosing
+ 252632 [rick.denatal] str4 = str3.gsub(str1, str2)
  252633 [_mwryder wor] How does one know when to use string interpolation and when it isn't
  + 252638 [list.push gm] OK, I gave a bad example.
  | 252654 [_mwryder wor] It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what these were doing and
  + 252653 [seebs seebs.] It's simple.  If you are trying to embed a variable in a literal string, you

^ module problems
252626 [rossz sonic.] I'm new at Ruby/Rails, so must have missed something obvious.
252658 [dzwell gmail] Many of us here don't use rails, as this in a general ruby language

^ Confusing array garbage collection, how to get valid heap snapshot?
252628 [gfodor gmail] We are working on tracking down a memory leak, and are hoping to use
252636 [matz ruby-la] It sometimes happens.  I am afraid the array address is pointed from
252643 [gfodor gmail] Ah. Could I get some pointers in the source to look to better
252647 [matz ruby-la] gc.c especially in the function garbage_collect().

^ Confusing array garbage collection, how to get valid heap snapshot?
252630 [gfodor gmail] We are working on tracking down a memory leak, and are hoping to use
252635 [vjoel path.b] This is probably not very helpful, because I don't know what bleak_house

^ [ANN] Erubis 2.3.0 released - a fast and extensible eRuby implementation
252634 [kwa kuwata-l] I have just released Erubis 2.3.0.

^ Ruby and SDL
252637 [bino indoaks] I want to learn more about Ruby and SDL ..
+ 252656 [sonoflilit g] There isn't much to the connection between Ruby and SDL. It is pretty
| 252662 [bino indoaks] Thankyou for your enlightment.
+ 252666 [apeiros gmx.] That's not quite true. Jacius of Rubygame is in #rubygame on

^ test/unit autorun fails to set exit status on failure
252639 [john.carter ] Consider the elementary unit test that fails...
252648 [tim.pease gm] Hmmm ....
252650 [gregory.t.br] ...
252651 [tim.pease gm] Thanks for the link.  Nobu checked in a fix for this bug.  Should be

^ SOAP Client -getting data from SOAP::Mapping::Object?
252640 [masonbrown g] I've been staring at this for too long, and at this point my mind can't
252649 [bmunat gmail] I've only messed with SOAP4r on one project, but I found that I could

^ problem appending to arrays in a hash of arrays
252641 [mikejaystein] I'm trying to create a hash with each element being an array (initially
252642 [cdcarter gma] => {}
252690 [rick.denatal] That's a fish for Mike, here's a little fishing lesson.
252705 [mikejaystein] I sort of understand your explanation, but what are :a, :b, etc.?
252733 [rick.denatal] They're just symbols, strings or most other objects would work just as

^ Paper on mixins
252644 [smokinn gmai] I'm writing a paper on ruby mixins and thought it might be interesting

^ Enumerator for Hash
252645 [iobass email] I have a complex object that I want to hash in different ways, similar
252663 [shortcutter ] You write "hash" which usually means "calculate hash value for" but the
+ 252711 [iobass email] Sorry for the confusion.  I was trying to be considerate and brief,
+ 252712 [iobass email] Sorry for the confusion.  I was trying to be considerate and brief,
+ 252714 [iobass email] Sorry for the confusion.  I was trying to be considerate and brief,
+ 252715 [iobass email] Sorry for the confusion.  I was trying to be considerate and brief,
+ 252716 [iobass email] Sorry for the confusion.  I was trying to be considerate and brief,
  252721 [shortcutter ] Wow!  5 identical postings in just two minutes.  You must have been
  + 252735 [iobass email] Sorry.  I'm using Google groups and it keeps telling me "error, unable
  + 252736 [iobass email] And thank you for the excellent ideas.  Manually generating the key
  + 252819 [iobass email] Now I remember why I wanted my earlier approach.  My object has
    252855 [shortcutter ] [1,2] + [3,4,5] -> [1,2,3,4,5]

^ string -> symbol, redux
252646 [mike.cahill ] ok... i'm still not getting it.  i want the elegant way to do the last two lines in my Server initialize.  and please be kind - i'm just a programming hack, not a professional. =)
252667 [B.Candler po] Well,

^ Confusing array garbage collection, how to get valid heap snapshot?
252652 [gfodor gmail] We are working on tracking down a memory leak, and are hoping to use

^ A very early Ruby problem..
252655 [JonnDailey g] In Chris Pine's book, "Learn to Program", he asks you to write a small
+ 252659 [list.push gm] Did you understand the program just before that?
+ 252665 [kazaam oleco] Well this is rather simple. You know how to read from STDIN (= console
| + 252728 [JonnDailey g] Thanks a lot. I was going about it the wrong way. It looks so simple
| + 252729 [JonnDailey g] Thanks a lot. I was going about it the wrong way. It looks so simple
+ 252737 [ari aribrown] An excellent book. It's where I learned to program Ruby!

^ Northern VA Ruby User's Group
252668 [tom infoethe] If you're in the northern Virginia area, drop by the NovaRUG meeting

^ How to unsubscribe ?
252669 [nicolasmonte] Idle Question :  How do I unsubscribe from this list ?
252675 [TimHunter nc] RMagick [http://rmagick.rubyforge.org]

^ storing boolean flags in numbers
252671 [sebastian.pr] I might sound completely dumb asking this question, but well, I'll risk
252673 [seebs seebs.] You're looking for "bitwise operators".
+ 252674 [sebastian.pr] Great,
+ 252677 [nobu ruby-la] p 5[2]
  252678 [sebastian.pr] Wow! This is great! But is there a way to set flags this way to?
  252680 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> flags = 0b010110010
  252682 [sebastian.pr] Great!

