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^ Re: pallet 1.2.1
250275 [stephen tous] Oops. I still have a little work to do to remove some of the company-
+ 250276 [stephen tous] On May 4, 4:25 am, Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists <t...@sourcepole.ch>
+ 250406 [d454d web.de] i've using pallet now for 3 or 4 projects here and still like it. :) I
  250617 [stephen tous] Glad you like it!

^ Re: ruby and true
250280 [aidy.lewis g] Not sure why it would be bad practice to compare to true?
+ 250329 [robert.dober] Maybe because true is just one special value (which also evaluates to "true").
+ 250552 [shortcutter ] Because converting a boolean to a boolean by means of comparison with
  250554 [seebs seebs.] In particular, consider that none of the following are the boolean value
  250555 [shortcutter ] Just keep in mind that the behavior of the program will be dramatically
  250556 [seebs seebs.] Pshaw!  I reject your naive dichotomy between true and false.  I'm trying
  + 250559 [shortcutter ] Next you'll claim that black is white and Ruby is faster than.
  + 250564 [robert.dober] Stay calm, breath by your nose and do not panic by any means.

^ Help with bigbnum
250282 [victor.reyes] I am trying to use the following computation:  232582656(232582657-1)
+ 250283 [jameskilton ] You do realize the magnitude of number you're trying to calculate? There IS
| 250303 [mday mac.com] Python 2.5 appears to have handled the expression easily enough (3-4
| 250312 [victor.reyes] For the record, I am running ruby 1.86 under AIX 5.3.
| 250322 [toddkennethb] p 2048 ** 31819 - 1024 ** 31819
| 250324 [toddkennethb] Oops.  Ignore this one.  I don't know what I was
| 250344 [victor.reyes] Todd, thank you for the example. I truly appreciate it. I'll give it a try.
| 250391 [toddkennethb] Don't get too excited.  On my system (2.4GHz Intel),
| 250398 [toddkennethb] # The next 3 lines compute 2**32582656 in less than a
+ 250291 [B.Candler po] Homework question? Brute force probably isn't the way :-)
  250302 [victor.reyes] Brian,
  250308 [B.Candler po] Then that's the number, represented in a compact form.

^ Is rubyzip directory? broken?
250300 [samuel.murph] In rubyzip-0.9.1 (an earlier version worked) the 'directory?' ( and

^ [ANN] South East Michigan Ruby Brigade Meeting - Monday
250309 [winstont umi] if you are not familiar with campus don't be intimidated, ask on the

^ Problem with memcpy, marshal, zero
250311 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.6
250403 [tom.hurst cl] return rb_str_new2((char *)ret);

^ Loop through files in a directory
250316 [bjohnson med] I know this is a nub question, but the documentation on ruby is
+ 250317 [jan.svitok g] Have a look at Find.find and Dir.each.
+ 250332 [ara.t.howard] a  b  c
  250337 [mikejaystein] def GetRecursiveFileList ( dirname )

^ Playing with Webrick
250318 [wmwilson01 g] I know this is all possible with Rails, but I'm thinking about creating
250325 [jan.svitok g] private
+ 250326 [jan.svitok g] 5. have a look at rails, how they do it... I don't have them installed
+ 250339 [wmwilson01 g] Yeah, it appears that if I just monkey patch and skip the enclosing

^ Re: Problems to Compile Ruby19 using MSYS and MinGW on Windows for Ruby19   Snapshots starting 2007
250320 [wonado donne] I tried it again today - and it works :-))

^ Noob Concatenation Q?
250321 [jervis o2.ie] puts i.to_s +" :: "+arrayoutput[i]
+ 250323 [lopx gazeta.] puts i.to_s(+" :: "+arrayoutput[i])
| 250454 [rick.denatal] Correct and then the + in  +"::"
+ 250328 [w_a_x_man ya] I know I'm not answering your question, but

^ Need advice for a script to scrap my Verizon account
250331 [zflyer gmail] I am new to Ruby.  I would like to write a script that will login to
+ 250333 [jgbailey gma] I haven't used it myself, but if you might want to look at
+ 250334 [damnbigman g] I would suggest Net::HTTP
+ 250335 [ruby philip.] These will probably help...
+ 250343 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I just did something similar for our electronic
+ 250359 [swistak mail] try http://www.scrubyt.org - great ruby toolkit for webscraping
  250529 [peter rubyra] Yeah, scRUBYt! is really great and all, but currently it has one major
  250593 [swistak mail] i had problem with site with javascripts and i must say most of it is easly

