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^ Re: Parser or Programmer? (was: Re: Why not adopt "Python St
252310 [shevegen lin] "tabs can be made forbidden (g.v.rossum himself said he'd never

^ Emergency help is needed
252314 [paytam gmail] I have 2 questions?
+ 252317 [seebs seebs.] ...
+ 252323 [dzwell gmail] Symbols tend to be used like constants sometimes are in other languages.
+ 252324 [B.Candler po] For a definition of "instance variable" see
+ 252394 [m_goldberg a] That's really three questions, but who's counting? :)
| 252399 [fxn hashref.] The usage of symbols is very similar to Java strings though. In Java
+ 252405 [gregory.t.br] Why does this sound like a homework assignment?
  252428 [bramski gmai] On May 21, 10:48 am, "Gregory Brown" <gregory.t.br...@gmail.com>

^ How to access libnet from ruby?
252321 [kazaam oleco] how can I directly use libnet under linux from ruby. the ruby-libnet
252325 [B.Candler po] ...

^ (none)
252327 [ayblinkin gm] ...

^ Ruby irc channels?
252332 [gianmh gmail] Are there any good ruby irc channels?
+ 252333 [TimHunter nc] RMagick [http://rmagick.rubyforge.org]
+ 252334 [agorilla gma] That's probably best asked on IRC ;)
  252341 [m.fellinger ] /msg chanserv list *ruby*

^ [QUIZ] Solution: Magic Squares (#124)
252336 [croese gmail] ...

^ Re: Solution: Magic Squares (#124)
252337 [croese gmail] sorry about the formatting folks, first time poster!

^ Re: How to adopt "Python Style" indentation for Ruby
252345 [B.Candler po] Actually, I'd happily settle for something simpler: a pretty-printer which
+ 252356 [rick.denatal] In vim, I find that ggVG= does that job well enough.
+ 252383 [renard nc.rr] I use Arachono Ruby IDE. Its editor has a feature whereby I can select
  252384 [phelan tttec] I've tried posting several times without success ... here again.
  252403 [eric.mahurin] if l =~ /:\s*$/
  252415 [bradphelan x] I think I would prefer the leaving the 'do' in and keeping the rubish
  252424 [eric.mahurin] character it shouldn't collide.  You could use this code for starting
  252434 [rick.denatal] Why do I get the impression that this thread is trying to develop a
  252445 [bradphelan x] Now, now! It's just a sweet little creation. It couldn't hurt anyone
  252463 [perrin apoth] What if it does?  It might accidentally cause the death of the mad
  252498 [phelan tttec] I upgraded the little library so that it has better error detection
  252502 [phelan tttec] In general I think that above is not a good idea for Ruby. However it
  252511 [dblack wobbl] I prefer Ruby files that feel like Ruby files (why is everyone so
  + 252532 [znmeb cesmai] But I want a *blue* bike shed next to *my* nuclear power plant. <ducking>
  | + 252545 [vjoel path.b] Coming soon from the Pragmatic Programmers: "What Color is Your Bike
  | + 252550 [dblack wobbl] class C
  | + 252551 [rick.denatal] I assume you meant attr_accessor which is a method which takes one or
  |   252553 [vjoel path.b] Ed probably meant do...end, not begin...end.
  |   252581 [rick.denatal] Fair enough, I'll file that in the "you learn something new every day"
  + 252538 [rick.denatal] And with the judicious use of {} vs. do end there are other
  | 252616 [perrin apoth] table do
  + 252564 [bradphelan x] I am not concerned really either way with the indentation thingie. I
    252588 [eric.mahurin] Agreed.  Indentation vs. other ways of delimiting code blocks is just
    + 252613 [bradphelan x] Recently python allowed it's yield statement to be an expression
    + 252618 [perrin apoth] That's why it draws so much heat: it's a preference thing.  People foo

^ Newbie: IIS
252346 [pie2000 gmai] ...

^ Timeout accessing .Net Webservice via POST or GET
252349 [domma procod] I try to access an .Net webservice which is accessible via HTTP POST
252351 [B.Candler po] Are you enabling ssl? Try the following sample code from the documentation
252794 [domma procod] That solved my problem. Thanks a lot! :-)

^ Re: ultraviolet 0.9.0 Released
252350 [dichodaemon ] Sorry for answering so late, but I was on vacations. Regarding your
267706 [jfs.world gm] hey guys, sorry for being late to the party [ ;) ], but... perhaps
268077 [felipe.contr] Yeah, well I had different ideas and I guess I didn't express myself
268093 [lloyd 2live4] True enough.  We are not being very DRY about such things, are we?

