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^ I've ported the python nntplib class to Ruby.  I will be adding comments to it soon.  Here it is for public commentary and criticism
24666 [jheard acxio] require 'socket'
+ 24684 [matz ruby-la] <code snipped>
| 24695 [jheard acxio] Sounds great! Osewa ni narimasu.
| 24728 [matz ruby-la] I don't think you need to require this one.  net/protocol is a bit
| 24770 [jheard acxio] Thanks, I'll start work on it.
+ 24779 [pete narya.P] ...
+ 24798 [jheard acxio] It has been requested that I put this code up on a web page and update

^ Is their a more succinct way to do this?
24669 [jim freeze.o] I have a program that takes several parameters from the command line.
+ 24673 [pbrannan atd] One way to simplify this is to use my call stack hack from
+ 24674 [Dave Pragmat] How about something like
| 24687 [jim freeze.o] That would work, but at the point I am testing this it is not coming
+ 24675 [ryan ryanfly] Jim,
+ 24683 [matz ruby-la] In Ruby, local variables are defined statically.  This means you can

^ Perl Cookbook Preforking Server
24676 [dthompson ch] All,
+ 24677 [hal9000 hype] Cool. Why don't you put it in the RAA?
| 24685 [dthompson ch] server=PreforkedSocketServer.new(10, 20, 3102) { | client |
+ 24704 [pixel mandra] could you send it, so that it can advance http://pleac.sf.net/ ?

^ how to get hostname/MAC address?
24692 [anany ece.vi] ...
24699 [csawtell par] irb(main):002:0> system ( 'hostname -i')
24701 [jheard acxio] for Windows,
24702 [jheard acxio] Sorry, not MACHINE_NAME but HOSTNAME
24732 [nobu.nokada ] Without environment variable,

^ ruby and webservices
24698 [info mjais.d] according to these site, beta implemenatitions are already availabe for
24715 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 24720 [toddg foobox] Every time Paul Prescod wanders by this ml we hear more about what
+ 24730 [rich infoeth] Actually...its me.
  + 24753 [mjais web.de] I think the XMLParser maybe has the advantage of being faster
  | + 24777 [julian-ml be] Personnally, as I recall, my major problem with XMLParser was that you couldn't have more than one parser working at once.  This was a problem, for example, when I was trying to read in an RSS feed and send it out an XML stream on a socket (yes, this is Jabber :).
  | | + 24778 [Dave Pragmat] The trick would be to have a pure Ruby parser and a higher performance
  | | | + 24781 [rich infoeth] Or a pure Ruby parser that could be accelerated with a native library (if available).  Like a mixin, if installed.  That would ROCK!
  | | | + 24788 [ser germane-] The assumption is that the XML parser (the native version) would be
  | | |   24795 [Dave Pragmat] The expat license seems to allow this with no restrictions. If we
  | | |   24799 [RyanL mosaic] That seems to be the trend in the Java world.  A few organizations
  | | + 24804 [j.travnik sh] is there a client jabber library?
  | |   24816 [julian-ml be] Rich and I are both working on Jabber libraries though mine has been heavily on the back burner over the last few weeks.
  | + 24787 [ser germane-] I haven't done any tests, but in a speed test I'd be willing to lay a fiver
  | | 24800 [sean chitten] Having played with mod_perl and PHP and having battled with explat,
  | + 24838 [ ser efn.org] Well, I've done some more benchmarks, and with surprising results.  I took
  |   + 24868 [maki open-ne] No, it's not benchmark of XMLParser, but XMLParser + XML::DOM
  |   + 24887 [neumann s-di] Did you use the SimpleTreeParser of XMLParser ? It's *very* slow for
  |     24903 [ ser efn.org] According to Takahashi's benchmarks, NQXML's stream parser is 50 times
  |     + 24906 [ jimm io.com] I've spent a bit of time trying to improve the speed of the NQXML
  |     + 24950 [neumann s-di] Sorry, I mixed this up.
  |       24956 [ser germane-] That's for others to say.  Since I'm the developer, I'm obviously biased; I
  + 24758 [neumann s-di] You can use both XMLRPC4R and SOAP4R either with NQXML or XMLParser.