^ Unicode string conversion
250341 [airmind gmai] I'm reading a binary file in my program. It contains strings in the
250352 [dangerwillro] Stripping the BOM? (byte order mark)
250503 [airmind gmai] There is no BOM. The specifications clearly states it "uses UTF-16,
250839 [nobu ruby-la] BOM is a "ZERO WIDTH NON-BREAKING SPACE" at the beginning of

^ Re: Installing ruby-opengl in Windows: ERROR: While executin
250348 [lchau hanoia] You have to setup a C development tool on Window, in order to build
250349 [lchau hanoia] I am sorry. The paragraph about C compiler above is meant for people who

^ Why do these two code blocks have different behavior?
250351 [yuricake gma] I am not a total newbie in ruby, but I am still hazy on how things
+ 250354 [gwtmp01 mac.] Because the return statement terminates the method q1 and not the
+ 250355 [dangerwillro] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 250356 [jan.svitok g] this return will jump out of the method altogether. So the method will
+ 250362 [sylvain.joye] I'll add one thing to the other's explanations: 'next' does what you

^ Benchmark of marshalling performance
250358 [sylvain.joye] I had problems w.r.t. performance of Marshal.dump in one of my
250367 [robert.dober] Thanks for sharing this, it is also very comforting to know that for
250368 [sylvain.joye] Lol. The only real problem I have with Ruby's performance is its GC ... I

^ Ruby-based intro programming course?
250365 [thp orpheus.] I'm considering switching from C++ to Ruby in our CS1 course.  Does
+ 250377 [satish.talim] Satish Talim
+ 250395 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Regards,
  250405 [robert.dober] Sorry if this OT but following some of the links given in this thread
  250409 [dangerwillro] It's kind of new and a bit confusing at times due to art.
  250418 [robert.dober] Really, we are just in 0.4, I think it has great value.

^ Re: A use case for an ordered hash
250370 [axgle 126.co] up

^ Re: Hash order bug?
250371 [axgle 126.co] Hashes are unordered. that is how sadly for me,really!
250372 [nickclare gm] less than optimal, can you not just sort the keys when you need them.
250380 [dblack wobbl] sorted_keys = hash.keys.sort
+ 250386 [nickclare gm] Well, that certainly is easier. Coming from other programming languages
| 250390 [dangerwillro] Ruby is often this way. If it seems like the thing you want to do
+ 250407 [robert.dober] sorted_keys = hash.keys.sort_by{|k| k.to_s }
  250413 [dblack wobbl] I can't seem to find the first two or three messages in this thread
  250415 [robert.dober] unfortunately Symbols are *not* comparable :( (yet)
  250431 [dblack wobbl] Right -- what I mean is, to_s is OK for strings and symbols but not
  + 250433 [gwtmp01 mac.] irb(main):001:0> 186.to_s
  | 250436 [robert.dober] Yes but
  | 250441 [gwtmp01 mac.] Ah, I was missing the context of 'sorted keys'.
  | + 250448 [robert.dober] I agree with you and when it comes to keys being Strings and Symbols I
  | + 250450 [dblack wobbl] It's not that integers aren't comparable; it's that they're an example
  |   250456 [gwtmp01 mac.] I wasn't clear.  My 'not comparable' comment was about a hash
  + 250435 [robert.dober] Right -- what I mean is, I am stupid :(. Should have understood your

