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^ Ruby Performance (was Re: Joys of eval)
24473 [RyanL mosaic] Bill's RegExp tokenizer is pretty cool.  One thing I would like to point
+ 24493 [feldt ce.cha] FYI, the upcoming "Ruby Developer's Guide" will have a chapter on
+ 24515 [ ser efn.org] Furthermore, "yield" (used by "each") is 1.5 to 5 times slower than a

^ ANN: Ruby Templating System 0.0.1
24475 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ TCPServer example in PP book
24481 [list chromat] I have tried encapsulating the TCPServer example in a class by itself,
+ 24488 [harryo zipwo] Not sure whether this is much help, but your code works fine for me.  I'm
+ 24512 [gotoken notw] session.gets("\r\n\r\n")  # read request
  24526 [list chromat] That's right.  The example said ``puts session.gets...'' and since it
  24625 [gotoken notw] All input should be read though, I don't know what is going.

^ Win32 VIM w/Ruby?
24483 [james rubyxm] I saw that Vim 6 supports an interface into Ruby, and I've managed to compile Vim with Ruby support  on Linux, but cannot get it to
24490 [benoit.cerri] ...
24509 [james rubyxm] I first tried MSVC, but it complained about cl.exe
+ 24517 [jjthrash pob] If someone could post the results somewhere so that those of us who love
| 24641 [benoit.cerri] ...
| 24650 [james rubyxm] I notice that the exe does not display any nice toolbar icons or dropdown menus,
| 24691 [benoit.cerri] ...
| 24705 [james rubyxm] Ah! I am enlightened.
+ 24639 [benoit.cerri] ...
  24649 [james rubyxm] This was without using any patches.

^ ʧ--ע.info
24485 [market now.n] ...

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-11-07)
24487 [schneiker ju] ...
24502 [neumann s-di] by Michael Neumann, Robert Feldt, Lyle Johnson
24591 [schneiker ju] ...
24597 [Dave Pragmat] Don't forget to update http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyBookList

^ Ruby books (Ruby NG FAQ, Ruby FAQ, home page)
24489 [schneiker ju] ...
24592 [schneiker ju] ...

^ Stackdump under Cygwin
24491 [wys helbling] my script, which does a lot of file I/O, "gsub(!)" and "sub(!)" with

^ callback/event <-> threads
24492 [jpe newtec.b] i just wanted to check some things before i dive deeper into ruby, which
+ 24494 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure if Ruby prefers the threading model.  You can choose
+ 24513 [nat.pryce b1] Ruby uses user-space threads. This makes the thread approach to IO much more
+ 24686 [matju sympat] In Ruby you often have the choice. For example, IO/File/Socket are at once
  24752 [jpe newtec.b] Ok, so I should not have to start learning this threading stuff. I will

^ Doing both input and output to a process
24497 [harryo zipwo] Say I wanted to run a shell, send it commands and catch the output from
+ 24500 [henryso eart] Use the pty extension (it is included with Ruby at least since 1.6.3).  You
| 24544 [harryo zipwo] Thanks.  I had already looked for a pty class, but didn't find one. Can
| 24628 [henryso eart] I'm assuming by your later post ([ruby-talk:24622]) that you found the PTY
+ 24529 [alan digikat] I gather that you need something more than backticks, but I thought
  + 24545 [harryo zipwo] Yes.  I want to set up a process and have my program interact with it
  | 24586 [aaron.barnet] i did this recently to interact with ispell.  i run it twice to make the
  | 24622 [harryo zipwo] <81D093095B1E1A41A575AFDFD1F2F41404A93D@c1plenaexm06.commerceone.com>,
  | 24631 [harryo zipwo] Note to self ... always check the data first!
  + 24648 [fritz.heinri] what about

^ unsubscribe
24505 [tprisbe soca] ...

^ Range weirdness
24507 [ ser efn.org] ruby 1.6.2 (2001-01-23) [i586-linux-gnu]
+ 24522 [nat.pryce b1] I think you have a modelling problem, rather than an implementation problem.
| 24680 [ser germane-] In many cases you are right: this is the "character vs. glyph" problem, IE,
+ 24664 [chr_news gmx] I have been biten by this (and other) unexpected implicit #to_i
  24679 [ser germane-] Thanks.  This helps, although it is unfortunate that such a hack is
  24997 [chr_news gmx] It seems that Matz undefined #new in Integer only recently. A bit

