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cygwin: no such file to load -- ubygem
251571 [ronald.fisch] I now have - thanks to the help of many readers of this mailing list -
+ 251572 [jan.svitok@g] missing "s" rubygems
| 251655 [ronald.fisch] Thank you - that was it! Stupid me!!
+ 251614 [ben@be at in] I had that problem too. I don't quite remember how I fixed it, but I
  251618 [ml.chibbs@gm] The One-Click installer sets the environment variable RUBYOPT to the
  251621 [ben@be at in] I looked and I found "ubygems.rb" in /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/.

Rails: Counter problem
251575 [Adam42Smith@] -3 simple models
+ 251577 [damnbigman@g] ...
+ 251578 [lloyd@2l ve ] At the risk of sounding simplistic, wouldn't it be
  251585 [Adam42Smith@] Actually, my real application is a bit more complicated and it

Regex problem, probably simple
251586 [jim.kronhamn] I want to scrape something of a webpage. It has a massive content and I
+ 251596 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Jim,
+ 251601 [dzwell@gm il] Jim,
  251604 [jim.kronhamn] Thank you for the answers! Worked like a charm.

question about converting Python to Ruby - getopt
251587 [mikejaystein] ...
+ 251589 [bulliver@ba ] There are two: GetOptLong and OptionParser. Both are in the Standard Library.
+ 251590 [avdi@av i. r] Look into the GetoptLong and optparse libraries.  They are both part

Financial Information exchange (FIX) protocol and ruby
251588 [dejan.dimic@] Does anybody have worked with quickfix or any other Financial
+ 251592 [garbagecat10] ...
+ 251645 [dejan.dimic@] My goal is to incorporate a FIX protocol in some application of mine.
  251719 [mark@oc we .] Have you considered using a Java-based FIX engine from JRuby?
  251768 [dejan.dimic@] Definitely I should test the Java thought JRuby solution.

Time range help
251595 [mikehamilton] I have 2 time objects and want to iterate over them by day. I figured
+ 251598 [AEtzold@gm .] t1 = Time.mktime(2001,3,15,21,30,15)
+ 251599 [damnbigman@g] ...
  251600 [mikehamilton] Well - I know how to do it with a date object but the objects I'm using
  251605 [Rob@Ag le on] Why do you need to iterate over them?  If these values are already in
  251611 [mikehamilton] The challenge is that the database is just something I'm reporting off
  251613 [damnbigman@g] ...

WxSugar vs. Ruby-GNOME2 (was: Thinking about Ruby...)
251602 [ shot@ho .p ] Excuse my hijacking the thread, but maybe my narrowing the field a bit
251616 [pgquiles@el ] I hate to repeat myself, but: use QtRuby. It rules.
+ 251634 [shaklev@gm i] Are there any decent-sized open source applications using QtRuby (or
+ 251647 [ shot@ho .p ] Ok, call me lazy here, but is there a nice demonstration of QtRuby
  251668 [pgquiles@el ] There are Qt bindings for Qt3 and Qt4.

[Minor Change Proposal]Allow back reference with nest level in Oniguruma for Ruby again
251603 [wonado@do ne] Nearly one year ago I asked K. Kosako for a new Oniguruma feature which will
251707 [wonado@do ne] Is this here (comp.lang.ruby) the right place for discussions and "change
251709 [matz@ru y- a] ruby-core list is the better place.
+ 251712 [wonado@do ne] I see - but how to place texts there? - Via "http://www.ruby-forum.com/" there
+ 251718 [wonado@do ne] Thank you for the hint - I copied it there and close the question in comp.lang.ruby.

SOLUTION QUIZ 123 # Huffman Encoder
251607 [rick.denatal] ...
+ 251610 [martin@sn wp] Note that I did this with just a few methods, that yielded strings of
+ 394898 [lists@ru y- ] The Vlsi design implementation of huffman encoding from scratch to

Odd Segfault in Ruby / PlRuby
251612 [ralph.mason@] ...

Re: Huffman Encoder (#123)
251617 [olsonas@gm i] Here's my solution. I'm getting different values, but I'm fairly sure
+ 251619 [erikveen@gm ] The better solution...
| 251627 [rubytraining] This solution has a number of features which might make it different
+ 251792 [olsonas@gm i] A little late, but here's my 2nd solution. It does decoding as well, but

Re : Yet Another Software Challenge
251623 [etorreborre@] ...

[ANN] Ruport 1.0, After almost 2 years!
251629 [gregory.t.br] == Ruby Reports (ruport) 1.0  ==
+ 251630 [alexey.verkh] Congratulations.
| 251631 [alexey.verkh] Oops, sorry for spamming the list.
+ 251642 [james.britt@] Sweet.
+ 251734 [jeff.barczew] ...
  251737 [gregory.t.br] Thanks!

