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^ Exiting in the middle of the program
244413 [nitrohelgso ] Good-Day to you all, programmers!
+ 244417 [gavin refine] On Mar 19, 4:05 pm, Helgitomas Gislason <nitrohel...@hotmail.com>
+ 244423 [TimHunter nc] I'm pretty sure those examples are there just so you can see how to do
  244740 [nitrohelgso ] Errm... That does not tell me what code to put in the program to exit
  + 244744 [sylvain.abel] Wow, I really recommend you look around to the "case" statement.
  | 244777 [nitrohelgso ] Haha, lol. I will try the case thingy =D THX
  + 244778 [bcnaat comca] Yes,

^ Re: capturing standard out?
244427 [gwtmp01 mac.] This is exactly the problem shell IO redirection was designed to solve.
244429 [daniel.schie] You can set the $stdout global variable to point to whatever object you
+ 244436 [robert.dober] That is a good idea too, especially with this idiom
+ 244551 [erikveen gma] Here's a code snippet from my log library.

244437 [kentaromiura] me) ^_^;;
244449 [eleanor game] Cool hack :)

^ C(++) For Loop Equivalents
244440 [studlee2 gma] What is the most efficient way in Ruby to create a conditional loop in
+ 244442 [halostatue g] Wouldn't it be better to figure out what you're trying to do than look
+ 244454 [daniels pron] In the general case, you can 'while' anywhere where you'd normally 'for'
| 244455 [danfinnie op] num.step(limit, step ) {|i| block }     => num
+ 244468 [rajsahae gma] ((maxNum*2)/(i*j)).times do |n|
  244471 [_mwryder wor] He would need to initialize i before your code as it could be any value,
  244484 [botp delmont] # He would need to initialize i before your code as it could be
  244561 [_mwryder wor] Now is it possible, like in Scheme, to assign a variable to a string and
  244585 [twinwing gma] Is there any reason you can't use the syntactical sugar "for"? Or maybe

^ remove
244441 [flan.hop gma] remove fro mailing list

^ unsubscribe
244443 [flan.hop gma] unsubscribe

^ How to get the name of the executing method?
244456 [grettke gmai] How do I use reflection to get the name of the executing method?
+ 244457 [cdcarter gma] ri caller :)
+ 244465 [gwtmp01 mac.] There were two methods, __method__ and __callee__ in 1.9 for

^ on_event_with_outargs
244464 [timuckun gma] Does anybody know of any good examples of how to use
244523 [halostatue g] More context would be useful; for example, I had no clue that it's
244547 [timuckun gma] Sorry I guess I should have been more explicit. Yes I saw that post.

^ Test::Unit::TestCase derived classes don't work when test methods are generated dynamically
244466 [Derek.Wong o] I'm new to the world of Ruby and still getting to grips with the language so please bear with me.
244470 [ara.t.howard] here's an example of dynamic tests

^ [ANN] fastthread 1.0
244467 [mental rydia] Well, just when I thought I was out of the fastthread business...
+ 244509 [zimbatm oree] great stuff you've done here. Regarding 1.8.6, what happens if I
| 244600 [mental rydia] No, fastthread will get used in that case (which is probably what you
+ 244518 [vjoel path.b] The hot fix installed ok and your tests pass, but compilation had a
  244601 [mental rydia] =99 from=20
  244602 [mental rydia] Well, to be clear you should always be requiring 'thread' too.  So the

^ RHTML Code is not properly working in I.E.
244473 [dshivhare ap] I have written the following code for designing the U.I. It is properly
244476 [B.Candler po] OK, I'll bite.
+ 244478 [dshivhare ap] OK, Thanks Brain
+ 244479 [dshivhare ap] OK, Thanks Brian.

^ Ajax in ruby on rails
244474 [gohannimbus ] I have user model & a method to edit it.
244475 [dshivhare ap] Check it out the following link. May it will help you.

^ Ruby and Cryptography
244480 [amrkamel gma] Is there any Ruby packages that provides cryptography "either symmetric
+ 244481 [hhausman gma] There are lots of good libraries for doing crypto with Ruby. Here is a
| 244542 [studlee2 gma] I like the crypt library that Harold mentioned and have used it
| 244564 [amrkamel gma] Thanks alot everyone I really your help and patience with me :).
| 244565 [amrkamel gma] sorry for typo error "I really appreciate your help ..." :)
+ 244482 [come.news fr] Yes, you have the openssl in the standard ruby library which is a port
+ 244539 [jeremy hineg] Ruby ships with an OpenSSL interface so you can use the encryption
  244571 [oss-ruby-for] Updated documentation is available at
  + 244649 [jeremy hineg] This is great.  I was looking at the documentation at the ruby-doc.org
  + 245097 [supersaurus ] but it is a *lot* better than the standard lib docs ;-).
    245284 [oss-ruby-for] Maybe.  In most cases the pkcs5_keyivgen method is not pkcs5 compliant.
    245356 [supersaurus ] thanks, that was very illuminating, see comments below.
    245367 [supersaurus ] the call  OpenSSL::Random::pseudo_rand_bytes(salt_len)