^ Strange behaviour of Array#[]
24700 [neumann s-di] a = [1,2,3]
+ 24708 [ljohnson res] ...
+ 24711 [Dave Pragmat] irb(main):001:0> a = "cat"
  + 24718 [1007858163.c] If strings do it, it may be rational for arrays to do it too.
  | 24721 [Dave Pragmat] Because Arrays do it.   :)
  | 24726 [1007861911.6] I love ruby!
  + 24773 [ljohnson res] ...
    24786 [matz ruby-la] For these methods, each index points at the edge between elements.
    + 24812 [jsuntheimer ] .... and everyone nodded.
    + 24822 [1007960706.3] Does this make some programming tasks easier?
      + 24829 [matz ruby-la] No.  It's just defined that way.  I had to define exact behaviors to
      + 24835 [mchahn facel] the "why."

^ assert_exception_and_message
24706 [feldt ce.cha] I didn't find a way in RubyUnit to check both an exception and its error
+ 24709 [1007854144.4] Is it considered good style to rely on the exception message in
| + 24710 [feldt ce.cha] I guess not, but if you use tests as detailed specs?
| + 24761 [pbrannan atd] It's probably not a good idea to rely on the exception message, but it's
+ 24754 [jim freeze.o] Sorry for not knowing this. But could someone please explain
| 24757 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 24760 [pbrannan atd] Another way to write this is to just use assert_exception, and provide a
+ 24870 [masaki.suket] RubyUnit does not check error message because I am not sure
  24898 [feldt ce.cha] Oh, great. I had missed that.

^ Trailing uc strange lexer error message?!
24707 [feldt ce.cha] irb(main):002:0> -9_.1
+ 24762 [pbrannan atd] x =  123_456_789
| 24771 [feldt ce.cha] This is correctly IMHO a "trailing uc" error.
| 24774 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 24776 [matz ruby-la] As Paul said in [ruby-talk:24762], <digit>_.<digit> should not be

^ How do I unsubscribe to the mailing list?
24712 [vince news.v] ...
+ 24735 [vjoel PATH.B] I used to post to c.l.r, but found that there was some lag between it
+ 24743 [matz ruby-la] Send a mail with the body "unsubscribe" to ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org

^ Profiling Code
24723 [fokke_wulf h] Is there a Ruby equivalent to Perl's Devel::DProf?
24729 [Dave Pragmat] Does
24792 [fokke_wulf h] Yes, that does it!
+ 24796 [Dave Pragmat] Well, profile is 56 lines of Ruby code (in lib/profile.rb). It seems
+ 24797 [dthompson ch] ruby -r profile Program.rb 2>file.txt
  24803 [fokke_wulf h] Unfortunately, this only writes the regular output from my program to
  + 24805 [ned bike-nom] Note the
  + 24832 [feldt ce.cha] A new profiler for Ruby will be described in the upcoming "Ruby
    24942 [dthompson ch] Impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing it. The features you described
    25033 [feldt ce.cha] Thanks for the feedback,
    25175 [dthompson ch] Is it appropriate to just be reported in the same way as process time
    25191 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, that sounds kind of useful. I'll put it on the todo and we'll see

^ Negate grep pattern match?
24736 [josb cncdsl.] a = %w{aap noot mies}
+ 24737 [gotoken notw] a = %w{aap noot mies}
+ 24738 [crouton weat] grep(pat)
| 24741 [gotoken notw] select{|item| pat===item }
+ 24742 [nobu.nokada ] Standard eregex.rb lacks nagate feature.
+ 24749 [josb cncdsl.] The find_all, select and reject methods all function as replacements indeed.