^ RubyCocoa Sheets - help anyone?
250381 [freestyle_ka] Hey Guys
250393 [igotimac gma] try NSSelectorFromString
250399 [freestyle_ka] Hey Jacob
+ 250401 [logancapaldo] @selector is a way of reifying a method name. it's a bit like using
| 250404 [freestyle_ka] Ok cool, that makes sense, so I would need to define a sheet method that
| 250419 [logancapaldo] IIRC NSSelectorFromString is a good old fashioned C function, not a
| 250422 [freestyle_ka] So if its a C function, what does that mean for me using RubyCocoa? its
| + 250425 [dangerwillro] That's not necessarily a problem.
| + 250440 [spamtrap dot] First, it's quite possible that you could pass a plain string, and RubyCocoa
|   250483 [freestyle_ka] So what your saying in effect is that although im writing in Ruby,
|   250489 [spamtrap dot] Yes, because the code that will be calling your callback is Objective-C.
|   + 250535 [freestyle_ka] Hey Sherm
|   | 250537 [spamtrap dot] It's a callback - you don't actually connect an event to it, or call it
|   | 250573 [freestyle_ka] I actually meant the code that calls the sheet in the first place? In
|   | + 250578 [freestyle_ka] Does that help at all?
|   | | 250582 [spamtrap dot] You're the one asking for help - you tell me. :-)
|   | | 250585 [freestyle_ka] LOL!!!!! good point, give me a little bit of time to re-work where im
|   | | 250598 [freestyle_ka] Ok, I am making progress!
|   | | 250607 [spamtrap dot] That calls for a drink! (Pours a pint of Guinness...)
|   | | 250686 [freestyle_ka] hahaha i know! Beers all around....!!!
|   | | 250708 [spamtrap dot] Right. You can't instantiate a new controller instance in your Prefs NIB,
|   | | 250759 [freestyle_ka] You make a very good point there sherm that a lot of people including
|   | | 250774 [spamtrap dot] I would actually do that in the action method. For instance, let's say that
|   | | 250825 [freestyle_ka] For sure, that sounds like a very logical way of doing things.
|   | | + 250831 [spamtrap dot] You forgot the trailing colon on the selector ---------^
|   | | + 250833 [henryj parad] You're doing things slightly differently to how i usually do this so I may be slightly off base...
|   | |   250838 [spamtrap dot] Ah, that could be a problem, yes. I've done plenty of Cocoa in Objective-C
|   | |   250889 [freestyle_ka] Ah yes, now that is good! It makes sense to do that and is very
|   | |   250907 [freestyle_ka] Hey Guys
|   | |   250908 [freestyle_ka] oops - I meant to say "its now working!!!"
|   | + 250579 [spamtrap dot] Yes, exactly. Button clicks and other GUI events can only call methods
|   + 250536 [freestyle_ka] Hey Sherm
+ 250402 [dangerwillro] For Cocoa info you might try the CocoaDev list.

^ [OT] A question for people with English OS
250394 [list.push gm] Can you view Japanese documents on the internet with an English OS
+ 250400 [dangerwillro] Generally, these days the answer is yes. All modern OS's that are
| 250460 [list.push gm] Thanks for the information and the link.
| 250467 [dangerwillro] Sure Harry, no prob.
+ 250590 [hramrach cen] It is not thing of the past. You need Japanese fonts. Most OSes or
  250599 [list.push gm] Thanks for the input.
  250608 [dangerwillro] Japanese. But the page itself is created with bad old HTML with
  250618 [hramrach cen] Actually I hate they specified small letters for elements and I do not

^ Funny doc for setter
250408 [dangerwillro] Is it just me or is this funny?
+ 250437 [robert.dober] I see the same subtle humor here :)
+ 250845 [kbloom gmail] Yeah, but it doesn't expose anything that didn't already exist in Ruby.
  250963 [rick.denatal] Ahh, but it's a subtle reminder that even if something is possible one

^ single v multiple inheritance
250411 [aidy.lewis g] why does ruby use single inheritance and not utilise multiple
250420 [kazaam oleco] Ruby does support it ;) It just looks a bit different and is called

250414 [gcarcass gma] Is there any, SIMPLE software that I can use to build GRAPHIC INTERFACES
+ 250416 [dangerwillro] Try Platypus
+ 250417 [seebs seebs.] Yes.
| + 250424 [greg.kujawa ] I can understand both sides of this argument. As a person with a
| | 250426 [huw DELTHISB] Ruby In Steel from SapphireSteel Software. Close though ;-)
| + 250473 [gcarcass gma] Yeap, I guess you are right, actualli it is a good advice, I'll try to
+ 250540 [reid.thompso] WideStudio is an open source, Integrated Development Environment for
| 250548 [gcarcass gma] Thanks!! It might be just what I was looking for, the only problem is I
+ 250541 [avdi avdi.or] I don't pretend to be a ruby GUI programmer, but I understand that
| 250580 [w.piekutowsk] You are right. For example there is Glade for GTK which allows quite
| 250594 [gcarcass gma] Thanks!!
| 250691 [ari aribrown] 1) unzip/untar the file
+ 250584 [spamtrap dot] Stupid question maybe, but why look for something "like" Xcode, when you
| 250622 [gcarcass gma] Thanks for your mail, and actually it is not Harsh at all, I think it
| 250664 [spamtrap dot] Actually, I remember my own "aha!" moment like that very vividly, and it
+ 250692 [john.carter ] If you really care about SIMPLE, EASY, and INTUITIVE.....
| 250695 [dangerwillro] All depends on what you want to do. Command line interfaces do not
| 250797 [greg.kujawa ] On May 7, 7:13 pm, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
+ 250693 [john.carter ] Ah yes.
  250746 [leslieviljoe] Argh! Did you say Javascript??