^ Test driven development in Rails using fixtures and rake
244485 [technicalt g] "Test driven development in Rails using fixtures and rake".
244576 [B.Candler po] OK, we seem to have a surfeit of these sorts of post :-) I'm not sure

^ array to hash
244487 [garcia.serva] <html><head><meta name=3D"Generator" content=3D"PSI HTML/CSS Generator"/>
+ 244489 [dblack wobbl] Hash[*X]
| 244492 [garcia.serva] <html><head><meta name=3D"Generator" content=3D"PSI HTML/CSS Generator"/>
| + 244512 [luc honk-hon] <http://svn.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/trunk/hash.c?
| + 244515 [dblack wobbl] Hash[1,2,3,4,5,6]
| + 244516 [martindemell] 1. Hash.[] creates a hash from a comma separated even-length list
+ 244490 [ruby.hardwar] Try this
+ 244491 [garcia.serva] <html><head><meta name=3D"Generator" content=3D"PSI HTML/CSS Generator"/>
+ 244582 [perrin apoth] Please provide plain text email content in the future.  Some of us

^ ta-lib port for ruby in windows
244488 [rajib.chakra] I have built the ta-lib port for ruby .
244494 [jan.svitok g] You can test the lib using Test::Unit against data produced by other

^ does Ruby not support multiple "initialize" methods for a class???
244493 [greg.hauptma] Q1 - Does Ruby not support multiple "initialize" methods for a class?
+ 244495 [eeklund gmai] I am not sure what you want to achieve here.  There is nothing magic
+ 244496 [alex blackke] No.
+ 244497 [gethemant gm] ruby doesn't have method overloading. So no multiple initialize methods.
| 244499 [greg.hauptma] I have a class that can be created from a couple of scenarios, and for each
| + 244501 [stefano.croc] You could just declare an initialize method which takes any number of
| | 244505 [avdi avdi.or] class MyClass
| + 244502 [gwtmp01 mac.] Eivind had your answer.  Use new/initialize for one version of your
| + 244503 [halostatue g] a = Klass.create_scenario_one(...)
| + 244517 [ara.t.howard] you can use class methods to return objects, as others have mentioned, but it
|   244533 [schapht gmai] In the interest of ridiculousness, how about using the multi gem for
|   244541 [djberg96 gma] Heh, that interface is very similar to Nobu's overload package. [1]
+ 244504 [miloops gmai] class Invitation
| 244511 [rick.denatal] Of course the only thing that the withId and withAll (*which in more
+ 244605 [johan556 gma] I have been using the following pattern to implement multiple
  244614 [perrin apoth] I've heard it said -- and I tend to agree -- that regular use of
  + 244615 [ruby anthrop] Well, it's a choice. You can either have overloading or dynamic typing, but
  | 244617 [djberg96 gma] Not true. Perl 6 will have optional static typing [1]. Sydney faked it
  | 244627 [perrin apoth] I'm a fan of Ruby's dynamic typing.  When I want type inference, I use
  | 244632 [dblack wobbl] I think the availability of the allocate method is very characteristic
  | + 244737 [perrin apoth] Hmm.  I like that explanation.  It'll bear some thought.
  | + 244745 [rick.denatal] This statement reminds me of something Alan Kay said to me after he
  + 244780 [flori nixe.p] I don't consider this to be a pattern, I consider overloading
    244784 [ara.t.howard] and this doesn't even take into account the confusion that can be heaped upon
    + 244810 [dangerwillro] Why do people want to do this? Other than just to do it. What was it
    + 244830 [avdi avdi.or] Speaking with my  C++ compiler hat on, I believe the answer is "Ambiguous

^ [MacOS X] [BUG]Bus Error
244498 [unbewusst.se] i'm using ruby with libxml and libxslt to transfom an xhtml file into an
244522 [pbooth nocoi] Maybe a dumb question but do you have a PPC Mac? I had a bunch of
+ 244544 [unbewusst.se] Yes i do have a PPC Mac the ruby i'm using was installed on this PPC Mac
+ 244591 [faisal faisa] I've had a long-running series of errors (Ruby 1.8.4, 1.8.5p12) of
  244647 [unbewusst.se] ok, fine thanks !

