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^ How to send a secure email (maybe PGP)?
250703 [h.dunnil gma] In an application I have to send an email containing a Credit Card
+ 250757 [hramrach cen] There are some encryption functions in openssl. Hopefully the ruby
+ 250834 [DPhillips cy] There's a perl CGI called Soupermail that does this.  It uses a shell

^ threads output/execution question
250712 [tiberiu.moto] I have a ruby multi-threaded application and I don't understand its
250755 [shortcutter ] robert
250817 [tiberiu.moto] Thanks so much for your answer. Actually even with your code I had the

^ Install plugin acts_as_auth.. no access to techno-weenie.net
250713 [list.rb gmai] please help me get this plugin installed...

^ Re: Difference answers ... THANKS
250720 [email linkLI] Thank you Dan and Morton
250762 [m_goldberg a] That's really strange. But I checked it and it's true. However, you

^ [ANN] Ruby Reports 1.0 RC3 (0.12.0)
250723 [gregory.t.br] Please try it out and get in those bug reports between now and May 15th.

^ Plug-in org.rubypeople.rdt.debug.ui was unable to load class
250729 [cso rock.com] Eclipse SDK Version: 3.2.2 Build id: M20070212-1330

^ subclassing fundamental classes
250732 [ xyz xyz.com] class C1
+ 250733 [dzwell gmail] I think it's just "self", but you'll have one problem because you can't
+ 250742 [B.Candler po] self. An Array doesn't store its array in an instance variable; the object
| 250862 [ xyz xyz.com] Array.replace works (at least for my reasonably accurate test code).
+ 250754 [shortcutter ] Please note that more often than not it is not a good idea to do this

^ Re: How to simulate Mouse Click with Ruby, or mouse library
250735 [crb002 gmail] Write a ruby script that outputs this to a file named Bot.java, runs
250783 [brenton.lean] I would imagine you could use

^ wxRuby and wxGlade?
250744 [gcarcass gma] Finally I understood the concept of what wxWidgets is, I thought it was
+ 250933 [dca.gis gmai] wxGlade lets you build an interface graphically and then you use that
| 250987 [carcass.dev ] Thanks, I'll give it a try!!!
+ 251011 [gmenhennitt ] XRCed (see http://xrced.sourceforge.net/) allows you to edit XRC files

^ Pass data to a variable
250745 [seth animeju] I've create a simple screen scraper which sends a message to a Jabber
+ 250765 [aquasync gma] Not quite sure if I understand the question, but you can pass any
+ 250766 [cdcarter gma] #map and #to_yaml should do it
  250814 [seth animeju] Holy crap!  That's why I love this site.  Thanks a million.  I'm slowly

^ Watir and frames
250748 [andrea.masch] frameset with the login form in one frame.

^ [ANN] Handshake, an informal contract system for Ruby
250752 [btguthrie gm] Handshake is an informal contract system for Ruby.  It allows

^ Uploading file directly to the server
250763 [jcrodua oran] My problem is how to upload .txt file directly to the server. I wonder

^ [ANN] - Ruby Patterns
250768 [ecomba mac.c] I have recently joined this group to see what things are being
+ 250769 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| + 250771 [robert.dober] Enrique
| | 250779 [ecomba mac.c] Hey Robert,
| | 250785 [robert.dober] Sure I did not say the contrary, go ahead and delete my entry about
| | 250786 [ecomba mac.c] Why should we delete it?
| | 250792 [robert.dober] Donnu I have difficulties to grasp the idea...
| + 250775 [ecomba mac.c] Thanks for the link!
+ 250772 [phlipcpp yah] Is it too late to switch to a Ruby wiki? Instead of PHP?
| 250780 [ecomba mac.c] Hey Philip,
+ 250832 [john.carter ] Be warned that several Javarish design patterns become practically
| + 250859 [john.carter ] I cannot resist...
| + 250866 [ecomba mac.c] Thanks for the warnings ;)
+ 250870 [robert.dober] That was what I was understanding, thx Giles.
+ 250873 [felipe.contr] Just a friendly tip :)
  250882 [ecomba mac.c] Ok, point taken :P