^ using Enumerable when each has arguments?
252352 [erwin.abbott] I've written a number of classes which would benefit from the
+ 252353 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> class Foo
+ 252367 [transfire gm] The standard response is "use enumerator and to_enum". but if you feel
  + 252380 [shortcutter ] I on the other hand am a big fan of Enumerator. :-)
  | 252385 [transfire gm] That true. But at least it reads much better.
  | 252386 [shortcutter ] Even that is subjective: I personally prefer to read f.to_enum(:range,
  | + 252387 [james graypr] I agree.  It's also worth noting that to_enum() is aliased to enum_for
  | | 252402 [erwin.abbott] Thanks for the replies.  I hadn't looked at Enumerator before, I think
  | | 252414 [shortcutter ] No, the point is that with Enumerator you do *not* have to write your
  | + 252408 [transfire gm] Not sure I understand what you mean by "because then I know this is
  |   252446 [shortcutter ] Yes, it *can* - that's not the point.  But if I see foo.to_enum(:bar,
  |   252455 [transfire gm] Sorry it's not a concise answer, but this conversation could very well
  |   252518 [shortcutter ] Frankly, I won't be reading a 300+ page document in order to try to get
  + 252404 [rick.denatal] I'm not sure that that means in general, but what the current 1.9 does
    252407 [james graypr] Enumerator is part of the standard library (libraries shipped with
    252430 [rick.denatal] 1) Alzheimers

^ Bitmap -> GIF/PNG/JPG
252354 [michael mahe] Can anyone please recommend a package for generating images from a
252357 [rmagick gmai] the input pixels are in a string buffer this is an extremely fast

^ Simple Q: object creation to be determined by incoming data
252355 [caduceass gm] ...
+ 252358 [B.Candler po] If the class names are all top-level, e.g. "Foo", then
+ 252359 [stefano.croc] I'm not sure I understand correctly your question. I think you don't need to
  252364 [caduceass gm] ...

^ How to delete a node with Hpricot?
252360 [has.sox gmai] Sorry if this is not the right forum for this question.
252476 [eden.li gmai] I can't comment on the error, but you can delete a given node in your
252484 [has.sox gmai] Sweet, that looks like a good way to go.  I'll try that out.

^ [ANN] rutema 0.1 released
252361 [damphyr free] rutema version 0.1 has been released!

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
252363 [james graypr] ...

^ Need some help..
252368 [disha.tamhan] ...
252370 [gregory.t.br] Are you doing something like, taking arguments
252373 [disha.tamhan] ...
+ 252376 [gregory.t.br] def do_something_with_basedir(dir)
| 252378 [disha.tamhan] ...
| 252381 [gregory.t.br] Usually you will want to structure your code so it is most easily
+ 252377 [jan.svitok g] Gregory is right - you should put ARGV handling somewhere aside to

^ new to group.
252371 [arthur grad.] it is a good place to hold rails talks too.
+ 252375 [jan.svitok g] It's better to discuss specific rails problems at rails group, see
+ 252382 [gregory.t.br] As Jano mentioned, the rails list is better for those topics, but I

^ Segmentation Fault when using MySql from Ruby - please help
252389 [ronald.fisch] I have installed the "mysql" gem for Ruby running on Windows.
252393 [mike.cahill ] Not sure if this is your segfault... But you're using these in a way I haven't seen.   I assign the connect call to an obj and query that...
252501 [ronald.fisch] Indeed, that was it - I used the library in a strange way; and

^ Wikipedia Bot
252398 [evil_grunger] I'm planning on writing a simple Wikipedia Bot, but I'm having a little
+ 252409 [dzwell gmail] On the main page, see the text where it says "Sign in / create account"?
| 252435 [evil_grunger] That's the thing, I've tried that but I can't find 'sign in' 'sign out'
| + 252442 [swistak mail] I recomend using scrubyt - there was example how to log into site, and post
| + 252524 [dinkel pimpr] Check if there is a cookie involved that stores your session. As far as
|   252529 [rick.denatal] I'm pretty sure that mediawiki (the software behind wikipedia) does in
+ 252461 [ryand-ruby z] Guess I'm going to be the one to ask: why do you need a wikipedia bot?
  252535 [evil_grunger] I don't need one at all personally, but there are loads of requests for
  252943 [kristoffer.l] Last I looked at Pywikipedia the design was horribly broken - don'trecall details exactly, but it was really really painful to try andextend or enhance it in any way. Putting up a simple Ruby-bot that dida better job was a matter of hours. Using some of the high-level HTTPautomation libs that exist it should be even faster, and verymaintainable if you put some thought into it.
  252980 [evil_grunger] Well, from what I've seen so far it doesn't actually seem that bad -
  252990 [kristoffer.l] If you just want to do what it already does, such as helping withcross-language referencing,  it's probably fine. It's when you want todo something new, or something more advanced it gets really tricky.

