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Problem with using YAML for configuration files
251337 [eliben@gm il] I'm using YAML for configuration files in my current Ruby application,
251338 [alexander@fo] dear sender,

Re: erlang/ruby bridge (sorta re: Joe Armstrong RubyConf thread)
251339 [dmitriid@gm ] It's neither :)

Shift Operators - I don't get it? What's the application?!?
251340 [h.dunnil@gm ] Sorry for dump question, but I really don't get it!
+ 251341 [sepp2k@go gl] If you're looking at the same code as I am, the << isn't used as the shift
| 251342 [ecomba@ma .c] - In an Array it is used to append (push) an object into a given array
+ 251343 [dangerwillro] It's not what you think. Not always.
  + 251344 [h.dunnil@gm ] Thanks for the info, I knew << method is implemented by different
  | + 251348 [dblack@wo bl] 12 << 2
  | + 251349 [sepp2k@go gl] It is.
  |   251376 [rick.denatal] Or more generally
  + 251378 [rick.denatal] and Date#<<(n) produces a date n months earlier than the receiver.

[ANN] textpow 0.9.0 Released
251345 [dichodaemon@] ...
251358 [m.fellinger@] Just a note, textpow requires oniguruma, which currently doesn't seem
251367 [dichodaemon@] ...

Distributed Ruby/Threads/Rinda?
251346 [ecomba@ma .c] Recently (to test my understanding of Ruby) I was rewriting a
251351 [nickclare@gm] ...
251359 [ecomba@ma .c] Hey Nick,

[ANN] ultraviolet 0.9.0 Released
251347 [dichodaemon@] ...
252068 [felipe.contr] Sweet!
252152 [rick.denatal] Judging on what he says, I'd be willing to be that he's using
252158 [felipe.contr] Yeah, I know, he told me about that, but I prefer more white backgrounds.

ruby quiz
251352 [kazaam@ol co] greets
+ 251354 [agorilla@gm ] It was, you must have missed it.
+ 251355 [cliffrowley@] It was posted here Friday.
+ 251356 [sepp2k@go gl] Ist so, weil ist so
+ 251361 [gavin@re in ] Where is 'here'?
| 251365 [kazaam@ol co] comp.lang.ruby ???
| + 251380 [james@gr yp ] I'm very busy today, but this looks like it could be a Gateway
| + 251391 [novakps@gm i] Is there any reason not to use gmain.org as a secondary gateway?
|   251393 [gregory.t.br] I think you meant gmane.org
+ 251528 [kazaam@ol co] sorry something seems to been wrong with my newsprovider.. I got all the

Re: douglas crockford pragmatic programmers book!
251357 [andy@pr gm t] Hmm.  I suspect that's just a rumor.
251398 [rick.denatal] But then again what would YOU know about this? <G>
251419 [andy@pr gm t] Oh, you know, just... everything :-)  On a good day, at least. My

Queue, with timeout. (Thread.notify...)
251366 [a2800276@gm ] I'm trying to build a message queue that can receive messages, blocks
+ 251401 [avdi@av i. r] require 'timeout'
| 251412 [mental@ry ia] I'd be cautious of using timeout, since not all of stdlib is safe with
+ 251406 [mental@ry ia] Unless/until the built-in classes support timeouts, using a thread to

Writing A Ruby Shell
251370 [likelink@je ] I'm writing a Ruby shell for Ubuntu Linux 7.04. I would like my
+ 251375 [peter@pe er ] ...
| 251379 [likelink@je ] I would like to log all output, but if it came down to it I could do
| 251381 [peter@pe er ] ...
+ 251399 [B.Candler@po] $ script log.txt
+ 251473 [shortcutter@] Philip, please show some code.  Please also note that this topic has
+ 252139 [felipe.contr] I have years wanting something like that.

Problem with script.aculos.us script
251377 [veeraa2003@y] I'm newbie to rails application.
+ 251385 [gene.tani@gm] Here's the rails and prototype/scriptaculous lists (the 2nd is quite
+ 251400 [Rob@Ag le on] View the source of the page and look at the headers to see what you

Re: EXIF Library-RAW support
251397 [rubyforum@we] Can this be expanded to support RAW images? Specifically MRW
+ 251517 [frdrch@we .d] Maybe you can use MiniExiftool (http://miniexiftool.rubyforge.org/) wich
| 256217 [rubyforum@we] Fantastic. This is what I wanted. I just got back to trying to write my
| 256231 [frdrch@we .d] Nice to hear. :)
| 256246 [rubyforum@we] maximal functionality with *mini*mal work. :)
| 256435 [frdrch@we .d] Thanks for the hint. Typos (it was also in the Documentation) fixed.
+ 252205 [rwvtveer@gm ] I will not implement any vendor specific decoding in the near future.