^ general purpose chomp?
250770 [hramrach cen] I wonder why we do not have one. Or maybe I just overlooked something?
+ 250776 [robert.dober] Some random thoughts
| 250791 [B.Candler po] Except that would be wrong in this case, since it wouldn't only chomp from
+ 250778 [shortcutter ] irb(main):016:0> s = "\r\n\tfoo"
  250784 [hramrach cen] Yes, sub! is the thing that would do chomp for things other than \r\n\t.

^ Ruby XML-RPC question (slightly OT)
250787 [joshuajnoble] successfully read from wordpress blogs for an aggregator of sorts, but
+ 250788 [joshuajnoble] Oops. My bad. I just changed
+ 250924 [seti_out tqu] I have the Blogging From Vim ruby-script working fine, as you can see in

^ [solved]Re: ulaw audio over network
250793 [eclubb valco] Brian,

^ Equality question
250802 [B.Candler po] I am trying to use complex values as hash keys (they are actually method
250803 [sepp2k googl] That's because the Hashs in o1 and o2 are two different objects.
250806 [B.Candler po] So hashes and arrays don't behave the same in this regard?
+ 250843 [dangerwillro] I'm a bit confused by this too. I've got seemingly conflicting stuff
+ 250846 [dangerwillro] it's worth exploring further! (the ruby cookbook has a good section
| 250892 [B.Candler po] That I don't have a problem with.
+ 250879 [shortcutter ] Probably because Hashes store not only key value pairs but also default
  250894 [B.Candler po] OK, then I'm missing some subtlety between hash1 == hash2 (which is true),

^ Re: Difference answers.. Thanks again.
250807 [email linkli] Thanks all for your answers. Much to learn.

^ [ANN] Milwaukee Ruby Users Group this Wednesday 5/9 @ 5:30 pm
250815 [tdjordan gma] Geoff Lane will be presenting a run down on Ruby IDEs

^ Ruby DBI, was Witch Oracle....
250818 [khaines enig] I am one of those maintainers.  My attitude, at this point, with that
+ 250819 [james graypr] I think this is an exceptionally good idea.  You will be very
| 250876 [shortcutter ] Completely agree!  This sounds promising.
| 250917 [khaines enig] I will do that.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll follow up to the list in
| 250921 [shortcutter ] Cool!
+ 250820 [donald.ball ] Blob support for all databases would be nice. I use ActiveRecord against
+ 251132 [no.spam plea] Just to add my voice in approval, in addition to which I've

