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^ dynamically named variables or Constants
250487 [ruby-talk hi] for each user I need to create and call
250490 [stefano.croc] I'm not sure about what you mean when saying 'a way to
250496 [ruby-talk hi] thanks for your advice.
250497 [stefano.croc] I can't understand why you get an error. I modified your code just a bit (by
250514 [ruby-talk hi] it's not working for me.
250518 [logancapaldo] You guess is in the territory, but it's not really about session's
250527 [ruby-talk hi] Creating a new constant from session data still doesn't work.
250530 [logancapaldo] should be self::class:const_defined?(@constant_name) of course.
250566 [ruby-talk hi] thanks for the hint.
250591 [logancapaldo] That seems really weird. Maybe ruby is not being as clear with reporting the
250625 [ruby-talk hi] ok, thanks.
250655 [rick.denatal] My weapon of choice when I want to pull out the big guns is

^ fixnum, range and array into one single loop?
250498 [kazaam oleco] I'm struggeling with writing a little script. It has a loop just e.g.
+ 250500 [shortcutter ] How about
| 250505 [shortcutter ] def my_loop(x,&b)
+ 250501 [TimHunter nc] Assuming that userinput can only be a Range, Array, or Fixnum...both
  250511 [kazaam oleco] I took Tim's answer because it's faster and much smaller and my loop had

^ VIM and IRB
250502 [frank.fische] my favourite editor for programming is Vim. When editing some ruby-scripts I
+ 250516 [logancapaldo] Nice, this may become my new favorite toy. Thanks!
+ 250524 [btguthrie gm] Much simpler but not nearly as cool, and I don't know if others do the
  250683 [psyonic gmai] I'm looking into his script above... but even your script is a lifesaver!  I

^ Simple Q: bit string -> integer
250504 [toddkennethb] Is there a simple way to induce a bit string into an
+ 250507 [list.push gm] Try this
| 250508 [toddkennethb] Yes, thanks a bunch.  For some reason, #to_i was the
+ 250510 [flori nixe.p] "10010000".to_i(2)
  250512 [toddkennethb] "num" as in my brain is "numb" from staring at 1's and 0's.

^ [ANN] R-Bus 0.2.0, now with winDBus support
250523 [kristoffer.l] R-Bus 0.2.0 was released today, featuring support for winDBus thanksto patches from Cezar Sá Espinola.

^ Re: rdoc and ri for gem/non-gem installs
250533 [hughesthejim] Made a file named .gemrc in my home directory with contents "rdoc: --

^ ruby programming for the web
250538 [seti_out tqu] (i do not pretend to use RoR)
250545 [seti_out tqu] cgi.assign = ( ".rhtml" => "/usr/local/bin/eruby" )
250561 [B.Candler po] Although I think that each page hit will spawn off a completely new Ruby

^ Ruby Plugins
250539 [ari aribrown] hey
250543 [avdi avdi.or] What do you mean by "plugin"?  The term "plugin" has no single defined
+ 250550 [dangerwillro] You mean write a plugin for an application? but you want to know if
+ 250688 [ari aribrown] An add-on to applications, such as TikiWiki and the like.

^ Creating a Ruby OS X app bundle containing Gems with Platypus?
250546 [sleight42 gm] First I found rubyscript2exe which has the wonderful benefit of

^ [RAILS] passing by value of object of a model
250551 [arjun4ruby g] can anyone tell me - is it possible to pass a string name equivalent of a

^ Re: passing by value of object of a model
250553 [sxain hotmai] I know how to do it for RoR.
+ 250558 [alexg kuicr.] The 'const_get' method will return a constant given a symbol (use
+ 250574 [arjun4ruby g] u r correct, my mistake....model name is FoodDept but the string i want to
  250641 [lloyd 2live4] While I agree with the extreme grooviness of Ruby for Rails,
  + 250643 [fxn hashref.] Some are documented in the API, the Agile documents also some of
  + 250645 [Rob AgileCon] Well, these are calls from ActiveSupport which is one of the pieces