^ kill rdtool?
24511 [stefan snobi] I just played around with some inline documentation systems like javadoc,
+ 24516 [stefan snobi] Until the next mail...,
| 24521 [andy toolshe] ...
+ 24530 [mchahn facel] Unfortunately doxygen appears to be GPL instead of LGPL.  I don't think any
| + 24534 [Pierre-Charl] Uh? Ruby itself is already GPL (although it has dual-licensing). Linux
| | 24535 [mchahn facel] Linux is not a library.  If you ship a product that even links to a GPL
| | + 24537 [armin approx] I'm also for LGPL and not GPL for Ruby, _but_ it's all up
| | + 24543 [matju sympat] Well, to be precise, in that case, nothing "automatically" changes
| + 24536 [eric badtux.] I use Ruby in a commercial application (which, alas, I cannot disclose at this
| | 24538 [mchahn facel] Your commercial application is obviously not an IDE that includes Ruby.
| | 24540 [eric badtux.] Why? As far as I know, there's no requirement for the doxygen system to be
| | 24541 [mchahn facel] I don't see how you could integrate (the I in IDE) the doc system in an IDE
| | + 24542 [eric badtux.] Same way that I integrated 'mtx' into BRU-Pro -- just call it as a
| | | 24563 [curt hibbs.c] Yes, but if you are developing an IDE (which is what I am in the process
| | | 24568 [eric badtux.] Installing BRU-Pro was a matter of sticking the CD in the drive, and waiting
| | + 24570 [erik bagfors] If you don't link it together you are in no problems.  If you do a
| + 24551 [kero d4050.u] Why would you want to link Ruby to doxygen? If you run doxygen on your
|   24556 [mchahn facel] Yes, but passing parameters can be considered a violation.
|   24560 [eric badtux.] Please quit spreading misinformation. Ideological axe-grinding has no
|   + 24565 [mchahn facel] You aren't very good at this "ignoring" thing, are you?
|   | + 24567 [Dave Pragmat] OK, folks, yellow flag time (or yellow card time for those on the east
|   | + 24571 [eric badtux.] Uhm, I didn't say that *I* was going to be ignoring :-).
|   |   24573 [andy toolshe] ...
|   |   24578 [hal9000 hype] east
|   |   + 24583 [andy toolshe] ...
|   |   | + 24588 [jason jvoege] I agree that the simple @tags are better than XML style tags.  I'm not sure
|   |   | | + 24594 [RyanL mosaic] I like this a lot.  Plus % is used in sprintf strings so it is not like
|   |   | | | 24661 [stefan snobi] I would suggest something like "\section". We could orient to doxygen syntax
|   |   | | + 24595 [Dave Pragmat] In the 90% complete things I'm writing (it's been 90% complete for
|   |   | | | + 24629 [jweirich one] I really like this.  It is lightweight and non-intrusive.  I find many
|   |   | | | + 24654 [jason jvoege] Aren't they always? :)
|   |   | | |   24656 [Dave Pragmat] By default, only comments that precede definitions (class, def,
|   |   | | + 24599 [brett_willia] @param
|   |   | |   24604 [RyanL mosaic] I haven't taken a detailed look at Doxygen, but IMO, \param is hard to
|   |   | |   24606 [Dave Pragmat] Any word at the start of a line that ends with a colon starts a new
|   |   | |   + 24607 [curt hibbs.c] I really like this. Its very simple, very clean, and open-ended.
|   |   | |   | 24608 [andy toolshe] ...
|   |   | |   | 24609 [Dave Pragmat] That's all supported right now (except _italic_ and *bold*). It also
|   |   | |   + 24645 [niklasf cs.u] Note that doxygen has three different types of tags. Section tags,
|   |   | + 24596 [mchahn facel] I would like to register one vote for JavaDoc.
|   |   + 24585 [ntalbott rol] If only it were true; the jargon file declares that option invalid...
|   |   + 24598 [pete narya.P] ...
|   + 24569 [billk cts.co] Now, now, I think Mark was able to communicate that "at arms
|     24574 [eric badtux.] Please consult an attorney if you wish legal opinions or legal advice. That's
|     24587 [billk cts.co] Rats, I wanted to respond to this but I've been Godwin'd out.  =-)
+ 24548 [maki open-ne] I don't know about doxygen well, and I have some questions.
  24658 [stefan snobi] No (and i don't think, it will be able to in future even if it would be
  + 24659 [robert_linde] I am currently writing programs in Ruby, Java and WSH. To me one program is
  | 24660 [SAT MULTITEC] I agree that the using a "human oriented syntax" for program information
  | 24670 [curt hibbs.c] The more I think about this approach the more I like it. We could also
  | 24671 [Dave Pragmat] The ri version only hyperlinks to names it knows are valid class
  + 24668 [maki open-ne] OK, I agree that there is the 'much information doubled' problem

^ SV:  Re: Great metaphor
24514 [mikkel.bruun] Andrew,
24520 [andy toolshe] ...