^ basic threading question: can ruby use real threads?
250821 [kyleaschmitt] I've read somewhere, and would love for it to be wrong, that ruby
+ 250823 [james graypr] episode-iii
| 250824 [kyleaschmitt] Sweet, thanks for the link!
| 250827 [kyleaschmitt] YARV uses native threads.
| 250923 [swistak mail] well you can use fastthreads gem (part of mongrel)
| 250940 [mental rydia] fastthread just makes the locking primitives from thread.rb a little faster; it doesn't otherwise affect the operation of Ruby threads.  Additionally, it is applicable only to Ruby 1.8, not YARV/1.9.
| 250946 [swistak mail] I didn't say it makes use of POSIX threads - i just recomended it becouse they
| + 250949 [kyleaschmitt] If you fork, is there even a way to create objects that are shared
| | 250954 [mental rydia] Totally RPC.  You could use DRb to do this in a Rubyesque fashion.
| | 250970 [kyleaschmitt] Manipulating ruby objects from inside the threads would be the idea in
| | 250971 [mental rydia] Yes.
| | 250996 [sylvain.joye] Thread#raise, "unsafe" ? It is the most useful thread-related functionality
| | + 251007 [charles.nutt] And to make it clear, we do implement kill, raise, and critical=, with
| | | 254283 [sylvain.joye] I think this is fair. I also think that the core developer may need to
| | + 251101 [mental rydia] Because you have no control over when the exception is delivered, which may be at the worst possible moment.  Even ensure does not provide adequate protection.
| | + 251265 [vjoel path.b] Is #timeout inherently unsafe, if it is implemented as a thread, even in
| |   251288 [mental rydia] Correct.  #timeout as presently implemented is NEVER safe to use.
| |   + 251289 [mental rydia] No, that's still not sufficient.  If an exception can be injected at an arbitrary point by an external source, there's simply no way to write sane code.
| |   + 251290 [vjoel path.b] But what if we limit that arbitrary power by adding a new construct?
| |     + 251299 [mental rydia] Closer, but in this context "safe" is an all-or-nothing proposition.  Simply making variable assignments atomic falls far, far short of what's needed.  What you're actually groping towards is atomic transactions -- the ability to take an arbitrary block of code and say "if this block does not complete successfully, any of its effects should be rolled back before propagating the exception".  Of course, not all effects (e.g. IO) _can_ be rolled back, so you're still not entirely safe in that case.
| |     + 251301 [mental rydia] Sure.  But it's still not enough -- you'll notice that the examples I gave earlier were concerned with race conditions around entry of the protected section itself, not even the ensure clause.
| |       251302 [mental rydia] Another way to do this is to work in terms of atomic transactions (e.g. STM, if your STM implementation is itself safe in the face of asynchronous exceptions).
| |       251305 [mental rydia] That goes for most of core and stdlib, though.  At least in the face of
| + 250951 [gwtmp01 mac.] Just my opinion but my default choice would be fork when I need
|   251016 [swistak mail] As i mentioned earlier - easiest way to get REAL concurency (java VM will NOT
|   251103 [mental rydia] Have you got evidence for this?  I do not believe it to be the case for a
|   251624 [charles.nutt] The OP is incorrect. Java VMs always use all cores in the system, except
+ 250829 [henryj parad] You have heard correctly and yes it is a pain.

^ string substitution
250828 [barrysfarm g] Sorry if this question gets posted a lot. I'm unsure of the terminology,
250830 [gavin refine] Does it have to look like that? Could it instead look like this?
250840 [dangerwillro] You might also consider moving the style attributes out of the div

^ [ANN] libmtag-ruby-0.1.0: simple music tagging library
250835 [felipe.contr] I just released the first version of this new project which aims to

^ mailread from stdlib
250841 [osgxdvyg gma] mailread is written very bad.
250844 [osgxdvyg gma] MIME-Version header becomes Mime-version
250925 [barjunk attg] Have you looked at TMail? http://i.loveruby.net/en/projects/tmail/

^ gem install specific version
250842 [barjunk attg] gem install --version '> 0.3.2' packagename
+ 250962 [rick.denatal] Not that I know of, but there's been quite a bit of discussion of late
| 250989 [dangerwillro] I second that. There is plenty of information about the system
+ 251134 [renard nc.rr] Select which gem to install for your platform (i386-mswin32)

^ Passing info to classes and methods
250847 [email linkLI] Newbie here. Two steps forward and one back. I'm working through Pine's
+ 250848 [seebs seebs.] Well, what does happen?  Do you get nothing?
+ 250849 [Rob AgileCon] Did you mean to have puts "Got ... #{numToPick}" in "double-quotes"
  250865 [email linkLI] Thanks, I missed that I had single quotes. I think I'm learning that
  250931 [rgossen gmai] I'm a newb as well so take this for what it's worth.
  250982 [alex blackke] Measure it (that's what the Benchmark library is for).  You'll be surprised.