Ruby distribution woes - bz2 lib and mongrel
251633 [shaklev@gm i] sometimes it really frustrates me that it's so difficult to distribute
251641 [akbarhome@gm] Webrick instead of Mongrel should make more portable.
251657 [shaklev@gm i] I agree that Webrick would make it eaier, although it's quite a bit
251772 [shaklev@gm i] Thank you all. I guess what I need is to sit down with a computer that
251840 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Stian,
252020 [shaklev@gm i] thanks a lot for the effort. This is definitively not an academic

ANN: Swiftiply 0.5.1 Bugfix Release
251636 [khaines@en g] Just a quick note that a bugfix release of Swiftiply has been released.

bdb-0.5.9 Install Woes
251638 [blufur@gm il] Does anyone have experience installing bdb-0.5.9 on a mac - I can not

Any experienced rubygems users? (was: Ruby distribution woes - bz2 lib and mongrel)
251643 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear all,

Any experienced rubyscript2exe users? (was: Ruby distribution woes - bz2 lib and mongrel)
251646 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear all,
251822 [skoot@id ic ] You may need to check whether the /tmp is not mounted with noexec

Ruby for .NET
251654 [jon@ff on ul] Is there a Ruby implementation for .NET?
251656 [huw@DE TH SB] Microsoft is developing Iron Ruby for .NET. Queensland University of

ARP requests
251658 [ninny12@ho m] I have a project to do in ruby witch consist in recover the ARP requests
+ 251663 [shortcutter@] I am not sure where your problems are but if you want to detect an IP
+ 251670 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"
+ 251679 [garbagecat10] ...
+ 251688 [gabhijit@gm ] Not really sure about how you'd do this in ruby, but I have asuggestion, if you are trying to monitor ARP requests on the networkand also ARP replies I am afraid, you'd not see most (infact allexcept your own) of the ARP replies (standards compliant ARP repliesare not sent to broadcast MAC address) and you might end up thinkingnobody replied. Not sure whether this really is a very good idea.
  251698 [rick.denatal] Not sure how to do this from Ruby, but you can put the network adapter
  + 251701 [rick.denatal] BTW,
  + 251703 [eeklund@gm i] pcap will put the interface into promiscuous mode.
    251708 [fwmailinglis] charset="US-ASCII"

Rspec + Oracle
251659 [shatorkin@gm] Does anybody use Rspec with Oracle? I have RoR app + Oracle DB. I use
252059 [shatorkin@gm] I make work rspec with oracle.

SSL test server
251667 [james@di su ] Does anyone know of a Ruby SSL server script?
+ 251678 [garbagecat10] ...
+ 251682 [B.Candler@po] There is some code in ruby-ldapserver you could borrow (on rubyforge).
+ 251684 [stoyan@gm il] ...
  251722 [james@di su ] Thanks all.

Shoutout for ELC Technologies
251672 [transfire@gm] Just wanted to put a good word out there for ELC Technologies (http://
251673 [transfire@gm] Oh, and if you do contact them, please let them know that Trans

Problem loading files in Ruby CGI scripts
251683 [ruby@to yr d] This is not a Ruby problem as such, but I'm hoping someone will have
251691 [damnbigman@g] ...
251695 [ruby@to yr d] The file permissions seem OK (all can be read by anybody).  I don't know
+ 251711 [damnbigman@g] ...
+ 251735 [ruby@to yr d] Problem solved - my sys admin sorted me out with an .htaccess file,

Coexistency Problem: cygwin + Ruby for Window (and suggestion for improving the Ruby installer)
251715 [ronald.fisch] I just would like to point out a problem when installing Ruby for
251723 [nobu@ru y- a] Doesn't that readline.dll have the default value of INPUTRC?
251776 [ronald.fisch] Yes, but this is not the point. I don't claim that Ruby should not
251790 [nobu@ru y- a] I imagined if it might read any fallback file like
251791 [ronald.fisch] Ruby uses (probably for irb, and for those Ruby functions
251796 [nobu@ru y- a] I meant it would be nice if readline.dll for Windows were had
252348 [ronald.fisch] As far I can see, both apply, but also both are not helpful here.

Regex html
251717 [ribi@sc wi g] I want to filter the content of a body-Tag in html. How can I do this
+ 251721 [robert.dober] First a general remark! you should use multiline mode as tags can be more lines.
+ 251729 [gavin@re in ] @body_content = response[ /<body[^>]*>(.+?)</body>/m, 1 ]
| 251761 [Joerg.Mittag] Whenever someone asks me how to parse HTML with regular expressions, I
| + 251762 [dzwell@gm il] True, but most web sites are more likely to be malformed than they are
| | 251763 [has.sox@gm i] ...
| + 251821 [gavin@re in ] Wow. I was all fired up to call you out on this, and ask you what
|   + 251857 [Joerg.Mittag] Well, keep in mind that this is a very contrived, extreme, exaggerated
|   + 251864 [dangerwillro] This is indeed technically correct for HTML, but what good is it? We
|     251873 [has.sox@gm i] ...
+ 251767 [stephane.wir] Question, Why don't you use Hpricot ?