^ separate Chinese and English! with Ruby
250557 [sxain hotmai] Don't get me wrong, because I just want to know how to separate English
+ 250570 [akbarhome gm] a = File.open('a.txt') a.each {|x| puts x.split(' ', 2) }Output:ຬʦΤMorgan Freemanۻ۰Bruce WillisLee xiao ming
| 250571 [akbarhome gm] a.each {|x|
| 250575 [sxain hotmai] Thanks.
| + 250588 [list.push gm] Or this
| + 250592 [akbarhome gm] should get you done.
| | + 250603 [dangerwillro] You could identify the encoding or just make it unicode, then check
| | | 250606 [sxain hotmai] John Joyce, Thank you for your explanation.
| | | 250609 [dangerwillro] yes, that's pretty much how unicode is supposed to work.
| | | + 250631 [sxain hotmai] You are right. And let alone the characters, there is a different set of
| | | | + 250636 [dangerwillro] there is a doc.
| | | | | 250738 [sxain hotmai] Many characters of these two set of Chinese(in fact, including Chinese
| | | | | + 250739 [eden.li gmai] Nooo! Those are the first BYTES of the UTF-8 encoding of thepunctuation that you listed.  MANY Unicode characters (when encoded inUTF-8) can start with those bytes, so if you remove them from a givenstring, you're going to get back a poorly encoded UTF-8 string whichwill is definitely not what you want.
| | | | | + 250747 [dangerwillro] Yes. There is lots of overlap. So there is not always a clean
| | | | |   250749 [rubyzbibd ub] Here is an API that might help "guess" if the text is Japanese, Korean or
| | | | + 250656 [dangerwillro] NZ,
| | | | + 250660 [dangerwillro] NZ
| | | | | 250736 [rf.oodanaw s] The Absolute Mininmum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively
| | | | + 250734 [eden.li gmai] ri String#[]
| | | |   250751 [sxain hotmai] => "Ҽ"
| | | |   + 250758 [skoot ideico] =20
| | | |   + 250782 [hramrach cen] irb(main):001:0> s = "Ҽ asdfaf sdgs"=> "\345\244\247\346\231\272\350\213\245\346\204\232 asdfaf sdgs"irb(main):002:0> s.unpack "U*"=> [22823, 26234, 33509, 24858, 32, 97, 115, 100, 102, 97, 102, 32,115, 100, 103, 115]irb(main):003:0>
| | | |   | 250800 [sxain hotmai] Michal, Thanks!
| | | |   | 250804 [dangerwillro] NZ, could you share your final combined code? It might be useful to
| | | |   | 250988 [sxain hotmai] I do think it will be much helpful, because it only solve a very
| | | |   + 250854 [eden.li gmai] This code just splits the string at any separator listed in c (no
| | | + 250737 [rubyzbibd ub] If the goal is to separate the western languages from the Japanese
| | + 250604 [sxain hotmai] => "ʸ English Words"
| + 250647 [gthomas taka] I believe the range is (in hex) 3400 to 97A5
+ 250572 [skoot ideico] Maybe a regexp similiar to
+ 250576 [list.push gm] Try something like this.
  250601 [sxain hotmai] !!!!below code were tested under Ruby on Rails console!!!

^ HTML formated Ruby code
250563 [felipe.contr] Does anyone knows how all that beautiful HTML formated Ruby code on
+ 250565 [akbarhome gm] On May 7, 3:58 pm, "Felipe Contreras" <felipe.contre...@gmail.com>
+ 250569 [peter peterc] It's really just a Ruby script you could hook up yourself, but I'm too lazy
+ 250595 [james graypr] I've hand edited most of the code on that site for various reasons,
| 250795 [felipe.contr] Thanks!
+ 250612 [lists leidis] I don't know how they did it, but you can run
+ 250672 [jeremy hineg] You could also try CodeRay http://coderay.rubychan.de/
| 250904 [gavin refine] I've been wanting to write a Lua scanner for CodeRay, but haven't been
+ 250886 [come.news fr] For my HTML output, I use the ScreenShot plugin with vim. It comes

^ command interpretation
250581 [krischik use] I searched high and low to find how "command interpretation" actually
+ 250587 [shortcutter ] Use system with multiple arguments.  I think that should help.
+ 250611 [B.Candler po] In the mail you sent, I saw character \264 (octal) where there should be a
| 250731 [krischik use] Another good reason to retire back ticks.
+ 250614 [kbloom gmail] What kind of quote is a ´ ? It doesn't work out to be a backquote when I

^ Custom Software Development
250583 [vb itechart.] iTechArt Group - Custom Software Development and Offshore outsourcing

^ Natural language detection library
250589 [thomas.nitsc] does anyone know a Ruby library/module to detect which natural language
250596 [micathom gma] [1] http://xxx.uni-augsburg.de/format/cond-mat/0108530
250799 [thomas.nitsc] thx, I don't have a clue how it works, but it's great ;-)
250871 [micathom gma] You need some base corpus/sample (I use the GPL License) for each
250884 [thomas.nitsc] Sorry, I meant I have no idea how the algorithm is working. The code

^ Re: [Rails] passing by value of object of a model
250600 [dchelimsky g] Unless I'm missing something (which is usually the case :) ), there
250615 [arjun4ruby g] i realized that from Alex's msg. Though Pat's info helped me to learn this
250638 [pergesu gmai] Pat

^ unsubscribe
250613 [nickblack1 g] unsubscribe
250994 [veeramca gma] unsubscribe