^ Password Echo
250853 [marcantonios] Anyone know of a way, aside from Ruby/Password, of suppressing echo
+ 250858 [DPhillips cy] curses comes to mind (Curses.noecho() would suppress the echoing of the
+ 250860 [jeremy hineg] require "rubygems"
+ 250896 [B.Candler po] ruby-termios
+ 250898 [fxn hashref.] It's trivial with HighLine.
| 250900 [marcantonios] Thanks all.  I was hoping that there was a way I overlooked that
| 250999 [dzwell gmail] begin
+ 250978 [bruce.woodwa] From the command line?

^ [ANN] SyslogLogger 1.4.0 Released
250855 [drbrain segm] SyslogLogger version 1.4.0 has been released!

^ Implementation of the object.sort method.
250856 [jbucaran gma] Can you show me an implementation of the Array.sort method? This
+ 250857 [botp delmont] # [3,2,1,4].sort do |a,b|
+ 250861 [gavin refine] On May 8, 9:54 pm, Jorge Domenico Bucaran Romano <jbuca...@gmail.com>
+ 250872 [robert.dober] Actually you do not need to know anything about the implementation.
| 250905 [jbucaran gma] I want a demonstrative implementation of the sort method to see how the
| + 250910 [robert.dober] What's wrong with the code Phrogz posted?
| + 250911 [shortcutter ] Basically since you do not used block parameters in calculating the
| + 250913 [gwtmp01 mac.] Sorting is a *big* topic.  Ultimately though it comes down to comparing
| + 250914 [calamitates ] The block binds to the call to puts and not to the call to sort, or in
| + 250916 [B.Candler po] It's an artefact of the quicksort algorithm. If you lie to it about how the
|   250920 [jbucaran gma] Thank you all for the replies and useful help. I came up with my demo
+ 250912 [kbloom gmail] You begin by taking an ordinary sorting algorithm, such as the Quicksort

^ Bloom Filters
250863 [hubrix gmail] I've been playing with Bloom Filters in Perl and found that there is a ruby
+ 251212 [matthew.moss] Text file?
+ 251258 [martin snowp] Well, what do you need to encode?  As I see it, you need to encode k

^ Windows Mobile
250864 [philippe.lan] Has anyone already tried running a ruby program under Windows Mobile?

^ Pushing Emacs to for Ruby
250868 [gethemant gm] I just saw this on Emacs mailing list
250903 [debertin gma] Take a test drive and let me know how it goes. I would say it's

^ NMEA , request for real live sample
250869 [bino indoaks] Dear All ...
+ 250875 [max maxidoor] You see, this NMEA sentence differ from what I assumed to be standard.
| 250885 [bino indoaks] Dear Max and all
| 250887 [max maxidoor] Understand. According to
| 250981 [bino indoaks] Thanks Max.
| 250992 [max maxidoor] require 'test/mocks'
| 250997 [bino indoaks] Dear Max.
| 251008 [max maxidoor] Look at the test/mocks.rb
+ 250883 [max maxidoor] Look at release 0.2

^ NetworkFacade 0.4
250874 [florent solt] NetworkFacade is an alternative to DRb, XML/RPC and other REST api,
+ 250878 [felipe.contr] Sweet!
| 250880 [florent solt] You know, network-facade is just a 15k lib :)
+ 250899 [B.Candler po] I can't find any documentation of the TCP protocol itself.
  250901 [florent solt] Before anything else, thanks for your long and interesting reply.
  250915 [B.Candler po] Firstly, do you understand DRbUndumped? It took me a while to work this out,
  250957 [tpo2 sourcep] If you, Florent, choose to implement this, and implement this as a
  + 250965 [B.Candler po] Nah. You just make bit 31 be the "extended options" option :-)
  | 251013 [florent solt] I would like to keep the protocol K.I.S.S as much as possible.
  + 251012 [florent solt] - Exception confusion
    251501 [list.rb gmai] Awesome, Thanks Florent.  A++ effort! :-)

^ Custom Software Development
250881 [vb itechart.] iTechArt Group - Custom Software Development and Offshore outsourcing