SketchUp Ruby API
251726 [rdm@cf l. om] I've seen no mention of SketchUp in this forum, so it may
251744 [gavin@re in ] Well, the SketchUp Ruby API not entirely unused by the Ruby community.
251760 [pukimak@gm i] Been using Sketchup since pre-Google and just found out myself that
251766 [rdm@cf l. om] See also sketchupruby@googlegroups.com
251868 [leslieviljoe] ...

thread-safe ANSI-C ruby needed to replace lua
251727 [jeff_alexand] C++  : high-performance code -- rendering, physics, complex
+ 251730 [pgquiles@el ] Have you tried this?
+ 251731 [james@di su ] I looked at doing the same thing a while ago, heard there was such a
+ 251742 [evanwebb@gm ] Not to pimp my own project, but....
+ 251904 [onepoint@st ] On 2007-05-15, jeff_alexander_44@yahoo.com
  + 251932 [james@gr yp ] The one time I really needed Lua, the lack of bit manipulation
  + 252153 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well ... I don't know anything about Lua, but if you really need

what's the most common library for Ruby image processing?
251733 [anakintang@g] All,
251779 [kristoffer.l] Had a look at the homepage, but it seems it's just a smallishthumbnail generator - which is fine, if that's the only thing you needit for. RMagick on the other hand is bigger, but it also does a lotmore.
251998 [no.spam@pl a] Without having ever played with IS, it could be because RMagick
252003 [TimHunter@nc] As of this moment there are no open bug tracks for RMagick memory leaks
252033 [no.spam@pl a] Thanks for your support, and when I get back to Australia,

Mini-library: SOCKSify all TCPSocket instances
251743 [stephan@sp c] I wanted to tunnel all TCP connections of a Ruby program through the Tor

Dynamically adding rows in rails application
251745 [dtblankenshi] I am pretty new to ruby on rails, so please bare with me.  I have been
251748 [damnbigman@g] ...

how to determine if a string is printable?
251753 [mikejaystein] ...
+ 251754 [smokinn@gm i] if(string =~ /.*[\a\b\e\f\n\r\t\v].*/)
+ 251771 [_mwryder@wo ] Even though I am not the OP I tried that and using index but none of
  251775 [_mwryder@wo ] OK, I see what I did.  I forgot the trailing colon.  Still getting used
  + 251778 [list.rb@gm i] ...
  + 251958 [rick.denatal] Regular expression syntax is probably best thought of as a language of

rb_yield(), semaphores and 'break'
251756 [neverland@jw] I've run into a problem that sounds superficially similar to the
251757 [nobu@ru y- a] What semaphore?  ruby's or C++'s?
251758 [neverland@jw] Sorry -- too brief...  This is an OS (BeOS! (:-/)) semaphore (C++ level).
251764 [nobu@ru y- a] Still I'm not sure about your situation.  What do you mean by
251765 [neverland@jw] Guess I'm being too cryptic... (:-/)  I'll try with a *very* stripped
+ 251770 [neverland@jw] One thought before I quit for the night...
+ 251774 [nobu@ru y- a] From where is this function called?  Unless it's called as a
  251828 [neverland@jw] Yes, I realize this now.  [In fact I realized it during my last post,
  251876 [nobu@ru y- a] But receiving is left false, and then bmidi_doeach() acquires
  251886 [neverland@jw] This was *not* what I observed.  I think what was happening was that
  251889 [nobu@ru y- a] Sorry, I misread.

[ANN] rails_analyzer_tools 1.4.0 Released
251759 [drbrain@se m] rails_analyzer_tools version 1.4.0 has been released!

a problem with a cgi.
251781 [music@mu i. ] I'm trying to know how to use cgi with ruby.
251812 [DPhillips@cy] You'll need to either (a) pass individual elements of the array

Installation problem with RMagick-1.14.1_IM-6.3.0-7-Q8
251793 [veeraa2003@y] I tried to install RMagick-1.14.1_IM-6.3.0-7-Q8 in my windowsxp system.

Trouble with system() on SunOS
251795 [galevsky@gm ] I am facing trouble with a system call on one of my tool: XmlChecker
251813 [DPhillips@cy] The first echo of $PATH has $PATH surrounded by single quotes; the shell
253755 [galevsky@gm ] LOL, i am not facing a problem with a print of $PATH var, since I know
253759 [shortcutter@] system "XmlChecker", "-V"

Why doesn't a renamed file adhere to an original variable?
251797 [pbailey@bn .] I need to send some graphics file over to UNIX land, but, without an
+ 251798 [stefano.croc] arborfire is simply a string, it's not related with a file at all. File.rename
+ 251799 [jeremy@hi eg] This is bit of a misconception.  The variable "arborfile" in your
  251817 [B.Candler@po] Errm?