^ Re: 10 millisecond delay/callback
250619 [eclubb valco] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
250682 [lloyd 2live4] # see above for the code
250789 [pbrannan atd] It depends on what you mean by fast.  For some applications I write, ten
250919 [swistak mail] ruby is interpreted langue and becouse of some restrictions on select and

^ Re: A question for people with English OS
250620 [roseanne jav] The user/reader machine needs to install Chinese/Japanese fonts to see
+ 250623 [list.push gm] Now I am confused.
+ 250626 [list.push gm] OK. I guess I get it.
  250633 [dangerwillro] This is also true. If you don't have any fonts for a particular
  + 250709 [list.push gm] Thanks, everybody.
  | 250796 [peter semant] I use OS X with all the fonts installed. The biggest problem I have is
  | 250985 [jwkenne attg] Browsers aren't supposed to guess. That IE guesses simply means that IE
  | + 251019 [hramrach cen] It may be viewed as refusal to follow standards and encouraging bad
  | | 251022 [dangerwillro] True that it would be nice if the user-agent could alert that the
  | | 251025 [hramrach cen] That's not a problem. The message that the page is broken in some way
  | + 251274 [rick.denatal] Not that I'm a Microsoft apologist in general, but this seems to fall
  + 250756 [hramrach cen] I am not sure about the permissions on the Windows fonts folder.
    250790 [dangerwillro] xhtml is not one thing there are several varieties at this time.
    250986 [jwkenne attg] Neither does HTML 4 strict. Or HTML 3.2. W3C has /never/ wanted frames.

^ Why is my method not found? (NoMethodError)
250621 [kazaam oleco] I have written a small tcp scanner procedural and wanted to change it to
250624 [sleight42 gm] Your problem is that there is way too much nesting within your
250628 [sleight42 gm] Sorry.  Neglected to provide the literal answer to your question.
250629 [kazaam oleco] many thanks !! now I could fix it with your help (there was a further
+ 250630 [jameskilton ] You are using an editor with proper syntax highlighting right?
+ 250635 [dangerwillro] Code folding is one way. In TextMate for example, it is easy to see
| 250704 [wuzongsheng ] It's a good habit that just writed *end* after you had writen "class,
| 250705 [james graypr] I feel it's a much better idea to use an editor that handles that
| 250707 [wuzongsheng ] Certainly, this is a good idea, though i dont use this kind of
+ 250725 [sleight42 gm] The first question that I ask myself when I start to nest deeploy is

^ [ANN] Vim/Ruby Configuration Files, 2007.05.07
250627 [dougkearns g] G'day folks,

^ Meeting Announcement - New Haven Ruby Brigade
250634 [novakps gmai] This Wednesday, May 9th, is the second Wednesday of the month--so it's

^ Ruby and Eclipse
250637 [lloyd 2live4] Greetings!
+ 250640 [damnbigman g] You might want to look at the DLTK plug-in if you are using Europa that is.
+ 250642 [kmitchell fa] I use Eclipse with RDT and RadRails on a Linux machine with no problems.
+ 250644 [michael.s.kl] Consider trying dltk for Ruby, they have a great type inference

^ Net::SSH performance question.
250646 [just_a_techi] I am using Net::SSH to execute scripts on a remote server.  The script
250659 [robert.dober] Hmm there is one question I would have? What do you need as

^ Live Coding in Ruby?
250648 [ac251404 ohi] I was wondering if anyone here has run across references for Live Coding
+ 250654 [kyleaschmitt] You mean like using IRB?
| + 250657 [jeremymcanal] I think he means for electronic music, but I dont know of anything for
| | 250661 [kyleaschmitt] oOoh..  So find a midi library, require 'some/midilibrary' and and go to it ;)
| + 250724 [ac251404 ohi] I know about IRB and it is probably part of the answer...
|   250728 [nbqxnbq gmai] How about rjb(ruby java bridge) + jsyn ?
+ 250767 [cdcarter gma] woudl work with RJB to if I put some effort into it.  Currently you

^ Re: using YAML as config
250649 [rover.rhubar] So I come to the part of my little app where I want to load and save a
+ 250651 [gdonald gmai] json?
| 250760 [rover.rhubar] Thanks all, for the effort made in replying. I'm pleased to see some
| 250781 [james graypr] I think mine is an unpopular opinion among Rubyists, but I find XML
| 250906 [rover.rhubar] Amen. I might not have agreed with you had I just read about YAML, but
+ 250667 [ara.t.howard] there are simpler ways, but here is one that quite simple and also quite
+ 250669 [why ruby-lan] class Channel
+ 250670 [rover.rhubar] - I meant DomainType, not dynamic type
+ 250676 [james graypr] class Channel < Struct.new(:name, :id)