^ [ANN] rutema 0.1 released
252400 [damphyr free] rutema version 0.1 has been released!

^ signature
252411 [lloyd 2live4] I apologize for not knowing where to post this.  I want to have a
+ 252433 [logancapaldo] Check the help for your mail (or news) client.
| 252462 [perrin apoth] The OP was posting from the forum interface, which indicates that a mail
| 252469 [logancapaldo] Oh was he? I had no idea ;)
+ 252450 [TimHunter nc] I think www.ruby-forum.com does not support signatures. If you want to

^ putty on Ruby and how to hide password
252412 [victor.reyes] ...
+ 252416 [DPhillips cy] Use pageant and an ssh key.  Secure and doesn't require the password in
+ 252418 [ysantoso-rub] Don't store password on file. If a program can decrypt it, someone can
  252422 [victor.reyes] ...

^ Re: Segmentation Fault when using MySql from Ruby - please h
252417 [kevwil gmail] Also make sure that libmysql.dll is in your PATH and available to Ruby.

^ Routing code question
252421 [rwc006 aim.c] def number_of_captures
252423 [B.Candler po] $ cat x.rb

^ Ruby on Rails in Eclipse
252425 [Mellissa.McC] I am trying to load Ruby on Rails into Eclipse.
+ 252429 [_mwryder wor] I used Instant Rails to install Ruby and Ruby on Rails.  It placed the
| + 252431 [damnbigman g] ...
| + 252459 [Mellissa.McC] On May 21, 1:17 pm, "Michael W. Ryder" <_mwry...@worldnet.att.net>
|   + 252460 [dvohra09 yah] ...
|   + 252464 [_mwryder wor] Did Instant Rails add the Ruby.cmd file to its Ruby\bin folder?  Instant
|     252465 [_mwryder wor] Change all instances of ruby.cmd to rails.cmd in my reply.  That's what
+ 252448 [dvohra09 yah] ...

^ trying to build todo list app...
252426 [indiehead gm] the idea is to have something like 37 signals ajax'y ta-da list, but

^ Net::HTTP::Put with 302 redirect?
252438 [christopher.] Is there any way to get net/http to follow a 302 redirect?
252440 [B.Candler po] Lots of examples in the source; look for it in /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb

^ There's gem chocolate in my profiling peanut butter!
252441 [djberg96 gma] Has anyone written anything that will skip all the gem related code
+ 252447 [vjoel path.b] ==================================================
| 252453 [djberg96 gma] Oh, excellent Joel, thank you. As for profile.rb, I think it would be
+ 252740 [snail objmed] Daniel Berger <djberg96@gmail.com> writes

^ double extend of object
252444 [ara.t.howard] does anyone know if this can be relied upon?
252449 [vjoel path.b] Is this the part you are really asking about?
252452 [ara.t.howard] yes ;-)

^ ruby libnet
252454 [ari aribrown] hey,
+ 252487 [B.Candler po] It means the ruby header files are missing :-)
| 252594 [ari aribrown] Sorry about that.
+ 252500 [kazaam oleco] could you get it to work to send a SYN packet?
  252599 [ari aribrown] I can't require the libnet file. I tried downloading and installing
  252609 [ari aribrown] Also, for the missing header files on Mac OS X, I did a locate

^ RubyProf maintenance (Was: There's gem chocolate in my profiling peanut butter!)
252456 [drbrain segm] Is RubyProf still being maintained?  It has this horribly annoying
252467 [djberg96 gma] I haven't experienced that myself, and it has been less than a year
258524 [cfis savagex] ...

^ [ANN] rubyforge 0.4.2 Released
252457 [ryand-ruby z] rubyforge version 0.4.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] hoe 1.2.1 Released
252458 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.2.1 has been released!

^ Oddities of Ruby to a noob
252468 [Hakusa gmail] I have some good experience in other languages and consider myself a
+ 252470 [mick hollins] x=5
| 252471 [Hakusa gmail] You'd think I'd have gotten that. Oh well. There's one problem fixed.
| 252477 [i_hate_spam ] ...
+ 252473 [logancapaldo] That's not how times works,
| 252478 [Hakusa gmail] Exactly! It's awesome! I don't have to make the input and the use of
| + 252479 [avdi avdi.or] books, free and online.
| | 252480 [Hakusa gmail] Awesome. Thanks.
| | 252486 [i_hate_spam ] ...
| + 252483 [agorilla gma] Once you've made a few bucks, pay him back by buying the paper copy.
| | 252485 [Hakusa gmail] Not even out on my own and already developing a list of creditors.
| + 252488 [B.Candler po] It was written for ruby 1.6, but it still works. You'll just be missing all
| + 252533 [akbarhome gm] When I graduated from high school, I only know about clipper
+ 252474 [avdi avdi.or] But don't make a habit of it.  Synchronous output is a great way to
+ 252475 [caduceass gm] I can't answer the STDOUT.flush question because I've never had to use

^ Re: file-find 0.1.0
252482 [Christopher.] Rio does raise an exception when trying to read the contents of a
252528 [ara.t.howard] fyi.