Pure Ruby GIT repository reader
251402 [stephan@sp c] Friends of decentralized version control,

Oniguruma 1.1.0 ruby gem bug
251403 [jeremy@hi eg] I was able to confirm that that wasn't happening on my AMD64.

Algorithm books for Ruby (was Re: Object-oriented solution to Tower of Hanoi)
251404 [rick.denatal] Thanks for that pointer Martin.
251452 [martindemell] I'll admit, I haven't read the book - I looked at the table of
251477 [bulliver@ba ] He does include code in Ruby, though oddly, it is not presented inline, nor
251591 [rick.denatal] Not the best examples of ruby code though.
251593 [flori@ni e. ] I have stumbled over this book some years ago and read a few pages to
+ 251620 [rick.denatal] .max
| 251650 [flori@ni e. ] But where's the "machine" in an AST walker? If the term should make any
| 251675 [rick.denatal] I think that this is too strict a definition.  To my mind, a Virtual
+ 251637 [znmeb@ce ma ] I am totally underwhelmed by that book. The print versions are
  251639 [martindemell] I'll toss in another plug for Corman et al, which I found an excellent
  251685 [Rob@Ag le on] And let me add that Leiserson was a great professor and Corman an
  251725 [martindemell] I'd be envious except I already used up my quota on the friend who

rubyscript2exe - cannot execute binary problem
251405 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
251407 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
251445 [erikveen@gm ] * Linux runs on a lot of architectures, e.g. executables
251449 [Nuralanur@ao] ...

Distributed Computing in Ruby
251420 [ari@ar br wn] Hey all,
251422 [phyprabab@ya] ...
251436 [swistak@ma l] DRb - Distributed Ruby
251441 [B.Candler@po] There's also http://wiki.rubygarden.org/Ruby/page/show/DRbTutorial
251481 [swistak@ma l] RINDA is preatty much just one class that lets you find other DRb services.
+ 251483 [cdcarter@gm ] Rinda also gives you a nice tuplespace class!  Don't underestimate a tuplespace
+ 251487 [B.Candler@po] I don't believe that's true (you may be thinking of a ring server). Rinda is

[ANN] ruby-msg-1.2.17 (converter for outlook msg files)
251425 [aquasync@gm ] ruby-msg is still, AFAIK, the best option for converting .msg files that

Complimentary Subscription to Remedy Magazine
251433 [linwat55@ho ] Enjoy your free subscription to REMEDY magazine! As a Remedylife member,

In-Touch Free 1-YEAR Subscription
251434 [linwat55@ho ] Just take our surveyto qualify for a Free 1-YEAR Subscription to the

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no such file to load libglade2
251439 [linuxnooby@y] I have installed ruby on windows using the one click installer. But
251443 [mblondel@gm ] You need to install Ruby/GTK2. There is a Windows installer too.

Command line arguments
251446 [Peter.Meier9] purposes.
251453 [shortcutter@] If you want to invoke it via "load" (i.e. in the same process) then you

sleep 0.2 acts more like sleep 1
251448 [RichardDummy] that (1) the clock started and (2) the specified time had elapsed.
251451 [gthiesfeld@g] Have a look at the win32-sound gem.  It may already be installed, if
+ 251476 [swistak@ma l] first of all running external program (especially so heavy) is couing that
| 251632 [RichardDummy] I agree that making system calls to Windows is probably the key
+ 251635 [RichardDummy] Following is the original text I prepared in response to you.  I made
  251697 [gthiesfeld@g] If I understand your question, you want to play a wav file repeatedly,
  + 251855 [cliffrowley@] It would also make sense to me to use a longer sound file.  A 3 second sound
  | 252597 [RichardDummy] I agree completely,  but I didn't know where to get (of how to
  + 252596 [RichardDummy] 1. Achieving looping within the playing mechanism is much faster than

[SOLUTION][QUIZ] Huffman Encoder (#123)
251450 [jesse.d.merr] I use the rubytree gem for the tree, and subclassed its TreeNode into the class

Tiny IRB improvement - max-size of return format
251454 [shaklev@gm i] I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post here, but I found this very
+ 251461 [eden.li@gm i] Nice patch.  Not to steal your thunder, but you can also mute irb's
+ 251474 [vjoel@pa h. ] Nice. You don't have to patch the installed irb to do this, if you don't

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
251456 [james@gr yp ] ...