Parsing output
251800 [anon1m0us@ya] dsquery user domainroot -samid <user name> | dsget user -memberof -
+ 251802 [olsonas@gm i] I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but is this what you're looking
| 251807 [olsonas@gm i] I have a question after studying my own solution for the ruby-wise :)
| + 251809 [list.push@gm] I think it is because of the parentheses. Try removing them and take a look.
| + 251810 [sepp2k@go gl] If you don't use groups within your regexp, scan will just return an array
|   251823 [olsonas@gm i] Thanks, that makes perfect sense. Incidentally, I did only want the
+ 251803 [martin.portm] irb(main):001:0> output = "CN=Domain Users,CN=Users,DC=testdc,DC=testroot,DC=test,DC=com"
| 251923 [shortcutter@] irb(main):018:0* output = "CN=Domain
+ 251805 [list.push@gm] Is this what you are looking for?
+ 251806 [list.push@gm] If you want it at the beginning, this would be better than my first suggestion.

Re: Why doesn't a renamed file adhere to an original variabl
251801 [pbailey@bn .] Thank you, guys, both of you. Now I get it. It doesn't quite subscribe

[ANN] Rack 0.2, a modular Ruby webserver interface
251804 [chneukirchen] Today I'm proud to release Rack 0.2.
251841 [hutch@re ur ] Does this mean that, using Rack, I can make my own request/response
252326 [chneukirchen] Exactly.

Buffer in TCPSocket when communicating via
251808 [felipenavas@] I'm using the TCPSocket.send, TCPSocket.gets and TCPSocket.gets to
+ 251818 [B.Candler@po] Can you describe your symptoms more accurately?
+ 251884 [vjoel@pa h. ] You might want to be using TCPSocket#recv instead of #gets. IIRC, the

problem reconnecting an ssl client, the ssl ruby daemon hang
251814 [jkevinlb@gm ] I have an Lua SSL client. The first time it connects, all is fine. But
251819 [B.Candler@po] Perhaps you need to make a new SSL context for each incoming connection?

Net::SFTP, copying directory recursively
251815 [manish@gs ab] I am trying to copy a remote directroy recursively using Net::sftp.
256957 [andy.koch@pc] I just had this same problem, while I didn't solve your precise issue;

RMagick Setting JPEGCompression
251820 [tom@th mo eh] I am trying to dynamically set the compression or quality of an image
251867 [TimHunter@nc] You can't. The only time you can specify the compression level is as an

Gem releasing with Hoe: VERSION environment variable required?
251824 [damphyr@fr e] I want to upload a gem to rubyforge and I am using Hoe to do it.
251912 [damphyr@fr e] rake release VERSION=x.y.z

Binary String to Integer?
251825 [evil_grunger] How can you translate a binary string into an integer? i.e.
251827 [olsonas@gm i] irb(main):001:0> two = '10'

Some Ruby Features missing...
251829 [edlich@gm il] To start a new Ruby Project I need some more features that I know
+ 251830 [a.r.ferreira] You're missing "to_s"
| 251837 [olsonas@gm i] This is a little nit-picky, but this code won't actually work unless
| 251838 [olsonas@gm i] Whoops, I take that back, I was unaware that creating an instance of an
+ 251831 [sur.max@gm i] ...
+ 251832 [stefano.croc] attr_accessor :var simply defines a method called var which returns the
| 251834 [sur.max@gm i] ...
+ 251833 [lyle.johnson] We might be able to better address this question if you could say what
| 251961 [edlich@gm il] Well, I am sure you know 1000 areas for Annotations (as UML
| 251982 [jameskilton@] ...
+ 251835 [a.r.ferreira] As Stefano said, you can modify the methods of a class in Ruby anytime you want.
| 251964 [edlich@gm il] Unfortunately this is not at runtime. The original class must be
| 252015 [halostatue@g] That's not true.
+ 251836 [elven@sw rd ] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 251856 [jameskilton@] ...
+ 251926 [shortcutter@] You can implement annotations yourself with some meta programming.
| + 251928 [aurelianocal] ...
| + 252009 [james.britt@] Or use the Facets (I think) lib.
+ 251942 [GGarramuno@a] You probably need to specify what you are doing.  In general, ruby
+ 252548 [edlich@gm il] So partially I figured out for myself why a UML modelling tool for
  252709 [rick.denatal] That's probably the main reason.  Actually Ruby's properties tend to