^ Ruby and EJavaBeans with RJB
250888 [alflol gmail] i'm analyzing the possibility of calling a EJB from ruby code,

^ newbie: assign values/array to variables
250890 [mvyver gmail] Thanks for all the fantastic work that has gone into ruby.  Even
+ 250891 [dblack wobbl] @vara, *@varb = "ab,ac,ad,ae".split(",")
+ 250893 [gwtmp01 mac.] @vara, *@varb = "ab,ac,ad,ae".split(",")
| 250895 [mvyver gmail] Thank you David and Gary!
+ 250897 [B.Candler po] @vara, *@varb = "ab,ac,ad,ae".split(",")

^ Re: Serious trouble on PPC with Ruby 1.8.6
250902 [m.zecko gmai] i'm experiencing exactly the same behavior as described in the mail before.

^ How to generate HTML API doucment for ruby?
250918 [laji.inbox g] I googled the internet and didn't find any clear instructions I can
+ 250926 [jan.svitok g] 1. the docs on the page you mentioned should be 1.8.6 (although the
| 250977 [laji.inbox g] Thanks for the help, I've successfully generated the html doc locally
+ 250927 [james.britt ] Why do you say that?
  250932 [jeremymcanal] You do but the Rubydoc front page (http://www.ruby-doc.org/) says

^ [ANN] London Ruby User Group - 14th May, 2007
250922 [murray.steel] The next London Ruby User Group meeting will be on Monday, 14th May, 2007

^ wildcard arrays or lists
250928 [kazaam oleco] I wondered if it is possible to tell ruby to accept wildcards in arrays
+ 250929 [james.d.mast] The problem is what do you mean by "*"?  Is it limited to numbers or
+ 250936 [donald.ball ] There's a nice ipaddr library in the stdlib which models ip networks and

^ using variables for the hash name and key name
250930 [carpeursus g] I'm trying to call a value from a hash using variables for both the hash
250945 [gwtmp01 mac.] The short answer is "don't do that".
250964 [B.Candler po] Or if the values are in instance variables, you can use

^ How to write ruby in multiple lines
250934 [anakintang g] All,
+ 250935 [seebs seebs.] You can't.
| 250938 [james.d.mast] % irb
+ 250937 [sylvain.joye] Like that
| 250972 [glen thepfei] In the example given, which is obviously contrived, it makes
+ 250939 [pit capitain] s= s1   \

^ Use of Double-Colon ::
250941 [robninja gma] I'm new to Ruby and throughly enjoying learning the language. I'm
+ 250943 [stefano.croc] You need to use the double column when referring to a constant. You can use
+ 250944 [swistak mail] If i remember correctly you use :: for Classes, constants etc and . for
| 251018 [lists bertra] Classes are mostly referred to by constants
+ 250948 [gwtmp01 mac.] As the other responders have pointed out, you have to use :: when
+ 250950 [dblack wobbl] I think it's clearer just to use a dot to mean "send this to the
  250955 [robninja gma] Thanks everyone. That all makes sense.

^ Compiling mod_ruby on mac os x
250942 [pipeek o2.pl] % make

^ What's the most ruby-ish way to write this python code?
250947 [olsonas gmai] All -
+ 250967 [rrafje gmail] Both ways seem ruby-esque to me.
| + 250969 [olsonas gmai] Thanks for the response.
| + 250993 [jeremy hineg] Well this was find diversion for the evening :-)
+ 251014 [shortcutter ] Since you are splitting letters all the time, I'd start with pulling out
| 251075 [rick.denatal] letters = ('a'..'z').to_a
| 251076 [olsonas gmai] Thanks so much for all the responses, very insightful. If anyone wants
| 251081 [gthiesfeld g] ...
| 251080 [gthiesfeld g] I'm sorry, I just noticed you participated in that thread.  So, I
+ 251414 [kmetsgar xan] Does anybody know how to unsubscribe from this ... too many messages