^ Ruby Developers Needed - Fantastic Opportunity - London
244506 [rishi.parmar] I am currently recruiting for a very good client of mine based in
244521 [rishi.parmar] Sorry Guys, a bit new to this - my apologies.

^ [ANN] portal-ruby
244519 [rcapozzi gma] portal-ruby 0.0.1 is out.

^ Object/Relational Mapping is the Vietnam of Computer Science
244524 [gallitzin gm] I have searched around, but I very rarely find any mention of Ruby
+ 244543 [dangerwillro] You could describe ORM as masking a problem or you could call it
| 244704 [shortcutter ] That may be because SQL is not a programming language although it is
| + 244714 [dangerwillro] Ok, if you say so. Let's call it a describing language, but
| | + 244720 [o.renaud lap] And I thought SQL could be classified as a functionnal programming language.
| | | 244751 [perrin apoth] Technically, it's a "query language".  Why come up with more names for
| | | 244786 [no.spam plea] It's not a name, but a description. "describing" language is
| | + 244750 [perrin apoth] If you want a "real programming language" version of SQL, just use
| | | 244756 [halostatue g] Which is a better language than most people think. What's interesting
| | | 244760 [perrin apoth] That's really the major problem I have with it -- the limitations of
| | | 244791 [no.spam plea] The "limitations" of SQL stem from it being a true child
| | + 244861 [shortcutter ] Actually it's not because this fact has indeed practical consequences.
| + 244749 [perrin apoth] That's certainly *a* reason for the difference, but not *the* reason.
+ 244550 [halostatue g] That's usually because OO databases aren't worth the code they're
| + 244553 [gallitzin gm] I am interested in several things.
| | + 244557 [halostatue g] Then you're integrating them wrong. If you can't integrate two
| | + 244583 [anthonyeden ] Demetrius,
| | | 244715 [shortcutter ] That sounds interesting.  Thanks!
| | + 245710 [rick.denatal] Gemstone is/was basically a Smalltalk dialect with persistent shared objects.
| + 244555 [brabuhr gmai] ...
| | + 244558 [halostatue g] I'd never heard of these. The marketing speak sounds like hooey, and
| | | + 244570 [mark ociweb.] Hmm ... this reminds me of somebody else (Austin) whose views I
| | | | 244612 [halostatue g] Like Pascal, I have little patience for people who speak out of
| | | | + 244630 [transfire gm] Oh, like you've never said anything "stupid" before. Ha! :)
| | | | + 244658 [alex blackke] Having read Pascal's articles (and a few posts by some notable others on
| | | | + 244790 [ryand-ruby z] And what about those of use who don't speak out of ignorance and
| | | |   244804 [halostatue g] I don't particularly like SQL databases. I just won't pretend -- like
| | | |   244820 [ryand-ruby z] I actually love OODBs, and having worked for a major vendor in that
| | | |   245570 [james graypr] Would you care to share any favored links for reading of why OODBs
| | | + 245592 [benjohn fysh] Mr. Pascal is really very abrasive!
| | + 245586 [benjohn fysh] Well, it looks interesting so far, thanks. Nice to look at something
| | | 245598 [brabuhr gmai] "(There aren't many of them out there, only one other 'real'
| | + 245669 [no spam.plea] Ooooh, Omnicompetent programming, that must be good... Application feature
| + 244567 [gwtmp01 mac.] Just some random thoughts I had while reading this thread...
| | + 244581 [jos catnook.] Jos Backus
| | + 244611 [halostatue g] Possibly. I haven't actually read Tutorial D.
| | | 244622 [greg.kujawa ] I've worked with SQL databases for at least 12 years now. As an admin,
| | | + 244625 [greg.kujawa ] The other thing about this thread is the subject. Awesome title.
| | | + 244742 [perrin apoth] I tend to find that the DBI interfaces for languages like Perl and Ruby
| | + 244624 [has.temp3 vi] IANADBA, but FWIW, here's one idea for dealing with the O-R impedance
| | | 244626 [dangerwillro] Well, perhaps it is object orientation for object orientation's sake?
| | + 244699 [eeklund gmai] From memory, and as far I've understood it: Sometime during the early
| | | + 244700 [dangerwillro] Reality was uglier than that. More comparable to the browser wars and
| | | + 244708 [kyleaschmitt] I hate to say this, but 10 seconds of fact checking says shenanigans.
| | |   244711 [dangerwillro] Ok, I read it. But never call wikipedia fact-checking!
| | |   + 244736 [stack.tcpip ] John Joyce DE I. P.
| | |   + 244743 [rick.denatal] Well, for what it's worth, as someone who toiled at IBM from 1974 to
| | |   + 244746 [perrin apoth] "Never call a general resource 'fact-checking', regardless of the
| | |     244792 [rick.denatal] I'm in total agreement.  But it does seem like the Wikipedia is a
| | |     244795 [perrin apoth] I agree with that assessment 100% -- and not just because I was the
| | + 244793 [no.spam plea] There's a different kind of standardization?
| |   244796 [perrin apoth] 1. premature standardization
| + 244798 [ssmoot gmail] Ok. I can stand the SQL love-in no longer. :)
|   + 244803 [shortcutter ] How does it do schema migration?  Do you have experience with that?
|   | + 244824 [ssmoot gmail] My experience with it was in the 4.x line, but I managed it then much
|   | + 244862 [shortcutter ] Thanks for the pointer!  It seems at least not too big a pain to do
|   + 244808 [no.spam plea] How does that help ensure *no* committed transaction is lost when
|   | 244823 [ssmoot gmail] Eh? I'm not talking about ACIDity. I'm talking about the horse people
|   | 244860 [no spam.plea] I'm sorry, but the possibility of a power fail is an infinitely
|   | 244907 [perrin apoth] One doesn't lose data because of vendor lock-in.  One loses (easy)
|   | + 244914 [gavin refine] If my data is changed to gibberish (random byte overwrites), it's
|   | + 244992 [no.spam plea] Ok, I can see why you wouldn't want to use software like that.
|   |   245000 [perrin apoth] Only if I was using that statement as a point of argument.  I wasn't,
|   |   245008 [no.spam plea] In that case I think we're in violent agreement :-)
|   + 244812 [michael.bevi] How does any of that help you when you want to query your data in a way that
+ 244580 [transfire gm] On Mar 20, 11:29 am, "Demetrius Gallitzin" <gallit...@gmail.com>
+ 244834 [transfire gm] T.