^ XML libraries (Re:  Re: ruby and webservices)
24744 [matz ruby-la] The request for Ruby to handle XML out of the box has been asked for
24801 [tobiasreif p] requirement.
+ 24811 [james rubyxm] The concerns about which any given Ruby XML library does makes me wonder what, exactly, "XML out of the box" means.
| + 24821 [maki open-ne] I'm now implementing SAX2 interface for Ruby.
| + 24828 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure.  It should be decided by discussion, especially among
| + 24901 [john.carter ] Personally I have no time or use for the "DOM's", and I will admit I can't
|   + 24905 [john.carter ] Sorry. That was a typo. I used rexml.
|   + 24935 [tobiasreif p] Second that.
|     24962 [BSchumacher ] I'm curious, is there a "Ruby way" library in existence already? I'm working
|     24990 [mjais web.de] <8D96EDA0AC04D31197B400A0C96C148003C0471B@ossex1.corp.webb.net>, "Ben
+ 24861 [maki open-ne] Hmmm...
  24877 [hutch xampl.] No I don't think so. How you represent the character stream internally is
  + 24883 [james rubyxm] The XML spec says,
  + 24884 [ ser efn.org] Then we have a problem.
  | + 24900 [hutch xampl.] Yes, but not quite as bad as it seems at first. All you have to do is *read*
  | | 24904 [ ser efn.org] How can you possibly read UTF-16 and not be able to write it back out.
  | | + 24909 [martin v.loe] Why is it a problem? Nobody uses XML documents in UTF-16. So *if* you
  | | | 24916 [ ser efn.org] You are right, of course.
  | | | + 24925 [hutch xampl.] There is a problem caused by history that can be partially illustrated by
  | | | | 25120 [martin v.loe] In Python, the builtin string type is still used for both byte strings
  | | | + 25121 [martin v.loe] No. Converting between ASCII (American Standard Code for Information
  | | + 24923 [hutch xampl.] By converting UTF-16 to some other encoding immediately. UTF-16 does not
  | + 24921 [tobiasreif p] I agree.
  + 24908 [martin v.loe] It seems that Ruby needs a conversion library, then. Convert every
  + 24920 [tobiasreif p] "All XML processors must be able to read entities in both the UTF-8 and
    24924 [hutch xampl.] I don't know what you are getting at here, but I think this is the second

^ eregex.rb (Re:  Re: Negate grep pattern match?)
24745 [gotoken notw] Neat!

^ Ruby can't find gtk libs
24746 [mjbjr beaude] I've spent an hour or more checking numerous docs and the FAQ with no luck
24747 [nobu.nokada ] /usr/lib/gtk must be a directory.  Haven't you installed

^ BUG: net/telnet.rb gives select invalid argument excepition
24750 [mulperi iki.] Our product is build with the great help of ruby. We support many
24794 [wakou fsinet] Invalid argument in select?
+ 24809 [wakou fsinet] I don't understand English smartly.
+ 24864 [mulperi iki.] Unfortunately this is all that can be get now. If you have some code
  24865 [mulperi iki.] I can reproduce invalid socket quite easily, so feel free to send
  24866 [decoux moulo] ...
  24869 [mulperi iki.] begin
  24871 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 24889 [wakou fsinet] me too. (but, my test platform is only linux 2.4.10 local)
  | 24911 [mulperi iki.] Me too 8-(.  I run this script 150.times without
  + 25160 [mulperi iki.] Ok I think I found the cause. We are interrupted in poll then

^ benchmark script for XMLParser
24751 [maki inac.co] I found benchmark program in REXML package. It supports
24783 [ser germane-] Thanks for providing this.  Do you mind if I hack it to use the same
24784 [maki open-ne] No problem. Please use it.

^ Time.utc problem with arrays?
24766 [dennis sutch] The entry for Time#to_a at
24768 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Looking for df interface
24772 [djberg96 hot] I'm really just looking for an OO interface to the unix 'df' command.
24791 [mjbjr beaude] Well, this might not help all that much...
24836 [green FreeBS] Write an implementation for the system calls statfs(2) (File.statfs(path))
24840 [djberg96 hot] ...

^ poll() in Ruby?
24775 [anany ece.vi] ...

^ Factories in Ruby.
24780 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I've returned for a while... :-)

^ Re: I've ported the python nntplib class to Ruby.  This is a bugfix
24785 [jheard acxio] Here's some new code that should fix some of the bugs.

^ Re: I've ported the python nntplib class to Ruby.  more bugfixes.
24793 [jheard acxio] #########################################################################################################

^ REXML XPath testers needed
24808 [ser germane-] The new REXML XPath code passes my unit tests, but the tests are still
+ 24823 [alunap mac.c] Yes, I should have some time this coming week, and I'm very much into
+ 24919 [tobiasreif p] Tobi
+ 24957 [benoit.cerri] ...
  25058 [ser germane-] No, I haven't.  Thanks for the suggestion.