^ Partial Regular Expression Matching
252489 [fugalh ziane] I would like to identify partial matching of a regular expression, for a
+ 252520 [B.Candler po] but that's quite old so you might need to fiddle with it a bit.
| 252543 [fugalh ziane] Well that works for \w+ an \s+, but what if you want to match /01+0/?
| + 252565 [rick.denatal] Han's I'm not sure I understand your use case. Perhaps you could
| | 252972 [fugalh ziane] It's a thought excercise. I've been fiddling with parser generators, and
| | 252987 [B.Candler po] I imagine it should be
| | 253111 [fugalh ziane] Yes, of course. Sorry.
| | 253133 [B.Candler po] OK. So it sounds like the problem is that you *need* partial matching,
| | 253211 [fugalh ziane] Sorry that I didn't state the obvious. :) Yes, what I hoped to find from
| + 252604 [B.Candler po] OK, I see the problem - it's not detecting the end of the expression, it's
+ 252547 [logancapaldo] Why not use rex?

^ Can I open RAR files?
252490 [Shark234 gma] How can I open .rar files from ruby?
+ 252525 [akbarhome gm] Your best bet is using system call for unrar program.
| 252569 [vasudevram g] You may also be able to use popen(), assuming the command line version
+ 252577 [jbucaran gma] There is no native way or right way to do that, the thing is that RAR is
| 252660 [shark234 hot] Ok. Thank you! :D
+ 252579 [akbarhome gm] Your best bet is using system call for unrar program.

^ Rcov Task
252491 [jkoustubhin ] Am trying to run my ruby files in rcov task,
252493 [jan.svitok g] rcov normally excludes test files from coverage. to see what that

^ C2  Rcov Covrage
252492 [jkoustubhin ] How i can get C2 coverage in Rcov?
+ 252526 [tim.pease gm] rcov does not provide C2 coverage. Mauricio would be able answer more
+ 252778 [phil.toland ] Rcov doesn't provide C2 coverage. You can get something similar using

^ where does the syntactic sugar get defined?
252494 [keybern gmai] Where exactly does the syntactic sugar get defined in Ruby? Is it
252495 [vshepelev im] Key Bern
252496 [keybern gmai] core syntax     vs      syntactic sugar
+ 252497 [vshepelev im] Key Bern
+ 252499 [alexg kuicr.] 'unless' is a full 'reserved word' in the parser just like 'if' and
+ 252546 [logancapaldo] Yes

^ Ruby installation (?) problem
252503 [johan.ronnbl] I'm trying to install the Radiant CMS system for Ruby. However, it seems there is something not quite right with the Ruby installation. I'm running Debian/sarge so I need some backports Ruby version, and possibly there might be some glitches in the setup due to this.
+ 252531 [rick.denatal] Not a direct answer to your question, but I'd recommend that anyone
+ 252558 [ng johnwlong] Rake 0.7 added the concept of namespaces, so you probably don't have the

^ she method "gets" doesn't work...
252504 [povoas gmail] I've just started learning Ruby and the method "gets" is not working.
+ 252505 [lparravi gma] Have you tried writing something on the window and then hitting enter?
| 252509 [keybern gmai] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 252507 [list.push gm] Are you using SciTE?

^ Netiquette (was Re: ruby libnet)
252506 [james graypr] I know multiple people have asked you to drop this signature.  I'm
+ 252508 [benjohn fysh] Perhaps you could have a smaller (and slightly less chatoic) spider
| 252522 [gregory.t.br] I don't know what you're talking about, that's a beautiful hermit crab.
| 252620 [perrin apoth] . . . minus the claws.  I played around with adding some, but failed.
+ 252523 [gregory.t.br] For me the real issue is that it is extremely irritating to look at
| + 252541 [kazaam oleco] men calm down -.- ...
| + 252600 [ari aribrown] Only after he helps me solve my problem.
+ 252549 [vjoel path.b] A waist is a terrible thing to mind ;)
| 252621 [peter peterc] ...
| 252624 [vjoel path.b] Cute, but it needs some golfing ;)
| 252664 [frdrch web.d] require'zlib';puts Zlib::Inflate.inflate(
+ 252698 [doodpants ma] On May 22, 8:15 am, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
  252707 [caduceass gm] True.  I think the commodity being wasted isn't really net bandwidth,