^ sorry (was ruby exceptions)
24519 [usenet neo.r] Now that I have fully awoken, I have realized the irate tone of my
+ 24523 [anany ece.vi] The book Programming Ruby is available online at
+ 24527 [Dave Pragmat] Here's the one from the book (as matz said, it's changed slightly in

^ Ruby presentation
24531 [Milan.Gardia] ...
+ 24539 [eric badtux.] Unless you have pressing needs calling for a change in language, it is likely
| + 24564 [julian-ml be] This seems contradictory. The fact that Perl is a "write-only language that is usable primarily for small throw-away scripts" seems like a perfectly good "pressing need" for changing language, particularly when it appears they *are* using it for more than small scripts.
| + 24566 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 24555 [ jimm io.com] Feel free to reuse any part of my talk you wish. You can find it at

^ ruby-mode fix for Emacs 21?
24532 [brett_willia] I recently upgraded to GNU Emacs 21 (and have been very happy with it).
24561 [adam theloni] ...
24580 [brett_willia] Hmmm... I believe mine originated with 1.6.4 also (even though we're

^ Ruby mentioned...
24533 [Stephan.Kaem] Not much to learned about Ruby from that article, though.

^ Final word on rdtool vs. doxygen licensing
24546 [eric badtux.] with an ideological axe to grind. It is quite legal to call external programs
+ 24550 [mchahn facel] You can argue that "it doesn't matter" or "everyone does it" but that will
| 24558 [eric badtux.] As vs. grinding ideological axes?
| 24562 [mchahn facel] It is only ideological to you.  I am a business-person as well as an
| 24576 [eric badtux.] So consult an attorney. That's what we did. But if you go around spreading
+ 24553 [jason jvoege] <quote>
  + 24557 [mchahn facel] That rule exaplins nicely why it is legal to call GNU 'awk', 'sed', 'test',
  + 24559 [eric badtux.] Uhm, we're not talking about libraries. We're talking about stand-alone

^ OpenGL (rbogl) bindings to Tk?
24547 [phlip_cpp ya] I have wrapped my Mandrake 7.2 around Yoshi's Ruby OpenGl binding
+ 24552 [alan digikat] IIRC, Yosi's OpenGL binding also includes GLUT bindings.  There are
| 24601 [ljohnson res] ...
+ 24590 [pbrannan atd] For this I think you need to get a Tk OpenGL widget and wrap it.  I
+ 24600 [ljohnson res] ...
  24627 [nagai ai.kyu] Well, the other idea is Tk frame widget(container) ==>

^ RE:  can GPL feature be a Ruby standard?  (was: kill rdtool?)
24549 [mchahn facel] "By contrast, pipes, sockets and command-line arguments are communication
24572 [elderburn mi] Taken out of context, it would appear so. However, there is also this,
24575 [eric badtux.] According to our intellectual property lawyer, the fact that 'tapeinfo' was

^ ruby 1.6.5, irb $0
24554 [pete narya.P] ...
24635 [decoux moulo] ...
24637 [matz ruby-la] Oops, I forgot to backport this one to 1.6.x; thank you!

^ Book Bug?
24577 [ralph.mason ] ...
24579 [Dave Pragmat] Were you looking at the printed book or the online version?

^ Is Ruby good for SysAdmin Automation Scripting
24581 [sreem lycos.] I want to know if Ruby is suitable for SysAdmin Task automation
+ 24582 [sean chitten] Ruby's all I use for sysadmin scripts any more: it works VERY well.
+ 24584 [hal9000 hype] In my opinion, Ruby is very suitable for this kind of thing.
+ 24593 [robert_linde] file is below.

^ Amazon email says "Ruby in a Nutshell" available
24602 [ptkwt shell1] ...
24620 [mjabbur terr] I've visited ora.com homepage and it looks like the book it really out..
24733 [james rubyxm] I just got a notice from barnes & noble that my order of Ruby in a Nutshell

^ Hitting the hardware (raw write to parallel port)
24605 [list chromat] I solved the problem I asked about a few days ago, of writing raw data

^ system('dir') and Windows 2000
24610 [john.carter ] I have just tried
+ 24613 [armin approx] try "cmd /c dir"
| 24617 [john.carter ] Tried system( 'cmd/c dir') and got nowhere.
| + 24618 [armin approx] read
| + 24619 [gotoken notw] On cygwin I got
|   24626 [john.carter ] Ha! Thanks, that's my problem.
+ 24614 [pbrannan atd] You may find that Find.find, Dir.entries and Dir.foreach give you what you

^ Re: kill rdtool -- not
24611 [Dave Pragmat] Just a note on the subject of the thread.
24632 [maki inac.co] Oh, RD is a markup language, and RDtool is an application

^ deltree, find_depth_first
24612 [john.carter ] Is there any standard way of doing "rm -rf" from Ruby that will work in a
24630 [mike lepton.] in a

^ Re: Comping Ruby with gcc on Solaris 7
24616 [jeremy chaos] ...