^ Ruby-Tk; feature/bug/misunderstanding? mouse-location during  when a key is pressed in the presence of TkMenubutton
24810 [armin approx] I think the following is best explained with code.
+ 24824 [kero d4050.u] Yup.
| + 24825 [Ephaeton gmx] There's no winfo equivalent in Ruby/Tk ??
| | 24826 [kero d4050.u] Ah, that's where I should look! Thanks.
| | 24827 [Ephaeton gmx] Take care, in tcl you need to call update to tell the tk system
| | 24834 [armin approx] thx a lot to all my Tk-experts that answer all the time.
| + 24842 [armin approx] At http://approximity.com/ruby/rubytk.html
+ 24876 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm wondering that it is what you are aiming.

^ Ruby on alpha?
24813 [anany ece.vi] ...
24831 [matz ruby-la] @@ -828,6 +828,6 @@
24841 [W.L.Kleb LaR] Worked for my alpha.

^ Ruby on alpha?
24814 [anany ece.vi] ...
24818 [W.L.Kleb LaR] I have the same problem on our Alpha; 1.6.4 compiled just fine, but 1.6.5
24830 [matz ruby-la] I suspect linker option to cause this problem, but there's no explicit

^ RE: MySQL trouble? was  RE:  Windows Installer: SciTE instead of RubyWin?
24815 [james rubyxm] What trouble did you have getting the MySQL interface going?

^ Eclipse is open source (was GUI for Ruby)
24819 [rich infoeth] This is a follow-up to a discussion earlier about GUI stuff and Ruby.  People were wondering if the Eclipse (and SWT) frameworks were going to be open sourced

^ ANN: Triple-R - The Rubicon Results Repository
24820 [Dave Pragmat] As an experiment, I've decided to try collecting the results of
+ 24833 [feldt ce.cha] We've got some nice lexer and parser tests coming up in the
| 24844 [Dave Pragmat] These sound like useful unit tests.
| 24859 [feldt ce.cha] Ok. I'll post them when Rich has done some more. Current status is that
+ 24837 [bobgus mcs.c] [cvsuser@hoho0 cvsuser]$ cd rubicon
| 24845 [Dave Pragmat] That would be a bug in your Make installation, as the rubicon make
+ 24839 [1008009991.8] In light of the recent thread about weird array behavior, I'd include
| 24847 [Dave Pragmat] Included. Cheers
+ 24852 [akr m17n.org] 500: Internal Server Error
  24854 [Dave Pragmat] Thanks - missing a $stderr... :)
  24886 [akr m17n.org] Thank you for the fix.  But another lines are preceeded, now.
  24894 [Dave Pragmat] Many thanks for the patches. These are exactly the kinds of things we
  24987 [akr m17n.org] Hm.
  25007 [Dave Pragmat] Then it fails under the Windows interpreters (which is why I put the
  25008 [akr m17n.org] I see.
  25010 [Dave Pragmat] Only under Cygwin, I believe

^ REXML newbie problem
24843 [alwagner tca] REXML1.1a1.
24848 [alwagner tca] Please ignore.  Brain fart.

^ new site
24846 [bocma2000 li] ...

^ RE: please unsubscribe me to this service.
24849 [rkim communi] Thanks.

^ Re: Testing as a Ruby niche
24850 [marick visib] Thanks for the comments, and sorry for the delayed reply.
+ 24853 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| + 24855 [kjana dm4lab] ...
| + 24857 [feldt ce.cha] I'm not sure this generating-text thing is good. IMHO, its often
+ 24856 [feldt ce.cha] Brian et al,

^ [ANN] JRuby beta 0.2.1
24851 [jpetersen un] JRuby beta 0.2.1 is just released.

^ Help needed on subclassing
24858 [feldt ce.cha] Its late here in Sweden (actually early, but anyway... ;-)) and I cant
+ 24860 [bobgus mcs.c] Why not do
| 24863 [xm bolotov-t] Using default parameters isn't any good I believe.
| 24867 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, correct semantics so far.
+ 24872 [niklas kagi.] What about this?
| 24896 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, these are two good solutions to my problem. Thanks; when the brain
+ 24880 [chr_news gmx] Note I am cheating;-)
+ 24882 [chr_news gmx] Okay,