Thinking about Ruby...
251463 [NobleBell@gm] I am thinking about looking into Ruby and also RoR. Right now I
+ 251465 [seebs@se bs ] Ruby offers a pleasant and clean language to develop in.  I don't know
+ 251584 [alex@de et m] If using native XP widgets is a high priority, WxRuby may meet your needs (http://wxruby.rubyforge.org). It takes a rather different approach to the other excellent GUI toolkits for ruby (eg QT, GTK), in that it wraps the OS's native APIs on Windows, Linux/GTK and OS X, so you get native XP, Aqua or GTK GUIs with the same code on different platforms.
  251811 [richard.j.da] You are implying that somehow WxWidgets is more 'native' than Qt - I
  251885 [d_rems@ya oo] But, if I understand correctly Qt is not free for comercial projects.
  252082 [felipe.contr] That's correct.

Can't get  basic CGI and Form submission working
251466 [ruby@to yr d] I'm not a programmer, but like to use Ruby for writing simple programs,
251467 [seebs@se bs ] The path you give must be the path within the web server's view, not
251468 [ruby@to yr d] Thanks 's', that did the trick.  I've now progressed one step to a new
251469 [seebs@se bs ] Sounds like the web server isn't allowing POSTs to that directory.
+ 251472 [ruby@to yr d] Makes sense - I'll investigate the web-server settings.
+ 251493 [dangerwillro] True, it isn't directly a Ruby issue, but it is an issue directly

Problem with fxruby
251471 [wijetldz@gm ] When I require fox16 i get lots of warnings like
251475 [vjoel@pa h. ] Can you update ruby to 1.8.6? IIRC that makes the warnings go away.
251480 [wijetldz@gm ] I've update ruby to 1.8.6 and it works.

No accept Ipv6 in IPAddr
251479 [cyril.mougel] I ask me a question since few day and I don't understand why this code
251486 [B.Candler@po] Correct - that's not a valid IPv6 address. IPv6 addresses have 128 bits;
251492 [cyril.mougel] Ok, thanks for your answer. I don't know enough the specification of

copy binary files to dir and zip
251482 [chas@va le .] 'src' dir contains 2 binary files (mp3s)

251491 [weruby42@gm ] ...
251498 [TimHunter@nc] Welcome to Ruby! You can learn about Ruby at http:://www.ruby-lang.org.
251499 [weruby42@gm ] ...
251514 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Ruby Carillo,

Re: Huffman Encoder (#123)
251494 [erikveen@gm ] * It reads from STDIN instead of ARGV.

way to kill output from terminal
251495 [nephish@gm i] ...
251513 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Shawn,
251534 [nephish@gm i] ...

Ruby bindings
251497 [samaaron@gm ] I was wondering whether it would be possible for someone to spend a

[ANN] May Phoenix Ruby Users Group Meeting 5/14
251502 [james.britt@] The Phoenix Ruby Users Group will hold its May meeting on Monday, May

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
251505 [james@gr yp ] ...

argument hash to string to proc to instance variables
251507 [rubylearner@] It is idiomatic to pass a number of related arguments (usually config
251508 [B.Candler@po] Don't worry about instance_eval with a block. All it does it change 'self'

Requiring with eRuby problem
251510 [zotobi@gm il] I have eRuby running on my Mac with a local dev server using MAMP

Probs with accessing variables in yaml file
251511 [Gilbert.Rebh] require 'yaml'
251520 [Gilbert.Rebh] don't know if there's another | better way, but
251522 [jan.svitok@g] the #{} are evaluated when the string is instantiated, i.e. in normal

JRUBY does not find installed gem
251518 [ronald.fisch] It seems that I am hunted with library search problems....
251531 [jan.svitok@g] I don't know much about jruby, but in normal ruby (MRI) you have to
251543 [ronald.fisch] RUBYOPT *is* set to -rubygems, so I guess it is a Jruby problem.
+ 251581 [charles.nutt] Really the biggest incompatibility is anything that has a native
| 251661 [ronald.fisch] I created a new issue on the JRUBY project. My user id there is "rovf",
+ 251582 [charles.nutt] Also, please do update the wiki (headius.com/jrubywiki) with everything

Installing Ruby - miniruby require error
251519 [ruby@th ba k] I'm trying to install ruby 1.8.6 on OS X.5.  make is failing while
251640 [gunnar.larss] Can only offer this link, worked for me
251664 [hramrach@ce ] For me it does that because it loads the extensions form the

slow file access with mapped drives ?!
251521 [Gilbert.Rebh] running  ruby 1.8.4 (2006-04-14) [i386-mswin32]
+ 251523 [Gilbert.Rebh] after some irb it shows the bottleneck lies in
| 251524 [shortcutter@] Why don't you just do
| 251533 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
| 251536 [shortcutter@] ???  The code you posted had no dynamic piece there.  Did you maybe mean
| 251538 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
| + 251544 [shortcutter@] I was referring to the fact that you present one bit of code and in your
| + 251677 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
+ 251839 [weruby42@gm ] ...