^ ulaw audio over network
250662 [eclubb valco] Does anyone know of a good way to stream ulaw audio (read from a file)
250740 [eden.li gmai] It looks like this is a pure #sleep issue and has nothing to do with
250743 [B.Candler po] Regardless of how well Ruby's sleep worked, this would still be inaccurate

^ Configuration Options in a new gem
250663 [peer canadad] I am learning how to create my own gems today, but I have not been able

^ Ruby Performance - LOW ?
250665 [hkchao gmail] Any thoughts on this?
+ 250668 [robert.dober] You bet, I believe that the list roughly divides into three groups
+ 250684 [khaines enig] This has been beat to death in the past.  Check out the archives.
| 250697 [just_a_techi] I still think that this is due to the fact that ruby is a very young
+ 250710 [igouy2 yahoo] 1) Look at a different list
| 250808 [just_a_techi] Considering that I often choose to spawn children from my programs, i
| 250877 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.  Thank you!
| 250968 [just_a_techi] Sorry about that, I meant environments that I work on.  i'm a QA
+ 250812 [lloyd 2live4] I find no value to this list.  First, I remember when the same kinds of
+ 250836 [rsfree3 yaho] Good question. This will bug the heck out of the Rubyists... But...
  + 250837 [seebs seebs.] I just didn't find Python as appealing.  YMMV.
  + 250979 [w_a_x_man ya] Hey, J.  I heard that attempting to program in
  | + 250980 [alex blackke] <snip unpleasantness>
  | | 250983 [mday mac.com] You don't actually need the "0," part there.  "for i in range(40):"
  | | 250984 [alex blackke] I realised that - it wasn't part of the spec, though :-)
  | + 251005 [rsfree3 yaho] Please, let's try and be civil.
  |   251010 [diam ensta.f] Just, and also try: "Cobol programming jobs"
  |   + 251077 [just_a_techi] "Ruby programming jobs" 5 results
  |   | 251178 [felipe.contr] Results 1 - 10 of about 3,360 for "Python programming jobs"
  |   + 251078 [rsfree3 yaho] I think you meant the "new" Cobol ie "PHP Programming"... Now that is
  |     + 251124 [eleanor game] No flame intended, but is the Python world ready for the potential
  |     + 251177 [felipe.contr] Sure, Python has a bright future because there are binding for
  + 251125 [eleanor game] You've obviously not been paying attention...

^ rdoc on c and cpp files
250677 [rayvinly gma] Can I use rdoc to generate documentation for c and C++ sources?  If
250680 [seebs seebs.] *AHEM*.
250687 [dangerwillro] What PS is saying is, unless you're using a really old compiler and
250689 [seebs seebs.] It's been "int" since the first C compilers.  There's some platforms
250694 [dangerwillro] Perhaps it has. Doesn't matter since when. There are and were
250698 [_mwryder wor] I know the free Borland C++ compiler accepts void main().  I always used
250700 [rayvinly gma] On May 7, 7:29 pm, "Michael W. Ryder" <_mwry...@worldnet.att.net>

^ Configuration Options in a new gem
250681 [peer canadad] I am learning how to create my own gems today, but I have not been able

^ DTrace and Ruby
250685 [rasputnik gm] Any Solaris users on the list might want to check out
+ 250696 [john.carter ] Indeed there is...
+ 250822 [linguist gma] We also just released a patch against 1.8.6.  We'd been using .5 in

^ RubyForge statistics
250701 [transfire gm] Anyone else notice FLVTool2 suddenly marched up into the top 10
+ 250717 [bauer mmmult] You are so right.  I'm working on just a beast right now.  You can
+ 250719 [bauer mmmult] You are so right.  I'm working on just a beast right now.  You can
  251752 [transfire gm] Look forward to seeing it. (Though no RailsConf for me.)

^ Difference answers from Terminal, TextMate, and BBEdit
250702 [user linkLIN] A newbie here trying to develop one of Pine's tutorial scripts. Ruby v1.8.6
250706 [TimHunter nc] It would help if you'd post your script, what answers you expected, and
250711 [email linkLI] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 250716 [dzwell gmail] Greg,
+ 250718 [m_goldberg a] There seems to be too problems with your code.
  250722 [email linkLI] Duh. Thanks.
  + 250730 [sepp2k googl] Yes. The to_i method is called on user_input, its result is passed as an
  + 250761 [m_goldberg a] You _could_ use a case here, but it would have to be considerably
    250777 [B.Candler po] That's incorrect. Case doesn't check if 'year' is true; it checks whether
    250798 [m_goldberg a] Beg to differ with you. This is a case with no argument. It doesn't
    250805 [B.Candler po] Ugh, you're right. It doesn't even compare against $_.
    250826 [m_goldberg a] AFAIK, a case statement without a target can always be rewritten as a