^ ruby-gtk reference counting
24621 [jcore geekme] ...

^ [PATCH - Corerction] Makefile patch
24623 [mps discomsy] Oops, I posted an incorrect version of the Makefile patch.  Here's the

^ [PATCH] Makefile distclean fix and GCC Solaris shared libraries
24624 [mps discomsy] As I was tracking down problems with making shared libraries for Ruby on

^ license terms (Re:  Re: kill rdtool?)
24634 [matz ruby-la] Ruby is under EITHER GPL or my terms.  It's GPL'ed for historical
+ 24646 [roberto REMO] Thanks a lot matz!
+ 24657 [ jimm io.com] I think that's great. Why do you write "BSD-like" instead of "BSD" (or
  24682 [matz ruby-la] I sometimes feel I don't need some terms in BSD license.
  24727 [matz ruby-la] Copyright (C) 1999, 2000 Aladdin Enterprises.  All rights reserved.
  + 24740 [hal9000 hype] I think this may be the best license I've
  + 24759 [jweirich one] Here's the notice I include with my scripts...
    24763 [pbrannan atd] I really like how succinct this license is.  But what about distribution
    + 24764 [rich infoeth] I really like how succinct this license is.  But what about distribution
    | 24765 [pbrannan atd] Ahh, good point.  The "distribution, and distribution" threw me off :)
    + 24767 [curt hibbs.c] Curt
    + 24817 [jweirich one] As others have pointed out, the first "distribution" covers this.

^ CFV for fr.comp.lang.ruby
24636 [erwan rail.e] I remind you that a call for vote has been issued for a freench

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-11-08)
24640 [schneiker ju] ...
25952 [robert_linde] [ruby-talk:25946] Re: ANN: regex engine development (was: Re: Why not

^ does Hash use hash method?
24642 [mchahn facel] It is late and my brain may be malfunctioning, but can someone explain why
24643 [decoux moulo] ...

^ font handling in ruby-gtk
24644 [mips cybersp] Did someone has done some code which looks for fonts in ruby-gtk ?
24663 [mutoh highwa] Do you want to use GtkFontSelectionDialog?
24697 [mips cybersp] Argl, that will be to use it, but while this is only in cvs that
24719 [nconway klam] Yep -- Gtk::FontSelection and Gtk::FontSelectionDialog have both been
+ 24722 [alan digikat] Where exactly is the CVS repository for Ruby-GTK?  Are you working out of
| 24731 [nconway klam] It's at http://ruby-gnome.sf.net ; you can get a nightly snapshot of the
+ 24748 [mips cybersp] Sorry but i prefer only using existant releases, because i cannot force

^ Testing as a Ruby niche
24647 [marick testi] At the Ruby Conference, Andy Hunt kicked off with a talk about Ruby
+ 24651 [chadfowler y] Brian, perhaps, being the testing-focused guy that you
| + 24652 [chris.morris] 3) Who's got success stories to share?
| | 24681 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| + 24678 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 24653 [Dave Pragmat] ...
+ 24655 [W.L.Kleb LaR] First let's get things out in the open: I'm a rocket
+ 24662 [max malva.co] ...
+ 24672 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Ruby servlet container?
24665 [garym canada] I'm down to one missing ingredient before unleashing webservices under
+ 24667 [garym canada] Hmmm ... tantelizing bits in the archives about Chad Fowler and
| 24717 [chadfowler y] Personally, I got distracted with other less useful
| 25047 [garym canada] I poked around in a system called Wombat, which is the Sun Servlet 2.2
+ 24690 [neumann s-di] There is a pure Ruby webserver called "wwwsrv". It can mount Ruby apps to
+ 24696 [nconway klam] What about Apache with mod_ruby? You should be able to create a
  24739 [garym canada] Mod_ruby requires all the overhead of an apache install, and that's
  24756 [neumann s-di] Have a look at wwwsrv at RAA. It's simple yet powerful.
  25048 [garym canada] Thanks for that tip!  This is very interesting indeed!