FileUtils changes date of file
251525 [Peter.Meier9] I use ruby under WinXP and discovered the following issue.
251526 [shortcutter@] First of all: this is expected behavior and is similar to what cp does.
251529 [dangerwillro] Consider it a difference between copying a file and cloning. Copying

Fwd: QUIZ 123 # Huffman Encoder
251532 [james@gr yp ] ...

What is it about File.rename?
251535 [pbailey@bn .] I'm going a bit nuts with a script of mine that doesn't seem to behave
251608 [rick.denatal] I think that your problem is here.  String#gsub with a string
251609 [rick.denatal] Oops that should be  "ps2k_\\1.pstxt" or 'ps2k_\1.pstxt'  The double

251539 [list.push@gm] I was reading this http://www.rubycentral.com/book/ref_c_hash.html#Hash.shift
251541 [shortcutter@] I never had use for this myself but it might be useful in cases where
251545 [list.push@gm] OK.

Yet Another Software Challenge
251540 [machicoane@g] For those interested in <b>programming riddles</b>, I would like to
+ 251576 [gregory.t.br] Got through the first challenge in about maybe 5-10 minutes, mostly
+ 251665 [rick.denatal] Well it's too cute for me. I can't seem to find a programming challenge there.
| + 251676 [pit@ca it in] Rick, what do we here often tell people complaining about missing
| + 251680 [robert.dober] Use the Source Rick ;)
|   251696 [rick.denatal] Sorry, that seems to be a translation of a phrase about salmon from
|   + 251700 [robert.dober] It is from Star Wars, but it was Luke, my mistake ;)
|   | 251705 [gregory.t.br] /me googled.  I thought that it was fun that I had to translate a page
|   + 251704 [gregory.t.br] But have *you* gone to the source?
+ 251716 [kazaam@ol co] first lvl < 50 sec with gedit and google ;))) pretty easy because the

Delphi for Ruby!
251542 [lloyd@2l ve ] I mentioned this a while ago but it seems to be official.
251622 [sven715rt@su] [Quoting the website:]
251628 [lloyd@2l ve ] As I understand it, Code gear found some guys that were already working

Reading Files: how to I specify the encoding ?
251550 [chausberger@] I have a lot of xml and java files witch have German Umlauts and other
+ 251551 [alex@bl ck e] I'd be surprised if this was right - you're telling it that you're
+ 251552 [ecomba@ma .c] you could use jcode...

Anyone subscribed to a *JRuby* mailing list?
251553 [ronald.fisch] I am looking for a specific JRuby mailing list.
251557 [lyle.johnson] Well, I'm subscribed to that mailing list (user@jruby.codehaus.org).
251558 [ronald.fisch] Well, I tried to subscribe to the JRuby mailing list, in the following
251559 [nicksieger@g] Unfortunately the codehaus list management application requires you to
251561 [ronald.fisch] Thank you, this is very kind of you.

buffer error while executing gem
251555 [ronald.fisch] when running on Windows XP gem.exe which comes with Ruby 1.8.5, I get
251556 [jan.svitok@g] See previous thread named: ANN: RubyGems 0.9.3 Released

Error updating to gem 0.9.3 on Windows XP
251560 [ronald.fisch] I tried to update gem from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3. My state of the system

Ruby Inheritance Question
251562 [mikehamilton] I'm very confused at the moment regarding inheritance. I have a class
+ 251564 [sean@ar is g] Because you are returning the result of '-'.
| + 251568 [mikehamilton] So can I get around this by creating a '-' method in my own class or is
| + 251573 [mikehamilton] OK - I figured out what you mean! I created a library with a class
+ 251565 [avdi@av i. r] The '-' (minus) method is defined in Time, and it returns a Time instance.
+ 251580 [lists@be tr ] The Operator - return a Time. Cast it to RTDate resp. RTTime.
+ 251615 [martinelli@y] At first I did not understand why this should work at all.

gem under cygwin - is it supposed to work?
251563 [ronald.fisch] I am using two installation of Ruby 1.8.5 - one running natively under
251566 [emmanuel.sur] ...
251569 [ronald.fisch] Thank you - this worked indeed!