^ Coverage!!!
252679 [jkoustubhin ] Am trying to run my ruby files in rcov task,
252681 [jan.svitok g] Please, before reposting the same question, first see the answers you
252684 [jkoustubhin ] I tried the options that u have specified, but it showing coverage for
252686 [jan.svitok g] Ok,

^ [ANN] Huntsville, Alabama area Ruby Users Group (hsv.rb)
252683 [lyle.johnson] All,

^ can I do windows shell scripting in ruby?
252685 [davy.bold go] I am totally new to ruby and interested in doing a backup job on
+ 252688 [kazaam oleco] greets
+ 252689 [jan.svitok g] either
  + 252695 [davy.bold go] hey, that is awesome how fast the response came. This encourages me to
  + 252696 [davy.bold go] hey, that is awesome how fast the response came. This encourages me to
  + 252697 [davy.bold go] hey, that is awesome how fast the response came. This encourages me to
  | 252699 [kazaam oleco] there are no rules here but if you break one they are spamming your
  + 252783 [ snk gna.org] This only works if the arguments do not contain spaces (otherwise you
    + 252829 [kyleaschmitt] Just a thought, there are versions of Perl, Rexx and Python that works
    | 252832 [gthiesfeld g] Some kind soul already has.  ActiveScriptRuby
    | 252853 [kyleaschmitt] Very cool.  Alright then, that'd be the absolute _best_ way of doing
    + 252960 [jenda cpan.o] And why do you think the quoting rules of the shell/command processor
      252966 [Reid.Thompso] see popen.....

^ printing float to string with decimal rounding
252700 [josselin wan] I am trying to print a float result in a string but I can get it right
+ 252701 [farrel.lifso] Kernel#format
+ 252702 [shortcutter ] Is this good enough?
  252785 [josselin wan] thanks a lot.. did not know about that...   using too much the rails helpers...

^ require_gem vs. gem
252706 [dcrissman pe] I am confused, can somebody please explain to me the difference between
+ 252713 [ecomba mac.c] require 'rubygems'
| 252719 [francois.bea] Apparently, it didn't solve Enrique's problem.
| + 252722 [dcrissman pe] What is the difference between an "active" gem and a gem that has been
| | + 252732 [rick.denatal] "active" gem is informal.  What the gem directive really does is to
| | + 252760 [jim weirichh] Gems are activated (i.e. selected and made available).
| |   + 252811 [dcrissman pe] Thats great guys, thank you for the explanation.
| |   + 255563 [gallopma cyl] I was just wondering the same as the original poster. These explanations
| + 252726 [ecomba mac.c] Well, i did not have the problem in the first place :P
+ 252717 [cdcarter gma] try require 'active_record'
| 252730 [brady vbwebs] unsubscribe
| 252813 [lloyd 2live4] Does this mean that the VB guy does not like Ruby anymore?  :)
+ 252727 [logancapaldo] require 'active_record'

^ Posting guidelines (was Re: can I do windows shell scripting in ruby?)
252708 [helgeg helge] best regards,
252725 [perrin apoth] On that subject -- I notice that the ruby-talk posting guidelines refer

^ ruby socket programming
252710 [Larry.Ericks] to communicate to a device that once I establish a TCPSocket
+ 252718 [lparravi gma] Shouldn't you send some mark (newline, ';' or something like that) to
| 252781 [bino indoaks] Dear All
+ 252746 [funkaster gm] did you try with a t.flush or maybe a t.puts("...")?...

^ Regexp challenge
252720 [pikselNOSPAM] Whats the rubyest ruby program you can code for opening a directory of
+ 252723 [caduceass gm] You go first.
+ 252724 [james graypr] $ ruby -pi -e 'gsub("target", "practice")' *
  252743 [tim.pease gm] And we have a winner!  James you never cease to amaze me.  I just
  252744 [james graypr] <laughs>  I come from Perl where tricks like that our very common,
  + 252745 [tim.pease gm] Well, you did fail to use a regular expression ;)
  + 252753 [rick.denatal] Well, I was tempted to comment that your solution seemed more perlish

^ Reading files with comments with FasterCSV
252739 [armin.armbru] I'm trying to read csv files using FasterCSV.
252742 [james graypr] There's no way to get FasterCSV to skip the line.  I know one other

^ Ruby Header Files in Mac OS X
252747 [ari aribrown] [Snow-iMac:~/Desktop/Programming/rubyforger] ari% ruby extconf.rb
252752 [henryj parad] Have you set up your paths correctly?
252754 [ari aribrown] I can run ruby just fine, but to be sure, I checked. And yup, Ruby's
252759 [TimHunter nc] You're running the version of Ruby that comes pre-installed with OS X,
+ 252762 [ari aribrown] Couldn't I just move the file around? And should I reinstall it in /
| + 252764 [TimHunter nc] You could, but installing your own version of Ruby is easy and you can
| | 252766 [henryj parad] or try...
| | 252767 [apeiros gmx.] You can have it even easier.
| | 252770 [ari aribrown] charset=US-ASCII;
| | + 252779 [DPhillips cy] I could be wrong, but I believe that csh needs the variable to be in the
| | | 252876 [ari aribrown] Yup. You're right. After three hours of frustration and profanity, I
| | + 252784 [dangerwillro] Which version of OSX are you using?
| + 252765 [henryj parad] By installing your own version of ruby you can be reasonably sure
+ 252780 [DPhillips cy] This is the reason I absolutely hated compiling anything on a mac at my
+ 252804 [laurent.sans] This was IIRC fixed in 10.4.8.