^ Mountain West Ruby Conference slides, keynote?
244525 [djberg96 gma] Will the Mountain West Ruby Conference talks be posted? Or Chad's
+ 244529 [justinbkay g] They are making DVDs of everything.  They will be free to attendees
+ 244530 [ara.t.howard] carl youngblood is working on getting all the videos online.  they did a neat
+ 244535 [gregory.t.br] ...
| 244642 [gregory.t.br] I forgot this does not yet have an attributions slide.
+ 244643 [james.britt ] James Britt
| + 244696 [djberg96 gma] I'm not sure why, but IE crashes on this. With Firefox it worked ok,
| | 244730 [james.britt ] I'll take a look.  I thought I tried it in IE, but it might have been
| + 244729 [james.britt ] I  won't stop him, but it's the Web; "all in one place" isn't the point.
+ 245278 [jeff.barczew] Jeff
  245312 [blowmage gma] Video will be available online.  We hope to have the them posted in a couple

^ Ruby & OpenGL
244526 [miloops gmai] OGL with Ruby), if anyone can advice me how to start with this ill be
+ 244536 [lyle.johnson] ...
+ 244577 [B.Candler po] If you already know the OpenGL API, but just not OpenGL with Ruby, then try

^ Porttrigger ( pw protected )
244531 [kragil arcor] I want to control the starting of certain services on my

^ Re: Autoloading objects ? Ruby equivalent for?
244534 [p.biedruna g] Well, th const_missing sollution does work, but only in scripts called
244607 [cdcarter gma] ri Kernel.autoload

^ FTPS - How to connect with Ruby?
244540 [janvesely.co] after a lot of googling - connecting to a FTPS server (FTP AUTH TLS/
244548 [ck1 stonedra] Try net/sftp Module. With that I made a backup script on window$ using
244645 [castillo.bry] Unfortunately, sftp is a different protocol than FTPS and that module
+ 244646 [castillo.bry] (In case it wasn't obvious, you should change ftp to ftps in the url
+ 244667 [janvesely.co] Thank you for your reply! I should mention the difference between sftp

^ I cant get it to work, please help
244552 [penguin.ping] What am i doing wrong? the text being rendered is very very small.
244597 [matthew.moss] Maybe explaining what you are trying to do would help?
244656 [penguin.ping] ti = Turing::Image.new(:width => 280, :height => 115)
+ 244666 [cmdjackryan ] ...
| 244668 [penguin.ping] Thats exactly what i followed.
| 244672 [has.sox gmai] never used this, but have you tried playing with the
| 244674 [penguin.ping] Thanks Daniel, i have looked at that method, but its private, i dont
| 244693 [lists bertra] See section "plugins".
+ 244734 [mortonda dgr] Hence, a better subject line would be:  "Captcha generated by Turing package is