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission (please update)
250423 [james graypr] ...

^ Gmailer
250429 [david.alm go] I'm experimenting with the Gmailer gem.
+ 250430 [chase.southa] Dave,
| 250432 [chase.southa] I probably mailed that last comment too soon.
+ 250464 [phasis68 hot] Currently, Gmailer supports "frequently mailed" and "all".

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 4.1.0
250434 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on RSS 2.0, YAML,

^ How can I output an object/variable's name?
250439 [dangerwillro] a = 3
+ 250442 [robert.dober] No there is no way to output the name of a variable as a variable is
| 250445 [dangerwillro] Thanks Robert, but...
| 250482 [shortcutter ] No, he is saying that there are classes whose instances have a property
| 250484 [robert.dober] You are right Robert.
| 250491 [dangerwillro] Well, exactly all I want to do is to be able to take a set of
| + 250493 [robert.dober] Maybe there is a slight missunderstanding between local variables and
| + 250494 [seebs seebs.] I don't think it is, in general.  Not every object has any names at all,
+ 250443 [TimHunter nc] There's no way to do this in general.
  250447 [dangerwillro] What I'd like to do is similar to the idea of processing files and
  250449 [rick.denatal] John,
  250459 [gwtmp01 mac.] You can't go from an arbitrary object reference to an identifier, but
  + 250461 [gpygood 126.] class Person
  + 250466 [dangerwillro] Gary I think this does what I'm looking for. It's a little hackish to
    250469 [dangerwillro] In fact, I might alias the eval methods as "evil" until I get a grip

^ how to make "quit" at the end of "menu"
250451 [gpygood 126.] menu={
+ 250452 [gpygood 126.] or,Is there have a hash method like to_map ?
+ 250475 [B.Candler po] If ordering is important, don't use a hash.

^ WIN32OLE and Shell.Application problem
250455 [eder.sq gmai] everything right, but it just does not open the cd-rom, maybe the
250492 [masaki.suket] It is known problem.

^ [ANN] Radiant CMS 0.6.1 - Stone Cutter (Security Update)
250457 [ng johnwlong] This release contains an important security update. Passwords since 0.5

^ [ANN] ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.6.0 Released
250468 [zach.dennis ] This adds one nice feature, one small feature and one bug fix. If you

^ SAX2Parser, anyone?
250472 [kristerj gma] I'm trying to mine some info from wikipedia's xml dump. The code im
+ 250474 [james.britt ] James Britt
+ 250476 [sylvain.joye] This is a syntax error. You have written
  250479 [kristerj gma] oh no. that really was it. (slaps forehead)

^ how to define a method template
250478 [sxain hotmai] Forgive me for the nonstandard words. I will describe my problem in
250485 [shortcutter ] Why not create all the methods on the fly?  Like
+ 250486 [shortcutter ] module.
+ 250488 [robert.dober] Robert I have understood the setup a little bit differently, was it
  250499 [shortcutter ] Maybe.  His statement seems to be a bit contradictory.  First he talks
  + 250515 [robert.dober] Difficult decision LOL
  + 250517 [sxain hotmai] Thanks RobertS!
    + 250520 [sxain hotmai] I just managed to apply Dober's codes into my app (I just copy the code
    + 250521 [shortcutter ] Actually I do Java for a living - and I don't hate it. :-)
      250528 [sxain hotmai] why hate it? while it makes you living and others happy...

^ must I use Apache locally?
250480 [Geoff Cox <>] I am considering trying out Ruby but have following question.
250481 [ecomba mac.c] when developing your Rails application you don't need any web server
+ 250532 [cmdjackryan ] Actually, *Ruby* comes with WEBrick.
| 250568 [Geoff Cox <>] Thanks for the info Phillip.
+ 250567 [Geoff Cox <>] Thanks Enrique.
+ 250721 [ruby muerman] To get started, you might want to try an embedded SQLite3 database. No
+ 250726 [khaines enig] I know it's not standard Rails procedure, but these days when I deploy